German English Dictionary +

4.6 (175)
116.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bravolol Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for German English Dictionary +

4.61 out of 5
175 Ratings
5 years ago, Liebe Deutsch!
Terrific German/English app!
I am teaching my 5 granddaughters between ages of 4 to 12 and this app is a godsend! While I minored in German for two years 48 years ago and remember a lot, there were holes in my learning, things I’m not sure of, have forgotten, or never knew. With Worterbuch I can quickly check in either German or English correct nouns, articles, verbs, sentence structure, spelling, phrases, etc. it’s also easy for all but 4 year old to use. In addition, the German is current usage and there are some differences from what I learned in high school and college. My only question is how I can use family sharing since I initially uploaded to only one device. Great product!!!
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2 years ago, krauterz
Came to the USA at age 3 as Displaced Persons but parents spoke German primarily in the home. I did take 2 years of German in college so I could learn to read and write. Have traveled numerous times back to the Heimat and family members are always astounded by my grasp of German vocabulary…albeit with an accent- LoL however, this app always helps me to choose the best words and also how to spell them when needed. Vielen Dank noch mal!
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6 years ago, SolaceJ212
Great dictionary
I like this dictionary more than other ones I've tried, and the examples are helpful. However there is a 5-second delay sometimes when opening up each entry. Edit: I wasn’t using the paid version. Without the ads it works flawlessly!
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4 years ago, Ladykaywild
Just awesome to have found this app!
I appreciate the ease to use it. I have had many years in German teaching and using, but so many years go by and I forget the correct way of some things. TY again!
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7 years ago, GAAREDSTATE
Sentence structure translations
Sometimes the exact sentence structure used in this translator an average German can identify it was a translated sentence because the meaning is not exact, or the correct word was not used, in usually the way it was used. Realizing German can be very difficult language to interpret with all the secular dialects, to obtain the exact meaning, overall the format and layout is very good and 80% of sentence interpretation is good.
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6 years ago, ski2moro
So easy to use
The translations are almost always correct. It's easy to use - even offline. I recommend it to both students and travelers.
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7 years ago, PiersJ
Best dictionary out there!
I've been on two trips to Germany, each of several months duration. My German is beginning B2 level - this app has been a constant companion.
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7 years ago, Farouk Franky
Best thing that ever experienced in a smartphone
Been more than a dictionary, it is a companion. Very useful, and never disappointes.. Many thanks for the team that worked in making this happens. Cheers Guys!
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4 years ago, bahar vahedi
That is really helpful for me because it is offline and has useful examples with English translated
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1 year ago, LVLith
German App
There are two issues I have. First, the nouns don’t provide a gender(der,die,das) making it necessary to find the gender elsewhere. Second, it’s often problematic converting from German to English and vice-versa. Beyond that, it’s very good.
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2 years ago, Iddrris
Best of all
Best dictionary have examples and explanations. Definitely recommend it for all.
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7 years ago, Bobby Galihouse
I don't have to carry an entire dictionary around in my pocket anymore
This thing saved my life when I was living in Germany. It gives you context and everything, which is super helpful when you're trying to translate a work with multiple meanings. Really great app. (I don't know if you guys read these, but if you're looking to expand into more languages than you have now, but I'm looking for a good Norwegian one and nothing has been able to reach my standard, which is this)
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6 years ago, Taalah
I work this app more. I don’t understand why gets slow recently. This app helps me very well.
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3 years ago, H.Hamiii
Please fix this bug
After update I can not copy the examples, why?
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7 years ago, mdcgreatone
Very good but one notable LIMFAC
All in all, it's a solid offline English German dictionary, however when translating to German nouns, it leaves out the articles Der, Die, and Das on some things and that makes knowing the proper conjugation very difficult. Google Translate by comparison shows the articles before the noun in light grey, but is not as intuitive as this app in terms of situational context. In this app, if you type any word you'll get an array of context based results, and you just pick the one closest to what you are trying to say. For the future, I would recommend more robust amount of Der, Die, and Das. Other than that, very good for what it is.
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11 years ago, Zsxecftgbn
In trying to improve and polish my German using an iPad, I find this dictionary most useful. I can toggle to it to find a word, then toggle back to the article I am reading. After completing the article I can return to the dictionary and use the history feature to review all the words I looked up, as well as review many common expressions and idioms that use that particular word. A very helpful app indeed.
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8 years ago, Majdi Omar
Nice update but: Crash/advantages removed
Hello there…i'll not be boring to write a huge comment it's only two points 1-the app crashes and crashes every time i write the word (TEIL) in german and pressing on it to get the meanings. 2-you actually lose something very important in this update and it's the fast knowing what the words mean…like before we were just typing the word and the translation was immediately down there without needing to tape on the word so please return this point to this nice major update guys... And in the end well done good and nice update guys
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11 years ago, Julcooper
Easy to use and reliable
I like the paid version with no ads. Searches fast and the pronunciation feature is helpful for beginners. The number of words could be larger but enough for the everyday usage.
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9 years ago, Martin's opinion
Cannot write feedback with alternative email
1. When you want to leave a feedback from within the app and you have multiple email addresses set up on your device, you'll be stuck in the menu (I have about 10 addresses) There's no back button. It's a programming mistake. A clear bug. 2. Addidionally, after just checking 3 words in the English/German dictionary, I found at least one spelling error (dog breath should translate to Mundgeruch). I'm a native German speaker and I know.
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8 years ago, Poincare_
Random ads + no definite article for nouns = bad choice
The app is a moderate dictionary with most features that you'd expect from and that are similar to the other German <--> English dictionary apps. However, with this app you will experience heavy displays of random ads. Another negative point is that for nouns the app does not display the noun's definite article such as der, die, or das. That is irresponsible, especially for the non-native German speakers since the definite articles play a huge role in German grammar.
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8 years ago, R 05
This a very useful app. I am learning a new language. I only noticed that sometimes when I entered a word the screen shakes. I am learning the right pronunciation. Can you mark the syllable that needs to be pronounced louder. Thank you. Good job.
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9 years ago, PascalT123
Fantastic Dictionary
I've greatly enjoyed using this dictionary app. The words update as you type them, suggesting related words or helping with spelling if you're unsure. I highly recommend it to beginning German speakers.
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10 years ago, Nedalovich
Very useful
It's very useful and simple. The examples are as many as needed to understand the meanings and it suggests many words of same type to get familiar to how they're used in sentences and in which situations. Thanks to the developer.
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10 years ago, A5hess1
Best Dictionary Ever
Gives lots of synonyms (sometimes more accurate than Google Translate), and example sentences of how the word is used in German as well. I only wish it included gender...
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11 years ago, DXJ 10101
Works Offline
I have an old iPod Touch. I live in Munich. I use it to translate words on all the signs I see. The built in dictionary knows about 90% of the words. I don't need wifi for text translation. I never really use the feature that pronounces the words. It needs wifi. This app is still useful anyways.
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11 years ago, Mmlacayo
Genders Missing!
When learning German nouns it is crucial to memorize their gender as well, and yet this dictionary is missing that very important piece of information. Sample sentences would also help. In other words, include all that a regular dictionary would include. Other than that, it is quite useful for quick reference.
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11 years ago, Baroness891
Overall very good
Two minor critiques, it's a little leggy, and there is no conjugations, plural forms, gender info ect. Despite that this app was very useful in Germany, it includes a lot of obscure words and many examples of how to use words, I love this app and use it for everything
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11 years ago, Geschweiz
Lots of words, Little grammar
This bilingual dictionary has many words, terms, and technical jargon; unfortunately it lacks almost all grammar. It doesn't even tell you the gender of a noun, which in German is very important to know. It seems to be a good intermediate dictionary, but not one I'd recommend for beginners.
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7 years ago, CulpaCrave
Great App!
Very good dictionary. My favorite feature would be the contextual examples it gives to help you know you are choosing the correct translation.
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8 years ago, Fremdsprache lernen
App ist Wunderbar!!!
I love the fact I can type more than one word at a time and it translates correctly!!! I have never been disappointed by this app!!!
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11 years ago, Jecnyc
Where's der/die/das gender??
Search function is great. Lots of words, lots of examples, and really easy to find the exact phrase you're looking for. BUT ALL GERMAN WORDS HAVE GENDER, AND IT'S AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THE TRANSLATION FROM ENGLISH. I had to use a second dictionary (with a crappy interface and poor search, but good grammar) to be able to write correctly.
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7 years ago, Pastagurl23
Excellent dictionary!
I love this dictionary. Lots of words and phrases. Like 99% of the words I have come across in my book are on here. So so happy with this. Very recommended.
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7 years ago, Mirntat
Love this app
I particularly love the way how it detects the language I am using and how it gives me the translation into different languages! Great application! Thank you!
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8 years ago, Mapatino
My loyal partner learning german. I consider that it is really complete. The best feature is that you can use it without internet!! Recommended
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8 years ago, Apb680
Great dictionary
Easy to use and works well when not on network.
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10 years ago, AZPaduser
Easy but Basic
I found this dictionary moderately useful while traveling in Germany and Austrai, but many more colloquial words were not included, so I came up empty. Perhaps the paid version includes more of these.
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10 years ago, Maryta14
Almost found everything I was looking for.
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7 years ago, BhvnStoney
Easy way to get all important info quickly Love example sentences
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11 years ago, Simo194
Great app
This app is great ! Not only it does its task in a perfect way, but it also matches iOS 7's features ! I recommend it.
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8 years ago, Rebin the kurd
Had the last update? Get this one
Thanks for the update!
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11 years ago, Pc in sf
Good job
Should show gender. Otherwise very good. You can input the word you see without having to figure out the root as you would in a printed dictionary.
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8 years ago, DAP1000
Version 8 just makes ads more prominent
The new version 8 "redesigned interface" puts the ads in the middle of the screen between the definition and the example sentences. This has always been a minimal dictionary - more like a glossary. Clearly evolving into just a vehicle to show ads.
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11 years ago, Stan from Towanda
Super Friendly
Especially if you use the German keyboard on the iPhone
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9 years ago, Saint Ahriman
Very useful for beginners and expert language student
Tank you for your good software, I wish the plural word was displayed
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11 years ago, Ciarans grandma
German made easy!
👍👍It really helps me out when there's a word I don't know. Thanks!
Show more
8 years ago, Loksjsi
All Studenten essential tool
It can be better only if there are plural forms of nouns Word Verwandte crashes the app
Show more
11 years ago, MtMasis
Great breadth of definition, really helps you understand the connotations of each word.
Show more
11 years ago, Juice1997
I am only part German, but I would love to learn the language. So I find this app very useful.:) 2 thumbs up!
Show more
11 years ago, Place27
Terrific for on the go, offline translations. Used it everywhere, all the time! Vielen dank!
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8 years ago, Falconhigh
Great app
I like the way it is laid out and how it functions.
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