Hair Color Changer: Hair Dye .

4.1 (2.9K)
120.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Amazing Hat LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hair Color Changer: Hair Dye .

4.08 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
1 year ago, avengerbnha11
First Time
I honestly like the first trial I needed for my pics, I can’t dye my hair cause of my skin condition so I enjoy using this app. I have never looked any better when I tried to imagine myself having rainbow hair.
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4 years ago, die your hair
Amazing I love it
It’s a great app of course you have to pay for some of the hair colors if you don’t like the other ones that they already have available but it’s really great. You’re a really nice colors and it actually really works. I was skeptical at first but I wanted to try it out to try something new I do want to dye my hair so I thought why not try this out. End it works I mean other apps done so this one is really great it does work and it’s not a joke. All in all the staff is great and I think everyone should try it if they really want to try dying their hair and want to see what it would look like so that don’t have to make a commitment before they actually try it out and see what it looks like because if you don’t know what it looks like and you have to make that commitment it’s not a good idea.
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3 months ago, slinnane1116
Annoying rate is popup
Well you wanted a revue so here it is While being on the app for exactly 1 minute trying to figure out how to use…. Your annoying rate me app up came up every 10 seconds until I complied. All I wanted to do is see what I would look like with blonde hair which I didn’t find out because I don’t know how to use this thing AND I’m deleting promptly because I can see this app will continue to be annoying There’s your review
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8 months ago, Oceans Deceased
Authentic Looking Pics AND Affordable!
Realistic AND affordable! All 3 plans they offer are great. Especially for such great quality pics. You will be able to see exactly how you would look with any hair color you choose. For me it’s especially cool and fun because I love pranking my friends and family. With the picture quality this app provides, I know I’ll be able to fool them into believing I really dyed my hair when I send them a picture. But most of all, for me, it really is a huge help in trying to decide on a color to go with. I know I won’t regret dying it some color that doesn’t look at all good on me. It’s awesome and I highly recommend it!
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2 months ago, B. M. California
Better apps out there. Not detailed
Color swatches don’t match what goes on your hair. Also, there are no labels/names on the swatches to help to know what color it is. The tools are not detailed at all. No varying brushes or textures. Harsh lines of demarcation. A pop up window of “rate us” kept popping up every 3 seconds until I rated it. I barely started using it. First 5 minutes of using it and couldn’t even do anything without rating it which is stupid considering I haven’t even used it long enough to judge correctly.
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6 months ago, Ralz Ballz
Can’t give a negative star review
Hair coloring doesn’t get all of the hair if any for a terrible result. The coloring gets a lot of non hair areas ruining the photo with no tool to adjust coloring area. Manual edit is a complete fail and ejects you from the app. Absolutely no use or editing ability whatsoever is possible, that is the main problem that breaks the deal for me. I also didn’t care for the 3 requests to rate the app prior to getting into the editing screen for the first time. Other than that no complaints.
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4 years ago, hurliquay
What the heck
So I downloaded the game, thinking, oh this will be cool, I took the picture and I got an add for a subscription, no big deal, all apps do that, so I closed the add and I looked through the hair color options, my mouth literally dropped, there were only four unlocked items, I clicked on the locked ones and it took me back to the subscription page! The hair color is realistic, really nice job on the details, but remember, not everyone can pull out money for something like a game, try to be more considerate, like with more options for free.
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1 year ago, 746654773833883847447
(I only put five star to get it to the top)Me and my friend are dying our hair and we thought it would be cool to download an app to see what it would look like, but there are only four different colors to use for free. Honestly this is RIDICULOUS to me! Not worth your time!!!!😡
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1 year ago, tahony
Lying 😡
It shows a bunch of pictures with rainbow colorful hair but the app only has 4 colors to use and when you use the blond hair on dark hair it doesn’t work and it only comes with 4 options and the rest you have to buy and every time I took a photo it asked me to write a review and it wouldn’t stop asking ohh and one of the colors showed pink and it was dark red. That’s my review
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2 months ago, Ginaaw12
Colors aren’t accurate and constantly asking for a review
The colors aren’t accurate. They are way off. I took screenshots of how bad it is but it won’t let me share on my review. You chose green and it’s yellow. Choose brown and it puts orange hair on you lol. Unfortunately this app needs a lot of work and fixes. Had to delete it a few minutes after downloading. Oh and don’t forget it makes you do a free trial subscription to use the messed up app for any colors. Not for me unfortunately
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4 years ago, Lyrik Song
Big help literally!!!
I have been thinking about dying my hair for the first time ever and wanted to know how it would look with different colors. Thanks to this app I was able to do just that it allows you to put color filters on your hair. Now, I know what color I'm gonna die my hair. Thank you Hair Color Changer’!!!😁😁😁
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1 year ago, hgyvgfhioigyuyurtyyu
It is amazing
Yes you have to pay for some of the hair colors but it is amazing you should get this app so if you want to dye your hair but you don’t know if it will look good on you well on this app you can see yourself in almost 100 different colors it is amazing
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2 years ago, Another Friend of Shep
Simple but elegant. Works great for edits.
Makes face up photo editing much easier, being able to give it a final best. The color is not obliterate the texture of the hair, as in many other hair color apps. Not absolutely perfect resolution, but certainly good enough for most jobs.
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2 months ago, ILoveAnimals_100
Best game ever but there is one problem
I love this game but there is one problem… The problem is the y’all make the game say rate us every time yo hit something and it is very very annoying PS:tell us why you make it is rate us ever time someone hits a button?
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4 years ago, JenTheFemmeLes
Fun BUT...
Literally every time you click on ANYTHING review request after review request. How can I review this app when you haven’t given me more than 45 seconds to play around with it to make an informative review? Ohhh yeah maybe that’s the point 🙄 I still rate it high because it’s fun.
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2 years ago, Hinges 32 11
Terrible app
As soon as I got on the app I realized that the camera was super laggy, and when I tried to change my hair color I had to be close up and it didn’t even cover all of my hair. Then it only gave me the option of 4 hair colors which were boring and barely showed on my dark hair.😒 My point is: don’t get this app, it is Terrible
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7 months ago, JynxLynk
Honestly, total TRASH. All I wanted to know was what I would look like as a blonde, no matter how platinum I made the option, AFTER PAYING to unlock the colors- it came out green. I felt like this app was making fun of me. I selected “try for free and subscribe” but was charged immediately. Posted two stars just so the that the 1 star rating wouldn’t get dropped.
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2 years ago,
Fine 🫥
The reason why I’m giving it a three star review is because I have brown hair and only red shows up on my hair. And it only has four chosen colors I’d have to subscribe to do the others and three of the colors that already open don’t even show up on my hair 😠.
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1 week ago, Chica t
I wanted to color my hair but I wasn’t sure about what color i would want so I downloaded this app and now I know what color I want🥰🥰. Thank you for the help.
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2 years ago, 😥😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓
It’s good but not on my hair
It could work if I didn’t have my hair in one , but it’s still good, it just dose not show much , but I definitely recommend this for your hair!!!
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3 years ago, Smidgentigre
Fun to play with & check for colors
So far, I’ve had lots of fun changing the color of my hair. Even this year hair is medium auburn, it’s very hard to get it to other colors! It’s a great, fun app.
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4 months ago, Skipper&gilligan
I wish I could use the app at least once before I’m inundated with pleas for me to give a rating! Quite disturbing.
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2 years ago, b,giufukfyjkfluj
Great game
Honestly, my friends always get pranked when I send them a photo of my “new hair”. I have red hair so it’s harder for me to have the other colors like green and blue. Otherwise, I love this game!
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3 years ago, cridh fraser
Won’t even let me do anything till I give it a rating
I would love to rate it AFTER I’ve used the app so I can give it a real rating, but seeming as they won’t let me use the app without rating it, this is the rating they get. I’m sure it’s a nice app, but I can’t really tell you because I haven’t been able to use it yet
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2 months ago, CcitlynC
Wish I could give it zero.
This app is awful. All the free colors look the same, the “rate me” thing pops up every 2 seconds, and you cannot import photos without giving it access to a “live camera”! Plus, the hair color options barely change you hair in the first place! So stupid. I do not recommend using an app like this.
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1 year ago, HP&Honey
I do like this
But I’d love to have it totally free just to give my hair back and fourth of different colors so I know what color I want when I go see my favorite hair cutter.
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2 years ago, [place nickname here]
My experience
It does not have very good quality and if you don’t have a subscription then you can’t get very many colors
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3 months ago, Mr.Bad review
The app keep asking me to rate every time I click on something, so imma give y’all a rate, u only get to pick two colors, u have to pay for the rest. This app needs to leave the AppStore immediately! OH and u can barley see the collar! Like seriously? You thought u was going places with this ? U need to go to jail and who ever aloud this $ħǐť in the app store needs life in prison
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4 months ago, darlsi
Sorry, not for me
I’m sure younger people love this app but I am an older woman and just want to see what color will look good and could not navigate on this app. Sorry I’m trying to cancel my trial membership if you have any idea on how. Thank you
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5 months ago, Anne8901
Color samples do not match - does not work!
I bought this app specifically for one locked color sample I saw. I’m thinking of dying my hair and the locked color was the exact color I wanted to try. Paid for the upgrade, and the red filter turns my hair purple! Did not even get to try out the correct color swatch. I want a refund.
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2 years ago, idk_what_user1
Does not work
I downloaded this app because I want to dye my hair but can’t decide which color . But this app doesn’t work ! The colors don’t make a difference in my hair , I clicked the pink color and my hair was still black . Maybe I thought I needed to buy the subscription to get the rest of the colors & it still didn’t work .
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3 years ago, Genny King
Alright app
I’ve only started using it. The colors choices are good. It has been easy to use. Nice to take a look before committing on a new hair color.
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11 months ago, Masina Rose
Don’t Bother if You Do Not Want to Subscribe
This app was very annoying and asked for a rating as soon as it opened. There are only four colors to choose from that are free and two of them are brown. After being asked for a rating several more times in like two minutes, I gave up.
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11 months ago, Rae6688
Not great!! Don’t recommend!!
So I just wanted to see what my hair color would look like in some different colors so I decided to get this app and when I go on the app I saw that you could only look at yourself in like three different hair colors this is not a fun app!!😡😡🤮🤮
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4 weeks ago, Temperanegra
Is not super clear the instructions
I would like instructions on how to use the full potential of the app
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2 years ago, anghiy
So I get the game right,then I’m so excited and stuff I come in and there’s 4 options! Like are you kidding me!!!Then I test the colors and they are horrible!!!But they games good!
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2 years ago, Christmas bows
Best game eve
This game is so cool because it can change your hair color even when your hair isn’t do
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10 months ago, natureofangel
I forced review
If you make the customer review your product before they even have a chance to open and try it you’re not gonna get great reviews.
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2 years ago, palladium scout
The ap might be cool. I would t know because every time I try and use it I get asked to come do a review ! 😳
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1 year ago, Best hair colors 💙
Hair colors
I really love this app and I recommend this app beaucse if your stuck on if yu would look good or bad with a color this is the app to run too!!
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5 months ago, Mamajomamajo
Too many pop ups
Completely frustrating and there is only a few colors available in the “free” version- save your time and download something else. I’ve had 3 pop ups from the app just typing this review
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2 years ago, D Wix
Wish I could get more colors free
Like it so far I really want to try more colors
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1 year ago, Frenesl
I love the game but
I love this game but I think I don’t think you should lock all the colors
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2 years ago, gperna82
So fun
Makes life easier for change
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5 years ago, Myway71
No time to review
I just started to use the app and was immediately asked to write a review. This is a bit ridiculous considering I HAVEN'T USED IT YET 🙄
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4 years ago, Lottie H./ KittyKathryn
Not bad but not good
I thought this app would be cool but then I saw that it said in app purchases.😫 whatever but when I got the app I saw that it only had like 4 colors and that the in app purchase was for the colors. That made me sooo mad. Even though I did not get what I wanted on that app it was pretty cool
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1 month ago, Preppy grullllllll
A pretty good app
I like this app it’s pretty good there are limited options but besides that it’s really fun
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4 months ago, Duckiebones
I signed up for a free trial and this app has tried to charge my bank account 3-4 times a day for over a week. I’ve blocked their transactions but if anyone who runs this app is reading this… stop trying to take peoples money without their permission. You’re disgusting.
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2 months ago, mixologist79
Annoying pop ups to do this
Let people tey it before constantly having to rate you
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2 years ago, Dvsjdkkvkdlabsjv
Everytime i tried manually edit a color it would force close the app. It also asked me to rate the app every time i tried to use a different tool. I’d give it less than one star if i could. Don’t waste the space, find a different app.
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