Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC

3.6 (2.2K)
15.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Spud Pickles
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC

3.56 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
2 years ago, HadCan
Terrifying BUT I LOVE IT
Okay so I was in my garage where somebody has died before we moved there…And I was using this app and as I was taking my dogs were barking super loud at the air-but they ghost said “I’m” “after” “you” then I asked why and they said “given” “dinner” “dried” and I was confused but I deleted the app then prayed for 10 minutes straight I could barely sleep last night. Also little back story I’m 11- WHY IS THE GHOST AFTER ME I DID NOTHING WRONG but then I was bored so ofc I redownloaded it and found a nature spirit and I was talking to them and asked as nicely as possible how they died and then they said “Her” and it was showing that the ghost was right in front of me as if it were like having a convo with me. I said who is her then they said “are” “lucky” “and” “i” “increase” “matter” NOW HOLD UP what I’m the world is that supposed to mean- But then I asked what that means and they said “Plain” “shirt” and then ofc I asked “who?” They said “many” and I am very confused can somebody tell me what they were trying to tell me?????? I’m scared and since last night I have been seeing stuff around my house that looks like smoke but there’s nothing that could cause that…I think their trying to tell me something. Wether this is actually real or not,it’s causing me to see and hear things which is freaking me out.
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11 months ago, N͙o͙t͙ F͙a͙k͙e͙!
So me and my friends decided to test this out and we heard a car starting in the parking lot then this app said gasoline and automobile! We were checking this out and figured that there were three ghosts in the bathroom thinking back to a few days ago when me and my friend just me and him saw a black shadow in there! Me and my friends were all just chilling and then we heard footsteps. Then we saw someone walking down the stairs and then they disappeared. The app said eaten and then gone! We are finally had the courage to check out the bathroom and we were all arguing who was gonna go in first, and then that said noise, which is terrifying! We were all chilling and this building has been around for many years we have some thing in this building called the pickle sock it has been around for many years we believe that the pickle sock is haunted so when we pointed the app at the pickle sock The numbers went up, if you don’t know what that means when the numbers go up that means there’s something nearby that is just terrifying. The app is definitely not fake . Then we started to play a song and as soon as we started to play they said attack we stopped playing for a bit . After a little break we started to play again then the word attack came up again. We started to noodle ( when you just mess around and play) the app said noise because we were playing loud .definitely recommend
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3 years ago, hunchoniick
Real incident
This is not fake I have used this app when I was young it says names and words that are actually relevant it’s very creepy gives me the chills. I was hanging out with my friend kasey and I decided to download the app and show him it’s not fake . So we continue to laugh and download the app and when we started it up at first he didn’t take it serious and was having a good time . Well after leaving the ghost radar on and waiting for words suddenly the app said “ UP” and we didn’t think anything of it . Then suddenly it said and I’m not lying I put this on my mom and everything it said the word “KC” his name was kasey so it gave all of us the chills because I never once said his name we were just laughing and having a good time . Well then he starts to get worried and tell me to delete the app and I said why don’t get scared it’s just a game. And he starts to tear up and suddenly the app says “ crying “ we immediately deleted the app. It’s very creepy how it ironically knew his name it was understandable when it said crying because I told him to stop tearing up but how would it have known his name . It’s a weird vibe ever since but this app has said words before that actually made my friends leave and get worried and delete the app. It’s a really cool experience better then the ouiji board . 5 stars forsure.
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4 years ago, Billybobjoe jeffrybill
This was very odd
So before I downloaded this app, I read the reviews. Most of them were saying it was like the real stuff and this wasn’t a joke. So I decided to download it because I was bored and I have been hearing knocks in my attic which is above my room. The first word it said was “Henry” so I thought that was probably the name of the ghost. A few minutes later, my friends wanted to hang out so I told them about this app. They don’t believe in ghost but they found it interesting anyway. We took a walk in my neighborhood trying to find ghosts. We did find one. This ghost kept going on and off of the grid. It also kept saying words like “ close” or “far” so we thought that probably meant we were close to the ghost. After a while the ghost kept hinting about Pearl Harber. Like “Harber” or “ cold” or “hurt” so we thought maybe the ghost was in the Pearl Harber. After a while we were getting a bit bored so we turned off the app. We couldn’t stop thinking about it which was weird so we decided to write in chalk all of the names the app said so the ghost could cross out their name. We left for about 10 minutes and when we came back nothing was crossed off so we gave up and tried to forget about it because it was probably fake. Ever since then everything has felt off. I just feel like I’m missing something. I recommend u not download it because it could be actually dangerous and you forget about other stuff. Thanks for reading.
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2 years ago, Khsinshe
This is actually real
So me and friend were on FaceTime we were home alone so we decided to see if any ghost were in our house, I read the reviews and I told my friend “This app seems real than the others” so we downloaded it, after awhile it said a word and green spot on the grid appeared and the word was “flowers” my friends last name is flowers in Spanish then another word popped up it said “pink” when I realized I was wearing a pink shirt we got so scared we decided to pray and when we were praying the ghost kept leaving the grid. I heard knocks on my wall and ceiling, so I turned off all the lights closed the curtain blinds went on Snapchat and found lots of orbs were appearing I took a screenshot and showed it to my friend. She got so freaked out she also did it and lots of orbs appeared on her screen as well, so we decided to delete the app Bc we got so scared and we we’re gonna have nightmares and can’t sleep. The next day I was on a FaceTime call with her again it said random stuff I didn’t know but when it said my birth month I go to scared I even told my friend and the next word was party and I’m gonna have a party at my aunts house, and we tried to talk about something else it didn’t work I kept thinking abt the app.
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3 years ago, HalRenWil
This is real try it out for yourself
So me and my best friend we’re on FaceTime cuz we were bored and we found clues in our rooms like notes in our walls and we were looking for some games and we found this game so we’re like reading reviews and we’re being mean to each other as a joke anyways after a couple of reviews that we read to each other we’re like should we download it? I’m like yeah let’s do it and I download it, it downloads in a couple seconds and I dreamed about this person and sometimes still do I think it’s a she and me and my friend are getting so much anxiety and we download it she goes afk and when she’s afk I hear a voice while not going anywhere I sit in fear she comes back and I tell her I heard a voice and she’s like what does it sound like and I tell her and she’s like it’s okay we can just look through it and see if your brain is right than I’m like no I’m uninstalling it and she’s like no and I’m like I already did and she had to go than and now we’re here I’m typing in fear rn if you think it’s fake try it out for yourself tell me if it works on Roblox at Thequeen_Abby1, thanks for reading have a good rest of your day!
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5 years ago, AlexisMerl
Condo Occurrences
So, I’ve had occurrences/encounters before in my first house, and now at the condo where my grandmother passed away. The encounters in the condo have been frequent, ranging from visual to auditory, and some seem malevolent, while some seem neutral-positive. I never told my mother, and one day when she was in my room, she told me she saw something in my doorway (which is the most frequent place for visual encounters). The malevolent encounters happen at night and disturb my sleep. I’ve also experienced a lot of lucid dreaming here, which hasn’t happened since my first house. Anyway, I told the spirits that *I do not allow* them to make contact, as that has worked for me in the past. I feel as if here, in the condo, it lightly pushed the good spirits away, but the malevolent instances still occur and taunt me. I downloaded the app today, and as I expected, a blue spot appeared at the end of my bed, which didn’t have an effect on me. Then I pointed the phone towards my door. Immediately a green dot appeared and the word was ALLOW. I said no and closed the app immediately. I’m 28 and have been plagued with these occurrences my entire life. I do not believe I’ll be using the app again.
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4 years ago, please let me know
My real dreams
When I was younger I would dream about this man, He would come and pick me up at night I told my mom about this years ago, she said it was her but I didn’t believe her when I told her she got all weird I could see fear in her eyes it was like she knew something. The reason I’m sharing this is because it just occurred to me because that memory came back a few days ago, a year after I had these dreams me and my family moved then we moved again last year but I know somethings off at night. When I go to sleep at night I see shadows so I just close my eyes and try not to show fear, it scares me so much. I decided to put salt around my door, but if there’s multiple spirits in my house I can’t run away from it forever this app seems pretty fake but the other day.. me and my older sister were ghost hunting, I saw the thing that I dreamt about for some reason it didn’t try to hurt me I think it wants to tell me something but I’m in shock so I really don’t want to use this app but I’m scared if I don’t I’ll be in danger. (Please let me know if this man is in your house and don’t joke about it, let me know on Roblox at “Lele123aaliyah1” thank you)
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4 years ago, amandafrey24
It’s actually real!
This app is not fake! I thought it may be a joke at first. But I know I have spirits in my home and have saged my house a few times. On Saturday my parents were visiting and while my husband was talking to my dad a dark mass came over around my dad and hung out for a while then left into the hallway where my kids bedrooms are. My husband is an empath and knows when spirits are around and knows if they are evil or curious. I have even seen them in our home...anyway. Tonight I started seeing red orbs in this app and then it said my grandfathers last name who passed and Saturday. Then a few minutes later it said watch and children. My grandpa visited my family to look in on them and saw my kids. I’m seriously not joking this is for real and not at all fake! I’ve tried many apps and my own recorder for evps at a local cemetery and our home. So I know what I’m talking about. No one would know my grandpa’s last name or that my parents were visiting my family on Saturday as I had my phone physically turned off. Give the app a try and see for yourself that this is a very real app that gives real results not just made up words or phrases.
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2 years ago, the abby lee dance commiteee
Really cool
Me and my Best friend we’re bored at a sleepover so we decided to get this we were ready a little spooked at it but decided to go on the first word that popped up was whole and we are just now talking about my laundry basket the next one was order but we really have no idea was about other than the Legos across my room that are in a order The other one was evening whenever we said hi to him because we asked for a name and it said Frank the next word it said was Lady and we are both females and the next one was orange and we both looked at the goldfish sitting on the bed the next one was disappear after the dots kept going then was log and she had messed with my guitar earlier then was mud when we were outside and coal when we were at our fire place then green with our chip bag and dad because I was mentioning my father and drink because we have soda cans cell cause I introduced them to a cell phones and belong and angry we think angry is because I was mad earlier and the lady one kind of scared us because we were just talking about a girl we had scary dreams but 10/10 recommended
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3 years ago, Rielythegirl432
Do not get this app!! It gave me and my best friend bad luck!!
Me and my best friend were playing together on Tuesday November 9 when we got this weird feeling so we went to this house and became detectives looking around after that we got this app and started looking around. Fast forward to today we did it again and played around then we got different apps about ghosts then we go by the alley and see her brother I say hi and he comes running to us so we tell his to go play on the swings he does we go inside and get a drink and a snack then my grandma comes out with blood all over her face and her teeth out me and my friend we shocked and scared then my mom walks in and has a worried face and a little shocked and cleans my grandmas face up. Notice how this all happened when we were doing the ghost app and read the interviews about how this app is real. So I take my best friend home and her brother and get in the car and stay freaked out also what crossed my mind was that the thing the ghost was saying was “BADLY” I recommend to not get this game unless you do not get scared that easily I say it’s scary and REAL.
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11 months ago, Linnea and Livi
This is a real app. Please be careful.
So today me and my cousin were fooling around and decided to download this app thinking it was fake like the rest of the other ghost apps we tried, well I do not recommend this. It is not a game to us and I hope it is not too late for you. We were outside just testing it and all of a sudden I asked where her brother was, and she said “inside” well, the app knew where he was, because all of a sudden it said look ahead and there he was. It also named people in our family and even the family cat. We both got scared from it and tonight we are deleting this app due to the fact that we think it knows our location, seeing that it named a few locations near her house. Right now it’s 8PM and it already named my moms name. Please do not download this app. It made us feel nauseous and now we are just begging for the people who read this to not download it unless they want to get into the real deal. It gets deeper into every hour you “play” it.
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4 years ago, farmhouse Felting Art
This app does strange things
I downloaded this app over a year ago. Had a little fun with it and then hadn’t opened it since. Today I had my phone in coat pocket and I all of a sudden hear the robotic voices of the app talking. The app opened all by itself and on the screen was the word “mouth”. The weirdest part: my mom and I were in the middle of having a conversation about face masks. Then it said the word “fence”. My mom then tells me right before she came inside to talk to me she was having a conversation with her friend and telling them about fixing her yard fence. Maybe it picked up our conversation about the masks as we were in the same room as my phone, but there’s no way it heard the conversation about the fence because my mom was outside at that time. Also I wasn’t even deliberately using the app.. it opened by itself. Strange stuff. Only giving 5 stars because spooky stuff has been reported surrounding this app. Just be careful if you download it.. you don’t want to inadvertently invite something into your life.
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4 years ago, h6smith
This is real
i’ve used this app for a good 9-10 years and it’s gotten more accurate as the updates come, it will say things that nobody but people in my family know or passed relatives names when i don’t even have that stuff in my phone or on social media, it says things that relate to what we are talking about or doing... it’s so interesting and i don’t use it that often anymore but the new place we moved into we’ve been having some issues with seeing things at the corner of our eye or hearing things in the kitchen being moved when no animals or any of us are in there. When i heard that, i turned it on and it showed one in my kitchen and one right in front of me. Even closing the app completely and swiping it over out of habit when i receive a text or anything, i’ll open it back up and see them in the same spots or even moving closer to me or around the house. I’m open to all of these kind of things so i’m not scared but just know it’s possible that this works really well.
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5 years ago, sanngie
My coworkers and I swear that our store is haunted. We work at a tea place in a mall & have had some weird experiences.. One of our sliding cabinets closed by itself.. I saw a glass sample cup slowly slide off the counter and shatter.. One day we were talking to a fellow mall employee from a different store & we told her about our experiences. She told us that there was a plane accident in the 80s & about 7 people passed.. you can look this info up yourself if you search up “Sunvalley Plane Crash”.. anyways we decided to download this app.. We watched the screen in silence as we waited for words to appear.. The first word that appeared wasn’t anything too significant.. so we thought this was a fake app that generated random words.. but then “Flame” appeared on the screen.. our next word was “Pilot” & we got serval others like “many” & “aid”.. we also got several names. Obviously we were freaked out.. I still cannot believe what we experienced.. this may be just an app, but who knows.. it could be much more than that.
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4 years ago, caren space heat
Very odd
Hi so I downloaded this game in 2019 which was a year ago and whenever I get on the app and I’m alone in my gameroom or my room I get chills i don’t know why but I do and when it says stuff to me I get very weirded out about it may be just me but I didn’t really look at the reviews before I downloaded this app it’s a pretty good app but I get scared very easy and when I do this app before i got to bed it gives my chills and I fell hot breath on my shoulder I have never had weird feelings in my house so one night I asked my family if they have ever felt a spirit they said they did which shocked me and the next day I sat on my couch i got on the app and I was waiting then my dog looks behind me then he just looks at something behind me then he barks which he doesn’t do that much he’s really calm when my dogs in the home I don’t know why he was barking so I looked behind me and it was weird cause I heard foot steps after I looked back and it was quiet so I got off the app cause i was scared I get scared super easy too so if you like unusual stuff get the app.
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5 years ago, bdbdjdbkdjd
I am truly scarred 😬
Hello I am 11 and I am truly scarred. So I was in my room and saw a dot and it turned out it was next to me! So I of corse thought “this is fake, don’t believe it!” Then it said “arm” and it was next TO MY ARM! So I was freaked out! Then I turned it off for 30 minutes then turned it on... again, and it was next to me again! And said shoulder and it was of corse next to my shoulder! Then another popped up and I said “both of you goast go away!” And then they disappeared. I was shocked and turned off the app because I was truly scared! And before turning off the app it said “Atlantic” and my room was themed as a beach and was next to a sea shell! I was scared and frightened so I of corse turned off the app and never went on a goast app to this day! I guess this app worked use it if you want to be scared. No bad feelings with this app, all good vibes with the app (at least now) it works and try not to get scared 😱! Thank you for reading! 😀
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2 years ago, "gravity fall charles"
Amazing app! I was at my friends house with her and her family, also 3 more people. She has always thought her room was haunted, because her toddler brother said there was a ghost in her room named Home John, so we decided to download the app. It said there was a ghost near us and then it started to say pack. We wondered what that meant, and then I remembered that I was moving! It was saying that the ghost went away so we waited. Then it said Jon. One of my friends got so scared she puked. She had to leave early. Then after a few hours me and 2 of the people at my friends house went outside. Later that night I turned the app on, and it said there was a ghost in my yard. My yard has a very large hill in it. It wraps about half way around my house. “Gravity. Fall. Die. Charles.” It was so creepy. The dot turned red and I turned the app of. If you’re willing to get so creeped out you barf, this is the app for you.
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3 years ago, ghost review w/ my friends
Me and my friends pov
Now I am gonna write first. My name is Bella, I i downloaded this app cause all of them weren’t real or it didn’t work so I just downloaded this one. So I started on my room, not so scary but I went in the basement with my friends and saw the light turned off and it said wires with turned off and on all the lights and it scared my so I asked my parents and they said that they didn’t do it so that scared my a lot so I went back to my room and it said “high” and I noticed I’m on my bunk bed and it’s high. And That’s pretty much it. Hi layla here this review scared us sooo bad we ran so fast because we heard wire when the lights turned off and then we went up stairs in Bella’s bunk bed and the phone said high and door nob so then later we heard another thing it said it noon then June then eighth and then what really scared me was when it said alive anyway thanks for listening to my experience bye
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4 months ago, Queen_shayyy
Don’t download if you are under eight
So I saw the ads and it was super cool but as soon as I download it, I almost had a heart attack because guys if you didn’t know, I have a ghost in my room in the ghost in my room is brown and and it is a stuffed animal again I thought it was my dog at first cause he was acting really weird but it turns out I have a lot of brown stuff in my room and as soon as I walk to my brown stuff, it will go be my crazy and I found out something my my this game is really cool and this is 1000% not lying because my pet worth is officially haunted by a ghost and most ghost things are toys. It could also be your dog though be your doll it could be anything for real and I have like so much stuff that I am pretty sure I have like 1000 in here cause I got like 5 million toys so if you are not eight or or above a do not download this game I have a heart attack like I said
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5 years ago, TheLoganator07
It might work...
A few months ago I started hearing noises from the basement. My dad does laundry down there and there is no “human” down there. So I installed this app and right when I got to the stairs a yellow dot came up and said “Child” which I was so I kinda got scared. I went down to the bottom of the steps and that’s when a red dot appeared and said “Leave” of course I didn’t leave and went farther. Right when I passed the washing machine a yellow dot popped up beside of the red and said “Go” and disappeared quickly. I got a bit more scared before I heard tapping coming from the bottom of the stairs, and as I walk over the red dot disappears and the yellow dot comes back and says “Bye”. And right as I get up to the top of the stairs it turns green and says “Good”. I also did this at 4 in the morning in the living room with my friend and it picked up a red dot that said “Caught” to both of us. I do think this app works!!
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5 years ago, sailormare
App works! My aunt passed away and...
My family and I were at the hospital because my aunt went into cardiac arrest and we were there saying our last goodbyes. Well I download the ghost radar classic app, because I’m in a hospital right? Well anyways I believe my beautiful aunt was talking to me via the app because the entire time there was a blue orb in the center of the radar, the exact spot where she was laying in her hospital bed. I left it running and the messages I got were,” GREATEST FAMILY, KEEP THE LAND”. She was the sole owner of her home and would always talk about leaving her house to me and to my mom but unfortunately never had it written in her will. But I do truly believe she was using the energy of the phone/app to communicate on her last day on earth. We didn’t end up receiving her house because her step sisters fought for part ownership, we had to sell the home. But this app works, try it for urself.
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3 years ago, dont download 😭✋
Don’t download this app 😥
So way way before I down loaded this app I started hearing random noises in my room, it kept me up for half of the night and I tried to tell my parents but they didn’t believe, how I found out about this app is by this channel called “lyssy Noel” and I saw her playing this app so I decided to download this app so I could see if I had ghost in my room, I downloaded the app and went to my room and the radar said “problem” that’s when I started to get scared and the ghost name was “bill” and just as the radar said the ghosts name I started to hear whispers and I remember one of the whispers saying “no escape” I got so scared and I un-downloaded the app and just before I un-install the app I heard one more whisper and the whisper said “I’m always watching” from that day on I never ever downloaded a scary app....
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3 years ago, aka werid
Very strange results...
So before I got this app, I was very curious if there were ghost that live here at my house, so I told my big brother to stay with me while I look for ghost, and something very strange happend. So I turned on the app and looked, I saw a green dot, (this is was a friendly ghost, usually green means it’s friendly, yellow means it’s kinda upset, and red means it’s not friendly) so I got really amazed! I found a ghost, so I said “if there is a ghost here, please show yourself. We’re not gonna hurt you.” Then my big brother repeated. Then the ghost on my radar became red, at first I was like. Dang that’s not good. Then it became green again, and the ghost left the radar. My big brother was like “I think we should get out of this room.” And I said “yup we should..” Then I turned off the app and calmed down, now this is proof the app is real.
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4 years ago, obiwankenobiyo22
Me and my friends downloaded this for fun, 2 of us believing it was real and 2 of us believing it was not real. At first the app said “Carlos” and my friend and I both immediately felt chills on our arms and legs. Then it said “fence” which made sense because there was a fence outside my friends window where we were sitting so we thought they might’ve been close by. But soon the dot disappeared and the app didn’t really do anything for a couple minutes. We kinda got sidetracked and started talking about other things because the app was being inactive but then 2 red dots appeared on the screen and the words said “Go” came across. One of my friends cheeks started burning and I could even see her face getting red. We quickly closed out of the app. I sort of have a headache now. Don’t download this app if you are not prepared for something unwanted to happen
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5 years ago, skysky_12
I don’t really know
I got this app because I was bored and wanted a new app on my phone so I got it and when I was testing it out it was very random and I didn’t really believe that it was real. So I went on my computer because dots near it. I tried the app again when I was done on my computer and things got a little more realistic. My dad was in Chicago at the time so I was sitting in the spot of the living room that he usually sits in and then it said “dad” I thought it was just a coincidence until I saw a dot pop up next to a shelf. The shelf had family photos on it and it had some clay things I made in art class. The words that popped up were “clay” and “married”. One of the clay things were rose themed and then it said “rose”. I then let my phone be for a little bit and went to get some food and I wasn’t looking at my phone and then it said “attention” which creeped me out. I don’t know what to think about this app right now.
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5 years ago, gayberie kiwi
Our second encounter
Me and my friends had tested this last night and it was very accurate at the beginning. We placed it on a doll which my friend made at the age of nine in surprise with her grandma. The words that appeared in the radar were doll, nine, and surprise. After this encounter we didn’t see much accuracy. We fell asleep that night and when we woke up we decided to do it again. My friend and I walked outside to the trampoline and jumped on it and tried to find signals. Our friend had to leave so we went upstairs so she could pack her bag. We walked into the room where we had an encounter and I held my phone up and it said *** which is my stepdads name we then went to another room and placed it on my leg wear it said **** and brother and **** Is my grandpas name and I in fact have a brother. I believe it’s real. Try it yourself.
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5 years ago, reviewer_5590
Okay, I saw a lot of Youtubers on this app and wanted to try it out. I live in a big house in the middle of nowhere. I’m always waking up in the middle of the night feeling strange and nauseous with headaches. I was sitting in the living room home alone and tried it out. There was one after a minute pretty close to me. It got closer and I said to myself “It’s getting closer” The radar then said the word “closer.” By then my heart was pounding and I was super nervous. About 2 minutes later it went away then the green dot popped up closer. Then it said “brain.” I bought it was wanting to take over my brain or something. I ran outside and away from the house. Still home alone. My dogs came and comforted me while I looked up the history of where I lived and found that there was an old man around my area who died from a brain tumor. 🤭😳
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8 months ago, Melreymon
My connection to my loved ones
I have had this app for over 10 years. I told my mother about it and after she passed she made contact through this. Nothing crazy just her name. Since then my father and daughter passed and I still use it to get signs from them. To reassure me they haven’t left me for good. I have taken this to cemeteries and haven’t seen not one dot appear. I have used it while sitting in a car and dots appear in rapid session. I have faith in God and don’t feel this is dangerous it’s just a way some spirits can communicate with you. Not full sentences just certain words or dot locations to show they still watching and are here when they can be. It does show it takes energy from them to shows signs so sometimes they will need a break.
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1 year ago, Layla Rose loves cheer🤩🤩
It is true do not download it is real
Ok so I was bored and I was on the bus and then I forgot I hade my phone on me so I downloaded this app and then I thought it was all fake at first even though people were saying it was real so then I started and there were a few dots and it said random words and then it started to cuss at me but at that time I was 15 so then I still was not convinced and remember I was on the bus so then I said I’m bored tell me something so then it said bus I got a little creeped out because I was on the bus and then my friend got on and I told her to sit with me her name is Mollie and then my friend Lizzie got on so we kept doing this app then like 5 minutes after they got on the bus it said I’m here so that freaked me out to then it said my name Layla and the Lizzie and then Mollie and it said all of our names so I got outa the app and told the bus drive and he said to delete it so I did after that I was traumatized do not download thanks for reading this review
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4 years ago, sjhxhdjhdkajs
Me and my cousin were super bored so we decided to download a ghost app. I suggested that we download this app because Eva Gutowski said it was real and she even had video proof. So, we downloaded this app and my brother and my cousins brother kept saying that it wasn’t real and they’re STILL saying that. But some sketchy stuff DID happen while we were playing this. (1 When we first went into the app, I kid you not it literally described the picture on the wall (2 We kept asking it stuff like “if your really there show us your there” and then it said “fell” and paper that was sitting in the middle of the table that we were sitting at fell off! (3 Every time there was a ghost in a new place it said a new name. Names like “Edward” and “Danny” (4 when I went into the bathroom it said “hi” then “Eddy” DOWNLOAD APP AT YOUR OWN RISK FOR IT IS DEFINITELY REAL. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
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3 years ago, cdfgty
The most odd things happened to me
When I first downloaded this app I thought it was a joke and it started saying things that I had on my computer and things I was doing and I got scared so I called my besties bc that is what I do when I’m scared so my bestie got the app to test it so I told a ghost to go to my friends house and tell me what’s on her dresser and it did and then I had to go eat so I got off the phone and the game and then something touched my leg and hair so I got scared and went to my room and opened it again and asked about my sloth I’m my tv and asked if it was hunted bc my dog would not stop barking at it and the face of it moved no joke so I put it in my closet and I’m still very scared of the sloth and then I saw a shadow that was not mine on the wall and then one week later I saw a black thing run across my backyard and I go look at my backyard and nothing is there and this only started when I got the app and started talking to the ghost DONT PLAY THIS
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1 year ago, random dude tbh
Pretty accurate
There are times where I’d ask questions and get almost immediate responses related to the question for example I looked up and saw birds flying above and I said out loud “what kind of birds are those” and I looked at my phone and it said the exact species. And recently ever since I moved into my new place I’ve been seeing a spirit quite often at first it started from seeing just a shadow to actually seeing him in person and I asked his name and it came back “River” and I asked “Is that your name?” Came back with yes and when the dots show up I get chills and the energy shifts in my room and I feel it coming from around the area where the dot would be. Not saying the app is 100% accurate but I’ve gotten some pretty interesting results.
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2 years ago, meh... dream smp fan
Idk about the app
Ok it’s very creepy nothing crazy happened to me yet but the creepy thing was my papas dog was at the vet and that’s when I downloaded the app so I read the reviews first because I was tried of all the fake apps I wanted a real one but it said “problem” and let me remind you the dog got into a fight and no one knows what she got into a fight with and just now I was with my cousin and we wanted to try this out it said dumb things at first but then it said “body” and “follow” “ light” and then it said something about like returning from the dead like that and when I was little I saw a boy a small black figure boy so it creeped me out not my cousin tho but I’ll keep trying and see if I can get anything scary😅 Btw sorry for any grammar mistakes
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5 years ago, bhad bhich
This is so crazy
There is a field across the street from where I live me and my friend are convinced it is haunted we usually will see dark shadows walk around in the field one day we decided to download the app at first we thought it was fake but it started saying things like field and corn which every year they grow corn there then it started saying names one name was Jim but I forgot the other name and usually we will see 2 figures in the field at the time we used this app we where in the field once it said those things we left the corn field and after coming back from the corn field some crazy things happened cabinets were opening and stuff was falling of tables and at the time my mom was outside picking weeds out of her garden we deleted the app and every thing stopped happening
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2 months ago, Olivia Jordan wade
This is weird
So one day me and my sister were down our basement. When I was skating something fell down we both ran then we downloaded this app. It said “eddy” which I said was probably the name then it said man it got creepy when it said cookies because me and her were eating cookies then the next day when we were in our basement my 3 year old cousin kept saying there was a ghost behind me which made me run then when my sister and me and my cousin were down the basement we put the in the center of the basement then my 3 year old cousin started waving to the back of the basement then we heard something so I grabbed my cousin and then I thought I saw there was a shadow and baby’s can see ghost so I would definitely recommend it because it’s fun and true
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5 years ago, a random_person
😱 Is this real or not?
On the EVP thing on the top where it says words it said balloon, we have had a helium inflated balloon stuck on our ceiling for a while because it is too high to reach. We assumed it was referring to that one, so we checked on it. We watched for a while then it said manufacture... that kinda freaked me out. We still stared at the balloon then realized it was moving! Me and my sister were doing this. We tried to debunk the fact that the balloon was moving, on command. Nothing. We just couldn’t find a way for the balloon to move! It wasn’t the air conditioner, because like I said, it was up there for a while, and if it was it would’ve already moved. Anyways, I think this app is somewhat real so I would honestly recommend this to anyone willing to try.
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2 years ago, strangerthingsfan👍🏻
So me and my friend were hanging out at my out and this house is in the middle of the fields and the country I wanted to freak him out and we went into my bathroom cause when I’m in that room with the door closed my ears ring and I get light headed so I use the other bathroom but my friend has the same experience in that bathroom so we went in and nothing really happened I wasn’t scared my friend was kinda creeped and we went back and closed the doors and my house is old and shaky and just creepy and it wasn’t the game we heard a voice and turned down the volume of the game it was the game and my friend still got freaked out and we’re gonna make a new comment when other things happen
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2 years ago, marri_slay
I don’t know what to believe😕
I downloaded this app today because I’m really into paranormal activities and stuff so i decided to download the app to see if it was accurate or not. I downloaded the app and opened the app and my little sister was laying on the floor since we share a room and a green ball popped up on the radar and i thought it was just picking up on my sister but then it started saying “claws” “invented” “pacific” and stuff like that and i dont know if that was just the way the app was programmed or if it was for real. I have had some paranormal experiences before i knew about this app and that was from the previous houses I’ve lived in. Maybe there is some paranormal activities in my current house but im not so sure….
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5 years ago, Taylormarie2635
This app is okay...
I am very into this work, and I continue to check out apps to enhance my communication with the other side, I’ve recently took the interest in checking out a few apps in the free section. This app does indeed work, however, it is very hard for the spirits to use and manipulate this app to make words. It has come to me that it is hard for them to even say simple answers like, yes and no. I have been able to get a few relevant and beautiful responses, but I’d actually push you towards checking out the app Necrophonic if you do want accurate, real results, it does cost but I promise it works and has given me much better results than this. Keep in mind spirits use energy to speak, so as they use this one, because it is difficult for them, your draining there energy for almost nothing, because your barely getting anything from it.
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3 years ago, popcornyyyy
It gave me the chills
So my friend came over and I remembered I had this app so we went on it and waited a while but I got the chills my friend went to the restroom and I wanted to scare her so I locked my door and she got out of the restroom and started screaming and crying and started to open the door but she couldn’t and she said pls open the door so I opened it and she said I saw something on the hallway she said I saw a figure like a person a shadow… I tried to calm her down but as soon as we came to my room we went back on the app and she started to bleed in her nose and she freaked out so I deleted the app after do not recommend if you freak out fast this app isn’t a joke it’s real after I started to experience weird things.
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6 years ago, The gay cow boy
i had my suspicions until...
sometimes i feel as though this app is totally fake. other times, i feel the opposite. the other day i was with two of my friends and we love turning on this app and talking to spirits and we love listening to their stories. so we did just that and we asked if anyone was with us or if we could have a name and the name “sally” came up on my phone. then on my phone again it said “massage”. one of my friends that was there always massages me for some reason. i said to my friend “you should massage me. sally, do you want ******* to massage me?” and on one of my friend’s phones the app said “positive”. i then told ******* “see. she wants you to massage me.” and my friend responded with “no.” i said “sally, she won’t massae me. how does that make you feel?” and then on *******’s phone, the app said “angry” we all freaked out a little bit. then, on my phone, the app said “turn”. we all turned around and behind me was a window. i looked out the window and said “well all i see is a church.” right after i said that, the church bell went off. i checked the time and it was 9:06 meaning that the bell was off time. i truly believe a spirit rung that bell.
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4 years ago, Travelur
One of the best Ghost about Developers out here today!
Best out there that you can use ALL 3 famously known Ghost Radar Apps. I started using 4 years ago into the present. Authentic. I have all 3 most likely you’ll want to get “Ghost Radar Connect” is the one they charge for the green radar app. 1.99 cents ? If I remember correctly. At least one Ghost Radar Legacy has pop-up ads this was the very first one. They since have come out with the 2 others in the series Ghost Radar Classic and The pay one Ghost Radar Connect. I have all 3 in the series. You can also find these guys on Facebook. They have their own page where you share evidence and experiences, & you can ask, get help on using the apps with others .
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4 years ago, qwerty made the keyboard
Weird Coincidence
So 2 years ago, me and my good friend at the time we’re assigned to go get something from another classroom. My school has been here before my grandma was here, so it’s pretty old and we both thought the app was fake or just for entertainment. Anyways, we’re on our way back and a ghost appeared on the radar. We looked at it and laughed and then we heard snapping echoing in the distance. We immediately stopped laughing and looked at each other. As soon as we were about to run, the kid comes from the hallway (where the ghost was located) as he’s snapping. We let out a sigh of relief. He looked at us in confusion as we were embarrassed to say what had happened. It was really weird how the ghost radar detected a person...
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7 years ago, Marife S
So this is crazy and as I am typing this, I am indeed at work right now for graveyard shift. I always wonder about things around here cuz ever since I started working here, my coworkers have been telling me about ghost of children, hearing their voices and knocks on the doors on some patients room so I thought. Why don't I pull out this app... I've used this before when a friend of mine and I went for a tour at the Whaley House in San Diego, Downtown and we got some interesting stuff. Anyways tonight, as I was waiting, the green and red colors started popping out and the letters I got was "Her" "Discovery" and "Automobile" ... Honestly that surprised me though I'm not sure about the last letter but those first 2.... wow. Make sense because I am a woman and doing some discovery about something in this place.
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4 years ago, bizzyizzy284
Skeptical but really interesting
Ok sooooo... I downloaded this out of curiosity with my friends. Stupid things happened and we were skeptical but it was a fun activity to do to past time. But when I went home that’s a different story. I was sitting on my couch and I put the app on and put on some TV. Right as I put the app on it said father as my phone was pointing at my dad. I put my phone to charge then it said Christmas and my phone was pointing at my Christmas tree. I got spooked but I brushed it off. My dog jumped on the couch to play with her frog toy. And as I picked up the toy it said frog and I took my phone from the table and it said dog ..👀Idk I’m skeptical but this is freaky❗️download if you want a fun activity to do but proceed with caution if you get spooked easily. You never know if this is real or not🤷🏽‍♀️
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What just happened ?!?
So I was sitting in my bedroom where many things had been happening. Nothing happened while I was sitting on my bed but when I moved over to my closet... it says “Christmas” and that is when I freaked out bc at Christmas, I put up lights around the closet and they started flickering on and off for a solid minute. It was horrifying. Then... I went over to the bathroom and it says “fish” “ocean” “miles” & “vacation “ MY FAMILY JUST WENT ON A BEACH VACATION ! it was so scary I almost fainted. Then... I felt like a couldn’t breathe at all when that’s happened and my breath just stopped and I felt a rlly weird vibe and that when the app said...”BREATHE” i was so scared. I believe honestly that this app is real. It freaked me out.
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4 years ago, hear has dropped
Umm seriously works
So basically I had my dog that past away quite a while ago and on this night I'm writing this comment I experienced something extraordinary. So I am feeling amazing gushes of cold air on my leg from the shin to the foot. I also reached my hand down there as well and it was a huge ice cold pocket of air. So I'm a tiny bit freaked out and I pull this app up and I lowered it to the ground and amazingly I first saw a blue dot then followed by a thick green dot. Then when I brought it back up to chest level for a few minutes nothing was there. Could this have been my deceased toy poodle showing that he still is here with me or is it a spirit spying on me messing with me.
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4 years ago, obo cril
Idk if it’s real
Before downloading, I read the reviews of course like most of y’all. I read like 2 of them and then decided to download it. My house is like 9 years old, so it’s pretty new. I have never really had an encounter with a spirit and was afraid if I downloaded this app or any others I would start some activity around my house. So I downloaded it and nothing showed, I figured I didn’t want to know if their was anything unusual in my home so I told myself nothing was here and quickly deleted this app. So idk if it’s real or my house is just to new for any ghosts. But definitely try if you can! I’m giving a 5 star rate because idk if it worked or not and it doesn’t deserve hate.
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4 years ago, EelMonkey
It isn’t fake!!!
So I have a friend who sees ghosts and i decided to see if this app was real. We were working on homework together and when we finished I decided to keep my phone in my bag and use it to see if there was any ghosts. It said there was one in front of us which she did not see ( keep in mind that we were in front of a field with a lot of people and ghosts look faded at the edges to her) and another in the upper left corner. I thought it was fake at first until when we went to line up she said she saw a little kid ( she said baby but I don’t think a baby can do this) trying to jump on a car. Her words not mine. I promise this isn’t fake.
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