Georgia Lottery Official App

2.9 (4.3K)
80.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
IGT Global Solutions Corporation
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Georgia Lottery Official App

2.94 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Jimmy Gardener
Piggyback off of girl raised in ga.
I have been playing for YEARS NOW. I mean back when you used to have the players club card. And the most I’ve won on diggi games is eighty bucks. So I’m like you, are there any big prizes out there? The day I won the eighty dollars I was able to win a few more small jackpots, $10, $20, until I got my balance up to $200 and I was going to try depositing it into my account just to see if it would actually come and how long it would take. And yes it did come and it took about three days I think to get it. But I did have to register my bank info , which I don’t like to do, just to be able to transfer money out. I just feel like they should be able to put your winnings on the same source that you used to purchase. But overall, I do enjoy playing. But like everyone else, I would like to win more than a few dollars here and there. But it is gambling so what do you expect you know.
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1 year ago, Rod B 5400
Suddenly extremely disappointed
I have been using this app almost since it was first launched and I have never really had any issues before but now OMG this app is unusually unstable! I have issues purchasing tickets all the time now and once I purchased several tickets and they didn’t post in my tickets until the next day after the drawings for some of them which is very sketchy!! I was a little concerned about being cheated using the app at first but after a while I came to trust it. Now I’m deeply concerned about what is taking place and how unpredictable the app is now. I just tried to purchase tickets and it just processes and then returns to the same screen without making a purchase. It’s never done this before. I have deleted and downloaded twice and it’s still very glitchy I absolutely have no confidence in their ability to maintain this app and I am afraid that I may win something and the system won’t even recognize it. It’s convenient for those who are on the go all the time but I will have to find time to jump out at the gas stations or somewhere else from here on out I have lost trust in this app!
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12 months ago, DoRight123
I’ve been using this app for about 10 years. They used to have a Discover card that you could use winning funds with. I would win all the time. It was really fun. Seems like the change came once they made it mobile. Wasted so much money it’s funny because I got to the point when I win $2 I get excited because at least it’s something. I finally won $100 and it wouldn’t let me add a bank account. Called the number that appears after you try to add the bank account and they said I needed to do a credit check because they have other services connected to allowing you to add your bank account. I just want to withdraw my money they’re saying it’s like a loan because they front you the money. so I said no thank you and I hit PayPal thinking I could set it up, and it took my money. I don’t even give me an option to login to PayPal So I don’t know where it went. It’s definitely time to deactivate. I’m very disappointed because the ga lottery is a big platform it’s not like it’s just a little unknown company which you may definitely expect things like this to happen.
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2 years ago, Kebo22977
Took $ from my bank account and waiting an hour and half now and still says zero
I am 1 hour in and still it says in one place the funds are there. When I go to purchase tickets it’s says add funds. Clearly they have not figured out how transactions work. NO ONE should have to go through an hour or more long process to purchase a lotto ticket. It exposes you to much. Makes me feel like I am being scammed. But that’s the state government this is how they do business. Obviously they care less about negative reviews because you have a BUNCH OF THEM AND NOTHING CHANGES! Whoever is in charge should be fired and replaced with someone that is competent. When money leaves my bank account it should reflect that in my IHope account. It’s been an hour and a half. The first transaction was at 8:18pm it is now 9:38pm. Useless people in charge,useless writing reviews useless calling the 1-800# so that makes this process USELESS. If yours works great. I will delete this app as soon as I find a way to get my money back. SOMEONE HAS TO KNOW SOMETHING?????
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1 year ago, Big John Furlow
Glitches and unreliability
I have been playing for years on this app and it is always suspect as to whether you will get your numbers played or not. Diggi games times out in the middle of your game, keno will only push your play through about 75 percent of the time. It doesn’t show you if you won unless you look at previous played tickets. The scanner times out when you scan more than 10 tickets and requires you to refresh the app while in use. I love playing however it is quite disappointing and frustrating when you don’t have trust that the game is actually working properly or if you win or not. Not sure what the deal is with the digging games paying out cents in odd numbers. I have had .91 on my account for months now because there’s no where to play .91 cents.
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8 months ago, giiligan01
Mixed emotions
I actually have won more on this app than all of my store bought lottery items combined. I played lucky 7’s hit it two times for $777 in a week of each other. I played a $10 ticket both times and was only $30 invested when I hit. Now, the bad side…. Bait and switch. Since then I went on to win an additional $500 but it was all gone in a minute(not really) but over the next several days I played it would not let you win a penny. So, do I think it is rigged? Yes and no. Yes I believe the computer ties your name and player number with wins and loses and if you have hit any pot of substance they have it set to get it back… but it is gambling and you have to know when to stop…. I still play but I look at it as charity work for the college kids…
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3 years ago, pillarofwisdom
Fantasy 5 winning number statistics.
No doubt, the app is super convenient compared to a retail ticket buying experience, and hopefully will get easier to use with each update. My request is for greater transparency in the “winning number” section of Fantasy 5 results. Up until a few months ago, the Fantasy 5 winning number stats would either divulge the location of the winning ticket, or state the ticket was purchased online. Ironically, this information was no longer available the day after someone won $1.7 million, the largest jackpot I have seen in some time in this particular game. Why the sudden change? As a matter of transparency, I would like to see that feature reinstated. It is reassuring to know someone,somewhere, won, and that you are not just throwing your money away. If a winning number hit in the same, or the next town or county nearby, you might be more likely to think there is a chance it could happen to you! Also, I would like the stat “Total number of tickets sold” added to the existing stats of winning numbers. This stat would give the player greater insight of the general public interest of the game during the various jackpot amounts. I realize that the odds of winning are furnished, but I imagine that is based on the total numeric possibilities of 42 numbers.
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2 years ago, A-TownRider
Constant Errors
I’ve been using this app on and off for quite a while. No matter how much time has passed, I continue to have the same issue with errors. Of all the apps I have and use regularly, this is by far the worst. After 3 or 4 games (the same game and the same wagers), I get an error message and have to sign out and log back in. It’s pretty ridiculous! AND don’t even try to change the amount you’re betting because that will definitely cause an issue…apparently the software can’t handle minor changes even though it’s an option. After years of this, I would’ve thought the issue would be addressed and fixed. I’m pretty sure they automatically log you out after winning $10 at this point 🙄. I would think an entity as big as this would be able to work out these types of bugs at this point.
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1 month ago, 7612zdr
Fix the ticket scanner!
Update: TIX SCANNER STILL BROKEN. 4 updates later and no fix! Now the entire app opens upside down vertically on iPad. The scanner requires you to turn it vertically right side up 180 degrees. The scanner still requires moving the whole iPad all over the place as it distorts the capture. Still no landscape mode for iPad. Does anyone even check before publishing and forcing an update? Your developers are a clown show. Where do the billions of dollars received go? Certainly not to app development. Why haven’t you fixed the ticket scanner? Broken for multiple updates on iPad. The first scan is fine. Every scan after that is some distorted attempt to scan in landscape mode when the app only works as non landscape. Also, why can’t we have landscape mode on iPad??? I’m sure insane amounts of tax dollars funded this app. Fire those people immediately and find someone who can build an app.
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4 years ago, Girl Raised in GA
Easy to use but wonder if folks are actually winning anything other that tickets or $2
I have been using the app for quite sometime and find that it is extremely easy and convenient. There’s no need to drive to a ga lottery location to purchase tickets, you just select the game you want to play, select your numbers or quick pick and the remaining process and you’re done. However, I’m not sure of the number of folks using the app but I do find it interesting that I have not heard of more winners and winning substantial. I know it’s a chance to win but just wining a ticket or 2 and $2, wow, that is puzzling. To be honest it does make you wonder if you’re just wasting your dollars using the app and perhaps you should just drive to a location. 🤔 Maybe ONE DAY it could be ME! Woo Hoo!😁
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3 years ago, JESUS@33lives
Didn’t Get My Money
I played Starship Keno with 1 and 5 dollar plays and won several times. I even got the emails notifications saying I won each. I averaged about $40 in winnings but I was noticing that the winnings were not being added to my account so I stopped playing. I reached out to support with no response. So one day I called and a representative said she couldn’t see where I won but after she kept looking she read to me each winning. She said she would make a note if it and pass it to the appropriate dept. Days later I received an email claiming that I did receive my winnings but I used money playing more games and that they couldn’t help me. These people scammed me out of my winnings. There’s no way I’m sitting here watching as I win an clearly seeing that the funds wasn’t being added to my account. Not putting anymore money into this app. I’d rather play at a retailer’s store.
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2 years ago, Susanesque
Location errors abound
I was having trouble making a purchase on the website because it was saying my location services were disabled (they were on, with full permissions allowed - I even tried messing with the roaming settings), so I downloaded the app. They had no trouble letting me load $20 from my bank into my account, but now I can’t use it (or refund it!). Each time I try to make a purchase it says “GEO_COMPLIANCE_DENIED”. I’ve checked and rechecked all my settings, I’ve turned airplane mode off and on, turned the phone off and on, tried on the website again, tried from a different city, nothing works. The only thing I see different is if I try out of state and it gives me the message that I can’t play out of state, which is fine, but if they can get my location in backwoods Alabama they should be able to determine it where I live.
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1 year ago, Big Rig Atl
Remember FACE ID when updating app
This app is great for the convenience of not having to go to the store to get a ticket. But there seems to be a ton of updates required to the app. Every few weeks, I have to update the app to play. PLEASE make the app remember my Face ID when an update is done so I don’t have to always remember and enter my password. The app also doesn’t seem to allow you to store any saved passwords in your keychain / password manager, and when you let your phone create a strong password for you, you can’t remember the long string of characters, so you are forced to regularly click the forgot password link and reset it every time. Total pain. Please fix this. Allow the app to remember your Face ID after it is enabled when users are required to update the app for easy login.
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3 years ago, courtsrob1
The worst...
I don’t think I’ve ever written an app review. I felt compelled to leave this review because I’ve absolutely had it with this app. First of all, there’s this random white bar at the top of my phone over the app. I know it’s the app that has the problem because no other app on my phone has this white bar at the top, and I’ve even tried to delete it and download it again but it’s still there. Second, if I try to scan tickets, half the time an error message comes up. I’ve had multiple other problems with this app and because of it, I don’t trust that it’s completely legit. Oh, and don’t forget, the fine print reads that if there’s any discrepancy resulting from the app , Georgia lottery wins...always. Come on Georgia Lottery! You have the money to hire experienced, competent people to fix your app! If it worked right, you might actually have people willing to play the lottery online🙄
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3 years ago, RF of GA
Does anyone ever win Diggi games big prizes?
I’ve been playing off and on for almost a year. When the pandemic set in and isolation became the norm, I found this app and the games to be entertaining. That said, I NEVER hear of big winners on any of these games. I’ve even Googled it and I think one person, some years ago, won 40K. Nothing since. They show top prizes on each game but the needle never moves. I plan to do an Open Records request to see just how many people have won top prizes. I’ll report what I find. In the interim, I still play and I’ll admit some of the games are quite fun. But at the end of the day, people who enjoy playing, also enjoy winning. If it never happens, you will lose players.
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1 month ago, Lizarey77
It is rig don’t bother
There are times you will win, but the majority of times they will take all your money you don’t play it casino game or any type of gambling game and you lose all your money and it doesn’t allow you to win at all. That’s when you know the games are monitored 150%. The lottery is a fake real realize it after playing all these games I spent over $1300 so far and the most I won was $60 and when you win the money and you continue playing it takes every penny you have nothing. There’s nothing more to say these games are monitored. They don’t just allow you to play the game and let let the game spin and let it win, they will control every game and they will only allow you to win so much and if you do win over 50 $60 cash out and see what happens after that the lottery is
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9 months ago, freeofyou
Face recognition and logging you out!
This is one of the worst programs out there..! For the amount of money that the lottery makes you would think they would have a better system! Every time I go to use the app, and I get my numbers etc… I go to pay it wants me to login…! I just did this last week and went through all the hoops to login and redo my password!!! A half an hour later I finally get logged back in, and I lose my numbers! Also, after you do a quick pic, it says, “do you want another play” thinking that it is a power-play option! You hit that option and there’s another ticket you have to go to the next screen to get the PowerPlay option added…!!!!!! Ridiculous!
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1 year ago, alishakayep
i love the diggi games BUT
i love the diggi games BUT why is the google playstore version different than the apple version?! because they have siberian storm, dual crossword craze, bingo international, bop dice, and the bank a bit game show, of which i absolutely love the dual crossword craze and the game show!! also, y'all took out the wheel of fortune that was actually fun to play and put in the two ya got now along with the old crossword that ya used to have that you could unlock levels with gems found, some of us actually like to play the interactive games that way when we do lose our money, it doesn't go so quick!!
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2 months ago, neicy3897
I love playing digi games and quick win but here lately when playing I am automatically signed out of says a error when playing then to get a notification saying I did not when I think when this happens I should be given my money back because I am unable to see the game and no the app does not need updating I check that before I even complain because I know that’s the first question going to be asked and yes my phone is completely charged I also make sure that I have full battery when playing not in a bad area either so what’s going on I think it’s something on you alls end.
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1 year ago, jrduncan1966
No sound on keno !!!! Frustrating Tech support no help
I have been using this app to play Keno and purchase online lottery tickets. As far as the online lottery tickets goes it has worked perfectly.! I know that Keno is a digital game and it’s designed by a computer to pay off the less amount and I’m good with that. The best part of going to a casino is listening to the slot machines right ? That’s is why i played Keno it was kinda like a slot machine ….Well my sound quit working when I play keno now and I have tried everything possible to fix ! Deleted app / re installed . Tech support MULTIPLE TIMES ! No help ! It’s awful and have stopped playing keno because it has no sound ! Tech support has no answers !
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6 years ago, Jakeaintscary
Convenient but sloppy
I like that I can use this app to purchase lottery tickets from my phone with a debit card instead of getting cash out of an atm and buying them from the gas station but the app features are very lack luster and you can’t check to see if you’ve won because you have to go back and forth from the recent purchase page to the winning numbers page to check your numbers and I think that is just sloppy coding and design on the app designer. This app has a lot of potential but I doubt it will ever reach that potential unless they update it based on user reviews. Also the resolution on it is based off of older iPhone and not on the new XS
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3 years ago, Results4you
Just wondering…
I’ve been using this app for about a year now and the most I’ve ever won is $10 ($4,$2,$2,$2). Needless to say I’m always checking to reviews to see if any winners comes from the app, so far IV not seen or heard of any digital winners. I too am skeptical if digital tickets have the same odds of winning a jackpot or at least any substantial amount in the thousands. Most of the reviews I’ve read are over a year old or that month that’s not clear how long they’ve been there. With that said, if and when I do win I will post another review to give hope to my digital hope and wishers. Aug 28,2021. Good luck!
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5 months ago, Fastidious_1
I've had a few issues with the app force closing, but it went back to my game with no Issue. I've won well over $1,700 on Digi Games and I've only been playing for 2 weeks. $750 on Royal Jumbo Bucks, $150 on Jammin Gemstones, $77 on Lucky 7’s, $110 on Keno (on one game with 2 cards $55 a piece), plus smaller wins on other Digi games that I've played back in. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't comes with gambling. Your luck have to be on and you have to know when to stop and try again some other day.
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1 year ago, Shon Jizzle
Ok App but….
This app is ok but needs improvement. It freezes up constantly and I have to keep powering down my phone so that the app will open and sometimes it still doesn’t open after powering down a few times. Once I click on the app, it either stays on the main screen or once it passes the main screen, it stays on a white screen. I just want to scan my tickets to see if I’m a winner. How hard can that be? Also, I’m a loyal customer and the most I’ve won on the Diggi Games is $5. This app is so rigged! I have better winnings playing slots overseas… please fix!
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3 years ago, DeezNuttz49er
Long Time Player
I remember back a few years ago when I started when there used to be a players card u can have your winnings transferred to when u win and use it at lottery places in around town for scratchers and also not having to transfer to bank account. Wish that was still available but it was removed from the options.. But my BIGGEST ISSUE is that the diggi games that was removed from us with no warning that there was going to be taken from the site. Example like the Monkey Drop game and the Lightning Keno and New games that are added are just games we all ready play now but just with new graphics and new game name..
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2 years ago, Jrobitiger
Better than I expected
I thought I’d give this app a good review to set off some of the bad ones. I was very skeptical when first downloading this app. I was interested in playing diggi games, and I was prepared to lose everything that I put into it. However, I was extremely surprised when I won $100 from a $1 game. Regular scratchers had never given me that kind of result. I’m not saying that anybody who downloads this app won’t get screwed over, but it seriously does pay out.
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2 years ago, PapaJAT
Poor App Stability
I've had a bit of experince with this app. 4+ years of playing across the spectrum of offered games. Dont expect to win everytime. It IS a form of gambling. Sometimes ya win, sometimes ya don't. This review isnt about that. Ok, that said, let me lean in to why I posted 2 stars - APP STABILITY IS POOR GA Lottery!!! You have games that crash pre/mid-game so often (gameplay hang ups, error codes abound, payouts delayed and your forced to replay games, sometimes payouts are added 5+ minutes after winning, and the list goes on), that i oftwn wonder WHO you have maintaining your software and server stacks....a child? A geriatric blind 90 year old? GA Lottery pulled in $1.2 billion dollars in 2020, but can't spend the money on creating a premier platform that is fun and STABLE? And your withdrawl process taking 3+ days? 😳 In this day and age, ya'll can do better. Way better. Bottom line - I dont reccomend this app to any of my friends or family....or anyone really. Go to your local gas station and pickup your tickets there. 👍🏼
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1 year ago, Erionziu
Annoying…getting worst with each upgrade!
For the love of god …why in the world you ask me almost every time to sign in , and then enable faceid . Even after I do that …you still ask me again the next time to sign in and enable faceid !!!’ Also maybe this isn’t the app developers fault , but I find it really stupid to not allow me to buy tickets if I am traveling outside GA ! I am already signed as a GA resident , you got my ID and social security number . What does it matter if I am in GA or if I am in Florida on vacation and I want to buy a couple of tickets ? I would still be able to buy it in Florida , except now , I have to get out of my hotel room , drive to the gas station in order to buy tickets .
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4 years ago, ANPPJM
Pretty easy way to throw money away
I had hoped to save myself a trip to a lottery retailer with this app but that’s just not the case. Only 2 games I play are available in the app and winning even the barest minimum seems to happen far less often than wasting my time going to a retainer. I’ve researched multiple times looking for proof of anyone winning a larger amount through the app but have yet to find any which seems suspicious to me. As long as the app & website has had active purchasing, there should be some higher winners popping up. Best thing I can say for the app is the scan ticket feature is useful.
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1 year ago, B’no1Ukno
Something fishy’s going on here!!
I downloaded the app because I don’t like to carry cash on my person and be inside the store buying tickets. Since then I’ve won a dollar here, a dollar there. And the most I’ve won thus far is about twelve dollars on the Power Ball. But two weeks ago when the Mega Millions jackpot hit 1.1 billion I played my usual two draws and the frickin app crashes. Now when I open the app it just shows a blank screen with the Ga Lottery logo and a 0 in the right hand corner of the page. And it’s been like that ever since! So what’s Really going on? I still have money in that account that I can’t even access now!!!
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4 years ago, GA Peach Road Warrior
Functionality Issues
This app freezes on a regular basis. After loading funds & selecting done, I often get a white screen & have to delete & reload the app. Back functionality doesn’t work properly in some places. After purchasing tickets for one game, I selected to play another. I then selected to look at winning numbers before selecting mine. When I clicked to go back, it took me to the previous game’s number selection screen with the numbers selected that I had already purchased. I am a software product analyst, so I know this app could be much better.
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7 years ago, Jbarnes1973
I would have at least gave it 4 stars. But since the last update it's does not work properly. It's constantly freezes. It logs you out way to often. And since I work night shift that's usually when I play. But again since the last update I can't play between midnight and 3am. I don't understand why??? Sometimes I can. But more often I can't. When it will let you log on you go to purchase a diggi game and it gives you error messages that you can't purchase that game at the moment. But trust me it's all games. This is my first ever review on anything. I wished it could have been a good one instead of this. Please GA LOTTERY fix the app. Getting frustrated and will delete it soon if not fixed.
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1 year ago, Jaeebrown
Transfer Not Working
All has been good with the app up until it wouldn’t let me transfer funds back into my personal banking account. It instructs me to add a funding source. But I have had a funding source on my account since day one. I tried everything to get my winnings transferred, but nothing will work. I can, add fund to the app to play though. That’s what is so frustrating. I hope they can fix this asap, as I have read others are experiencing the same issue. PLEASE FIX!!!!
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2 years ago, _AFML
I won $2,000
I love the fact that i can play lottery from my phone. I play cash 3 and 4 all the time and hate going to the gas station to fill out that stupid form just to play numbers. The fact that it is right at my finger tips is a huge plus for me. I play the diggi games all the time its fun and won a good amout of money. I was luck enough to hit $2,000 on kino at one point had to claim my prize at the lottery spot in savannah. Its real money so im all for it😏
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4 months ago, DarrMo769
Diggi Gamer
I have been playing since the I hope card my issue is when you select TRY and play for $20 you win $1000 if you would have selected BUY IT NEVER HAPPENS THE MOST I EVERY WON $700 but that was a combination of plays and I transferred it to my bank . Another issue is there have been times when you $5 it’s not added to my balance and that is frustrating especially when you call ga lottery and the burden of proof is on you because they say you received it yes it shows you $5 but it doesn’t register in your balance. I REALLY WISH YOU WOULD FIX THESE BUGS UNLESS OF COURSE THEY’RE INTENTIONAL AND THATS WRONG.
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1 year ago, Where's My City
Conveniently inconvenient!
The games are cool and it’s very convenient for purchasing lotto from home! The thing is they make it very easy to load money to the account but you have to jump through hoops to retrieve your winnings. I wasn’t able to receive the funds to my bank account because of my credit history, what does my credit history have to do with me receiving my winnings? So now I’ll have to be issued a check which once I do my account will be closed and I’ll no longer be able to use this app! So make sure you have good credit if you plan on trying to get your money off of this app!
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2 years ago, Larry's New Phone
Other Great Ways To Play
Fun app with all the latest winning numbers and easy check you ticket scanner. One of the things I like best are the Diggi Games. Lot of the familiar games you play at your local lottery location plus many other exciting options. I personally love the Tic Tac Temple game. Won $900 on a $2 game. Offers lots of chances to win and you can try the games before you buy. Loads of fun!!! Try it today!!!
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1 year ago, The Working Poor
Poorly done
Not user friendly. You have to search through layers to get to the information that should be forefront ie scratcher odds and winnings. But the biggest disappointment was the 2nd Chance Raffle Fiasco. I downloaded the app specifically to enter my tickets and I could see that my tickets were there HOWEVER right above my ticket entries it said I had no ticket entries. Huh? After contacting support they basically said I had to get on the computer to do it. So what’s the point of the app? But wait, there’s more. Do you know there’s absolutely no way to see the raffle or even know what time beyond the day that the raffle begins? That’s right. You’re in the dark with this app. There’s not even a little celebratory page or icon saying its currently in progress. Nothing. So the whole point in entering is hope. Well the app destroys that as far as the Raffle goes. All you can do is wait days later and scroll through all the winners to see if you won. Not fun.
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4 years ago, aggravated in sav
Need a new app
I like being able to purchase tickets online but this app is not user friendly. I would like to be able to keep the same numbers without reentering them every time my draws run out. Also the app is very slow. Right now when I am required to update the app, I am routed to the app and back to the site requiring an update. I tried to delete the app and re download but it continues to run me in circles. I would like to think that the pandemic is the reason for such a sloppy app but it has been like this from the first time I used it. As much money as the state makes on this, it seems like they could get a better product from somewhere
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2 years ago, thrisonly1
The title refers to Diggi — I’ve played various games yet haven’t—as yet—won a biggie. A smidge here and there but nothing to scream at the top of my lungs about. I’ve gone into the section that shows a breakdown of different amounts of money you can play — $1, $2, $3, $5, $10. & $20 and it shows the amount of $$ you can win and how many, if any, have been won. Looking at that can be depressing as there aren’t many wins compared to “what” can be won. In fact, there’s one game that has ZERO wins and it’s been around for months. Understand these are a game of chance but it seems more appropriate to refer to them as games of “go ahead and lose your money”. Don’t believe there’s any top prize wins but I could be wrong. Guess the bottom line is if you have money to burn, go for it—but, if you don’t, the odds are stacked against you. Lottery officials ensure the wins are few and far between. Good luck to all!
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2 years ago, BWheetley
Was cheated out of winnings
I was playing one of the Digi games, “Cats ‘N’ Dogs,” where you need to match 3 items to win. I was revealing items one at a time and the game crashed. I went back to the Digi games and click on the link to continue an unfinished game. I ended up matching 3 “Steaks” which was supposed to pay out $800. Instead it showed at the bottom I won $0.50. I took screenshots and emailed support. Support took several weeks to get back to me and basically said their logs showed it paid out the correct amount. It didn’t matter I had screenshots of the finished game board or the session ID. Nothing but legalized thievery.
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3 years ago, TheFaeWolf
I’d give it zero if I could.
There’s always something wrong with the manage funds option. When I want to put money in it says my remaining vip preferred balance is $0.00. Then when I call I get sent to a bunch of different people, who tell me they’ve fixed it. And it works... for one transaction😑. Then it goes back to doing the 0 remaining balance thing. And when I tried to call again the lady at global payments was extremely rude and had an attitude. I apologize but I don’t think if you are working in customer service that you need to act like that. My problem still didn’t get fixed. I’m not asking you to be 100% nice but dude chill out a little.
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6 months ago, nickrooli
It Guys are trash no knowledge how to work an app
GA Lottery is a big company but they cannot hire a good employee. They know how to create an app app has a lot of problems a lot of bugs and they are paying them for not fixing it. I’m playing from last three years and still seeing the same problem password problem sometime it won’t print ticket on time problem. Keno won’t work after 12 AM at night but the Keno close at 3AM at night. They have no customer care service. You have to wait 33 hours to get them this big company they don’t have proper employees they don’t want to pay an employee.
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4 years ago, TAG1138
Wish it worked
Rarely does a ticket purchase actually go through without an error message saying that my phone’s location services are disabled. Tells me to enable location services and try again. The thing is location services are enabled and enabled for this app. I even disable and then re-enable and still nothing. After I try many times (unless I forget or give up) the purchase will eventually go through. Also wish you could save sets of numbers to replay and a place that shows what tickets you currently have purchased would be nice.
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4 years ago, Mtsharon
I loved it until...
I loved this app until about a week ago. Now even though i have multiple funding sources (all with ample funds), it says I don’t have a register source. When I delete the accounts and re add them as funding sources, the app accepts them (and says so). So I can’t play at all now. I’ve spoken with customer service three times now. Although they’re very friendly, they haven’t been able to help. It was left with “I’m going turn your issue over to my manager and they’ll call you.” Still waiting.
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2 years ago, jamie lynn ward freer
You can’t win if you don’t play the game
I don’t see why anyone would complain it’s all going to a good cause and to help the state. You can’t win if you don’t play the game so just play responsibly and know that a decent amount is going to helping our schools and roads etc smh plus you can scan your ticket from your phone so it saves you gas and helps the environment.
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11 months ago, why are all the names taken?!!
Cannot purchase tickets
I’ve had this app for about a year now no issue and when I tied to log in with my SAVED PASSWORD WITH MY FACE ID, it said my password was incorrect. It also wouldn’t allow me to reset. I created a new account with a different email but this time, it wouldn’t allow me to upgrade my account to be able to purchase tickets. I put in all of my information correctly, it asked me my address, last 4 of my social, number and it still says “error”. The whole app is trashy and a money scam anyways. As I’ve stated I’ve had it for a year and have won only about $10.
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1 month ago, Ladybug Peaches
This app has many bugs
I have been playing this app for awhile lately it has been doing the most especially playing keno I love playing this game sometimes but it’s ridiculous how it’s always have issues..Please fix these bugs everyone can’t get to a store to play Keno would be nice to start back playing at the convenience of online this point I don’t believe it’s coming back online to play without having the bugs’s been going on 4 weeks now with bug issues ☹️😡
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12 months ago, bcwsg5
Worth it.
Everyone with low reviews is playing these random Digi Games, ya you’re not going to win with those 🤣😂 If you are playing an actual lottery draw it’s the real deal. Better than waiting in line at a gas station. They also Match your first deposit by 50%. Only comment is Keno can be off sync sometimes and you don’t see the draw but this does not effect if you win or lose
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2 months ago, lohnlol
terrible customer service
The app and customer service are horrible. A few weeks after turning 18, I decided to make an account so I could play keno with some friends. For some reason even after providing the last 4 of my social, their verification failed. I emailed customer service and they told me there’s nothing they can do with the same copy and paste message multiple times. I understand having security measures in place, but not allowing a manual verification is absurd. I will never be able to make an account is basically what I was told.
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