Gujarati News by Divya Bhaskar

3.7 (528)
75 MB
Age rating
Current version
D. B. Corp. Ltd
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Gujarati News by Divya Bhaskar

3.72 out of 5
528 Ratings
3 years ago, divybhasker
Hi sir we are everyday read DivyaBhaskar news form Gujarati but sometime befor all purti it’s not watch purti so you do something & all purti . Thanks
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2 days ago, Mangalponde
Sharad Patel
On this phone I can read all news but when I enter correct phone number on my iPad it say enter correct number I enter my correct phone number 15 to 20 time but don’t work why? Like to read on big iPad since I am senior citizen I love your news and all stuff May be lot of people have similar problems so do something about it To read on small phone is very difficult
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1 year ago, Pathik123$
Direct link to the app doesn't work
I usually brought to the divaybhaskar app from facbook post of divay bhaskar earlier I was able to access thr article from by clicking the link mentioned in post and i got directed to the same article in the app but now its just opens the app and don't direct the same article which i want to read
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4 years ago, savanpatel3
The new look is intuitive, clean and very nice. When is the dark mode coming?
I love the efforts from the developer team for improving UI. Congratulations and thank you for that! Would you also add support for dark mode?
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1 year ago, scpsrm
USA - English born
I like to stay up with the Indian news as my parents are still heavily involved in India even though we live in AmericA but this app doesn’t allow for the translation into English … this would be a huge help as there are many of us here that would use this app
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3 years ago, Raju Thakker
Latest and Real newsreader
Daily updates of City, state , country and international news providers. Good video coverage good articles many more. It’s complete news paper.
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3 years ago, JignishaH
Good news paper
Maintaining well and quick news information is coming
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1 year ago, Arp4krish
Worst , asking money for each news
Worst app. Their strategy is to get money out of you. Every news u select they have lock and to open that u need to pay Almost 99% news are not accessible without premium account. First they ask for phone number and after giving phone number they ask for money
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5 years ago, Adit Tanna
New version unstable, crashing upon launching app
App is crashing on launch. Though Notifications are being delivered but when try to open app, it just crash. Please have new version tested enough before you launch. I belongs to Software world, and this not how new version gets into app store.
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10 months ago, AmitB123321
Most of the news says not free
Earlier app used to show all the news freely. Recently, when I open any news then in most of the case, it asks to upgrade the subscription. Paid news should be in limited articles that you think of premium content but not for everyday news.
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2 years ago, appy fizzzzz
E paper issue after update with latest version
I’m using this app from long time and never had any issues with e-paper. After updating with latest version I’m not able to read e-paper due to phone number required from india. I live in US and the apps allows only India’s cell number. Please fix this issue
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7 years ago, Animit
More advertise than news
This site was good before bu i think they are updating it bot for better news but for more advertise. Wonderfully the app have more advertise than any other in the world. The developer should check some other news app which are internationally working for years and get inspired.
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6 years ago, Hasmukh mistry
Frequently app crashing
Dear Divya Bhasker, The app is frequently crashing. Please fix the app crashing. The app is also have tons of ads. Please reduce down the ads in the app. One main last thing, please update the app to support to iPhones and support least iOS.
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1 month ago, rej83
Not able to login
I am premier member of DB. Since couple of week I am not able to login on computer. It gives me such error that your OTP limit passed for the week. Can some from DB address the issue??
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3 years ago, Harshadbhai
👌 news
The best news app Worlds number one Everyday clear news People like DivyaBhasker App too much for his honesty
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3 years ago, Gordhan S Koladia
It’s really wonderful having updated news from academic, social, political, sports, business, world economics & cultural activities 👍
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9 months ago, School boy25
It’s not free any More
I used this app for 2 years straight, I saw that they wanted $14 per year from today and I didn’t took a second before deleting it. They should put ads in the app and keep it free. Non the less, going back to Gujarat Samachar! Their interface have improved recently.
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9 months ago, SamP2020
Subscription for this too now?
Why would I want to pay $2.99/month for this app when I’m getting the same news everywhere else for FREE! Such a shame that Divya Bhaskar had to resort to this! They could had gone with ad supported model, but no! Oh well, no need to keep this app anymore!
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1 month ago, Pdp1010
To many advertisements
Busy with ad
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7 months ago, prafulbusa007
Waste of space on phone
You shouldn’t have this app on the phone to waste your phone memory space because it’s not worth to have it Why? Premium membership requires or else free news not available anymore Deleted app, not interested anymore
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6 years ago, User4321234
Full of Virus and Advertising
This is supposed to be a News Website, but it’s Full of Viruses and Advertising. News doesn’t matter. Advertising Matters. The Advertising is also not Filtered. You will see Adult Contents as well. They are becoming Cheap day by day. Instead of Service News they shows you Advertising, Virus and Freezing. Don’t Install.
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3 weeks ago, Solar guru
Excellent Newspaper
I enjoy every day reading Indian news. They cover wide verity’s of materials and news.
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3 years ago, sapan pandya
Sapan pandya
One of best local news paper app I have see till now Can give more then 5*
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6 years ago, crash IOS 11.2.1
Not working
Nice part about this apps is Best news coverage for indian news Worst part for this apps is to much pop up advertising And recently IOS 11.2.1 this apps crashed, not open for details news try to delete but same results End of February 2018 now this apps works with iPhone X with lots of advertising
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6 years ago, vrl30
Crashes often
With each update this app is getting worse. With latest update can’t open the app, it crashes as soon as it’s opened. Switching to another news app for sure.
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3 years ago, I Love JHAVERI FAMILY
One of the best
Most friendly
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9 months ago, pgcc247
Not allowing to read news
Before it was free then they allowed to read 3-4 news a day and now no free news for 3-4 days allowed. Basically app is not free anymore. Nothing wrong with subscription but it’s annoying lately.
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6 years ago, brijesh nagar
All options not going to open in iphone while using this app all news r not open and also each content must be opened. Please resolve this issue as early as possible.
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1 week ago, Chirag Miyani
Great and simple App
Indepth, Detailed and quality news
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7 years ago, Arjun13
Not working in ios11
Need to be fix it not working in ios11 updates When you open app it’s close down automatically.
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3 years ago, VIP1211
Love it
Reading news every day…love it
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5 years ago, MikyMouseOf2012
Ala Bhai ... advertising ni limit hoy
Gujarati news mate j app Banavi Chhe ne. If you don’t know how to remove advertise please contact apple developer team and let them help you. Also improve you application. Listen to review and you can see why people upset. For good review please listen to customer...
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4 years ago, Mahudha
Great news app
App is very user friendly, Easy to navigate ✅ Please add daily putti edition.
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3 years ago, Chetan?
Perfect app . No issues
Keep it up
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4 months ago, Proper info
Very very poor newspaper. They don’t provide right information. Fake and exaggerated news all the time. I hope media can be providing right information to people.
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3 years ago, panna$
Good news available
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3 months ago, Atul n Patel
Very perfect news
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3 months ago, Pravin1026
Very pleased.
All sections- enjoy reading!
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6 months ago, Aadi53
Can’t access articles on web!
Why would you force users to read through app?
Show more
11 months ago, Nhp13.13
It’s paid app to read news
It should be free to read news now they want to subscribe and pay for full reading
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5 years ago, ScorpianAlive
Advertise full of than news
Much annoying advertisements and crashes News not loading at all keeps showing loader
Show more
7 years ago, R.jhj
Its Advert bhaskar
Very bad bad bad bad it is not allowing you to read a single news 100 of advertise is flashing in single news reading.. They must do something or else people will definitely go for some other app
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5 months ago, Jai Shree Kashtabhanjan
Worlds fastest news app
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6 years ago, thkjgffh kjg1
Poor quality news lately
I was enjoying this news so much Lately last 3-4month,news quality is poor and they are putting their own opinion for state government Rainer than giving us news More likely you guys criticize if state government all over in news That’s reduce my interest in this news app and channel We all here to read neutral news Not to read your opinion
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6 years ago, sarpanch sakir
I live in USA It’s totally ridiculous when u open app for news and u get advertised more than news . Rather should download the other news app than this.
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5 years ago, Shri 1
Why Divya marathi removed
I was regular reader of divya marathi Bhaskar. But after version upgrade I don’t see marathi paper option. Please add this option again
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6 years ago, bond00000997
Need some good developers
App keeps crashes and shows same news again and again. Ads are annoying
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5 years ago, Parry4jea
It’s nice and clean app . Easy to use and have very wide range of content. Only issue I have is difficulty in finding epaper section. Glad to use again if they solve it.
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6 years ago, John_Mario 2011
Biased news
All your news are biased. Fake news. One can literally tell that you are getting money to print all these fake news. Sadak chhap hardik jeva ne daily headlines ma mukava ane bija important news avoid karva pachhal clear chhe me divyabhaskar news genuine nathi
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6 years ago, HD0610
Could be better
I can’t open any news, I re-downloaded but it’s throwing me out of app when I click on any news headline to read details of it
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