Groovy Grader

4.9 (45.8K)
5.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dryrain Technologies
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Groovy Grader

4.93 out of 5
45.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Cooperbean
Best one!
I tried many free grading apps and I like this one the best! You do not have to upgrade or pay more to use half points and I like that you can see the number correct and the number wrong at the same time. Other apps only allow you to choose one or the other to use at a time.
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5 years ago, Nctazea
Would love to give 5 stars...but
This app is super handy. I love that I can look at the grades for number correct, number wrong, and half points. The color coding is great also for quick glances when grading papers. The ONLY issue I have is that this app drains my battery. I can start with 100%, and after 20 minutes of grading I’m down to 68%. That much drain is ridiculous. I can’t leave it running in the background either for grading papers here and there throughout the day. If I do, my phone is below 20% by the time I leave school. This is the only issue I have with the app, but the power drain is significant enough that I can not rate higher.
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5 years ago, BrendaRioBranco123
One of the best grading apps
This app is so simple you don’t have to do anything or connect anything. You just type the number of the questions and you automatically get to see. The setting section is also really simple just clicking buttons and that’s it. The app doesn’t gives any apps and it is super convenient.
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5 years ago, Krazyc37
Good, but needs multiple saved profiles to switch between
I would love to see an option to toggle between multiple save profiles with the save number of questions. There are times where I am grading multiple assignments with different numbers of questions. I currently have to constantly manually change the number of questions. If I could go between saved profiles, it would save me a tremendous amount of time.
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6 years ago, Vetesk
Love the half-point option
As a math teacher, I give partial credit in the form of half points. This is the only app that I have found that gives you this option in its settings. I also think it is easy to read and very quick when time is of the essence!
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2 years ago, sunshine-58
Love the the grader
It’s so easy to use. Simply type in the number of questions and it instantly gives you the value of each question missed. Totally love having it so easily ready on my phone. Makes grading totals so much easier.
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7 years ago, PN71
It certainly works
It works just like the old sliding easy graders of old. The ads don’t get in the way so I don’t mind them. My only critique is that it seems to drain my battery. To be fair, I know it USED to drain my battery. (Now I always make sure to close it, so I don’t know if any updates have fixed this problem.). 8/10 would recommend.
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7 years ago, Ondine60
Love the improvements
I've been using this app for years and have always found it quick and easy. The improvement of having columns for both how many correct and how many incorrect just made me that much happier with it. Half points, too!
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5 years ago, stan ateez :)
Easy to use
This app is so simple and easy to use. Many students always want to know how they did on their test/quiz but can’t ever get their grades back until a few days or a week later. This can help students show an idea of how they would do.
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4 months ago, #1aide
grading made easy!
i LOVE this app!! i use it whenever i am subbing and i’m grading papers or tests in classrooms. So quick and easy to read for percentages. I also show the app to other classroom aides and teachers to encourage them to get it on their phones !
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5 years ago, Maestrazim
Groovy grader lives up to its name
What is faster than a speeding calculator and more powerful than a tired teacher’s brain? Able to grade odd-numbered assessments with a single glance??? GROOVY GRADER. I use it every time as do my fellow teachers! Thank you for making our jobs easier! Lisa Zimdars, Spanish Teacher, CWHS
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3 years ago, ELARTX
Super easy to use, allows for half-points, and never crashes. This has made my grading easy as it saves the number of questions from previous sessions, so I don’t have to input it every time I open the app!
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4 years ago, smcruikshank
Does what I need it to
This is a very basic app for computing grades. I do wish it had options for changing the background color to personalize it a little more. That would earn 5 stars.
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6 months ago, Abyss Of Roses
Easy and simple
Honestly I smirked when I first saw an older teacher suggest it and show me how she likes it. Then I got it myself and I’m always reaching for it to grade. Love it every time and so easy to view the break down of grades!! Love
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5 years ago, Hwkesley
Simple and efficient
What else can be said? This app is simple to use and incredibly efficient. Unlike my battered EZ Grader (you know, the sliding grader every teacher has in their arsenal), I never forget my phone, so this app is always at my fingertips.
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3 years ago, Maestra MP
This app is so convenient.
I really appreciate being able to quickly determine a student’s numeric grade according to how many questions are on the assignment without having to do the math myself. It’s so convenient. Gracias
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7 years ago, satrevino
I've been using this app for years! I love it. I don't mind the ads as they do not take up the entire screen. Thanks for keeping this app free so that teachers like myself can access them anywhere at anytime.
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10 months ago, nclark499
Having began my career using the sliding graders, I never seemed to have one when I needed it! That turned into having a dozen stashed in various places. This app has allowed me to put those cardboard dinosaurs to rest.
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6 years ago, Krafftyteach
So handy!
I use this app all the time. I love that I can use number correct/incorrect/both. One thing I wish it included was the ability to show +-. For whatever reason I can never remember which percentages divide grades into B-/B /B+.
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4 years ago, by his grace wwl
Quick Easy Grader
I love that I can quickly put a grade on the paper. This app shows all: correct number, incorrect number and grade. It’s wonderful. I do not need to use a slide grader or do calculations. Thank you!!!!
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6 years ago, Mo-ná
Best APP for Grading
I absolutely love this! I use it for grading my student work. I like how I could customize the grading to show correct/incorrect. The best part about this app is that it was free! If you’re a teacher and need grading percentages, this is the one.
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2 months ago, gggg hybrids
The yyyyy
Oh no you have no right of way you don’t know me and I’m a big boy you have a lot on you but I’m just a I m a wall of the house is a great place to start and a good place to
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4 years ago, PODMacMama
Love this handy dandy app!!
I have been using this Groovy Grader App for over four years now and it continues to be my life saver. It is accessible and clearly provides all the information I need to easily score countless papers. 😊
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5 years ago, Mrs. ljm
Highly recommend!
I love this app! I always have my phone with me so it’s always convenient to have. It’s easy to set up & easy to change per number of items.
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6 years ago, poppastovetop
Works fine no annoying pop ups
I like this app it works I hate the background color and wish it could be customizable.
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3 years ago, mmegratte
So great
When kids want to see points converted to percentages I pull this up on my phone and project it. I use it a lot to help kids perceive point system grades.
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5 years ago, Loveapps1111
Great app!!
This is a great and easy to use app. You can magnify the font. And there are many options to choose from. I always have my phone with me but don’t always have my ez grader with me... now I do.
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2 years ago, jaspermath
Grading is a Breeze
This makes grading so much easier. Takes out all the calculating which really speeds up the process!
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3 years ago, MWCteaxher
Easier Life
I wish I had this 30+ years ago! This has made my teacher life much easier, thank you.
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2 years ago, Annalise stars
I love groovy grader just because when I’m finished with a test I can see what my score is. Groovy grader is so helpful and such a good idea! Thank you, and please write back soon
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5 years ago, TAK7519
It’s ok
Hi this app is ok but you should be able to have free and different backgrounds to choose from. Another thing what if your teacher gives you an abnormal grading For instants what if you have 10 questions and they was worth’s 3 points each then she put your grade down as ?/? what do you do 😒🙂
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8 months ago, Gene the
Awesome grading app
This grading app is Awesome. Saves so much time, and you don’t need to make sure you have an even number of questions divisible into a 100 grade score.
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6 years ago, S. Clemmer
Love the Grader!
I am a substitute teacher and after 26 years I retired and gave my teaching stuff away! I needed my little slide scale grader and looked online and found this simple, easy to use grader! Thank you!
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5 years ago, Norman Nestevez
Thank you for putting half points
The half point system is super good and now I don’t have to do extra math while checking math work
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4 years ago, Stephcarder
Easy to use and on the go
I love that I don’t have to carry my EZ Grader with me anymore. This is a great app. I like how it has how many the missed but also how many were correct.
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1 year ago, Grandmaww
So quick and easy
I grade papers everywhere, so it’s so nice to have this easy grader on hand! Love it- it makes my life a bit more simple
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5 years ago, Mom con
It is so helpful to have all the grading options on my phone so I can grade anywhere and not have to make sure I brought along my old sliding cardboard grader.
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6 years ago, Gjtnana
28 year veteran teacher
Love this version of an E-Z Grader!!! Don’t have to find the slider or calculator anymore because I always have my phone with me. It’s simple and easy to use. This app gets an A+ !!!
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7 years ago, Ablang5
Great tool
I always have my phone with me, do it's easier than a cardboard sliding grader. Also, it goes as high as I need it to. I tell all my teacher friends about it.
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5 years ago, Original Steppenwolf
Saves Time
When every second counts in grading large numbers of tests or quizzes, this app is valuable to a teacher looking for a quicker way to provide a percentage grade.
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6 years ago, Pengwyn5
My favorite school app!
I love this app. It’s so nice not to have to keep up with the old EZ Grader, and I can input any number of points. Thanks for making grading a bit easier.
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1 year ago, orig10
I lose my paper version all of the time. This electronic version is always available. Love it.
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5 years ago, CaKnowlees
Useful Tool
As a teacher this application is helpful for determining percentage based on a number of points. I highly recommend this app for teachers!
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5 years ago, Budget ninja
Easy Grade
Five stars is an easy grade to give this app! Makes grading quick. Having it on my phone makes it convenient whenever I am grading.
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6 years ago, Math Path
Groovy Grader
It is super easy to use! I do wish it had half numbers on it, though. I still have to use a calculator for those.
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5 years ago, ShayShay0321
Groovy Grader.
I love that you can select for the number correct or the number wrong and it gives the percentage. It’s a very handy teacher tool.
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6 years ago, First grade teachers rock!!!
Love it!!
I use to love using the old easy grader that you slide the card to find the grade, until I found this ap. I love using this for all my grading purposes.
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6 years ago, Spamming Etc. Bad Update
Great app
App is awesome I’m 10 And I take test on computer and it shows us the scores when we’re done and I can see how many I got wrong
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4 years ago, TaraBrooke16
Perfect for Grading
This is a handy tool to have when I forget to bring my EZ Grader or I just can’t find it. Does the exact same thing
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5 years ago, teacher 5/6
Grades 5/6
So easy to use! Love that i can switch from how many correct to how many wrong etc. I use it every day!
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