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Going Merry Inc.
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User Reviews for Going Merry Scholarships

4.81 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
2 years ago, sofi_rose_gold
Super Easy!
This app is amazing and makes applying for scholarships easier than ever! When I first started I knew nothing about scholarships, but I learned so much through this app! It helps you out when you don’t know what something means by clicking on the question mark icon. Some scholarships you must go to an external site, but a lot of them you can do all the work in the app! (I like to do this part on my laptop on their website for faster typing). Thank you for making this stressful process extremely effortless!
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8 months ago, aarm3n
It’s good but..
I have been using Going Merry for a long time now, and recently I haven’t logged into my account so I had tried, and apparently my account was lost so I had just made a new one. And it’s the same easy experience it’s really easy to get into the scholarships but there’s the same bug that has been there for the longest time, it always tells me an error that I didn’t end or the right information… even if I’m not answering any information I’m just pressing a button. I hope someone sees this review and fixes that bug because when I am entering information to my account, it won’t save because of that error and it is really annoying. Other than that it’s easy to find scholarships, but annoying, nevertheless.
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3 years ago, Grimmwire
Very Helpful
If you don’t have money for school and don’t want to depend on just FAFSA you definitely try Going Merry. I work to take care of my wife and kids all while attending school. It’s hard sometimes and I need a little help no matter where it comes from. I just want to give my kids the life I didn’t have. I don’t want them to ever have to wonder where their next meal will come from or where they will sleep at night. They are my life and I will do my best to give them the best with the help of Going Merry.
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4 years ago, krissy943
Super Fast, Easy and even Fun
I got this app as a last resort to apply for some scholarships as a high school senior impacted by the coronavirus. I was able to apply for 16 scholarships in one day by using essays I had already written and writing a few other ones. This app is SO organized and you can find everything super easily. They even have a bundle feature so you can apply for 7 scholarships all at once by just writing a short essay that covers all of them! I love this app and would recommend it to anyone.
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4 years ago, Reindeer Pancakes
This is the best college preparation app I’ve ever used. I’ve downloaded apps like RaiseMe and Niche and Tallo and none have been as great as this. My only concern is that it’s kinda sensitive. Whenever I try to change a date, it messes up and doesn’t stay on the number/month i chose. When submitting an essay, I’ll try to hit continue and instead it’ll go all the back up to the top of my essay. so I scroll down, but it will think that I hit a word and want to type. It’s annoying, but overall amazing!
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4 years ago, Abby Richmond
Very helpful
Just for context I wanna start off by saying that I am a very unorganized person who likes to procrastinate. This app makes finding scholarships that you meet the qualifications for a piece of cake. Before I found this app I spent hours searching the web just to come up with nothing. When I first found the app I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical about it but now after using it i am no longer skeptical. I love this app and I would recommended it to unorganized people like myself.
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3 years ago, toryhopper
Going Merry is Goated!!!
I have gone to a lot of scholarships websites, and nothing has been better than Going Merry. Applying to scholarships takes up a lot of my time, but with Going Merry, I am able to apply to several scholarships in just one application. They also had most of the scholarships that I was eligible to apply to in one place. Going Merry is a lifesaver, I definitely recommend using this app to apply for scholarships.
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3 years ago, nalafond
Could this be any easier?
I wash this was available when I graduated in 1987. In less than a week I’ve applied to 14 scholarships and it has been, not effortless, but definitely much easier than I expected. And, the essays are giving me an opportunity to solidify, not only my desire to go back to school, but also the reasons why I want to go. This is a fantastic resource on so many levels.
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4 years ago, Crystal Velasco
Personally I believe going merry has helped make my life soo much easier. I’ve easily been given a way to complete my scholarships and I really enjoy how easy and clean the process was made. I knew I was going to struggle with having to do scholarships, but I knew at the end it would all be worth it. Filling out scholarships and seeing all the different ones out there has really caught my attention and it is now something I enjoy doing.
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4 years ago, M-Town80
Very helpful!
As a high school junior, I have been using this app extensively to receive scholarships. It is very helpful because once I entered my information into my profile, it instantly paired me with potential scholarships that I am eligible for. There are many filters I can choose from to find the right scholarships for me and increase my chances of earning the money. Descriptions and eligibility requirements are visible as well. Super quick and reliable!
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3 years ago, Court3274
This app is amazing! It basically organizes a bunch of scholarships based on your own profile. It makes searching for scholarships a whole lot easier. One thing that I love the most is the option to filter through the search. I can change how competitive of a scholarship I’m looking for! Highly recommend this app for people who don’t know where to look or start!
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3 years ago, 13295girl
Good for finding scholarships
Hi if you need a app to help find you scholarships this is definitely it, i just downloaded and I’ve already submitted 55 thousand dollars worth of scholarships. There are also some with no essay so thats nice too. Most of the ones I applied for don't end until June so if your in high school please start now you don’t want to rush this! Anyways apply to as many as you can were all debt free 2021
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2 years ago, Dailend
Love this App
I think we all can agree that college is expensive and the process of applying for scholarships can be stressful. With Going Merry, the scholarship process is so easy and I am able to apply to amazing scholarships with a click of a button. Most definitely will be recommending this app to my friends and family!
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2 years ago, Dimitrivnv
Convenient on mobile except…
When you try to paste something on iPhone, you need to be able to double click the text box, but sometimes the keyboard will cover the text box and you are unable to do this. To get around this, I hit “return” a few times so I can double click without the keyboard covering it, but it’s still somewhat troublesome.
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3 weeks ago, 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕪 𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕖
My opinion on this app is: It is amazing
I really enjoy this app because I can do my research on what I need to do to be successful in college, I can apply for scholarships, and there is many opportunities. I just got the app today and I am already in love. I highly recommend for someone who would like to get a move on with their goals.
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3 years ago, Hfmdjdkclj
Very helpful
This app has helped me fill out so many scholarships easily. It's not overly hard and tells you how long each application will take. Knowing how long each application is really helpful because it helps me plan time. I don't recommend typing your essays in the app, type in your notes and copy and paste.
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2 years ago, Nativebajan
Easy and helpful! (Mostly)
Love this app. The only glitch for me: it doesn’t match/detect scholarships open to students studying abroad—which means the app says you qualify for far more scholarships than you actually do, if you’re attending a university outside the USA. But, I wouldn’t have known most of these scholarships exist without the app, so very grateful for the features it does have and it’s sorting features.
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2 years ago, TheRealAidam
GoMerry is legenDARY
Sorry for the awful pun, but in all seriousness, I just learned about GoMerry and everything it has to offer. To say at the least, it’s certainly the best, most organized, and well developed site or app out there for scholarship help. Perfectly made for those who need a little, but extremely helpful, boost with scholarships.
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2 years ago, Aswone
So grateful
I have loved using Going Merry. It has connected me to so many wonderful opportunities. However when I needed the service the most is when I really truly appreciated this service. Chelsea and customer service was not only intentive but extremely helpful. If I could give Going Merry 10 stars I would
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2 years ago, gabyyy.123
Going Merry makes it easy to apply for scholarships. When I am not home by my computer, with this app I can apply from my phone. It makes the college process easier and shows me hundreds of scholarships I didn't even know existed! I am so happy I downloaded this app and got to apply for so many scholarships.
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3 years ago, Ericaw6
Would recommend
Some of these scholarships take time bu personally I have found this app very helpful and without it I probably wouldn’t have submitted so many scholarships to apply for however this app isn’t for everyone and I wish everyone good luck in submitting scholarships and finding schools to apply to.
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3 years ago, WinterMom
I Found Money for School!
This is a fantastic, well organized app that makes finding school scholarships incredibly easy. Many of them are so easy that you could set a goal of doing one a day. I am starting 9th grade and hope to graduate college without debt… this app will make this goal much more attainable and fun :) thank you!
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3 months ago, Aneia Kalama
Goingmerry is making such a difference for me!!
This app has opened my eyes, to the amount of helping hands that are so willing to give back to those in need. Being able to find scholarship that apply to me as a student, my background, ethnic group, sports, extracurriculars, etc, is absolutely amazing!!!
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3 years ago, arianna hg
Going Merry Review
This app helps me with my financial needs for school and I one hundred percent recommend if you need help applying for scholarships with what you need. I am applying and participating by using this help to help me with my community college classes for my text books bills and to help cover my transfer to a CSU soon, and to of course have money saved aside for my savings account.
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3 years ago, 503lene
Love this app! Its so organized and has a nice look to it. Its easy to use. My only input is to give more statistics as to your submitted applications, for example, i’ve submitted some scholarships months ago yet still haven’t heard back from or been updated! But that also has to do with the separate scholarship givers. Overall I will be using this app often!
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2 years ago, @annekin
Best Scholarship App I’ve Seen!
I’ve downloaded pretty much all the scholarship apps, and this one is by far the most helpful. It helps you filter scholarships by deadlines, competitiveness, best value for your time, and even includes the option to filter for local scholarships. If any app is going to help me win a scholarship, it’s this one.
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2 years ago, sirvixlent
Trying to make it work!
Life is hard but this app is easy. After providing your basic information, the app is intuitive and will match you with scholarships you qualify for. Trying to make ends meet is stressful but this app helps to take some of that pressure off my shoulders.
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2 years ago, Sydney10148
Perfect site to get ready for college debt free!!!
I love this app so much. It’s free and you can apply for all the scholarships you are eligible for right through the app. You can pick and choose which ones you want to apply for and ignore ones you don’t. It’s very useful and I would recommend!
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3 years ago, Sidney Robertson
Real or fake
I’m going to give this app 3 stars because it seems legit and most of the scholarships seem to be from real organizations. My only issue is that that I’ve tired to find people who actually have won a scholarship from this app and I can’t find anyone but others wondering the same as me. Don’t waste your time on the app when you can go and apply straight through the organizations.
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3 years ago, Citaly22
This app is making my life easy, I’m not so stressed about going to college. I love how this gives so much scholarships out for us to make it easy for us. So many of the scholarships are so easy to apply. Definitely love this app and would recommend for those who needs a little help.
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3 years ago, lex 223
Made it easier
I don’t always have access to a computer and having a going Mary app made it a lot easier to keep up with my scholarships and deadlines because I’m also not on my email all the time and I never missed out on a scholarship opportunity.
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2 years ago, Smiley McDonald's 🇱🇧
Easiest way to find Scholarships
This app has made finding scholarships so much easier. Within 5 minutes and a couple of clicks, I’ve applied to a handful of scholarships. Before, it was always a hassle and a chore. Now, I actually like applying for scholarships and something I do in my free time.
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2 years ago, Kelsey waardenburg
Super Useful!
After putting in information about yourself, it matches you with scholarships according to what you’re looking for: with essay, without essay; high cost, lower cost; high competition, low competition. Then, most scholarships allow you to apply directly from the app!
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4 years ago, Lovezzes
Upload time: 3 years
Love the app and what it does but when ever you have upload a file or even put in your information it takes forever! It takes me less than a minute to take a picture of a document and upload it to my phone but when I’m trying to put it on the app it takes so long or just doesn’t do it.
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3 years ago, Ron21!
Awesome app!!
It’s definitely helped me with completing scholarships and simplified the process of looking for them. I am a big procrastinator and this also applies to doing scholarships but with going merry it’s helped me complete them way quicker and I can’t complain and put it off when using this app.
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4 years ago, Grace Wynveen
The desktop experience is much more user friendly
I would give this five stars if it weren’t as time consuming to fill out my personal info. Every time I click off of a text box to fill out another one, the text deletes itself!
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3 years ago, KahlilR
Extremely helpful student asset
If you’re high school student you really need this app. It’ll give you many scholarships that are pandered to you. All you need is a little information and you’re clear to be recommended as many scholarships as possible.
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2 years ago, hngbaby
School choices
Unfortunately I can not enjoy the use of this app. Everything was fine until I went and entered in my community college. It kept popping up with an orange error message asking me to “ please select a valid community college”. My college is deff. Valid and the option popped up on their selection list . Very upset because I have heard many great things .
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1 year ago, ♡| maya ♡♥︎
Amazing App and website!
Searching for scholarship and financial aid advice is so difficult and tedious but going merry has been what I’ve been looking for after countless websites. The site is user friendly (with some minor complaints), but overall really good!
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2 years ago, kayla_0501
Easiest site to use!
Honestly this app is easy to use both on desktop and on mobile! You get matched with so many different scholarships for free and it's a great tool to use on your journey for scholarships if you don't know where to start!
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2 years ago, Adalyce
Accessible, Easy, Straightfoward, and Personalized
Going Merry is an amazing tool anyone can use when they are feeling overwhelmed on where to start searching and applying for scholarships tailored to them! You just be yourself and Going Merry does the rest! Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, hhabeshaa
Going Merry allows me to remain organized when it comes to the search on scholarships. It also encourages me to do my research and organize what I find in my time. I really appreciate this app and I can’t wait to look for more scholarships! Thank you!!
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3 years ago, meek boy
Amazing app
Highly recommend this app definitely if you haven’t been getting scholarships and your a few months away from school this is an amazing last minute app and will get you what you work for
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2 years ago, Noah Truth
I am appreciative for this platform due to the following facts: This a very user friendly platform, provides a great deal of opportunity for all types of scholarships for people from different walks of life and they take into consideration all levels of academic results. THANK YOU !!!!!!!
Show more
2 years ago, 4a33rd
It’s actually very good
This is the simplest and easiest scholarship app you could ever go on . All you have to do is put in a little personal information and they apply you for scholarship right then in there .Me doing this is one right now
Show more
3 years ago, alyssa 03
I love this app! It’s simple to use and convenient. It took me less than 20 minutes to sign up and get started on my scholarship goals. It gives me easy access to scholarships I never would have found on my own. It’s also a huge time saver, not to mention stress reliever!
Show more
2 years ago, Sagsign86
So far so good
I am a returning student who received no financial aid the first time around. My school was less than helpful in helping find scholarships so I took loans. They are finally paid off but Inam looking for a new, more lucrative career and need to go back to school. I dont want loans and am hoping to find a scholarship so here I am.
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2 years ago, Jkim1154
The Best App for Scholarhips
Absolutely the best app to find scholarships! They find scholarships that are just the right fit for me. It made it very easy for me to narrow down scholarships that I am qualified for. Really simple for any students to use; I definitely recommended this app!
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2 years ago, 💞💞💞💖💖💖💗💗💗
This is the best app I ever used when it comes to scholarships. I normally get overwhelmed or confused when trying to apply, but this app makes it so much easier to keep up. Will definitely recommend to anybody who is applying to scholarships!
Show more
2 years ago, lou627255(
Going merry is a great way to understand what scholarships are out there and get to know about different grades and maybe even be able to apply and attain one eventually. I love the Mary helps me keep up-to-date on the new scholarships
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