Google Cardboard

2.7 (417)
41.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Cardboard

2.74 out of 5
417 Ratings
3 months ago, OhMan201212
About the product and the app
I have an iphone 15 pro and use it and it works just fine. The product is amazing except for the nose part. Mine didn’t come with foam but it is overall okay. You can’t really play games on it, but you can watch videos. It is hard to find vids so I screen record them, and I use my clipchamp video editor and place the video on both sides.
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2 years ago, chromium protogen
Amazing app back in the day
I have an iPod touch 5th gen and it has one of the best versions of the app honestly. The demos with the birds, flowers, and such were breathtaking. I used to lay in my bed and look up at the northern lights until I fell asleep but ever since I upgraded and put my iPod in a drawer I haven’t been able to do those demos or see the beautiful low poly landscapes. If you guys ever do an update again please bring them back, if not please export the assets used in all the demos and have them available for download as FBX files so we can create our own versions of this app for more platforms such as PCVR and Oculus.
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11 months ago, I prefer not to show nick nm
Love it
I love this game so much! It’s so cool i would recommend I have no glitches or anything but I didn’t see the reviews before I downloaded it there is such bad reviews and I was surprised since a good app, I have no problems or anything completely fine but I would give it 5 stars but you can’t like walk and actually move forward and stuff now hopefully it’s added in the future. Like on the dinosaur bone area I want to read the things on the signs now this is just something I’m now upset or anything just hope it might happen.
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2 years ago, MadMadMikey
It doesn’t work on newer iPhones.
This used to be my favorite app. When I upgraded to the 10 it stopped working. It’s just a shaken mess of images. None of them are viewable anymore. That being said, if it ever gets fixed it will become my favorite app again. You feel like you’re really inside the picture. Please, someone fix this. I have pictures of people in my life that are no longer with me. I want to be in the room with them again.
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2 years ago, Trainboy1EJR
If you have an older version of app, DON’T UPDATE IT!
Restart your phone until it works. Sure, they fixed the spinning, but removed all the content that was there before. Why did google abandon VR when it is taking off everywhere else? Even the iPhone SE2020 is more powerful than oculus quest. This app could have really gone places. Too bad it is just another casualty of google.
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5 months ago, No iPad 1!
I dont have a iphone.
Its good but every time i open the app i have to turn my ipad around for it to work if i had a phone i would recommend it
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1 year ago, jc_lims
Great but how do you download games on it
like it and I’m gonna get my VR cardboard tomorrow so but when I tried the demo, how do you download games usually I use a old iPhone and I don’t know how good the VR cardboard would be but I think I’ll like it so then I got this app but then for some reason why don’t it have games? please fix this, Google (from Liam)
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2 years ago, EpicGamer6544
Would recommend!
I had a lot of fun using this app, and found when you look up, and click, you go to space. This reminds me of Star Trek.
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2 years ago, Darren726t
Need more demos
So In the pictures of the app there are a lot of demos but I only got one demo. Now I know you updated this 4 months ago but please bring back the demos that were on here before you updated this
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1 year ago, cidesm
impossible to use
this doesn’t work at all the only thing you can do is look at the demo you can’t view anything other than the stupid 4-5 areas they already have on the app. I was told to get this by my professor for class but it doesn’t even work so I can view cities in different parts of the world smh
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2 years ago, ThanhNoLegend
Better Visual
At first I thought you guys were discontinuing Cardboard, but it finally got an update to keep it alive. That’s awesome! Just… don’t screw up next time.
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1 year ago, great app! 😸
Horrible app.
This app is horrible! They removed all the good stuff and now you can only look at pictures of museums. I used to LOVE this and use it with my cousin all the time, but they removed practically everything and now you have to use other apps for the google cardboard headset. I would rate this 0 stars if I could.
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2 years ago, TheElonFan
A question before downloading
Does it work if you are using some other vr headset?
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2 years ago, cokebottle9
Working on iOS 14.3
Doesn’t shake uncontrollably anymore. Latest 2022 update fixed the bug.
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1 year ago, life guard on duty
Google carbord
So you set up the game and you play I like this game because it let’s you play so much games
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1 year ago, sb fan101
Used to love it
I used to love looking at the beautiful poly landscapes and staring at the breathtaking northern lights. But ever since the update, it’s there is no demos and I can’t do that anymore. Pls bring back the demos for old times sake.
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7 months ago, still tryna beat after alterna
It was better when I was younger
It’s not good, when I was younger, I remember there being things like colidiscope and adventure and one where you could plant little flowers around but now it’s just boring and nothing to do
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1 year ago, jdjsjhwbsvehsbx
How do use the app
Once’s I got the evo be headset it made me go on demos and I was stuck there so many times and also they only have one controller like bro why one when you need two and that controller does not work and yes I did batteries but it still doesn’t work wast of time for me man
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7 months ago, Ben Kerwin
I hate how you guys have to make us take our phone out to press the buttons it is so annoying.
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4 months ago, Gagafreak!
I can’t get past the tutorial
I just download this game and the only thing that has is tutorial and explore I’ve been stuck on this for a long time
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2 years ago, Im not telling you who I am!
The best app!!!!
I have an iPhone 10 and it feels so real that I thought I was playing the oculus!! It’s the best!!!!
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2 years ago, Epic-T
Don’t waste your time
On any VR game I play by Cardboard, the screen keeps on shaking and spinning. There isn’t anything I can do about it. Why can’t they fix this!? Anyways, please just do something else and DO NOT download anything by Cardboard. Trust me, it’s not worth your time
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2 years ago, DDFrederick
No programs
It seems there are no programs to do here. There are just 4-5 VR pictures and that is it. There were a lot of programs before. I hope they improve this
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2 years ago, Frankga123
Get new apps button doesn’t take us anywhere.
The “Get New Apps” button is broken. Please Fix!
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2 years ago, miss fnaf fan
Really confused
So, I was getting kinda mad that the buttons weren’t working. Pretty confused as to why it’s not working. I don’t think it works on newer iPhones. Mine phone is an XR and it’s not really cooperating.
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2 months ago, ANIMALgirlBUTnotAfurry
I can’t organize
I downloaded apps that are available for cardboard but they are not appearing.. this app is basically useless if I can’t use it for that purpose.
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2 years ago, Nickname56790
App was fun.
The app is fun, if you have a Google Cardboard compatible headset, it’s kind of essential to have.
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6 months ago, Dear dune
I can’t get apps for google cardboard
It won’t let me get the apps from the library because it says I’m in the version 3.4.0 and I think it needs a huge fix and I mean a big one
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2 years ago, crypto80
The cardboard camera app is unavailable
We got the whole set up to find that you need an app to get the photos you need and that app is unavailable in most country’s
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1 year ago, KimMBlk
Please add free games that you can download off the app
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2 years ago, Trader YT
don’t buy
The game was fine at first, it was really fun and my family loved it! Later on, they removed EVERYTHING BUT THE TUTORIAL!!!! Do not install, find something better. Thanks for the worthless installation Google “cardboard vr”
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1 year ago, 11dfish11
We used this at school!
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1 year ago, Scotty_D
Used to be great!
This app used to show beautiful geometric landscapes of the coast and the hills. They took out all of it. It's all gone. Google can't even finish an idea before moving onto the next gimmick.
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5 months ago, Ron Torres
Big failure
This app does not even work with the books. It is useless left my kids very disappointed.
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2 years ago, cade the dirt eater
Doesn’t work on iPad
I don’t have a phone and I’m stuck with this, Google, if you are reading this, PLEASE make a google cardboard viewer for iPad thank you.
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1 year ago, Awsomedude😎👾🤑
You cannot really move or anything just look around and that’s it
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3 months ago, Danwa46
Bring back Cardboard Camera
How come they got rid of Cardboard Camera? I love that app they don’t have it anymore. Why did they abandon it?
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2 years ago, hbrnrb
Cool but I wished it had more places
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3 months ago, kingoftheuniverse19
Great experience
Awesome, super easy.
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1 year ago, aLways.emily_f0rEver!
This game is HORRIBLE
it just keeps spinning on newer iPhone versions and you can’t do anything with it. DO NOT GET
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6 months ago, lizinge
I do t even know how to get games and it won’t even let me
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2 years ago, dhdfghdfh
Don’t fall for it! It’s only 4 pictures and there not even interesting!!!
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2 years ago, Sneefle
So upset
I updated without knowing google was going to REMOVE ALL THE COOL CONTENT. Now it’s a mini slideshow. I hate you google.
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2 years ago, qwiker5324
iPhone bug ?
Doesn’t work on my IPhone? Thanks
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Doesn’t work
It keeps taking me to demos
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4 months ago, 123;sho
I could’t find a game
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1 year ago, Lola202220
Absolute garbage
It is nothing but demos and tutorials.
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2 years ago, BossNoodles
How do you move?????
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1 year ago, c xe be e C evens fry e C beh
C kind of kind
No games😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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9 years ago, Squidsmacker
If you don't think it's amazing, you're an idiot.
This is amazing! Blew my mind! Especially when you use the google cardboard goggles, that are available online! If you put them together properly and use them properly you should be blown away by what they've achieved using only cardboard a magnet and an iPhone. There are other apps for the Google cardboard goggles also. Some are amazing, and some are so-so, but regardless you are experiencing virtual reality, and given how early we are in virtual reality technology, this is a very nice taste of what is to come in the future. I love it so much! I've spent hours at a time, roaming around the different cities across the world! If you can't afford to go there this is a great substitute! Also... IT'S FREE!!!!
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