Ghost Detector Radar Camera

4.3 (48.8K)
106.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
First Class Media B.V.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ghost Detector Radar Camera

4.3 out of 5
48.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Sophwick
Don’t go in ur attic with friends
I was walking outside when my friends asked me to come play I said sure and we went in my house and they said that they wanted to do something scary today so then I said sure we walked upstairs and they said let’s go in your attic I told him that I don’t like to go in my attic because last time I went up there something weird was happened to my phone it was going off like crazy they said that they like paranormal stuff so then we just walked right up into my attic then when we walked up there they said that since we’re having a sleepover that we should sleep in the attic and when we slept in the attic my friends name Amelia pulled out her phone and went on this ghost detector app which is this exact app and she was pointing it around the attic and there was five ghosts in my own attic and we talked to all five of them we asked if they were evil and they all said no we talked for a while and then one said Tony breakfast which was kind of spectacle because I was really hungry at the time So when it was morning we all went downstairs and we all went to go have pancakes for breakfast but right as my friend Shay started to go into her pancake there was a horsefly in her pancake end it flew out of the pan cake and since it got crushed it left some of his guts on Shay‘s pancake and then that’s what I noticed that the ghosts are real and that whatever they say trust them and do not do whatever they say😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
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3 years ago, mimekt68984o
is this real..?
so, me and my friend downloaded this to entertain us during coronavirus. After all, we do online school. We’ve always been into ghosts and stuff like that! We read the reviews and decided to get this app. The second day we downloaded the app, I decided to use it. I was laying in my bed and rotating my phone around me. Suddenly, the app detected something next to my desk. I decided to ask it the question: are you good or evil? It responded with “Let’s just say i like to make people... squirm”. I asked it a few more questions like “what is your name” “when were you born” and “why have you come here”. I asked it my final question, “do you want to hurt me”. It responded with “Bend you til’ you break... get you all twisted up in knots. Sounds like a plan to me.” Which I started to get a little scared after hearing... I was talking to my friend who also downloaded the app about it. When I had a thought, this evil spirit could have been the crooked man, which I accidentally summoned earlier this year. If you don’t know much about the crooked man, sorry but I won’t be explaining. I also have another story that happened with my friend. I was on a call with her at the time when she was using the app. We ended up finding a ghost that follow the same exact details like age, relationship status, where she lives, name, and gender as the previous owner of her house!! This creeped both of us out... if you’re into this type of stuff, I definitely would recommend!!
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2 years ago, RynniePie1
Uhh so something happened
(4 stars because of all the ads sorry) I downloaded this app to troll my friends, and I thought I deleted it afterwards, until my Siri said “opened around this time” in that little section, so that was a little odd. I decided to check it out because I forgot what it was like, and I was on my couch. It has a limited detection space, and I saw what it calls itself a poltergeist getting nearer, so I asked a few questions. It said it died around 1930, about 10 years after my home was built. (It is 100 years old) and it said it was evil and a male. After asking more questions, I got the premium ad so I had to quit out of it and go back in, leaving the unsaved data. Right? No. When I went back in, the camera was broken and in the same position, I saw them again, and the questions were not working, until they eventually left. Then the questions worked, and I suddenly got cold. I was confused, since I could not see anything while rotating my phone. Then I looked at the radar. It was at my position. It had dark hair, but that’s pretty much all I could see. I asked some questions beforehand, with them answering they got in a car crash not far from here, with two friends, and it all adds up. I got freaked out and quit the app. Edit: after writing this I checked the app again, and she’s still here.
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5 years ago, wafflemanyoyoyo
I thought it was fake?
Download at your own risk: here is my story, so I am like, what, 9, and I was very bored. So I asked my mom for this game and she was like, why do u want this it is fake... so blah blah blah the day after I wanted to play it. (I was playing the day before too lol) so I wanted to get on it and troll the ghost. So I found a ghost (the last ghost I got which was like a couple minutes ago) and it said it was friendly. So I was asking it some questions and I asked if it was evil, guess what. It said “I’m pure evil” and the other ghost popped up with unrealistic answers like if I asked if it wants to play fortnite it’d say “do u believe” but this one did not. I swear I thought this was a glitch. But I started to realize before I posted this that... it was not just a glitch. It was real. You know why? Some say this stuff will mess with your brain to make you think there is a ghost but there is not. So yeah.. I thought that.... and I asked it the most random question that the other ghost (fake ghost basically) never put something for you to understand so it answered... and... I asked “What is my brother’s name” it said... [CENSORED] (their names I just can’t tell u them) then my back started to itch a lot.. the air was freezing so I went to my room, next thing you know it. The closet door was closing. That is when I left the app and came down here to tell everybody, welp that is my story and... download at your on risk (VERY dangerous)
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1 year ago, abbyyyyy😛😛😛😛😛😛
This is so scary just read and it’s a true story
Ok let me just tell u when I was at my friends house sleeping e over right I wanted to play this game and at first it was just all fun and games but late at night 3am we played the game and it said that there was a ghost near the door and we said if ure here give us a sign then we heard the door open and like the door we were up stairs and u go thru a door to get upstairs and it just opened and her parent and brother was asleep so they couldn’t have opened it and we didn’t we were both in our bed not down at the door and we went and closed it then we heard like a Big Bang from the kitchen and she was to scared to go check it out so I went alone and went I got down there all the cabinets were open all the plates and pot and pans were on the floor then I heard her mom come in the kitchen and was mad and she started to yell asking wut happened and I told her I came down here and all of that was there and that I had t done it and she told me to clean it up then I saw she went to the bathroom then I saw Ava go in her room and let me just tell u her mom had never went back in her room but after I was done cleaning I went in there bc Ava was talking to smo and when I went in there her mom was in her bed but the thing is her mom that I saw had never went back to her room she was in the bathroom the whole time.
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1 year ago, hay hay 321
Crazy story
So basically my parent’s brought me to my grandparents so I downloaded this app it was always rumored that my grandparents house was haunted. I got on the app and started going around the house then I found a ghost. I asked if it was evil it said that it was a very evil spirit then I asked if it had a message for me and it said “cherish your family while you can” so I was freaked out and got off the app. Then about two weeks later my great uncle passed away out of the blue. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence. So then a few months pass and then my great aunt got super sick and also passed. Thinking it was another coincidence I forgot about it… then at my great aunt’s funeral we had a party thing to talk about all the great memories with my great aunt. My uncle was sitting next to me and then he said I’m gonna use the restroom so my uncle left and then I seen my great aunt and uncle so I was trying to see if I was going crazy I pulled up the app and it was my great aunt I was so scared… (this happened in June) So basically my cousin was born in august and my aunt went to see my cousin and when she was holding my cousin she seen my great aunt my great aunt looked at my aunt and uncle and smiled… so this is why I think this app is real because that all happened after the app told me to cherish my family… and I don’t think there would be 3 coincidences
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3 months ago, goku an elly
The ghost of the woods
Ok so a bit ago it was my cousins birthday and I stayed there for a couple of days and all but it wasn’t just a happy go lucky birthday we did something that was incredibly stupid so we went out into the woods at 12am and we had some history with this app so we decided why not use it out here so that’s what we did we downloaded the app and went into the woods nothing really happened until about a hour later so it was around 1am and then we seen the white dot light up on the screen so we went over to talk to it but instead of talking to it the dot went crazy and started spinning circles around us so we got a bit of a fright from it but we brushed it off and continued to advance into the woods but after a bit we seen the dot again and about every minute it left and then appeared back and I realized something…….it wasn’t just appearing and disappearing it was following us in the woods as soon as I seen it was doing that I grabbed my cousins arm and I bolted back to the house luckily it didn’t follow us to the house so I thought we were on the clear but the day I was about to leave I swear ti god I seen a dark figure in the woods in broad daylight so pls don’t do what we did unless your ready for it and pls pls be careful this app is no joke this is real so happy hunting and good luck and BE safe ✌️
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2 years ago, Gacha Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad
Scary Story
I was camping in the woods of my backyard and i saw a huge black bear. he chased me but i managed to get away. i was hiding until he showed up and pulled a glock out and shot at me. i took a few hits to the knee and the head, but i was fine, just bleeding out. you know nothing to bad, but then my dad came out and ran him over with one of those cars you get at walmart for kids. the bear died and his spirit haunted me until i got into the house. i saw the ghost with my own eyes. what he did next was horrifying. he started making me and my family breakfast. he made me eggs and they were pretty good. after he made me that immaculate breakfast he chased my mom to the ghostbusters museum and resurrected him and now he’s my pet. and now 2 years later he’s dead. he died of long hemorrhage and haunted me for not feeding him whisky. at his funeral i saw him walking into a mini mart and grabbed a soda and some nuggets. and what he did next is putrefying. he dipped his nuggets in the soda, so i told him not to do that. and he listened. i bought a tractor a couple years later and it mysteriously has bear prints on it and it had been driven all night long and the gas had run out. my bear jumped out of the woods and scared me to death, literally, i died. my bear was sad and told me not to be weak. so i took his word and from then on i would never die again. the end.
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3 months ago, catnap money
Ahhhh ... jump scare 😃😱
So you might have seen my review on the just talk kids review and I’m back . He he the ghost are like ... tiny and I kinda don’t like that it would be a little more realistic if the ghost were a little bigger and I also don’t like we can’t type our own Questions but I gave the game a 5 star so I don’t why I’m talking about the things I don’t like but yeah I’d Recommend you install this game if you want a spooky vibe and I’m scared because there’s 2 jumping spiders in my room pray for me but I think y’all wanna hear my ghost story so like a couple minutes ago I met up with this ghost I think her name was Mira or miral idk but the worst part was she said ( my name WAS something something) WAS , WAS ! So if her name WAS something something then what’s her name now and the second worst part was she was on the mirror so I think I was talking to... bloody marry I said I think I was and she was telling me ( no harm will come to you as long as you do as I say ) so the n I that she was a good ghost until the Questions changed it said why are you trying to hurt me and the other Question said are you evil so I went with (are you evil) and what she said had nothing to do with my Question she said (come with me play with me I i won’t leave until you come to me so then i just ended it and yeah tell me if you saw her have a good day 😃
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4 years ago, Funimates a good app
It’s real?!
I downloaded this app for fun. I didn’t honestly think it worked, but one day I was outside and suddenly got a chill down my neck and I turned around and had a bad feeling in my stomach so I pulled out my phone and opened the app up. All of a sudden there’s a ghost right behind me and then it mentioned something about The chill I just had down my neck. Ever since then I’ve always felt watched or really unsafe when I’m outside. I keep doing this app because I’m trying to get the ghosts story because I’m a little bit into ghost hunts and stuff like that. But another ghost appeared In my room before and it said it died a really long time ago in my backyard. It said it was a boy, I don’t remember his name, but he was it 6 years old. It disappeared soon though....But then when I slept I had a dream about the boy in my backyard. He was in the yard playing with the flowers since his mother had a garden. His father left before he was born too. But suddenly, his mom pulls him inside and she murders the boy. I woke up crying and slept with my mom That night but I still remember it to this day. I was a little bit younger about 9-10 but now Im 13. Ever since I had that dream I’ve been seeing figures and people that aren’t there and I’m honestly terrified. I’d like to say that if your reading this, the app is real and is scary. But it can be fun but download at your own risk..
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4 years ago, DUGTHAKABTAKE D
I have two sisters named milly and Caroline and a friend named alex. We all thought it would be fun to get a ghost app and have fun with it. as soon as we downloaded when it said calibrating sensors we all screamed and ran down the stairs but we were just SCARED OUT OF MIND so we chose to do one that was fake and then we thought ok were ready. But Alex has to go home so we asked if we could bring her to the lake with us and my mom said sure. So the next day she came when we got on the boat at the lake we went to a restaurant called chucks and we met a friendly ghost named liel but we had to leave. And at night weird stuff happend like toys were moved and at day our bunny’s cage was open cereal was spilled and we all clammed we did not do anything!! The maybelle(our dog) started barking at nothing and growling .and out of nowhere a scar popped up on my toe it was bleeding we all got scared and then we realized that we did not delete the app we were all aware of the other reviews cause we read them then we looked at the app and scanned where Maybelle was barking and we saw a kid we asked if he was friendly and he said no as soon as he said that we deleted it but Maybelle was still barking but then she stopped we chose TO NEVER EVER GET THIS APP AGIN( of course we wrote a review first)(this is the review) (BEWARE DOWNLOAD ON YOUR OWN RISK)
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4 years ago, Funsongspongebob2
So it was Monday June 8th 2020 * DURING CORONAVIRUS * it was 12:39 and I was bored when I used it first I found nothing then I read the story’s and found some of them funny so I looked again and I found 6 kids sitting on my bed when I was in bed I jumped so high I hit my head on the ceiling * my ceiling is like half of a foot taller than me * I asked them how they died what was there name and how old they were I never told them anything about me and I asked do you have a family they all said “ just you now die “ I then said WAIT then they did wait I asked do you have the coronavirus they said what’s that i said it’s a deadly disease they so oh yeah I have it I then yelled “ GET AWAY FROM ME GO SIX FEET THAT WAY WERE A MASK GET SOME GLOVES “ they got off my bed at I had a movie playing called * accepted with Justin Long * as soon as they got off all of the power went off the movie stopped all of my lights shut off * I had all of my lights on * I ran to my mom and dads room all the way on the top floor I screamed so loud I broke the window * I have a really loud scream * my parents said what then they talked to the ghost and my dad started to cry because one of them were my miscarriage sister then they said sorry and we don’t stop talking we are like best friends ( I’m sorry I don’t use periods ✌🏻have a fun time with this game )
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6 years ago, Tatumpou123
This creeped me out so much!!!
So my friend Lola and I downloaded this a year ago for fun nothing ever really came up so we stopped playing. I never deleted the app though I forgot it was even there until one day my friend (Lola) and I were texting it was 3:00 pm Lola asked if I still had it. I checked my apps. There it was. I answered and we laughed about how I forgot it was there. About a week later I was playing on it. It was 7:30 and my parents were out, so I was home alone.... they weren’t going to get home till late. I have an irrational fear of someone getting in well I’m home alone. So I don’t sleep until they are home and I like to sit in the kitchen with every light on in the house ( i know this is boring your probably thinking okay...your crazy. But wait!) this time I was just exhausted so I went up to my room got in bed and watched friends. I woke up at about 10:30. My room was freezing. I got a weird eerie feeling that something wasn’t right. I decided to open up my phone and open this app. Suddenly the danger meter went up really high it got even colder. I asked the ghost if it was nice. It said no. This sent me into a full on panic frenzy. I asked if it liked me. It answered no. Are you going to hurt me? No response. I asked again. No response. Then the computer voice said signal lost. I couldn’t sleep for weeks....
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2 years ago, okcnjdncjh&vbfhvf
story by briley
Ok so I was doing this ghost app and there was a love ghost I was doing this with my friend and all of a sudden her dad comes up and says 2 complements and hugs her a lot of times but that was before we knew what ghost it was. Then the other day I did it and it was kinda rude I wanted to know about it and it said, “snitches get stitches.” So I earlier in the day a little bit after I go on this new treadmill my family got and I was just being a little kid playing on it and all of a sudden I see droppings of blood coming from my foot I cut it on a piece of the treadmill just like the ghost said, “snitches get stitches.” I was kinda scared I would get stitches but I was ok. I grab a bandage and clean the blood off. (This one is kinda boring) but I had this ghost named helga today and I was just watching it from Netflix “Liv and Maddie.” I know that’s just a coincidence but I mean kinda weird right? Hope you liked my story I was kinda exaggerating but it’s true this all happened. You should get this amazing game it’s so fun and wastes so much time it’s not that scary so don’t be frightened 🤪bye! Little bit later (edit) —so Iwas looking at my the story’s and wanted to make one and see this long story and just wanted to say, no I never got stitches my foot was all right just a deep cut but a small one bye!
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4 years ago, billygreeneyes
I would like my money back please…
I change my rating to five stars so maybe this would post however, If you’re expecting this to be any more than an entertainment value to let your friends think you’re hunting a ghost then you, like me, just got ripped off… Have you noticed that when you ask them(spirit) if they have a message for you that the “spirit” that you are talking to gives your message and refers to you with your name… pretty cool and pretty smart software… But if you go into your iPhone settings and change your phone name to something different and then talk to another spirit you’ll see that they’ll refer to you by that name… And if you continue to do this they will continue to respond with whatever word(s) you put in there… Could be a neat trick for your friends if you go in and change your name to theirs and then have a message for them… But other than that it’s just SPOOF” software that has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re hoping it does… The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because it was a covert software of sorts and has some originality to it… And if the creator of the software is reading this I would like my money back please… William Alfred Childers… And by the way you have my email as I have emailed you before… please please please everyone, stay COVID free 😷...😎...
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5 years ago, Racritia
Fog Morphed into Floating Figure?!
My mom and I were watching Ghost Adventures when it dawned on me that it’d be a neat idea to download ghost detecting apps on my phone to find out if we could come across anything. After opening the Ghost Detector app, I walked around her house for a few minutes and didn’t see anything except for a little bit of fog in the hallway. I didn’t think much of it in the beginning because I assumed it was light reflecting from the sun which beams through hallway. After looking through the bedrooms, I walk back down the hallway to tell my mom I didn’t come across anything. In the middle of telling her this, the fog reappeared and turned into the form of a floating woman. I panic and start tearing up because I freaked at the sight of what I saw. A woman’s face became more clear in the view of the camera but right when I scream and run to the couch, there wasn’t a woman anymore but only fog again. My mom starts asking me, “what is it? What did you see?!” I turned the phone to her for to see anything. It was the woman in full figure floating in front of her refridgerator. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. As my mom asks me to walk over by it, it vanishes. We haven’t seen in sense. After coming to the realization of what we saw, my mom said that’s what Max her dog must have been barking at night time.
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4 years ago, give me my starbucks NOW
Omg I just... omg
So I was with my friends and we were hanging out in a hotel the other day and we wanted to go ghost hunting in the night, because that’s what you do when your with your friends and in a creepy hotel in the middle of nowhere. So anyways, we got out my phone and we started using the app, it took us about half an hour until we actually found a ghost. We started talking to her and it was pretty normal, she said she was a good ghost and yeah. But then I pressed the “do you have any thing to tell me?” Button and she said- “live every day to your fullest (my name)” now my name is French and not very common were I live so it freaked me out. I turned off my phone and me and my friends ran back to the hotel room we were staying in. When we girly back my mom had told me that she forgot something in the car and that we had to go get it... (might I remind you that it was pitch dark outside and the only source of light was coming from the hotel, we were also in the middle of nowhere. So we went outside and on our way down there a creepy janitor was sweeping the floor. We quickly walked past her and got to the car. The thing my mom needed wasn’t in there and we ran back up to the room. (The janitor wasn’t there) my mom had found the thing she needed in a bag that I don’t remember bringing in. So I haven’t used the app ever since.
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5 years ago, Emily Ellingson
So my friend and I downloaded the app because we wanted to have fun and I kinda wanted to scare her sister, so we went in places in my house where some weird stuff happens. First my room where I saw my dead grandpa! But...nothing. So we went down stair and I told her this is where my dad felt someone push him though he was alone. Next we went to his bathroom where recently he was brushing his teeth and thought he saw something in his bathroom shower, thinking it was my mom or brother he opens the curtain but nothing. So we go in his bathroom then ghost detected!!! I started laughing then we asked the ghost it’s name and it said Emily that’s my name! Then we asked it how it died and it said cancer I asked it what type of cancer but had to go get my little brother away because he kept running into the bathroom screaming trying to scare us and just got annoying so I asked my friend but she didn’t know how to say the word. Next I said you are very pretty and she said so lonely so I asked if she had any friends here and she said Rose and then we asked how Rose died she was buried alive then we asked where and she said in my cellar and It was then that I saw the ghost was a demon so my friend and I said bye and Emily said no so we ran into my room and I looked on the app and pointed it behind us and there she was standing there.
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6 years ago, Leen9334
Creeped me out
Okay, i was bored so I decided to download this app. At first I was like meehhhh it’s fake. I was sitting at my dining table, I opened this app and it detected a ghost in the guest bedroom (the guest room is next to my bedroom) since I don’t usually have guests over I kinda turned the guest bedroom into a study room (filled with books and stuff like that) I was shocked to death because 2 days ago, while I’m doing my work in the guest bedroom I felt like I’m being stared at and when I looked at “the” direction I suddenly have a “thought” of how “it” looked like. Completely black (kind of a shadowy-like I guess) with red eyes. Creeped me out so I quickly left my stuff (cause I can do it tomorrow anyway) and went straight to my bedroom and sleep. It’s pretty late, almost midnight. The ghost that this app detected have long hair and shadowy figure (no legs no arms) almost similar to what I imagine 2 days ago. I opened the door of the guest bedroom and the ghost is standing/floating(in this app) right where I imagine it to be 2 days ago. Btw, the light in the guest bedroom is off so I turned it on and the ghost is gone(the app says). I did get the chance to say “hi” and the ghost replied “hello”. Turned on the light and poof the ghost is gone(the app says). Welp, guess I won’t stay in that room till late at night again. Creeped the heck outta me.
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5 years ago, IzzyandAubby
My sisters bedroom
Today, I was in my sisters room messing around with her and my cousin. I turned around just to find a man in all black staring in her mirror, it scared me so bad I ran out screaming. They asked me what was wrong, and I told them what I saw. Then again we just moved into this house, the previous owners left and ran when they left someone to die, by giving the drugs. They all told me that I was lying and nothing was in her room, the only person who believed me was my cousin. A couple minutes later my sister left for the store, my mom and stepdad were watching tv and me and my cousin were playing with her car, whom had to use the litter box. He ran to her room and cried. Cried I tell you, like pain like someone was in there, it wasn’t just him. He ran upstairs crying to my mothers bedroom. Me and my cousin went to my room and started to freak out. “ I told you there was something in there” I said my cousin replied with “I know but your mom still doesn’t believe us”. The cat whom is very evil and mean and isn’t nice at all, came to my room and later next to us, he let us pet him, there was obviously something wrong. At that point you obviously know there is something there, that is our ghost story this is not fake I tell you, it’s all real and that was my experience with my sisters mirror ghost.
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5 years ago, Chuuuuuuurp
Fun, but...
I believe in supernatural beings, so this is really cool. I love how you can chat with spirits, but... it gets creepy. Many ghosts said these things, “Run now,” “Get out,” “Let’s have fun,” “Do you want proof?” “Time is running out,” “Leave while you can,” and “One more chance.” I honestly love when they’re creepy but it also spooks me at the same time. I don’t enjoy them saying yes when I ask if they are evil though. Sheesh. Edit: It’s about a year later, and I haven’t found many good spirits. Most of them are errant souls or spectres. One of them claimed to be pure evil. I don’t think that this is real, but it still freaks me out. I have seen spirits with my own eyes, and they are never talkative. My old house was haunted. There was a spirit living in one of the rooms. One time my brother shut me in there because he got mad at me and I felt something scraping my back. I tried to run to the door, but felt like I couldn’t move. In my room, this black mist (it looked like a swarm of little black bugs moving in a way that looked like stop motion) started hovering in the middle of the room. Then everything went black for a second and it disappeared. I would also occasionally see something black out of the corner of my eye. My dog would always bark at something in the hallway even though my family didn’t see anything there.
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5 years ago, Omq_itzRubie
So, me and my friend got this app thinking this was fake, and just a silly little game... Oh boy, were we wrong! We were first in my friend’s yard, (It’s a male) and he got a ghost on a different app. It lead us to a shed. He asked what was in it, and it said a demon. We opened up this app a little bit later, and we said it would me funny to go to the shed. He went over to the shed, and went under it and.... A demon appeared! We were very scared, thinking this may be real. We ran away, lost signal. Phew.... We went back there and next to it (His hamster’s grave, along with his little bro’s hamster grave) an errant soul appeared. We asked it, “What’s in the shed?” It replied with, “A demon.” We were scared.. We opened it up in his room, and a ghost appeared. Me, my sister, and him sat on his bed. A ghost of a woman, at least it looked like that... It popped up right in front of the bed.. Him and I started feeling itchy, but my sister wasn’t... After it disappeared, we stopped feeling itchy... A ghost appeared on his screen, possibly the same one on my radar and then disappeared. We felt where the ghost was. It felt slightly colder.. When it disappeared, seconds after, it disappeared on my radar too! Creepy! We closed out of the app after, we still use it a bit though. This app may be real! Download at your own risk!
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2 years ago, frankeissssss
So me and my friend were bored at a sleepover waiting to go to the beach so we read the reviews and started to download the app. We scanned her apartment and finally found one. We were laughing and didn’t really believe the reviews at the time because why would a app sense ghosts, right? The app has many questions to ask so we clicked the first one, name. It said my friends dead grandpas name and we thought it was a joke because it was a really common name. We then asked how it died and it described exactly how her grandpa died (she didn’t know how he died at the time) he said he had a heart attack in the middle of the highway and pulled over to the side and hit a pole. My friend got a little scared and had me to hold the phone so we wouldn’t loose the ghost and she went on her balcony. She was telling her mom about it and I suddenly hear her mom start sobbing and running to the ghost. We asked more questions and asked if you have a “special message for me” and it said “well (my friends name)”and then said this random message that made her jump. The ghost never left and we belive that it’s by her side forever and my friends mom then texted my mom about it and was truly scared this app is real and I have a bunch of other stories with it.
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2 years ago, ava Jean Lesley
It won’t let me be🫡😰😱
I was playing this game and why I was playing the game there’s something following me it look like a skeleton and I was like not today tried to talk to it but won’t talk to me and it doesn’t show me on the detector camera I can see the skeleton but it won’t show the dot on the detector it’s like it’s not even there even though it keeps on following me everywhere I go please help me I walked into my room and it was still there but it was in the hallway and then when I walked in the room we just disappeared and next thing I know I look up it’s there it’s like the demon or something I can’t tell what entity it is I just got done talking with this ghost it just Spond I freaked out I feel like it’s the demon that I communicated with when I did the séance show me my house is haunted to girls one demon adult who wants to kill me and my sister but my older sister he wants to keep her to live I’m scared if we’re gonna die soon in this house but Kylie‘s ghost I can’t talk about that one she was only five when she died but if you’re like a very ghosts Hunter like a very good ghost Hunter please help me get rid of this thing I don’t want it following me anymore I don’t want to hurt me I just wanna be safe I don’t want my older sister to get hurt because I feel like that demon wants to keep my older sister please help me😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
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5 years ago, Pikachu 639354&4693647
Creepiest app on earth
I had first downloaded this app a few years ago, in 2017. I was at a baby shower and I was playing with it. But for some reason I deleted it and just downloaded this app again yesterday. I decided to download this app because me and my family have been having paranormal activity happening in our house. First, my cousin Came over and stayed for a few weeks. While he was here we saw and heard ghosts. Also we found cold spots in our home. We are in the middle of moving and my mom thinks the ghosts don’t want us to leave our house. So I downloaded this app and it is scary!!! I was playing it last night and it said there was a ghost girl name Melody who died at age 17 from a vampire. She also said she wanted my soul. This really freaked me out since it was around 12:00 last night. This app I feel proves that my house is haunted. But there is one thing I would want the creators of this app to fix. I would like the ghost answers to be shown sooner! I know you can but the faster version but I don’t have the money to buy that!! I do have my birthday money but I’m saving it up for Knotts Berry Farm this June. I would hope you creators and fellow people will read this and download and fix this app. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a magical and weird day!!!
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5 years ago, Dolphin555555555555555555
my friends and I were hanging out, and we decided that we should download this app for fun. When we started playing, there was a ghost in my friends bedroom. The detector read vengeful spirit. We started having a conversation with the ghost and found out her name was Maria. When we asked her how she died she said burned alive. When the ghost said she was burned alive, we got really scared. But then she said Get Out. I asked her why we should get out and she said Demon. We got really confused, and asked her why again. She said Demon and then she said Stop While You Can. At that point my friend and I laughed it off, thinking they Programms the app to do that. But then the detector picked up another ghost. We got really scared. The ghost was behind us, so we asked Maria who the ghost was. She said get out. We asked why, and she said Demon AGAIN! Then we heard the computer voice come on and say it lost connection. Maria Disappeared and so did the other ghost. Then my friend and I saw the Demon come back. We asked her her name, and she said Sally. Then we asked her why she was here, and she said Let’s have some fun. My friend and I ran out of the room screaming. But every room we went into the ghost followed us. It was so scary. Oh my Godthis app is real! Don’t download it will scare you for life.
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6 years ago, Royce repsumer
The scary story
This story is going to be fake well let’s start so I was in my room then my little sister came in my room so after that then she told me that she had a imaginary friend and it was a boy and his name was Alexander then I went down in my basement then I heard my name in there 3 times then I tried to download a ghost app then I found this one then I was like I got to try this then after I downloaded the app then I saw 2 spirits just standing there then I said why are you here then it said TO KILL YOU!!!! Then I tried punching it then it wouldn’t die so I tried texting my mom well she wouldn’t answer so I ran outside of my house then it followed me so I kept on running intell I got really tired then I lost it my sister was still following me then I heard her say AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH then I went right back to my house to save her well after that then she was acting wierd then her eyes were glowing light red then I first found out she was cursed then I dropped her and run away then I lost her then I started to cry then I prayed that I was going to be ok then I escaped then I was happy that I was ok and that I escaped The end so I hope you guys injoyd the story and I am only 7 years old and if your thinking that I typed this much I actually don’t know how I typed this much well hope you guys injoy.
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4 years ago, dididabeAr
Mostly Fake but beware of accidental conjuring
It’s a game. Similar to Pokémon Go. You walk around and “catch “ a ghost. Most often It’ll pick a couple of ghosts to be the “mains” found In your home. The apparitions are mostly fake.. cover the camera lens and you’ll see they are still there. Attempt to touch and you’ll see the image is fixed in the screen. Tilt the phone from side to side and it fixed on you screen. Angles don’t change it’s even possible to have an upside down image for a few seconds or so. On the negative and dark side, it’s uses a language which is a mix of old rune language, cryllic language and witches alphabet. Attempting to translate it will yield gibberish commands and a couple of times you catch partial words used for spells and a lot of computer programming commands and codes. A mixture of nonsense and old spells embedded. So, it may be possible to conjur something in your home by a small probability. I suggest steering away from ANYTHING that attempts to embed witches alphabet and old Language in their game. In regards to to the numerous scary stories I’ve read in commentary... most are bogus, others come from extremely sensitive and gullible individuals and very few MAY have had an authentic conjuring given perhaps to their already heightened ability to sense spiritual matters combined with the inter workings and unique language used in the game. My guess is the right set of words/spells encrypted might open the game to something dark.
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5 years ago, mlpandajrule
I am not joking
The app is fake, or so I though. I was playing and I would to ghost melody and ruby. I asked first for both were they good ruby was good and melody was evil. Ruby kept telling me to run so I asked why? Ruby said you will find out. So I ignored her, then a another ghost showed up (melody). Then ruby said run, then poof she was gone. I started to talk to melody she said she was buried alive. So I asked her where was her body was. She said look in my backyard. I logged off after, and went to my dad’s shed and grabbed a shovel. I looked around for any dirt that looked off. I saw a “x” made of rocks (my dad said it was nothing and not to touch the rocks). I moved the rocks and started to dig. Soon my brother came out and helped me (he watched me with the app). There was a box with a lock on it. We took out the box and hit a rock on the lock, it came off. We opened the box to find a map. So we took the map inside and found a circle around some place across the road. So my brother and I went outside and buried the box back, without the lock or map. We started to walk to the circled spot on the map. It led to a small local cemetery. We walked in and looked around for “melody”. We found a grave stone that said “melody buried alive for murders 1892”. We walked back home and we never played the app again
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5 years ago, Senpaī Dragøn
This app....
The following contains a real life encounter Great app really spoopy. So I’m an 21 year old woman and I love paranormal activity. I live with my friend and we downloaded this app for fun. (Let’s call my friend Lily). So me and Lily went around our apartment with this app. We went to our room and there was a little girl ghost (about the age of 5) and a what seemed to be an older sister/babysitter. ( about 15/17 at the most) we asked a few simple questions like “ what’s your name?” “ How old are you” “where are you from” etc. So we asked the older sister how they died. Then she said “Our parents stabbed us and then hung us to be sure we are dead” (this was when you could still type questions) so I asked if they were nice or mean. Then the little girl said “ Bearie we are oh so nice! But evil lurks down the road” I freaked out because my name is Brittney but I’m called Bearie by friends and family. We closed the app and looked up if there were any accidents that happened in our apartment building. We found one and it was about the two girls. It read that the mother of the family went insane and murdered her family. And hung her two daughters and killed her husband afterwards. We freaked out. Because this app is supposed to be for fun purposes but it’s one of those fake apps.
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2 years ago, Eliana123dumb
It took a while to find a ghost
We down loaded the app and we tried to get a ghost then nothing happened. Then we turned it off and gave it a second try we went outside and nothing we there but it detected something in the garage when we went in it was gone. Then we went into the house and discovered that we had-dent gone into my parents room so we went in and their was a ghost, I asked it some questions and it said “I’m just an old man” “I’m a ghost I guess” then I asked him how he died and he said “I just kneeled over, I have no idea how I passed…”😨and that gave me chills. He disappeared and we turned on the black light and saw where he kneeled down. BTW their were three of use using this app. Have a nice Halloween 🎃👻🤡👽🕷🕸 This is part two we went back into my parents room and my cousin found another ghost and we asked it questions like are you evil and it said “most definitely evil” then I asked are you lonely and it said”no their are many of us” then I asked it do have a message for me and it said “I will wait till midnight to tell you, Eliana” and it said my cousins name cuz it’s her iPad we’re on then I asked do you want to hurt me and it said “pain will come in the process but yes and no” so we screamed and ran out of the room.😱😰😨😓😥🤭
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1 year ago, among us noob
The reason I never went to a hospital at night ever again
So one day I was having fun playing horror games and stuff a little background info my best friend that wasn’t a good friend and wasn’t my friend anymore had passed I didn’t attend her funeral because of some things she did and spread rumors about so I was partying with my siblings and I went to a haunted abandoned hospital ,., and 4 minutes in I used the ghost detector for fun it then appeared a ghost figure with the name Raylaun , ( my dead ex besties name) and I was like hmm this is probably a coincidence and next I asked a question where did you live the next thing I know my ex besties address showed up and I was like , this app doesn’t usually act like this so I clicked off and closed my phone next thing I know , the flash turned on by itself , I dropped my phone out of fear and picked it up then turned off the flash next I was walking down one of the halls and I felt wet and burning on my back I asked one of my friends that was with us to check my back for me for any bites or anything and they almost screamed and said you have a big scar on your back and it’s bleeding a whole bunch I’m okay now tho and the moral of the story is I hate horror games in real life 😁⚰️🪦🥲
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2 years ago, scared so much
Super scary I am very traumatized right now
Show me my friends are sitting in our room doing school work and will I have this ghost app and we thought it was just fun to play with so they pulled it out and looked and there was a weird lady standing right above me and I just sat there and started screaming but anyways we got on the bed and ask get some questions and we are sitting on the floor in case you didn’t know but we said are you evil or good and she said well let’s just say I like to make people squirm and we also said do you want to hurt us and she said come a little closer and I whisper into your ear she said I like to bend you squeeze you and twist you and tie you in knots so that sounds like a plan to me we were Ashlyn terrified and we didn’t know what to do so we just started running around screaming like crazy people and I am awfully terrified right now because I don’t know what to do and I’m scared to sleep in my room tonight and Apple totally works I don’t recommend it to little kids but it works and I’m pretty sure ghost can go through the walls and I’m panicking right now because I’m scared and I don’t I just feel like I can’t go to sleep tonight I think I just might die because of those ghosts they’re scary
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4 years ago, sky112433
Wednesday I was taking a walk in the garden and then I heard a noise that my door was opening so I went over there and nothing was there I didn’t I went to go do a ghost scan in there was a ghost right by the what is a ghost standing right by the door when I went inside and then I was really freaked out I started to think that the game is real I’m sorry to believe in ghostAnd then I did another scan the next morning when I woke up and then there’s a ghost standing right by my bed and then I did another scan and there’s a there’s a skeleton standing by my closet and one day my dad want to go mow the grass and then I was on the walk to my friends house and I did a scan and her house is like a ghost in there and the next morning I want to go walk inside my house and the door was locked remember I didn’t lock myself out I left the door open for me to come in and then I do a scan inside and there’s a door and there’s a ghost right by the door I started to think that maybe goes the real and then I see my dad walking home from mowing the grass now sitting on the stairs there’s a ghost following him and maybe go so we like that really really real and then then the next day there’s a lot a ghost in my house do y The end
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5 years ago, seven days!
Me and my sister downloaded the ghost app we were looking around and we couldn’t find any ghost so we decided to put our phones down in the TV we forgot to turn off our phones Off in the my camera spotted the TV and I end up finding a ghost in my TV as in is her name was samara I had no idea because you know I watch the ring right so I was like oh my goodness I end up turning my phone off and going back to sleep my sister woke up and said she heard the TV playing we went in the room and we saw it during playing it was the actual play that made people die we did not really watch the play but then it happened the phone rang my phone was ringing of the number of 666 I answered maybe with my mom and she had a new call number and then I then I heard seven days end up after the seven days when I was walking out the door getting ready for school my sister said the TV was playing I got so scared and I knew she had to be coming I would in the room the girl was coming out I can see her hands in her hair coming out the TV and the TV running well ice cream run we both Ryan and we got in my car and we drove off we went to a different city and had no TV there I never downloaded this app again until Wednesday then I’m at Mary
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1 year ago, read this now123
Don’t go outside at 3am
Once me and my friend went out outside at 3am we sall a skin walker change into a dog and it was my friend dog so we went in the house then I started to scratch at the door so I screamed my friend told me to calm down then I went to my room with my friend we were just watching a movie called demon slayer then the skin walker change to a pizza man then I got scared and ask my friend did you order pizza he said no why did you I said no do he told me shut the door now!! Come hurry I said okay I’m coming I ran as fast as I can then he said don’t open the door no more I got a alert saying DONT OPEND THE DOOR there 16 skin walker on the loose so my friend said he was going to leave but he got an alert saying DONT OPEN THE DOOR!!!!! Then he got an other alert saying I SEE YOU!! We look all over my face on and we sall a camera in my closet I started screaming as loud as I can then my friend run to the garage and got a hammer and smash the camera then I got an alert on my phone saying all of the skin walkers COMING FOR MY HOUSE I told my friend to HIDE we hid under my bed and the skin walkers broke in my house and started throwing my pictures all over the place I screamed there heard me and ran to my room THE END
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5 years ago, YOUR NEXT!!!
.Your next.
(Fake) once me and my friend were going to the cafe at 2:00AM I know 2:00AM on the street the lights were flickering and it seemed darker then usual............ then out of nowhere I heard a voice...... me I am drowning but there were no water near by so I briefly ignored it then the noises were getting louder until I decided to go outside I see a y’all girl with blood coming out of her eyes she kept echoing it over and over help me I’m drowning I ask are you ok she said to me wake up she is right behind you then I feel this slight of a chill then suddenly I wake up in a hospital bed and I ask the nurse where am I she said you are in an insane asylum she also said that I kept screaming and running around with a knife and a glass of water saying help me I’m drowning but then I realize that there is something very wrong I said to my self how am I in an Indian asylum if it looks like a shed then when I turned to the nurse she did not seem like normal so I asked are you ok and she didn’t answer then I look beside me and there is a person that is hanging with all of his guts out the next I try to move my hands but they were chained up to the wall along with my legs then the nurse turned her head all the way around an said YOUR NEXT!!!
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4 years ago, jfjrijferjf
my friends dead sister
so i was messing around with it and i caught a ghost. it was a female 5year old and she died of lung disease or something. that’s exactly how my friends sister died and that was... terrifying so i kept doing it and i caught her one more time and i asked if she had a special message and she said tell my sister that i love her... i thought that was the cutest thing ever yet sad that she didn’t get to see her. my friends dead sister would have been the oldest and my friend is the youngest. so it makes sense that the oldest would take care of the youngest. i just don’t know how her dead sister knew that i was her friend and that i would deliver the message and that i was safe. of course if i was a ghost i wouldn’t be a bad one i would haunt the ppl why bullied until they repented but if anyone got the ghost app i would show up and try to have a conversation and help them with their problems. anyways LAST STORY: my grandfather. he died in my old house and i recently moved but before then i would hear him talking to me and trying to have a conversation. i would always think i was a dream but no. my grandfather told me to tell his youngest daughter (my mom) that he loved her i was shocked and told her about it the next day. this app is true
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6 years ago, key air ah kiara
2 story’s
1:Ok I was bored and I saw a YouTuber played this app so I went on I to give it a try and I showed me a ghost named Lucille close to “Lucy” btw the day before that my friend can see ghosts and she said the ghost they she saw here name was Lucy I asked her how to spell it she didn’t know but she thinks that’s how u spell it I immediately turned my phone off and I looked at it again she was still there I took to screenshots by the time I took my second one she was gone2:I was at a friends house a week later after that whole incident and I still had the app I told my friends they downloaded it and we were both on it saw a few ghosts u know they left after awhile but on my friends phone they encountered a little boy spirit I don’t remember what his name was but he would not leave and he kept telling us to help him the ghosts on my phone told me to run get out her little sister was scared I tried lightning the mood I worked but all of them got so scared them didn’t want to talk to the little boy so I did asked him what’s wrong why does he need help any way this was a couple weeks ago so I don’t remember every thing any way he said something about being scared or needed company I asked him why was he scared his said he was scared of his mamma...
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4 years ago, Maddie_Playz
Creeped out!!
I downloaded this app today and decided to test it out. I was outside and turned the app on and walked around a while until I looked into the window of my room without looking through the app just looking at it in real life. What I saw was a blurring figure standing in my room looking at me through the window. I looked at my window with the app and saw a ghost standing inside of my room. I didn’t know what to say so I asked for it’s name and It said that wasn’t important and kept saying that until I ran out of questions. Other story which is way shorter: I have many crosses in my house since we have had problems with ghosts harassing me in my sleep and in real life around 3am. After we put up the crosses I haven’t had any ghost problems but now and then I see good ghosts through this app in my house mostly my room. I was walking outside and saw a ghost I asked it what type of entity it was and it said the Demon of lies. Keep in mind it said Demon, with the crosses all over my house the ghosts harassing me are gone but seeing a demon outside of my house scares me. I fear all the evil spirits may be right outside my house, waiting for me to be alone. And just so you know I used the app with my friend. These were my stories
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2 years ago, fabian close incounters
Good but dangerous game
So I downloaded this app and the first ghost i saw was an evil one and i felt like there was a heavy presence surrounding me and the next day i had chest pain and I had scratches on my back so i went to the doctor and they said they couldn’t identify the scratches on my back so I thought it was my cat but if it was my cat it would be bleeding so then I remembered the game I downloaded and thats where things get worse i go to take a nap and all of sudden my glass vase falls and i was alone or was i? So i go to pick it up but then there is no broken glass but the vase was gone and then my friend brought his dog to my house and he started staring at the wall and he starts barking so i called my mom to hurry home but she wouldn’t pick up so i called my dad same thing no answer and then my friends dog starts crying so i ran out of my house and there was scratches on my door so I didn’t want to leave because I thought the ghost might be behind the door and then I started hearing voices in my head saying devil or like i will find you and i will kill you so…yeah I almost died i guess pray for me so dont die please who ever reads this may live in peace and be protected by god and jesus amen
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5 years ago, Pug's for life
Late one night I was playing this app with my two friends. When we found a ghost in my room. I ask it what it’s name was it said Nyla. AND THATS MY GRANDMAS NAME AND SHE DIED A YEAR AGO! I asked if she new me and she said “yes honey I remember you, Kara” Kara is my name I got so scared but so happy. i called my dad up and my two friends were laughing to death because I was scared. My dad came up but as soon as he opened the door the ghost went away. My friends stoped laughing and looked at the screen terrified. I also got super scared and ran down the stairs and put chips in my mouth I went back up and saw my phone buzzing. It was a random number and of course I answered it the phone said,”why would you call him up stairs sweetie?” I screamed and shut down my phone and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and found my phone on bye the ground er on the ground I was freaked out and didn’t want to go back upstairs. I woke my dad up and told home my whole story. All he did was just stared at me and then grinned and then laughed. He said I was making it up. Now nothing has happened and I go on this app everyday for and hour it’s so fun. I remember that day but I’m not scared anymore sometimes I even laugh about how scared I was. That was my story.
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6 years ago, Max L. R
Friday in the school gym
Friday is AMS’s free day so I decided to play on my phone. I downloaded this app as a gag prank to scare my friends, when I felt something poke me from under the bleachers. At that moment I asked the spirit asking if it was her but I still had my doubts. It said yes and also said don’t mess with the spirits “we don’t play!” That scared me for the rest of the day. I couldn’t sleep all week. On the next Friday I decided to try it out at home before bed. I waited for mom to go to her room then I turned on the app. I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES, the ghost that was at the school was in my bedroom at 3:00 at night along with two others. The first ghost was a spectre and the other two were demons. I’ll never forget their names, Emily, Benson, and Jake. After that some weird stuff started happening at night while I was asleep. One night I woke up in my closet the other I’d wake up fall from the ceiling to the floor. I deleted the app for the next four months and nothing seemed to happen after that until I saw it... a tall women standing with no eyes and and a peg leg I hadn’t been using the app so now I knew it was real. She was a demon I found out, after I reinstalled the app. But since that night I have been using the app everywhere I go!!!
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3 years ago, lily like lollpops
My story [unpleasant and happy at the same time]
So I was In my room I kept hearing noises I found this app and I was like this is so cool! I always hear noises coming from the vent systems I hear whisper I feel thing touching me .and I even banging on my bathroom! I have triplet brothers so it would probably be normal but next to my bathroom is the Tv room and they definitely do not bang on the wall they are play Roblox (they are 1 and a half year younger then me)So I was creeped out.I tried this app. A ghost was in my room she was nice and so I was kind of happy but I see faces in my vents at night I wondered if she was alone and her age but I did not have the subscription for more 5 questions I wondered if she had kids and that why she came to live in my crowded house😀. I asked if she had children but she said she was too young. She also said the answer to that “why she came to my house”she said to get to experience life she did not experience or something like that. So now I think that she died in a tragic accident. I could not do more then five question but it was nice to meet her I still do not now what the banging noises are from and why there a faces in my vents. Sorry if I had bad grammar and spelling.
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3 years ago, Qmike09
Thought it was fake
Hello here is my side of my story of this app, I am a person who is into ghost adventures and etc. Yesterday I downloaded this app as a joke since after all I thought it was fake. We were in my patio looking for some ghosts and one appeared the most ones that I detected were friendly which I am happy about. My step dad was outside as well and he detected a ghost which was a demon. Which was shocking to me since after all a demon appeared on his radar, another one that came up was in my mothers room. We were chilling in my mothers room and noticed that a ghost named Elizabeth was in her room. We asked questions one that I asked was “what special message you have for me?” She responded “Listen to your mother.” And when I was almost done asking questions to popped up on my step dads radar he started to talk to her and I told him to check what the special message was for him so he asked and this shocked me the most she replied “listen to your mother . [.......]” she literally said his name i can’t put that out since it’s personal life but she said his name. Another female ghost was in our room and also said his name as well. I am more into this then I thought I would be..
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3 years ago, Hailey and Aubery
The scariest night
One night I was wondering playing with my ghost app although I didn’t believe any of the ghosts. I knew that this ghost app wasn’t real but I tried it anyways, I was at camp that night I went over to this big pile of dirt, branches, and mud to see if anything scary would happen, although nothing did. I went over by the lake and I almost tripped but there was nothing there in front of me. then I heard a weird sound I looked around and there was nothing there I got kind of freaked out so we went back in my trailer the door didn’t open. I soon found out that there was some thing standing behind me I didn’t know what it was I keep running and running and then there was nothing there. I tried my door again and it opened my family was wondering what happened as if they didn’t hear me trying to open the door the next few days I was freaked out I decided to try the ghost app again nothing happened although the ghostwriter went off the figure was back I turned it off quickly as I could but it was still there I ran again I knew I shouldn’t have tried it again in the next few years I was terrified and I knew that this ghost app wasn’t good. By Hailey Snowberger and Aubrey Perez
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3 years ago, Micheal A. and Enn@rd
My First time trying this all in the same day
So it was nap time at my house and I thought the app was fake so I moved around with my phone then I looked down at the bottom then I saw a dot then I saw a ghost it was a boy and his name was Bill and he was right behind me it was my first time seeing a ghost on here so I was very scared but they were a good ghost so I let them be I am fine right now nothing bad happened yet. So I decided to do it again then I meted a guy named Gordon he died at 18 and he said don’t do stupid things and he had his head off and he died from a tree falling on his head nothing bad happened to me yet and he said he was good. Then I did it again then a ghost named Vocal and he is a boy I don’t know if he is good or bad and so far they are all behind me😰 so far I only have boys and he looked like someone all in a all black coat so far nothing strange happened tho. I did it again then there was one right by me and their name was Thomas and they were a boy he died from a killer and nothing strange happened to me yet and they were good. I did it again then one was right by me their name was Miria and they were my first girl she said she was good but they are all by me😰 so I’m kind of scared nothing strange happened to me yet tho.
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2 years ago, brook_brook
Gotta be real….
So I had downloaded the game because I have always been into ghost and contacting spirits and scary stuff like that. I decided to take it outside and go to the edge of the woods behind my house. Now keep in mind, my family and I are very spiritual and little did I know, that the woods had something very bad in them. So I scanned around the front of a path into the woods and there was a full grown man and a little child hanging in the tree. They had told me to run and to watch out. I started to freak out and went back inside and deleted the game. Later that night, I went to sleep and had a dream, in the dream, was the woods in my backyard and the man and child were hanging in the tree and there were sinister looking spirits wearing black cloaks that didn’t show their face at all. And farther back into the woods, I saw lots of people being held hostage and asking for help and to be released. Also keep in mind that I used this app with my step-sister and I told her about my dream and she said she too had a dream very similar to it and saw the same people I did. Ever since, I never downloaded it again and refused to use it but today I’m going to do it again bc why not.
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5 years ago, Melons (7 year old)
The scariest night of my life
So I was playing this on this app at night the time was 7:30 I was in the living room by myself everyone else was upstairs and I found a spirit and it was related to me it was my great aunt I never got to meet her but on this is how I met her I asked her what her name was she said “you know me” I said “no I don’t know you” she said “angry” I asked her why she was angry she said “YOU KNOW ME” I started to shake she said “I AM YOUR GREAT AUNT” I said “I never got to meet my great aunt” and then I asked her what her name was and she said “Lisa” I said “nice name want me to tell you mine?” She said no I already know what your name is” then i heard a Dead fully screem I got so scared then the lights flickered on and off and then i coughed into my hand and I realize that I was coughing up blood my hands where all bloody my nose was stuffy I was exhausted but I didn’t go to sleep (60 hours later) as soon as I look at the clock said 3:00 so I went to bed when I woke up i was coughing out blood my hands and sleeves where bloody so I went up stairs in so much pain I could hardly breathe i told my mom and i sted home for weeks my mom told me to delete the app but i didn’t listen to her because i was to into the app. PLEASE BE CARFUL ON THIS APP!
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2 years ago, The scary room
The room story
One night I was using the app and go showed up in the bathroom and I was on the phone with my cousin we decided to download a whole bunch of scary ghost apps and this was the one we normally use all the time but in 2020 we download it and then deleted it and download yesterday in 2022 again so we really knew it was fake but then something mysterious happened after I used it I told my cousin that I found one and then I asked five questions and it was gone like always so then I decided I was gonna go to scan the room and something weird appeared when I got back sorry to go back before all that happened I was in the room and I was watching sing two end it was at the beginning of the movie so it couldn’t have ended and when I came back to the room TV off I have a light switch but not for a light for the TV that didn’t movies or when I flip the switch I didn’t turn on the TV so something had to turn it off because I was alone in the room I told my cousin and he said well that’s weird and he couldn’t have came over lives Long Island and to this day I told my cousin and he said well that’s weird and you couldn’t have came over Long Island and The remote was in the room and to this day I still don’t know what turned off the TV
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