Ghost Hunting Tools

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Zee Weasel
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Ghost Hunting Tools

4.05 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
4 years ago, 𝘹𝘰𝘹𝘰𝘨𝘰𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘱𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭𝘴
We had a very interesting experience
So me and my friend wanted to play around with some ghost hunting apps. We downloaded a bunch but none of them worked as well as this one because we didn’t really get anything. We opened the app and we had a couple encounters before but they weren’t as interesting as this one. The entity started out by saying weird things that we thought was related to the Luka Magnota murders since she started saying things like “cat” and “kitten”. But then she started saying things that related to a whole different thing. We figured out that her name was Kate since the EMF reader kept spiking every time we said it. We figured that she was raped because she said stuff like “moaning” “allow” and “face” since that stuff relates to that kind of thing. She said that she was happy in heaven but wanted revenge on the person who killed her. We asked her if she wanted us to get revenge on the person who did that to her, but she said that we should stay close to our family. She said things like “go” “tell”and “girl” in that order. We assumed that she was talking about us which is why we are writing this review today. It’s crazy how things like can happen. We wanted to be respectful and tell her story through this app.
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3 years ago, Scooter05107
100% REAL
So, I downloaded this app with my sister about a year ago. We honestly just downloaded it to mess about, but we started getting some responses that were freaking us out. We ended up using the app at my grandma’s house, where her mom had died. We got the name Lynn and thought nothing of it…until my grandma told me that Lynn was her moms name. I personally have a ton of experience in the paranormal field and have taken quite an interest to it, and I believe that this app is real. The thing that really caught me off guard though is for a couple of months, I didn’t mess with the app because I was super busy. My great-grandpa, with the last name of Wood, passed back in March and my mom got all of the honorary stuff, as well as some of the passed-down furniture. Well, I was sitting in my mom’s living room and just opened the app for toots and giggles and for some reason, the EVPs were spiking as soon as I opened the app, and I had never seen that happen before. The word finally came through after a second of waiting and the word was Wood…my great-grandpa’s name, as well as my mom’s maiden-name/current surname. I really freaked me out. When using this app, or any app like it, always make sure you know what you’re doing and that you know how to say goodbye and announce to the spirits that you’re leaving. I highly recommend this app for anything to do with paranormal investigating. Good luck, and don’t forget to say goodbye.
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4 years ago, Raelynn:)
Pretty scary app is amazing
i was having a very bad feeling on my bed so i moved to my chill room and i turned on the light and it immediately turned off ! My freind that was with me said “i might have hit it “ and she tried to turn it back on. Never turned back on and i was very creeped out I downloaded the app and i sat in the chill room and keep in mind it was pitch DARK and i had my phone flashlight on and i said “ would u like for me to turn my light off it striked up and said “NOW” and i turned it off and than it said “ashes” and after that i got creepier it was talking about maya which is a goddess that controlled water and could open dimensions to the other side and they app said “ Swim fast” and we pointed it at my cousin that was sleeping and keep in mind she never moves in her sleep but she wouldn’t stop moving over by her and i pointed my phone at her and he was crazy it said “Thats her” “mine” “ eaten alive” and the craziest part was that i went to switch places with my little cousin and i stood up and it went the highest it could go and said “ Stood” “ go away” i got a horrible bad sensation standing there like i got blurry and light headed and needed to sit down and the scary part is that .... it said ashes in the beginning and my dad ashes were found on the floor 35 min after everything happened love the app but...... very scared and i never feel this scared i LOVE paranormal !!....
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5 years ago, Cheeger567890
I have had my fair share of experiences
So about an hour ago 4 of my friends and myself went up to a location in Azusa (Azusa canyon road) known for having spiritual activity. Now I’ve been to some places and seen things but never actually communicated with any spirits. But tonight my buddy brought out this app. It gave us some rather interesting responses such as “hit” “accelerate” “struck” that sort of thing. This stuff is very common up this road as people tend to drive it very fast around the twists and turns. But the reason I was compelled to write this review is because as we drove off I made a comment that was rather blunt about how the spirit using those words probably was struck and killed and left for dead. I realized as soon as I finished that I had said it really bluntly. My friend then says the energy had a big spike and came up with the words “contain” “remark”. I feel as if I was too blunt and that was the way the spirit was telling me to shut up. I did realize before it said this that I was blunt and was starting to apologize but I couldn’t help but feel like something was really there. Truly a very cool experience. I recommend for people who are skeptical to give this a shot and see what you might come up with. BUT DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THIS STUFF BEFORE YOU GO ANYWHERE! SOME SPIRITS MAY NOT BE TOO FRIENDLY AND YOU'LL NEED TO KNOW HOW TO SAY GOODBYE AND THAT YOU ARE LEAVING!
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5 years ago, Gregor531178
Scary but Real
Me and my 2 friends downloaded this as a joke to see if it would actually work, we went to an Bandan house in our area and when we got there we turn the reader on and sat in a circle and begin to crazy and in the red as we pointed it at a window, I went closer to the window and it went all the way red and said “SEE” so I looked out the window and pointed it at a near by creek 200ft from the window, we walked and out it took us to a spot and it went crazy red again and it said “MUDDY” “COLD” and “DEAD” we found a letter of mail inside when we went back and then left and googled the name, the man who’s name was on the paper died in the front yard in the CREEK because he was intoxicated and feel in and drowned. It was so crazy because it told us all before we even google it. So the next day we found his grave burial record and went to this massive cemetery in our area and we turned it on and asked it to lead us to it’s grave. It began to go crazy again but only in one direction then a voice said “EAST” so we got out a compass and went east. It then said “WIDE” and “CLOSE” and it was going crazy and red then it said “ENOUGH” and I looked down and sure enough it was HIS GRAVE!! Gave me and my friends chills but I HIGHLY recommend this app, it 100% works and me and both my friends are now firm believers of the supernatural!! Stay safe and have fun!
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4 years ago, DoveStick9397
This app is freaking real....I sat here in complete silence. Didn’t ask questions, just sat here and listened. So along with my experience.. One night around 9pm I pulled up the app just to listen and was watching tv with my husband. Around 10pm he went to sleep and as SOON AS HE SHUT THE DOOR! It read separated, apart, sleep... it got really close and the bars were in red it spoke “my baby” and “satan” then I automatically shouted out you are NOT WELCOME HERE YOU NEED TO LEAVE THIS IS NOT YOUR HOME THIS IS MY HOME. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME! I CONTROL THE SITUATION NOT YOU. YOU NEED TO LEAVE. I continued to shout BYE BYE GOOD BYE! It spoke and said “why”, “let me” “please let”, “us”. Nope after that I said goodbye and deleted the app. Now I downloaded it again because it was daylight. Now I am a vapor because I’m trying to quit smoking... I used this app two times and each session it popped up the word “fog” I was like okay? But then my dog started to bark and it replied “fury” It told me it was “god” and I know that is what demonic spirits do they lie and try to lure you In. I was not convinced but then the weirdest thing is I’m sitting in my chair and it spoke clock. I had a clock right above my head on my wall. At that point I knew it was real and I Immediately deleted the app..... this is not to be messed with unless you know who or what you are talking to.
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6 years ago, Dhfkgirewssbko
I started using this app with my coworkers as a joke as the restaurant we work in is supposedly haunted and it was all fun and games up until a certain point. It was a really slow day so we were all gathered around the phone and it started saying some irrelevant stuff and we all laughed. Then the phone began to display the names of our family members. I know some of you will say it has access to you contacts but we only used one phone and it named my brother, my coworkers grandmother, my other coworkers Niece and my other coworkers brother. Keep in mind they are not normal or common names. We asked the spirit where they had gone as the reader had returned to green and it replied with office. We went downstairs in the basement to the office and shook the door as none of us had the guts to go in. The reader shot up to red and displayed the words bleak and boring, very similar to that of the office. It they display words like cut and malice. Needless to say whatever is haunting the restaurant is not friendly and I highly recommend staying away from any ghost related activity. This app may be fake however it knew things that it shouldn’t have and I’ve been left with a horrible pit in my stomach all day and am now sleeping with the light on. DANGEROUS DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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4 years ago, It is all good news
Amazing and interesting!
So a couple of months ago, my friend thought their house was haunted, so they downloaded this app. We got a couple interesting things, so i decided to try it in my house because i also thought my house was haunted. My great uncle was in a hospital bed in my house, because they lived here at the time. He had cancer, then i got sick and had to go home. When we got to the house, my mom informed me that he died. I started to cry, which made it worse. A couple years later, my great aunt (his wife) died from the same reason. I also started to cry when my mom told me. When I was coming home from a field trip when my mom got a call and told me that we’re moving into their old house. I started to cry, like any other kid would, because the house was haunted and I didn’t want to leave my old house, I loved it there. So a year later, (this month) I downloaded this app to try it myself. Today, I walked around my house then it turned like a green faded into red. It said “soldier”, “Gregg”, “rasp”, and more. My great uncle was in the navy. I looked up what rasp was, and Wikipedia said it was a tool? I’m personally afraid of ghosts, but I wasn’t really scared, surprisingly. I love this app, one because it’s accurate, and more!
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4 years ago, i love the app so mush
Scary fun In Mexico
About a year after my great grandma died me and my uncles wanted to try talking with her. A lot of the apps were fake. This one looked real enough so we got it. We went in to her room, located in my grandmas brothers house. It is by this one shelf with a picture of her and a glass piece if her dog. So we go in their and wait for like 5 minutes. There was no activity so we decide to go get something to eat. I decide to leave it on to see what she would say. After 30 minutes we come back to something surprising. the shelf had broke with the glass figurine in pieces and the picture of her broken. I checked my phone and the activity was wild. For the most part the activity was yellow and red. I checked the history and she had been saying things like. Miss, want, no, wait, come. I had to translate them to my uncles as they only spoke Spanish. they got excited and scared. We got a bit freaked out when she said one of my uncles names, Carlos. Then she said after Carlos, Food. We had just eaten so we got scared. We asked if she would leave us alone and she replied, man. We got scared and just turned off the app. To this day we haven’t talked to her. We’re building up the courage to try to.
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5 years ago, Bailey Daniellee
I lost sleep because of this
So my younger sister and I downloaded this as a joke and had ours on together in her basement. We were just kidding around when it said “Marissa” on mine, then “Black heart” on my sister’s. We kind of looked at each other, because that is our Aunt’s name, and she is an atheist and is into really dark stuff. So we go upstairs and decide to bug our mom and show her the app. Then mine said “Kayla”. We freaked out because that is our older sister’s name, and her and Marissa are very close, and she too is an atheist. So later we are sitting on the couch and the detector goes crazy. It’s 11:11 and I ask “what do we need to know about our family” and I kid you not, my sister’s said “without” and mine said “God” at the same time. It was suddenly saying things very fast and my phone died even though it was at 20%. I don’t have Facebook or anything like that on my phone for the app to figure out who my family is (I don’t even have my aunts phone number in my contacts) but it’s really unnerving that the detector said the names of the closest females in our bloodline. On the fun side, I asked what my new name should be and it said “Frank” so.... guess I’m a girl named Frank now! Haha
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3 years ago, divinegoddess55
This is 100% legit
Please do not attempt ANY type of spirit communication without cleansing yourself & space & having a spiritual protection barrier. I’m a medium, so I see, feel, smell, hear anything dead or paranormal. Anyway, I was communicating with a child spirit in my home, but I didn’t know my friend had this app opened when he started asking questions… long story short, he was not protected so he invited a demonic entity into my home. It’s attacked me & my kids. They are easy to invite in & hard to get rid of. They will follow you home & can attach itself to you. Your energy should be at a high vibration when you ghost hunt. If you are sad, depressed, angry anything negative, you put off negative energy. Demons are attracted to that. They prey on the weak and vulnerable. Listen to binaural beats, ring a handbell, clap 3 times really loud. Demons repel from those high vibrations. I wanted to write this to give people some insight and advice before doing something you think is harmless, but you can put yourself and your family in serious danger & not realize it until it’s too late. Cleanse & protect. Stay safe 💚
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3 years ago, LostGems:(
Don’t download this
I’ve seen people use an ovilus on tv so I decided to try this out. I kept my volume muted because honestly I was afraid I might hear something in the audio of the beeping of the emf. I was using this in the morning when I go back to bed after I feed my dog. I was falling asleep with the phone in my hand and at this instance it gave the word falls. I didn’t ask any questions or speak because frankly I don’t want to invite something to talk to me. I don’t know if this app is real or not. The next words provided were iron and then stone. I deleted the app and decided to read reviews. I downloaded it again an hour later just to see if it would give me anything else. This time the emf detector spiked to yellow and red when it provided words. The words to me did not make sense but they were given during large spikes in the meter. I got “cost”, “highway”, “about time” and “dress”. I don’t know what that means but I also don’t want to know what this means. I am moving soon and will NOT even open this in my new house as I only want positive energy. Don’t mess with things you don’t want a part of when you don’t know if it could be good or evil.
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5 years ago, GhostAssassin87
Not a skeptic.... but have been a skeptic about these apps until now!!!!
Ok so....... I’m into the paranormal kinda stuff..... ghost hunting and all that stuff. I downloaded an EMF and EVP detector on my phone..... not sure how accurate they are but after tonight I feel they are fairly reliable...... anyways....... my cousin Kim passed away a year ago in August. She wasn’t my cousin she was a mother to me for a long time growing up. She was a sister to me even when I got older. She was everything to me. I loved her more then anything!!!! She medically couldn’t have kids. So when she had me when I was a baby and even I to my toddler years I was her only baby/kid. And she would tell you that today if she was still here..... even with me being over 30. Well when she passed she was cremated. I have some of her ashes in a box on a shelf in my house. I got to playing with this EMF EVP thing on my phone and decided to set my phone on the box her ashes are in......... this picture shows what was said not even 5 min after I laid my phone with the EMF EVP system rolling...... needless to say I was in shock and blown away. I really think that my Annie....... Kim was just telling me she loved me
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5 years ago, szeeta
Don’t do it
Honestly it works, but I’m giving it one star because don’t mess with it. I have always been a skeptic and laughed at these things... I don’t believe in this stuff. After I used this alone, my beliefs changed. I saw some things that pointed out to my mother being in the hospital, it said “My Mother”, “police”, “injury”, and “fifty”. I don’t know what “fifty” meant because she is in her 60’s but maybe it meant to say something else i don’t know. But the other words made sense. It then said “Brooklyn” and then “Bracelet”, both having time do with my deceased sister. She was cremated in Brooklyn and I kept her bracelet. After that I uninstalled because I was honestly creeped out. Everything was fine for the next couple of days and then one morning I woke up out of my sleep to my name being said by a male voice. It was very clear but I passed it off as nothing. I went on with my day and then the next morning my dishes were rattling in the kitchen and no one was home. The dishes rattled a couple of times and I went to investigate but nothing was out of order. Today I woke up to a male voice saying very clearly “are you sure” and I was unable to move I felt paralyzed. I do think that if you do install this app do not do it in your own home and be very careful. I do believe that I invited something negative in my home just because I was curious and skeptical.
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5 years ago, KakersMayes2002
Frl my friend had this app and started naming her uncle or grandpa and what’s going on with him that she didn’t even tell her boyfriend and she got so scared she deleted it. This is REAL. My house is known to be haunted and at my house it said “fear them” and “move” and while I was at said friends house we were talking to a girl named MIA who was 16 and died there, started talking about who built the house, and complimented the house ofc cuz it’s an amazing house. But then it started beeping rapidly and turned red and said “End” so I told him/her I’d end it but my friend said no wait and it said “expect” and “jump” and my friend told me to close it because that means suicide so she called her boyfriend to make sure he was okay cuz she didn’t know anyone who would jump anywhere besides him because he lives on a big land. I wouldn’t recommend doing this alone tho. And in my friend workshop she always hears bangs on her wall cuz she sleeps in the basement next to the workshop and always gets high readings from there. I plan on using this still. We even did it at school and it was talking about hanging themselves and said god was bad. DONT DO IT ALONE.
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7 years ago, Seg428
Compelling evidence
I wanted to try it out at night in one of the creepiest places in Florida, Cassadaga. As we were driving the meters were very low and there wasn't much coming through at all. However once we passed through the city limits of Cassadaga that changed very quickly. It said my boyfriends name, and the messages started going downhill from there. We pulled into the spiritualist church and the meters went absolutely crazy and the words "tell me" came through. I'm not sure what that means but it made us sick, and my bf who is a skeptic had a bad feeling as well. We stopped by this old abandoned bathroom that we've always been very wary about and pointed my phone toward it and the meter shot through again and you could see where the evp part was spiking as if someone was screaming into it and the words "shrieking" followed shortly by "yell" came through and then no soon after that "anger". Needless to say this app has a little more to it than many of the other apps I've tried. Definitely recommend for any amateur ghost hunters out there looking for a good time but can't afford all that high tech gear lol
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5 years ago, Twysted DreamZzz
My husband died May 18th 2018 and now when the lights flicker, things fall, the cats go crazy, etc. we say “oh, Chase must be here”. I’m desperate to interact with him, so... Tonight I was watching a movie and noticed my cat acting really weird, like something was pestering him. So, I decided to download some apps (for fun) to see if I could see anything. I ended up deleting them due to nothing showing and downloaded this app thinking it was something else. The first word was “Hell”, second was “December”, third was “Ashlyn”, which is my middle daughters name and I thought “it’s just getting names from my contracts”, then I remembered that her name is “Bear” and has never been Ashlyn in my phone. Then it said “Soldier” which my husband was, then “hands” which were the first things I noticed when I found my husband and they have haunted me since that day because they looked so odd. I’ve always been a very skeptical believer in the paranormal, meaning I don’t buy into much and when I do believe it’s typically after extensive research. However, this app has certainly piqued my curiosity and gave me an uneasy feeling.
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8 years ago, Solomonsmom003
Been talking to my Grandmother on this
This app works very good, I have been communicating with my Grandmother whom I was extremely close to that passed 3 yrs ago October. My family has even come over and had conversations with her on the patio and we awestruck. Everyone has left in tears, it's been an amazing communication tool for all of us, we know and feel her around and see her sometimes and hear her voice. I don't recommend using this in your home. I only use this device outside and have my home saged. You don't want anything coming into your house through the box. Btw for the skeptics I thought this would be crap when I got it, but I have a new unpolluted iPhone with no contacts, no apps, no messenger, and no access to any other applications when I have run this. I've been given different names of people in my family and pets that have passed away, one owned by my Grandmother and one my brother had. My Grandmother also gave us the name of a family member that's been sick who has a very UNCOMMON name that is her sister in law. Bizarre and wonderful. It's been spot on.
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3 years ago, Reloaded5x
This app is very real!
I channel and talk to spirits, all the time I was curious and wanted to see if it worked as many claim, well I can truly say it works very well. I turned it on one day just to see what I would get, after 5 minutes the meter was going crazy the red peaked as high as it would go, then the word Gracie poped up. The thing is Gracie was my mother’s name she passed away 5 years ago, then the name Willie poped up I knew it was working because that was my oldest brothers name he also passed away. All the names that pop up are family members or close friends I know. A very close friend that I served with in the Marine Corps passed away and his name popped up then the word military came up. I mean everything I’m associated with the app words out sometimes in detail. So far I haven’t experienced any bad spirits or words that are crazy in nature. I’ve been using this app regularly now since I know its real. It hasn’t let me down yet. But I do advise those who use it to be respectful, and use with good intentions. I would have to give this app 5.0 in rating it truly works see for yourself. TB
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6 years ago, Dangerella13
A reliable EVP app.
I have had the iOvilus for years. A friend turned me onto this app and I have been using it more since. I’ll pick up more intelligent spirits than I have in the past. A lot of relativity to myself, friends, family and area. I’ve had fun talking to spirits, one asking if I was ok, another (which I hope is family/ancestral) my name and they’ll call me out on faux pas or ask me to sing. I was taught a new word or two by spirits. Sometimes you’ll pick up on gibberish or what seems like you’re overhearing spirits talking to another... However, if you’re focused, I think you can get positive results. I have found this app to be more reliable and more worth my time. When I’m lonely, I’ll turn on the app to talk. Sometimes, spirits just want to be heard and you give them a voice by acknowledging hey, hi. I hear you. It’s like when people want shoutouts and like to hear their name heard. It’s kinda like that. Spirits were people too. Thank you for this reliable and genuine app. Until I’m able to afford the higher-end equipment, this has been a big help. :)
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4 years ago, ndywbsu!:6,!2!{|^
It is very dangerous be prepared
The creepiest word it said so far is shrieking there have been some ghosts here I think for a while one named Pate and one named Aquila they are husband and wife Aquila used to be one of my grandpa’s patients at a nursing home apparently she went crazy before she died she thought she was still living at this house when she was in the nursing home and apparently pate her husband was a hairdresser and before she went crazy she was a nurse I found ways to communicate with Pate. I didn’t meet a Aquilla for sure till I got this app but I had found ways to communicate with pate before. So pate was a hairdresser and my grandpa thinks once when he was doing someone’s hair before he might’ve accidentally cut their head with his scissors🤕😬😵👻👻👻 I was sitting in my room alone and heck I’m only 10 I turned on my app on my phone and it started spiking orange I got scared and turned it off I found this chiller on my back this app might be too accurate for my own good be careful if you get this app I mean it I’m serious!!! Oh my gosh the ghost called me a sacrilege why is it so angry
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3 months ago, 😭✌️🙏
Ok so one night me and my friend decided to go to the local school playground around 9:00 because we were bored and wanted to swing on the swings. When we got there we decided to download this app to try and see if we would get any communication. We were only out there for about 10 minutes using this app and at first we really didn’t get much and it was just saying random words that had no recollection to anything. However we stayed quiet for a couple minutes trying to think of things to ask and I decided to ask it if it wanted to talk to us and immediately it said “one”. We were a little freaked out because it actually answered our question and it was right away. So then my friend asked it who do you want to talk to and not even a second later it said “her” we were so scared and got on our bikes and went back home. This app is definently real and we had a very crazy experience with it. If you do get this app please make sure you say goodbye and tell it to leave.
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4 years ago, sanmal1792
Possibly real
I tried this app to see if it would work. I got a haunted doll from a eBay and put this app near it and a lot of things started popping up. I was feeling my stomach because I’m pregnant and it said “inside you”, “father dont”, “answer them”. Then It said “age” “two” “sun”, “september”. I have a 2 year old son born in September. And I’m due for a babygirl in September. It freaked me out when it said the first thing was “inside you” and I was feeling my pregnant belly. Then it said stuff like “David” which is my best friend’s dad that passed away. I was laying next to my dog in the bed and I bought him as a puppy from this lady in NC and she named him Max. I changed his name to Copper once I brought him home. And the app said “Max” and he’s right next to me. Then it started saying things that didn’t make since like “beside”, “saw”, “coffin”. I moved the haunted doll into the other room because I didn’t want to sleep with that thing next to me. I noticed that this app picked up a lot more activity and said things that made since when that doll was in the room with me. I think it’s legit.
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5 years ago, Emily0227101
So I when ghost hunting yesterday in this building that had a lot of ghost. Like we talked to at least 20 different people. I walked in and this lady (a living lady lol) told me to download this app. I was kind of skeptical at first because I had downloaded the app before and it was saying random words that didn’t make sense. But I went in another room and my mom had this this thing that when a ghost is around it it lights up red and stuff and they could communicate by touching it. That device was pretty legit. Both then names kept popping up on this app and we asked if it was the name of the ghost and he said yes. Some of the spirits weren’t so nice though because we were calling this one ghost back to us so we could talk to him and we asked where he was. My phone said “here” and my moms phone said “inside you”. And we were told that the ghost we were trying to call wasn’t really nice and he likes to walk through people and push and tap people. Idk if this app is 100% real or not but it definitely gave us some information to communicate with the ghosts.
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5 years ago,
Let me start off by saying I’ve felt the presence of vengeful spirits in my school near my house and in the state besides there all just energy as we are too ... FYI I’m on my kundalini journey and we go through some changes and I don’t have the need for this app to know I what I feel I can start off by saying this ... I had just downloaded it in my class and had already picked up some negative oppressing energy here before so I I didn’t take this app way too seriously just curious if it was even close to accurate and it blew my mind i started picking up some signals and asked what’s ur name I got Sarah then I went to another part of my school that I know for sure because of the energy I can feel (psyche) and sure enough the radar was all the way high I got Thomas and James and I stand corrected This app actually works but don’t be a fool and start talking without protection because some are not always nice in my case I forgot to mention I carry protective healing crystals around just Incase they try to invade my energy
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5 years ago, Kohla1025
Predicted the future
This app really works. As I was watching tv it would predict the next things that would happen. As I watched the news it said SHOOT, DISTURBING. And not even 20 seconds later the news lady said there was a shooting where the victim died. It said Stabbed, workers, bury and there was just some workers that were stabbed and murdered. We used this in combination with another ghost app for detecting ghosts (it has a creepy green face for the picture and a radar kind of scanner). When we used these two together is when it really got real. The radar app showed where it was (or the general direction). It looked like it was hunched down. You can ask questions and I asked it was near my friend Brian it said yes. When I told it to say something to his phone (he was using this app that I am reviewing). This app said UNDER CHAIR! And it looked like it was hunched under his chair on the radar app! This app definitely works, there was so many crazy things that happened when we used these two apps together that there is no way this doesn’t work.
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11 months ago, rx7daveo
Please listen to everyone and be careful.
I have my own story. But did not know it till just now. This is 5 years later! Long story short, I allowed things to linger and never was taught about saying goodbye and the reason for doing so. Do not invite things unless your seriously ready for them to answer back and they will effect your life oh so much more then you think. My gf at the time seen something that made her cry. She goes to look away and asks me to look and describes what I was looking for. All I can say is that we are no longer together because of these evil things we seen and they do it so smooth so as you don’t ever even notice and put 2 and 2 together. I would have never known about this but I went to download again sitting here by myself watching tv and read some reviews and then it dawned on me. I had downloaded it right around those times and only used it for a min and then never played with it again. Be careful. They feed off of your life’s destruction.
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3 years ago, aphmau lover and shipper
Made a friend and scary.
So me and my friend on Christmas we decided that we will joke around with this app cause we all thought it was fake. So we went into the basement and turned off all the lights and placed my tablet on the floor. We started off daylight how fake this was until we asked the name of this ghost. It said Zachary. So we chatted with the ghost and saying mostly funny stuff when we got the chills down are back so we decided to go to my room since we were scared. We went up and while we were going up it said stop. We asked why and it said hungry. So we were pretty scared but we gave the ghost a cookie. We went downstairs because we wanted to see if it would it the cookie. When we went upstairs the cookie was gone. We ran all the way downstairs but then we saw on our tablet that Zachary formed a sentence saying Don’t be scared . So we kept on chatting unlit it said friend me. After that we asked to leave cause we were all uncomfortable. Everyday we contact the ghost Zachary and we our convinced that We are now haunted by him.
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2 years ago, Nursemate93
A gift and curse of my own
I have a gift/curse since age 8. I am a nurse, 30 years now. Luckily people go you look like you are 30, how can you have been a current nurse of 30 years lol. I have always had a connection that I didn't ask for prior to testing this app out, hesitantly. I do a private case on Monday at a home where a murder took place. Lots of paranormal activity when I'm there. I just today used it in the home. 4 names and many words came through. The mom also has a gift. I knew nothing of the family outside of the residents in the home. This app gave 4 names, two of which when I asked mom were her dad and gma ex boyfriend. I was AMAZED. After the name Ron came through, the dad, the app then had the words,"honor you." Meaning honoring my work. I always say at start and end ty but also VERY IMPORTANT, set CLEAR and PRECISE boundaries. One that came through at home stated, "ANSWER ME." The whole bands turned deep orange and red. This is NOT just for ENTERTAINMENT. Also the words, "Fear them."
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3 years ago, Wheezy K:)
So there’s rumors saying that the old gym at our school is haunted. There was camera footage going around of what was said to be the ghost. I never could see the ghost in the video and blew it off. I genuinely thought it was fake. So today my friend and I were messing around and I downloaded the app and it said “basement” which we assumed meant the locker rooms, after that it said “camera” we didn’t know what it meant by that and a few minutes passed of silence so my friend decided to say “if you’re real say something else” she said it in kind of a joking way but the second she said that it said “look” we freaked out and rannnnnn that was the fastest I’ve ran in years, we were freaking out and we told our other friend to go back up with us and see if we could get anything else and after about a minute it said “grave” we darted off because we were so scared. I really believe our gym is haunted now that this happened. I was so scared my hands were shaking horribly. This is fun to do but very very scary.
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7 years ago, 420bryce1999
I think this app is legit
Most apps on here for ghost hunting are fake and I kinda thought this one wouldn't be any different. I downloaded this because I'm being haunted. I started off playing in the living room in the middle of the day with windows open and stuff and it wasn't detecting anything. Then later I lit some candles turned off the lights and did it in my room and nothing happened. So me and my friend decided it's probably better to try in the master bedroom because that's where most the activity happens and it was quieter and darker on that side of the house well the almost immediately as we started doing it it was going off the charts like the charts where red and as high as they could go and it started saying all sorts of things then my mom came In and we told her what we were doing and what was going on and she told the spirit it needs to leave and that's when the app said not brave and the charts went down and it stopped talking. Idk if that's a coincidence or not but it seems pretty real to me
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4 years ago, kfjwkndje
My experience
I’m not really a skeptic, because I’ve had experiences in my childhood that aren’t able to be explained. For example when my uncle died (the morning of before we knew) a door slammed in my house early in the morning and my family is very superstitious so my moms started calling her family in PR and found out her brother died that morning around the time that happened to me. Another story is when I was 8 my mom was on the phone and she jumped up and I told her what was wrong and she told me someone pulled her PJ dress. The next day she found out her best friend had passed from Cancer the night before when it happened. Ok so now my experience with this app. I love horror and like to read ghost stories, so I downloaded this app. Before I downloaded it I did the father the son and the Holy Spirit and told God to protect me (wierd I know I’m not religious but I know love over powers anything) afterwards I downloaded the app (yes after not before) I downloaded it and the bars were very low in green which made me a little less scared and I just waited maybe a minute and the first word that came up was “Religion”. I got freaked out and deleted the app. Last night my cat was acting weird and hopped on the door frame and hopped down in the middle of the night! Got so scared I don’t think it was a ghost but creeped me out. Idk if this works. But that was a giant coincident with the religion word after me praying and downloading.
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3 years ago, Gabe_crn instagram <<<<<<<<
I just want to say this is 100% real. So I went to a grave site and turned on this app and asked questions and one question that I asked was who’s grave was In front of me. There was 3 graves infront of me in a column and I asked the question and it said Thomas. So I didn’t think it was real but, then I looked at the graves and the last one on the row was named Thomas. Then I asked Thomas who was buried beside him and he said his friends then I asked how he died and he said a rope. After this I asked another place who was burried infront of me and I clearly heard threw the app LEAVE NOW like it screamed it threw it. Then me being hard headed I didn’t leave and we went to another grave spot that was really old and me and my gf was asking it questions and then we saw a white figure bend down behind a grave then we walked up to it and nothing was there. So us this app and be careful. Just letting you know don’t be around any radios or phone calls or music bc it will mess up the app.
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2 years ago, comissionergordon237
Definitely works, but need to set it up correctly
You need to be aware of the range when messages appear, the higher the number displayed usually .50 or higher will be a valid message others displaying a lower rage under .45 or lower will be usually random messages from nearby electromagnetic fields that interact with the signal and are not real responses. I’ve had on rare occasions a full sentence or even two. Though that’s very rare and not common. Usually just a word or two come up. Be patient. Sometimes a response will come in to a question after a few minutes or may take longer, sometimes under an hour. It all depends. It takes a lot of patience and effort to get actual responses. You may not have a full conversation but sometimes you may be surprised. I have even had some replies telling me to stop, go away or leave, even once being told to shut up since they didn’t like my questions or comments. (I contested them in proving they were real and they didn’t like it). I’ve asked to verify where I was, type of clothing or a favorite color and have received factual feedback proving that they were responding correctly. It does get creepy when you realize you are having real responses. I’ve stopped sessions due to this since it got weird once. They kept asking if they could touch me or asked me to go outside and “follow” them.
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4 years ago, Home owners insurance
So on many occasions has this app amazed me one night me and my dad were sitting on the couch bored then he said he wanted to show me an app he was playing with today and we started playing with it some of the stuff it said didn’t make sense but when we kept it on it did some weird things first off all my dad had a beer it said “drink” is thinking it was funny asked it if it was even of age and it said “23”. When my dad got up to go cook i asked him what was for dinner as soon as i said that the app said “food” it was very scary but a bit funny so now whenever i ask him what’s for dinner he says food. Later that night in my room i was playing on it and i asked what it’s name is it said Evelyn my great grandma’s name i asked for the last name and it said her last name it was crazy it continued to talk to me saying my name and even other deceased family members names. This app is very real but make sure to be careful (side note it works better at night)
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5 years ago, Cynthia60407
Reached out to A 80 yr old Indian spirit
Ok guys so I reached out to an 80 yr old Indian and I asked how it died and it said Hunting but here’s what gives this a twist to my story so like a year ago or so I was with my family in our car arriving to this old like I’d say mall and there is the oldest Walmart in my town but when we’re driving down the parking lot I saw an Indian like how they dress and everything like standing and just staring at the car and I didn’t feel the chills or freaked out or anything but I did tell my family about it and they were all like “are you crazy?” “Maybe it was just u” “there was no one standing there “ so I was just like “yea maybe it was just me or something” but at the end I knew I’d seen something and idk this spirit just made me happy like idk it’s weird 🤷🏻‍♀️maybe this spirit is the same one I saw or it’s trying to give me a message 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 by the way I downloaded this app to see if I was able to communicate with my grandpa who passed away 5 years ago 🥺
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5 years ago, Karebearz18
Hey ppl!! I’ve had some cool things happen since I’ve used this app... for starters starting last night I had gotten a message saying car crash then literally two minutes later there is a huge crash didn’t hear it just heard the ambulances etc. freaked me and my husband out!... also I was getting my girls ready for bed and I handed my oldest her pjs and the thing literally said Kylie which is my oldest daughters name and right after dress... amazing! After that I pushed the table away from the couch I had my phone on the table I was pushing and it said pushed right after I pushed it... and the last thing that happened last night was I was walking out of my room and the emf went crazy and I made it to the landing and it said YOU freaked me out! I believe this app 100 percent I talk out loud too and get answers right back that are intelligent... play at your own risk but I love it I’m real big into this stuff it doesn’t really scare me I’m fascinated!
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6 months ago, xHappyNagham
This app is 100% real and I wish I was joking
So in 2020 I was home alone my mom and dad and brother they were outside. I was in call with my cousin, so I started hearing like keyboard typing sounds and I thought i was imagining and didn’t really think about it that much, after the keyboard sound like stopped after 2 minutes or one I don’t remember. And then I heard my brother gaming chair move, keep in mind it was hard to move around. And I also didn’t think much about it but then my brother door opened, keep in mind my brother door is hard to open. I locked my door and I didn’t dare to check his room. After I locked my door I put Quran and hoped for the best (and yes I’m a muslim). I’m still curious of what would’ve happened if I checked his room. Also in 2021 I also heard the keyboard typing sounds, and in summer 2022 on 2nd July I heard the keyboard typing sound but my brother was asleep and i asked him abt it when he woke up and he said it wasn’t him. I used this app like couple minutes ago and while I was using it, I’m not joking it said “Diablo” and Diablo I think means devil or demon. I’m still scared of it. Also keep in mind whenever I’m home alone I never like never felt comfortable. I always felt being watched. And I keep seeing nightmares and I would wake up at random times at night. Please be careful and stay safe <3 Have a good day.
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5 years ago, HaLEyCheZ
It works pretty much.
At first we just downloaded this app because we played the picture game and saw some stuff we didn’t understand anything at the beginning it said “thirst” me and my cousins didn’t understand until it said “LEAVE NOW” it also said “cancer” none of us understood what it meant so on my iPad we downloaded the app and sat it down in my older cousins room *where we played the picture game” then we sat my phone in the bathroom. Ten minutes later when we took out my iPad and phone they were both glitching out red when we checked word history both said leave now and names of our friends, family , and even my best friends middle name 2 *i call her by her middle name* this left us all freaked we did it again but different places it said leave now once again we all got scared and decided to delete the app one of my younger cousins was not themselves after downloading and one of my cousins began to cry.
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1 year ago, anneyi
Beware: A skeptic’s chilling experience with the Ghost Hunting tool
I recently downloaded the ghost hunting tool app and I must say it has left me with an unsettling feeling. The all is designed to assist in ghost hunting and the paranormal investigations and it includes a variety of tools such as EMF detectors, EVP recorders, and a spirit box. One of the things that I found most disturbing about this app was the level of accuracy in the sensitivity of the tool. The EMF detector picked up on unexplainable spikes in the electromagnetic energy and the EVP recorder captured voices that were not there. The spirit box feature, was even more terrifying as it allowed for actual communication with entities from the other side. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone who is not prepared to face the unknown. It’s not for the faint of a heart and it’s not a game. It’s a window to the other side and once you open it, there’s no going back. I have deleted the app and I wish I never dumb.
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3 years ago, BunnyBlonde
Download at your own risk !
This is a real app that brings spirits around you. They say this is for entertainment purposes but this could be a trick of some sort. I had spirits in my home for awhile so I thought downloading this app would be useful and it kinda was. I saw a few words from today say. “SEE YOU” “ CARPET STAIN” “CAN HEAR YOU” because I was getting ready for work. Before I even woke up I had Sleep paralysis, that I was pushed off my bed. I didn’t have none for 3 days. I tend to have Sleep paralysis A lot. I thought I had a break , turns out I was wrong because some spirit was in my room. Believe if you want or don’t, I might not use this app ..... I was playing gospel music but when I had sleep paralysis I didn’t see no one I just had felt like I had been pushed off my bed. There’s probably good spirits but some are Bad ... which is why I’m going to have to talk too them and read my bible/pray. Good luck :)
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1 year ago, pony prinsess
iReal or Fake idk
I’m going to tell you a kinda long story I had also my beliefs, so enjoy. I was 9 y/o when this happened. I was bored, and wanted to go play one of my games on my phone. I was playing for a bit until I was bored again (I only played for 10 minutes). None of my apps were at the interest this minute, so I decided I want to buy a ghost app. When I was looking through the app store I saw this one I looked at the description, and the reviews. When I was looking in the description I saw it may be fake, but most of the reviews said it was real. I just said to myself “Just try it you’ll never know until you try.” 30 minutes of looking, and I saw this one spirit telling me to be careful of an evil/malicious demon/satan. I was extremely scared so I closed, and deleted the app. I came back today, and it was taking about a female train David is ugly Kim.
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2 years ago, Cmatt615
This is real!!
I saw some people on Tik tok using this in a cemetery. I was curious, so I downloaded it. I was home alone, so I decided to walk around my house with it, just for fun. The first few word that came up really didn’t mean anything to me but I got intrigued when I walked by my front door and it said “bell” right by where my doorbell is on the other side. After a few more random words, it said my daughters name!!! I was so freaked out, I had tears in my eyes. I started praying to archangel Michael to protect my house if any of the spirits were evil or meant us harm. I turned it on at the bus stop while I waited for my kids, the words that came up were “rot” “do run” and “nightmare”. I figured it was a Negative entitiy trying to scare me so I called upon archangel Michael again. This time the thing went nuts and the green bars went really high and turned red. This tool is definitely the real deal!
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4 years ago, rrlowe
I thought this was another fun app.. I was wrong
I believe in the paranormal activity stuff; so I’ve always enjoyed downloading apps and playing around with them and you could just tell they were fake. So I expected the same for this app. I was at my parents house in a new neighborhood what use to be farm land. The old farm house had caught on fire during the night and killed the family. The youngest daughter her name was Mary. You can actually read all about it on the internet. Well I always joked with my parents that my daughter talks to someone upstairs because it sounds like she’s having a conversation. I downloaded this app and decided to go over there when nobody was home lastnight. There was a few random words pop up that really had no meaning. Then it said (Mary) (yelled) (burning skin) I got chills and ran out of the house terrified lol. This app is no joke even tho it says for entertainment purposes only
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4 years ago, whehhehejjeejhxbrhd
I decided to download load app
So basically me and my sister have been experienced some paranormal stuff so one day my friend came over and I decided to download two apps and at first this app confused me and my friend (btw she said this isn’t a good idea) but me being I didn’t listen to her so first we tried a different app that tbh maybe was fake then we tried this one and the sprit said plain Larry branches cows and knife so sour cremate Frank Linda I started to feel nauseous and my friends heart hurt and we had the chills I would totally recommend this app if you want a real experience just be safe and make sure you say goodbye correctly and plz research about it or read the reviews and we didn’t cause I didn’t think it would be real cause most of the apps are fake and don’t make the sprit upset btw the sprit we were talking to would not end the conversation so we had to areself have fun and be safe!
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5 years ago, Shiloh and Yoshi
This app is 100% real, no joke. I have been told by many friends and teachers, as well as looking at old school research, that we have spirits roaming our school. Now, I’m a BIG believer in paranormal activity so I was interested to see if this app was real or just a joke. But now I know. My friends and I went searching around our school and everything that the ghost has said has related to either the school or to us. My friend even said that she saw a face that belonged to one of the 4 spirits roaming around, and then the ghost app said “Hideous”, which is what my friend described the face as. Another incident happened when the ghost app said “Madison”, and I have two friends in the same class who’s names are Madison. One last incident happened in my choir class, when the app said “Singing”, and that’s what you do in choir class. Overall, this app is really scary but interesting at the same time
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3 years ago, Lolllll"
100% real
This app is dangerous do not download, It said names about the ghost that were in the room that me and my friend are in, it answered all the questions we said clearly, every place it lead us the monitor turned red, do not download it can give you goosebumps all day and you will get a pit in your stomach all day because of how the answers we got were! One of the questions we asked the spirit is “are you a bad spirit?” The spirit replied “I can’t remember” all the answers of all of the questions we asked were all lined up to each question this app can give you chills for the whole day! I don’t recommend for people that get scared easily, this app can summon things that you don’t want in your house! If you do take the risk of downloading sage your room and house after to get rid of the spirit that you could have summoned! Written by: -Hailey.c
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4 years ago, courtney medlin
I already knew there was something in my home, but I've not been able to communicate with them. This really does work. For entertainment purposes? No, this is 100% legit. It's only entertainment for people that don't believe. If your reading this it's either because your skeptical or you want to see if it really work's. Well it works, facts! ⚠️Be cautious⚠️ As it can be very dangerous if not used seriously! Never play with the spirit world or take it as a game! ps i'm adding on because the more i use this app the more I'm amazed!!! This is THE BEST ENTITY APP I've ever used!!! It is spot on. I just wish i had the extra money to give the entities more words to choose from. I can pretty much understand what they're saying but they're not always saying what the entity is saying either. Perfect job Developer!!! I'd give you 10 stars if I could!
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4 years ago, windward lefty
I’m saying this with my right hand to God. I downloaded this because my daughter and I were talking and she wanted to watch a creepy movie or show (she’s 7). So I said why don’t we download a spirit box app and of course she’s all for it. So we download it and 3 words come across. The first word is “away.” The second word is “scripture.” So I’m thinking ok whatever at least she’s having fun. Then the third word comes across. “Audrey.” Now at this point my eyes must have dilated to the size of quarters and I legit feel like I’m going to pass out. Audrey is my daughters middle name and the name of her grandmother who passed away 11 years ago. Let me tell you that in my mind there is no possible way that could have in any way, shape or form been a “coincidence” since her and I not 5 minutes prior to me downloading this app were talking about her grandmother who she never got to meet.
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5 years ago, Monstergamer64
Called me out
Hey I normally don’t do reviews. But I’ve had a lot of paranormal activity in my house as of late. And was looking for apps that weren’t fake. Now I can’t say this app works or not. All I can tell you is. I used it for weeks getting some random words. But a lot of on time reply’s. Until One night I asked the question “do you want to cause any harm to anyone in the room” (I was with friends) after saying that the emf maxed out and it spit out “Connor” (obviously my name) I could see if I had a more common name. Or if I had the premium which gives you a larger word database. But no and since then I’ve used this numerous times. Over months never my name again. So maybe the devs got me fooled good but I honestly think this apps either allows communication with the after life or helps you too. And would definitely recommend to anyone who’s having strange things happen.
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