Hallmark TV

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Hallmark Channel
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3 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hallmark TV

4.63 out of 5
23.1K Ratings
2 years ago, ok, read it!
All channels needed in the app
I love all the Hallmark channels. One thing I still resent: I have Liberty Cable of PR and this service includes all Hallmark channels, but the app will not allow me to see all three channels. The Cable service assured me that the only reason this occurs is because The Hallmark system doesn’t allow me to see all the channels in the app and they can’t do anything about it. My plead is this: allow the app users to see all three channels. The cable carrier charges a great deal of money for the service and states Hallmark needs to do the rest. Please allow cable customers to see all the channels they love to watch “on the go” in the app. Your movies are wonderful to watch at all times. Thank you
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2 years ago, Mamichula703
App Needs Improvement
I love Hallmark Channels. Your shows and movies are wholesome and It’s one of the few channels I don’t worry my family watching. But technical support doesn’t support. I have written to them several times. I have called left messages because Hallmark apps just don’t work. Several times, I have deleted and reinstalled app & shut down and restarted equipment but it just give me an oops something went wrong and won’t even allow me to log onto the system. I have looked at other peoples reviews and see that the app is having similar type problems for over a year and app/tech support doesn’t contact people who have given you a phone number or email info as I have to get the app up and running. Please get people that are interested in keeping Hallmark up and running since it is one of the few channels that is still making wholesome shows and movies and not showing the oldies. We pay extra for the Hallmark channel and supposedly we can watch on the go but Hallmark is not maintaining their app.
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3 years ago, MomtoSW08
They release a movie and disable your ability to rewind or fast forward through it. You have to sit through ten incredibly long commercials every time you open the app and they’re always the same ones. It’s maddening! If you fall asleep during the movie and it plays to the end, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO START FROM THE BEGINNING! They remove your ability to find your place in the movie. You have to watch it over and over without ever getting through it. THEN they REMOVE the movie from the platform and you can’t EVER see the end! ISN’T 2020 HORRIBLE ENOUGH, HALLMARK?!?!? Give us fast forward and rewind. And can you compromise on the amount of commercials and allow us to watch LESS OF THEM? Or how about you mix it up a little? I promise McCormick spices that I will PURPOSELY NOT BUY their products because just looking at their label gives me bad feelings after being forced to watch their commercials every single time I want to watch a Hallmark movie. I just wanted some happily ever afters this season, but you wrapped them up in this impossible to navigate app. Please, fix it.
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4 years ago, DabbleinApple
Political Commercials and Lack of Programming
First, I understand that Hallmark wants to show commercials given that this app works off the basis of an existing cable/satellite subscription. BUT, I watch channels like Hallmark to AVOID political commercials. As if political commercials aren’t bad enough as a whole, pushing politicians who are socialist anti-Americans is unacceptable. There are plenty of advertisers out there without pandering to politics and nauseating and alienating faithful Hallmark viewers in the process. Hallmark has the right to choose what commercials it shows. If it decides to embrace and show support of socialists by airing their advertising, you will alienate, and likely lose, about 2/3 of your mostly-conservative viewers. The amount and selection of programming available is very small. While there may be more on the subscription app, I’m already paying a subscription to Hallmark via my satellite subscription. Only those with an existing cable/satellite subscription can view the content so why is it so limited and having very little current content?
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3 years ago, Emers121
Issues with playback, audio, and casting
I like the content available and love that I can access my shows from my phone or when I’m not at home. However, if I cast to TV from my phone and I pick up my phone to do something else, the audio of the show starts from the beginning on my phone, while I’m watching the show on TV. SO, I then have two versions of the audio going..one from the beginning on my phone, and the second audio from my TV where I’m at in the show. There is no way to shut it off. I just have to close the app and start again. The other issue is, if I’m casting to my TV and press pause and decide to change to my phone to watch...it doesn’t hold the place where I left off. I have to start the show over again. Just a suggestion: When fast forward is available, it would be much better to go forward by 30 seconds than 10 seconds.
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4 years ago, Oomabear
Error while watching
While I love the movies and grateful for the app, there are issues. First I am disappointed that the new movies are only offered for a couple days but I guess I’m glad you at least give us that. I can’t watch in the evening when they air because my husband would never watch Hallmark. Was just watching Chateau Christmas which expires soon and almost half way through an error message popped up. So I clicked resume watching but it didn’t work and now it is making me start the whole movie over with no fast forward option. I understand not wanting people to skip the commercials but other apps will let me fast forward and the commercial will still come up to watch on those as soon as I stop at the place I need. This is such a bummer, I don’t want to watch 45 min of what I just watched and who’s to say it won’t happen again…
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4 years ago, cem5712
Only sane channel on the network.!!
Love the channel!! A couple of things: I’ve had a lot of problems with the app since this last update. You can be watching a movie and all of a sudden it’ll just go to the main menu for no reason. Can you please correct this on another app version. Also not a big fan of your late night programming on either channel. Please, if you can, look at movies and other programming that shows a positive note like your Christmas movies do. That’s why I like your network. Because a lot of your movies present a positive image to “all “people. It’s the only channel that I know of that provides this. Thank you.
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3 years ago, MsIzzy
App and video content often crash and freeze
Let me preface that I subscribe to a very high speed internet that plays Netflix and other movie apps without any issues. Unfortunately this is a very frustrating app because when I open it daily to watch any of their recorded videos, the videos would freeze and crash, so I would have to close the app, restart the videos from the very beginning again (because you cannot fast forward without the videos freezing immediately), the videos would freeze and stopped at the same spot when it last froze. I have to say that this happens to 9 out of 10 videos I play on this app. Of course, the advertisements never have any issues playing over and over clearly though. I really hope the developer fixes these major glitches in this app.
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6 years ago, Tmrdar
You can improve
I love Hallmark channel and was expecting to get to see much more on the app. So disappointed that you don’t show all your Movies, Holidays included! I pay my already for both channels and when I’m wanting to watch a Christmas movie why my husband watches another channel I can’t get the movie I want. I was hoping this would be more like picking a movie and watching. I also have bought some movies on my Apple TV and very disappointed that I can’t get more of your movies to purchase! I also hate the same commercials when I watch a movie!! So frustrating. You have tons of movies and I feel you should offer them to us at anytime! Your app needs major adjustments and you need to be more concerned about your audience and listen to what they want. That’s what makes certain apps successful!
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2 years ago, Medmommy
Love the movies, app functionality stinks
The app was improved so that most of the time, if you leave the new movies (the ones that just played and available for 4 days), you can pick up where you left off… BUT, I have now had it happen several times where I’m watching and it just stops, gives me an error message (and it’s not my Wi-Fi), and doesn’t mark my progress, so… like this last time, since it happened with less than five minutes left, I’d have to rewatch the entire thing because fast forwarding isn’t allowed… I’m about to give up. Why Hallmark don’t you allow rewind/fast forward on your “new releases”? Set it up like all the other apps where no matter where you pick up, a commercial plays. So frustrating.
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4 years ago, Taekarate
I love the Live Feature!!
I love The Hallmark Channel and I really love the live feature on the App! I’m able to watch Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries no matter where I go! That being said, I’ve been watching several Christmas movies and they tend to cut off. I have to restart and there isn’t a way to fast forward to the part I was on. When I start over, I have to rewatch the commercial I just watched. I don’t mind commercials and waiting until a commercial is over to fast forward, but I do mind having to start all over in a movie.
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7 years ago, SophieLayne
I was so excited to get this app on my AppleTv, but it was a Major let down. For starters, the ONLY show I can get is Chesapeake Shores (major disappointment because my favorite show is When Calls The Heart and I can't even get it on the app 😩), there's only 12 movies on the list. And lastly and the most highly annoying, every time I open the app I have to log in with my cable provider, 😒. Not only that, I can only watch 1 1/2 episodes (yes, you read that correctly!) I can watch one full episode, then halfway through the next one it kicks me off and I have close the whole app and sign in with my provider again to finish the episode. And!, because I've signed in so many times it now thinks I'm being hacked, so I now have to change my log in info. Seriously folks, that's just ridiculous! Needless to say, I will not be using this app until this is resolved. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!
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4 years ago, lyra_b
Playback problems but decent selection
It’s nice to have an alternative way to watch Hallmark movies and shows. However there are serious problems with playback. If you start a movie and want to watch the rest later, you can’t. You have to start it over and manually scrub to where you left off. There is a “Continue Watching” location that states movies you started watching can be continued there but it doesn’t work. Nothing ever shows up. You need to click on the heart icon on the movie and then it will at least stay in the “Favorites” section but the playback problem still exists. There is a decent selection of films but I wish there were more mysteries. For a free app it is okay.
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4 months ago, CaptainAmerciaFangirl
Hallmark is WAY BEHIND other streaming services
I recently downloaded Hallmark channel so I could watch some new movies being aired. Little did I know that to watch movies on the Hallmark app, you ALSO have to have a CABLE service. I don’t have a cable service because it’s expensive, and I use streaming platforms instead. I think Hallmark is WAY, WAY BEHIND in understanding why people use streaming platforms. We don’t want to have to pay for cable AND a streaming platform! It’s also very confusing that Hallmark has two separate apps for watching things! The Hallmark tv app and the Hallmark movies now app? Why not combine them into one app and save everyone the confusion of trying to figure out which app will have what I’m trying to find? Their entire system seriously needs work!!!
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3 years ago, Managermom5
Change of subject matter
I watch the Hallmark channel a lot. I have been very disappointed lately to see homosexuality popping up in several movies, as if they think it’s ok and are subtly trying to get everyone else to think so. I agree with the lady who suggested you have a separate channel for that sort of thing, if you must push that agenda. It is very disturbing and offensive and I don’t like to be halfway through a movie, and something like that pops up and I turn it off. I usually watch Hallmark because in the past, it has been clean (no homosexuality and no “bedroom scenes”). If this keeps happening, I will have to find another channel, and I know MANY people who feel the same way.
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3 years ago, Maxedwell
Hey, it’s free but the commercials intervals are ridiculous
Title pretty much says it all. You get a few new movies each month plus some shows. The biggest problem is the commercials. As someone pointed out in a previous review, if you leave the app before finishing and try to come back, it will automatically either start you with 5 commercials or at best, let you view content for approximately 3 minutes before making you wait through 5 more commercials. And, they’re almost always the same ones. It is very frustrating. All you can do is turn off the volume because you can’t skip through them.
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6 years ago, Tjbaetz
I loved the app at first, but now not so much. I consider this a rip off due to the fact that I already pay for the hallmark package at home. Since I’m a truck driver, I have my satellite mounted, but I have to tune it in to get all my channels. Sometimes I like just listening while getting ready for bed on the app. But, you have this thing about the two apps being separate the one I get is with my paid service and your other app in the hallmark now, which is paid independently. I’m not going to pay for both. The other problem is limiting movies, I’ve seen all the ones on my end and only seen in 5 months 8 new movies. The selection doesn’t change much. So if I want to see more, I have to pay more. Not good. I wouldn’t recommend this app til you change your business practices.
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3 years ago, Telusoma
Extremely Frustrating App To Use
This app is extremely frustrating to use when trying to watch movies. I’ve tried using this on my mobile device, Roku, and laptop. The app never saves my login information. I have to re-login every time I want to watch anything. It will suddenly exit mid-movie, causing me to have to login again. If I pause the movie for a few minutes and hit play again, it will automatically log me out and I’ll need to login once again. It is so unbelievably frustrating that it doesn’t have the capability to store recognized devices to not have to login multiple times in order to complete a single movie. This is the ONLY streaming app that seems to have this issue. Hallmark TV needs to do better!
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5 years ago, Mindiv
Doesn’t save your place!
While I would love to watch movies in this app, unless you are going to watch the whole movie in one sitting the app is useless. If you stop and return to the movie a few hours later it doesn’t save your spot. This wouldn’t be horrible except when you try to fast forward to where you think you stopped, you must first watch a pile of commercials....try to adjust forward or backward to find the correct spot, another pile of commercials before you can see if you are there yet. I finally gave up after watching 20 minutes of commercials just trying to find the right spot in the movie that I left off. Tried another movie, same deal. This makes the app useless.
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4 years ago, Jaihir
Why can’t I watch all your holiday movies?
I downloaded the app thinking I was going to have unlimited access to all your holiday movies, but this app doesn’t have that feature. Why should I download the other app you offer, which is $4.99/month, if I’m already paying for the subscription to Hallmark with my cable provider? I really thought this was going to be like HBOGO or even the STARZ app where you can watch all the content those channels have in their app. Please make all your movies available in this apps without asking the user to download another monthly subscription, if you do, I assure you thousands more will download/use the app. Thank you.
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7 years ago, Melissa Fraggle
A great dose of Hallmark!
I really do love the idea of this app. They have fun movies and I like that you can catch up on recent shows. I wish that maybe they would put on some of the more recent movies, but it's still a good mix. It would be nice if they had the shows available all the time instead of just during their season, but I guess a lot of them are on Netflix so at least there's that! The one thing that would give this that 5th star is if it had the option to cast it with chromecast. Otherwise, I've never had any problems with crashing or any difficulties viewing. It's a fine app!
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8 months ago, Sweettooth20051
Constantly having issues with playback
Love the movies but I often get an error message when trying to play a movie or the movie restarts from the beginning and doesn’t allow me to fast forward. Plus it has commercials so I’ve had to rewatch over an hour to continue watching from where I left off. This is extremely frustrating when the movie is expiring soon and I have to waste my time rewatching what I have already seen. Same with the errors - the movie is about to expire and I’m getting an error message and it won’t play. So I’m going to miss the ending since I can’t watch it.
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7 years ago, A fa
I love Hallmark Channel !!
The movies and series are great to watch it makes you feel happy . The app is great I have no problems with the app the commercials are short that is a bonus to me unlike some apps the commercials are long. The movies are great and the actors and actresses are great. I love watching Hallmark Channel at Christmas time the movies helps you to remember the true meaning of what Christmas is all about. I will always recommend the Hallmark Channel app to all my family and friends. Thank you Hallmark Channel for making great movies.
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2 months ago, 🙏👏👍🙏👏👍
Mostly like
I like being able to watch Hallmark while on the go. I love this app because I log in with my provider and it’s not an additional cost. A couple things I don’t like- 1- you can’t fast forward or back up the movie. I already pay for the Hallmark channel. Stop forcing me to watch ads. 2- lately, the app has been cutting off the last minute or so of shows and movies. Since most movie’s plots wrap up on the last 10 minutes, missing that time is annoying. Please fix it so we can see the ending and at least part of the end credits before you cut off the viewing.
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6 years ago, Veeki
Just a teaser
I’d like to understand the thought process behind this app. It feels like a teaser to get more paid subscriptions to Hallmark Movies Now which I don’t appreciate since I already pay for both Hallmark channels. Is it considered good business to charge a customer twice for the same thing? If Hallmark was the only channel I watched, perhaps $5.99/Month wouldn’t seem unreasonable but...it is. Someone needs to be concerned with these reviews because there are valid issues discussed here. Maybe people that don’t already pay for Hallmark through regular TV should pay for the Now app/service but not the ones that pay already.
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7 years ago, Dess0510
Super excited about this app, but I feel let down. I love Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. I downloaded this app thinking I would be able to see both sides, since the Hallmark Now app (which combines both) is subscription only and does not allow syncing with a provider. I pay for all theses channels already so I don’t appreciate that I do not get the option to sign in with full access on both sides. Since this app is the only one that allows syncing I expected more, it is very limiting. I’m really bummed since using this app is my only access to Hallmark for awhile and I refuse to pay for something I already have. Looks like I will be missing a lot this season.... unhappy
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4 years ago, Losinghope20
Oh the Frustration!
This app has had a history of problems as I’ve used it the past few years. Some bigger than others. The current problem for me is it will not work over data. Our WiFi can be sketchy sometimes, but even when it is working properly, the app still warns me it can’t work on data. If I want to change this, I need to go to my settings. I go to my settings and the data usage capability is turned on. So...I can open the app and browse all the movies available, I just can’t ever watch anything. Don’t bother to delete and reload the app. It doesn’t fix it. What a waste and incredibly frustrating! Please get it minimally functional again.
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6 years ago, SHANNON10619
I like the convenience of the app and the use on my iPhone and tablet. Unfortunately, the same commercials and too many over and over was frustrating. I almost turned the movie off. Just as I was getting into the movie, a commercial appeared. Not so bad since there was a good time lapse from the beginning. Then, another of the same commercials and the spacing is shorter. No sooner did I get back into the movie, another same commercials. I like the concept, but if you’re going to have so many commercials that it takes away from the continuity of the movie I’ll probably uninstall.
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5 years ago, Mayre1
Whats on now
My tv provider is mediacom and the channel for hallmark in my area is 71(SD) and 571(HD) the guide shows otherwise they are ahowing in both channels what is shown on the guide for channel 571 and on channel 71 theres a different guide i contacted my provider and they said i should contact hallmark so they can figure out whats going on and funny thing is that on the app they are showing live what is shown on the guide for channel 71 help please bring back hallmark channel sd exactly whats shown on the guide my provider is mediacom cable and im on the Nogales/ Rio Rico area in Arizona
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4 years ago, dzjojo
When Calls The Heart
My husband and I enjoy all of your movies. A bit predictable but still enjoy. My husband is 72 years old and a Vietnam vet and he always sits with me to watch your movies. That being said our favorite is When Calls The Heart. We enjoy the storyline, locale, era of story. We only wish the show had a longer season. Also, we have heard rumors that the show has not yet been renewed. Please renew, all of us need something with heart. Thank you for reading this, Dave and Jo Zapatka
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5 years ago, SeddieForwood1
Great App... Could Be Better!!
Love the idea, execution... not so much. A few issues I see: 1) a lot of the movies available to me are old ones, I’d NEVER be interested in as they’re OLD!!! Meanwhile, the current movies (in other words, the Countdown to Christmas 10th Anniversary lineup aren’t even on it??? It doesn’t make sense!!! ☹️ 2) I can’t add the movies I’m interested in now, since they’re not available for me to look at further. I tried the schedule tab on the left side, but when I go to ‘click’ on the title, nothing happens. How can I create a movie list if I can’t touch the movie to add it to the watchlist? ☹️Someone HELP!!! 😞😢😠
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4 years ago, Desert2011
Should get more for signing in with my satellite subscription
I pay for Hallmark through my satellite subscription. I would think that once I sign in with my provider I would be able to watch shows and movies that are on the TV. But I can’t. There are currently 5, yes that is right 5 movies available to watch. My husband likes to watch golf and news, I don’t. So I was hoping this app would make it so I could watch what I pay extra for on my satellite subscription. But I can’t. It is a useless app. Other apps let me sign in and let me have access to shows. So I will stick with them and delete this app. Better yet, if hallmark isn’t going to offer anything, they should delete the app. It is a waste.
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7 years ago, Kitcat529
Room for improvement
Really wish there were more movies to choose from I mean come Hallmark Channel how many movies do you have of all times? Millions! Plus it would be nice to have some of the online games that you offer inside this app as well. Lastly and most importantly you need to add When call the heart and I am not the first person that has requested that either. I love Hallmark Channel and this app is amazing but I do know that it can be better! I hope this review helps improve the app for the better. Thank you Hallmark Channel!
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6 years ago, Zizi:3
Xfinity app has what this has and bit more
The app looks nice and it’s nice that I don't have to waste time going through the xfinity app just to find halmark’s on demand movies, but thats all this app offers, the same movies I can just watch on my xfinity app and have space for more useful apps. It should at least offer streaming of movies that were recently aired, since what I’ve been doing is just record the current theme movies with my tv xfinity and can watch them anytime on my iphone or laptop. Oh! it should offer live streaming!
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5 years ago, Terri9294
Not happy!
Have had this app for close to 3 years with hopes they will improve. I moved and for six months, I didn’t have cable. I was disappointed to see when I came back to view the app, many of the same moves were still there. I can’t believe that many of the movie options have been on here for months. If you are going to do that, at least put some of your better classics. These are mainly old movies and some that don’t even resemble a hallmark movie. The only way to get this app, is to have it through your cable, so in theory I’m paying for it. This app should be a better representation of the channel itself.
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7 years ago, Tru2Cntry
Hallmark Movies are a favorite but
Hallmark Movies are a favorite but really Hallmark? The same annoying commercial for Home and Family plays 15 times during every movie! Please please change it up!!! Ugh, I hate commercials, but the repetitiveness of the same commercial for Home and Family, it's not even a different commercial for the same program... it's the SAME COMMERCIAL OVER AND OVER! 😫😫😫😫 No fun. The app all so stalls and then quits. There are only two current programs from live TV, the rest are old movies, and only 12 to pick from. I'm actually disappointed in this app. I love the movies on live TV, can you please include them in the app? Frustrated Hallmark Fan
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2 years ago, JessNicN
Won’t cast to the tv
I love this app, but out of the blue it just stops casting through my Chromecast about a week ago. It just has a white screen with black letters saying Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again. 100. I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried reinstalling the app multiple times, I’ve restarted my chrome cast and even sent an email to Hallmark. I just want to be able to watch the movies on the tv not on my phone. Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon.
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3 years ago, Newlin Orona
Cutting off movie endings!
I always watch the premieres on Monday when they are available on demand instead of sitting up late to watch them live. This week, something has changed and the app has begun loading another title in the last 3ish minutes of the movie I’m watching. I’ve tried every key on my remote to keep it on the title I’m watching instead of automatically loading the next movie but nothing works. It’s like they’ve begun some kind of auto load feature but the timing is off! Super annoying. I’ve missed the ending of 3 movies before I finally gave up altogether.
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4 years ago, EarthAngel7777
A God sent CH!!
This is my most favorite channel ever!! Been watching it for year i love the xmas movies shoot im shore i have watched them all its like i need more i love just the everyday movies they bring so much light into my life and reminds me of the good old days of me growing up and how nice my family is thx so very much hallmark ur simply amazing please keep making great wonderful movies that touch our souls and fill us with joy ur a blessing its so great to see good on tv so thx so much!! For ever fan Nora
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1 year ago, PaigeMod
I love Hallmark, but the app has serious issues. Lately when I login to my tv provider, all of the movies are still locked so I can’t even watch anything. I downloaded the app again and it still didn’t work. Sometimes the app screen on my phone and tv just go completely white and I can’t see any titles or pictures, just a blank screen. Lastly, you can rarely fast forward or rewind when watching new movies so you’re forced to watch the whole thing. Again, love Hallmark but don’t understand how these issues are still happening.
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6 years ago, Briahop
Worst app ever!!
Seriously this app is such a HUGE disappointment! They should be ashamed to even have launched this app! First off, you can’t watch live on any streaming devices other then your phone or iPad, so forget watching it on your tv with a blanket and hot chocolate! Also even If you do watch live on your phone or iPad it only works for two minutes before it freezes! There’s barely any movies on it or even tv shows. So forget my plans of watching Christmas movies on here! I was sooo excited to finally have a way to watch Christmas movies and now I am extremely disappointed. This app needs a TON of work and they should do it ASAP, your loosing a lot of customers because of this!
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3 years ago, SugarCheeks445
Server issues?
Every night around the same time, the app logs me out of my TV provider, and then it won’t let me log back in. I have to wait an unknown amount of time for the issue to resolve itself. I am looking forward to the new Christmas movies that I’ll be able to watch, but if the app continues to go out around the same time, I won’t be able to watch them because it goes out when the new movies first show. It’s not an internet issue because other streaming apps work fine. We moved to a new home and cannot watch live TV right now, so the app is the only access to the hallmark channel that we have…
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3 years ago, Pink78654
Super glitchy!
Love Hallmark channel and love that I can watch shows and movies thru the app. However it is beyond annoying that during the commercials it will glitch and go back to the Home Screen. Often taking multiple attempts to work through the ads before getting back to the content. Super frustrating. I also find it frustrating that there is no way in the app to jump to a section. I get it, you want us to watch the ads but it’d be great if we could also jump to an area we want and then you make us watch the ads.
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5 years ago, Jess122!
I am an avid hallmark watcher. I thought this app was great being that I could watch it on the go especially now that the countdown to Christmas was going to begin. This app falls short for watching the live TV movies. It constantly freezes and some type of glitch happens where it looks like the movie is in fast forward. I am very disappointed. Hallmark has the best movies but unable to watch them on the go.
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7 years ago, Hcvjiy
Just wish there was more
Love the app - though I wish you could sort the movies by when they will disappear so I can watch the ones that are about to go away first. Also, wish there were more of the holiday films. And finally I wish there was more of the Mystery shows - you can't get those on an app - that I can find... I travel a lot and am rarely home - so I watch a lot on the go... Love what's on here just really wish there was more - I'd have put 3.5 stars but it wouldn't let me ;-)
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11 months ago, HelicopterAng
Minimal advanced features
I hate that I can’t minimize the app while I’m watching a movie or show to do something else like check a text. ( or can’t figure out how to ) Also fast forward or rewind should be a simple click just like EVERY other app on the planet. Wayyyy too many commercials and repetitive ones at that. Don’t they realize we stop listening at some point? These are all basic app functions I enjoy on other platforms. Sadly this is my last app of choice.
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4 years ago, Signera
Good Content, App Nearly Unusable.
Great movies on the Hallmark Channel. However, one of the reasons for streaming is to watch content on my schedule, which rarely allows for an entire movie to be completed in one sitting. If you are watching a movie and stop more than once or twice, the next time it will start the movie from the beginning. Not a problem if you have fast forward, but that has been disabled. If you are using it for live content or if you can complete your viewing in one sitting the app is fine. But if you plan to stream, you may get frustrated rewatching sections of previously viewed movies to get back to where you stopped.
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2 years ago, Crumas
Lack of Rewind is a Show Stopper
No being able to at least rewind or restart a movie is a giant step backwards from the power of streaming to the old days of having limited features on live TV. Being able to pause is nice, but if something unexpected happens while watching—such as the phone ringing, a personal emergency, etc., and a viewer doesn’t manage to pause the program instantly, then the story continuity can be completely broken with no way to back up or even restart from the beginning. It’s as if their software engineers are completely clueless about how streaming should work.
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4 years ago, Brittney Mo!
Frustrating & Horrible!
I honestly can’t stand this app! It takes FOREVER to load! Multiple times I’ve had to delete it then download it again for it to actually start up. Then it signs me out frequently from my cable provider sign in, which I use to watch movies. When I try to sign in it takes so long for it to load that it times out and says there is an error. And if you start a movie, you better finish it in one sitting because it will NOT start where you last left off when you try to return to your movie later that day. It starts over every single time, which is so frustrating and annoying.
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6 years ago, Sir_Guyon
Watch live?
In the age of digital entertainment which includes Roku, Apple TV, and others, I am surprised that this app exists at all. What is the point of a Hallmark Channel app that makes you sign into your provider just for the realization that no, you CANNOT watch Hallmark live. I guess I like that the app offers some films, but I pay to see new releases and Home and Family. This app is nonsensical because truly, why would I want something that I cannot watch live tv on? The app forces viewers to watch content via the internet—seriously insufficient. Can no one figure out how to add a “watch live” feature? I mean seriously?
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