GRE Prep & Practice by Magoosh

4.8 (10.3K)
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Last update
5 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for GRE Prep & Practice by Magoosh

4.83 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Mere sai
Very effective
I have just begun to use Magoosh an so far I find it to be very efficient in helping me learn. I would back after I finish prepping n again after my real scores come in. With a toddler around it’s almost tough for me to find exclusive laptop sittings for preparing for competitive exams. But Magoosh mobile app is proving to be the solution. Their way of organizing the content by splitting it into topics n subtopics helps to get an overall view n make assessment of where u stand. More important it’s succinct n yet explains the concepts thoroughly. The practice tests at the end of each section helps me to assess myself then n there. I am yet to see if they have the practice questions at the end of each section in mobile platform too. But so far mobile app is a lifesaver so that my study progress is not dampened by very limited hrs of laptop only sessions. I love it when my kid plays n I can give him company n yet do my stuff here. Will be updated again. Thanks Magoosh team.
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4 years ago, adult gre student
The best product out there !!! Provides
When I decided to apply for graduate school I absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of material I need to brush up on and some concepts I needed to completely relearn. I looked for different books and resources, some of which did provide some useful information. I realized that my real struggle was with coming up with some type of structure that would help keep me organized as to how I was going to tackle all 3 parts of the exam. As soon as I came across the Magoosh products and materials I immediately signed up for the 2-3 month study plan. Magoosh has been an absolute life saver! The platform provides excellent guided instruction on the most effective and efficient ways to study, amazing lessons, practice quizzes & tests, with detailed answer breakdown and explanation, and other invaluable study and test taking tips and strategies. I would 100% recommend the Magoosh GRE products!
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6 years ago, Aishaaa_
Very Nice Team
I’ll be back to add a review once I take the GRE but I love the Magoosh App so much! I love that I can access the content I need without having to be with my laptop. The user interface is friendly and clean. The content is very explanatory and I feel like I’m making great progress every day as I watch those videos! I recommend Magoosh to everyone that I know! Unlike the other GRE prep brands, I particularly love how Magoosh makes Information less bulky and intimidating by properly dissecting it into several topics! Most importantly, I love the team. Honestly I probably may have moved to another platform if it weren’t for how competent their team is. Communication is great, and they’re very flexible. I didn’t know about the account freeze so my subscription expired; I contacted them some months later to explain this and I got a 2 months extension FREE! :) Thank you! 💓
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4 years ago, Kloria1
Great resource for long or short term studying
Magoosh has been an amazing resource for me as I prepare to take the GRE. Whether you are just starting out and want to go over all parts of the test or you just want to focus on a few specific areas, this app makes it really easy to learn new skills or freshen up on old ones. The videos are clear and easy to follow and there are endless practice problems. My favorite part was that it gave you an explanation for each question so you could learn from any mistakes. Definitely recommend for scoring high on the GRE
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6 years ago, BrittFarrell
Not ideal for on-the-go
I like the platform just fine for video lessons and test questions. The one area that this app falls short is by making it harder to watch videos if you don’t have unlimited data and are on the go. I’d love to do lessons when I’m out and have some free time, but I can’t do that because of the data usage. Something that would be great to implement would be offering the option to download video lessons for offline viewing. Similar to streaming services like Netflix and other learning apps like SkillShare and InnovativeLaunguage. I’m disappointed that I’ve spent a lot of money on this service but don’t have the option to view and download lessons like I do with other skill learning and video streaming apps.
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4 years ago, Rosedawn333
Makes GRE prep so much simpler
Super easy user interface and lots of practice problems all in one place. My favorite part is definitely the instructional videos that go in detail into all the types of questions you’ll see and how to approach them. There’s a ton of material in the videos for the quantitative section but there’s always a summary at the end which makes it easy to skip to the end on topics you feel like you already remember pretty well.
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4 years ago, thinkwithink
Magoosh as a system and as an organization were very helpful for me. After being away from math for 20 years, the program helped me hit my goal score on the GRE. The app itself is fine, not great. The flash card apps are really helpful, and the practice questions are good too. I wished there were lessons I could read because I had a lot of study time where watching a video wasn’t ideal. Magoosh was helpful when I needed to extend my service a couple weeks. Affordable, effective way to prep for a test. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to never take a standardized test again!
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2 years ago, jmcspies
Fantastic Content for Free
This is an incredibly useful tool, especially considering that it is free. The app itself is a bit buggy, and pausing a video and playing it again removes any video speed increase you may have assigned in the settings. Still, I am thrilled that I found this app, and I plan to purchase more materials from Magoosh because I have enjoyed these free materials so much.
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5 years ago, kennaleep
Nice, but could reflect browser better
I love that I am able to access these videos on my phone. I like to watch them while I work out on the elliptical or if I have downtime away from my computer. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t show you your lesson plan. I’m going off of the one month study plan, which maps out all the different lesson videos I should watch each day, but if I go onto the app I’m not sure which videos to watch that correspond with the day that I’m on.
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7 years ago, Lahendri24
Easy to Use and Helpful
It's wonderful because I can study anywhere on the go and know it's still recording my progress so when I study at home, I know where I left off. The study guides are a bit confusing at first, but are still a helpful tool to start you off with studying. I like that they emphasize to use other tools with Magoosh too so you can really get a taste of the GRE. The tutorial videos are amazing and very easy to follow. I highly recommend the videos for those that need help with math.
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2 years ago, Cool_Mom_2
Amazing Review Material
I finished my Bachelor degree 25 years ago. This app was a wonderful refresher of the stuff I already knew but had forgotten. The videos were short and to the point. I could watch a few at a time or a lot at a time, depending on my schedule. The tips and tricks were VERY helpful. I haven’t taken the GRE yet, but I scored well on the practice test I took. I feel well prepared because of the app.
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7 years ago, Moryspeed
Good materials for GRE
Magoosh is an amazing tools to use when preparing for GRE. The resources are matriculation put together. It's start from the most easier materials to the harder/ hardest ones. I had been studying it for about 6 months & I have never taking the GRE yet, but I know that I have making a right choice. I'm not a traditional student, I graduated from high school 20 yrs ago, therefor, this journey is not an easier one. So, please subscribe to magoosh with delay.
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5 years ago, Cdl14639
How well does it work? Not sure but I like the content.
Been in the work force for over 20 a 308 and 3.0 on the GRE with a simple review of the ETS book. Going after it again after the Magoosh Prep. I work an extremely busy schedule and the phone app is key. It was down for a while but it’s back. I like the content and program. Will let you know how it turns out in 90 days!
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6 years ago, Catasterfe
Video content good but out of order
I am really enjoying the math review. Mainly I am appreciative of the strategy that is inserted throughout the video. So even if I understand the content, I watch the video to learn tricks for use on the exam. My only complaint is that the videos skip around a bit. There are other videos references within current videos that have not shown up in the sequence of videos on the app, which makes learning certain concepts arduous.
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4 years ago, Eliza Wetuski
This app is amazing! I’ve taken the GRE in 2015 and it got me into my masters program. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this app to aid me in my studies but I am so glad it has now that I am retaking the exam for my PhD applications! The study videos are extremely helpful! I watch them every time I am on the app just to help me get into the GRE mindset. I would highly recommend this to anyone who plans on taking the GRE!
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5 years ago, Raisaroni2293
Features are glitchy
I downloaded a bunch of videos to watch offline and the download sign said they were complete but then when i opened the app later they were all gone. In addition, every time I scroll in the video if slows down the speed I have to go all the way out into the settings to increase the playback speed again. The videos don’t save progress in a video if you watch part of it and it also doesn't have the option to just see the transcript to avoid the scrolling problem.
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3 years ago, McCoy Cantwell
An enormous help
I’ve been studying for the GRE for months and ran out of practice problems recently. I downloaded the app and was saved! There are literal hundreds, all with enormously helpful written and video explanations. Plus, the overall test taking strategies - while the test may have changed somewhat since the videos were recorded - help to assuage my GRE fears. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Anonymous301w
Great prep for GRE
I’m using the Magoosh app to supplement classes and it’s such a great resource! Not only do you have the question bank, but each problem is followed with a video explanation on how to get the correct answer. The study videos are also useful, quick and show how to use short cuts and tricks for the test.
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4 years ago, DocBar94
I got a >300 score using this app
This is the only study resource I used and it helped immensely. My strength is is English so I didn’t study for that and focused on the math, which started from the very basics taught in high school all the way through the hardest material. Very simple instruction videos, examples, practice problems explained. I would HIGHLY recommend this as a resource
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3 years ago, smith63857
I wish I had found this app sooner.
I would have saved myself a lot of time if I had found this app during the initial period of studying for the GRE. It gives all the tips and tricks I needed to not only preform better but to make the most of my time limit on each section.
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5 years ago, A.Rao.
It’s my new addiction
I had NO IDEA (not in a million years would guess) that I would put off doing things I enjoy to keep studying—this app makes it addictive! And it’s freaky convenient. I can now study while I’m walking to my car in the parking lot, while food is one the stove cooking, when I’m laying on my bed and would normally go on social media.... THANK YOU MAGOOSH, I OWE YOU BIG TIME!!!!
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6 years ago, cbucks123
So Helpful!!
I had always used Magoosh on my computer, but it was so much easier to have access to everything on my phone so I could study on the go! Studying through them really helped me improve my score, and watching all of their videos made it easy to understand the material!
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5 years ago, Moanaloa
Great comprehensive app!
This app has everything- review videos for every subject, practice questions... it even has explanation videos for each practice question! This is a super convenient way to study for the GRE. Unfortunately, ever since the new update came out (iOS 12.2) the videos won’t play on my devices! Please fix!! Otherwise, this would be a 5-star rating...
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5 years ago, superduperridiculous
So far, so good
My only complaint so far is that in the math videos, they don’t go over the practice questions at all! This seems pretty counterintuitive to learning. They reveal answers and if you get one wrong or can’t figure out how to use the short cuts to solve them-you just have to move on and not know what your doing wrong or how you’re thinking is wrong.
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5 years ago, Brande H
The best studying tool ever
You can literally study anywhere! You can watch lessons and do actual test problems on the go . This is so convenient for working people and people on the go. I love the explanations ! They really break down the problem and you can see where you made your mistakes.
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6 years ago, arialfw
Blown away
I’m never one to review apps or really anything but the world needs to know how worth it this program is. I studied pretty hard for the gre without Magoosh the first time I took it and didn’t do great. After watching all the videos and doing the practice I went up a total of 10 points. And I’m a TERRIBLE test taker. Magoosh is amazing.
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7 years ago, benfranklinskite
Convenient way to quiz yourself and good examples to retain information
You know you'll be using your phone right before sleeping, might as well use it to study for your GRE or just to learn new words, in general! I've fallen asleep to this so many nights prior to my test (and even now) and it has helped tremendously!
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7 years ago, alyragrace
User friendly
The Magoosh apps and programs are incredibly easy to navigate and maximize studying efficiency. I've had a difficult time trying to block 2 hours each day to study for the GRE- but the apps allow you to turn any wait time (restaurant, dr.'s office, kid's lesson, post office etc.) into a valuable study opportunity.
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5 years ago, Ashli514
I’m a medical doctor & didn’t know anything about GRE Prep options. Chose Magoosh initially for the pricing & decided to get another prep. course if this wasn’t enough. But I never had to!!! I got a good score (considering I last studied Math 10 years back)! & the options to extend the subscription for free & immediate replies for difficult concepts is great!
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5 years ago, Dom3733
Great service, but...
I’m not certain how long it takes to fix technical issues, but if a main attractor of this service is being able to learn on the go, and the videos stop working for (a month at this point) Magoosh loses a big portion of what makes it appealing in the first place. Other than that, great job, but I needs my VIDEOS! My phone is the way I use Magoosh, as my laptop is super slow.
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6 years ago, ala.47
A friend referred me to this app, and honestly, I may reference it in my acknowledgments someday. Studying via an app wasn’t an option the first time I took the GRE, but I am so grateful for all of those who worked to make this great tool for those of us who are busy and on-the-go while we prepare for this test!
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6 years ago, traceucamprel
It’s like your big sister holding your hand...
Had already downloaded half dozen GRE apps when I came across Magoosh. Love the video explanations of each answer, it has made a big difference in being able to grasp the correct methodology in supplying the answer GRE wants to see.
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4 years ago, jreyes5008
Makes Learning Easy!
Magoosh has been so helpful in preparing for the GRE. Their video lessons are short and effective. They make GRE prep NOT overwhelming. I’m someone who has never been a fan of math in general, but with Magoosh, I actually find myself motivated and interested in each new lesson topic. Thank you Magoosh!! You are a life saver!!
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4 years ago, Gimme Music247
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome App!
I just started using this app and it has been an amazing help with my studies. The videos are well paces and I’m understanding the material so much better than solely relying on the ETS GRE book. I feel like this app is effectively preparing me for the test and I feel confident that I’ll have great success on the big day!
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3 years ago, Akenn38
Way to go
I’m sooooo bad at math and I’m a PA. Needed GRE for my doctorate. Haven’t completed a math course in 15 years. Super easy to understand. Very helpful videos. Comprehensive. Good short cuts. Simplifies the Tom foolery the GRE is know for. Thanks guys, I look forward to making my minimum score for Baylor med school! Good luck yall
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5 years ago, Krags4
GRE Prep
The App is great and extremely user friendly, however it does not allow you to customize your practice quiz sessions with the criteria you would like to focus on. You have all those options through their actual website but not on the app. Everything else has been great.
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5 years ago, spikydude141
This app is very useful
Magoosh is helping me tremendously to prepare for the GRE, and the app makes doing so very convenient. All the lessons and practice questions on the computer version are accessible here. I highly recommend this app to anyone using Magoosh, and I highly recommend Magoosh to anyone who is preparing for their GRE!
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1 year ago, jpp640
1.5 playback speed feature request
Thank you for the app! It is really helpful! The only thing I miss is the possibility of watching videos with a 1.5-playback speed. The videos are too slow, and I’d prefer to save time by watching them quicker. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Zunicorn
Incredibly effective
I’ve been using this app to prepare for the GRE, and I love it! I am not great at vocabulary, or math, but this app teaches slow enough for me to understand, and it’s so well explained, that I feel confident in my skills. I would recommend for the GRE.
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2 years ago, Chersel
Best GRE study resource! and it’s free!
Get this app!! Magoosh was the only resource I used to study for my GRE. I can’t believe it’s free! The practice questions, writing section videos, and vocab builder were super helpful. I scored very well on my first GRE attempt and don’t have to retake it… thanks Magoosh!
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4 years ago, HD🧚🏼‍♀️✨
Download this, you won’t regret it!!
It’s so easy to study using this app! The practice math and vocab problems include instant feedback and explain the answers thoroughly. I could see my own improvement after just a short time. I love this app!!!
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9 months ago, Silica larkin
Free & great!
Just what I need to do this GRE prep! So far the only annoying commercial bit is asking me if I ‘know the word magoosh’ over & over in vocab practice. But this is VERY nice content to get for free with only a little bit of needling. Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, GRE study user
Like the app BUT
I enjoy using this app and appreciate it as a resource, but my opinion of the app is hindered by the fact that in the math tutorial on Powers & Roots, the video called Rationality the man giving the tutorial is clearly eating something and smacking his lips. This is very distracting, annoying, and unprofessional. As I said I like the app but seems kind of rude to be smacking on some food while speaking into a microphone
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5 years ago, PSYCHCJ
Love it! But videos won’t play?
I just updated my phone to 12.1.2 and now the videos won’t play. Tried to report an issue but couldn’t find the right section so I just wrote this review. When it plays, I love it!
Show more
4 years ago, kelleyflynn
Love it
I love that I can study on the go. I was learning vocabulary while waiting to get new tires put on my car the other day. I found it to be a much better use of my time than the usual game or social media time killer.
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7 years ago, Uninformed000
Hands down the best GRE study app
I've been using Magoosh for two weeks and the thing I've noticed is that it's intuitive. The team makes test prep interesting enough so you can stick with your goals.
Show more
7 years ago, Asia_lynn
Fast Track to Success
I absolutely love Magoosh! It blows my mind that anyone would consider taking the GRE without previously taking this course. It gives me the confidence and the essential information to do my absolute best! Thank you Magoosh!
Show more
6 years ago, HTippy
Absolutely recommend
Magoosh offers a fantastic service! I really appreciated the flexibility offered by their online subscription and the price point was second to none!
Show more
5 years ago, Marie # 44
The videos seem out of order and as if there are missing videos. I looked around to see if there was a subscription I had overlooked, but I do not see an option for that. This review would be 5 stars if the videos were in order and less confusing.
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5 years ago, KeLsEe <3
Great, just needs study schedule
Love the Magoosh program! I would give the app five stars if the app integrated the study schedule I have on the website. Then it would be perfect for on the go studying. Still, great resource to have when I’m not at my computer.
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