Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

4.5 (4.3K)
58.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Google LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

4.53 out of 5
4.3K Ratings
6 months ago, Anakoni76
Good App
The app runs smooth, and they have made several changes that have made the experience better in my opinion. Although there are still some titles in my library that do not show cover art. And I would suggest that when showing titles in alphabetical form, don’t group all titles that have the word “The” in the beginning of the title together.
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6 months ago, JesusDaughterOnAMission
Highly upset
I often spend money to purchase material to watch if my favorites. However, I have receipts of things I purchased and was able to view it on my library and then go back to watch later and it’s no longer present. I go back to look at how to retrieve my purchase and it says after so many days it’s no longer retrievable as the warranty is no longer valid. So basically I paid for the purchase to have for ever yet I really paid for it to rent because I can’t get it again. So irritated. I don’t have money to just give to you Google especially when I’m a valuable client who purchases a lot. Then, I had to make two accounts because my other one won’t even let me buy anything anymore. I’m not sure if I’ve purchased too much on that account so I had to make another? Not sure but I didn’t use to have so many issues until just recently and it’s not making me really happy. If it continues I’ll just start going with Apple products which I prefer Google.
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5 months ago, Applelights
Behind the curve
The app would have been a good start 5 years ago but when comparing to ReelGood or JustWatch it simply is light years behind. Design wise it certainly doesn’t fit well on iOS. Most importantly you can’t track episodes of seasons. Only supports a limited number of services. For You or Your Stuff should be the default page not Highlights which is just filler. Ideally more blended together. In the end can’t hold a candle to ReelGood and it’s strength of course is being built into GoogleTV so it’s the one we all want to want to use but google makes thst difficult. The only other benefit is it’s search feature is far better than the competitors. You can misname or type but it knows what you mean and you can search for movies similar to another which works well. I don’t expect to see much progress in this app which is too bad since the TV ui on Google TV is much better.
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7 months ago, The Hot Sexy Taco
Promising foundation, but could still use improvements
This app is smooth and has an easy-to-navigate layout, but I’m hoping that in time there will eventually be an option to remove shows and/or movies from the “Continue Watching” section of my Home Screen? Also it’d be very nice to be able to track each specific episode of the TV shows I’m watching as I finish a single episode at a time, not just each show in their entirety. Other than that, I really like the app - maybe it could expand to include even more streaming services as movie or TV show sources, but I have no suggestions outside of that.
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8 months ago, mathew alexander colon
Free shows and movies
I wanted to find this show I have been looking for years but it won’t let me watch it because it’s locked I want it to be free to watch anytime of the day I think that’s what would make the app a lot better for me and other people.
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5 months ago, Borey Bollins
Latest update made app unusable
I don’t understand why change up everything on an app that worked well. The remote feature is completely changed, yet doesn’t work anymore. The update ruined the app, it doesn’t even show a remote option most the time, but a third party app will work. Even when it works the app gets stuck on haptic vibrations and keeps registering pushing the up arrow button even though I’m not touching it. Switching over to 3rd party remote app until Google can get it together
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1 month ago, ShadowDemonicAngel
Have an iPhone 13 on ios 16.6
All my movies and tv shows are gone. Want to watch a movie or show on Google tv. It shows there in my library, but I looked for my movies and tv shows and all I see is a black screen with no movies or tv shows. I purchased all the movies and tv shows on years ago when it was Google play movies and tv. I don’t want to purchase all the movies and tv shows on iTunes when I bought them on the google play store and there supposed to be show up in the google tv app.
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4 months ago, MIXXMASTA
Y did you remove the option to watch in full screen when people have expensive phones that can show this resolution etc
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7 months ago, movie recommendations
Don’t recommend
This app I downloaded to watch a certain movie and had to pay 5$ for. The movie started then would stop and just play the sound. If you restart it it will do the same thing. And if you just wait for it to catch up with its self it won’t. I’ve been dying to watch this and I finally payed for it and I’m wasting my money trying to watch it. This is very frustrating. I have done everything in the books with this app.
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6 months ago, Together now
Good but could be better
Honestly if it remembered the show’s and movies I have already watched it would be awesome however I keep getting suggestions repeatedly of things I have already viewed but it is nice having most everything in one place to look through.
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1 month ago, Fall woman
Where’s my stuff!!’nn
I have on both Apple devices(phone and iPad) nothing . where my Google Movie Library’s should be is a blank page. This is not a functioning app. I can’t even talk to anyone…..Google or Apple….I hope the come up with a better operating system than you both!!!!!
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2 months ago, sethrickard05
Ocean’s Twelve/Thirteen Errors
For 5 months, I’ve submitted support tickets regarding the following issue: when you click play on the movie Ocean’s Twelve, it says it is playing Ocean’s Twelve, but the actual movie that begins is Thirteen. Additionally, if you click play on the movie Ocean’s Thirteen, it says it is playing Ocean’s Twelve, yet it plays Ocean’s Thirteen… I paid for both of these movies, yet I don’t have access to Twelve, and Thirteen is incorrectly labeled. I expect these issues from a joke mom-n-pop company’s app, not from Google.
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6 months ago, IzzyBee123
It’s okay
I do like this app for buying movies, but my only problem is when you “download for offline viewing” it doesn’t actually work. It’ll still ask you to be connected to the internet. I’ve gone camping or stayed in a hotel and tried to watch movies I’ve downloaded on the app on my iPad and they simply don’t work.
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3 months ago, Violagirl1996
Awful app. Remote doesn’t work after connecting to tv.
I can never open the app, connect to the tv, and get access to the remote. I have to open the Apple Remote app in order to get access to the google tv remote in app. It makes no sense. And if I leave the google tv app without closing the application, the remote disappears even though my tv is still connected. Instead, there will be a blank pop up that says “no content”. Worthless app.
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2 months ago, The biggest choice
All my favorites
So many great different shows to watch!Makes me want to watch tv all day!
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5 months ago, Chris.7620
Remote option
The remote feature that connects to your phone is glitching or something but it just disappears randomly and sometimes won’t load please bring back the freaking remote button option that opens the remote on your phone :(
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6 months ago, pearlthewolf123456789
New app platform is very disappointing
Ever since google play was “upgraded” to the google home platform there has been one glitch after another. Either a movie purchased with google play lingers in purgatory forever or it no longer casts. I have been using google chrome sticks on several televisions in my home for over 10 years and referred many to them, at this juncture wish I hadn’t.
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6 months ago, Arrietty Arieta
Unable to view show I purchased
I purchased an entire season of a show when the season started, but the past 4 weeks of episodes still only show up on my account on the actual site, not the app. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and NOTHING, and it won’t let me actually stream from the site it redirects me to the app. What a waste of money
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8 months ago, AChiz86216
I purchased an entire season of a TV show and I can’t watch it due to an error stating that I should restart the app to fix the issue. No. Nothing is fixed l after following these directions and I’m going on Week Two with no resolution. Debating if I should dispute the charge for services purchased but not rendered. Steer clear.
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1 month ago, Lynkelly9100
Google Play
Please bring back google play. The interface is so busy now, I don’t want to see suggestions or buy other stuff I want a clear screen with everything I have already purchased. Also, why is there no continue watching? Every single time I have to remember what I’m up to and stroll down to play.
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3 months ago,
The only reason I have this downloaded is so I have an extra remote on hand when the kiddos loose the physical one. Before this new update it worked great but now it takes minutes before it even gives the option for the remote. It’s been nothing but a pain since it updated.
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4 months ago, HowieH914
Remote App Functionality is Glitchy
I really only used the app for the remote control feature but much like other reviewers the remote button disappears often. So I have to close the app out several times for it to reappear. It’s really frustrating especially since the old remote app worked.
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4 months ago, Apocalypse1988
Doesn't work well with chromecast
I got the app because my chromecast remote died. It takes forever to bring up the remote option and as soon as I minimize the app, the remote goes away. Then it's sporadic about reconnection. It'll take 5+ tries of closing and opening the app to bring back the remote. It's extremely frustrating.
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6 months ago, 897609876
I have utilized Google TV for years and have paid for many movies so I can watch them when I want and download them for travel. For the past year all I have had is problems with downloading and watching my paid movies. I continue to get a weird error that I have tried to research with no success. SO FRUSTRATED
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1 month ago, OG Booty smasher
App is absolute garbage.
The only purpose I use this for is as a remote control, but it's a hassle to get the remote control feature to appear, and then it disappears if you're ignore the app while simply watching your show. If I could vote 0 stars I would. It shouldn't be such a hassle to use the remote control option.
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6 months ago, urdumass
Not happy
Go to use the control since the update and now it does not acknowledge the TV.
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1 month ago, GalaxyAlpha16
Refuses to play anything
I’m tired of this app not allowing me to watch anything I paid for,downloaded or not. It keeps giving me an error every time I try to watch anything. It used to work fine until today. Tried restarting my iPad and nothing. This is so frustrating. Fix your app
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5 months ago, PSYCH0SPYD3R
Apple TV
I want an Apple TV app of this app it would be so much better than the current Apple TV app to manage your shows. Make it happen!
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2 months ago, chris11125
The remote part of this app which I find to be the only useful thing on here barely works. It’ll connect to the chrome cast but remote won’t pop up. Incredibly annoying and would avoid using app due to that alone
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7 months ago, alex wo
Alexa needs to recognize “start ambient mode”
Please update Alexa to recognize “start ambient mode”. Whenever I tell this command Alexa tells me to go to the settings to set it up. I already have it set up with my google photos, so Alexa should just start playing my photo slideshow.
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5 months ago, TiredOfMorons
No home button?
Am I blind? As I’m digging through the suggestions I don’t see a home button or option that I can use to jump back to the main screen.
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8 months ago, dontWasteYourTime32
What a joke
Chromecast doesn’t work on this app but works fine on other google apps. Reading reviewed I’m scared to buy anything through the app, but worked fine to purchase on desktop. Google and Apple don’t want to cooperate for the sake of the consumer.
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8 months ago, Anezil
I Liked the Old App Better
This app is the complete opposite of an improvement. The old app worked just fine. I can’t even download shows and movies anymore, nor can I play them. It just sits there loading forever. I bet the people who gave this app five stars are bots because ain’t no way.
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7 months ago, rufocused
No customer service if something messes up!
I ordered a movie, they took my money but never did get access to the movie. I have emailed but no response. Customer service takes you to “help” articles instead of an actual person that can do something.
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2 months ago, Miller dgaksdfccc
Is this suppose to happen
I couldn’t even get to the front page because I had to keep on speed ing these word over and over and putting in my password but maybe I’m just boing it wrong because other people say that they have no trouble.
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3 months ago, Baristabro
Remote doesn’t work
Got the app for my google smart tv since my puppy chewed up the remote. It will very rarely bring up the remote icon after connecting to the tv. Updating the app, refreshing the phone, turning the tv on and off manually. Nothing works. Just like any other google product. GARBAGE!
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6 months ago, emma14😜
There are many glitches I don’t know if it’s just me but it glitches sometimes and the remote dose not work and yeah
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7 months ago, Piston R. Cheerios
Barely functions
The interface is horrible! The button placement is not ideal, it also takes forever to connect to the tv. Tons of room for improvement here yall
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6 months ago, Behind chef ncbcnc
Downloads don’t work
Downloaded an entire series on my phone to watch when babysitting for a long weekend without Wi-Fi. It showed that it was downloaded but wouldn’t play due to “no internet connection” it’s downloaded!! That’s the point. This app is useless.
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5 months ago, ltlevi12
Update Makes the remote function not work
Whatever update happened makes the remote control not work correctly.
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1 month ago, Fisherman 14
Not universally accessible
Coming from the Roku tv remote app to this, I have been utterly disappointed. Please add the same buttons that come with the actual remote to the app. Please add inputs on the homepage to easily switch. And add turning on the tv from the app and not just the actual remote.
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4 months ago, Anthony Marciano
Please fix the remote.
All I want is a remote control for my TCL google TV and it’s so hard to get it to work. Used to be through google home app. Then it moved to Google TV. Worked for a while and now it barely works
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5 months ago, Tucker6680
Downloads don’t work properly
Can’t watch downloads without a connection and somehow a download buffers Can’t find anything for answer online
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7 months ago, MicStaelens
Says I don’t own shows and movies we have paid for, over the last few years google has become just like every other glitchy lazy bad customer service big corporate company. So disappointed
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2 months ago, Google tv2
Google tv
I’ve had two of my downloads on Google TV forever. One is John Wick part one and the other is John Wick part two part two out of the blue just started not being available to play. I reached out to google, and so far no response.
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5 months ago, Pandabearmac
Please fix the remote
Last update basically broke the remote. It only shows up sometimes after closing and opening the app over and over. Very frustrating
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5 months ago, Goodkelly
Purchased movies not accessible.
Over and over I rent or purchase a movie and it’s not accessible. I have to go to my bank to get a refund with zero response from google. Horrible customer service. I’m not even going to try again.
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4 months ago, VLogsWithLouis
The app runs smooth but the remote function works when it wants it’s such a hard feature to even recommend this app such a shame because it’s super clean & sleek!
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8 months ago, Nicknametaken4807521
Do not spend money through this app
Do not spend money through this app. It is extremely glitchy, and you will have diffuculty watching what you pay for. There is no support of any kind from google.
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5 months ago, Chris 23456
The fact that they added a remote is awesome. The problem is that it works when it wants too. Ever since they updated the app it’s been terrible.
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