Greeting Cards & Wishes

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User Reviews for Greeting Cards & Wishes

4.73 out of 5
89.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Lovenlife2
Great App.
Love this app!!! Also, to let anyone reading this know in all the years I’ve downloaded apps. This is the only one I’ve never had issues with or had to contact customer service. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR & READ MY EVALUATION SINCE BECOMING A MEMBER. I would like to personally THANK YOU for actually reading my evaluation of this app. Have an Amazingly Wonderful rest of your day day & evening. I have used this app for I don’t know years. It is one of the most simple apps to use even if you’re not familiar with apps and or how they work. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that has a smart phone or a computer. It reminds you of birthdays and events before the date of the event. I truly enjoyed going through the e-cards and choosing the perfect one for each person. For years I’ve used this app for free with ads. Today I decided to pay the $1.00 fee per year to go add free. After purchasing this app again for only $$1.00 a year. I’m finding that because, I paid their yearly charge. There are sooo many extras your given. I’ll come back at a later time and give a review on what I think with regards to all the new benefits I have received.
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4 years ago, Marvo39
No better time than now-send one
When things go wrong for someone it’s not always easy to know what will lighten that person’s/families load but when that happens to an entire country like the USA it’s even more important to do what you can. Being separated from someone you care for or truly LOVE is difficult at best, however, knowing that there’s a way to lessen that “pain” in a manner that helps all parties, is a real PLUS.....123 Greetings is to be commended for the range of options they make available for free. If I could have, I would give them a 10. My recommendation to 123 Greetings is simple: keep adding more options and keep up the good work!!
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4 years ago, Iloveflowers!
Charging for an upgrade when what is offered is not actually available, or only in part, is deceptive! I paid to upgrade to the pro version which is supposed to be ad free! What I discovered, after sending a “test” card to myself to see if ad free, was there were ads!! I also sent a birthday card and it was embarrassing due to ads! The response I received, after an inquiry regarding ads on cards, was that within the app, cards are add free. Outside of the app, (which of course is when a card is sent) the card will have ads!! They are working on it!! This makes no sense, as the reason for paying for an upgrade was to have an ad free card to send! Also, because of this issue, I wanted a refund. A refund will not be given for current upgrade, only the renewal will be cancelled! What seemed like a great way to send a greeting (ad free) is not available yet! You are only led to believe it! So disappointing!
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2 years ago, Happpily RETIRED
Great app!! Great selection !! So convenient there is no reason to ever miss a special occasion!! The ease of initiating is amazing 😉. I never thought it would be this easy!!! Boy what a great selection of beautiful cards ♥️ and music. I'm you friend for life! Thank you for such great card selection!!! Really appreciate them!!! Thank you very much😀😍keep on adding cards to our selection to choose from . Thank you, with the Holiday season coming up I will be able to send all my friends and relatives beautiful and sometimes funny cards and not have to worry about the snail mail and if they get my cards on time.
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4 months ago, Your sorry
The 123 Greetings Cards
Thank you so much for being able to send out greetings to my children that live overseas. It’s been so wonderful till I can’t even put into words. They never let you down. They even send you a copy of what has been sent and contact you when the receiver has opened it. I could go on and on. Please take a monet to check all the stuff you are able to do. You would be amazed. Thank You 123 Greetings and Merry Christmas. Regards from a customer that’s been with you for decades!!! Since I’m disabled and elderly you have saved me with so much Happiness. Regards 💕 Merry Christmas 🎄🎊
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3 years ago, gammaProbe
Went pro to avoid ads. There are too many. However, several bugs in iPhone with latest iOS. In dark mode, your writing within the app does not display. Had to change to light mode. Also, fails to select proper phone from contacts for texting to non-iPhones. Picks work phone rather than mobile. If you send to another iPhone and your contacts identify the phone as iPhone and email as iCloud, then it is seamless. That’s the way it should work irrespective of phone brand.
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4 years ago, caliendo1959
Love an Light K.Familia.......
Needs more themes for all occasions more music🎸fun and realistic/funny/cute memorable for all occasions,especially For Birthdays... I loved the Videos needs more themes for birthday videos and needs more father/Dad, Mother/, Nephew/Nieces Son/Daughter Birthday Videos with more different types of updated with the Times of music for this Generation..!! Not many choices too give me that kind of vibe too send too some one w/videos w/music/themes are too cheesy to send. Too loved ones an friends...!!!! There were 2 musical birthdays that is most viewed an high rating. That I Just sent to my dad & aunt & one of my dearest friend's. My kids would love this app too. Their themes for kids to send too loved ones & friends for the videos w/music that's up with the Times.....!!!!! I'm being honest here hopefully my honest opinion will help for future changes an a brighter outcome on changes to your E.Card App..... Stay safe and Healthy!!!! . From Love & Light K.Familia
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3 years ago, UNCSAM
Need to learn more
I just joined today but not sure exactly how to use the app. It will take me a while because I learn slowly. I’ve been using this app for a while and it’s great. Thanks for making it free to people. I’m sure I will be using it a lot more and I’m letting all I know about this app. THANKS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know when I joined free but have used this app a lot. Always have the right card for me. I don’t just use any wording, it’s just to say it right. I can always find the right card. THANKS
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6 years ago, Bubbathome
For people like me, who are confined to my home, and totally have to depend and rely on others to take me somewhere where I can purchase cards, this App is a blessing to me. Most people can come and go as they please, but again, for situations like mine, this App is wonderful. You have such a variety of occasions, and that you can personalize each one is great. In addition, even for last minute greetings that may have slipped your mind, and no time to mail a card, can’t be any more convenient.
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4 years ago, Dottie doo doo
Great site, easy to use and still free!
I use this site every time I need it. I can always find something I like to send to a friend in need, for a special occasion, any holiday and birthdays. I once sent a different card to a friend every day for 2 weeks while waiting to hear if she had cancer. It helped keep her spirits up while waiting and we got the best news that it was not cancer. The best part for me is that there are many quality cards to select from and it is still free!
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3 years ago, GoTide
Every person that has lost there-job thanks you very very much.
123 is a poor person’s dream, specially during the cove19. when you’ve lost so many jobs but with 123 you can send a card for every holiday every birthday, so I say to 123 thank you very much . you 123 is a poor person‘s dream specially during the cove19. when you have lost so many jobs, but with 123 you can send a card for every holiday every birthday so I say to 123 thank you very much.
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2 years ago, GreatGramnut
Very grateful
Thank you very much for your great app. I have used it for years and love the variety and great number of choices. Thanks again God Bless you NEW REVIEW: I am very disappointed; now that I am paying to avoid advertisements, I am finding less cards with sound AND they no longer send emails notifying status of the cards I have sent. In fact, I find myself having to ask the receiver!! I do not plan to renew the paid subscription.
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5 years ago, 98$L
Good morning thank you
This app is a Has been wonderful and has keep me was a joy help me with joy To share with people all around the world thank you you have been a very intelligent upscale start to me so I can share with With family members friends church member and just anyone children and grandchildren thank you I have a lot to say but is not coming out the way my heart and soul thank you me being at home it is a blessing⭐️🌟⭐️🌟🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️💫💫⭐️⭐️⭐️✨✨🌟🌟⭐️⭐️💫⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💥
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4 years ago, goldstarbuc
Not Ad Free
I’m giving the app 3 stars because it does have a great selection of e-cards to use and gives multiple ways to send them. I have never had any issues with getting an e-card delivered and the reminders have not failed me yet after syncing my contacts. The only flaw is the paid version is NOT ad free. I have ads all over and even had ads to upgrade to pro to make it ad free. When I click to upgrade to Pro again it tells me that I have already upgraded. Great app but save your $2.99 because it does the same thing.
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1 year ago, susanmccabe
Susan McCabe, customer
I don’t know what I would do without your service! Wonderful selection, beautiful cards and so easy to send. The only problem I have is choosing which card to send because each one is special. Thank you!! This service is unbelievably awesome and deserves five stars in all categories! I use it all the time, and I love it! Please give it a five-star rating! It’s well deserved!
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2 years ago, #1Elvis Fan
Just the “Write” Touch
These cards are clever and beautiful, uplifting for both the sender and the receiver, don’t cost anything (not even a stamp), and can be sent at just the right moment for that special event going on in someone’s life whether it’s a joyous one or a sad one. Undoubtedly, this is the best, easiest, and cheapest way to stay connected with people you care about in today’s hectic and unpredictable world!!!
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3 years ago, lcdsepia
I love this site, it’s time saving and eliminate the trip to the card shop & post office
Many times I am busy and forget about all of my friends & family that are important to me. This site has literally safe me! It sends me memos and reminders. Since they have cards for every occasion it is so easy, to simply go in line and choose the appropriate card. It really is as simple as 123!
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2 years ago, Mumchki
Keeps stalling out on ads
While I’m looking through the card choices, ads will occasionally pop up. This is no problem until it gets to the Turbo Tax ad, where it stalls out. Won’t close, won’t go back to previous page, won’t do anything at all. I end up having to totally close the app and start over. After browsing through a few more cards, the same thing happened again. After the third try, I just gave up. Very annoying!
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3 years ago, Heaving Seraph293
Would like to send e-cards via Instagram
I really love this app! I have just as much fun sending e-cards to my loved ones as they have receiving them! I just have one complaint: I would really appreciate it if I could send my e-cards via Instagram. I can text, email, even via Twitter is an available option, but not Instagram. Please make this one small change very soon. Otherwise, I just love this app!
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2 years ago, Carole 101
Wonderful Cards
I found this app years ago and it’s my go too for cards. The cards are original and there are some many themes to choose from under the main heading ex Birthday I look at them all before I choose Easy to send and easy to receive My friends that I send cards to now use the app and love it. Keep up the good work and keep it free.
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1 year ago, ItiyaAsyria
My Favorite Cards
As in most people lives, we have many events that needs a special card to commemorate it. I found that 123 Cards have every card that meets the special occasion and either provides comfort as in the loss of a loved one, or the celebration of a birthday perfectly. I am grateful for the wide variety that is in stock and the accessibility as in the e-cards.
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2 years ago, P-Wilson
Birthday cards
I can always depend on the greeting cards to be sent on time. The cards are so beautiful! I’ve been using 123 greetings for several years now. It’s always wonderful for my Christmas card list. Thank you! Keep up the good work! You have a wonderful service! I’ve just had another card prepared for our daughter. Add another star! Thank you
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1 year ago, Early expat
Love 123Greeting cards
I have just learned about 123Greeting Cards. I love the variety of categories and the variety of cards within each category. It’s a real joy to be able to send cards to people I love. There is no government sponsored mail system where I live in Ecuador, so having the ability to send cards this way is a real blessing. Thank you 123Greetings.
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4 years ago, CLSChambers
Appreciative, thank you!
I really utilized this app over Easter & it made people happier! I wasn’t able to get out to buy Easter cards, so this was great & a wonderful blessing for me & my family!! The only question I have is it sends link & etc, before they can get to card. Is there anyway to send without all the info & pop ups? I’ll still use again & again! Thank you so much!! I’m very grateful!!
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3 years ago, Meditate for freedom
123 Greetings eCards
I really enjoy going through all of the wonderful ecards that you make available for each Special Occasion. I always look for the one that will bring the most joy to my Loved Ones. I’d like to Thank You and your staff for all the hard work you put into your website. May God Bless You each and every day !! 🙏
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4 years ago, Love The Sparkles See!!
More cute, uplifting & clean happy birthday things please
Hi, I want to thank you for having some decent uplifting cards available. I chose your site over another, because I thought you might have more clean uplifting cards. I appreciate the ones you do have. However, I had a difficult time finding something light and uplifting for children, that sang the birthday song. Would it be possible to add some more cute uplifting things for both children? And adults. Cheerful, uplifting, fun yet peaceful? Thank you so much.
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6 years ago, Twestaz
Best app ever! And FREE, really!
I've been using this service for years, long before there was an app, when it was just on a dot-com and I still love it as much as I did. It not only sends cards for free, it reminds me when it's time to send birthday cards, things like that. It's hard to believe that they can do it but they do. If you aren't using it you're missing a treat! Enjoy!
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5 years ago, The Old Guy in Chicago
Best all around free or Low cost greeting cards
I have used these cards for free for a long time but finally decided to join with the pay fee as the yearly fee was so low to ease my mind. The cards are really nice and you have a lot of cards to choose from for every occasion. PS: They probably should have mentioned how low the yearly fee was before you agreed to sign up as I think more people would sign up for the pay service.
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4 years ago, Tsip75
Somethings amiss
I am having a lot of difficulty sending a card since you changed your format. It allows me to fill in the blanks half way, then it automatically wipes everything clean, removes all submitted information. I started over several times having exactly the same problem.
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3 years ago, Rocky Patch
The reason I only gave it a 4 star is because you can only send someone a card if you know their cell phone number. Previously you could send any of your contacts a card, you didn’t need their phone number. Would like to see it go back to that way again.
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4 years ago, GGDonna
Great ecard site
Great having 123 cards with so many beautiful cards to choose from and send to friends and family. Always available at the touch on my iPad making it’s easy to remember special occasions. This is the BEST place to find any occasion ecards. It was a great day when I found this site, many, many years ago. Donna Harwell
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5 years ago, Starship459
Lost for choice
Sent me a reminder for my daughters birthday! I had some special things planned but didn’t get a card, no birthday should be without a card, I looked over choices and found two one funny one sentimental! They were perfect, really put a smile on her face. I give them five stars they have great stuff and they remind you it’s time. Perfect
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5 months ago, you select
Seasonal Greeting Cards
The cards you offer fir free are very nice that help individuals that would not be able to afford them. Your kindness will be remembered by those who may not be able to afford it now will be remembered when they able to afford it again. Thank you for your kindness during these seasons. In Christ
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9 months ago, Noreen1936
Thank you card
I’ve been reluctant to use 123 because I wasn’t sure that People would be able to view the cards. I was one of those people. Being handicapped has made me appreciate the convenience of using 123. I’m not always late sending cards. I love the selection as well.
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11 months ago, Kookie the best
123 greeting s app
I’ve been using this app since they started cell phones have never been let down they gave through out the years always kept up to date on all types of events and holidays some for children and adults too excellent can’t get no better I love 123 greetings
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4 years ago, Texas Great Grandmother
Thank you for making it possible for us to send our greetings to those whom we love and care for. When on SS the cost of living , forces us to cut out the extras. Grateful that through this we can let our loved ones know it is not because we are not thinking of them that they didn’t receive a card by mail.
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6 years ago, Japaami
I wish you could do Like emails, send a card to Multiple people rather than sitting here for each person. Also, today it said it sent to 2 receivers in the app but never got an email confirmation for those 2?? Like how u can access your contact list & just click on receivers email- it then puts the name in got you. Give us multiples & I'll give u 5 stars!! Update: it did confirm those 2 receivers, just took a bit more time; still hope the developers consider being able to send to multiples in one instead of needing to do each individually. Would have been great for Xmas cards, I would’ve sent mote!
Show more
4 years ago, no snail mail
Quick n Easy
I SO appreciated how easy it was to use this card service.... no signing up and being hit with a bunch of misc ads! In the nick of time I was able to find a pleasant and appropriate card and it was on its way. My family member knew I was thinking about them and after all, it is the “thought “ that counts!
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6 years ago, Mahjong challenge
Semi Good
I used the app to send a birthday card and message to my sister-in-law on her birthday and it didn’t show up in her email in box for 5 days even though your app told me that it had not been read yet, and she even checked her junk mail. So I am confused as to why I got one message while she couldn’t find it for that period of time!
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2 years ago, Dudie2
I have been using this app for years and I absolutely love it!! I find just the right card for any occasion and I can pick review and send within minutes! You can get very personal, make someone laugh, cry, think, happy and loved! I recommend this app to anyone with a desire for an e-card app!
Show more
3 years ago, mgtmmaw6
Greeting Cards.
Love the variety of cards and they have just about any topic you could need a card for. They have serious ones, funny ones, cute ones and ones for just about all age ranges. Have been a fan and user of the app for many years now. Thank you for your cards
Show more
4 years ago, Gods eorker
Simply Awesome
I love the fact that you can pick a card and actually look at it and hear the music and decide before you send the card to the Individual. The songs that you guys pick to adore the cards are just so touching and the music fit the exact mood that you are in at that particular moment! You guys simply rock Awesome”,!
Show more
8 months ago, Last tru
So wonderful. Updated review
Thanks for one of the few free things left in this world. Great quality, too. These ecards have brought a lot of happiness to many people. Thank you. Again,one of the only great values on the internet. Great quality and I can’t believe it is still free. Thank you so much.
Show more
1 year ago, Burton bltc
Wonderful for wheelchair Bound!
For those of us, terrible old pensioners, who trip to the mail box as an adventure not to rival the Odyssey this app is worthy of the Golden Fleece. Why it comes with reminders of birthdays and all non such as can be found in any treasure box and more. Waste not a moment more for there be treasure to be found!
Show more
11 months ago, NaCl Bob
Keeping the family happy
You have save my family relationships many times when for various sundry reasons I was unable to get out to get a card. Like right now I am unable to drive, because of a shoulder injury. You are truly a life savior. A happy, father, husband etc.
Show more
3 years ago, Debby from Long Beach, Ca
Great Cards
Thank you so much for designing very personable cards for allOccasions. I absolutely love giving them to people. They are not your typical cards out there. So it’s so nice when it’s original. Thank you for your creativity. DebbyWilkins Of Long Beach, California
Show more
2 years ago, CChawker
Very ad Heavy!
I somehow thought that by paying for this app there would be no ads or additional add-ons. But, such is not the case. And, when sending via text, the personal message you send via text doesn’t show and the receiver gets all kinds of ads and spam to come back and purchase this e-card program etc. so if you want something that’s clean and doesn’t have any spam or additional ads sent to the receiver, this program is NOT for you. I’m requesting a refund…
Show more
2 years ago, Rose255
Need contact info
It is a pain when i cannot access my contact info for an email address…also it always shows up in their spam even though it is a normal contact, therefore some do not read it.. so not sure i will stay with this program.. also the text feature doesnt seem to work if i try to send a card Is
Show more
5 years ago, 5 plews
This is the greatest. Easiest, app to use . I appreciate the time it saves me from running to a store . Thanks I don't get out much anymore as I don't drive as much as I did . Your selection of cards are great and I can usually find the special one I need. Once again Thank You.
Show more
3 years ago, Water Weasel
Tried 6 times to send a card and it kept wiping out everything I typed in. Couldn’t get the keyboard to come up on half of those tries. They push so many ads that it is impossible to send a card. Not a good!
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