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Graphic Audio, LLC
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9 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for GraphicAudio Access

4.77 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
2 months ago, Cheethy
The best thing since sliced bread! ❤️ ❤️
When I discovered GraphicAudio, I was so excited to listen to a book that was like a movie without the picture. Being a blind person, having someone to not only read well, but be able to describe what is being seen and make it where a person with a visual impairment can understand it is amazing. The voice actors, are so talented. They have made me feel like I was a part of the story. The way that all of them are able to bring out the emotions, action and make you feel like you know the characters in the stories it’s just beautiful. let’s not forget about the sound design in each GA production. Kudos to those who bring the atmosphere of the stories to life. I love GraphicAudio, it has become a major part of my life. I have always been an audiobook listener, but discovering GA took it to a whole Nother level. All of the voice actors are freaking fabulous. I love them all! Of course, I have my favorite GA productions and my favorite GA actors, but overall GraphicAudio is just amazing and I am grateful to have found it. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making GraphicAudio the powerhouse that it is. 💜 🫡 💛 🙌 😀 🧡
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2 years ago, Adtopher
So glad I found this!!
I had been listening to GraphicAudio CD’s for about a year before I got with the times and downloaded their app. I’m so glad I did!! Now I can listen to my books all day long and not just when I’m driving at work. I literally listen to a book every day all day long. This app is set up so that it’s user friendly for us people still living in the dark ages. I’ll buy a book then refresh my account and boom there’s my book ready to download. GraphicAudio goes above and beyond in their productions from the sound effects to the cast members they are the best I’ve listened to. I didn’t care for the books where one person would be the voice for each character. A man would be trying to sound like a woman or child and it was painful to listen to!! GraphicAudio A++ keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, Willey34
Great app, with flaws.
I would give this app 5 stars but there is one issue that continues to be a problem. It’s some kind of streaming flaw. When selecting a title in which to listen, it often a give that spinning circle before the audio starts to play. About every other time, this will result in an error message. It’s resolved by closing the app, reopening it, and selecting the title again. Plays just fine now. This happen so much that I got an email from GraphicAudio that my account was suspended because there were too many error messages logged. They instructed me to uninstall the app and reinstall in order to fix it. Well, it still happens. It’s less frequent, but it does still happen. Aside from that, this is a great app. GraphicAudio is an outstanding audiobook company and I haven’t seen or heard of another that can match their production quality. I’ve been a customer of theirs for years. Way before the smartphone apps. I think they should advertise more to become more of a household name. I see Audible ads constantly and I can tell you this, Audible is absolute trash compared to GraphicAudio.
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1 year ago, Am3020
Love it!
My teens and I love the books, and two of our favorites are The Modern Author Trilogy and The Saga Of Recluse! My kiddos and I spend a lot of time traveling, and Graphic Audio has made our trips a lot more fun. I do wish that they would put an age range symbol on the covers like movies do. This is only because many of the descriptions appear like it would be appropriate for teens, but you find it’s definitely not after the first 15 minutes or so. One appeared to be a western, but the description failed to mention that it was a western about a guy getting conjoined twins as a mail order bride, and going into great detail about how that was going to work out for him. 🙄
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3 weeks ago, Ben Hoeft
Like riding an Impala with the engine of a Porsche
I give the actual audio, the product, a solid 5/5 stars. I’ve always loved reading and preferred it to an audio book, but a movie in your mind isn’t just a catchy slogan it’s the truth. The app is garbage and the UX of this product is garbage. At times it’s glitchy, other times it just doesn’t work. If you don’t download the book it can be unusable at times. The library/sorting system is non-existent, and I don’t understand how there aren’t chapters. Honestly it’s so infuriating at times it makes me tempted to rate it 1 star, but, the product is so good I can’t rate it less than 3. The downloads are so expensive I don’t understand how the app has been neglected for so long, hopefully they fix the user experience and let the audio books shine for how good they are.
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4 months ago, Justpetyrr
Great content, good app - some improvement opportunity
The production on the books is fantastic. Graphic audio provide really incredible listening experiences. The reason for the 4 star is due to a couple small issues: (1) occasionally the app will cease functioning if not in focus, forcing a restart. Not a huge deal except when I’m driving - then if a call comes through it’ll pause and won’t play again until the app is in focus. (2) it would be great to have some organization choices on the content you own. Being able to sort in different ways, filter played and unplayed, etc. Overall - I highly recommend GA and I look forward to the app getting improvements as it matures.
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2 years ago, AmyK7777
A Court Of Thorns And Roses
I am thrilled that I found that these were available. The casting of actors for the characters is totally perfect, everyone of them. I read all the books then found these were available. Each character sounds like I had imagined in my head. Reading Sarah J. Maas’s books you would really want a really dreamy voice for Rhysand and GA do does not disappoint. Feyre’s actor’s voice is equally perfect as well as Cassian’s and even the King of Hybern’s was well chosen. I learned things through this media source that I didn’t get reading the books because of the emotions behind the voice. Only one problem…I want more!
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2 years ago, Everett Newell
Long time fan
I’ve been listening to the CDs for the longest time. First discovered them on the road driving here and there. They were amazing made the drive so much easier. Now that the app is here (been using it a while now just terrible at reviews lol) it makes it so much easier. Absolutely love the actors, love the 95% of the titles available and love the service. If I had one recommendation it would be to make all the titles that were available on CD available on the app. Unsure if there is legal reasons for it just miss some of the titles. Thank you though for the service and your dedication to an amazing product.
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4 months ago, KK1557
Greatly Enjoyed
I’ve listen through all the ACOTAR series on the Graphic Audio app and have no issues with listening and using my phone as normal. Even have connected through Bluetooth to listen in the car. No issues with purchasing and having the audio show up in the app. Usually arrives very quickly after purchase. Same with any pre-orders - shows up no problem. I really do love the whole cast narration and sound effects makes listening so enjoyable! Can’t wait for next years releases. And I hope Graphic Audio continues releasing popular titles/series!
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6 years ago, Sionalyn
I find this app extremely unwieldy!!! I downloaded the app and then struggled for over an hour just to figure out how to log in because it showed the login page as if I was already established and gave me no way out! I was able to download one book and listen to it completely with no problems BUT now I can’t figure out how to get any more books! All I can see is my own library and the podcasts!!! What good is the app if I have to go to the website every time I want new books? I am a truck driver and listen to audio books all the time! I love GraphicAudio but I get very tired of searching in the truck stops for the books I need to complete a series or to not be able to listen to long established series because you can never find the early books!!! Your books are of great quality but your app is of extremely poor quality!!! I sincerely hope you read these reviews and hire a quality app producer in the very near future!!!
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1 year ago, JCZorkmid
Missing basic key features
UPDATE: I tried the latest version as of March 2023 as requested but none of these issues have been addressed. I’ve been a big fan of Graphic Audio for years, but I’ve always downloaded the books and put them into an audiobook app myself. But I wanted to start a book that I hadn’t downloaded yet so I tried the app. There’s a sleep timer, but no manual bookmarking. So… I have to take screenshots and manually find my spot… ugh. The other 3 audiobook apps I use all have the option to have multiple bookmarks, and 2 of them let to add notes to the bookmarks. I use this extensively, and any convenience this app offers isn’t enough to put up with not having bookmarks. Also I’m dumbfounded by the lack of a driving mode.
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5 years ago, hackthecatboy
Great app but needs work!
I love GraphicAudio and the work they do. I love that the app allows me to listen to the books I’ve bought without having to add them to iTunes first. I do have two issues with the app, the first and biggest is that when I have my phone locked and am listening to a book with headphones the app will crash and I have to unlock the phone go back into the app, and go to the book to have it start playing again. The second is that I wish the app had a bookmark feature like audible’s does. Then I could bookmark where I am before falling asleep with the timer. Allowing me to easily find where I last was before falling asleep.
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4 years ago, blackie_ball-less
Bastard of The Apocalypse
It’s as if Tom Clancy and Steven King produced a “bastard” love child of their own. Is this “bastard” I speak of the book’s protagonist Frame ? Or perhaps the author himself Charles Rogers? Yes. And Yes. An Extremely engaging story- things move briskly and the reader/listener finds themselves quickly submerged and ENGAGED Having just listened to Bastard of the Apocalypse in the here and now of June 2020 - the parallels with Frames world are indeed a little unnerving - and yet surprisingly relevant - you’re not likely to take a full moon for granted after walking a mile (or two) through Malibu in Frames shoes. I’m a very picky consumer of fiction- my only complaint or detraction would be that Book 1 is too short and as Book 2 slips past - you will be left in your very own Apocalypse- WHERE IS BOOK 3 ???? I guarantee you it will be worth the wait (Oh yeah,,, the folks at Graphic Audio have done an incredible job with this title- I was pleasantly amazed at the “experience” delivered thru my little ear buds)
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2 years ago, Jp9799
5 years in using GA
I have spent quite a bit of money when purchasing graphic audio books but I do feel that it’s all worth it . I love graphic audio because I’m able to do my household chores or go on walks ,exercise and cook while I’m listening to a book. I really wish they had more books with romance in it I have already listen to World of the Lupi ,Silver ,Ordinary Magic ,Mystwalker ,Mistborn ,Esther Diamond , super powered and many more but I would like more with Romance in them as well as action like The World of the Lupi which is my favorite.
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7 years ago, B.I.G. $ Money
Please fix please Finally fixed!!!!!!!
my main issue was the crazy amount of time it would take the app to load. The app now loads quickly and works very well. There is a small learning curve with the new app however it is so much better than the previous app I barely noticed. The main things to remember are to click the 3 dots in order to download instead of stream. The second is to use the filters and search to your advantage. It took an extremely long time for this fix but it is worth it. The previous app was so bad I stopped buying books for a while. I will now be happy to buy books and look forward to listening. Thank you GA Please read other reviews. They are accurate the time only shows 00:00. Please fix and shorten the skip time to 10-15 seconds not ten minutes that's crazy long. Please fix the app it could be so much better. So much greater. Please fix!!
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1 year ago, gogoamy
I love graphic audio!
I listen to audio books while I work and they can get boring listening to one person drone on for hours which is why I am so happy I found graphic audio! The amazing sound design and talented actors are really engaging. They are not lying when they say the create “a movie in your mind” I feel like my productivity has gone up because I want to keep listening so I keep working. Keep up the great work graphic audio team! I can’t wait to figure out what to listen to next!
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1 year ago, bttrdapple
Next level Audio Books
This is an Audio feast. I saw clips of the ACOTAR audio book on socials and I had to try out Graphic Audio and it was well worth the money. The amount of production and detail that goes into these Audio productions are amazing and artistic. Absolutely enjoyed my audio book, and highly recommend anyone to give your favorite book a read/relisten with Graphic Audio playing alongside or even while you are working around the house.
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6 months ago, QuiltIdaho
Needs more control
It took me a while to get used to the extra sounds and noises in the performances, but I have learned to really enjoy it. My only issues are 1. It needs more options for controlling the speed of the narration. 1.0 has been too fast to picture the storyline in my head and 0.75 is painfully slow. I think on audible it gives you a lot more options. My other issue is that the entire book is on one “chapter” so I can either move forward or back by 30 seconds, or fly through with maybe 20 min accuracy. It makes it frustrating to return to a specific point. Finally, it doesn’t integrate with my car’s CarPlay system, which is kind of annoying, especially because I can pause it on my car without looking down, but it’ll keep playing silently on my phone. When I come back I could be anywhere in the storyline and given the navigation issues above, it’s hard to find my spot again.
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9 months ago, zdc1234
When I say I honestly wish every book was recorded by them I mean it I literally was and still am blown away at how amazing this Graphic Audio audiobooks are!!! I literally cried when my one book was over! I could literally listen all day and I have! The casts, the music, the sound effects it’s AMAZING!!!! If you haven’t heard a auto book by them yet you need to! Highly recommend ACOTAR series 1000% I could never listen to another version!
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2 months ago, Sugamama
The artistry is phenomenal. The app continues to freeze.
I cannot say enough good things about the voice actors and the production of the books!!!! They are truly gifted and I am so humbled to be able to appreciate their work. The app likes to freeze up in the middle of a book randomly the one. I’m currently listening to has seized over a dozen times and I have to close the app and re-open it and go back to where I was. Please please please fix this error in the app so that I can change my rating to a five star.
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5 years ago, 迷鸭仔
Streaming fail?
App seems to have streaming problems, I’m able to download and listen to the productions but have not been able to stream, worked with support team and still haven’t fixed problem. Also APP tends to take forever to load, currently operating on iPhone 6S, perhaps my specs are just too low? Have been able to stream all other podcast and watch Netflix on my mobile connection also....just unable to stream
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2 years ago, Joedeertae1
!!!!!!!! OTR TRUCKER TO OTR TRUCKER !!!!!!!!
Without GraphicAudio I would have never been able to succeed or continue driving over the road. Trying to entertain or amuse yourself for 11 hrs a day 70 hrs a week becomes a bit arduous. Eventually family an friends stop answering the phone because they know you are about to talk there ear off haha . Music helped for a time but you can only listen to a song so many times before it loses it influence.. GraphicAudio blew me away . The full production and all the voice actors beautiful performance’s. Performance’s that are well deserved of a academy award. I have 2 million miles under my belt know thanks to GraphicAudio..Thank you GraphicAudio. OTR Truckers download this app and let that movie in your mind get you down the road .
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3 years ago, Matt the Engineer
Great app, couple annoying bugs
I love the app. Makes listening to the books simple. I do wish there were better filtering options where I could select a specific series and only see those books so I wouldn’t have to go searching every time when I finish one. Annoying bugs are every so often, sound stops working and have to restart app. Also every so often, book stops playing and have to restart app. Otherwise it’s been a great experience.
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2 months ago, Applebees@official
My Best App
I moved away recently for the military, across the country, and with that comes a lack of friends and family in daily life I’ve come to think of all the voice actors and producers as my friends, I listen constantly, now doing the daily tasks of life with a story :) These are by far the best production audiobooks available! Keep it up Graphic Audio, you’ve got a lifelong customer!!
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1 year ago, M00sedr00l
Best Audio Books Around
“A Movie In Your Mind.” They live up to that slogan with each book. Each character is beautifully portrayed by an actor or actress, music scores, sound effects, you cant beat listening to your favorite series and have it come alive for you. The app works great. Zero issues. Offline listening, it remembers where you left off, sleep timers. No complaints here!
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3 years ago, indytocharlotte
Appreciative Fan
I have been a fan of GA since I grabbed my first set of CDs from a truck stop along I-65. Since then I have found series and stand-alone titles that have kept me entertained every where I have travelled. I continue to appreciate the quality of the production and the talented actors. Many have tried to duplicate what GA does and for me they are no where close. Keep being the best in this space.
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3 years ago, Vanillalatte69
Great App better than most!
The audio quality is great! Easy to use! The only real complaint, this is personal, is I wish the "in between books" in a series of the major collection were added in chronological order. This doesn't take away from the app just a wish list. I don't know any app that does this. So it doesn't affect the rating.
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3 years ago, Kunglu
Superbly done stories! Engaging and exciting to listen to!!
Very happy with the titles I’ve listened to. I love the Marvel titles. Civil War and Avengers vs X-Men are my top two right now! The acting, the sound effects, the pacing and plots are all superb. I’ve been sampling some of the other non-comic titles and they seem to all be of the same quality. I love audio books but sometimes they seem to drag or I tune them out. But not with GraphicAudio. It keeps me engaged.
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3 years ago, Advcyjfhj
It works
The app is pretty basic. You can download you book, play, pause fast forward 30 sec or rewind 30 sec. What you can’t do is access their store, easily find and buy the next book in the series or playback at a faster speed. The books are good. Fun to listen too, but sometimes the background music is too loud and makes it hard to understand the words spoken.
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5 months ago, Bunny•
Night Huntress series
Absolutely the superior way to experience this series! The casting is perfect. The background noises set the vibe just right.. I’m not sure that I can go back to listening regular audiobooks. My only hope is that this platform continues to grow so that I can experience the books I’ve already read physically in this way!
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5 years ago, jackdajew
Over a 2 decades of great use and more than 80 titles
I love the Graphicaudio app. I have been using it for well over 10 years now and it is still a great app. My only concern is that when I am using my AirPods and I try to use the play previous track, it does not work with GraphicAudio. When I use Audiobooks or play my music, I can play the previous track or 30 seconds by double tapping my AirPods, but this easy function does not work with the GraphicAudio app.
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3 years ago, lcashless
The app is great, could use some tweaking for accessibility.
An excellent app, wish it was fully accessible, considering that the software would be great for visually impaired people. It really is like a movie in your mind. Unfortunately I find some of the buttons and sliders not working with screen accessibility such as voiceover. If they could fix that I’d give this app a five star rating.
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7 years ago, Lightning Strike
Great app that finally matches the quality of the books
Wrote a review for the app back when it was clunky and full of bugs, but this new version is an amazing improvement. Aside from a hiccup downloading, this app works like it should. Finally the app is up the the standard of quality that Graphic Audio puts into their audiobooks (which is high praise!)
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5 days ago, KS67385
Bugs in App
The content is super fun and it makes the workday pass enjoyably. The app is not great. Been using it for about a week. I’ve chosen the online purchase option that’s only accessible through the app and not only have my new purchases not shown up in my catalog for a full 24h, despite having logged in & out multiple times online and on the app, turned phone on and off, checked for updates, 5G & WiFi and working correctly, etc. If the app developers see this please send help!!
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4 years ago, Alexis cooks
A small request
In your next update, can you please add an unlimited reading subscription? I would much rather pay a fee a month or a year. To read as many books as I want. Then to pay for my books one by one. I’ve always wanted to use this experience. The only thing that was stopping me, is that I have to pay for my books one by one. And I really didn’t want to do that. Could you please add this? Thank you
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4 years ago, Tibe19k
Well enough
It can’t handle my library (over 200 items) so frequently crashes or freezes I am afraid to extend my library anymore. (Deleting and redownloading only helps for a few days) It’s fickle on the best of days and obnoxious on the bad. The streaming will work one week then won’t let you do anything else without crashing it. But when it does work it works great and I am able to listen to my purchases and not my co workers who sound like they were raised by hogs.
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3 years ago, dud3r503
App became almost unusable
I have a pretty large collection on this app. I’m an OTR trucker. Recently the app began enlarging the text every time you go to it. Eventually one letter would take up the entire space. Makes it hard to find the next book in the series. I’ll update when it’s fixed. I’m sure they’ll get to it.
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4 years ago, bob rob job
A little clunky
I would like to see them adopt the traditional tabbed Interface along the bottom of the screen, with library, podcasts, etc. being easily accessible from there. It also takes quite a long time for new purchases to load into the app.
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3 years ago, Talktoyourmitch
The actual best
I normally pirate everything. These are so good I buy them. Listen to the Stormlight archives and tell me they aren’t amazing. The books are good... I’ve read them, but GraphicAudio versions make them my favorite series ever. Please do some Star Wars books and thank for all the enjoyment. The amount of work and love for what they do shows in ever title.
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5 years ago, Gunlock8
Why is this an app?
With all the sophisticated audio players, I don't see the need for this rudimentary audio player. Just let us open GA books in our own audio player that has all the bells and whistles like variable playback speed and gestures. Updating to five stars. I don't care for this app but the product is simply too amazing to get anything hut five stars
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3 years ago, L T 357
Good but could be better.
I’m along time user and nothing is better for a good road trip then a good audio book. I’m also glad to see that GraphicAudio is starting to sell these products on Audible. I would use this app more if I could control the speed of the books like in Audible.
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2 years ago, Morvika
My favorite traveling partner
I go nowhere without my graphic audio. I am truly a fan and have been for almost a decade. When I found out there was an app I was ecstatic. No more hunting for the next book in my current series. Although the hunt was fun, I didn’t always have the time. This app is perfect for me
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8 months ago, Sadface69
Stories coming to life
I love reading books, but I have discovered that’s even better after having read the books to hear the books on GraphicAudio or it brings everything to life with a full cast, sound effects and background music.
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1 year ago, Jerfius
A Movie in Your Mind
Great app for listening to audio books, picks up where you left off and lets you download in case you won’t have signal. You still have to purchase through the website, can’t buy books through the app.
Show more
2 years ago, I❤️Novels
Ideal for drivers
If you have a job that requires you to drive all over town, or you prefer to drive from one state to another, you might like this company’s work. GraphicAudio is capable of making you invested through their efforts to convert these books into cinematic experiences! 🙂👍🙂👍🙂👍
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4 years ago, "Burbank speaking."
A movie in your mind indeed!
Fantastic all the way around: 1. Remembered I had an account even when I didn’t! My whole library was waiting for me. 2. Very easy online shopping experience. 3. App is stable and easy User interface 4. Quality of audio production is top notch.
Show more
12 months ago, Brittany Cruz
Amazing app🥹🫶🏻🤍
These books told in this way have made my days so much more enjoyable. Everyday, I can’t wait to put my headphones on and listen. I’ve listened to the acotar series, huntress series, and I’m on the born in fire series now. Looking forward to using this app forever ✨
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5 years ago, slinky unit
I love GraphicAudio and they do amazing work with their adaptations. That being said, this app is terrible. It will stream on cellular data only about 10% of the time. (It’s not my cell carrier because all other apps work fine with it.)Before I leave the house, I have to open the app and let it load on WiFi, only then will it play on my commute to work. Also, it will randomly shut off on its own. I will still be a supporter of this company, but this app needs work.
Show more
1 year ago, CW11251007
All my books
I have enjoyed all my books. The actors are amazing ! I feel like I am actually watching a movie in my mind. I am so hooked on a few of the series. That I can hardly wait for the next installment. Happy Reading Everyone. And Happy New Year
Show more
3 years ago, Mouseyshawn
Simple app
Nice app for listening to audiobooks I would really like to see a setting to toggle off the download button to prevent accidental tapping. With the digital downloads, you have three downloads. I would be bummed if I accidentally wasted one :( Otherwise a good app!!!
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