Grand Rapids Press

4.1 (122)
33.1 MB
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Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Grand Rapids Press

4.07 out of 5
122 Ratings
3 years ago, Teacheron
Good app. News is news.
The Grand Rapids press is a good app. Easy to use, read and navigate. It is my main news source. I enjoy the local and state news that is not available from nationwide sources, yet has adequate national and world coverage. I don’t always agree with the opinion commentary which has a liberal bias. I like when they invite articles from both sides on a topic. They need more of that format. I enjoy the option to have hard copy news available and especially enjoy the Sunday edition that way. And oh, I do enjoy the daily comics!😀
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3 years ago, HrtDstl
The “Press” continues to be a reliable source of local and state news. One needs more than sound bites to understand current affairs. Editorials also offer readers a perspective on current issues that may have not otherwise been considered. We need good news journals and journalists. Thank you Grand Rapids press.
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3 years ago, Dansailski
Just a few clicks needed
When reading the GR Press on my phone or iPad, only a few clicks are needed to navigate to what I want to read next. I did have to learn the functionality of the command icons, as these are not intuitive. I like the access to past issues and the option to access live news. Load times between pages is acceptable for the service I have. The way I set my credentials makes logging on a snap. This is a benchmark app.
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3 years ago, Small beef
Local news
Does a fair job in reporting the local news and I appreciate the weekend addition of Washington Post. Not too happy about paying $6.00 extra for the Thanksgiving Edition. Nothing but advertisements that GRPress gets paid for. So what should the subscribers pay for it as well?
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4 years ago, Stelthom
I like having this app to get my daily grand rapids press. It does work most of the time. Every once in a while it doesn't. There are times when I've had to go into my email to open up The latest issue. But more often than not it's fine.
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4 years ago, kathielofts
Best newspaper app
This newspaper app offers great flexibility in reading. I can make the print as big as I like. I can capture puzzles and complete them with my Apple Pencil. I can save interesting articles. I can send articles to friends and family...all with getting newsprint on my hands.
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3 years ago, Sid the Kid 2.0
GR Press review
Enjoy reading the GR Press on-Line and when delivered to my door. Sorry to hear that M-Live is having financial issues with the advertising revenue being down. Hope your situation is better. News to me is an essential service, thanks for keeping on!! 👍😎
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3 years ago, doogiegirl
Would give it a 5 if each day there was a TV schedule for sports.
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4 years ago, Cachiras
Love Local
I subscribed to the Press to help balance the noise of national news. It seems a little pricey, but it’s been well worth it. I get a great mix is local, state & national news. The reporting is balanced and informative. Well worth the investment!
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3 years ago, mvpmich
Downloads are low resolution
If you try to download an article or any of the puzzles, the resolution is so low that the blurry text is almost illegible. It’s worthless if doing the puzzles is a major use of the app. Subscription amount is high for limited articles and content which is normally a day or so late compared to other news outlets and papers.
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3 years ago, GongerSpice
Love GR Press!
Never got around to reading the newspaper when I was receiving a hard copy. This makes it easy to breeze through the paper when ever I have a minute.
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3 years ago, PapaM45
GR Ress
This app allows me to read the newspaper everyday no matter where I am. It is very easy to use. Has become my “Go To” method to stay in touch with what is going on in my home town. Good work!
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3 years ago, Aunt K
Grand Rapids Press
I always enjoy reading the Press and look forward to my Sunday puzzle. I use the app during the week but get the real paper on Sunday!
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4 years ago, Don't update your version
I catch up on my local news everyday! I love that I don’t create waste for recycling and I stay informed on my ipad!
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1 year ago, LouGerjr
Good app but
I would like to see the pdf download of the entire paper returned.
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3 years ago, Rompy 1
Daily papers
I can only get the Sunday Paper delivered. To. The house...This is the only. Way. I can get the news.
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3 years ago, Tabasco Gumbo
Grand Rapids Press
A great news paper! Thoughtfully done with relevant information and always with a sense of humor.
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4 years ago, Coach1953
Mlive works well
I like getting my digital edition of the Press.
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4 years ago, Artzway
Grand Rapids Press
App is easy to navigate, very consistent. I am a Floria snowbird, this app is my daily connection to home. Love it!
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3 years ago, wildfowl
I appreciate getting news that is unbiased and timely.
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3 years ago, TC24:27
Grand Rapids press
I like that it is available early in the morning.
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4 years ago, jeff rock
Indispensable accurate reporting...absolutely essential to navigate this topsy-turvey world. Thanks
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4 years ago, The Hakester
Digital edition...
I like it better than the print edition! No inky fingers.
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3 years ago, Thrace55
I enjoy reading the digital version of the Grand Rapids press.
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5 years ago, papa dyer
Can't load on I pad
I pay to be able to read on 3 days maybe this is last subscription
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12 years ago, dengelsma
Very nice app
After using eReplica for a while in a web browser I can attest that that the app is much better. The GR Press is going through some changes but I have been impressed with how they are handling the situation. They have communicated the situation to the readership, and put together this nifty app so we can keep up with the Press on the days it isn't delivered. A tip of the homburg to you GR Press for a job well done! I would give 5 stars but then I would be afraid they might get complacent!
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3 years ago, MR N S
Thank you
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4 years ago, nobodyseemstolistenanyway
Well, you people are very consistent....
Godawful, incompetent, unaware and uncaring. You might try being a newspaper...just this once.
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5 years ago, is great when it works
Quitting soon
Does not work
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11 years ago, HCoJ
Better than online but crashes
This app is much more user friendly than the web version so I am enjoying the ability to read clearly. Unfortunately, it crashes from time to time, although at least it reopens at the spot where it crashes. I also haven't figured out how to forward an article via email.
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11 years ago, Fjocheivgdhehd
Crash prone, slow
The idea behind this app is pretty great: to read the GR Press just like the physical paper. However, the app is constantly crashing and generally slow to load every page. The response time when moving around or turning pages is horrendous. I would've hoped for these issues to be fixed within the first couple months of the app's launch, but still they linger daily. If you're going to take away my physical paper and only offer an e-edition 4 days a week, at least make the app stable and responsive.
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11 years ago, ejsam2000
Wish I could use this, but....
I am unable to access the application even though I have an ereplica subscription. I keep getting an error message that states my user name and password are incorrect. This in spite of an email that I received confirming my user name and password. Then once I receive the error message, I am unable to close the screen. It is at this time I receive an error message that states I must be logged in to close the page. Trying to find answers to fix problems is an exercise in frustration. Deleting the app until all this nonsense is fixed.
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12 years ago, Eric Wade
Can't get my subscription to work!!!
I went online, setup and registered my account. I can access it online with the PC. I then downloaded the app from the App Store and logged on. I get the message "Your account currently does not have a subscription needed to view this edition." and the link for app help takes me back to the MLive page online. There is nowhere to get help for this app. I'd give them a more stars if this actually worked. It says if you're a current subscriber then this is included. I'd appreciate some help!
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12 years ago, Adamwiles
Great app
Had ereplica subscription had to call and cancel and subscribe in iTunes to get to work but so much better.
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10 years ago, WildCelt
Buggy, but promising
This app is sorely needed to keep print media relevant, but if this app as it stands now is any indication, they may as we'll pack it in now. It is very slow, buggy, and crashes and/or freezes often. It includes the sections of the paper, but none of the inserts (read=ads). All that being said, I have found myself reading the paper a bit more than I used to due to this app. If they can work some of the kinks out, it may actually be promising!
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12 years ago, Sci-doc
Crashes Too Often
I appreciate being able to read the paper on my iPad, but the app crashes repeatedly. I typically have to restart the app at least half a dozen times to get through an issue. Also, the image quality is great once it loads, but the load time is long, even on a very high speed network.
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12 years ago, Dad43cs
Has potential but doesn't work well
I like getting content on my iPad but this app isn't very good. When it works it's great but it frequently won't load the paper and I stare at a blank screen. Also, I went to the developer page to let the know about the problems and couldn't find an area to address my concerns. Could be very good but needs work.
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10 years ago, Yar Neerb
Needs lots of work
App still crashes, locks up, pages at times won't focus, is slow to turn pages etc. I do like the change where it goes to the top of the next page from previous page. I have the ipad 3 which should handle this type of app. It is the worse app I have and am ready to unsubscribe from the paper due to the problems I have trying to read the paper on an Ipad. Needs lots of improvement!
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6 years ago, WDuffer
Won’t open actual paper
Program doesn’t load the paper. Clicking on the app icon brings up the paper and icons of stories surrounding the “paper”, click on the paper and the program goes on an endless loop looking for past issues. But, if you click on one of side story windows before trying to read the paper, that window does open. Deleting and reinstalling does not change this issue.
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9 years ago, Must get it on
No tv schedules in app now!
It is already annoying paying same amount as an edition in print for the on line edition that doesn't easily display on apple tablet. Now the daily television schedule is not there daily. At some point - the value is not there. By the way look at the set up of Detroit Free Press/ Detroit News/USA Today they are apple friendly AND not charging to get the news. Disappointing!
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10 years ago, Argiegator
I have been very frustrated trying to straighten out a billing problem with the Press. I was transferred several times and was not able to find the right person who could resolve the issue. I finally contacted iTunes who has been working with me to resolve the issue. The iTunes rep has also contacted the Press and was unable to find the right person.
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10 years ago, firefly_michigan
The worst app I've ever seen
Without any doubt whatsoever, the Grand Rapids press application for iPad is the worst app I have ever had the misfortune of using. Every day, the application locks up at least seven or eight times as I am trying to move from one page to another. I have to close and reopen the application. That works about 1 in 3 times. If I could rate this zero stars I would.
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10 years ago, MRSSPOCK
Just seems to get worse!
The first version I used crashed, but at least it worked. Recent changes have made it even slower than before and almost impossible to navigate. Tried deleting and reinstalling. Also tried shutting down ipad and then restarting. It's a great idea, too bad they can't get it to work.
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10 years ago, Marjiecurt
Progressively getting worse
The app worked okay when it first came out but now is TERRIBLE! I have been unable to read the whole edition without it freezing up, especially when it lands on the page that addresses the subscribers and a contest to win an Ipad. Please fix as this is the only way to read some of the editions.
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12 years ago, GRRRR32
Not what I would have expected.
Poor interface seemingly written by someone who had never used a iPad or who had ever read Apples guidelines for user interfaces. No way I want to use this or eReplica for a daily paper. Just a real sad experience so that I am seriously considering cutting my regular subscription.
Show more
12 years ago, Randy@BCC
Glad to have it but...
But the app has crashed five time in the first 10 minutes of use. Not unusual with a new app but please fix the stability issues.
Show more
10 years ago, Traveler9635
Needs work
Finally getting used to the concept of reading paper online. Getting tired of the tedious nature of using this app; screen freezes, app closes unexpectedly, takes forever to load a page or sometimes to focus on page. Please make improvements!
Show more
10 years ago, Ats6902
Slow, slow, slow
It can take a very long time to move from page to page. Frequent hangs or it just stops responding. They need to do a better job of fitting the page to the screen. You spend a lot of time scrolling up and down.
Show more
7 years ago, AJG1969
Keeps asking me to login
It keeps asking me to login, and then I'm caught in a constant loop! I also would prefer the "paper" format vs. a webpage look. As another reviewer stated, if I wanted a webpage, I'd just go to the webpage. It also won't let me access any other edition except for the current day. Super frustrating.
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9 years ago, Nkayz
Crashes constantly
Has been crashing all of the time. Cannot read more than two pages without crashing. Still crashes constantly anyone out there working on this?
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