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User Reviews for Goldstar - Buy Tickets

4.8 out of 5
37K Ratings
4 years ago, Ashbeeist
Goldstar saves me money
This month alone I have saved about $50-$60 dollars. Between purchasing the tickets for Midsummer Scream for only $20-$23 a ticket on Goldstar, as opposed to $39 a ticket through Midsummer Screams website. So right there I am saving $15-$20 per ticket! Then last night through Goldstar I purchased 2 tickets to go to “I Like Scary Movies Experience,” at only $25 per ticket, as opposed to the “ILSME” website where each ticket costs around $40-$42 dollars. I got 2 for $60 dollars even. So Goldstar saved me at least $20 bucks right there again! I am so happy that these two events were posted onto Goldstar with discounted ticket prices because if they hadn’t I would’ve ended up spending $80-$90 dollars per event, for only 2 tickets! Thank you so much Goldstar, you’re the best!
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9 months ago, TJ. DC
Orange County Goldstar
Simplest place to find out what’s going on in Orange County for entertainment. I wish you had a place for places to dance especially for people over 40 or 50 just a suggestion. I wish she had someone that actually would call up to help people don’t know how to use the computer. I am 74 and the doctor just not good with computers. I love your service. I’m sure you could afford somebody that could answer questions. All centers around customer service. Which would you rather do talk to dr or text him on an iPhone I am old fashion. I realize manage important thing, but Goldstar is a service. Try to get better service by actually living people talk if they have a question or if they have a problem. Tj. Recently saw to kill a Mockingbird. Great production. But Segerstrom was too big. For plays. Should’ve been in one of the smaller theaters but they were not have made so much money. And can you also less crowded than LA? That’s why we live here. Smile. Do you also have discounted tickets for event. Senior citizen discounts have to say 10 or 20%. TJ. DC
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5 years ago, sanaisonline
Modern App for the modern schedule
I LOVE Goldstar! I have been using it for the past year and I feel like a queen. It works with my schedule and I can get a refund without contacting anybody. I change times to fit my ever changing schedule without a hassle. Even when I had to contact customer service, which was very easy, twice for a non refundable tickets on a short notice they got me the date I wanted or refunded my money. The best part is, I sit next to other people in theatre who paid $85 for their ticket while I paid $20 :-) I ditched all other apps, such as the dinosaur of an app called Groupon where customer service does nothing to solve your issue.
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5 years ago, Boobooangelkisses
Christmas Event
We purchased tickets to a Christmas maze in Seattle. We got a good deal. I read when I purchased that we could get a refund up to the day of. We found out on the actual event website strollers are not aloud in the maze. We need our stroller for our 5 month old son with special needs and has to have a feeding pump. I got a refund but was disappointed to find out you can only get store credit. I emailed customer service and explained and they ended up giving us a refund to our credit card. Any company that goes out of their way of their normal policy to give a refund is 5 stars in my book. Thank you Goldstar.
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6 years ago, melg1944
Harlem globetrotters
This is the first time I used the Goldstar Ap. Very satisfied! The seats were excellent( actually behind the net on the court). At first the view was a bit obscured but they let us move over. The tickets were a gift for our son and 8 year old grandson. He had a great experience... as he was 1 of a few chosen to shoot baskets on the court before game time!! Then after the game, they bought a Harlem Globetrotters Souvenir Basketball ... AND 6 of the players autographed it and too individual pictures with our grandson!! It will be a cherished memory! Thanks Goldstar!!! ( only one issue was te tickets couldn't be printed immediately... but it did work out)
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5 years ago, I Use it daily
Stanley Clarke - Outstanding performance!
Stanley Clarke and his band mates were all incredible musicians and played together flawlessly and joyfully. There obvious enjoyment was infectious and the audience was enthusiastic. Howard Theatre had great acoustics and every seat was a good one. Our only disappointments were that: there was no food available because the caterer had a family emergency, our table was unsteady causing my beer to get knocked over and spilling into the lap of the woman next to me. The wait staff was slow and it took quite some time to get help cleaning up the mess. We loved the music and the venue except for the slow waitstaff and tipsy table.
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4 years ago, Vedim
Food, events, concerts n fun
There are a lot of apps that offer empty promises of discounted n free stuff, but Goldstar is the real deal. I have gotten free tickets to all kinds of events from comedy to concerts. The app is not only great because of the Comp tickets, but it a great way to stay keyed n on all kinds of events that are reasonably $$$. I used Comp tickets to celebrate my sons 21st bday, to have a romantic date w/ the hubby n to have a few girls nights. So if ur looking for something fun to do, look on Goldstar before you spend an arm n a leg somewhere else.
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4 years ago, mismarie
Great performance!
As always great performances by Chris Daughtry and his band. The venue was perfect, spectacular views, it was freezing cold the whole time but it was well worth the “suffering” will go watch him again in the future. Only thing we were disappointed was the pricing of the wines downstairs, it was posted $11/glass on Cabernet Sauvignon(did not specify which vintage/winery as in all cabs in general)then they said it’s $15. That would be false advertising. In general food were pretty pricey, a small personal pizza for $22 with 2 toppings and a plain cheese for one person for $20. Otherwise it was a great experience. Will certainly come back either way.
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4 years ago, a_nguyen958
Worst experience with app
I am very disappointed with this app. I tried to purchase tickets to Monster Jan for my sons birthday I placed my order and received my confirmation email. And comes to find out 2 day later that they couldn’t fulfill my order. So then When I tried to purchase them again With only 4 tickets, they didn’t have anymore. They only had 3 and it wouldn’t even process my order. I’ve contacted support. And all day. We kept going back and forth they couldn’t fix my problem. I even went to the trouble of contacting my bank to see if there was a problem with my credit card. And nothing. So I am never going to use this app again. Now i am embarrassed for recommending this app to some friends and family.
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4 years ago, Unhappy_Topher
Be careful with how you purchase your tickets from Goldstar. I noticed that the child ticket was pre-filled with 1. So I zeroed our the child quantity and added 5 adults. When I checked out, I received a notice that all sales are final and agreed to it. When I got my confirmation, I ended up purchasing 6 tickets. It appeared that the child ticket was not removed after all or it was re-populated. Add the adult tickets first if you have no child in your party then zero out the child. That might work. I contacted their support and explained what happened. They were nice enough to apologize explained that all sales are final. Well... this is my final event purchase using Goldstar too! Good luck to you all and don’t bother trying to get a refund from Goldstar.
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5 years ago, Naturegerl
Don’t believe them when they say you can cancel tickets for a refund
I tried to cancel tickets for a refund that I had purchased very far in advance but then something came up. They will only refund you up until a certain date. This was never published nor was the refund date published. I will never use this for ticket purchases again.
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2 months ago, cdisharoon
Uninformed Customer Service
Like the other reviews I noticed the app completely turned off being useful. No longer able to buy tickets on the app and when I did buy them from the website the app doesn’t sync to show the tickets purchased. Customer service was absolute no help. They couldn’t tell me why the app wasn’t functioning (I asked several times) and they only kept saying we email tickets now. Why didn’t they just say we retired the app and it no longer has a purpose? Goldstar is a complete waste now! What poor communication and transparency in what is going on with their customer base. Epic fail!
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6 months ago, 3D And Me
I have found to be impossible. I need a mentor for this site, but there is not one
This is not a user friendly site. I have found it to be extremely difficult to contact a person when I may have questions about anything. In fact, I have never been able to get an answer to any of my questions because I obviously do not know how to use the site. Getting help to assist me I have found to be impossible. I need a tutorial. If personal contact is not an option for this site, then a robot tutorial would be extremely helpful!!
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5 years ago, amcbrayer
Great family night out!
We had an amazing time at last nights show! My 6 year old son loved it! Even my husband said that he thought he would be a little underwhelmed since it’s just a circus but by the end of the night he felt it exceeded his expectations! I did too! Great job to all those involved in the event! Even the clowns had their own acts that has us laughing!
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2 months ago, Ms. lovely24
I went and updated the Goldstar app and on the Goldstar app, it said important update very retiring our app. This is sad because I spent a lot of time putting my information in and now I can’t even use the app. Now you have to go to the website in order to do anything. When you go to the website you don’t put in any information you just pick what you want and you put your name your email and your phone number and you purchase from there what happen Goldstar why couldn’t you email any of your customers to let them know.
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5 years ago, azure habitat
Such a blast
I had not seen this show in over a decade. What a nice surprise that this year covered the history of the show and art community Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach has always been my favorite place to have a good time and this show was not only a good time but it was a blast. I’m looking forward to seeing this show again in the future.
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2 years ago, Paid for this...
Deceiving and disappointing.
The app showed that a deal had pricing for peak hours and non-peak hours for about 10 bucks difference. I wanted peak hours so I purchased the peak hour fee only to find out they didn't have peak hour available for the day as promised. So, I just chose non-peak hour that was available hoping that they refund me the difference. Nope. The customer service told me that they cant because they are obligated to pay the peak hours to the business even when I chose the non-peak hour. What kind of cow manure is that? Why couldn't they just show me the date and time that was available first before charging me and have me pay the appropriate price from the beginning? How would you like to prepay for a full buffet only to find out their leftover food is rice and beans through out the night? Very deceiving and disappointed.
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2 months ago, Galileo's mom
Your latest updated has ruined this app
Why ruin a good thing? I can no longer see a list of shows available. I see a weekly calendar with dates and times and have to click each daily link separately to see if I’m interested in the show. Can you please un-update the app to make it user friendly once again?
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6 years ago, emmichel@aol
Brian Regean at Carnegie hall
I enjoyed the comedy of Brian however I don’t think it was the right venue for a stand up comic. I think I would have preferred sitting at a table with a drink. I booked it because I never went to Carnegie hall. I pictured it much more glamorous than it was. Actually my biggest complaint is when I bought the tickets the chart didn’t show a pole right in front of us. My husband had to lean to the left while I had to lean to the right. Not happy with this purchase
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3 months ago, Travelexpert
Used to be much simpler to use!
Before Covid you could save your CC and this made checking out much faster, simpler and easier. I’m not sure why it was changed, when I inquired I was not given any type of satisfactory answer. Also customer service used to be outstanding Even though it was mostly by email, it was quick and attentive Now it is cumbersome, slow and not fun
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5 years ago, Ykib
Over this app!
I used to purchase using the app quite a bit but it’s been several months now since I last bought any tickets. I find it extremely annoying that most of their events say “sales closing soon” but in reality have absolutely not upcoming dates or anything available to purchase. It’s a completely waste of time to scroll through and possibly get excited for an event thinking you may still have a chance to buy tickets and nothing!
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5 years ago, stage wanna be
The performers were wonderful and talented and the costumes by Bob Mackie were exquisite however the story line was weak. Needs some major rewrite. You are looking at audiences that don’t know or remember Cher’s background story is vague and disconnected. Potential is there but don’t expect many to put together a story which span decades when audiences may only span a small portion of her career?
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4 years ago, cfitz911
Loved the show and venue and ticket price through Goldstar however Goldstar should sell the best seats available first before the worst seats. It’s unfortunate because our tickets we purchased were at the highest row in the venue and all the way to the side. There were so many unsold seats that the entire mid upper section was quite empty.
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4 years ago, Bep815
I’ve been searching for a fun event for my upcoming birthday. I was interested in a hotel with a rooftop party. “Dance Party at Ravel Penthouse” They stated that a Birthday package is available for an additional charge. But the charge was not stated. So I clicked “text” for further info. The person who responded said, and I quote “please text ##########” So I did. And the response I received from this person was “To where?” So at this point, the unprofessionalism was clearly apparent. So I began questioning. And they had NO ANSWERS. All this person did was argue with me, asking ME why I was texting them... Need I say more?
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4 years ago, Kiauna
Great concert and venue !
The show was really fun and well planned . Timing was excellent artists were all amazing . The bonfyre did a good job Robin thicke and Fantasia were awesome ! I enjoyed the venue immensely . Had great seats in the orchestra ! Ushers were kind and attentive . Ambiance was clean and spacious well lit . Sound was great ! It was my first time at the Microsoft Theater but I’m definitely going to concerts at this venue in the future!!!
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9 months ago, sunnygrl89
Terrible support
I contacted customer service to see if it were possible to get credit for two tickets as two of our party came down wit$ COVID. I was told they would check with the venue but woke up to an email saying all of our tickets were cancelled but we got credit. I have been trying to get in touch with support to see if this can be fixed. No such luck. Absolutely devasted since it was for a holiday family tradition that they ruined as we cannot get tickets anywhere else.
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4 years ago, theklmmer
Absolutely beautiful !
What fabulous voices... I just wish the Meyerhoff technical people would have provided audio support that would do justice to such phenomenal voices. If you were not seated front and center the space of the theater drowned out the the full enjoyment of the production. The Choir was perfect the venue did not support the audiences ability to fully appreciate their reputation. Five star performance two stars for venue audio.
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4 years ago, Mosh the Regudddy
Don’t add hidden charges.
If there’s going to be a service fee of let’s say five dollars then build it into the price. Or specify that in the beginning with a list of events and their cost. It’s not $15 for a $30 ticket if you add a five dollar service fee. Your customers like to compare apples to apples, now to oranges. But I’m still pleased that people of limited means can’t attend some wonderful events.
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5 years ago, Judyxteach
So sad
Did the group audition? Did someone see the choreography? Did someone see the woman outfit before she went on stage? Clothing on her too tight, too short, crinoline mal formed! The moves she had were awkward and her voice sounded like she was ill...couldn’t carry a tune! We left at intermission...heard others asked for money back! We did not do that.
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6 years ago, SCD100
My Husband And I Loved It!!❤️❤️❤️
It was so entertaining! My Husband is still talking about how the Ring Master and Zeke kept the Audience involved! I loved the motorcyclist, how the tigers 🐯 showed up magically, the food, etc. My Husband and I are 60 and had though we had seen enough Circuses in our lifetime but this Circus topppps them ALL!! It is a must see for young and old alike!!☺️
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6 years ago, palms2
I’ve purchased many tickets from Goldstar. The seats are great, the shows are great and I recommend this to anyone looking for discount tickets to various shows. The tickets are usually picked up at Will Call with identification. The venues know exactly what I’m talking about when I give my name and Goldstar. Definitely a winner.
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5 years ago, Philly chee
Wallet tickets in iPhone
What is the point in adding this ticket to your Apple wallet if that won’t get you into the event? It wasn’t clear that I needed to go to will call to get my actual tickets. When you are given the option to add a ticket to your Apple wallet, it seems feasible to draw the following conclusion: this ticket was added to my Apple wallet like I’ve done many times before means that this ticket should get me into the event. However, this was not the case and therefore this was a bad ticket purchasing experience.
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5 years ago, BenPandBella
Great show!
Enjoyed the play very much. The best person on stage was the father- he was So very natural and believable. The sister was very humerus also ! We Would have preferred an intermission. One thing-We didn’t understand the stage effects at the end,,, weren’t sure what they we supposed to be saying. All in all great performance crew!!!
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4 years ago, vlb400
Get your tickets fast or else…
I was trying to purchase tickets for the Prince experience I was offered comp tickets but by the time I tried to purchase them they were sold out fast. I ended up paying full price for them but then the app kept acting up. After several attempts it finally worked, Hooray!
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5 years ago, AMNJALTWN 9
Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular
The show was exactly as it is called Christmas Spectacular. The light show was absolutely amazing. The seats we purchased from Gold Star were nicely priced and a very good view, we were in orchestra f (side orchestra) row g . Thank you Gold Star and RCMH and The Rockettes and all those that put the show together! HAPPY 2019 NEW YEAR TO ALL !!!🎉🎉🎉🎩.
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5 years ago, Capthepx
Gold star is a great site for me. I love entertainment. I find excellent prices and opportunities to attend different kinds of shows on this site. I might not go on the traditional sites to find tickets so this helps out without always backing the bank. Try it out and see if you agree.
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5 years ago, Idk gaming
Snow Queen
We were at the last performance of the season. We enjoyed every minute of it, the actors energy was high and they were very sharp. The atmosphere was great the venue was perfect. Hats off to set and design and customs were clever and well done! My first time at Serenby playhouse and it will not be my last. Bravo well done!
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5 years ago, TigerRefuge
Accessibility of app
The only thing I would say is that sometimes I noticed that when you're trying to use assistive options such as VoiceOver, it doesn't always work. I would just ask that developers be mindful of this.
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4 years ago, xine30
Love the app and the selection of shows
Goldstar is a great app with an array of fun events to go to: plays, musicals, comedy shows etc. i’ve never had a problem with my tickets which were purchased and complementary tickets. Highly recommend this app to everyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on cultural or events around town!
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2 years ago, redfoxen
Ok but Watch out
Goldstar appears to be a reseller with few if any ties to the service /event your paying for. They will hang you to deal with the merchant who may pretend you did not purchase their event or service. Who ends up with the funds, who knows ? All i personally know is you’ll bounce around for a return until your ignored altogether. When it works it’s only ok, when an event is cancelled or changed .. good luck
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5 years ago, AlwaysOrganized
Fabulous family fun
Great outing for young kids to mature adults. Loud, engaging, rhythmic, exciting, entertaining & interactive. It was a great way to get the family out together and spend some time downtown. Pricing was reasonable, seating anywhere & everywhere in the theatre was perfection. Yes I would definitely recommend seeing STOMP, much love.
Show more
6 years ago, Barbeedwards
Thank you!
Thank you for having events and great prices in one easy to use app. I may not always have time to do the events but when I do it is wonderful to know I have you there to find a great idea for something to do!
Show more
9 months ago, Abatti83
We all know there are great shows going on all the time, but I cannot stand getting spam Emailed multiple times a day for the same freaking shows it’s constantly over n over everyday same emails same shows. For this reason, I have completely turned off and will not buy anything from this place again I will spend my money elsewhere for somebody that does not spam me to death.
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4 years ago, Roseluns
Cancelation policy
Who is reading the fine print on canceling an order when they’re Ordering??? Very disappointed to learn that even though I canceled in plenty of time my refund is on the form of a credit. God knows When I’ll be able to make another purchase for that exact amount. Just refund the money and let US decide when and If we want to use your services again.
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4 years ago, Rafael Sabatini
Amazing Show
Our show was unexpected. Our scripts are supposed to be exactly—- but they will have ad libs as well as background noises (fight with clamor — but was a too pause after a hitting). The entire actors were also laughing. And their ads re: Lux Soap? Congratulations to the show!!
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6 years ago, jermorey
This company is nothing but a scam. Decided to give them a try based on good reviews. Bought tickets for a local aquarium which ended up having so many limitations, even if they were legit would be useless. Went to the aquarium and found out about this. Emailed customer service who said they couldn’t refund and sugested I use the 7 tickets I purchased for out of town family in the few hours during the week that they claim they will work. Total scam and ripoff.
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4 years ago, dalenjerry
West Village Food and History Tour
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Our guide, Matt, was knowledgeable and personable. His knowledge of the area was excellent. The food stops were all delicious. We met extremely nice people and had a marvelous day. We will definitely book other tours. Thank you.
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5 years ago, JillRossini
Second City Summer Blockbuster
Very fun show! Moves fast and has high energy. Of course when they brought one of our group into the stage that added another layer of laughter!! All around highly recommend a night at Second City.
Show more
3 months ago, elektra369
What happened??
Used to love the app for browsing events. Now with the new update, I can see only tickets for upcoming events but nothing else. What’s the point of the app now? Is it an error or did you remove the ability to browse events and just left it to be a place to find your already purchased tickets? Please update!! Will change my review if it starts working again like it used to.
Show more
5 years ago, kevinii cariosoid
Allow “Mark as Redeemed”
The app is great. The only really annoying thing is that for deals I have used. I cannot mark them as redeemed. I have to wait until the “date” expires. It gets confusing after a while and knowing whether I have used a deal or not.
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