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GooseChase Adventures
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for Goosechase

4.77 out of 5
10.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Auntie Becca
Brought family closer (electronically) during covid
What an awesome app. Brought our extended family together over multiple states. Only three wishes for future upgrades: 1. The number of teams be increased for free usage to allow for family usage. I understand the need for charging if groups or businesses are using it. Or maybe a small fee to add extra teams for again family use. Thought we teamed up groups and made the three team limit work. 2. Allow teams to comment on submissions. This would add a whole extra level of fun and interaction. Maybe make it an option that can be turned off by organizer if wanted. 3. Allow organizer to set a longer time limit for videos. We had some dance challenges that I would have loved to see it he whole dance for. That being said this was so much fun and super easy to set up. I was adding new challenges throughout the game to keep it fresh and everybody loved it. We will be hosting an awards ceremony after the lockdown is over to present our (poorly hand made) Covid19 scavenger hunt trophy. The family is already asking when the next one will be. I have already recommended to others and walked one not so tech friendly friend through set up which took less than 5 minutes. Definitely need to download and try this Awesome App!! 💗
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2 years ago, aloha moma
Thank you
I have enjoyed our South Carolina state parks with Goosechase immensely. The events of Christmas came alive with so many exciting activities. The trails were great with exercising and geocaching too. “Green eggs and ham”and “the grinch stole Christmas” books came alive. Getting creative with our homemade ornaments and learning the “slide” dance, remaking Christmas songs merging in our State Parks was fun too. History was learned at the State House and battlefields Something different daily. Enjoyed the Christmas lights of color and designs with the forest creatures. People came alive, got off the sofa, and enjoyed the great out doors. Meeting the park Rangers became a lesson, learning what each park had to offer. We grabbed a book, and are hopeful of stamping 47 or more state parks pages with our new park pass. May even get into camping who knows at least stay in a cabin and enjoying the slow, unstressful way of life and what Mother Nature may throw our way. Great adventures we found with goose chasing but alas no geese as yet. Lol think they may have all flown south what smart snowbird do. Thank you goose chase.
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4 years ago, shrimpy toes
Awesome! Just what I needed!
This app is awesome because during quarantine, me and my friends wanted to stay active, but continue social distancing to avoid contracting coronavirus. We didn’t know what to do. And then, my mom found this app, and made a scavenger hunt for us, and we went around town and found things! It was so cool and now my friends are making their own ones and doing them on other people! This is exactly what I needed! I highly recommend this to kids around 7 and above. There is only one little problem. To get more than three teams, you have to pay money, and it is kind of a lot of money, so if you want to play with tons of teams, this may not be the app for you. But it is awesome!
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5 years ago, Powellonia
Wish you could see attached pictures in the missions list
My first attempt at a scavenger hunt app was a different app, and this one is so much easier to use than that one. I made a simple little Halloween hunt for my four year old, but the problem is she can’t read yet, so since there aren’t any pictures on the list of missions, she can’t just choose the item we should look for based on the picture. It was a little frustrating since I took the time to attach pictures to each mission. I think it would be nice if there was a feature (or maybe there is and I missed it??) where you could opt to have thumbnails appear in the missions, and not just when you touch the mission. This would be especially helpful if you are doing this with younger kids who can’t yet read or who are learning to read.
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2 days ago, mat_weller
Family vacation winner
I used Goosechase to set up a photo scavenger hunt for our yearly beach trip, and everybody enjoyed it very much! With all of the kids now teens/early 20s, most afternoons the last couple years between beach time and going out in the evening saw the kids sitting in the living room on their phones. This year, the kids saw parts of the town we vacation in that they haven’t seen in 15 years of coming here, and we have a ton of pictures with fun stories attached to them. Thank you so much for making this app and interface, it was exactly what I had in mind when I went looking for ways to do this!
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2 years ago, Eric326
This app needs SERIOUS help
We got this app with hope, but no. It isn’t worth the time. It’s a good thing this is a free app, because a cent more would be too expensive. The free version only allows for 3 teams. This wouldn’t be so bad, but the upgrade is outrageously expensive. When I joined a team, I was logged out after only a few minutes, and no matter how many times I put in the correct passwords, I was consistently unable to join a team. Every time I tried to rejoin, another player was added to the team, but had no one behind it because, again, I was shut out from it. The app said it couldn’t log me back in because there was an active player using those credentials that changed the password. No. No one changed the password. As far as another player logged in with the same credentials, well, duh. I was that player. Don’t shut me out of the app.
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4 years ago, rebs_fan
App vs website
I love the idea of using this game style with my college students, but have found a few issues. First, it appears to be free, but then you find out it is normally several hundred dollars. However, there's free education premium access for the rest of the summer, but the link to education services is well hidden and takes some searching to find. My big issue with the app vs the website is that there's not a function to switch between being a user and administrator in the app. I log into the app and an treated like a student, which allowed me to test and find a couple of items I needed to change. Unfortunately, I had to switch to the website in a browser in order to fix those issues (no way that I can find to switch roles in the app).
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4 years ago, NotATakenUsername
Works flawlessly
The app was easy to use and worked smoothly both in practice and on the big day. Customer service was quick and helpful when I needed help upgrading my game. Highly recommend! I used this for my surprise proposal and I couldn’t believe how engaged and competitive she got. She said multiple times throughout the day how much fun she was having and at the end when I asked the first thing out of her mouth was “how did you do all this.” To be honest it was pretty easy. Everything was automatic and timed to go off on its own. I practiced a couple times and then I ran itself. This is definitely a story we’ll remember forever. Great app and a great company.
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4 years ago, aichsoanchska dvduwks
Fun app, disappointing prices
This app is really fun - I’ve had a great time both of the times I’ve participated in a scavenger hunt. When creating my own for a friend’s birthday, however, I went through the whole process, added the challenges and points, added pictures... and it wasn’t until then that I saw the cost to invite more than 3 players to a scavenger hunt... $299! That is truly insane.... I would understand $10... IF THAT. I spent multiple hours creating this scavenger hunt only to not be able to use it because I don’t have $299 dollars laying around to spend on a game. I ended up using a different app, that is lower quality and not quite as fun, but it didn’t cost me $299 so it’ll have to do. Very disappointed in this app. Will not use again, and I will warn all of my friends, family, and coworkers about the ridiculous price.
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2 years ago, Flipper76
Fun app
I had a great time with the tasks given. The app works smoothly with no hiccups. My only recommendation is that you use the camera inside the app instead of using the normal camera on your phone. The reason is the camera on the phone takes pictures and video to large for the app. You have to crop the photo or video to fit. For example, let’s say your phone takes an 8x11 picture, you can only upload an 8x8 picture to the app. So you may lose some of what you were trying to capture. Outside of that, I had a lot of fun with the app and highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, Junkfood is da bomb
I first used this app in seventh grade. My English teacher had us all download it and then we would go all around the school and do the scavenger hunt. Next, my entire community used it to run a scavenger hunt at our local ice festival (a festival where they get a bunch of people to make ice sculptures) and it worked flawlessly. Everyone got to look for certain sculptures and they had the entire weekend to do it. The only thing I wish they did was make it so you can see past games. However, cudos because this is a great app. Highly recommended it! Especially for teens and kids who are hard to motivate...
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2 years ago, Olivarrib
Church event
I have used the app twice now and have been impressed both times. This weekend we used it at a large church event for students. We had about 30 groups and 250 people. Creating the event was easy because there were already some great preloaded missions. I added some specific to our location. Love the ability to schedule new missions to start at a certain time after the hunt had started. I didn’t not have a single team have a problem with the app. Can’t wait to use it again next year.
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1 year ago, Faded_Glitter
Great app for my needs
I am using the app for a months-long scavenger hunt competition between myself and my boyfriend. I loved being able to set up a custom game for just two people, and it’s been awesome so far. However, I do wish there was an option to receive a push notification when (a) someone else completes a mission and (b) when you fall in the rankings. I realize these might be too much for large groups, but maybe these could be turned off as the default with the option to enable them?
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3 years ago, CreativeKendra
Family Bonding Fun
GooseChase was the perfect tool to create an extended family bonding experience! We did our goose chase over a few days as part of a virtual family reunion. Our teams were spread out across the States. One team had members in CA, UT, MO and NC. We had such fun coming up with creative ways to do the tasks and seeing what each team had done. We laughed, cheered each other on and had an awesome (virtual) time together! Four generations of family strengthened family ties with this amazing app!! Young and the young at heart alike enjoyed it very much.
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6 years ago, Ken de Fire
The GooseChase App worked perfectly for my scavenger hunt. Everything about the app is great...the mission selection options of photo, video, text and GPS location, the ability to set an automated start and stop time, the tracking of submissions and points earned, being able to add bonuses, the ability to send messages, download of submissions capability, sharing capabilities and free if you have a small group. I’m probably missing something because there are so many awesome features to this app. Thank you for making my scavenger hunt amazing!
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2 years ago, Bus Brat
Goosechase-Salem Schools
Needs more challenges and faster paced! Some challenges are more difficult to get everything because of the difference in hours worked! Many aren’t open in the mornings, some have closed for the season ! Also physical handicaps make some challenges difficult for everyone in the group! We thought some challenges dropped off so that means groups need to be vigilant in their searches! Need more new challenges quicker and every couple of days !
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5 years ago, A rANdOm tEn YEaR oLd
It’s great!😊
I love the Goose chase app. My aunt made me and my family a hunt, and we had an amazing time! It also helped us explore Suttons Bay. I also like how you can make games private, so not just anyone can play. (Although the option of making a game public is offered, which is nice) One thing I wish they would change is that I haven’t yet found the option to give a bonus of anything other than 500 points. It would be nice to have a custom bonus. Thanks for reading this and I hope it helps you.
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2 years ago, lostelbow
It was very fun however with the price of gas it was costly to drive around to all those locations. Some of the locations as the corner of San Ramon and Amador Boulevard just to get a picture of the signs was very difficult. Especially if you are driving by yourself which I was. Not enough information was given to some of the locations and not photogenic once I arrived. However all in all I learned a lot about the city of Dublin in which I frequent regularly by eating and shopping. Vallorie Kalos
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10 months ago, chicnurse
Amazing Teambuilding Tool!
I use this app annually for a company teambuilding experience since the pandemic hit. It helps remote workers to get to know each other better and is easy for me to use as a moderator. I recommend 100%! The only suggestion I have is to allow users to comment on submissions rather than just “liking” them. I think my teammates would get more out of the experience with that feature. Customer service is awesome…Thanks GooseChase team!
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3 weeks ago, GettingSpringy
Will county forest preserve Goosechase app
My wife and I enjoyed participating and competing in goosechasing. I got to learn about the forest preserves in Will county and always looked forward to hiking the trails. The trivia questions in the contest were great ways to learn about the great outdoors. Picture taking was sometimes challenging but rewarding when you took that perfect picture. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoor life and would recommend Goosechase to anyone who wants to take it outside.
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6 years ago, Furman boys
The next big thing in education!
I work hard to find the best edtech out there for my teachers. This is it! Not only will this be a great experience for our students but I have already used it in a professional development experience for my staff. The program lets the lesson move beyond the classroom walls and get the students up and moving. It also can take mundane lessons and can show its use in the real world. This app is going to be the next Kahoot or Flipgrid in terms of popularity.
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4 years ago, johnfrombrightonmi
Melonfest 2020 Scavenger Hunt
I’ve done Road Rallies for many years, even with this year’s COVID outbreak, our adventures with GooseChase was incredibly FUN! Our community celebrates 60 years of the Howell Melonfest sponsored by the Howell Area Parks and Recreation Authority! Bravo! Encore! 55 exciting events made this a fun week! Thank you! To the developer, if you need any “free” advice from my experience, let me know. No strings! You bring a developer, I wonder what I could bring to your drawing table. Being a Santa Claus, you are definitely on the good list!
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5 years ago, Devingail
Did this for my friends birthday and had the best time!! Would’ve been better to have more than two people but absolutely still doable! Got a little creative and had a few good laughs. Even though we didn’t need any help bc it’s so user friendly, our guide Matt was super nice, reminded us he was there to help when we hadn’t written in a while and even played a funny prank on us! Already bought a second hunt for a new city, can’t wait to play again!!
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4 years ago, KLDawareness
Awesome experience!
This weekend was my first ever event like this. Myself and my team had an absolute blast! With a minutes left in the challenge we were already planning on what we would do differently next time!!! I learned so much about my town. Even while being caught in a downpour with rain flying sideways we were out trying to get points and raise awareness for the KLD Foundation. Thank you for an awesome weekend of pure fun. We look forward to our next event.
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7 months ago, Samsondoggie
So much fun!!!
My daughter and I had so much fun doing this! With so many things going on during the holiday season, it was wonderful to take some time and just be together doing something lighthearted and engaging and connected. We were laughing, and we actually spent five hours doing this. I wish we could do it all year round, but definitely all the Santa stuff would be harder to find!
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5 years ago, Ella0127
Surprise birthday scavenger hunt
This is a great app, easy to set up scavenger hunt, the ability to post the missions was awesome and easy, all of our participants had a great time. The only draw back is the price to upgrade, would be better if you could do it in levels. The upgrade price of $299 is out of line for the majority of people. If you could get all the features available for a single scavenger hunt/game for around $50. Is a a more realistic amount. Other than that I would recommend it 100%
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5 years ago, Goody / Mama B
STEM Amazing Race
It was GREAT field day activity !!!! Really had lots of fun walking around while exploring the neighborhood , too !!! The STEM students were just awesome , being competitive but still enjoying while completing the missions in it !!! And once again, I experienced the warm hospitality that STEM faculty has to parent chaperones / volunteers before my daughter leaves for a higher grade level of teaching by next school year !!! I had been and will always be a strong supporter of great education !!!!!
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5 years ago, Te9987
Wow... super impressed!
Very thoughtfully designed and makes organizing a scavenger hunt so much easier. Also made it so much more fun to be able to see real time leader board and live feeds from other teams’ missions. At the end, we spent the time laughing vs arguing over points. One suggestion would be for an admin override or approval option for big point items because sometimes those seem to get corners-cut and can tip the game. Thanks!!!!
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6 years ago, NESgirl9999
Don’t waste your time!!!
Says “free forever” for recreational use, but you can only have 3 participants. What fun is a scavenger hunt with only people? I get that you can also have 3 teams but that is still not enough for a basic scavenger hunt. If you want to add more participants it’s like $500. Rip off! The app is really basic! Pretty much worthless. I don’t believe you can create a game from the app - You have to go onto their website. Also, there isn’t a function to browse games you have to search for a specific game. Don’t waste you time unless you only have 2 friends you want to make a scavenger hunt with or unless you have nothing better to do with your money.
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3 years ago, DragoonRider125
It’s nice, fun to play with friends
Ill give this game a 4, just cause it’s one of those things. I enjoy doing it, and playing a game or two with friends, but it’s hard and confusing to set up a game, maybe try making easier settings? By that I mean you should make it so when making a game on the website, you can flip the screen so it’s a easier screen to read. Ok but that’s basically it, and I love playing these! I win every time UwU
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11 months ago, Queen_Brimley
Fun and enjoyable
Our local 4H organization put on a hunt during the county fair. The app worked like a charm. My only criticism/ suggestion would be to let us upload our own photos we’ve taken with our phone’s camera. For example, one mission was to submit a photo of a coin from 1999. The in-app camera couldn’t focus on the coin properly too read it clearly, whereas my iPhone’s camera app had no trouble capturing the coin clearly.
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2 years ago, (My Name Goes Here)
Wonderful App!
Simple to use, but robust capabilities. Easy enough for small organizations or groups, but useful enough for large ones. Can’t wait to use this again. Worked great for our team building activity to seek out & learn history of our organization’s campus. Can be used for educational activities and team building. Highly recommend!
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7 months ago, NES:tor
Great app when used correctly for big events
Im in marching band and were recently had a trip to California. We all downloaded GooseChase and began doing challenges in Los Angeles, Disney Land, Universal. It was amazing and made all of our experiences so much more memorable due to the fact that we were truly seeking out quality pictures with our friends. 4.8 stars (round up to 5)
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5 years ago, cegen1203
When I first heard about this app and that my school did it I got super excited until I started playing. When new events are posted they are not in order by date which makes you miss events you didn’t see. I also recommend an option to delete old events you can not do anymore to make it less cluttered. Some events that are the same time should only be aloud to do one of them, because some people cheat and say they went to say all three events that all started and ended at the same time. What started as a fun competition ended with a unfair game.
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8 months ago, Loggerhead turtle
A day in Charleston
This was a blast. Take 14 people from the same community but don’t know each other, divide them into 3 teams & go. Learn the city that you vaguely may know. I laughed until I cried at some of our antics. How a husband who thought this was “going to be stupid “ ended having a great time and making a friend. Would highly recommend it
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3 years ago, tls2989
Chilling and grilling scavenger hunt
My 8 year old son Hunter and I thoroughly enjoyed playing. We had a great time bonding and looking for the spider web. We even took the time to sit out side and play the 5,4,3,2,1 and have added that in to fit in our day. Now when we sit outside we play take the time to see,hear,smell,taste and touch. We love playing Goose Chase games thank Osage Nation
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3 years ago, helloguyswhatsup
It was super fun
It was a lot of fun and i was super close to the top 3! All of the missions were challenging and I had no problems except the sea or purple and the purple takeover said that there would be bonus points awarded to the person with the most purple items and I counted it all up and I still didn’t get the bonus points for having the most purple...
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12 months ago, The Adventurous Queenagers
BSU get out in nature
As a group who gets together every week for a walk/hike, We are enjoying the activities We have had a couple of hiccups posting captions. For some reason a couple of times they have not been accepted, not because of number of characters. Also we would love a zoom option for some things we saw. Otherwise, having fun. The Adventurous Queenagers. We do Bennet’s Lane 2-3x a year.
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2 years ago, CtPenner
Storybook statue scavenger hunt in Abilene
We had so much fun finding all of the storybook characters and matching their clues! My daughter really enjoyed everything about this, and I loved all of the exercise we got!! The app functioned great and I liked the option to download the pictures to my photos on my phone so I can keep them! This seriously was a blast.
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1 month ago, Will County confused
Goose chase
Good app but not a great app Often missions require you to take a picture of water fowl, birds, coyotes, reptiles, etc that you can’t get close too but it does not allow you to zoom like a regular phone camera and then the submission gets rejected because they can’t see it so well. Also the maps associated with gps check ins are not always to scale so you might go back and forth multiple times before you get the right spot
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1 year ago, kimnise dot
Best Time
I LOVE THIS APP! My district used this for a professional development. We had a mission EVERYDAY for 3 days. As an Educator I would used this with my students to keep them engaged in certain research or lessons in and out of the classroom. This would also be great fun for your family at the family reunion or regular family fun with your kiddos. I RECOMMEND this app. Now go EXPLORE
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3 years ago, tttlkkk
My library hosted one and it was a blast. Though, gps sometimes has trouble a videos longer that 30 sec will be cut off and if you upload from library while screen recording, it is black. But these are smaller problems, get this app, it is worth it to participate in challenges.
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4 years ago, twisted steel 21
Sunflower Showdown
A lot of fun easy app to use. Would love to be able to post comments on the app mission pictures and download pics from app bcuz my phone wasn’t always used for it to save. I would also suggest that the bonus points should apply automatically bcuz it doesn’t appear that they get applied evenly, one person will get it but the next one won’t for the same mission. Overall very fun and easy to use! We had a blast!
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4 years ago, C-3 Stuck In House
When UniWyo put their hunt on here I wasn’t so excited. But now that it’s over I’m sad 😅 This is such an amazing app with a great concept and great everything. In these harder times (quarantine) I had entertainment and was having so much fun! This is absolutely pleasant! I would absolutely do this again and again! I had so much fun! Amazing app with an amazing concept perfectly executed! Love ❤️, C-3 Stuck In House
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4 years ago, Fireray
This week our 100+ employee workplace broke into teams and used this app all week. Completing missions and working together it was definitely teambuilding and so much fun. Highly recommend it for a large group. Only suggestion is to make the video challenges a longer video clip. Sometimes the app times out your video before you are completed
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6 years ago, kiefintheD
GooseChase is an amazing app. We had a birthday road rally with teams taking photos at each task that we had created. The app worked perfectly and everyone at the party loved GooseChase. The road rally would have not been the same without the app. So easy to upload, create teams and monitor the event. Teams loved being able to see the real-time leaderboard. 5 stars+!!
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2 years ago, White Goosey Lucy
Goose Chase App
Fun scavenger hunt tool! Very easy to use. Data entry & photo/video uploads were fast. Loved the ability to redo a mission, if you wanted to make improvements. Some water GPS locations were hard to pin, even when in correct vicinity. Is there a way to widen the target zone? Would highly recommend.
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5 years ago, Lindsay in NC
Vacation adventure
I learned about GooseChase from a coworker at school. I chose to set up a GooseChase for our family vacation this summer and it was awesome. We played on 2 teams, kids versus adults- youth versus wisdom, and had random adventures throughout the trip. I did kind of set it up for the kids to win but it kept our someone disengaged teens active and using the tech for what I wanted as we traveled. Can’t wait to go on our next vacation.
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5 years ago, cprocsal
Love hate relationship
I love the concept of the app and all of the features of the app however we tried doing one last weekend and every time anyone with an IOS device tried to take a video the app would crash and would have to restart it and then it would work so that was super frustrating. We have used this app in the past without issue, so must be something with a current version causing all of the issues.
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4 years ago, Corona Crazy
So much fun!!
My family just spent the last few days loving using this app and doing a virtual scavenger hunt! Everything worked great and it was so fun having the news feed to see other people’s creativity. It would be fun to be able to comment on them or rate them for creativeness in the feed. Some were just awesome! Almost forgot about Corona..
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