Georgia DDS - GA Permit test

4.8 (2.5K)
35.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Georgia DDS - GA Permit test

4.78 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
6 years ago, BEAUGLOVE DAPHY
So I just moved to Georgia Monday and today is Saturday. I took my test in Miami like 3 Times and couldn’t pass. So I decided to live for college which is located on GA. I went to the DMV and I got the manually booklet but I only used it for the street sign. I’m more of a phone person, so I wanted to study on my phone. I went on the web and couldn’t find what I was looking for. I came across this app while looking for material to study. I studied Wednesday for 3 hours by using this app. The next morning on Thursday , I went to test and I can HONESTLY say that I PASSED on my first try just by studying and doing the pre tests that this app provides. I RECOMMEND THIS APP to anybody looking to study for their GA state Permit license. Everything that is provided on this app is LITERALLY everything that’s on the ACTUAL test. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE LOOKING TO DRIVE 💕❣️
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4 years ago, Marinette Agreste 🦄✨
Hey this works
I didn’t want to have to read a long book about driving because I wanted to know certain things and didn’t want to have to fish for them. This app is really helpful. I can do the flash cards (which are the same questions on the test) and quickly understand the answer and taking the practice test shows me if I’ve improved. The first time I took the practice test I got a 40 percent which wasn’t that great but after a few minutes of studying I took it again and got an 80 percent meaning I passed! I’m striving to get a perfect score and I believe this app will get me there. I know the manual seems daunting but trust me when I say the app simplified it. Get this app! You won’t be disappointed! 😊
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2 years ago, ncjnekwjldod
Life changing
So there I was, sitting on my hotel bed, getting ready to use public transportation called my parents car. The horror of having to sit in the backseat was tremendous. I looked at my phone because I had just received a strange text From a number I did not know. The text said, use this app and u will never have to sit in the backseat again I stared at it for a moment then realized Obama was giving me a vision of inspiration just as he had done with the game Obama Run( highly recommended it cures cancer) I gasped! What a solution! So I leapt from the bed and downloaded this app. It has changed my driver’s knowledge and all I have to thank is Mr. Obama Care.
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1 year ago, Mia08525
This app is amazing it has helped me learn so much about what I need to know for my upcoming test. It also gives you ur own exact results and tells you weather you passed or failed. You also don’t have to pay for anything. But there are a lot of ads.
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11 months ago, @autkaijones
Helpful but Cluttered
It’s very helpful, and after a few days of studying I only got one out of 20 questions wrong. However, it’s a little hard to use when studying. It’s a lot of questions to look at. You get 302 flashcards in ‘list’ mode. But you might not be able to go through them all in one sitting. In which case, you might return to the app. But if you let in question 205, now you have to do a bunch of scrolling to get back to it. I think you should at least be able to hold down the cursor to scroll faster like you can on your own phone. However it isn’t all bad because there is a feature to sort the questions by topic such as “road rules”, “driving”, “road signs” etcetera which I think I’ll begin using from now on. But as someone completely new to driving who doesn’t even know which side the gas is on, this app is very useful and handy. Thanks to the creators doing a fine job!
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2 years ago, InHot62
I passed
I highly recommend this app. I just studied and got all my info from here. When I went to go take the permit test I passed and most of the answers that It has on here it was on the test when I took it. Also with prayer and God. He helped me 2
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3 months ago, HansonJessica
Driving a car from home to school.
It very hard Working intense and very difficult to get from home to school but It is also Very fun getting the roof over your head and not over your head.
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2 years ago, FaladinSani
Excellent app. It has many questions which helps you not only to pass the knowledge test, but also to grasp the basic knowledge of driving rules and regulation.
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11 months ago, izzy_anime
Passed my permit test on first try
the dmv app has not been working so I saw all these reviews and they were all right this app made the test so easy I only took 5-10 mins taking the test! Ps I’m only 15!!
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3 years ago, netflixchic
Super helpful!
I was studying for my learners permit over the weekend. It really helps to actually practice the test and not just try and memorize facts and rules. This app covers all of the bases the test covers so it really does help you study!
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1 year ago, 3432356666
Driving app
By far this is a best app for Georgia people! To help to pass the test just study and focus guys i promise u will passed the test! Just keep doing this over and over again
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3 years ago, gcg0519
Gabe Gibson’s review.
Great experience all around and I have been told this is how everyone passes their drivers test so I’m trying it out.
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7 years ago, Claytonjack
Helpful app as study tool or rule refresher
The adds are annoying but still a helpful app when studying for a test and worth it for a free app. I usually get two per test. I moved from LA to Atlanta and used this app as a refresher and learn any differences in laws to make sure I pass the written test for the GA license.
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2 years ago, u5er123
Doesn’t cover knowledge you need to pass
I’ve gone through all the flashcards on this app. I took and passed the random questions test multiple times and I though I should be fine. However, it turned out that this app doesn’t cover full scope of knowledge and I failed my test at DDS.
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2 years ago, Kennedy M. Henderson
So Many Ads
I really appreciate this app but what I don’t appreciate is the amount of ads that pop up. After 3 or 4 questions another ad pops up and sometimes in the middle of a question ultimately making me lose my train of thought and causing some issues!
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3 years ago, moosetracks1
not accurate
I thought it was good until I took the Joshua’s Law course. This app’s question do not match what I was taught in that class. I’d hate to fail a permit test because I believed in this app. So class I took the class even though it’s for a liscence and not the permit test. I probably would have failed.
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2 years ago, Eclamb00
Why not 5 stars?
The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating is because some of the questions I will never use in life, like how to drive a stick shift.
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7 years ago, Mefvchf
It does not work with the new iOS update
Wonderful. With the new update ios it will not work anymore, please do it again.
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4 years ago, The Detailed Game Reviewer!
I love this app
I’m am currently study for my Georgia permit test in two weeks and I feel like I will be very well prepared for this test thanks to this app! Thanks to you creators.
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1 year ago, J8daa
permit test
This app helped me pass my permit test in the first try!! It simplified the questions and made it really easy.
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6 years ago, Paul Fedele
I’m trying to study for my permit but ads in the middle of the test are annoying. They aren’t bad or anything and I get that ad space gets money for the developer...but at least wait till the test is over!!
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5 years ago, CaroSanchezR
Let you learn during the test process, a lot of questions that helps you!
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3 years ago, lil wayne.exe
Please stop asking me to rate it
Only rated it so it would stop asking me to
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6 years ago, Bgjcrjvdjncr
Really helpful app
This app is amazing!!! It gives a lot of help, its really clear and it has good questions
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4 months ago, Izuki Midorya
Too many Ads
While taking practice tests, as well as studying with the virtual book, there are far too many ads that will flash that distracts the user.
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5 years ago, 49 Olympus
Good practice app
Has the manual, flash cards and practice test. It’s a good simple practice app, but doesn’t go much into detail. If you don’t wanna do much studying , you can use this app.
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2 years ago, ellawritesreviews
Man oh man! I LOVE this app! I haven’t taken the test yet, but I am getting GOOD VIBES that I am going to pass this permit test. But if not, be warned. My lawyers will answer.
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3 years ago, Litt Boio
It has all of the questions it needs but lacks a feature to review your mistakes after a test
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1 year ago, bloodyblob
4 star
On some questions it intersects other ones that do not make any sense
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3 years ago, preston anramd
Great app for the test
Great app I am going to pass my permit test hopefully I will update when I take it pray for me
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5 years ago, JimMagra
Driving app
I just moved here and I would have to say it is a very good app to learn about the road. However, the ads really got on my nerves.
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3 years ago, Mattisyn2po
The questions
Some of the questions could be more specific but overall it’s a good app.
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5 years ago, Joeseen
Highly satisfied with this great application!
This application helps you out a lot.
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3 years ago, Josh01923
Love the app it’s great to help BUT... i don’t like the ads that constantly pop up
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11 months ago, randouser1
better then the website except the ads
this just goes straight to the point you have the manual and the things you need to study for the test except for the constant pop up ads
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2 years ago, MackBabyFly85
Getting Ready To Take Text
This App Is VERY HELPFUL & Is Really Getting Me Ready To KNOW That I’m Ready (Like SpongeBob) Lol…
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4 years ago, myeishaaaa
Dont like the ads
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3 years ago, i hate this app so much lol
To many ads
Great learning app, but there’s way to many advertisements to concentrate.
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7 years ago, mafowler2017
I tried it and it actually helped me a lot.
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4 years ago, Momofcw
Out of date
The Georgia edition has an outdated manual. It is from 2016 and many things have changed since then.
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3 years ago, High on rope
Helps a lot!
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4 years ago, *NOTICE*
Do not use unless you intend to fail
The questions this app uses are not even similar to the ones on the actual test. Does not include updated info and the developer only made it to make money as a scam
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4 years ago, jsnehcisbs
Love the app
This app is helpful, but I was sick of this review thing popping up after every test so I wrote a review lol
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5 years ago, lightskin2drippy
needa better questions for 2019 because there are new signs and i take my permit in 3 days
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2 years ago, best1885
Very nice and easy to use!!
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4 years ago, NoKites.
It needs an update
All the rules are from 2016. Please update the manual
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6 years ago, myYR2shine
Good study guide hoping I pass come Tuesday
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4 years ago, harleymichelle
there's a LOT of spelling errors 😐
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3 years ago, ididhsje
It’s helpful
It’s helpful
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3 months ago, karleyanime gdjdhdns
Very goood
This app help me prepare for my learners .
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