Harkins Theatres

3.7 (135)
34.4 MB
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Current version
Harkins Theatres
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Harkins Theatres

3.68 out of 5
135 Ratings
3 months ago, Sad photo user
Works Well - Please Add Filtering by Language
I like the app - works great. Works well with Harkin’s as well - great theatre company. Just one request. Please add the ability to filter by language. Regardless of language I am sure everyone would appreciate that feature.
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2 years ago, bankofharkins
App is buggy, and Harkins theatre is a scam show
Spend $200 and we will give you $5!!!! Wow!!!! What a joke. Took my wife on a date to a harkins theatre, walked out the door spending $80 FOR TWO PEOPLE. Then they wonder why people jail break firesticks. Anyway, tried to see my point balance, took forever to load when I’ve only bought a few things with an account. And I tried to put my birthday in so they could bless me with $5 and the app crashed 5 times before it worked. They really don’t want to give you money LOL. You can’t even buy a drink with a “$5 concession!!!!!”
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1 year ago, Baphomet2000
Doesn’t work with Apple Pay and Apple Wallet anymore.
I tried buying Black Panther 2 tickets this past weekend and it just didn’t let me buy them. It used to work flawlessly with Apple Pay and then it would send the tickets to your Apple wallet. This was just a couple months again for the movie “The Invitation”. But it seems like they updated it to remove Apple Pay??? I said screw it and downloaded the Fandango app. Works with Apple Pay and all was good.
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12 months ago, Gee7V
Harkins over AMC anytime
I love Harkins, it feels very comfortable and customer oriented compared to AMC. I don’t mind spending my money with Harkins because they put effort into making it nice and affordable for the customer. Plus they are clean and their popcorn is soooo much tastier then AMC. I appreciate that they offered popcorn during COVID shut down, it was so comforting!!
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1 year ago, LFLpz
Buggy App
This app is so buggy. It will not load My Rewards when I’m trying to redeem a Popcorn Perk. When I check my rewards balance it also often fails to load/display the points. Just right now I was trying to purchase tickets and my theater was not showing available. When I went to the online version it showed several movie theaters and show times that were not showing on the app.
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1 year ago, magickandy
Never disappointing !!!
I have been going to Harkins theater for a long time. I have all the shirts and cups and it’s the best way to go to the movies ! AMC charges way more then Harkins dos .. and they are very dirty not like they used to be long time ago .. i my self never stop going i a movie nerd even have the Harkins blanket. I love it. ! Great job
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2 years ago, stripes4life!
I love Harkins, but this app absolutely stinks! I can’t even get into the gift store to buy a gift card, please don’t make it hard for you to take my money! I’ve tried on both the app and the website, striking out and getting error messages, even after refreshing pages and exiting/re-opening app. We’ve been loyal Harkins customers for years, but this app is really testing our patience and goodwill. UGH!!
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6 months ago, csaramelo
Why can’t I add a ticket to my account? I typed the number correctly and got an error. Invalid; what does that even mean? Then it logged me out. I can’t get back in, please spend some time and money on fixing your app if you want to keep up with the times. The birthday awards are nice, more opportunities for discounts would be appreciated in these hard times.
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1 year ago, Sweetsaralee7
Unable to purchase through the app
I have been trying to purchase through the app for months now ever since and update it is not possible I know what I’m doing. The screen turned completely blank, no matter which way I scroll it brings up nothing as far as payment. Then my seats are locked for several minutes I have to wait to purchase from the website
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4 weeks ago, Ninjeneer
Frustrating but functional
Great core functionality, but the frustrating thing is that you can’t swipe to close pages and have to hunt for the almost-randomly located X button. Plus a pop up ad every time you open the app is annoying too.
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12 months ago, Austin Mutschler
Redesign was a welcome change
The redesign is awesome. The app always functions really well. Not a fan of the ads but I know you have to make that money.
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1 year ago, catgamer1234
Dear Harkins
Hello Harkins we need kids movie and there all lots of adults movie please put kids movie so that family can spend time together in the movie and thank you.
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2 years ago, DonnieHollywood
This app stinks on ice!
Ever since the big fancy update, as I’ve seen other people‘s comments previously, and still not fixed, it changes the expiration year to seven years in the past. Which means I have to delete the card and re-add it again and again and again and again! Get this fixed!!! Apparently nobody with the app developer read these things!
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1 month ago, auwyems
Can’t even log in
I got a Harkins rewards card as a gift and tried signing up at a theater but I can’t even log in on the app. it keeps telling me wrong email/password but I’ve reset it multiple times and still won’t work. I also can’t create a new account with the same email so the app is just broken for me and customer service is terrible
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1 year ago, Abby_1613
There is nothing wrong
✨This app is a great app it you want to get seats early I see nothing wrong with this app it’s a great way to get to your movie faster along with the COOL awards!✨
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4 days ago, TheRealRanlor
Good Theaters, Bad App
The app has problems everywhere. I love that it locks seats when you choose them but doesn’t save your cart so when the app crashes trying to buy tickets those seats are now lost and unavailable. I seriously question how companies roll out apps so half baked.
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7 years ago, Big Monty 2
Move Pass via App
As more and more theaters are going to reserving seats and using technology/mobile devices, I found that I can not use "Harkins' Movie Pass" (VIP Classic or VIP Ultimate". I receive these passes from friends and coworkers often. But my local theater now uses seating reservations and when I try to purchases tickets, I can not use the movie passes that I received. I have been told by Harkins employees that I must purchases the tickets in person at a theater in order to use the passes. PLEASE HARKINS, address this! Let me use my movie passes on your app or other third party apps.
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12 months ago, **AmericanTrash**
Worst app
I have not been able to even get this app to function since getting it. Can’t believe that can have something so broken without fixing it. It loaded but there is a spinning symbol that just keeps going and the app is in unresponsive to anything I want to do.
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1 year ago, User37729
This app is terrible. I’ve tried everything from deleting it and redownloading it and it tells me I have no connection even when I’m connected to strong wifi.
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1 month ago, EHenningL
Charges $3.50 processing per ticket
Throws on processing fees at the last minute of $3.50 per ticket. In person at the theater there is no fee. Confused on why it costs more to do it online than to staff a box office to do it in person. It’s a shame that such a good system and well developed app is ruined by Dan Harkins greed.
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4 months ago, Bloodyadmin
I love Harkins but being forced to pay fees for purchasing via the app is nothing more than a money grab. By allowing customers to purchase online the don’t have to pay an employee to sell the ticket which is a money savings to Harkins. Nothing but pure greed.
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10 months ago, Tyrecke
Stops working with a vpn
Don’t invade my privacy? Let me click the right theater instead of bricking (breaking) the app when you can’t track my location through wifi/gps
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2 years ago, fishider
Constant upgrades
Forced to upgrade app every few days and it’s a PITA! Can’t understand why since it runs just fine and look goods. 😞
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11 months ago, ThumperF16
Latest update is bad
Why is this app just a hyperlink app to Atom tickets now? Used to work great…now the app sends me elsewhere and the ticket fee is greater too! Why did they break something that was working fine?
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1 year ago, warandpeacegg
Still slow
The app had been slow as long as I can remember. If a movie is popular at all good luck getting the seats to load.
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5 months ago, Yourekiddingright!!!
App signs you out after every use
This app used to work great, but for the past several months whenever you close it, it signs you out. VERY ANNOYING!
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1 year ago, KindleKrunch
App says internet connection not working
I have full internet, wifi and data, data is turned on for Harkins, app is not working!!!!!!!
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2 months ago, Zigzag candy
App Not Signing In
The app will not allow me to sign in and stay signed in long enough to just buy a ticket. This is ridiculous.
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6 months ago, Jay01467
Automatica signout after closing app
Hi, After downloading the new updated version, i do see that it automatically does sign out me once i close the app & relaunch it.
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1 month ago, Palli
Great app, get rid of the fees where customers do the work
Great app, but get rid of the fees where customers do all the work. Processing fees are outdated.
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11 months ago, 1958106
Literally shows ads when you start the app. You gotta close out of it…
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2 years ago, Robie Gale
Love Harkins!!!! Between the Loyalty cups and popcorn!! It can be cheap if you know how!! 🍿🎥❤️
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2 years ago, Hfcmpaof321
Still waiting…
Can’t get this thing to open for anything. Legend says it’s still loading to this day.
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7 months ago, trytohavefum
App won’t open
After updating app can’t open.. please fix it!
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12 months ago, ChristianCerda
Doesn’t load anymore.
Can’t use it.
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3 months ago, Seven27ty
Will not update this morning 2/10. What’s wrong?
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1 year ago, Eli1761
Horrible app that continuously loads and is next to unusable.
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8 months ago, worldsapart7
Update! Update! Update!
Do I really need to update this app every time I go to a movie???
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12 months ago, itsreallyselena
I love their popcorn
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6 years ago, AZSunshineGirl
Can’t use a Harkins Gift Card to pay for movie
Well, I’m now forced to buy tickets ahead of time to ensure I get the seats i want. That would be great if i could use my Harkins gift card in their overly cumbersome check out process through their 3rd party vendor. I sign in to the Harkins app to pick my movie, then sign into their movie pass check out with another log in and password, leave the app to get my Harkins award number, come back and find that i have to start the process all over again. Fine... i restart the process, do all the log ins, and try to pay with my gift card. I can’t use it! I can only use the movie pass brand of card. On top of that, I have to pay a processing fee for the privilege of checking out through their app. What a great way to further drive customers from your business and to streaming in their homes. Personally, i find the fandango app easier to use. I still have to pay a service charge, but at least I’m not fighting the app. I still cant use my Harkins gift card there either, but, for a regular credit card or paypal transaction, it is much easier.
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6 years ago, Desertdog6
Reserved Seating Issues
Overall the app is great if one is just using it to check the next movie times. However, the app frequently logs one out, despite checking the box “remember me” when signing in. I mention this as the app allows for five minutes for checkout - starting from the time the number of tickets are selected. The next step is to choose one’s seats (this is an important step, and will come into play later). Then checkout begins. The app instructs one to sign in - remember- the five minute clock is ticking- and inevitably it will inform one to sign in. Then the payment info is entered, and finally, one arrives to a “Preview” screen to preview the purchase. The clock is still ticking. If time runs out on this preview page, too bad - return to Start. When you do return to Start, you’ll likely want the same seats you selected the first time. Too bad for you. They are no longer available. Not because another moviegoer has purchased them - no, they are now in the Twilight Zone of internet holds. Don’t worry, they will likely be available in several hours though, should one have that sort of time to wait. Pro tip: DON’T select seats unless you’re absolutely sure you’re going to go through the entire process of purchasing, as once the seats are selected they are put into this hours long limbo, from which they may never return. Good luck my fellow moviegoers. I wish you all great movies with perfect audiences.
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6 years ago, Nick_thompson23
Great concept, poor application
The idea of a rewards program is great, and finally adapting one of the lone things that AMC had over Harkins. The popcorn perks, great idea. For someone like me who goes to the movies once a month, it pays for itself and saves me in the long run. BUT THIS APP!🤬!🤬! This app fails significantly. The interface and ease of use is awful. You have to sign into your rewards and to your harkins app to buy tickets. Logging in to both, though in the same app does not link the account numbers together. No ability to copy and paste the account number into the required login field when buying tickets. From a user standpoint, this app is unpolished and years behind Fandango. I’d rather go direct to harkins to buy my tickets ahead of time and save on the convenience/handling fee from Fandango, but this app is a terribly experience and worth the cost of paying extra elsewhere. I hope they fix this app, because again the idea is great and long overdue, but until then, it’s just not the convenience it claims to be.
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3 years ago, ethanelee
This app is pathetic and reflects how poor the company is
This app needs soooooo many fixes and updates I don’t know where to start. How about why can’t I even find my cards in the settings to update my personal information and add my own card onto my account? Or maybe the fact when you reserve a seat and accidentally close out of the app or on the online website your seats are gone for nearly 10 minutes and you can’t reserve them again and have to hope once the clock is done ticking that no one snags your seats. The app is so slow and touch sensitive it practically only responds to you if your using 3D Touch. The app has been around for nearly 3 years and is still as terrible as it was the day they released it. If you want people to use your app, fix your bugs and make it so people can actually access their personal account FEATURES quick and easy.
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13 years ago, Mr. Murray Manager
Harkins rules!!!
Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell random people on the street! Harkins iPhone app is here and it's for all the cool kids in town! Wanna see the next big blockbuster at one of the Harkins exclusive Cini Capris? Or maybe you want to watch the next big award winning art film at Camelview or Valley Art. Or maybe stop by Park West for a special night with that special someone. Whatever your preference, as long as you have this app, you'll know exactly where to go and what time to be there. If you love movies and you see them at Harkins, then this app is better than any other showtime app out there! Harkins is the best for movies and I'm glad this is finally out!
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2 years ago, Sly calm
Bad Upgrade
I had used this app weekly to quickly see what is showing at my local theater. While it needed an upgrade to help with backing out of the seating portion without having to be taken to the beginning, it was already good enough. However, the new update has now made it extremely hard to use with only allowing a very small portion of the screen to be used for selecting a movie. I use to buy the 50 pack of vip tickets annually and would have but it seems they really are forgetting about us so I now for the first time went to AMC. I live Harkins but I believe in supporting those who support me as a customer. Please, at least give us a option to switch back to the classic mode app. I will come back in a month to see if Management made any changes. Thx PS: sometimes, somethings just do not need changing…..
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13 years ago, IamSpy
good info, needs work
when I first started it thought I was in Arizona. I'm not. it didn't prompt me to set a zip or use my gps location. I stumbled onto to settings page and tried to use the GPS option but it never updated my actual location so I finally set my zipcode. this was not user friendly start. the app itself has good info but you can't purchase tickets. A link to the website would have been nice for version 1 to go buy tickets but that is missing too. I had to go to the web research the website and re search for my movie to buy the tickets. looking for a version 2 to step it up b/c I really like the theater itself.
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2 years ago, Blahblah0625
Huge overhaul
Since they’ve overhauled the app, everything works smoother and cleaner to look at. The only problem is when I’m using auto fill on the Harkins Reward sign in feature on the checkout pages for movie tickets—the small section will refresh after you auto fill, close the password section, and force you to manually enter the password instead. Otherwise everything works so far.
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6 years ago, Lswizzle17
Worst App
Is this the worst app I’ve ever used? Yes. It’s constantly timing out and kicking you off the page. If you had seats selected when you get kicked off, when you go back onto the page, the seats are gone as if they’ve been purchased, but they haven’t!!! You have to log in with your Harkins rewards info, but when you go to buy tickets, you’re redirected to another page that asks for your rewards info. Why wouldn’t they already have it? It’s like a 10 digit number, I don’t have it memorized and I can’t copy and paste it without going back out at which point I’ve already selected seats so when I go back in the seats will be gone!!!!!! It’s maddening. This app is the worst dumpster fire I’ve ever laid eyes on. Get it together.
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2 years ago, golfest golf
The Redesign Ruined The Functionality
Used to love the app. Was about to quickly check movie times at all of the theaters that I had favorited. Now I need to sign in to favorite certain theaters and when you’re looking at theaters movie times it doesn’t even show up full screen. Overall the redesign ruined the functionality, and ultimately I will check less theaters to see if a movie I want to go see is playing. Probably resulting in me seeing less movies. I understand it will make more people sign in and use the app for a longer period of time because of the terrible UI but your app is made to get people to come to theaters, not to stay in the app longer.
Show more
2 years ago, JMarkJohns
Impossible user interface
As of 6/6/22 with their new update, when trying to view films and showtimes through a specific theater it is now impossible to even see the film and the times in same user space due to multiple unnecessary dedicated menus and 2 horizontal banner ads. More over, they seem to have done away with GPS tracking to identify which theaters are closest to you, which means you have to scroll through alphabetical order of your favorites or eliminate favorite theaters. No update is worth what was lost. It was simply and easy to find a theater a movie a show time and a seat and buy it with previous App design. This current iteration is truly awful.
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