Handwriting To Text Recognizer

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M. Mohsin
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2 years ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Handwriting To Text Recognizer

4.57 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
2 years ago, profam
only writing to text app with rights
i like handwriting notes but much prefer storing and using them digitally but i’ve had minimal success with this kind of software in the past, especially because my handwriting is a bit of a mess. so i downloaded the 6 best rated apps with otc that i could find and tried them all on the same short 4x6 page of notes that i had done my best to write legibly. i was losing hope after literally all of the others produced a mess of garbled letters that weren’t even enough in number to make up half of the page i’d scanned. seeing as this app had less reviews and was clearly not as popular as the others i thought surely it wouldn’t do any better, but all i had to do was open the app and snap a photo and it returned a nearly flawless recreation of my notes into text. and then it did the same with the several other pages i proceeded to scan. there were small, single letter sorts of errors here and there but all easily fixable and minor enough that they didnt even interfere with understanding the notes if i left them as they were. it even managed to recognize my extremely sloppy star symbols and make them asterisks. i dont usually bother with reviews but i am just so happy with this app! (im currently just using the fully free version but may very well upgrade if i wind up using it as frequently as i suspect i will. but the ads are pretty unobtrusive so i dont even mind them as of yet)
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5 years ago, Boy, Bye
Omg Thank you!!
I have about two months worth of handwritten notes that I needed to transcribe for a book I’m trying to finish writing by the end of the year. My laptop is currently on it’s way back to the manufacturer for repairs which meant about a two week delay was in my future. When I heard (and prayed) that such a technology existed where you can do this I checked it out. For me, if the app isn’t user friendly and comprehensive right away I’m done. This app blew my mind. It was simple, quick and, amazingly, almost completely accurate on every hand written page I had. I was thinking “no way this thing is going to be able to figure out my chicken scratch” but it proved me wrong. I had very few corrections to make but that’s more because of his sloppy my handwriting is than anything else. Then saving/transferring to Google Drive where I’m keeping the rest of the notes I already have for my book was cake. I don’t think you could ask for a more perfect app for this particular need.
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4 years ago, Jaj000
I think I’ve finally found the app for me!
I have been looking FOR AGES for an app that could help me with the MOUNDS AND MOUNDS of handwritten notes, ideas, research, etc. that I have lying around my house in boxes, file cabinets, folders, and stuck to my wall. And let me tell you... THIS IS THE APP TO GET THINGS DONE!! I have excellent handwriting... normally. But when I get an idea for my book or new OC, I don’t have time to be neat or even legible. I just scribble as fast as the thought/idea/eureka moment hits me and hope my hand can keep up with my new revelation to end all revelations. So you can only imagine the state of these notes. I honestly thought no handwriting recognition app would be able to help me... but then I found this one and I can honestly say, I’m BEYOND impressed. It’s not perfect, but BY GOD DOES IT GET AT LEAST 85-95% OFF THE WORDS. FIRST TRY! And THAT, my friend, is an app worth keeping around!
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2 years ago, fdadlion
Beyond Expectations!
I can’t believe what a good job it’s doing at recognizing my messy handwriting in diaries I wrote when I was 15 years old. Most of the misses are words that were beyond recognition in the original writing. A couple of minor remarks: - If the photo of the page you take is a little too distant, no text is converted. Unfortunately, the dud still counts towards your free daily limit of three pages. (I would pay for the unlimited option, but I can barely keep up with cleaning up and editing the three pages per day.) - It would be nice if it automatically removed spaces between the end of words and periods, commas, colons, etc, regardless of appearance in the handwritten page, since there are no cases where there are such spaces in printed text. (I use Find & Replace to take care of that in Pages on my iMac; the feature doesn’t work well on Pages for iPad.)
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4 years ago, Miniebee
MUST HAVE, I cannot express this enough! BEST app that translates image to text.
I have never rated any apps before but I just had to for this app. I spent countless hours with several apps, some even paid apps and this app was the ONLY app that did what I wanted to do free of cost. It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I work at a school with non English learners and wanted an application that was able to translate the text from a piece of paper and put it in text form so that I was able to put it into google and translate the text from English to another language. It was the only app that was able to transfer the text from an image I took and write it out so that I am able to select it and translate it into google. I HIGHLY recommend this app if you are looking to transfer image to text, and the plus side, it is free!!!
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2 years ago, jo2jo
best ocr of hand written notes
while other Scanner/OCR apps may have much better interfaces and many more features, this app was the only of five or six apps that I tested- that did a good job (very good) at converting some hand written lists to text (it was several photos of apartment numbers that I had on my phone). Of the other apps I tried, only three allowed you to test out the OCR functionality (even if for a few pages, which was fine , as i'm willing to pay if it works). however most of the apps require you to pay a monthly fee to even be able to evaluate the OCR quality! (unacceptable) This app does have ads but they aren't obnoxious, and like I said most importantly it had the best quality/results of OCR of handwritten notes of all the apps.
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5 years ago, Fatin Lind
This app is amazing
The app is so great. I used it to take pictures of my personal cookbook to digitise a recipe I made up and it does such a great job with cursive handwriting. I tried another app at first that made you edit the image line by line and in the end you weren’t able to save the text anywhere unless you bought the premium version (why even bother giving you a free version of the app then?) This app, however, allowed me to save my recipe to notes and when I scanned in the next page and edited it, the app, by default, appended the text to the first note it had created so I was able to build my three page recipe into Apple notes without having to do much typing at all! I would highly recommend this app if you’re looking for OCR software.
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2 years ago, Blitz Babula
Found letters
I found a box of hand written letter from my grandfather to my grandmother during World War 2. My grandmother kept them all!! I enjoy reading them since they both passed away over 20 and 30 years ago. Reading my grandfather’s hand writing is awesome, it makes me feel like he’s standing next to me again. I use this app to help me make out some of the words I can’t quite make out. I also scan the letters and email them to my mother who is in a nursing home now. She loves to read the letters from her parents. This app helps me do that for my Mom.
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11 months ago, Renee2972
Very good converter
I have been using this to convert handwriting in notebooks to printed text. My notes have been written in pencil and different colors of ink. This text converter handles it all. I do have to spend a few minutes correcting formatting and spelling where my writing was not very clear. Even so, this process goes much faster than trying to type everything. I have previously tried a speech to text program, but it was tedious to use and took way more time. I love this app.
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1 year ago, jazzram00s
It’s made my life easier
I’ve only used it once but I think it’s going to be part of my everyday life. My English professor has the class do assignments in class and then upload them online for him to grade but doesn’t ppl or try allow pictures of the writing. Typing it all in consumes so much time and I was even late once but this way faster and easier. There might be small errors because of my handwriting but I could easily fix them.
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2 years ago, MorgantownCatwalk
Recognized my messiest handwriting
Just downloaded. Very simple interface and I can’t believe it works but IT WORKS! AND you don’t have to click through a million prompts and dialogue boxes to get there! Thank you thank you thank you. I have about fifty pounds of notebooks to digitize and almost threw my phone at the wall after trying to use Notion and Evernote... this app might be a lifesaver. There is a small Grammarly ad along the bottom of the display but honestly I’m not even mad about it.
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3 years ago, Josh Scott Yoder
This is the best one, hands down.
I took notes for a college class and needed them in text for an online submission. The first one I found and downloaded wanted ads for the text to be exported, this one did not. I hate apps that offer a free service and after you download them you realize it’s not as good as they said they were. This one was different and within seconds I was able to get my text and email it to myself without seeing an ad or seeing a road block. Great app!
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2 years ago, Tyler9A9
I have some old postcards with handwriting that was hard to read so I figured I would try out this app. To my surprise, I was able to read more of the message myself then the app could decipher. So I took a postcard with extremely neat handwriting that was easily legible and tested to see how the app would work. It literally was able to read 2 words and left the rest of the message blank. In terms of doing what the app advertises, it is extremely underwhelming. And to top it all off, it gives you a daily limit of 3 scans and then makes you pay for more uses. Like maybe you should write a better algorithm before wasting time on paywalls. Don’t waste your time downloading it
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4 years ago, XjadecatX
Best one I’ve used!
I had written an entire assignment for school on paper when suddenly I wanted a digital version of it to make editing easier. I tried different apps, but they were all crappy and asked me to pay to upload my poorly read notes to google docs. This app didn’t do that! It is free to upload your note to different apps. This app also does an amazing job of reading hand written note! 6/5 I will be using this all school year for studying and writing papers! Thank you!
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2 years ago, beautifulangellewis
Exactly what I need but could be better
I was looking for something I could take a picture of my list and then have it convert into a list on my phone that I can check off as I go. This is cool too. I just take the picture then copy the very accurate list you transcribed for me , paste it in my notes in my phone and add the check mark circle's so that I can mark as I go. I would probably purchase if this app did this.
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4 years ago, 156839
This application is something I have never seen before! Hats off to the producers of this application, I thank you deeply! This app is a game changer allowing me to easily manipulate my apologetic notes from my book to an already typed out digital format and then allows me to transfer those essential notes to Microsoft Word! I highly recommend this app and think everyone should have this app in their arsenal. It will Make a world of a difference. Thank you once again, God Bless!
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4 years ago, Inventors_Create_Jobs
Works Good - very happy
My only wish for Handwriting Recognizer app is that there was the ability to crop the photo before it starts it’s Handwriting Recognizing. With cropping a lot of unwanted areas could be eliminate, which would help this app work faster and better. The app does a very good job converting handwriting into raw text. I will be sharing this app with friends and my local Apple user groups. I use it at work to convert my handwritten work notes into raw text. Worth removing advertisements.
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2 years ago, ten_kirs
I’ve currently had a lot of trouble working on the computer, and so I’ve been writing a lot of things out instead. This leave me with the issue of having to copy what I’ve written on paper and onto the computer. This save me so much time and leave the issues of my handwriting in the past. I often write in cursive and it saves me a lot of time explaining to others what I have written.
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4 years ago, Randy Germaine
Can share text for free!
I was looking for an app to help me transfer my hand-written notes to my laptop, but other highly reviewed apps required monthly subscriptions to be able to do anything with the text after uploading. HANDWRITING RECOGNIZER DOES NOT CHARGE! And it recognizes my handwriting with relatively few errors, which only occur when my handwriting is a bit messy and letters seem to blend together. This app is truly a godsend—would definitely recommend!
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5 months ago, obliviousness
Amazing app
I love handwriting lists (not a big fan of typing ) but it’s inevitable to sometimes forget my treasured notebook at home. This app solves that problem for me because i can handwrite my list , take a picture of it , and this app converts my writing to text . Then all I have to do is revise it , make a few minor corrections and presto ! This is way easier then carrying my notebook with me everywhere I go.
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3 years ago, Houlzmegoulz
Best handwriting recognition
This app has the best handwriting recognition I’ve seen anywhere. I have neat handwriting, but all the other apps I’ve used can’t seem to read it. This one can even do symbols and matches the layout if I have hierarchies in my text. Only wish it would sync or let me download to other apps- right now I’m converting my text here and then copying it to OneNote (since their OCR doesn’t recognize handwriting)
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2 years ago, jaemz1122
So far so good
I haven’t tried the app on many things yet, but so far it pretty accurate. It’s a very basic app, although it does allow for editing of the scanned document. There is no in-app storage for scanned materials, so you’ll have to export any scans to a notepad or word processing app. Giving it 4 stars only because I haven’t tested it extensively and lack of in-app options. However, it’s functionality gets 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Gluey83862
What happened? 😭
I was comparing this app against others and it had by far the highest accuracy for me. I came back to this app after deciding it was the only one worth keeping and now it gets stuck loading the image every time no matter how long I let it sit and spin or how many times I close and restart it. I miss this app already 😭😭😭😭 it’s back to working 🙌
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4 years ago, DebG63
Loving this App!
Spent many months with handwritten notes and answers to tons of questions for an additional fitness certification. Noticing that it was going to take me much more time than I had anticipated to type answers into the computer for the final, I looked and found this jewel of an App! I didn’t see a way to format the text exactly the way I wanted it (going completely left to right), but minor changes with spacing and backspacing did the trick. Blessings!!
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4 years ago, Clv1880
Tested a few and this one seems to be the best
If you’re like me and you like handwriting notes during work meetings, but need an easy way to make sure the notes are added to your works CRM this does the trick. Only complaint is that it continuously says I have met my daily maximum, even though I purchased the year subscription. Only way to resolve the issue is to delete the app and download from the store again.
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3 years ago, Roaring_Wallaby
Stuck on Loading the image
I bought the year subscription and I loved using it in the first few months, it worked very well. But now it doesn’t read the images anymore. Regardless of from album or picture through the app the screen will stay loading. I’ve tried closing and reopening and even uninstall and reinstall the app. Still same issues.. Looks like I’ll need to find a new app now :/
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3 years ago, latitudeadjustments
Saved my life
I am such a busy person, but I do not have time to type or go get a computer out get online and just do all that however I do have time to just quickly write it out, and then later on I can go back in tweak it a little bit and it’s perfect and I’m so grateful that I found this.
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1 month ago, bobbiday93
Not. What I’m looking for
If I did not have to take a screen shot and then save another file to even see if it looks okay. To many unnecessary steps and takes too much file clutter. Make it translate from writing and not a picture of writing an it might be good. I can just get a keyboard and type easier and faster with less clutter. I need a handwriting to type app that translates by paragraph or page as I write without screenshots or extra file saves. Let me actually see the transcription and edit before saving or sharing etc.
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4 years ago, flabushski14
Tool helps me to be more efficient
Being as busy as I am in the procedure rooms. I take many notes on these cards that come from the doctors sterile gowns, as if they were index cards. I’ve got stacks full, but senior technologists and residents come to my cards. This app is making it easy for me to place these notes into creating a procedure protocol binder for the Interventional Department that my supervisors asked me to make. BRAVO!!!!
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4 years ago, pShahShah
Pls Look at this quick suggestion
Maybe allow the user to draw a circle around text and then an arrow for where it should go to reorder text. Will change this with a single reply. It would be great to an all in one container for text, or maybe make this a premium feature so that bots won’t screw u over.
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2 years ago, Late again n again n again
It works the way you think it will!
Most apps are well intentioned but they don’t actually work, then you get hit with the monthly fee. This app on the other hand actually works… I’m an artist so I use multiple mediums to jot, scribble and write and this app takes that and cleanly takes my chaos and creates digital order. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Berlin NJ
Handwriting to text
I believe this to be one of the greatest apps. I’ve got a book full of writings that I need to get written in computer text. I tried the first page and there were minimal corrections. Then I lost that page there was no way of getting back to it. I’ll let you know if I can do it again. This was my first trial. But technically it works great.
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5 months ago, astoke87
Surprisingly good without imposing ads
I uploaded several images of old cursive handwritten pages and it is able to discern a good amount of it and it even tries to use languages other than English to do so. I’m impressed and I don’t typically rate or review apps so that should count for something. Thanks for this app!
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4 years ago, iTunesfool
Absolutely incredible.
This app recognizes handwriting perfectly almost 100% of the time. I just wrote an article that contained both English and German and without switching languages it recognizes both perfectly this is unbelievable! I have many app that do the same thing but none of them work as well as this. My hats off to the developer!
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1 year ago, JaySomeone
Paid then nothing
I paid for no ads and those went away which is good of course. Then I paid for an annual subscription for full use and nothing. The app won’t recognize I paid the subscription. I tried restoring the purchase and still nothing. I even deleted the app and started over. Still nothing. Went to the website to get support and the only website I found was advertising apps and no support. Just frustrated. Asked for a refund. Sad thing is, it really seems to work pretty well.
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4 years ago, nerdofthepig
Good app
I’ve been looking everyone for an app that can translate my messy handwriting into text. This app does a fairly good job, of course I have to go back and fix formatting and some words but other than that’s its great! You don’t need to pay to get your text translated and exported unlike many other apps. Definitely the best one out there!
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2 years ago, Starstruck900
When I tried downloading this app, I saw the reviews and they were all praise this app but when I finally downloaded it because I have a lot a school typing works to do and I really need this app to help get through them quickly before the expiration time. But it takes forever to load.. After taking the photo of what I want, it will take lots of loads of time just to recognize it... Even till now as I am typing the review, it still haven’t loaded completely... This app is just too fake
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10 months ago, My pie so fly
Works almost perfect
I don’t have perfect handwriting but it’s still very legible and I’d say it gets about 90% of the works correct. How ever it send to do enter or return for each line rather then just using space so when you correct stuff sometimes it Ends up like this. lol but still really really awesome. Does book text perfectly!!!
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2 years ago, bblack4jc
Great OCR Converter
I have used this app twice to scan print that was on material. It did an excellent job. I simply opened the picture of the printed material and it went to work. I then selected all the print and pasted it into my document. Easy. It also recognized my hand written notes on the material/picture!
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4 years ago, V. L. Raziel Esq.
Excellent job.
I have always found I do my best work with a pen, for years I have found myself having to deal with transferring my writings from ink to digital, it’s a time consuming process to read and type up 40 pages of handwritten text. I really didn’t think an app could decipher my chicken scratch, but so far this app has accomplished the task with minimal errors or editing required. Bravo!!!
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1 year ago, Jmoore236
Better in comparison
I have tested this app with one other equally highly rated. This app is by far better at interpreting my horrible handwriting!! I am very impressed. I used notes in a journal, which at the time of writing I wasn’t concerned about how legible the script was since it’s my own journal. This app is awesome!!!
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4 years ago, Frank Simme
Searched and Finally Found
I looked and tried a lot of options and none worked until finally found this app and it works by farrrr better than the other apps that are similar. Still have some mess ups here and there but that expected with this kind of app
Show more
4 years ago, vivionnguyen
Saved Me In High School
Can’t believe I just found this out recently! It copies down texts or handwriting close to perfectly so I can just copy and paste it to a google doc, etc. This saved me so much time from individually typing each word. This makes homework or notes so much easier! Thank you :)
Show more
4 years ago, qazxfty
Good but rudimentary
The title says pretty much everything. The app is effective and easy to use, but doesn’t maintain formatting or spacing and doesn’t convert handwriting into a document, instead putting it into a text box that I then have to copy the words from. It also has the occasional muck up but that’s to be expected I think. While it may not be a pretty as other apps I appreciate its utility.
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4 years ago, Shukaru754
Works well and I can copy text!
I used another app and it would read the text poorly and wouldn’t let me copy the text unless I paid for a subscription. This is free and reads the text so much better! And it can send my text straight to the notes app! So worth getting and very helpful!
Show more
2 years ago, madk123
Hidden costs
I had this app for about five minutes. It looks like it could be a helpful app. However in trying to learn how it works, by trial and error, I realized that within seconds I had used my limit of “free scans”. (I think that was a total of three). I probably should have read the small print before downloading. It’s not “absolutely free”. Deleted it immediately.
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2 years ago, capi di tutti
Handwriting Recognizer to text
Works pretty good with the brief experience I’ve had with it. Have tried others in the past and they weren’t as effective. Would like to run it through a couple of more paces before I can give it a more honest evaluation.
Show more
5 years ago, GalileanGirl
Wow! Just wow!
This app is crazy A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I had a lot of study guides to do and I wanted to get them on quizlet to study them but they were so long it was taking forever! So I got this app to read my handwriting and I just copied the words it recognized that I wrote making it awesome and easy to study vocabulary words online! I highly recommend this app!!!!
Show more
7 months ago, NPLynn
Extremely useful app
I just started using it today, but I can already see how helpful this will be. No more loose pieces of paper kicking around my desk. Sometimes I just like to use pen and paper and this gives me the best of both worlds.
Show more
4 years ago, gabreil garso
This is very good!
Among some of the other handwriting to text apps this one is among the best. Now being a writer is something I love to do however, my handwriting is not particularly good. The app is very good at sense what words are what, sure it will make a few mistakes here and there, but it still does it’s job!
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