Georgia Tech

3.6 (68)
13.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Georgia Tech
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Georgia Tech

3.57 out of 5
68 Ratings
3 years ago, lodj5
Search problems
Search doesn’t function on iPhone 10 onwards.
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12 months ago, karl rae
Why even have an app…
I’m an incoming GT freshman and I was so excited to get this app so that I would have access to everything going on on campus, only to find out that I cannot even get the app to load. After getting a blank blue screen and reinstalling several times, this issue hasn’t been resolved. Please fix this 🙏
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2 years ago, Blane Bonanza
Useful, but almost never works
This app is great… when it works. Which is about 5% of the time when I’ve tried to use it. Mostly opens to a blank blue background and no amount of reinstalling, restarting, or refreshing seems to fix the issue. Please fix your broken app!
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2 years ago, Farsighed
Is this being updated?
This was incredibly useful a year ago, but lately just launches to a blue screen on iOS 16.1 / iPhone 11. Please fix this, having access to Canvas, Oscar and the other features would be helpful again.
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12 years ago, 闲闲的闲趣
Last Version Not Good in Transport
The Transport Feature is really poor. In most cases it just says the green route does not exist. Or even if it has schedule for the route, it will be missing some stops that you want the app to show the time the bus would arrive. I hope the new version would improve. Or I just use the website instead of the app.
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1 year ago, KHambonez
Won't load
As a GT alumni, it's embarrassing that the official app doesn't even load up. I have tried multiple phones and it shows the blue background and doesn't load anything.
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4 years ago, Pcoop67
Lots of bugs
Lots of bugs and not easy to navigate, keeps kicking me out when I try to look at something
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2 years ago, Chriswatford6
When I open the app….. it takes me to a blue screen and kicks me out every time. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it. Same issue. Please fix this app.
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2 years ago, 3DMusic
Blank screen
Launching this app gives … a blank screen. That’s it. Multiple installations - no change. Does this app actually do anything?
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2 years ago, stchifxarb cjombfy gdrtunxeri
Update the app
Allow submission of college applications through your application.
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5 years ago, RLRUF86
Total waste of time
Most links offer error message when trying to access. Absolutely no useful info in this app.
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2 years ago, here is my reveiil
Recode needed
I would love to give this an honest review but on my iPhone 13 I can’t even open the app.
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2 years ago, rb3n9y6
App doesn’t work
As others have said, just opens to a blank blue screen.
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2 years ago, LH-WilmingtonNC
Blank screen
Nothing shows up for iPhone users. Just a blue screen.
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4 years ago, angus/pepper
Where is info. about sports? The request for a nickname is redisculose. I entered 10 and all had been taken . I think I will just cancel this app.
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8 months ago, Angabriela
Doesn’t work at all on my iPad
Opens to blank blue screen. That’s it. The end.
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5 years ago, JW51
Useful but crude
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5 years ago, 138bc138
Nothing works on an iPhone.
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4 years ago, oldjacket
New GT App
What? What the heck is this bloated thing!!
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9 years ago, thomatically
Sadly, not a great app
The first functions, map and transit have all the functions you'd expect, just poorly implemented. To see buildings you have to look at the parking map, making the initial Apple Maps view useless. Maybe use the google maps API? They render many buildings. Then the transit function tells you when a bus is coming to a given stop, but not on a map, and doesn't show you where the bus actual is. Just use the GT buses app for this. The other functions seem ok, if not always useful. Overall they need to look at this application from a usability perspective instead of the list of functions. Workshop it with students. Talk to the Human Computer Interaction and Design staff. This does not reflect the talent and knowledge available at GT.
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14 years ago, alishahm
Amazing app. Works really nicely in most of the features and has a nice, clean interface. I would like some essential sites added such as T-Square and a couple of other links... But also some links don't work. The north ave link for nextbus red route doesn't work and there is no way for me to fix it.... Please fix it! I use that a lot!
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14 years ago, Roxiegirl123456789
Needs cleaning up
There are some great things about this app but many of the links go to the wrong websites, some shut down the app and there could be more resource links provided like the Dean of Students office. Someone needs to fix the bugs
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14 years ago, chris30269
Incredibly useful
I mainly use it for nextbus, so getting my location and showing me nearby stops is great. It also seems to be iOS 4 compatible, so I leave it on the nextbus page, leave the app, and then can come back again right to nextbus again.
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7 years ago, tsheth
Beautiful, but missing some features
Some features that the other GT app had included laundry updates, access to T-square (this app just launches the website), etc. Definitely an aesthetic upgrade, but lost some functionality
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10 years ago, PandaCatEda
Generally unreliable
I love the idea of this all-in-one app for Tech students, but most of its functions don't actually work (I've never been able to submit a sliver), and the map and transport features are sometimes unreliable. Needs some work.
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14 years ago, johnny147
Love it!
Great features! But please try ad fix the 'sliver' crashing problem. The app crashes immediately when I click 'sliver'.
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14 years ago, Gtstudent123
Great app
While I love this app and how simplified it is, I have 2 problems/suggestions: Make the map viewable offline Fix the nextbus map links (I currently have to copy the link then open safari)
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14 years ago, waithegenius
This app is pretty good... So much better than the GT login app... NextBus is improved, but it would be nice if the showing live map thing actually works..
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14 years ago, Poker1221
Great app
Love this app! But here are some comments: 1. The app crashed each time when I clicked the 'silver' 2. For game schedule it would be great if I can forward the schedule through email Again I love gt
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7 years ago, Mikeacttck
Fantastic and Much Needed Update
This is a wonder new app! Much easier to use compared to GT Portal. I very much appreciate the "sites" feature for all of those lesser known web portals.
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14 years ago, GTstud
Not complete
A few bugs that cause crashing when trying to read the research articles, but overall stellar in design.
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7 years ago, MeusExMachina
Great App, Great Accessibility
The new version of this app is nothing like it used to be (in the best way). It works wonderfully with my screen reader and it's super easy to navigate.
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14 years ago, Jake Griner
Very helpful.
I was at GT visiting some friends this past weekend and saw this app in the App Store. It helped me so much. Maps, trolley tracking, game day's a great app.
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14 years ago, Nervousfred
Great idea with few broken links
Works great except some of the links like live map for next bus don't work. Get GT login if you use this for next bus
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7 years ago, Satisfied runner
Full functionality, intuitive design, accurate information. Great app!
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12 years ago, The College Student 2013
Needs cancel stingerette option
The app is amazing, it just needs a way to cancel the stingerette runs if it takes too long
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13 years ago, JacketGiant
Great app! Could also use a link or built in functionality for study space / room reservations for the Clough Commons, Student Center, Library, etc.
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13 years ago, Siddhant Chawla
Nice, but wish there was an iPad version
I'm starting at Tech this fall, and I'm sure this app will prove to be very helpful. However, It would be great if there was a version adjusted for the iPad.
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11 years ago, Adlib007
Great app for Tech
I love the library search option and the WREK stream. Also useful for tracking the shuttle. Nice job!
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14 years ago, helenabeat1
Georgia Techies do it again!!
Amazing app..... But still many things can be added!
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13 years ago, Kevin Blasko
No update for the new bus stops? Also, the north ave stops are broken in the app. think the name of the stop was changed or something.
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14 years ago, ADawg3000
Pretty good
All of the features a pretty slick, especially nextbus suggesting nearby stops. However, slivers cause the app to crash for me.
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10 years ago, GT-tiger
update needed badly
The map is pathetic---no buildings! I can already see the streets in the apple map app, and this one adds nothing. The parking map would solve the problem, but it is terribly out of date. Clough is still under construction. Pretty weak for GT.
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14 years ago, Waltermana
Awesome app although website loading inside apps is slow. A+++++
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9 years ago, gt-jackets
Severely Lacking
It's a shame that a school with such an emphasis on Tech would have such an untended mess of an app as their official face on the app store.
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12 years ago, nkhlgeorge
Great app!
Well designed app,minor glitches in the slivers section
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13 years ago, ABgooner
Insane app this
The app is fantastic. Next bus is most useful. Sliver keeps crashing tho.
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10 years ago, Mode8fx
Really, GT?
You'd think a college with such a high focus on Technology would be able to make a decent iPhone app, but that's really not the case. Where do I even begin...? - The screen size hasn't been optimized for iPhone 5 and later - The map isn't up to date and several VERY important buildings are missing - The map crashes. A lot. It's good when it works, but it doesn't work very often.
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7 years ago, musicismylife345
This app is so beautiful and extremely useful. Thanks for the update.
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7 years ago, Megasw
I love this app and I m not even going to college yet but this is perfect for any new freshman
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