Green Bay Press Gazette

4.3 (760)
190.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Green Bay Press Gazette

4.3 out of 5
760 Ratings
4 years ago, HappyWandererKAE
Don’t miss a thing!
Like the app because it makes it very easy to catch up on top news stories and ones that not everyone is talking about. I live on the west side of Wisconsin so it keeps me informed about Green Bay area news.
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6 years ago, Disappointed 243
Digital subscription doesn’t provide what is promised
No support, only can access this one app with subscription through this app. I sent an email two weeks ago asking how I can enjoy all the benefits of a digital subscription, mainly wanted to use the print edition app. I was asked my address and phone. Replied, never heard back. So I canceled my iTunes digital subscription. The only thing I can use my subscription for is the mobile app on one device. The support is nonexistent and disappointing. Even when I sent another email that I’m going to cancel, I heard nothing back. Not truthful advertising when I signed up for more based on the article of benefits of a digital subscription. For the price I can get equivalent free news. Also, keep all the sports off the main news page. At times it seems like half is sports.
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8 months ago, Rollingeyes 12345
Bring back print edition e-newspaper
This e-newspaper app that you forced upon us loyal readers is a royal pain. Usually when something new in technology comes along there is an improvement for the users’ experience. Not so with the very cumbersome new app. The pages have a mind of their own, for those of us that need to increase the size of articles in order to read them it would be nice not to fight the app just to get it to a readable size. Thanks for nothing Press-Gazette / Gannett. Please bring back the print version at least until you can get the app in a usable form.
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5 years ago, Auntiekat3
Struggle trying to get stories to open
Not an user friendly app. We still get print edition but to save $ we cut down on days. So now when I try to use this app,can see stories but can't get them to open directly.. Have to go to various sections of newspaper to find same article .. Then I see other articles from years ago.. Just overall not happy.. More frustrating then helpful app.
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3 years ago, Submarine Chaplain
Good local newspaper with way above average sports news!!
Love it and read something about everyday. Wanted a digital and newspaper delivery subscription but wound up with digital only. OK I guess and cheaper.
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4 years ago, geogeo54
Reporting v service
Enjoy reading the articles. But on-line service is awful. Bill is auto pay monthly. Yet every month I receive notices that my “free” articles are used up and I need to become a subscriber. I call...someone promises to fix problem .... then same thing happens again. Frustrating!
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3 years ago, Lllambert
Limited Usage
Though I payed a sales price for the digital version of the app, it’s functionality is quite limited. There is not an option available to see the actual newspaper. Also, the sections I really want to see have broken links and do not work.
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3 years ago, Frustrated 15 Oct 2019
Gazette APP
At times the APP does not work. I could not get it to work the past 3 weeks. It simply spins. Have not had that trouble on my phone with other APPs. Thank you John Borley
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5 years ago, Greenbaygals
Don’t get it
I have been a subscriber to the PG for many years (electronic version). I get news in my inbox but can only open a limited number of the links. If I move to the app, I am forced to enter my email and password before I can read. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I feel this all is cumbersome and awkward.
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2 years ago, flhistoryteach
Green Bay Press Gazette
Keeps you up to date on Packers and local sports. Love the photos of high school sports!
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6 years ago, AT7273
It Isn’t The Newspaper
This app only has some (mostly outdated) articles and not the full newspaper content. I’ve had the same 5 headline stories now for over a week. I like to read the paper every day and with this app I only need to open it once per week and don’t miss anything. It is a rip off even for the low cost.
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4 years ago, pressgazettehater
Complete newspaper
All of a sudden the paper is one-third the regular size and unreadable because of the size of the print. I cannot find any way or help in returning the print to a readable size. Overly discouraging. I discontinued the paper issues because of poor service, and now it appears that I will have to discontinue the enewspaper. Such poor service!
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4 years ago, frenchyIii
Poorest Site
I had a 90% off for a limited time. I didn’t renew because the “help desk” seems to be non-existent.
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4 years ago, debalis
Reading the Press Gazette again!
Update news is fun to read, and I can read wherever I go.
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4 years ago, Skasickle
Tech problems
As others have mentioned, having a subscription doesn’t keep you activated as a reader. I keep getting notices that I need to subscribe to get access to an article. All articles are blocked. I guess I’ll have to cancel.
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2 years ago, 001Digitalwoman
Green Bay news
This is a very good way to keep up with everything happening in Green Bay
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4 years ago, ErinDeeNews
Wonderful source of local news
Great local reporting, timely news.
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4 years ago, Little Jeffy
I feel good about supporting our local newspaper
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4 months ago, jczrapa
Bring back the print app
I used the Green Bay Press Gazette Print app and loved it. It gave me the look of the print version and I could click on the articles to open them. I hate this app!! Bring back the print app!
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7 months ago, Robertvbbb
Old App Better
Previous app much easier to navigate, easier to enlarge print, and better organized. I’ll be using older app!
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2 months ago, Tblazek4
Slow and hard to find items
His new app is not user friendly. It is very hard to find items and where are the puzzles? Do not like very much
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3 years ago, renee6624
Press Gazette
I like the news paper and enjoy the e-edition but having issues finding that section :) very frustrating!!!!
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3 years ago, Johnnycal13
Green Bay Gazette
Good articles valuable advertising. Local & National sports, But paper delivery very expensive
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5 years ago, Goat humpr
Why would you allow people to download an app then after reading so many articles make a person subscribe to read them? All it does is take up space on my phone. Good riddance.
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4 years ago, michiganherb
Good WI paper for news. Go Pack!
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2 years ago, wanker19
Old news
I subscribe to the Press Gazette strictly for Packer news. The sports writers are the most underworked bunch on the planet. Same headlines and content for days. Save your money if you want news!
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7 months ago, Fed Up 81
Freezes and crashes often
Terrible “update”.
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4 years ago, NEPPS1121
Not user friendly
This app is not user friendly and works only half the time if you want to access past editions.
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5 months ago, Team little mix
Great reporting
I love there local and national reporting but mostly Love there Green Bay Packer Coverage
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3 years ago, Diggler34
Can’t find all the stories I used to find in an actual newspaper
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4 years ago, Irishatone
You have to pay for this app and then are forced to watch commercials
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3 years ago, DnGlfng
App Crashes on opening
The latest update crashes immediately upon opening the gazette. iPad model MC980LL.
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8 years ago, Chartemp
Convenient for Travel
We have a subscription with home delivery so when we travel I read the paper using the app on the iPad. It's a convenient way to keep up with Green Bay news and sports. I've app works fine for how I use it.
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3 years ago, airlessbird
What happened to the local obituaries? Bring them back or I will have to cancel
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1 year ago, Banoel
Poor layout
Very hard to read
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7 months ago, GBPGonlinereader
The new version is terrible! I much prefer the previous version.
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8 months ago, Clete B
New app
I hate it. I liked it when I could read it like a newspaper. If it stays this way I will CANCEL
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1 year ago, dontcareforibotta
Terrible app
Half the time this app doesn’t open.
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5 months ago, tvutvytvtvyf fytvyvgu
Green Bay Press Gazette
What happened to the Green Bay Press Gazette print edition? Bring back the original print edition…this is not as good on iPad
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5 years ago, Txpkrbkr
Green Bay press gazette
Awesome newspaper
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3 years ago, Bellinbabe
Like a 7th grader built it.
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7 years ago, ttm574
Starts my day
Love having this local news available every day. Much more than having a paper version. You can get home news when traveling without trying to stop the papers from coming and accumulating, which we have had problems with in the past. City and county business news as well as local business news is most important to me, and that is what the Press Gazette does best.
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8 years ago, Oklamartin
Keeping Up On The Packers
I really enjoy getting the articles to read about what is happening back in Wisconsin and especially with the Packers since I live in Oklahoma.
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12 years ago, Bolltl03
Just like the paper, only less paper and much cooler!
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9 years ago, JK1966@@
This app is awful. It constantly asks for your password or asks you to reset it. If you are lucky enough to log in, the stories aren't even up to date. What's worse is this is supposed to included with my paid subscription. It would be nice to look at when I am not at home to read my paper copy. Total garbage.
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9 years ago, bdaus
Too many annoying ads
The latest version seems to be better at remembering that I'm a subscriber but the constant ads are annoying, especially considering this is a paid service.
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7 years ago, Jst4funcs
App crashes on iOS 10.3.2
I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 10.3.2 and ever since I can't open the app. I get the splash screen and then the app crashes. Could someone please look into this and fix it so I can stay up to date on news in the greater Green Bay Area? Loved the app before the issues set in.
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9 years ago, nikdav
Clunky, incomplete
App is clunky, and incomplete. There isn't even an option to search and app only displays recent stories regardless of subscription. Also Gannet has shut down the comments section which ultimately results in censorship. Not what you would expect from a "news source".
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8 years ago, Spike1954
Connecting to Home
My wife is a transplanted Wisconsinite, and the P-G gives her a well executed line to where her tap root still grows.
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12 years ago, PatDurk
I could not access my Gannet account with this app. After 30 minutes on the phone with Gannett's digital help desk, they told me to use my browser connection to read the material. They said they couldn't help me with their own app. Incredible.
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