GoNoodle - Kids Videos

4.5 (20.1K)
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GoNoodle, Inc.
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for GoNoodle - Kids Videos

4.53 out of 5
20.1K Ratings
1 year ago, naskilen
Hey guys get this app!
Teacher and parents this app make your kid happier and when they every do a great job the lvl which is fun for your kid there song and clam stuff and exercise kid might the song banana,banana,meatball by blazer fresh it game out in 2017 it a star on the app and you kid whoever looking at this when your a adult you should get this for your kids -teachers side - hm your do all teacher probably THEY do what happened if all the kid get excited to lvl and be a star and lvl the monsters teacher make the class is shocked if you get this someone might I have the app and they can do more of the app -the end pls make yo ur kid -class-happier 🫣-
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3 years ago, LoVermont802.0
Why ads in the middle of videos?
Almost all of these videos are designed to be interactive. My daughter absolutely loves the ones where she can pretend she’s running in meatball run, or swatting flies in raise the roof... recently there have been ads popping up right in the middle of these videos. So she’s running and jumping and in the middle of swatting and all of the sudden has to abruptly stop, watch the ad, then pick up where she left off. It’s super frustrating for her. I understand that ads are needed, the content is amazing and free and they need to pay the bills. But put the ads at the beginning of the videos, NOT the middle. I hope, at the very least, this isn’t happening in the middle of meditation/mindful/breathing videos because that would be super counter productive. Otherwise, we love GoNoodle!
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3 years ago, omg🤖😿👻💀
Hey, teachers you should use this app😻
This app will help calm down your kids in the class and get ready for math social studies science whatever you’re about to do so teachers this app is for you and you get a little monster if you sign in for computers if you sign it and you get a little monster and you get in every video you watch the little bar goes up I have it in third grade and it is the most funniest thing ever teachers I think this should be recommended for you and you only everybody else you guys can use it too I’d recommend it it’s such a great app
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4 years ago, gachafuntime123
I love go noodles but I’ll give some more!
So I love guacamole that’s my favorite I do it at school!! It’s fun I’m in 1st grade and I have some more ideas . So I was think about (Rainbow unicorns) and (Noodles everywhere) And the best one is …… (crazy TACOS!!) I love tacos there so yummy btw pls read this because it’s ideas for go noddles and I hope u red this and make these go noddles I also do theses at home with my friends family and sisters and of corse BFFs ! They are most funniest and nice friend of all!! I rated this 5 starts by the way I also love this go noddle for a new one (Crazy yummy cake) I love CAKE!💙 I eat it on my birthday or my friends or family’s party .
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3 years ago, catouppy123$
Really good! But...
There’s a whole lot of good videos on GoNoodle but when I was listening to kidz bop kids on another app I went on GoNoodle and searched up the old videos cause I missed the teens and the kids but they didn’t have any GoNoodle deleted my favorite series! I know you worked hard on this app but can you please add Kidz bop kids back on? It’s just NTV and moose blazer fresh and indoor recess and other stuff but my main was Kidz bop because we could always dance and they would sing really good songs! Please add it back when you can
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4 years ago, #piker robloxlover
I’m disappointed
I still am a fan of GoNoodle but I’m disappointed because I used to be a huge fan but now I’m not because I realized that the GoNoodle app got rid of the characters that we could play with that’s the main reason I have another thing though there’s only a couple vids that are actually funny so I still like GoNoodle but believe me can please bring everything back I don’t know if you realize but kids had way more fun when it had all the funny vids and the characters you could play with so that’s what I think and please bring it back to normal And if the developer sees this please write back
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4 years ago, :);)4545 uni
My 8 and 10 year olds like rap, they cannot listen to a lot because it is not appropriate content. However, GoNoodle has changed me and my kids lives! Blazer Fresh is great! Thank you! My 10 year old loves the song My oh My by camilla cobaeo and da baby but can’t listen to unedited versions so if you could do that song on Noodle-TV aka N-TV, that would be amazing! Also if you could add some instrumental sleeping music, that would be amazing! If you have seen the lunch song use #LUNCH👍😂 If you have not seen the lunch song look in the blazer fresh channel or search “lunch”
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5 years ago, :) no name
Exercise is [not] fun now
Gonoodle makes exercise so much fun. Kids will love this educational app for math, reading, and of course, fitness! Ages 5-12 will probably enjoy it most, but there really is no age limit. I love GoNoodle so much! This is not fake, no i am not a robot, i just want you to know that the champs and fun songs and videos motivate kids and their families to get active. No better way to get the sillies out! New edit: thanks. Sorry I got so mad/emotional about champs. 😂 I understand and thank you for replying. I hope deleting that edit made it better. Love GoNoodle
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4 years ago, mariabobin
Great app for kids and adults
This app has changed my kid so much because first my kid did not like to workout but now since I’ve found this app my kid loves to workout and he loves the app I wish there are more updates and this is a great game to relax with because of the yoga and the kidz bop is so fun and addictive to my kid and she now plays this app at school and it is just AMAZING!! So I suggest this app to EVERYONE because this app is so fun with these workouts and yoga and dance and the sing alongs so thank you for reading this review and make sure to download this app now!
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6 years ago, Lesle (Lele)
Great Experience with it
I love GoNoodle in 1st grade I remembered I would be at school dancing with my friends. It was amazing everybody in the class enjoyed it! Even the teacher! I loved dancing to my favorite tunes! Look at me now, I’m in 4th Grade and I still love it. It’s very helpful with our health in our school. We use these videos to help our heart pump more blood like a Cardio Day. I have so many memories with GoNoodle. Great way to help kids be active and healthy! I don’t know much ‘cause I’m still in elementary but from what I’ve learned it’s great!
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5 years ago, Jvv328
This was fun
Alright so first of all, they had to go and take away the champs. The champs were amazing! They have grown ups lip singing about what they wan’t to be when they grow up. They already made their choice. They work for gonoodle and lip sing. Then, we have the cookie boogie. A cat just says cookie boogie while cookies bounce up and down. It doesn’t sound that bad but it’s super annoying. Now for the good part. They have good videos. I love popsico. Then there’s the milkshake song. It’s actually pretty funny. In the end, I do think it’s worth getting. They have a lot of funny videos. They have exercise videos, they have meditation videos. It’s fun in the end.
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5 years ago, rachelcherrie45
This makes exercising way more fun
This app makes me dance a lot and my teacher has it on her computer so if we have extra time she would put on a go noodle video and my favorite channels are Blazer Fresh and Moose Tube. It makes me exercise and gets me pumped up.💛💛 When I do a go noodle, I feel like I have something to do with it. It makes me feel good. I just like the dances and the tunes that they put in the videos and they also make me 😂 laugh 😆!! It’s ok if people don’t like this app, but I do!!
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4 years ago, abigailspringheart
Good but I liked better with champs
Go noodle is fun app and it is educational you can do fun activity’s that are essential for this time but I personally liked it better with the champs. It is fun and I do it all the time to keep me and my sister entertained but even she agrees we liked it better with the champs and maybe you could set a time limit for how long you can customize the champs. Well for the people who are wondering where the games are there is a separate app for them. Well I just liked it better with the champs thanks😀
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4 years ago, Abbie🍕🍟🌮
This app is awesome!!
Even though I'm not a teacher I'm just a kid I think this app is still so cool!! One of my favorite things about the app is the how to videos because it shows you how to make hummus stress balls and so much more!! Also since I was in this grade, 2nd to 4th grade will love ntv noodle television it's dance to theme songs and regular songs to and that's really cool to! So if your looking for some fun fitness and just some cool videos this is the app to get!
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3 years ago, kguhtuhgrdghjuuu
So fun (but I’m a bit disappointed)
I think it’s wonderful but the version that I got didn’t have any motivation because when I go to school and I do they go noodles on the big Computer there is a motivation like every time you watch a video you get to change the characters but the version that I got it didn’t have that it was just watching the videos I still love this app but I wish I did have a goal.😍😍😍😍😍🙁
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3 years ago, gtfrgty
My kids love it
I got GoNoodle thinking they could work out but no so much dances that you can do and they were just hook and every single time they would play it until they wake up tonight and and I just just love it so I think you should get it so your kids can work out and sometimes I even work out with friends and plus you don’t have to sign in are you doing are you need is Wi-Fi
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5 years ago, Aiden Pierre
I love the appp :)
The app is really fun unicorn noodles is my favorite dance but there is also other fun things to do too. You can level up and when you get to the final you get to choose a new pet to evolve. Not only that. I would sometimes use this as a little workout there are many videos you can use for workouts. That’s really all I had to say I hope you enjoy this app too! Thank you.
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4 years ago, maireela
Hy what if you do this
Hy yoo what if we changed this to fun games and in the game ever thing on the app is a game and it would be free and and a buch of people would be on the app! And old people would be playing it TO! And people would play it so much and thiar would be math games and fun games and thair would be a line right in the metal of the games and one side of math games and a side of fun games people all over the world playing the game! Thank you for reading this I hope you have a great Day BY!😘 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑no💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍AMAZING!
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4 years ago, Nana Maxie
An Awesome Resource
I found out about Go Noodle as a substitute teacher in elementary school. I am a grandmother and I use it with my grandkids when they are hyper to calm them down, when they are cranky to distract them and give them something positive to think about, and to settle them down before bed. Truth be told, during this pandemic when I can’t go to the gym, I watch for myself when riding my stationery bike. Go Noodle is pure fun!!
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6 years ago, Nilly Nelly
Back up haters
If you hate this app your really not my friend because I listen too it all the time at school and at home!!! It even makes my teacher and mom laugh! (Trust me it’s hard too make my teacher laugh😄) so back of haters!!! And I really want too thank who ever made this game and made the videos in it!!! This game means a lot too me so thanks for reading my comment and have a nice day!!! P.S. not if you hate GoNoodle though...
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2 years ago, mirabell 8
I love go noodles but
Do you go to noodles but I’m just sad because I got rid of the characters that you could choose Level up my girls really loved to level them up and she’s new ones but they got rid of it and I don’t know why they were so fun but I still have the noodles and love them but I just really would like it if they are the characters back
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3 years ago, 🍪cookie gurl🍪
Dear GoNoodle,
Hiiii I’m Aubrey 🍒✨! I’m in 4th grade and I’ve been using GoNoodle since 1st grade😁! It’s so much fun and makes excising funnier than it should be 😂. If you are a teacher I definitely recommend this for your students 👍. It’s honestly for all ages and not cringey at all 😼. I’m just a little sad that they took away our ‘lil champs 😞. Please give us back are champs😔. They were so motivating 😄👍. Yeeeeee, love ya GoNoodle 😋! Love, Aubrey 🍒✨
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4 years ago, happy panacorn
This is just the best workout thing ever! It has so many workouts for so many different ages! From moose tube to net genoraition there are so many choices! They get you working and your muscles feel like they are getting SUPER BUFF! I also love how quirky they all are it’s not all “squat squat squat PUMP THOSE MUSCLES” it’s accuAly fun and interesting! Even my dad loves it and he is 49! Please get this app it is so fun and definitely worth it!🙂🤩😃😍
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5 years ago, Avacocottow
Good but there’s a better GoNoodle with more fun dances
This GoNoodle great but that there had better goNoodles with more songs with more dances better song this one is good but I rather have the other one and I have to say these are so Tony songs and this is a little addicting but GoNoodle is still a good app it took me to be really great well I was already grateful and this taught me to be even more grateful and also taught me to let go of anger I already knew how but this taught me even more
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6 years ago, Skin E. G.
Solid but lacks two things
Developing the champ is huge for kids. The app takes that away. Keeping me more likely to use the website and avoid it all together on mobile. That’s not to say the app isn’t good, it just takes something critical away. It’s also not as easy to search or sort. That functionality is there, it’s just a bit tedious. I like having the search available at the top. It’s only a minor gripe. If it wasn’t for the first, this wouldn’t be a big deal.
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4 years ago, happi gurl
My family loves the app!!😍
I love this app and so does the rest of my family. I think it has a lot of videos and even more fun in each video it is a fun app I can’t say no more because all I can say is that it has real people including kids bop kids and it has little cartoon characters they keep all kids moving and dancing but yeah that’s all 😉
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1 year ago, 2483540185
Omg this is sooo good 😊
This app is so good your kids can exercise with this can I have fun I am a 8 year oldAnd I love this even if this is for kids I still love this you can exercise every day I do this every day teacher should get this app because this reminds me of my first grade this is so good I love it so much we should get this app😊
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4 years ago, foxhead26
I loved Gonoodle, but where are the Champs?
Where are the Champs? Ok, we know where they are, but remember when we could level up Champs from watching 1 to 10 videos? And then when we did the same thing, but we could make our own Champ, and unlock new clothing and items. I missed that. Is it still avalible? If not, then please add it!
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4 months ago, Avia grace
OMG, this app is better than any app
Once I first played it, I didn’t know what to do but I known what to do for a while and now I’m good at it and I always do go noodle at my school and literally my favorite song is cheerleader and the Kidz Bop shuffle you got to buy this app please please please please please you love it
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5 years ago, Aspen sage
I’m nine this app is severely glitchy to me it doesn’t mater were I am or how much I update this app it is just super glitchy please try to fix this it never works and it gets really annoying. I don’t use this app at all unless I’m with my little cousins with I only see them twice every six months please please please fix this please? I would use this app so much more if you fixed it I love it but I don’t love the glitches again please fix THIS
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5 years ago, Meena Demesim
Very good but...
AWESOME LOVE THIS APP!!! But if I wanted to do anything while the video is one it would glitch! For example, if moosetube was on (I am not saying that ONLY moosetube has these problems just saying that it happens with all the channels) if I am watching moosetube and I want to go full screen it would glitch please fix!! Plus I can't even get into the app anymore it would say error and crash soooo annoying
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3 years ago, tlamberg
Love but needs Favorites!
Discovered this app from my school teacher sister and love it! We have favorite videos that would be great to easily get to or create a play list instead of having to manually navigate after each song.
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5 years ago, AidanDondo
It’s not working well.
Every time I do ONE GoNoodle dance, I do another one and it gives me a black screen. So I have to DELETE it and download it AGAIN so that is why it is not working well. Well actually... everytime I do a dance I have to do a different one. It says the bugs are fixed, but. They forgot ONE thing. They have do DELETE the black screen so you can do a the same dance. Sorry I whited so short. They do LONGER than me. Thank you and please fix that bug.
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7 years ago, Karate 🥋 kid
Deleting as soon as this review is done!
HORRIBLE ITS PLAIN HORRIBLE!!!!! It won't even let me watch KIDZ BOP on here!!!!!! But yet in "school" (we NEVER listen to gonoodle I only listen to it on my computer and after school cuz my mom is a teacher 👩🏻‍🏫) But seriously!!! I CAN FREAKEN LISTEN TO KIDZ BOP ON GONOODLE WHEN IM ON MY LAPTOP 💻 AND IN MU MOMS ROOM AFTER SCHOOL BUT NOT A FREAKEN PHONE 📱!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But don't get me wrong it's a great app as long as u don't want to listen to ANY OF UR FAVE SONGS or dance 💃🏻 to ANY OF UR FAVE SONGS!!!! OH AND CHANNELS!!! ON THERE!!!! And really great for exercise but bad if u want to listen to good songs!BTW only changing review if u add KIDZ BOP on there! 😭😭😭
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2 years ago, looking up to some body
Me miss grow character☹️
I’m used to be a huge fan, that I still am but the big reason me and lots of other kids enjoyed this app was because of the characters you could grow by watching videos so if there’s any dev’s reading this I’m not asking to weight back but could you pls maybe consider this
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6 years ago, Diana Gelz
Best kid exercise program
I love this program or app as you might call it it is so helpful and gets kids up and moving and it also can be about learning math or reading while dancing and exercising. If you are looking for something that will help you exercise this is it we do this at school and it is the best.
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6 years ago, itzPixella
This App Is AWESOME! 😎👏🏻
🤩♥️🌹🔥My little sister LOVE dressing up her monster and get to listen to the song that she knows. Only one thing is that I only use my computer because it’s much bigger than my phone. But this APP is FREAKING great! Keep adding more new update! 🔥🌹♥️🤩 (The only thing is that it takes lots of step to download it. IDK why.)
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5 years ago, colatola
It’s good but it could be way funner
So when I got this game I was so happy to use it thinking that the more videos you watch the closer to getting a new character. Now GoNoodle used to have this but they don’t have it anymore. I just got so disappointed when it did not have that but the app is still pretty fun. I really would get it if I were you.
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6 years ago, Millablueyes
Love Go Noodle but frustrated with the app
We’ve been using Go Noodle for years! Love it! Very aggravated with the app currently. Our access has been limited even though we have an account it wants us to submit a parent email. When we submit our info it says we already have an account. I’m unable to access the settings also.
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5 years ago, oofers draw it
LOVE IT🤩🤩 also have a few suggestions
I love GoNoodle soo much! I love the funny vids, and how they have a GoNoodle house party each week. I would totally recommend this app if you like weird and or funny vids. Ok, so here comes the suggestions! You should add Just Dance on GoNoodle! It would be super fun for classrooms and people who have it! Overall GoNoodle is an amazing app 🥰🥰🥰
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3 years ago, matey476
I love GoNoodle
I love GoNoodle guacamole is my favorite it’s so fun I love to do it in school and I also like to do it at home it’s a good way to keep me active and a good way to have fun and we love this so much GoNoodle has so much videos to offer it’s so fun it’s awesome thank you so much for bringing this app into my life it’s so fun
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5 years ago, gatorade gums
This brought back my child hood I LOVE IT
So when I was 5 I saw this app and when I first tried it BEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE EVERRR I used to dance my self till night and I told my friend to get it so if your reading this and you hate this app you are not a human being so to the people who love this app as much as I do you are my best friend now
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5 years ago, gett ouurtg. bbvvgg
Panda lover 9107
I love this app we did it when I was in kindergarten now I am in 1st grade but one problem can there’s only like 6 channels on go go noodles so that is very good but more channels there needs to be 57 more I know it sounds crazy but we do need 57 more i go to glen loch elementary so then since there is only a little bit and we do stuff almost every hour makes it worse so plz make more plz I am begging you
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6 years ago, katnissmadness4
GoNoodle Review
I completely love this app. It’s gotten me very energized. I dance along with MooseTube in the morning, and exercise with Fresh Start Fitness in the afternoon. I don’t really care there is no Kidz Bop on the app. I never enjoyed Kidz Bop as much as my classmates. Overall, this app is a lifesaver that helps me a lot when it comes to exercise and energy.
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5 years ago, JeffDJ1970
It is a great game but has hard things
It is a great game but has hard things like the dancing and PE. I played this game since second grade in a different class. When first had the game it keeps on freezing the screen. When you are at school a lot of kids are so embarrassed at each activity that looks really strange and weird.
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2 years ago, APete
I 💙 Gonoodle!
Gonoodle is not only fun for me but it is n for my kids. It gives us so much joy when we do yoga , dance and exercise. Every day they ask me if we can go onto it and I always say YES! We have so much fun on it. And my husband does to. We are so thankful for Gonoodle! We 💙 Gonoodle.
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5 years ago, lizzyplazroblox
Amazing app, I’m in love with the Addams family and the had a dance for that. The only thing that I want for GoNoodle to change is the have a limited time for dances and that makes me sad. Also they have this dance called bones, it teaches you about bones and I feel so blessed that GoNoodle is an app.
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4 years ago, emma catters
Plz read this GoNoodle
I think it was really fun but then you got the characters off of the game and only on computer or laptop please add them back in because what’s the point of GoNoodle when you don’t even grow up the characters please read this and if you respond thank you
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4 years ago, denis fam yes yes yes
This is so good! I’m just 7 years old and I love it! This is a great way to workout. Please add more songs and videos to exercise! I would LOVE To try more! My favorite GoNoodle channel is probably MooseTube. Thanks for this app. My class even uses this for brain breaks, and again thanks for the app!
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5 years ago, Layla Mittank
It could be better
I think that it would be better if it had a skip button for when you do it at home and you let it go through the songs but if it had a skip button it would be 5 Stars for sure 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠👍👍👍👍👍
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