Graphing Calculator X84

4.5 (47.8K)
14.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Graphing Calculator X84

4.55 out of 5
47.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Eevie105
I am always forgetting things at home/leaving them places, so I don’t trust myself to get the $100+ calculator (which is so clunky!) This is amazing! It’s just what I need and works very well. I haven’t updated to the paid version yet but I plan to do that in the near future. Something I love about it is that I can type out the numbers I want to put in the calculator on my iPad keyboard (I’m one of those people who uses an iPad instead of a laptop, with a keyboard attachment and everything) which is like the most amazing thing ever! I didn’t expect it to do that but it’s a nice surprise!
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8 months ago, themyra
Too much ads
I know this is my responsibility to bring the graphing calculator but I forgot. I was taking an SAT practice exam and I didn’t have the calculator so I downloaded this app. Every 10 seconds, it is always showing temu app, buying clothes, other ads and it is so annoying. I got very frustrated and I kept trying to close them and the teacher saw that I was suspicious so she came up to me and asked me to show her what I was doing. I showed her the app and I accidentally clicked the temu ad and it took me to another website and the teacher started to yell at me. She said “if I see u switch screens again I will take your phone away” but if I don’t use my phone, how will I use the calculator?? This was such a disappointment but the features of the calculator was pretty good besides the ads. I mean which other apps give ads every 10 seconds?? It’s such a distraction
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3 years ago, hsjzhnzj
I only needed this app for a few minutes I’m in 8th grade and need a graphing calculator for 1 lesson I’m not a school and have to do this lesson online. It was working great until I tried to do an equation then it said I needed to purchase this app to complete the equation. I understand that $5 isn’t a lot compared to the $100 or more ones but when you need it for 20minutes or less to complete the homework I don’t think you should have to pay. I know they need money and stuff but at least let your customers have a trial or something in the future. Just a suggestion but I think it would improve the app and more people would want to buy it. I know when I get free trials I find the full potential of the app and am more likely to purchase it. I really don’t mean for this to be rude it’s just a suggestion you can take it if you want but if you don’t I don’t care.
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1 year ago, arizoned
Annoying attempt at a demo
This is not a functional app. When you try to execute any of the functions it just says "Buy the Pro Version" but there is no option to upgrade or In-App purchase. They want you to buy a whole separate app in the app store called "Graphing Calculator Plus" at which point this app is useless. And this "demo app" doesn't even let you try out the functions of the real app before you buy it. It constantly interrupts you every few seconds with video ads while you are trying to enter the data to do a function, and then it doesn't do the function anyway. The user interface is not adapted to MacOS, the keyboard doesn't work so you have to use the mouse to click on all the buttons. So many things. Whoever thought this would be a good idea to promote interest in the paid version was wrong, very wrong.
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3 years ago, Fitbit Owner Ruby
When I was in 7th grade I downloaded the TI 84 C wabbit emu and I loved it! This is basically the same thing just FREE (you don’t have to also own the calculator...which I think you need to do for the emu)! Basically this app is everything I ever hoped would exist for iOS with basically the same layout as my number one favorite calculator. I LOVE IT!!! only small prob is the numbers at the very top of the display in the corner seem slightly cut off, I hope this gets fixed in the update but don’t let that stop you from getting this AMAZING app. It will change your life :)
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2 years ago, AngryArmadillo
Ads Are Something Else
I’ve used this app for years and the ads have been fine. I understand they are necessary for the app to be free. Previously, all the ads were quiet and relatively reserved in nature. I’d see an ad for Raid Shadow Legends and move on with my day/calculations. So I’m sitting in class today doing some math when I get an ad on my calculator of some girl yelling “My boobs are DDD!!!” Mind you, it wasn’t a quiet ad. The ad took over my phone speakers so everyone in class could hear it. My phone is silenced, because it always is since I can’t use it in class. Why would it do that? I have no idea because it’s never happened before. Now I look like some creepy perv in my graduate course because of a calculator app. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so detrimental to my professional life.
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1 year ago, Diego_A75
Useful. I want to get rids of ads, though
Listen, I’m not saying you make this app free without any ads. I understand, I’d want to make money too. I was referring to paying a small extra fee to get rid of the ads altogether. The ads get in the way of studying and I’d much rather prefer pulling the sting out. If you do have a payed ads free option, I would like clearer instructions on how to buy it -for dumb fellas like me ;). Either way, amazing app. P.S. If anyone knows a way to do it, respond here, please
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4 years ago, kaaarr72718
Prepare for ads
I ended up having to delete that app over the ads. I’m fine with the pop up ads, they have to make money somehow, but the time based ads that take up your entire screen was enough to make me quit. It’s highly annoying when you’re trying to do quick calculations for homework and an ad for a social media site completely takes over what you were doing, especially when you’re trying to avoid those sites and stay focused on homework. If that isn’t an issue for you, then it's not a bad calculator. I never tried the graphing. I use my actual TI-84 for that, but for other simple calculations, I think it’s better than the regular iPhone calculator.
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3 years ago, ReddLuuxx
Needed a calculator to use for my trigonometry honors class when I’m home, since I do not have one and didn’t want to buy a calculator that I might end up using for only a year. THIS APP has actually helped me on difficult problems on my homework and is very helpful to use when I need to Check my answers. I highly recommend this calculator app as it has helped me successfully complete my homework and avoided me from getting the wrong answers.
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2 years ago, bananaboy21
Doggo app and waste of time
The sin, cos, and tan, buttons put different numbers than the actual calculations for the numbers. This app has multiple errors like giving the wrong numbers. I just do not want other people to waste their time on this app, when the normal, free, pre-downloaded calculator works better. I don’t normally write reviews at all but this app ticked me off when I thought I had a good working calculator, just to experiment and figure out that he calculations are wrong. I am sorry for the paragraph, enjoy your day unless you made this garbage app. If so I hope you eat Taco Bell and explode everything in your stomach into the toilet water and it splashes all over your stupid face, screw you.
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3 years ago, tinybbq
This is a $5 alternative to paying $50-$100+ for a physical calculator you might use for one, maybe two classes your whole life. It works exactly the same as anything that costs ten to twenty times more and it’s right on your phone. The creators of this app deserve the 5 star score; higher education is already expensive enough. If you don’t want to learn how to familiarize yourself with statistic functions on excel (which students get for free), then this is the next best thing. Great app, thanks guys!
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4 years ago, Amazing chick!!
Instead of going out and buying myself a $100 TI-84 calculator for class, this app is the exact same thing! It’s perfect for school in the sense that this app is free compared to the expensive physical version of the calculator, and it works the exact same, arguably even before than the physical calculator. Overall, I love it! Would definitely recommend to all students to download this app rather than paying for an overpriced physical version of this calculator.
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2 years ago, Aquarius for life♒️
Great app!🤩
Best calculator I’ve ever used! I strongly recommend this app to anyone, especially high school students who are having trouble. This App even has a graphing table and everything that you would need. Not to mention that it’s cheaper than the $100 philosophical ones. Although I would like this app better if I was able to customize it a bit but that’s pretty much it 👌🏻
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5 years ago, bdub7228
For class
Taking college courses and I used to own a ti 83 but I lost it when someone broke into my house and needed a quick fix. After using this app, it has, basically, all of the functions I had on my ti 83 but is significantly more convenient. I was able to open it and use all of the functions pretty quickly, as it was easy to learn how it all worked.
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2 years ago, Ooo baby
Too many adds
I used to have this. 5 stars. New phone and haven’t had the app in a while. I just downloaded it and there are so many ads, it makes homework so annoying. If you’re just doing a bunch of calculations you can do quite a few in between ads. However, I’ll enter a few numbers, go back to paper and solve a bit, need a calculator and have an ad. It’s that cycle over and over again. Right when I need it I have another ad. Without the ads it’s an easy 5 star. They just make doing homework so annoying
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3 years ago, Cool Johnny B
My Grandson Update
My Grandson did an internship with me this summer. It required the use of multiple calculations. He kept coming up with the answers very quickly. I thought how his doing this. Then he told me about the app. So he installed it on my phone and now I have it. It has been so helpful. Great calculator - thank you - Papi and Jaykob
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2 years ago, Goblin McNasty
Great app other than the ads
I use this app to calculate weighted grades for my classes. It has features that make this easier than the stock iPhone calculator app. This calculator would be PERFECT if I had the option to pay to remove the ads. As it is, sometimes I’ll be doing a series of grade calculations and get interrupted by ads, which is annoying. Otherwise, this is a great graphing calculator app.
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6 years ago, Nem.Pro
Free alternative to the heavy calculator
I often had my calculator with me all the time! But it isn’t necessary anymore!!! I got this one! It has all common functions (even including complex and statistics), matrix calculation also works on basic operations! That’s by far the BEST choice you can get for the zero cost!!! A big thank to developers, i hope you guys’ll carryon well!!!
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3 years ago, ubercorb77
Nice and fast and easy to use
In my opinion this is not the best calculator on the App Store, but I am giving it 5 stars because it is the only one I like using. This calculator feels very fast and responsive and the buttons are bigger so they are easy to press. I would really love a feature to customize the size/font, but I still love this app
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4 years ago, usernamedyl
Suggestion for an Update or Question as to How to turn on Haptics
Love the app but could you add haptics so whenever users click on a button, they can feel that a button has been clicked? It’s just something that feels reassuring for some users and users can always turn it off if they don’t like it.
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3 years ago, Brandon Dequan
A big help for complex problems!!!!
Whenever I need to figure out complex problems this baby is my go to. Simple to use and great for business, especially when you’re out and about and need to crunch some numbers in right quick.
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7 months ago, Mad4lan
Features blocked by paywall/ too many adss
Downloaded this to have easier access to a graphing calculator. It was honestly a mistake. You get an advertisement every minute or so, and too many features are blocked by a paywall. It’s virtually useless for anything you might need a graphing calculator for. Truthfully it’s no better than Desmos in what it’s capable of. (at least with Desmos there are no ads and it’s free). Save your time, google will do almost anything you need.
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2 years ago, Justincuddeback
I tried to like it i used it for a year but the ads are too bad
they pop up at the worst time and if you are like me you will have found that every time you want to perform a quick calculation the ad will pop up and slow you down and maybe even make you click on it. after years i cant take it with the ads anymore. they should just offer it as a paid app instead maybe
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3 years ago, Got this for geometry class
It’s a good Calculator, but horrible advertiser.
I understand why a free application would use ad revenue to make sure the service can stay afloat, but if I’m taking a geometry test, and my calculator is replaced with a billboard, maybe it’s not the best option. I don’t know why it happens either. There are ads on the top that are noticeable, and not obstructing anything. Good product, but the more obnoxious ads make me want to die.
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7 months ago, Some random name I put in
Amazing 😊
This is very helpful. Helped me get all my school work done. If no one wants the adds to pop up, all you have to do is simply turn off your wifi. Solid Calculator and very useful, especially if you lost or forgot your actual graphing calculator.
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5 years ago, youwouldntlikemewhenimangry
Does it have STAT Diagnostics?
I was just wondering, is it in the paid version? I couldn’t find it in MODE, and that’s what it’s on on the TI-84. I am doing lines of fit and correlations for some background. Also, I love how the age recommendation is 4+ when algebraic calculators are for, like, 8th graders. I’m in 7th and doing algebra though, ‘cause I’m big smart. Sorry to flex 😂😂
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4 years ago, Bob Da Gob
Crashes Randomly
I’m in 8th grade and we have to take algebra tests at home because of the coronavirus. I downloaded this app because I thought it would help out at home without the calculators the school provided. However this was not the case this app is buggy and glitchy I was doing the test just fine up until it randomly stopped graphing their 5 dollar alternative is the same with a few more function. Overall please don’t get this app and if you do do not get the five dollar version it’s just as bad.
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4 years ago, boltfox20
Paid Programming
The entire reason I have been looking for an app for graphing calculators was to use the programming function. That’s the best part of a graphing calculator, being able to program in commonly used equations to make math faster and easier. This app put that function behind a pay wall. The only reason this isn’t a 1 star is because the actual calculator part works great. However, this is not a free alternative if half the calculator is not free.
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1 year ago, rtgdrn jf
This is amazing
I love this app so much I have an older phone so it is able to download from it and it is just amazing it solves equations that most use google to solve but instead just press two buttons and you answer
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4 years ago, hola me amigo :)
online classes
because of the corona, i've had to take online classes. I'm only in 8th grade, but i take high school math classes, the school usually provides the graphing calculator. They just started sending me work but i didnt have a calculator at home because of money. This is a life saver!
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I have had this app on my phone for years. A solid addition to a STEM majors phone… BUT I could’ve sworn that I bought the ~$3 version to get rid of the ads, but in the last few months I’ve been SWARMED with ads. Every 2-3 minutes there are 90 seconds of ads. I cannot find the settings option anymore where I bought the ad-free version. To the ad developers, what’s up with this?
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3 years ago, smoosav
Do not buy!
Do not buy this app. It all looks good until you actually try to use it. It has no complete user’s manual, it doesn’t do any of the calculus operations, the customer service for help does not exist, very poorly designed, very hard to figure out the operations. I have worked with TI 89 in the past and it was great. But this software is just a scam. They just want to make a quick buck by making the app pictures very appealing and nice. But don’t fall this!
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3 years ago, chaos nicci
Too many ads
This app was good for school, however there is a timer so that every 100 seconds there is a full sized ad that stops your ability to use this app. They also have ads at the top of the page which is okay, but stoping my work so that I can have a full sized ad is too annoying
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3 years ago, 😇😇❤️😜
Use it for school
I love this app! I think it’s absolutely amazing it helps with my homework and class assignments. Teachers might say put your phone away but hey it’s still a great app and I recommend it to any high school/college student.
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5 years ago, Books Are Great Entertainment!
This app is a GRAPHING calculator application, but to calculate anything that involves graphing, you must pay! At that point, you might as well just use the calculator that’s already on your phone instead of wasting storage and time on this sorry excuse of a calculator. I would just recommend buying a graphing calculator, even though they are expensive. You could also switch to Samsung and get the wabbit emu calculator app from the Google Play store. It’s free and exactly like the ones we use in school.
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2 years ago, tatertotwaffles
this app is amazing
like the title said, this app is absolutely amazing. i have to use a graphing calculator on almost all of my math assignments now, and when i can’t do them in class, i have no graphing calculator at home, until i found this app. absolutely amazing, the layout is almost identical to the actual calculator, and it runs so quickly, smoothly, and accurately. thank you, developers for creating this wonderful app that is necessary in my math class. ❤️
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3 years ago, Broseph9
Depends on what you need it for
If you need to do some quick calculations and you dont have access to an actual calculator, it works fine. However, the app will make you purchase anything that doesnt fall under basic math so be warned if you're trying this app for graphing, finance, etc
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2 years ago, Will5574
Relentless Ads
It seems like nowadays you can’t utilize a single product without being throttled by a money grabbing ad every 5 seconds. It is ridiculously infuriating. What makes you think we want to see an ad every 30 seconds of calculator use? You think I’m having fun in the first place doing my calculations? Yes, and an ad will brighten my day and make me give you all the monies. I shocked by the overall good rating this app has. DISGRACEFUL.
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5 years ago, Be_My_Buddy
Best graphing calculator on the iPhone
I think that it does a very good job. I like being able to have the graphing calculator on my phone, it does the minimum so if you want it to do a specific action that isn’t that basic you might have to pay. All around I use this app a lot when I need it.
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2 years ago, AlpineDad
Appalling casino ads
I tried this out and was in the app for 10 seconds. When to my horror a loud casino slots ad appeared, and filled up the screen. It lasted at least 30 seconds and did not go away. I tried to find a way to close the ad but it was impossible. I closed the app and will find another calculator app. Even one that I have to pay for. But I will not pay anything for this app.
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3 years ago, Huh huh huh huh
Ads auto-playing
Do. Not. Download. I’ll keep this short, not only are there banner ads on screen, but they’ve added a feature where video ads start auto-playing in the middle of calculations. You cannot stop, pause, or exit out to continue to the calculator portion until the ad finishes playing. It was an immediate uninstall for me and my first ever review of an app. Utterly infuriating. Do not download.
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4 years ago, RNTOTH
Great Calculator
The calculator is great. Would be even better without annoying pop up ads in middle of trying to enter numbers
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4 years ago, S1M9
So many ads
I swear I was on the app for a whole ten seconds before another money hungry add just pops up in the middle of an assignment due at the end of class, then I had to wait 30 seconds for it to all be over with just to get another one in another 30 seconds, if you like watching ads and wasting time instead of doing your work then this calculator is just for you.
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5 years ago, kachoo_
Great cheap full featured ti84 emulator
Needed a $100+ calculator for school, bought this $5 app instead and couldn’t be happier. Works great on iPhone, iPad, and iPad multitasking modes all perfectly fully fleshed out TI84, recommended to any students or anyone who needs a great IOS calculator
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5 years ago, Bing Brigantic
Best Scientific Calculator
This is by far the best scientific calculator in IOS. The keys and function works just like the real ti 84. To me it's better and very convenient because you can get this app for free and use it anytime you want on your phone. Best Calculator hands down!
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5 years ago, -Bambino-
This app was not great, I use the Ti84 calculators a lot for my schoolwork and this was just not it, it is missing many of the functions that the ti84s have and there are constantly adds popping up at the top. It is also confusing to use overall. Many things need the upgraded version that is like three dollars and I’m just not going to pay that for a calculator that should already have all of the functions on it.
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5 years ago, Orkfjsufh
I love it I don’t have to buy an expensive calculator (I’m in 8th grade algebra) and I can now do all the stupid things instead of struggling with google. Thanks would be 5 if all features were there (wish I could put 4.99 stars). But I see why it isn’t unlocked but hey I still enjoy it. :)
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9 months ago, UoroGod3
Works great, might not be able to use it in class though
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2 years ago, ck131ck132
Adds pop up = not free
Got this because I just wanted a scientific calculator for my iPad, and it looked like there were no in app purchases that would require for me to pay anything. Turns out about every minute, an ad will pop up, which to me makes it not free and pretty frustrating when you’re trying to do calculations. Deleting this one immediately!
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4 years ago, danimalpanda
Whoah! Will be searching for donation link!
This is the best! Liberation from hefty calculator with clunky buttons. Others don’t compare, and this one is free, saving students and professionals around the world. Looking to donate to make this possible without cost
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