Google Classroom

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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Classroom

1.7 out of 5
11.7K Ratings
8 months ago, mad_mango
Needs search button
Google classroom is pretty helpful but as a student with classes that assign tremendous amounts of work.. I often can’t find an assignment in the Class work section as there is a lot of scrolling to do.. The app would be so much better with a search button to search the what assignment is. Suppose the Assignment is called “English 120”, there could be a little search bar on the top right hand side and you could search the assignment up. Once doing, google classroom would scroll up the assignment and ask, “Is this what you’re looking for?”. If it was right you could use the app like normal and get to your assignment. Thank you for making a helpful app but adding this function would help student all over.
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8 months ago, Lmokhhjigjnjhj
The design makes school work harder to do, it’s very complicated and I wish the style is more simple and minimalist and banners on the front page is just not it…the to-do list is horrible because you have to keep switching back and forth, like when you finish a missing assignment and want to complete all of the missing assignments you have to keep going back to that page. It would be better if there was boxes for each section and have them labeled. This needs an upgrade please take inspiration from other to-do lists (like classify) and apps. ALSO, please allow us to remove a class, BECAUSE teachers don’t want to or forget to remove it….like I am NOT IN MIDDLE SCHOOL… 🙄😡. And it needs a search button, like asap!! 🔴HAVE SIMPLE FRONT PAGE ITS SOOOOOO UGLY. IT should be MINIMALISTIC AND SIMPLE AND PLEASE MAKE IT CUSTOMIZABLE. LIKE I DONT WANT THE TEACHER TO PUT SOME GOOFY PICTURE ON THE BANNER, TO MAKE IT EASY For STUDENTS WE Should be able to customize the color, the banner(it’s easy for us to identify the class), everything the size except the assignments in the materials that the teachers post obviously. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WORK ON THE DESIGN!!🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
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4 months ago, gamerguy932
Google Classroom's shortcomings extend far beyond mere inconvenience; they represent systemic failures that impede effective learning and compromise student privacy. The platform's clunky interface and lack of essential features create a learning environment rife with frustration and inefficiency. Moreover, Google Classroom's reliance on internet connectivity further exacerbates educational disparities, leaving students in underserved areas behind without access to crucial resources. Privacy concerns loom large over Google Classroom, as the platform's integration within the Google ecosystem facilitates the collection of vast amounts of student data. This data harvesting raises alarming questions about the security and ethical use of sensitive information, potentially exposing students to privacy breaches and exploitation. Furthermore, Google Classroom's vendor lock-in traps schools in a cycle of dependence, stifling innovation and preventing them from exploring alternative solutions that may better suit their needs. In essence, Google Classroom isn't just flawed—it's a deeply flawed system that undermines the very principles of effective education and student well-being.
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5 months ago, hdnchdkbdiskd
i dont know why everyone rates it 1
overall it is a good way to organize your assignments, but i have seen horrible reviews that had stupid reasons. one of them said "the missing work folder can make you have suicidal thoughts." so you are telling me every mistake you make makes you suicidal? get a grip. it literally helps you out and the whole point of it being there is so you can finish it and you wont get a bad grade for not doing it AT ALL. another reason i saw from it said "you look at the screen too much." you are literally looking at the screen as you write the review. in school, there will be tests that require screen time, especially in college. you will need to do work on technology. people overreact and downrate this because it relates with school which is so stupid. so if you are reading this, trust me, google classroom is good.
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6 months ago, silly bunyy lol
Profile picture
Hello! I love Google classroom it’s a nice way I can keep track with school stuff. But for 2 whole years I haven’t been able to change my profile picture because I changed it to many times😒. I have been trying everything I could to change it but I guess I can’t so thanks a lot for that😁.One of my classmates was obsessed with this one actor, (mind you this was in kindergarten) and one day she tried to change it and she could not. She cried so much because she hated it about 7 months later. To this very day people still ask her “who’s that?” And she gets annoyed now on to my story. Me being a little kid👧 I changed it every single day! One day I changed it to a rose. I didn’t want that as my picture! I just picked it!!! Now it’s been a year and I’m still very upset! so 🙏PLEASE🙏 make it so you can change your picture as many times as you want. EVERY ONE HATES IT HOW IT IS!
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4 months ago, Melinia3
Add a warning pls
So I’ve been using google classroom for almost 4 years at this point. By my experience with it, it’s a decent app. But, I do have a minor issue with it. The issue I have is the x beside the assignment. You know when you click on an assignment and you’ll see the doc or slide or whatever has an x on the side? I’ve mistakenly clicked it multiple times losing my assignment and having to have my teacher reassign it to me again. I do really wish they would put a little warning like, “Are you sure you want to delete this page?” Or smth close to that. Just so if you accidentally click the x button you can redo your mistake and keep your assignment. But other than that I can’t recall other issues I have with the app. Like I said before, it’s a decent app, I would definitely recommend it! 3.7/5
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5 months ago, Jamal6969!@
Horrible worse ever do not recommend one star review
This app is a nightmare. I have been gotten booty spanks from my mother from missing assignments that teachers accidentally put on and I had to pay the price I do not recommend this app because it’s a nightmare and do you want to torture your child no so I recommend not getting this app at all and might as well just banned the app like do not download so this app can be shut down so your child does not have to suffer. Please do not get this app and I’m talking about schools school. You will get hacked spam. Do not recommend please do not get this app if you want your child to suffer, then get the app, and that kind of makes you horrible guardian/parent would make you bad PS I have trauma and experience from this app. I have been going to therapy for five years now because of this app do not recommend if I disappear. Well I blame Google classroom please and thank you do not get this app might as well get rid of it.
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5 months ago, uvygvggvftvtgvyvtfctfctfc
Great for school!
Hello I’m a middle school student and just wanted to write about how great this app and how it helps me! First of all a lot of these reviews seem fake, unreal, silly and simple user problems that they’re too unknowledgeable to figure out. First of all the missing assignments issue is not a problem as long as you push the turn in button for an assignment. It’s really simple, get your work done by the due date, upload and turn it in to google classroom, and push the turn in button and be done with the assignment. It helps me organize and be aware of my assignments and what I have to do. I highly recommend this app! It’s easy to use, simple, highly helpful and highly effective. Hope this review helps!
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4 weeks ago, jack on the attack
This app has caused so much stress and mental health damage. This app has put me in very dark places and has made me have very dark thoughts (including suicidal ones). The new features that allow teachers to lock assignments and also mark assignments as a 0 before the due date makes it exponentially worse. I’m constantly walking on eggshells all 10 months of the school year because off this app. There’s also a lot of bugs like sometimes I can’t even put pictures on the assignment so I have to wait a few hours then try again and I have a new phone with good WiFi so it’s the app’s fault. High school is already hard but this app makes it so much worse. Please do something about this evil and despicable app. Please do something about this because I don’t want to go through 10 months of mental torture next school year. This app makes me so stressed that I delete it during summer vacation to not think about it.
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2 months ago, Smartiestpants#1
I agree that it is stupid to rate this a 1
Google classroom is a great school homework app to help you find what you need to do. I don’t get why people are rating it a one just because it’s on a screen and just because apparently you’re missing work will make you suicidal. It is a great app to help you find what missing work you need to do, and to show you what your teacher has posted for you I do wish you could change the color of it and the banner of it but otherwise this is my number one school homework app that I would choose hopefully people will learn to love this app and appreciate that it shows you’re missing work and what your teacher has posted.
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5 months ago, Ricky the gamer 123
Does not blend with modern IOS
Google classroom is very inconsistent with its theme. With a feature so basic it was added in 2019 google classroom is yet to support it. The feature in talking about is dark mode. Google docs and google slides ( the most popular google applications with teachers ) both support dark mode. However if I were to open a google document in google classroom the document would appear in all white. This is extremely infuriating as it is such a basic feature. My school chooses to use iPads and the battery percentage gets covered up by the light theme. The last seven months on the app’s update history only show “bug fixes and performance improvements” this is a serious issue google. This feature would take 10 minutes to add and make the experience using the app far better. Do better google. I am disappointed in this software.
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4 months ago, 28263836374746382826383836
Great, But…
I honestly think this app/website is one of the best school apps especially over COVID times. I also agree about the ‘Missing Work’ is not the best system but gets it done fast. And sometimes in the website in the ‘Grade’ tab. There is no Final grade or %, which I need to fill out for Report cards. I don’t think this will ever be a feature but, can you add a suggestion test or quiz. Where if you make questions or assignments with questions then it will copy some words down and make questions. Then confirm with you if you would like that test or quiz, so that you don’t have to take a long time on making them yourself. Thank you for your time.
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6 months ago, k3nnnnnnnnnnnn
so I woke up like any normal day . I got out of bed and got ready for school. Only to see my mom with a google classroom missing assignment I forgot to do she muttered … “google classroom , google classroom will come for YOU . “ I ignored her anyways. But when I walked out of the door I saw the missing assignment in my laptop on the top of my car.. I got it down and clicked only screen, only for it to say “GOOGLE CLASSROOM” and so I drove to school, getting kind of weirded out . I went to go to talk to my best friends to tell them what was happening, and they all muttered “ Google classroom …. Google class room …” And so I left and went to my class, the school bell rang. Everyone looked at me and said “Google classroom… Google classroom.. GOOGLE CLASSROOM.” so with that, I ran out of the school to only see google classroom with a knife ! 😨😱 It came up and STABBED ME. NEVER USE THIS APP . ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
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4 months ago, Jack white the third
Google classroom is awful
Google Classroom, while widely used as an educational platform, has its drawbacks. One significant issue is its potential to exacerbate inequalities in education, particularly in areas with limited access to technology or reliable internet connections. Additionally, the platform can contribute to a depersonalized learning experience, lacking the nuanced interactions and feedback provided in traditional classroom settings. Moreover, heavy reliance on Google Classroom may lead to an overemphasis on screen time, detracting from opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning. Furthermore, concerns regarding data privacy and security persist, as the platform collects extensive information on students' online activities. Overall, while Google Classroom offers convenience and organization, its drawbacks underscore the need for careful consideration of its role in education.
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1 month ago, good but money.....
Worst app
Google classroom makes thing obnoxiously difficult to see. For example missing assignments. When I click on missing assignments it says nice work or something. When I go into the schools grading website it says I have missing assignments. Yeah because this apps real reliable. When I turn something in but have to add something so I unsubmit it and when I turn it back in it says late even though I actually turned it in days before the due date. And lastly even though the list of reasons why this app should be canceled or banned is because when you work with a partner the teacher says only one partner has to turn it in, well for the other fricking person, this special app says it’s missing, and then the parents get mad that it’s missing but it’s really this stupid special app.
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7 months ago, trelosxxx
So scary
In the dim glow of the computer screen, students logged into Google Classroom for an ordinary assignment. Little did they know, a mysterious link appeared, leading them to a virtual classroom never seen before. As they entered, the eerie silence hinted at something amiss. The teacher's virtual presence was replaced by a shadowy figure. Strange whispers echoed through the virtual space, and the assignments took a sinister turn, demanding personal information. Unsettled, the students tried to exit, only to find the "Leave" button disabled. One by one, their screens flickered, revealing glimpses of unsettling images. The whispers grew louder, mirroring their deepest fears. Desperation set in as they realized they were trapped in a digital nightmare. Frantically searching for an escape, the students uncovered cryptic messages hidden in the assignments. The ghostly figure taunted them, weaving a narrative of doom. Each completed task seemed to bring them closer to an unknown abyss. As the virtual clock ticked, the once-familiar Google Classroom transformed into a realm of horror. The students, bound by the sinister link, faced a choice – succumb to the digital darkness or unravel the mysteries within the haunted assignments to break free from the nightmarish grip of the Google Classroom.
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6 months ago, Guy #27
Bugs and uselessness
I am a high school student in my sophomore year and whenever I want to do my work at home I prefer to do it on my phone rather than my buggy, slow, and half broken school laptop. So when I use my app I run into the same unnecessary bugs and glitched that I feel could have an easy fix but has not gotten any attentions. Like when I do an assignment and it still puts it as to do, or how slow upload and just basic loading speeds are, and for a multibillion company and a website/app to have updates that fix nothing is just annoying at this point. I feel that someone else need to step up and actually create an optimal and functional app/website for this but until then I will have to bang my head against this brick wall.
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2 months ago, DIDHKHEIUGHS
Please do not download this app under any circumstance. I am a student and I find google classroom to be absolutely deplorable and a terrible excuse for a “tool” to help educators. By the time the website actually loads up, I hate sprouted white hairs in my scalp and am in need of dentures. It makes me sick to my stomach how many teachers use this diabolical app. The app keeps past due work from completely different terms, making it enraging to work with. You could put me in a room with a serial killer and the creators of this damned app and asked me to choose one to execute, and I would’ve chosen whoever made this disgusting and dreadful “tool”. I have the sudden urge to fly off of a rooftop whenever I am opening up this website, so, please do not under any circumstance download this app.
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7 months ago, ThatJadon 26 YT
Has some bugs and no search
How is there no search bar for assignments when this is literally made by Google, which owns the top search engine? Sometimes it’s hard looking for assignments based on how teachers organize it, name it, or if it’s old. Also it has some minor annoying bugs like if I click a notification for a announcement, it just takes you to the Home Screen instead of the post. I also hate how you either get notifications or you don’t; you can’t pick what type or what class gives notifications. Like I don’t need to be notified about a new assignment being posted, my teachers already tell me.
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8 months ago, hcy fbvfhb
Horribly designed app
I am not exaggerating when I say that it is embarrassing on google’s part that this app is the way it is. The classes layout entails constant scrolling and assignments that are due soon never pop up under the class like they do in the web browser Google classroom. When you’ve clicked on a class and go to turn in for an assignment, the pdf scanner is not user friendly at all and it always takes 1-2 minutes to upload anything outside of the Google suites. One good feature is that the app notifies you when an assignment is near do, except the notification does not tell you what class it is for and when you click on the notification it just brings you to the classes page… not the assignment.
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2 months ago, Deeeeez Nuuuuts 16592
Bad review
While Google Classroom offers basic functionality for educational purposes, it falls short in several key areas. The interface is often clunky and unintuitive, making navigation a frustrating experience for both teachers and students. Additionally, the platform lacks robust features compared to more specialized learning management systems, limiting its effectiveness for complex educational needs. The grading system is rudimentary at best, making it challenging for teachers to provide detailed feedback. Furthermore, technical glitches and downtime are not uncommon, causing disruptions to online learning. Overall, Google Classroom's shortcomings make it a subpar choice for educators seeking a reliable and user-friendly platform for remote teaching and learning.
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8 months ago, Thinkingofthesea
Highly recommend!!!
I have been using Google classroom for years and I’ve never had any problems with the app whatsoever. It’s effective and aesthetically pleasing. Knowing what homework I have to complete has never been so easy. I’m a high school student, and I think it’s pretty disrespectful to the people who worked hard and made something amazing to give the app one star just because you don’t like homework. Trust me, you’d like homework a lot less if you didn’t have Google Classroom to organize it all for you. Just sayin’.
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2 months ago, hereeryheh fb u
As I lay in bed, the glow of my phone lighting up the room, I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. It was almost midnight, and I should have been fast asleep, but something felt off. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it—a flicker of movement on the screen. Google Classroom, its digital form materializing before me, its eyes glowing with an eerie light. I froze, unable to tear my gaze away as it slithered closer, its presence sending shivers down my spine. I tried to move, to scream, but I was paralyzed by fear. And then, with a sudden jolt, I felt it—the sensation of something cold and digital wrapping around my toes. Google Classroom was here to feast, and I was its unwitting prey. With each passing moment, its grip tightened, and I could feel it draining the warmth from my toes. I wanted to resist, to fight back, but I was trapped in its digital embrace. As the night stretched on, I could do nothing but watch in horror as Google Classroom satisfied its hunger, leaving me trembling in the darkness, a silent witness to its insatiable appetite for toes. So I do not recommend
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7 months ago, Aidaven
What is wrong with yall
This is a school app called Google Classroom it’s not like it’s gonna torture you…. Teachers put the students work on it so we can do our school work on it! If it was torture it would not be on our school laptops it would be banned off there. I trust this app. It is so easy to do work for school on it. If you give it a 1 star rating or 0 that’s cruel you just wanna avoid doing school work on this app. I gave it a 5 star rating because i know what to do and i know how to work this app it is the best app for school work!
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5 months ago, Strawberrycherryblossom
Google classroom is the best! The 1 star reviews is just made up stories
I got scared when I saw 1 star reviews but I realized they were just made up stories. So I try Google classroom to do my homework and nothing wrong with it! I started to love Google classroom because I can do my homework, even on my iPad. However, I can't type something for my homework so can you please add something I can type? That will be helpful but if you can't then that's alright! Google classroom is the best! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
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2 months ago, Somethingelseish
I like this app
So I’m am a student myself and there is nothing wrong with this app the reviews that have been written for this are fake and all the things like Oh I WoKe Up AnD My TeAcHeR KiLlEd Me are waaay too fake like, it’s an app and if your teacher killed you how would you be writing a review? Also, if your teacher does try to kill you there is something wrong with your teacher and you should call 911. But seriously I hate school but at least I’m being honest unlike SOME PEOPLE.
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6 months ago, jordanbian
regards to bad reviews
google classroom is a really good app and there are several solutions to what people are saying. more recent comment is a search bar, if you need to search for an assignment and are using a chromebook of computer use Ctrl F that way it'll be easier to help. on phones just try your best to remember where the assignment was and you know you can actually switch topics to look through. so don't come at the creators for something you can do on your own.
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8 months ago, Muazama Sajid
Need search button and Notification side
I am a student and having search button would be lot easier to find any assignment, and also i really really want to have an update for the notification center. In google classroom we have 3 sections; classes, calendar and To-do, if you add a notification section in which we can tap to see if our teacher has left a comment, assigned new assignment, and graded our assignment, it will be really helpful for all of us students to be at top of our work.
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4 months ago, WinterGaming💙
Rating it 5 stars to spite the 9 year olds trying to get the app gone
There’s literally nothing wrong with it. “It makes you suicidal” dawg go get in a relationship with someone who treats you like trash, then come back and tell me how you feel. “You look at the screen too much” how about you stop using TikTok for 17 hours a day. Genuinely grow up and just learn that the app isn’t that bad. If anything, iReady is absolute garbage but thankfully I’m in high school and we don’t do that 😙
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3 days ago, Idk but slay✨✨✨
Ok so first off, it’s a amazing app, why is it rated soo low? Like I get it, it might have some mishaps but like I saw a review about it giving somebody suicidal thoughts, like whattttt overall I love this app, we use it in class and I love it. :D but like it’s literally rated 1.7 out of 5. Why? It’s a good app u don’t even get adds! It might just be ur device if it’s acting THAT badly I hope you read all of this and pls don’t get affected by anything I said I’m simply expressing my opinion >:D bye now!
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2 months ago, 『 Snapdragon 』
Ignore most bad reviews — this app works well
As a freshman in high school, I’m gonna tell you that most of those bad reviews are young kids who are just complaining about school or making troll/chat GPT reviews. If I need to check an assignment, or ESPECIALLY take a picture of a physical paper to submit to an assignment, it’s as easy as pie (I think that’s a saying lol). There’s probably flaws, but I don’t use the mobile app extensively, so it’s not a big deal to me. I still prefer Schoology in a good many ways, but Google Classroom isn’t terrible.
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4 months ago, uabsydbsis
Too many bugs, very challenging to submit work.
My school requires us to use this program daily in order to maintain a passing grade and what is the point if there are bugs? When I try to submit work to google classroom through sharing, it won’t let me unless the app is already open in the background and it is just very annoying. Also, when I try to submit work, it won’t let me choose the class to submit to until another one pops up first that is probably not even a class, like please let me choose the class first before you automatically load up a “class” that is most of the time not.
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2 months ago, samthesquirrel
Worst app!
Google classroom has been a replacement for physical homework for awhile now, but students have been known to not be learning enough with it! In my 26 years of teaching I have never came across a problem where students cheat so much online, copy and paste, and end up learning nothing. This deserves to be taken down so that students can learn properly. It has been scientifically proven that writing with a pencil can help you actually remember and learn better. Online work using this app is useless. Take it down and rethink this App Store! Teachers please be cautious when using this app! You may not know when your students do it!
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2 months ago, LegolasGreenleafBeHot
Slow and nearly impossible to work with
As a student, this app is used everyday, if not multiple times per day in class and at home. It’s almost impossible for an entire class to finish one assignment per day(even though we’re in HIGH SCHOOL…) due to the slowness and poor detailing of the app. And no, it isn’t a personal or school Wi-Fi or reception issue, because every other app and chrome extension works completely fine (both in school and at home) compared to this one. Not only is it slow, but the updates of the app are years behind where they should be along with many student privacy issues.
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6 days ago, NorrisLuvsU
Okay app. But….
I like Google classroom as it takes away paper assignments and my generation really loves doing everything online. My complaint though, is that I am an eighth grader. I don’t need some dumb app notifying me every morning when I have an assignment due! I will get it done! Trust me! And also, I hate it when I turn an assignment in late for whatever reason, and I says “TURNED IN LATE” in big red letters instead of “turned in” in small green letters. It drives me nuts! Even when I talk to my teacher about turning it in late the app still screams at me. Finally, my friends told me that if an app gets below 1 star they will remove it from the App Store, so I’m just tryna help!
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7 months ago, imnotknitting
Annoying and bothersome
I have used this app for school, and it is very annoying. Whenever I have to log into it on my chromebook, it takes at least 5 minutes for my classes to load. It's very annoying on Iphone, too. Not only is it laggy, but the format is extremely difficult to use. On iphone, the text is extremely large and so I have to scroll down to see my classes. On chromebook/computer, it's so hard to see the due date for my assignments and it's difficult to find teachers notes, to turn in, and how to see all the assignments I need. I despise this app and am hoping for it's removal.
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6 months ago, aaaaaaaaa dolphins
Why is it so bad?
Google classroom is designed to make everything simpler when it comes to school. But it is not flexible and hard to navigate, in addition to no dark mode. Points for improvement: 1) A completed in class feature. I’m so tired of assignments being counted as missing or late because I did paper copies. Because I was in class. Doing the work. 2) A search feature. Seriously it’s not that hard. Give me a search bar for my courses with a million subsections. I don’t want to scroll. I don’t want to not be able to submit something if I forgot the name and my teacher is unorganized. 3) A dark mode setting. This is self explanatory. 4) More customizable options. I’m lucky because my school is organized. My teachers so far are also organized. But if they weren’t I’d be in serious trouble when it comes to google classroom. That’s how much trash this app is it does the bare minimum, and it’s disappointing. Do better.
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7 months ago, Reviewing man from Kentucky
!IMPORTANT! App Crashes Everytime
This was a fantastic app, it worked all the time, and It was very helpful and easy to use for school. This was until something happened like it updated, or my phone updated, because now it crashes instantly when I specify open an assignment rubric that they made in the app. It’s no problem with my phone, as I have a 13 and it’s fully capable of running the app, and has fully in the past. But how, nope. If you could fix that It would be amazing, thanks.
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3 months ago, stellar_skies
Unexpected, but nice!
As an esteemed gentlemen, I procrastinate a whole lot, so much in-fact, you’d say i’d walk off a cliff and not notice because i’m in deep thought. So I downloaded this miraculous app, thinking my procrastination problems would be resolved. Yet, when I pressed on the white board icon, something strange happened. A man knocked on my door, turns out it was CaseOh. “Hey, I’ll need 8 vigintillion cheese burgers, stat,” CaseOh said. “Sorry, I don’t give 1x1 lego bricks food,” I responded. That was not a good decision. “BANNED!” CaseOh screamed. Two orbs, one red, one blue, started rotating around him. He then proceeded to crash the two orbs together and blast it in my vicinity. Now, I am stuck in an endless void full of other people who have been banned by CaseOh. Overall, very fun!
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1 month ago, Venup06
Google Classroom, alas, fails to ascend to the summit of pedagogical prowess. Its interface, bedecked with convoluted contours and a paucity of intuitive elegance, vexes both educators and scholars, transmuting the act of navigation into a Sisyphean odyssey of vexation. Assignments, prone to the caprices of vanishment or the afflictions of faulty uploadery, sow the seeds of undue angst and cognitive befuddlement. Moreover, the grading mechanism, bereft of bespoke adaptability and nuanced customization, impairs the judicious evaluation of academic endeavors. Lamentably, the dearth of robust custodial succor exacerbates these tribulations, leaving users adrift in a tempest of discontent. In summation, Google Classroom, notwithstanding its lofted aspirations of educational optimization, regrettably succumbs to the labyrinthine intricacies it purportedly seeks to ameliorate.
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3 months ago, instagram @elchiquitoalto
User interface
While Google Classroom offers basic functionality for online learning, its user interface feels outdated and clunky. Navigating through assignments and materials can be confusing, especially for younger students or those unfamiliar with the platform. Additionally, the grading system lacks flexibility and customization options, making it challenging for teachers to provide meaningful feedback. The lack of integration with other popular educational tools also limits its usefulness. Overall, Google Classroom falls short in providing a seamless and intuitive online learning experience.
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6 months ago, isabella v jimenez
Love it! But…
I love Google Classroom and as a student it makes life so much easier for me, however I have only one complaint. I believe it would save me and so many other students around the world a lot of time if we could pin assignments so they could stay at the top! I hate having to scroll all the way down to find something that we use everyday as a class. Please look into this, it will be greatly appreciated!!
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1 month ago, illwonheeit
Super helpful app
I don’t know why people are putting reviews with 1 star. I was reading them and they are so silly and make no sense. They are just kids who don’t like school and stuff. Honestly, this is such a good app for school, considering the fact it’s free and offers many features. This is a really helpful app and I really recommend it for doing work and for school in general. :)
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1 month ago, SARAHH …~~^^
the best app to organize my assignments!!
Personally this is my favorite app to organize my assignments. I’ve seen lots of 1 star reviews with very stupid reasons. One of them was “I got booty spanks from my mother because of missing assignments”. That is not a good reason. What does your problems have to do with the quality of this app? Anyways, this app is very good, and you should download it 100%!!!
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2 months ago, Addy-Girl
I really like the use of Google Classroom, it’s very neat and clean and it tells us where everything is and if something is due, but, I read a review on here that mentioned having a missing work folder would be helpful. I agree with the comment, a missing work folder would be useful so students can see what is missing and needs to be turned in. Other than that, I think this app is very useful. 😁
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7 months ago, jp31380
Recent updates still fail to fix the bugs that plague the iPad app.
The newest update ruined d the app. I can no longer write and edit any doc for my students. No doc, pdf, sheet, nothing. Completely useless for my needs. Random crashes...freezes...sync issues with what I input in my iPad not showing up on the website. It is such a mess since the summer. I thought that with several updates having been pushed out since then the issues would be resolved. But it hasn't. Updates claim bug fixes but the major ones are still present.......a complete mess.
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6 months ago, b vhfhgvhgv
Very good
Makes school work easier, the design is immersive and creative. It makes learning fun for my child who, before using google classroom; was barely passing and even repeated a class. However, after using google classroom; her grades were A and higher and she was the top of her class. Google Classroom’s phenomenal design has made my daughter’s life way easier, Thank You.
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4 months ago, billy bobby 22
BAD 😡😡😤😤
bad just bad. makes me angry to see notification from my teachers every second of every day about assignments. the page is also UGLY make it customizable please I hate the ugly designs my teachers made. do not download this, and if you have it delete it. It lowers my self esteem which can cause depression which than leads to death 😱😱. Unless you want to be sad and mad don’t get this app even if your school wants you too. unless they threaten to take your family don’t download this….actually if they threaten your family still don’t download it family is not worth this torture
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7 months ago, Oliver Braky
Really Nice
This app is honestly awesome for a student and a teacher. It helps you organize your classes and assignments, gives you your grades right there, and it’s also super neat because it organizes all of your work you have into folders in google drive! For those reviews saying 1 star, they have to be lying. I mean, it’s google—it connects all of your stuff in one place.
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7 months ago, dogy too the core
Nothing actually bad
There’s nothing wrong with the app as far as I can tell. It’s designed well, so I can get my work done. The only thing that troubled me was to get Google classroom to stop emailing me every time my teacher posted something, however that just took a quick search on Google. The bad reviews are just students who hate school.
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