Greensboro News & Record

4.4 (303)
30 MB
Age rating
Current version
BH Media Group
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Greensboro News & Record

4.42 out of 5
303 Ratings
11 years ago, Cretho51
A very good app for local information!
I have never been one to sit with a news paper and read front to back. Having our local news and info presented in this format is great. There are just a few sections I read every day, but am glad all the paper is available in this app. There have been some issues in the past with some stories or sections not opening correctly. Since the latest update was done to the app, I can not think of any problems I've had with it. I'm please with it got the most part!!
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10 months ago, Parkway Rider
Avoid this app!
This app has major known faults, yet it has not been repaired for weeks (Aug. 2023). Avoid downloading until it is fixed. Current, paid-up subscribers cannot advance beyond the second page of the e-edition. Despite multiple phone calls to online support and individual N&R staff members over a period of more than two weeks, this access problem has not been solved. Email contacts with staff have been ignored. One online support person acknowledged the issue but had no plan for addressing it. Considering the current diminished state of print journalism, it seems the least a publication can do is to allow those who have already paid for the service have access to it!
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4 years ago, KbarUpIt
Needs a lot more work
Not user friendly. I am allergic to newsprint so I keep adding this app, . Then I have to delete because of all the frustration. This morning the app kept freezing. My speed tester reported that the problem is not my Ipad so I deleted the app AGAIN! So now I have to suffer the newsprint again. Someone please invent a newsprint that is easy on allergies. Someone fire the person who created this poor app.
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5 years ago, mpiatt
Alerts are DAYS late
I assume it’s an editorial decision to push out stories that are days and days old? Just like the updates sent via email, OLD news. Application seems to be working better than it was.
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5 years ago, fry-baby
Like the paper but the app doesn’t refresh — still seeing an item from 3 months ago under Local News.
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5 years ago, Cameronamg33
Only let’s you look at 15 articles
You can only look at 15 articles and it will make you make an account not worth it. Try Fox 8 app for local news no account needed. And it’s a lot better
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9 years ago, Meta4us
Getting better
Tried this app recently and it seemed to work o.k. Nice to be able to read the N&R while away. Keep improving it, please.
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10 years ago, eEdition subscriber
Getting better but
Thanks for making improvements but you still have a ways to go to be as good as your previous app. Why is there no obvious choice on the home page to go directly to the eEdition? This app is too slow to change between pages. Each page seems to load individually. Would there be a way to have an index to navigate directly to sections such as obituaries, comics, etc. The regional section appeared one Sunday as we requested a million times but we haven't seen it since. We dropped our print subscription and believe you are heading in the right direction. No more cold or wet mornings to fetch a paper, no more vacation stops, and our paper goes with us wherever we go.
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11 years ago, Sec2ndman
Long Way From Home
I live in Florida now for 6 years. I read the News & Record every day to stay in touch with the community In which i was born and raised. It helps me feel connected even though I've been gone for 30 years.
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7 years ago, gsonative71
Initial pop up ad lags
Your initial ad, usually a real estate company, will not swipe up or close out in a timely matter. I'd like to spend more time in your app, but the lag is frustrating so I am deleting this from my iPhone. I'm not technically challenged and have a newer model phone, so no issues on this end. Please update.
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8 years ago, GatorguyNC
Woefully incomplete
Pretty pitiful. Whatever happened to a section labeled "Sports"? ACC and high school boxes just don't cut it. Headline news: "jailer forces oral sex..." (The very first news item!) On the front page? How pitiful is that? Surely something worth publishing can be gleaned from the state, local or national news. When do we stop with the horrific and Hollywood crap? I'll stick to the other sources of the news.
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10 years ago, Kg in NC
New and Improved? Think again.
So taking an app that the Akron Beacon-Journal has had out there for 2 years and jury-rigging it for the News & Record is someone's idea of an upgrade? Think not. Plus none of the sections outside of the main news have been updated since before Christmas. The whole app is an example of lazy and sloppy work.
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12 years ago, Mafter
Must pay to read full article
This is a fairly well organized app (though the priority order of news stories is quite mystifying). However, on many stories, after you read the first sentence or two, you are taken to a screen where you are told you must pay to read more. Not really a free app!
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11 years ago, srt757
News and Record
Could use some work . Articles are old. A lot of time syncing and searching. Search feature will not pull up articles that I've searched for. iPhone 4S 7.0
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9 years ago, Flowloverer
The News-Record app is well laid out and consistently reports the top news stories in a concise and timely fashion.
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9 years ago, Elroy27409
Moderately Useful
There is no search function. Passable for browsing a few headlines but useless if looking for news or updates on a specific topic. The print version of the paper is quality. Disappointing the app seems to be more of an obligatory afterthought than a true complement to the newspaper.
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8 years ago, G. Rivers
Mostly, I appreciate push notifications of recent local and state headlines.
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9 years ago, GSOnative
Good layout and easy to navigate
Good layout of stories and very easy to navigate
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11 years ago, ARimbaud
Great way to keep up w/ local news.
Before downloading the app was more interested and/or inclined to read nat'l news, but now I make sure to consult the daily local news as well. Thanks!
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7 years ago, Jwaajid
Review of news & record app
It is as timely and accurate as any newspaper app.
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9 years ago, Jethrogibbs11
Article Limit
Was a good little news app but now they limit the number of articles you can read. I understand this is probably due to lower hard copy sales.
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12 years ago, Estes.Ruth
Very good app!!!! I have just moved to Greensboro and this app will help keep me up to date with all the comings and goings in Greensboro and the surrounding area!!!
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11 years ago, Ogey2525
Great app!
An easy way to keep up with local and national news!
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9 years ago, LAScds
Do not read over 30 articles in 30 days
I have been block for reading 30 articles in 30 days. Email New & Record and have not gotten a response back this has been over 90 days.
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11 years ago, Adw1375
Great App
Good stories and no issues with crashing.
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10 years ago, Angry in the kitchen
Love the changes
Thanks!! The improvements are great. Love the new layout!
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10 years ago, John cashhhh
Still Bad
The old News and Record app was bad. This one is even worse. To many ads, jumbled and confusing. Don't waste your time downloading - you'll also be spending time deleting it.
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9 years ago, Uncg195432
Not Great!
This app has no way to get into the e-edition. I have subscribed thru e-edition for quite some time, but this paper does not meet needs of e-subscribers. The sites come and go and I must enter and re-enter my ID and password to read stories. Very irritating!
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11 years ago, ROMOD
Need a home delivery "Hold - Vacation request" option.
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9 years ago, lowellw
Go to app for What's Up in G'boro
This is the first place I go to find out what's happening in my hometown, Greensboro
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11 years ago, Karen S S
Good app
I like checking local new this way.
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11 years ago, mograt99
Very good app
Yes it's really good and awesome app And easy to use
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9 years ago, Mhhoneydew
It WAS my go to new app
I just don't go on the app anymore since they limited the articles to read. I tune in to fox8 where it's free to read all day and everyday.
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9 years ago, Inemeph
I realize ads are necessary to keep content free, but the layout/content of the ads on this app are horrible. Wanted to like this app. Couldn't.
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10 years ago, To374620
App completely shuts down and no longer loads content
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12 years ago, 37383$:8388292948
Awesome app.. Very easy to use
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11 years ago, Balki09
Good app
Love it
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11 years ago, spsMOBiz
This app is always changing formats from day to day. It's never the same.
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9 years ago, Mwh5454
Worst app for Newspapers I take
Look at Palm Beach Post and WSJ for a good app....News and Record the worst newspaper app I subscribe to
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