Gradelink Student/Parent App

4.8 (5.6K)
117.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gradelink Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gradelink Student/Parent App

4.82 out of 5
5.6K Ratings
4 months ago, Sexy Ria
Great App
I love this app as a working mother, who cares deeply of her child’s grades everything is posted homework classwork test quiz I can even communicate with the teachers via the app, hands-down a wonderful app. My child even monitors her grades, which makes her care about what she sees when she she looks in the app.
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4 weeks ago, dbarlowtaylor
Great App for Parents
I love Gradelink. It makes keeping track of my child’s grades so easy. It also connects me easily to the assignments and information our teach puts on it. There’s a lot of other features too. I’m so glad my school uses this app to make it easy for us parents.
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4 years ago, Conchalla brealla
Why so much hate?
Listen I’m a kid too but this app helps me improved my grades before it goes in the records you should love this app ❤️ and even though you want to get rid of all school apps this app is amazing it helped me through my years and helpes me now before school get to know my Teachers ❤️❤️❤️
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2 years ago, Fnert
Makes it so easy to see how my kids are doing in school!
The Gradelink app is really helpful for keeping up with grades and assignments. By Setting alerts for low grades, we stay on top of things before any big problems develop.
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2 years ago, Danny's GJ
We have used this app for a number of years. With the latest version, the GPA has been removed from the “grades” page. I have always appreciated this app but the GPA is super important. Please change it back.
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2 years ago, Jesehcuh
Great, but where’s the teacher app?
This has worked out great for our parents/ students, but I wonder when teachers will have access to a similar app. :)
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1 year ago, bickela
Teacher log in?
I work in a school with terrible internet. It is not teacher friendly on the web browser on the phone either (it’s nearly put me into tears trying to put in lesson plans or grades). I would like to be able to use the app on days our internet is down. I still need to put in attendance and grades but it does not work through the browser on any browser.
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4 months ago, The Corntage Album
Sometimes says Error que you change or refresh the page.
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10 months ago, FamilyDra2
Keeps me informed!
I love this app. I know when my child has upcoming assignments and how they are doing in each class/grades. It’s a great way to communicate as well. We love it!
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2 years ago, Alfie Koo
This is nice!
Dude, why bad ratings? I’m a kid and this is useful, I want to see how good I’m doing at school. If I see bad grades, I know I should improve, if I see good grades, I know I should keep it up. Why bad rate anyway?
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2 years ago, jumpin gtgjcfbj
It needs to provide the calendar just like on the website. I like many others cannot be by laptop 24/7
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1 month ago, abby-abigail
With gradelink you always know what your grades are. You can also see past grades, and see what is coming up.
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2 years ago, ZNMK
No way to view multiple kids
We have two different kids at different schools that both use Gradelink. Neither the app nor the website allow you to switch between kids?!?! Seems like a very basic use case that is missing.
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3 months ago, Shichya
Great App
This app allows you to monitor and keep track of all of your students progress including homework assignments, quizzes tests, etc.
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2 years ago, hay_girl27
Not user friendly
When it comes to paying. It’s not user friendly. I shouldn’t have to enter the info every single time.. I shouldn’t have to log in on a computer or browser. You have an app. Make it easier for us to pay the schools. We should be able to use the app to load money for lunch etc.
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2 months ago, Kaybyrd296
I love being able to keep up with my child/childrens grade whenever I need to in an instant
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2 years ago, WobblesAllAround
Can’t see GPA
Had an issue logging in and thought updating to the latest version would fix the issue. I can log in but now, there’s a new problem. Upgraded to the latest version 2.3.8 and I cannot see my kid’s GPA. My wife didn’t update her app. She is still using version 2.2.4 and her app shows my kid’s GPA. Really frustrating using this app.
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4 months ago, gaogezhe
Very convenient
You can know all the things that from your school.
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2 years ago, GAMEREVJEW
Gets the job done
As a student now that the GPA is back I could say Gradelink is good so far and has no problems on my end
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8 months ago, Shazle12345
When will the calendar be available?
This is the biggest problem the parents in my school have. Are there any plans to make the calendar available on the app??
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4 weeks ago, parss. !!
Love it!
This is an amazing app! It helps me check my grades and tells me everything I need to know! 100% recommend it.
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7 months ago, Halloween michel mayers lover
Grade link
It helps me stay in touch with me and my little brothers grades. We approve of this app it is always in touch so thank you.
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2 months ago, Mom of three’33
At a glance
Easy to navigate. See multiple records with different tabs.
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2 years ago, Lesvro
No pip hours available
I noticed on another parents iPhone that they were able to see their pip hours for their kids account and for some reason, I don’t even have the option to select it on the menu bar. I deleted the app and reinstalled and still nothing.
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4 months ago, hcuucuvuyzg
I love this app It helps so much being able to see my grades it is easy to use.
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10 months ago, Jedi742
Great For School
Show an accurate average representation with complete freedom to enter weight and to have as many assignments per weighted category.
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1 month ago, cc ccrrrrrammmm
So first I went on the app and I logged in and everything and it was just amazing so I rated it five stars Y a SS
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2 years ago, Administraeoe
Poor Quality
School administrator here. I can’t login despite the credentials being identical to what I use on my computer. Very frustrating. In general, I find this SIS less user friendly, more outdated and more “glitchy” than any other I have used in other schools. Not pleased with this app or program.
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2 weeks ago, Melissa_ann0310
User friendly
Easy to use.
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5 months ago, DiffreyCool
Great App, you should get it.
A lot of features and no bugs
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4 months ago, NotaryCheck
Gradelink App
Great place to keep a track on your grades, classes and communication with your instructor if need be.
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3 months ago, Sandoval marie
I like this app because it helps me keep track & help me stage focus on getting the grades that will help me in life.
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1 month ago, Kaysie bee
Love it great app to use to keep a check on your kids grades and assignments
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3 weeks ago, shes0ko0l
Like the app but would like to be able to access the full portal
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9 months ago, Abdul Halim bhuiyan
I can check my grades
This good I can check grade and see if I am failing.
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7 months ago, Fercar911
I love this app! Because I can check my grades in school.
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9 months ago, Logan(:123
Very good app for checking your grades
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4 months ago, Kso24
Great App for parents and students
Helpful. Would like grade threshold push notifications.
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3 months ago, Atmonterrosa
Very easy to find information.
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3 months ago, Uhhh, bob
Thanks to gradelink i can see my grades and tests that a re coming
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2 months ago, 💰💭🍀💰💭🥰😊🍀🥴🏅
Great tool !
Easy to use, informative
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2 years ago, RadNessStuff
It’s fine
There’s nothing special about it, it works well enough
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3 months ago, cyyydbsksken
this app is like soggy Cheetos and wet farts jk it helps but i just wanted to give this review
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3 weeks ago, banojoon
Very easy to navigate.
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2 months ago, T Currier
Gradelink is a useful tool for parents to stay informed.
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9 months ago, ame91011
Genius app!!!!
Very helpful when need to see grades in school. App is pure genius!!! ———
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3 years ago, DBolen01
Cannot login
I am not able to login to my Gradelink account through the app. I get an error that locks me out for 4 hours. I am able to use the same credentials and login through my PC.
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3 months ago, Useful1573
It is very handy as a student to see my grades.
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4 weeks ago, G23 Amy
Great way to keep my kids on tasks
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2 months ago, Fabi Vak
Love it
Easy to read
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