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Guccio Gucci S.p.A.
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for GUCCI

4.02 out of 5
438 Ratings
5 years ago, Zack Sheats
Fun App
I’m a regular Gucci shopper/collector, so why not get the app for fun? I love the wallpapers, photobooth, and all the meaning behind it. It’s not just some boring shopping app like say Louis Vuitton or Sephora. There’s some fun and entertainment behind it. It also helps me shop for the newest items at Gucci so I know exactly what I want when I arrive at the store. Only thing I hate about it is the “downloading assets” part everytime I go into the app. It takes like 5 minutes before I can use the application! But other than that it’s pretty fun. Give it a try, you only live once! Hahah
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11 years ago, Mcoachman
Almost perfect
This app is visual amazing and makes me want to use it a lot more which leads to why I left one star off: there's not much to look at. I found the styles and the presentation awesome and the app actually helped me find my style that I've been searching for years to find, but there's so few that it really made me want atleast 2-3 more styles (in the men's section atleast).
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3 years ago, Ilovepizzas4lyfe
Do not use the app or online site
Do not order anything online or on the app. I ordered something May 5th I got a date of may 15th to receive my item . I completely understand that due to the situation the time frame of me getting my item online was slim . But I emailed about my order and I receive we didn't take your money or it's not a guaranteed date but your order is in production . We are now on May 28th and I emailed again and still no word in if I will ever receive my order . In a little over a week it will be a month since I put my order in online . I will never ever use the online site or app to make a purchase EVER .
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5 years ago, KellyLynAlex
💕This app! Current, beautiful layout. My favorite feature is the link to the Gucci podcasts! The podcast I listened to recently about the latest collaboration for Elton’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. 🤩 !!💕 Creative soul mates: Sir Elton John and Allessandro Michele interview.. Omg 😍!! It’s like hanging out with these two geniuses listening to them discuss art, music, fashion. Other available podcasts also offer an in-depth look at different Gucci seasons and collections. Inspirations collaborations with other artists as well. It’s a privilege to experience Gucci in such a personal way. At a time where Gucci is getting into the diy personalized fashion. Which you can experiment with too btw with this app! Download and enjoy! It’s “LOVED” 💕
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3 years ago, Nycd71
Gucci App
I have been wearing Gucci loyally for 25 years. I have always loved their products and supported the company. The App is nice but I do t u detest and why to see details of shop a product it links to the website and opens the browser. It defeats the purpose of a standalone app, since much of the same content is available also through the website, possibly with a slightly different arrangement. The App should be totally independent and offer a fully comprehensive experience without linking to the regular website. Thanks.
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1 year ago, Jenniecutie420
I’m sorry, but this app is horrible. It is confusing and difficult to navigate. I understand that they want to be different from other apps and brands, but really? This app is not user friendly in the slightest. Every time I open the app to shop, I quickly lose interest and give up because I cannot figure out how to find what I’m looking for. There’s no visible search engine or clothing categories. What a shame.
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4 years ago, choi jeju
i have collected gucci for 10 years now, my mother collects it and so does my father. i was raised in Shanghai, as a very conservative child. my parents were always into spending money and trips to Rome and Paris. this app is very helpful. my favorite part of the app is the alchemists garden. very interesting. 谢谢 Gucci!
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2 years ago, ardnaed1996
There is no point to this app if I can’t order anything on the app!
I go on the app and I’m immediately confused, where do I look at items to shop and then why can’t I order on the app? What the point of having this app if I can’t order anything? I come back to the App Store to see if there’s another Gucci app when I can actually shop but no.. this is the only one..
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6 months ago, Bellebear88
Gucci Tag never works
The app would be great if the Gucci verification tag worked. We’ve tried for months and never detects the bag, from any phone or tablet. Needs to be fixed and many people are complaining in forums.
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1 year ago, iamdiserpiero
Listen to the PEOPLE. The app needs a complete OVERHAUL! 80-90% of the people including myself who download the app are looking to PURCHASE GUCCI products directly from the APP. This is not INSTAGRAM. NOR TIK TOK. FOCUS on your CORE AUDIENCE. OVERHAUL THE APP and focus on the content to allow people to BUY directly from the app. LEARN from the “LOUIS VUITTON” app as inspiration. And yes I do use the LOUIS VUITTON app and have many items in the cart and on my wishlist directly in the app.
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4 years ago, ckdawson
& HomePage
I like the new update, although i do have three issues with the app: 1. The app signs out every certain amount of time if I’m not using the app. 2. Homepage doesn’t load. 3. Saved items of the previous version don’t show up on this version.
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3 years ago, NatTas90
I wish people were able to purchase items on the app instead of it directing you to the website for purchase.
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2 years ago, EMPRESSpreneur
I love the unique variety added to the new collections.
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2 years ago, Tarah Michal
No shopping
You can’t shop, it just shows you pictures and if you click “shop this look” it takes you to the website. Save the space on your phone. Worthless.
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6 years ago, dj ridiculy$s
i wish there was more wallpapers and app exclusive content because i love all of it!!! -xo
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4 years ago, julia .j
it’s fine
It’s cool but i wish I could actually shop and it makes my battery go down super fast.
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6 years ago, KashMontáe
Nice so far...
I have the iPhone X and I haven’t been able to check out the wallpaper section, because It never loads !!! 😫
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4 years ago, miles et H
Took away my favorite feature
How can you guys take away wallpapers, it was almost the best thing in the app!
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5 years ago, Mr. Sado
I like the app
I like the app but we need more digital art and wallpapers
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4 years ago, #Mexican
I got this app to make shopping easier and when I pick an item I’m just taken to the website. It’s like I downloaded a link from the App Store
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6 years ago, AlfredWg
“Gift Giving” wallpaper issue
The new wallpaper section “Gift Giving” doesn’t work on iPhone X! Would you please help it, Gucci?
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10 months ago, Jenmarie90
The app layout is weird. The wording is weird and the “tryon” does not work. It’s just a weird app. I love Gucci but this app is embarrassing. Does Gucci know about it or have they seen the app??
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5 years ago, grantapus
Can’t even buy anything
I downloaded this app to simplify the web experience. Disappointed. Can’t even shop for stuff and buy It. I expected more from Gucci.
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4 years ago, EaglealexYT
The best app I’ve gotten, better than supreme ,Louis Vuitton, Valentino etc. 👍
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5 years ago, ava.0759
so my friends use this app that lets them take pictures with really nice filters on them, when i asked what app they used they said “gucci” so i looked it up and downloaded this app, but it’s not a picture app
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4 months ago, Prodigy
Downloaded the app to shop
I was disappointed to realize I can't shop via the app. This is a disgrace.
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6 years ago, Almaeny
Love GUCCI ❤️
It’s amazing but I don’t have any clothes from Gucci 😔😔
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4 years ago, Noah_898
Life is Gucci
So much of fun . I just loved the app Gucci’s century
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6 years ago, trippi3
Please Gucci
Gucci can I have a free shoe :)
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6 years ago, imsimplyalice
Bloggers app looks different and has other features. So much for a useless app Not all the wallpapers load, selection is drab The game is horrible. Like 5 seconds and I can't even scroll through the icons. Boring app.
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5 years ago, hdhdgcbvnkhgjeystfhvjhfyd
Products are way too cheap
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4 years ago, SAOK83
Really awesome
Thanks Gucci for this masterpiece ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, guccimane2:33
Works great
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6 years ago, durararawww
it doesn't work
it doesn't work on 6sp
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3 years ago, Evoelker
It crashes on open
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4 years ago, ghettomonte
This isn’t a retail app. Will be contacting my cc company on this one. Shameful.
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5 years ago, Teekkdkkemfk
It’s bad
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11 years ago, Alisa. Moo
Wats gucci? This app!!!!
I LUV this app. It shows me all the latest gucci fashions in a classy video that never freezes!!! Didn't take long to install and was free!! I also got to see famous actresses wearing their gucci dress on the run way which was pretty cool. Theres videos and info about artists too. This app has much more then what meets the eye i highly recommend this app to any gucci fans!! Its great i just wish they would make new videos for me to see!!! Definitely get!!
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13 years ago, VSO Publishing LLC
What's the purpose of this app? To me, its a piece of Make it better by...
I am a Gucci fan. I like and own some of the products. I would like to be able to actually shop for items in men and womens departments just as the website allows. The idea behind iphone apps (I thought) was to simplify the web experience. This app of yours merely provides access to a pair of shoes by Marc Ronson (ok), and pics from shows, and a beat machine (???)! I want to have an app that is as high quality as your product. Get back to the drawing board.
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12 years ago, brembo877
Cinematic allure
This app is elegant and classy to those who have a sense of fashion and luxury, I'm a college student and never owned a Gucci piece but this app is absolutely magical if you value beauty, presentation, and the depth it demonstrates. You'll be seriously taken away with the uniqueness of this app and how they approached two parallel yet inseparable themes, fashion and film making. I wont spoil the joy of exploration of this app for you
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13 years ago, Chanel24/7girl
Love it!
It is the best in so many ways! Plus when I don't want to look at clothes after I have seen them all I just mix up some songs or listent to the designers favs! :) best yet! And I love gucci I even have a vintage tote called I think the shopper? Well it's from the stinky 80's but it's vintage and I live it!!!
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14 years ago, urbanslaughter
Never works
I highly recommend this to anyone who wants an app to show people what happens when an iPhone app crashes. This app will work every time! I got this because I wanted to hear the gucci live music. Since I've had the app (at least three weeks now) I've been able to listen to a grand total of 2.5 songs. Yes, that's right - two and a half. It always crashes when I try to play the music - and I'm using wifi. Truly a useless app. Doesn't say much for Gucci quality.
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9 years ago, SoDaCaNs100
Nice App
This is a great app, but it won't let me download any content so I can't access any of the products. I have the "download content when connected to a cellular or 3G network enabled. I have an iPhone 6 plus. please fix the bug. I would really like to browse the belts.
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14 years ago, alberto.min
Fabulously, GUCCI
I have been having Chanel app on my iPhone since it came out and I was just wondering about GUCCI, since it's my favorite fashion brand. It was worth waiting and the app is wonderful, very interactive and blending fashion with music. Thanks Frida Giannini and Mark Ronson!!! I LOVE GUCCI!
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14 years ago, Coconut Salesman
Excellent 
This app is excellent, and the quality and detail are far above expectations, even for GUCCI which never disappoints anyone. GUCCI is luxury, quality, and style, and this app has every one of those. Great work, GUCCI. 
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14 years ago, Muzic Connoisseur
Still crashes after latest update and won't record certain bass line
App blows for now...waiting on another update to address the crashes and failure to record the middle bass line (middle one out of the 3). Also, there's another bug where it'll turn the volume down for other columns when you're only trying to adjust one of the columns.
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14 years ago, Bigmike987
Great for fashion tips and if your into fashion
Great app for gucci tells you up to date on new fashion coming out and news on gucci around the world not to mention the beat mixer is awsome
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14 years ago, Bucktoothed Girl
Greatest App Ever
I'm blown away with how much this thing can do, and it's all GUCCI-flavored. Extremely well done. (Makes the other fashion apps look, well, unfashionably self-serving and unimaginative.)
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14 years ago, Yobosayo
Xtremely cool
Gucci did it right and gives unselfishly back to users something cool without asking for anything in return. True to the brand, gorgeously designed, creative and classy.
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12 years ago, Fashion Situation
Major Update, this changes everything...
Slick, fun, immersive and cool. This is the new standard of retail experience. Keep it coming, I can't wait to receive frequent updates !
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