GradeBook Pro - Grade, Attendance, and Behavior Tracking

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Setona LLC
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8 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for GradeBook Pro - Grade, Attendance, and Behavior Tracking

2.96 out of 5
46 Ratings
7 years ago, rigand
No more connectivity between GradeBook Pro and Dropbox
I am a big fan of this application however, recently it stopped linking up to Dropbox which unfortunately is the only cloud service it allows for backing up grades, etc. One can no longer get help because the website for help is gone. I am unsure why this has happened but its unfortunate given that this application allowed me and those I recommended the application too to do many things when it came to grading. I will refrain from recommending it. By far its the most user friendly application that saves anyone submitting grades, reports, etc time.
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8 years ago, Ipadewshappy
Best out there but in need of an update
I have tried a lot of the gradebook apps over the past 3 years and this is still by far the best, however, pretty sure the developer sold the app. Currently there is no longer support and the last update was in February. Big disappointment since Eric would listen to consumer suggestions and make improvements. It would be great if they did an update since this app is so useful and it has so much more potential to be the ultimate app for teachers. (I.e. Add a rubric into program so that I do not have to use 2 different apps). It is really a shame. I think teachers could really benefit and want to use it if this became supported again. Unless there is an update soon, I do not recommend spending $20 on an app that might not work with future operating systems or lacks support when problems arise. It is a 5 star app but I can only give it 2 with the lack of update and questionable future.
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8 years ago, SamanthaJ1989
Used to love it...
I used to love this app. I used it for 2+ years with little to no issues. I loved that it allowed me so much more flexibility than a paper grade book or the internet based one my district provided. But I have discovered a large problem that has rendered the app pointless for me. I could not create categories with weights, therefore all of students grades calculations were incorrect. I reported it and have received no support. I contacted support about this issue and received the standard "we are looking into it" email and then nothing for weeks. I contacted support again and have received no response. I have now gone and entire marking period with this now pointless app. Unfortunately, it looks like if they cannot figure it out soon, I am going to have to find another app to replace it. Such a shame.
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7 years ago, Composer76
Used to Be Wonderful but now...
This app was amazing a couple of years ago. It was functional, easy to use, and flexible. I felt it was secure and I could back up my grades and databases with Dropbox. Now Dropbox will not connect with the app. I have looked for places to find help, but it looks as if this app is no longer supported. I cannot find any info on a newer version or help with connecting to Dropbox. I would try backing the app up with another service like Google Drive, but Dropbox is the only service that “works” with GradeBook Pro. I will have to find another app to use if this issue is not resolved soon. My grades need to be able to be backed up. If I were to lose this data my job could be in jeopardy. NOT HAVING A BACKUP IS A NECESSARY SERVICE.
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5 years ago, Kim91945
Used to love it
I used to love this app. It was the best grade book I ever used. Now, grades can mysteriously disappear and there’s no way to back it up to dropbox or other back up functions like you used to be able to do. So now, each time I enter grades, I email a great report to myself to keep as an archive copy just in case I need to look for things. If the developer reads this, please work on its functionality and making it possible to link again to drop box for back up.
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7 years ago, Urban Casey
This is the absolutely best grade book that I have ever used! I like the idea that my student data can be updated wherever I am. Set-up is very user friendly. The app's user manual is both well-written and comprehensive. Update: Grade Book Pro will no longer work with Drop Box after September 23, 2017--not unless it is updated. This is still a five star app, but It has not been updated since February 2016. I think the developer has quit updating his app.
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6 years ago, Mrs G3
Very helpful
I'd give it 5 stars if it could copy all the information of the student if the student is transferred to another class. It's a real pain having to re-type all the grades and attendance, especially if it's late in the semester and there is a lot of information. Also, can there be a way to enter "M" for missing? It would count as zero. Need to be able to print the student roster for substitute teachers to take attendance.
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7 years ago, Kev883
Great tool!
I really enjoy using this app to keep track of student progress. I keep all of my 3rd Grade assignments logged into this app. It gives me great peace of mind because I do not have to worry about misplacing a paper grade book; it all stays on my phone which I always have with me. The app developer is very responsive and helpful; he responded to a question I had about how to do something right away. It is a very basic tool, but so is a paper grade book. Pros: -User-friendly interface -Simple design -Ability to export reports -Grades at a glance -Stable app; doesn't crash -Backup available --Dropbox & iCloud Cons: -Not synced with Google Classroom -No ability to utilize Google Drive -Outdated look/feel
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6 years ago, Ohio paddler
Do not buy! No Longer Supported!
I paid full price for this and have been dependent upon it for several years. But it is no longer supported, so it is a very risky place to keep your grades and attendance information, as it is impossible to back this information up in Dropbox or anywhere else. They are no longer updating it when IOS updates come out, so it is eventually going to stop working. What a nightmare it will be for anyone who uses it as a place to record their grades and then find the app crashing or nonfunctional, with no access to your grades.
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8 years ago, w777
Awesome teacher's app with split screen support!!
This is a great grade-book. I use it to keep track of the grades and attendance for all my classes. It is well designed. The report generator and Dropbox backup/restore are great. I love the split view support on my iPad Pro, which I use all the time. There is a lot to love about this app and I would recommend it to any teacher.
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6 years ago, Afad1357
Love this App but...
I’ve been using this App for maybe 6 years now? I love it and it does everything I could ask for and then some. It doesn’t however update anymore, which makes it hard to sync with Drop Box and trust that it will always keep working. Would love for the developer to give an update or a comparable app.
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7 years ago, MacApp45
Still very good
I'm a university professor and have used this excellent app for years to take attendance, record behavior, email groups and average grades. It is an indispensable tool for the teaching side of my job. Dropbox backup does not work (one star off) but it does backup to iCloud which for me is more convenient. Hope the developer continues maintaining the quality of this useful app.
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8 years ago, Jacmarie27
Love it!
Been using it for quite a few years and It is great! Only one suggestion, the ability to delete more than one student at a time. That would save time at the beginning of each year.
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7 years ago, RRPR
Sad to see it die...
This is the best app for teachers. However, it seems that they abandoned it since there is no updates or support. Someone mentioned that it seems that they sold it. If that is the case I wouldn't be surprised if another company bought it so they could kill it. Most apps require Monthly fees and this one does not. PLEASE COME BACK!
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6 years ago, save our old apps
Bring back support
This is (was) a great app. It slow is loosing support. I would not recommend spending the money unless support is brought back. Too many apps I paid for are no longer working because of os updates. I pray this app doesn’t stop! If support returns I’ll change 3 to 5 star review.
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7 years ago, Bernie Birnbaum
How the heck am I supposed to back up my data.
The Dropbox link stopped working (this is from the Dropbox people-it hasn’t worked in months). This my go to app. What should I do. Developers please help!!
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7 years ago, Bentles☺️
The Best Out There!
This app is great! It is easy to enter assignments in and to take attendance! Very helpful and one of the best GradeBook apps out there. It is worth the cost. Never had a problem and has great features. Absolutely love this GradeBook.
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8 years ago, interpellated
Still Supported?
I still use it, but I'm having problems with backing up the data to DropBox. I tried to contact the developer, but cannot. I see the last update was in Feb. 2016. And nothing since. Until the developer says that this app is still viable, I suggest potential buyers look elsewhere.
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7 years ago, Neofaust
College professor
Been using this app for years. Irreplaceable, more reliable than anything else I’ve ever found, super flexible and easy to use
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5 years ago, Tokyoev
Not bad but no connectivity
Still a good app for grading. However with no connectivity this app is only good for use on the tablet. One fix and an update would make this good again.
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7 years ago, tonymiceli
The best
UPDATE: I DONT THINK THIS IS BEING MAINTAINED ANYMORE. IT AT LEAST FOR ME HAS STOPPED WORKING WITH DROPBOX. This is the best grading app. Complete in every way and does everything teachers need. The reports are grade and backs up to Dropbox. Perfect! I have bought many of them here and they all lacked something I needed. Grade book pro does everything.
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5 years ago, E in the Burg
please support!!
this is the gold standard, someone please support it!!
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7 years ago, lepus99
Drop integration no longer works
This app is not kept up to date and no longer works with Dropbox suddenly. Do not buy unless updated after this date.
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7 years ago,
Now unusable!
So sad that this hasn’t been updated in so long that it no longer works. Bought the full version of this years ago and have relied on it; suddenly the connection to Dropbox is completely defunct. Alas! Do not buy this.
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7 years ago, dDunk2
Very useful app
Very useful app, just the basics, classes, students, grades, attendance, reports, and more...
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7 years ago, VectorTom
This was a great app, but apparently it's a dead end now. No update since Feb. 2016. Developer website is gone. No response from support. They should really pull this from the store if they've given up on it.
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7 years ago, Lowell
Great App so far
Follow-up: it has not been updated in too long and seems not to be supported :(.
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6 years ago, jason2006albano
Can you make the app look more newer and add more features Thanks
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8 years ago, joiedelire
Amazing app
I have been using GradeBook Pro for four years to keep track of student grades and progress in college courses, and I still love it. I use the app both on my iPhone and iPad (while there is no syncing that I am aware of, it is pretty easy to backup from one device and then sync the other device with that backup). It is an easy app to use, and it allows me to easily access student grades on the go. The app is also very customizable in terms of assignments, figuring grades, and keeping track of attendance. I also like that attendance and grades are kept in one place and that I don't have to remember to bring anything but my phone with me to class. One of the best features is how easy it is to set up categories and assignments with their assigned point values at the beginning of the semester; a progress bar lets me know if all students have grades entered for any given assignment, and percentages are shown by each student name so that I can easily see current grades of all students. Another great feature is that I can email students directly from the app--it has never been easier to share a progress report directly with a student. Yet another nice feature is that I can copy components from one course to another; because I regularly teach two sections of the same course, it is nice to only have to create the categories and assignments in one course. Once they are in one course, I can simply copy that information to another section without redoing the work. There are so many other amazing features, which is why I regularly recommend this app to my colleagues, and I recommend it to anyone who teaches and wants a digital grade book.
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7 years ago, earlymusicfan
Grade weighting
This semester I could no longer enter percentages into weighted grade categories. I'm looking for something else.
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13 years ago, JbirdAg96
One of the best
I recently downloaded this app to replace my hardcopy grade book. Since using it for just over 2 weeks now, I've really enjoyed it as have my students. They love how I can show them their grades, average, etc. at a moment's notice. I love it b/c it saves so much time as this app does all the calculations immediately. An earlier review stated one concern being that grades couldn't be put into categories. A recent update changed that and I'm glad it did. We are required to use a weighted grading system and having categories in this APP is very nice. One thing that would earn it 5 stars from me is the ability to copy assignments from one class to all others instead of having to enter them in for each class. This can be done for class rosters already and shouldn't be too hard to do I'd imagine. In spite of that one "con", I've been totally happy with this app and look forward to using it for many years to come.
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7 years ago, ProfKJM
Support stopped
Loved this but no longer supported.
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13 years ago, College Bio Prof
Great App
I don't usually spend this much for apps, but am really glad I did for this one. It was money well spent. I started using this app this summer and love it. It is easy to use and provides most of the functions I need it to have. It is a great help that I can show a student their own grades without the worry that they will see those of another student. (Major violation of privacy laws!) After viewing it on my iPad, a colleague also adopted it and is very satisfied. I do wish that there was a way to mark that an assignment has been turned in before I am ready to enter the grade. It apparently won't allow the entry of comments until a number is entered, and if I just enter zero, it messes up the averages for the student and the assignment. As other reviewers have mentioned, the ability to note a zero versus a no- grade would be nice too. I also wish that there was a way to just "hide" the data for students that have dropped, excluding them from current averages and attendance records without actually having to delete them. If it is there, I haven't found it. I am still keeping a paper grade book just to make sure that I have all those records at hand. (Old fashioned I know, but it works!). I had a scare with data loss during the iOS5 update process, but was able to get everything back. I had sent myself the report before installation, but hadn't done it correctly. Afterwards, I made sure I learned how to do the reports properly. Overall, a great app.
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12 years ago, Lovender
Teacher's life saver!
This is such an easy and intuitive program. Importing students names, ID, e-mail addresses is a little time consuming as you have a few steps of prep work for that. It still saves a lot of time if you teach at college level and # of your students are over 100. As noted in previous comments, it would be nicer that program calculates total points for attendance. Another big plus is that this program' s developer is super helpful and always responds in a timely manner. I really appreciate his help!!!! He really helped me to get started. I spent so much money on the grading programs for my Mac without virtually no tech support. So this is such a bargain! Also, a more expensive program often charges for extra features like providing grade online. In this program it is so easy to send a grade report to a student by e-mail and you do not have to pay extra for that! I also love the portability that now I can take this with me anywhere! I am sure this program will save so much time I spent for grading and reporting grades in the past. Well worth the money I spent! Thanks so much for creating such a good program and provide us for an affordable price!
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12 years ago, Mathfact
My best allied in class
This app helps me stay organized as a traveling teacher from room to room to room to room, all different. I can take notes of tasks, class work, homework, attendance, etc on a school where I don't even have a school computer with Internet access in order to take the mandatory online attendance. It's very easy to use, a bit expensive but worth the money. The only downside for me is that tasks cannot be colored coded. I mean, there are no assignment categories. So when I am transferring data from the IPad to the school electronic grade book, I find myself browsing the grade book pro data up and down adding the category points mentally. I tried exporting as a csv file to excel but it got messy. It would help me a lot to have color-code assignment categories. The other thing that might help me a lot is category weights. Foe example assessments are 65% in our school. That means that when when a student asks me how are they doing in class my response is, "The grade you see on the IPad is not the correct grade because is not weighed". These two things will make a huge impact in my use of this app. For now it helps a lot, but wish that little changes can do a bit more.
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11 years ago, drifkin69
Fantastic app. It's all you need.
I began using this app this semester. I am very happy with its ease of use. I have a complicated grading rubric, with several categories of assessments that are all weighted differently. GradeBook Pro allows me to set things up in detail. The attendance tool is quick. I can include pictures of my students on the attendance list, which is helpful. In addition, this app provides the current grade for each student based upon the grades that are completed so far and their weight towards the final grade. Very convenient! It also allows you to exempt an assignment for a particular student, a useful feature. I had some problems importing grades from my Excel spreadsheet into the app. I asked for help and got a response on the same day. It took a couple of emails to get the problem sorted out and the response time from support was always very quick. The problem was how I had set up my template, not with the app. I can import grades now, just fine. I tried some other grading apps, but none had the adaptability and inclusiveness of this one. It's definitely worth the cost.
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12 years ago, Out10bucks
Not quite there!
Some cool features as far as the reports and layout go, but there is no seating chart and inputting grades for each student takes too long. You can't give scores with a touch of a button, you have to navigate through each student to input scores, and there is not a option to input score for all. I was hoping for something easier than using my desktop to input grades but this app is not there yet. If it allowed you to click a box to assign a score in one open window it would make the app worth it, but the way it is set up it takes too long to input one score for each student as you have to click on the student, click on the assignment, click on points, type the score in, close window and repeat for each student... So if you want to walk around the room and check in homework real quick, this app will not fit the bill. It also does not offer a missing assignment option, you must assign a grade. You could leave it blank but it does not count as a zero in calculating grades. It would be nice to be able to email the missing assignments to all students with a click of a button. Maybe after a few more updates this app will be worth it.
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11 years ago, Sylvercz
Love the new update!
This app just keeps getting better! Honestly, it saves me so much time with my job. Everything organised and easy to use, and if you do have any trouble, the customer support is excellent! When it comes time to write end-of-year marks, all the other teachers are shuffling through papers, trying to find what they're looking for, but I'm finished in half the time. The students also like it, and enjoy seeing their photos and having all their grades listed so they can easily see how well they're doing. Love it! If I can please make one request though, I would love to have a seating chart feature. Currently I'm using a different app for this, but it's unreliable, and I would prefer to have it all in one app. Maybe even being able to 'tap' the seats on the chart to take attendance? That would be nice! Other than this one thing, this is the best teacher app I've found and I've tried several. Keep up the great work!
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10 years ago, Mad4miles
Best Purchase I Have Made on the App Store!
I am a college professor and I love, love, love this app! First and foremost, the developer is exceptionally responsive. He bends over backward to address problems and concerns and is very responsive to customer requests/wish lists. His app updates align with new iOs updates and are lightning fast. The interface of this app is clean and simple to use; but, don’t let it deceive you. Behind that simplicity lies the heart of a beast. It backs up to Dropbox in moments; sends out grade/attendance reports that are as detailed, or as simplistic, as you want them to be; allows you to configure your grading system in multiple ways; and even allows you to take a picture of your students for the roster! Are there small things I would like to see? Sure, an easier way to upload rosters being one of them, but no app is perfect. I know it’s 10 dollars, but, take a deep breath and jump in because it is worth that and more!
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10 years ago, Mom in MO
Essential tool for K-12
I have used this app for this past school year. I teach music for PreK through 12th grades. I hate doing grades, evaluating behavior, weighting exams & homework,recording attendance, etc. I'd rather spend my time teaching. Paper gradebooks are tedious for me. I have to turn in weekly grades for my secondary kids, do midterm quarterlies, interact with parents, just like the rest of the teaching world. However - it's just a few clicks every day now, and allows me to enter notes for elementary behaviors, send a quick email to a parent or student, send my weeklies to the administrator - customized with whatever data he requires. The reports function is incredibly rich and flexible. At the end of the year, I print out the data for permanent records, and backup via Dropbox, where I can use a second iOS device if necessary in case I leave my iPad at home for some reason. It is totally worth it, my life is much easier now!!
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13 years ago, Dogter_K
Decent app, great customer service
This is my firt app review and I wouldnt be writing it if it wasnt for the great customer support. I was reluctant at first with a very stiff price tag of ten dollArs. But after using it for a couple months, I am about 85% satisfied with my purchase. First, the app design isnt pretty. Grey bAckground and plain textures and design is a big turn off. There are a few bugs here and there with the current version. If you can look pass these drawbacks, it is a good app that does its job. The customer service I must say is the best Ive seen in any product I have ever used. All my problems, questions were answered almost instantly. It really feels like my voice is being heard and the app is evolving each update. The app still needs some polish but with the progress the developers are making, it wont be long until the product becomes perfect. Keep up the good work guys!
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13 years ago, Lisa-high school teacher
Missing some must have features
I just downloaded this app because I wanted to get away from the paper grade book. I already have an attendance app but thought this would be good. I'm hesitant to use it bc it's missing a few very important features that are useful as a high school teacher. First off, is there a way you use your roster to pick groups of different sizes? This would really help when trying to pick random lab groups or you just need to call on a student and want it totally random. Another attendance app does this and it's extremely useful. Also, it would be nice if we could add our own absence button. For instance, if a student was in ISS, I could use add that as an absent result instead of just the absent button. High school teachers have many different reasons students are out and we need to keep track of that. And last, a time stamp would be nice to record when the students came into class for tardy purposes. If these things can be added, I will happily change my rating. Right now, I'm a little bummed that I just paid $10 and can't get a refund.
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13 years ago, KTHP
Time saver- what more can a teacher ask for?
I am a middle school math teacher and i love this app! I was reluctant to spend this much an app but it's so worth it. My favorite features are the ability see who is missing assignments in each section with one click, as well as viewing each student's average in each category. My students love it too as they can now come ask me about their grade and I can tell them exactly what is bringing it down and they can see their average in each category. In addition, it allows me to write myself notes on how far I got in each section which is extremely helpful since I teach multiple sections of the same course. It makes it so easy to check homework too as I can walk around the room with just my iPad in hand instead of a bulky laptop. You will not regret buying this app!
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13 years ago, Muzic Genius
This app has some good features but importing students into to program is less than desirable. I have several sections of classes and the process is very time consuming. I will come back and re-rate this app if the developer(s) make it easier to import students into the class. I would like to see this app import csv files from Drop Box. I'm back with an update to my review. The developer has heard my cry and added a drop box feature that allows the user to backup files. I spoke with him via email, and he has informed me that the full drop box feature will be coming in the future. For his latest update and quick response, I've returned to bump this app up by one star. One more feature and I will give it the "Five Star General" rating. Keep up the good works guys.
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13 years ago, ipaduser11
Good reports, clean interface
My wife and I are both teachers using gradebook pro. It's been very helpful for speeding up our grading and for making quick reports. Entering grades into an ipad is fast, and unlike a laptop you can walk around and grade students. The convienence is wonderful. The program offers weighted averages by categories (such as tests, quizzes, homework) and it is easy to exempt students from a particular assignment. Attendance can be taken quickly. I would like to see a way to enter grades that do not figure into a student's final grade (allow to possibility of 0% weight). The author provided quick responses to our emails. While there have been some minor glitches, they are fixed promptly.
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11 years ago, Elene88
Suggestions for updates
I love this app, but I would love to see some additional features. It would be great to be able to make seating charts for each class. Also, I would like to have two additional report options. First to be able to print out my gradebook showing all assignments as well as all students on the same page. Also, I would like to be able to print the student notes on a grade report. There is a place to put general student comments on the roster screen, but they don't get printed unless it is about a particular assignment. To respond to the comment about multiple emails: if you put a comma after the student email you can add another email address.
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13 years ago, Goalie452
Continues to Impress
I started using this app last school year, and experimented with it for a trimester before deciding whether or not I could switch all of my key planning/grading pieces to the iPad (plan book, grade book, notepad, etc.). This year I decided to go for it, abandon my computer grade book and go exclusively with this app. I have not been disappointed. It's easy to use, updating class info is easy, and I can easily communicate information to my parents with a few quick touches. This app is very well thought out, and the support from the developer is first rate. Updates always seem to have teachers in mind, which is always refreshing! Keep up the good work!
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12 years ago, wigginbean
ANOTHER UPDATE AS OF 2/8/12: Developer was incredibly quick in addressing the last issue. A fix should be out soon, but I learned that the issue came from using iOS 4.3. I updated to iOS5 and don't seem to be having any issues. For those still having a problem because you're using an older OS for you iPad, use the update that should be out very soon. UPDATE AS OF 2/7/12: LATEST VERSION IS CAUSING PROBLEMS WITH ATTENDANCE AND CRASHES IN ATTENDANCE MODE!! INPUTS ABSENCES FOR WRONG STUDENTS OR CLEARS INFORMATION. I'M OBVIOUSLY CONCERNED ABOUT GRADE PROBLEMS ALSO BEING AN ISSUE ALTHOUGH DATA HAVE YET TO BE INCLUDED FOR NEW SEMESTER. THIS DEVELOPER HAS BEEN GREAT SO I TRUST THE ISSUE WILL BE RESOLVED ASAP!! I'LL UPDATE ONCE BUG IS FIXED. Another great update! Just a wonderful app!! I would REALLY like to see a seating chart added to this ... maybe configuring the attendance page to a seating-chart format where you can still take attendance??? That would be fantastic! This is what you get when you have a developer who listens and who cares about his product. This app keeps getting better and better, making my profession in the classroom perfectly manageable. Thanks!!
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12 years ago, commuter_girl
Love This App!
The best part of the app is reporting grades for mid-terms. All I do is run a report and all my students' grades (assignment and class grades) are already calculated and ready to be submitted. The feature that allows you to clone assignments from one course to the next is brilliant! I've shown this app to several seasoned educators and they all love it. The iPhone integration is also very useful. It's not always feasible to carry an iPad around. The iPhone integration allows me to have all my class resources with me no matter what the situation. I'd love to see a lesson plan module added to the app. But if that feature doesn't come, GradeBook Pro is still at the top of my list of highly recommended apps. LOVE THIS APP!
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13 years ago, Tim-EauClaire
Amazing App - Amazing Developer
I have tried and paid for several gradebook apps. Most were too cutesy or used an old paradigm of one term, one course, etc. This app has really brought the ease of the iPad to the gradebook. One can access any of their courses from the main screen, in fact the main screen is everything...very easy to use. Tap and you grade this paper, tap you're in another course. Yet, it also supports grading all the same assignment at one time or as they appear in my pile mixed together it makes it an ease. And the photo thing...amazing, quick and easy...also uses has access to photostream. Taking attendance is also a breeze, GradebookPro displays all the students you just tap the large icons for Present, Absent or Tardy. Reporting is amazing, a single tap can produce all the reports and you can email them to the students or just produce the files and deal with like any file. I purchased the app just as iOS 5 came out and the developer was quick to fix the error and resolve the issue. To put it in the teachers vernacular... A+!
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