Hand Talk: ASL Sign Language

3.9 (498)
88.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hand Talk Servicos Ltda
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Hand Talk: ASL Sign Language

3.94 out of 5
498 Ratings
3 years ago, Beryce150
You have to be careful while using
I used this for my sister now keep in mind that she has much more going on than just being deaf as she has other severe disabilities. She got very upset when I was using this app it made her feel dumb for not being able to just talk normally. I have learned for my situation it’s better to help show you the words and you sign them. I think that app has a great start and that they just need to make it so that the deaf can sign to the app and translate to text.
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1 year ago, Silas 12356
This app is weird
So when I was a baby my mom taught me sign language. When I type in one of the signs it is different then what my mom taught me. After that I look it up and it says that my moms way is right. So I don’t know if this is quite accurate. Overall I think this app is useful and helpful.
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2 years ago, Team Izara
This is NOT ASL!
Interesting idea but it is painfully obvious this app team does not know ASL. It looks like they are using a cheap written dictionary to get the signs. Don’t use this app thinking you’re communication with a deaf person. You’d be better off just typing a message in English. You could type in Portuguese and use google translate to get the English and it would still be better communication. They could hire a team of fluent ASL users from Gallaudet and maybe get closer to accurate language. Their graphics engine and rendering seems usable. It’s just the language part that is totally deficient. Unless picking up my mother at the mall involves also unaliving her on the way there.
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3 years ago, lizzie hylla
Few more things
Someone said there’s no use for ASL, I don’t know why because there is a use for ASL in the app, but whatever. This app is great and all but you should make more potions for speed or at least where is doesnt delete the text after you put it in, because it is going way to fast even in slow for me understand what is going on and I have to replay it multiple times then I have to retype my text every time, there should also be a way to translate sign language into actual words! That’s all thanks!
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1 year ago, KatjaJett
Great Concept, but Poor Quality
Hand Talk is a great concept that just isn’t there yet. Even at my novice level of the language, I can tell Hand Talk is using something similar to Sign Exact English rather than American Sign Language. The grammar is very different. I’m not sure if it’s an Ai problem or if the creators don’t know ASL, but do not use this app assuming you are getting a good translation. If you want to use it as a dictionary, that should be okay, although there are better alternatives out there.
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3 years ago, bevaaevasive
amazing idea
growing up and wanting to learn sign language as a hearing person, it was difficult finding videos that respected the culture and i actually understood from. i read from books which helped. the app is a great concept; you can look in different directions where they sign, you can change the speed, much more. but i do have to say some of it is completely wrong. i wouldn't use this app to really educate yourself as its, as said, can be totally wrong and also i'm not totally sure if it's respected from deaf culture.
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1 year ago, Ummm idk hello
Best game!
I think this is my favorite app now I have been looking how to learn sign language because I don’t know any sign language.I was able to learn a few things so far like my dogs name and even how to sing songs in sign language
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2 years ago, marline minroe
Please read
Overall amazing I have a deaf friend so I had to learn sighing from a professional then I came across this and wanted to see what it could do but some words it did sign wrong but it was like very long words it isn’t bad but ya
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3 months ago, Okaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy
Not very accurate, better to learn from real people and real deaf people
I was practicing on here yesterday and realized some bigger words I type in for the AI to sign isn’t accurate or right. Glad took time today to learn from an actual person and compare the AI because I would’ve been confused or not being able to talk to people in sign properly.
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7 months ago, GMills00
Best on the market
Unlike other apps and websites, this app actually does more than fingerspell. I havent found any flaws with the delivery yet. The graphics are not always smooth, but i am a big supporter of Hugo and Maya!
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7 months ago, Alisha hill
Work more
After reviewing the app it seemed like the developer did not consult with a deaf ASL experts on this app. Some of the signs are apparently outdated and some words are not signed properly. I also realized that it doesn’t teach ASL, it helps with communication, which should have been addressed in the bio.
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3 years ago, akward bêrry O.o
TikTok <3
It’s quite obvious where I came from.
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4 months ago, Melia L.N.
So I’m learning asl in high school right now I wanted to see if this app could help, I was wrong. I got really excited for this app because it’s what ive been looking for, but this app does not show you the correct signs for a lot of things, the slow downed option isn’t even that slow, and it only supports two languages? I had high hopes for this app 😮‍💨
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2 years ago, DangerLil
Good but not
So this was a good idea I was excited about it but when I went to log in it would not let me if you worked on it it would make it accessible to so many more people Thank you
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4 months ago, AbbieC1986
Buyers beware!! Loved it til I bought it!
I bought this because I enjoyed the free version but hated the ads. I planned to use it a lot since I’m learning to sign now. Once I bought it however, I can no longer type into it which means this is useless!! Wasted my money. Wish I could get a refund.
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7 years ago, Regitales
This is an app for LIBRAS, Portuguese sign language. There is no reason to use English. Not sure why people are complaining about that!! Find an app for ASL! This is an excellent app and I love it!!
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3 years ago, celia lab 15
Finger spelling
I have just started playing with this app and I have only seen the avatar fingerspell my entire sentence... it would be better if there were actual signs but it’s *ok*
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2 years ago, SimplyDevil
Finger spelling
This app has some decent signs to help those who are trying to learn some, but the grammar is terrible. There is far too much fingerspelling to actually be helpful
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2 years ago, deez nuts are hot
I have to wait so long to use the app just because its customizing my character and its really annoying ive waited atleast 15 minutes
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3 years ago, Jessy F2
The app have English setting
I think it’s easy to use and amazing app. They have English setting. English and Brazilian sign language.
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2 years ago, poopey gagaaaaaa
Beautiful, So beautiful. Your able to make him throw up all the gang signs you want!!
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1 year ago, emoblackstar
Just needs some work
As a deaf person (fluent in asl) this app isn’t always correct with the signs, but if you are wanting to learn partially, this can help.
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2 years ago, yournez
It can’t translate
It can’t translate me I was trying to do something this dude will no translate what you type it will take forever to load
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3 years ago, My tiktok is: NotJxyden
If you saw this from tiktok I know why you downloaded this app
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7 years ago, Negy112233
Needs a lot of work
Needs an English setting, but from what I have found while I played with it, it only finger spells. There is so much more to learn then finger spelling. If you are interested in learning ASL, you are better off finding another app. Don't even waste your time.
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7 months ago, poopinaplunger
Its a life changer
I had this app and it saved my life
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2 years ago, Lizxvdseiv
Not Available to more languages
So when I first download this app, I was really excited to use it but then when I found out it didn’t support Spanish so I deleted it because I wanted to learn SSL (Spanish Sign Languge) you need to add more languages like Spanish.
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3 years ago, Brock71B
It has some bugs
Oftentimes I will type in a word only for the text block to disappear and the avatar just stands there. Restarting the application does very little.
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3 years ago, SS20192013
If you want to finger spell everything this is the app for you.
I was hesitant about this app so I started asking it to translate easy things like thank you and the app would only fingerspell instead of using the actual sign.
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11 months ago, kristaleann
Its clear that the developer team did not consult with Deaf ASL experts on this design. Many of the signs are wrong, outdated, and do not use ASL grammar or sentence structure. Please do not try to use this app with Deaf people, instead ask them their preferred method to communicate! This app CANNOT take the place of an interpreter.
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4 months ago, phharris
Taking pictures feature does not work
Unable to use the app for purpose advertised, even more difficult to receive a refund and follow the rabbit hole to reach someone
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2 years ago, HatK5
Not ASL. It’s PSE
This app is not teaching ASL, they are teaching PSE (pidgin sign language). PSE uses signs that translate directly to a word in English and uses the same grammar structure to English, whereas ASL is its own language. Still a very cool concept and signs are the same, but should specify that this is not ASL.
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3 years ago, yoinkersK
If you’re re here from tik tok use me as a like button
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4 years ago, JimBaum
Great app!
I can now communicate easily with new friends.
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2 years ago, I put my pwnis in a toaster
Was Great, but no longer works.
Super great app, I really loved it. However, one day it just stopped opening. I tried redownloading the app, don’t work at all :(
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1 year ago, */83247(&(7$&/78($#&/$
So I got the app it’s started out great…but then I tried to see the sign for lesbian which was just a test to make sure it was correct. But then it spelled the word out, which is not the sign for lesbian
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2 years ago, Ldog4120
Anyone else here from tiktok?
Great app works great!
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3 years ago, cameronms
Every time it finished an ad comes up
It is good but there is a lot of ads so I don’t recommend it
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2 years ago, NotFireyz
Hearing people, stop taking over our deaf culture/language!!! You’re teaching wrong signs! Do YOUR own culture. Wish it is possible to put 0 stars! (This was written by a deaf person🙄)
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4 years ago, MacGeek08
Very inaccurate
A lot of times the app picked up what was said but completely signed totally something else far too often. It needs a lot of work.
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7 years ago, Wildmonkeygirl
Please fix for the Settings for English, need help me interpreter use America Sign language.
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3 years ago, i just need a nickname IoI
It's nice but why does the app break when you try to type in "wave"?
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3 years ago, CocoBenucci
i got this app because he’s hot
he really is so fine. although the sign language is chalky. he makes up for it 😻😻😻
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3 years ago, speeds booty
I can’t use it
I can’t use this app and there are a lot of deaf people in this town and I don’t know sign language but I trying to learn but I can’t get in.
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2 years ago, Memeulous Cat 🐈
we do extremely small amounts of trolling
say"make make make make make make make make make make make" in the app
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4 years ago, Pigkey
Not useful for ASL
I downloaded the app with the English setting to see if it was accurate for ASL as a Deaf user. I noticed that it is mostly finger spelling and some words are not signed properly. Please don’t use this as a translator or to learn ASL.
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2 years ago, lilac739
It took forever!
Can you make it load faster I wanted to learn sign language but forget about it
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3 years ago, everynameyouputistaken
W app
just made him do gang signs W app frfr
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2 years ago, timmy with tommy holow
Two birds on a wire
This is funny and I kinda love it
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1 year ago, Chad Tyler
Les-is that your son? Jesus Kris your lanyard looks like it weighs a thousand pounds!!!
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