Hair Color Booth™

3.6 (1.3K)
108.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bluebear Technologies Ltd.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hair Color Booth™

3.58 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
7 years ago, Random 62884737
Alright overall
Good tap controls, and has a pretty good variety of colors, though you have to give a review and share on social media to unlock most of them
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4 years ago, ThatGaymerHusband
Not all of the colors worked
I was looking around for a hair dye app just so I could see what I would look like with certain colors of dye (as I think most downloading this are). Upon downloading, you get a decent amount of “fun” colors and they seemed to go on my hair (I’m dirty blonde) really well. The colors I wanted to try though were more of a silver/platinum/black/brown...and all of those you had to pay for. So I did the 3 day trial (then cancelled after I needed my colors for a one time use #lifehack). Unfortunately, the colors I wanted to try didn’t work well. One of the silver/platinum colors worked extremely well and I really liked that color; however, the vast majority of the “pro” colors did not work well (at least on my hair). I’m not sure what the problem was as the others, especially the free colors, worked very well. The colors (like a black/really dark silver) didn’t seem to work at all and some didn’t seem to be the actual color presented. So that was very disappointing. The one year purchase is only $20 (which is still crappy to have to pay but it’s whatever and at least not much for a year). I feel like it should be a one-time purchase instead of a subscription, but that’s how these apps get your money (hoping you forget about it). It would be worth it if you wanted different hair colors on your photos...IF the colors on the “pro” version worked well.
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7 years ago, BecCanDo
Better than I thought it would be and…
OK you're losing stars because you're now making me read it a second time and though I had unlocked every color they are now all locked again. What gives? That's not nice ------ I had already gotten on my colors and I am not one of those who had to read it first so this is truly my opinion. Anyway got a lot more colors than I thought I would and the strength slide for editing really makes it super customizable and very sensitive. I love the almost gray but slate blue color and that's where the slide really comes into play. I did have some trouble after selecting my color making the screen be still because every time I would touch the screen it would move. This happened several times through different poses but only during the color stage. I would definitely improve that as far as usability but your colors look great and I am pleased with this app. Thanks
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6 years ago, Moon_Lily
Worked much better than expected!
I love this app! It helped me decide on dying my hair purple. The directions were very clear in my opinion. I do wish that you didn't have to pay for other colors and I do understand why people are disappointed about that, but the app worked wonderfully for me. And, I think that if everyone else read the directions and drew the hair dye on like the directions said to then you will get the results that you want.
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7 years ago, Miss Carla sue
Absolute crap!
Ridiculous! If I could give this negative stars I would! Not intuitive at all. Not good instructions. I legitimately wanted to get an idea of what I would look like with white gray hair. The app does nothing to help with that. Doesn't let you keep adding that color, which I had to pay extra for to begin with. Hard to "exit" when you're done highlighting your hair initially...I ended up getting the red highlight on my clothes in the picture because the menu doesn't intuitively reappear when you're done. A good idea for an app but it's really terrible. I hope there's a better one out there! Whatever you do DON'T waste your money on "additional colors...".
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5 years ago, Abby_Softball
I was SUPER excited to play this game because my and my friend wanted to try out what we would look like with different hair colors. While my friend was using the bathroom,I opened the app to make sure it was good. From the preview that I saw on the App Store, the game seemed really high-quality. I pressed play and allowed my camera. I was expecting to have a lot or all hair colors in the game, wouldn’t you? I check out the first 3 or 4 hair colors and I start looking for the blonde hair color. Since I have red hair, I’ve always wanted to see myself in something else. As U scroll, all U see is “Pro”. That’s HORRIBLE and I will NEVER get this game again.
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7 years ago, local mystay
So confusing😤
When I got it I was like cool maybe I'll be able to try a blonde. But NO EVERY SINGE APP THAT SAYS NO PURCHASES HAS PURCHASES!! Also, why $3? They are only colors. After highlighting my hair, I tried to exit which was IMPOSSIBLE!!! Also when I was erasing I wanted to get out right? Well I ended up erasing some of my hair when trying to leave. Then at the color station I was hoping for free colors, but the only ones were these ugly ones 😡 lastly the colors where inaccurate and didn't look like they should've in the photos when I was getting it. So anyone this is why it got one star, and thank you for reading.
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7 years ago, Chisteena
Was this rip off app designed for children?
Currently a brunette, but been thinking of going blond for a while. I was hoping this app would help me figure out if I could pull it off. However the free version only has funky colors. I took a leap of faith and paid the $2.99 to unlock what I thought would be the blond shades. What a waste of money. I could have just used any yellow highlighter in my phone photo app to color over my hair in a selfie. Bottom line, this app doesn't actually provide realistic 'hair' colors. No blond...just shades of ugly yellow you draw over your hair. Useless.
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7 years ago, Taloy87
Does exactly what I wanted it to
I've been trying to imagine different hair colors for myself and wanted an app that would allow me to do all over colors, allow multiple colors, and would allow saturation adjustment. This app does all of those things and walks you through how to use it very well.
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6 years ago, Debmil02
Waste of time and money
Pretty much a useless app. I wanted to see what I would look like with white or silver hair. Once you upload your photo you get some crazy colors to try. I paid $3 and the white and silver are see through. Plus I couldn’t figure how to get the controls back so I banged on my screen like a monkey and ended up with red slashes all other my photo before I could get the controls. This was a horrible waste and since I gave them $3 and logged into my iTunes account I’m afraid I got hacked.
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6 years ago, Uplonedstriterdsee
Rip off
This is a total rip off they do not have any realistic colors except for brown, I wanted to see what my hair looked like if it was blonde but all of of the blondish colors looked green. The only free colors are 3 which are purple pink and blue, if you want any other colors you have to pay 2.99 and they are not realistic. Do not get this app it is a waste of phone storage and a waste of money! 2 stars from me and if you get it probably all of you!
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6 years ago, bluedevile75
Good but not so good
I wouldve guven a 5 start rating but when you are selecting the hair (painting with red over it) when you are too close to the edge trying to get every strand of hair there is in the picture to get a more natural look that just an app look i swtiches to other screens for touching the edges too close and you lose all the work done 🤦🏽‍♀️ tok bad any other than that is good
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7 years ago, K.sherwood101
Better then thought
This app is actually a great quality app if you want to look at your hair before you dye it to see if you would actually like and how you would look so I would recommend you get this app
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2 years ago, rando711
My pov of this app
i think that we should be able to have access to all the pro stuff. some people don’t have money to pay for the special stuff
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6 years ago, JadeRoseSea
I want my money back
So I got this app to cover my hair roots with black color and only after I purchased the black (obviously the only colors that are free are pink etc) did I notice that this app completely messes up quality of the photo blurring it soooo bad! So upset now. What a waste of payment. Why make an app that blurs your photo???? I mean All OF IT not just the hair but even my face, body and letters on tshirt became blurry with different photos I tried
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4 years ago, Linda Trinidad
Hair color booth
ThisWas a great app when I was trying to decide what drastic hair color I wanted to use. I now no longer have use for this app and I want to unsubscribe but I do not know how. Please tell me how to unsubscribe from this app
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7 years ago, ScariSari
Would be cool if
There are only four colors to try out. It's a cool app but I was offered to have the other colors unlocked if I shared one of the four on me on my Facebook or other social media accounts. I got a phone call, came back to check it out again and it told me to buy the full version to unlock the other colors. I thought that was pretty sucky.
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7 years ago, Bunbunballoo
Lame. Free app to see purple hair.
I checked this app because of a magazine article - which must have been old because it said you didn't really need the "full version" to get a good idea of what your hair would look like in many colors. I'm not interested in my "free" option of seeing how my purple hair would look against my skin tone, thanks. Deleting app - regretting time spent downloading, trying to use, and writing this review. Pfft.
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7 years ago, Jannandavid
Still Checking It Out
I've just opened it. Haven't had a chance to figure out if it works well yet. The concept is worth 3 stars. Will update after using a few days. Offer the ability to purchase rather than share.
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7 years ago, Mingo maven
Wicked groovy
I got the chance to try out a bunch of neato colors before actually dying my hair. I love this app. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see how they look in colors.
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7 years ago, Jalouxxx360
Convenient and helpful
Awesome app. was able to try the color i wanted before actually dying it. very easy to use too.
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7 years ago, Blackrose29813
Works well
It's pretty nifty. Works to see what your hair colors are but to unlock other colors you have to share it on social media and write a review. Lucky for them it is a nice app.
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6 years ago, MadiLeighC
While trying to add and erase the outline for the hair the options go away on the screen. When I want to switch back and forth or move forward I have to click on the screen a million times to try to get the options to reappear. Very frustrating. Especially after paying $3 for access to all of the colors.
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5 years ago, jennifer.lew
This app is very limited to people who can’t really buy the whole app to see what we want. There are multiple other apps that ice tried for free that are a lot better than this. I downloaded this app to see what I looked like with a slate color and I wasn’t allowed to try it. Very limited not a fan.
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7 years ago, Csprague's
Just downloaded it and it did its job.
So far it's working well. A little tricky to get used to but once I figured it out, smooth sailing.
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5 years ago, John Bolor
It worked awesome but i need to pay
It worked awesome but one thing I would fix is paying for colors just make all the colors free because I can’t use brown and i wanna see what I look with brown so I can decide on if I should or shouldn’t dye my hair brown
Show more
7 years ago, SheWriter
Not that many color options
App works fine, but they should not market it as free. Most color options are locked so you only have 5 or so to try, unless you pay. Should say that upfront.
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3 years ago, perse202134319
Fun to play with
It’s a very good color studio, one of the better ones I’ve seen and played with
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7 years ago, Jerome's Lady
A Waste Of Time
What a joke. I downloaded this to see my hair in different shades of blonde & brown, only to see that they only give you around 5 or 6 colors. What's worse, the colors are funky colors. I can shade my hair those colors on my iPad. Not what I was wanting. This was a complete waste of my time & there's no way I'm paying money for colors. I mean, come on, it's just colors. 😠
Show more
5 years ago, jonivy78
Minutes I can’t get back
I just lost whole minutes of my life downloading this app and trying it out. Glitchy, you have to pay for the colors anyone might actually like, and it closes on you once the color is about to be applied... I give this app a full 1 star because a lower rating isn’t allowed.
Show more
7 years ago, StuShipp18
Crap Startout Colors
This is crap. They don't allow you to really see anything as far as natural hair color is concerned without upgrading to Pro for 2.99. They give you like 5 colors to try out and they're like Purple and Neon colors. Perhaps if they included 2 or 3 ACTUAL hair colors you could decide if this program simulates a realistic look to what dying might achieve.
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6 years ago, seriously🤬🤬
If I could rate this app 0 stars I would! It didn’t let me select a color and even when it did you couldn’t even see it! Very disappointed and have already deleted the app within 5 minutes of downloading it. I do not recommend downloading or purchasing anything from this app.
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6 years ago, Stone of Venice
Useless for my purposes, but not bad
I like how the app works overall. It’s easy to try on the colors once you get your hair outlined. I got the app to try natural hair colors, but they’re all locked. The app for myself was overall useless.
Show more
7 years ago, 1MamaKat
Doesn't work
I tried to use it but there were no tools showing as soon as I loaded a picture! So I could color my hair neon red but I couldn't do anything else. It also will not allow you to rotate a photo so if you took a landscape photo it will not allow you to edit it that way, it makes all photos go upright.
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7 years ago, Game lover 40
Love this app so much!! Makes it more real using ur hair instead of those other apps that u have to put fake hair on!
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6 years ago, Cheryl Harris
Not useful in the slightest unless you pay $2.99
Which I don’t mind paying for a service but I don’t like being tricked. Before I pay for something I would like to see what I’m getting and this is like one of those ‘wink wink-trust me you’ll like it ‘ kind of deals.
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7 years ago, Cavielov
Find something better
Didn't work at all. I selected the hair I wanted to call her several times yet it never gave me the option to move onto the next step so I could actually see what the hair would look like the color I wanted to make it. Thank goodness it was free or I would want my money back
Show more
6 years ago, Potato With Eyes👀
Kinda a waste
I downloaded the free app over a year ago and forgot about it until today. There’s a total of 41 colors and only 6 are available to use (pink, red, red/orange, light blue, blue, and purple), then you have to buy the $2.99 version. All I wanted to see is what me as a blonde would look like as a brunette. But I’m not paying $3 just for that, so.
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7 years ago, ShirtsandShirts
Absolutely amazing
It looks extremely realistic and it's fun to do when you're into edits
Show more
4 years ago, minecraft lover 27
WHAT H A T WHAT IS THIS??????? ONLY FOUR COLORS?! You have to pay 20 dollars a year to get more colors!!!! I only gave it 3 stars because it looks kinda real but not really!! BUT FOUR COLORS!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS???? Also developers you should really add streaks or tips not just full hair colors. But you’re probably not even reading this anyway. Not happy. I wanted to see myself with blonde or blue hair. Edit: I got a few more colors for ONE DAY and then they were gone. I don’t know what that was about. If you want a hair color app, try Best Hair Color Changer App Hair Color or ANYTHING ELSE!! Now I only gave you one star. Ur mean
Show more
7 years ago, S.Corinne
In love
A little confusing at first but so fun an easy once you learn everything
Show more
5 years ago, robobus
Less than one star
If I could give less than one star I would. This app won’t allow me to change the color only highlight it. I paid for the additional colors but could not use any of them. I wish I would have read the reviews! Total waste of money.
Show more
4 years ago, whits828
hair color
I like this app but I don’t like how you have to be a pro member to do natural hair colors on your self
Show more
7 years ago, 😵AllyAllison😵
I'm only doing this to get more stuff on the app
Show more
7 years ago, Smokiemcpawt
Pay pay pay
Unless you wanna pay 2.99 don't get this app, they lock all the basic hair colors and you only get 6 free off the wall colors. Like I'm just trying to see how I would look with blonde hair but I'm not gonna pay when there's better apps out there that are free.
Show more
7 years ago, Ficotedadeo
Works perfectly
Easy to use and looks real
Show more
7 years ago, Crystalsstar
Absolutely terrible
You get very little options to begin with and have to pay 2.99 if you want to try a color they don't offer for free. You can use colors from the rainbow but if you would want to see how you look blonde, brunette, silver, etc. this app is not for you.
Show more
7 years ago, MiaSoKute
Purchases aren't restoring
It's a nice app but I bought the full a while ago and my purchases aren't being restored. It might be cause I changed my email but it hasn't been an issue for anything else
Show more
6 years ago, Wish 14
This app was awful!!! Not only did I have to waste time trying to fill in my hair, but also you get maybe 8 colors to choose from unless you pay for more. None of the traditional colors are in those colors either!! Waste of time and money...
Show more
4 years ago, Rico Acorn
Horrible app
I had it for less than a minute and then deleted it. On the app store, it didn’t say in-app purchases, so I was super excited about that. But as it turns out, there’s like four colors (I think) and you have to pay for the rest. So basically they lied.
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