Harry Potter Fan Club

3.6 (2.6K)
189.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Wizarding World Digital
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Harry Potter Fan Club

3.64 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Lordbemylight😇
Ok but agghhhh
So I agree with my Patronus (somewhat) and Wand type but I cannot stand the fact that every single time I take the quiz I get put in the wrong house. I lost one of my previous accounts therefore losing everything except what I remember. Which was being put into ravenclaw and I agreed that was my right house. Presently I’ve tried to pick what house I want/actually am but couldn’t find how. I know that you can and are allowed to change house after your first sorting but I still cannot find how. I’ve gotten Hufflepuff and Gryffindor so far and I can tell you…I’m not as patient or brave as they are. I’ve deleted and reset my account multiple times just to keep getting the wrong house. I just wish it were a more clear option to change your house… Its become very annoying as I’ve taken many unofficial tests before and official tests and they all said I was ravenclaw until these tests. I wholeheartedly agree that I’m a ravenclaw, it is me. One last thing is I wish that only a few times you are allowed to retake the quizzes for your patronus or wand type. I’m happy with my wand it just feels that the patronus and house just DO NOT fit my personality. Edit: So, after 2-4 resets/deletes of my account I finally got ravenclaw (thank Jesus) but change still needs to be made as previously said Sincerely, Moony Chewie
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4 years ago, mythicalpython
Not true!!!
Just warning you, I love Harry Potter, and my opinion on this is EXTREMELY biased😝! Well, anyway, I keep hearing about this “sorting hat glitch” which people keep on getting mad about. But I, personally, think that it’s totally fine. It’s realistic to the series, in which you can’t retake the sorting over and over again until you get the desired outcome. You can take the quiz once, maybe twice, and you can choose between whichever of the two best suits you. If you’re REALLY picky about which house you get into, just pick the most stereotypical ones associated with whichever house it is that you want. I, myself, got Slytherin on the first try🥰🐍!!! It really is a wonderful house, and I LOVE how you can get a Patronus!!! Great app, ignore all of the reviews saying they would give zero stars, because thus is a very popular topic. Of course every Potterhead would want this new app, and when thousands of people all over the world download the same new app, it’s naturally a little glitchy at first! There’s always SOMETHING that goes wrong for some negative person who hates everything, but all apps glitch for one person or another. The internet is really just a fame of chance, and some people get unlucky. But that doesn’t mean that your Wizarding World app will be bad! If anything, just give it a shot, and if it is unsatisfactory just delete the app! It’s really not rocket science... So, five stars to this app! Love it, love you all, go Slytherin🐍!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 year ago, HP lover, go go Gryffindor!
Great…. Just one thing.
So I love this app. I love the crosswords, word searches, and videos. This is an amazing fan club. I live Harry Potter. I’ve read the entire series including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. There’s just one thing, I’ve taken the house test four times and I keep getting Ravenclaw. I’m a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. I am a bit Ravenclaw but mostly Gryffindor. And I don’t mind my Patronus. I don’t mind that it’s a Dolphin but I don’t exactly think it’s accurate. Maybe idk but I don’t think so. I love this app but they could use some adjustments. Also there’s something else I remembered that the different fact files for the characters have people that are connections with them and one thing is Remus John Lupin had a fact file and one person that was a connected person was Nymphadora Tonks and I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the app and I didn’t find a Tonks fact file. And one last thing, the secret lock and key I don’t get it? I don’t know how you’re supposed to unlock the chest. If you could make it a bit more self explanatory or maybe explain how you do that? These are just things that should be adjusted or added. - Nymphadora Tonks Lover 💜🎀🦩🌙🐺
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2 years ago, Cindameli
Love it!
Who hates Harry Potter? I’m in House ofHufflepuff… My wand is fir and my patronus is a dapple Gray stallion! I love this game so much! Five stars five stars five stars five stars five stars five stars five stars and infinity more! I just love this game! No bugs! No mean people! And everyone I bet is so cool who plays this game! Like… I just love it so much! Never ending hearts for this! Affinity five stars! How good am I gonna get it? Really good! Thank you developer for making this game so great and Harry Potter it! I love it! I can play this all day can’t I? Well I have a time limit… I wish I didn’t have it so I could play it all day! And all night! I love it so much developer who hates it? No one! This is just so cool I love it and there’s no bugs at all I mean I’ve heard of the hat glitch but… those are for starters! I only know what house I’m in! But one tiny cutesy problem developer that that that it says when I try to test my house again it says we cannot do this on your particular model device… I have an iPad… It’s just the kind of my iPad! Just they might think this might be a glitch! Thank you for reading my review developer I hope you can give me a response!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️⭐️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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3 years ago, Nonamenycny
It’s okay but it also has problems. Big.
Okay, I got the app, and it seemed fine. But then a while later, (a few months I think,) it kicked me out! And then I tried again. It took me AGES to get it to sign back in. And then, another while later, it kicked me out again! So I have to sign in with a new account and I have to take the sorting test again. And the wand test, and the patronus test! (The patronus test makes no sense. I drag and release, and nothing happens. I go back to the app and only then do I see my patronus.) I have been kicked out five times I think. Maybe more, maybe less. I haven’t kept count. The point is, I’m really sick of this. The reason I gave it two stars and not one, was because I like the idea of the app. The polls and the quizzes are fun. Oh, I forgot to mention that I can’t see myself with the sorting hat on “this particular muggle device.” What device then?! A phone? Because I have to hold my iPad to the side, and even then it doesn’t fill my whole screen. Something I think should be fixed is the fact that if you hit the ‘x’ while you’re taking the quizzes, the quiz will keep going. Or you can just leave but then you lose all of your answers. What if someone is talking to you and you don’t want to be rude?! I guess that isn’t a huge problem, but still. Can you just tell me how to prevent being kicked out? Thanks.
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4 years ago, Molly❤️HP
Doesn’t match the date
So at first when I got this app I was so excited because I thought it would be just like the Pottermore site but in an app. At first the app was great with the daily news, quizzes, and fun facts. I also liked that I could re-take the house quiz as many times as I wanted to and that was great because I discovered that it had different question for different answers. What I mean is that if you clicked on an answer it would take you to a specific question based on what you chose. The house, patronus, and wand quizzes were fun and interactive( you could look around and tilt the phone for different answer choices and therefore were fun animations, etc.) after being on the app for a few days I noticed that the real time date was not corresponding with the date on the app. For example, the first time it happened was on December 23, and the app was not syncing. It said it was December 20, which was obviously not correct. I also noticed that I couldn’t take most of the daily quizzes again. This was inconvenient if I wanted to show a friend or family member who didn’t want to download the app. Overall, I give this app 3 stars because it definitely has potential, and if the developers will fix certain glitches and bugs within the app it can be great.
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4 years ago, PIPES_BABY!
I like the app buuut....
Now I don’t like being a critic, don’t get me wrong. I mainly downloaded the app so I can find out what house I am. When I took the quiz I got Gryffindor which is fine. Gryffindor is a good house but I don’t think I’m a brave person so I wanted to take it again. I got Gryffindor three times in a row and I answered the questions differently each time. I took it a fourth time answered the questions how a Slytherin would, for example which box would you be drawn to open and obviously a Slytherin would answer the shiny black one. But I got-you guessed it-Gryffindor. I don’t like that it’s rigged and I know my personality and I’m definitely a Ravenclaw or Huffelpuff!? So fix the fact that it’s rigged and let me take the quiz again and I’ll be satisfied. Okay sorry about that umm so if you take the quiz once it decides you can take it again but it won’t change its mind... which is accurate to the book. Finally I would point out that I am not able to take the wand and Patronus quiz. Idk why?
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3 years ago, EchoGecko22
Account issues
Was unable to create an account with the app. Just kept getting the muggle technology error, and it wasn’t an issue with my device. I tried on my phone and iPad with the same result. I then decided to visit the website instead. There I learned that I had used my email address to sign up back when pottermore was a thing, so I was prompted to port my old account over which I did. Once logged in I wanted to retake the sorting quiz (for keeps) which you can only do once per account, so I figured I’d just delete and start over. No dice. I was supposedly able to delete my account , but apparently that old link to pottermore is etched in stone for all eternity, because when trying to create a new account I was again told I already had a pottermore account and could only reestablish that one. So the app is fairly useless since it can’t seem to handle any account creation or deletion stuff, and the whole thing is just a complete mess with making old pottermore accounts unable to be deleted. So I’d need to create a new email address just to start fresh. Why can’t I fully delete my account and why can’t you chose to start fresh instead of porting over your old pottermore info? Also it’s disappointing that the app only really works properly on phones. I have an iPhone, but I’d much rather use it on my iPad.
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1 year ago, Dazzikins
Constant crashing
I was pretty excited to download this app after I heard about it. The app offered to bring over your old information from Pottermore but it struggles to do that with mine. Also, when I tried to get sorted, the app would crash (yes I even opted out of the AR feature to make sure it wasn’t the problem). I had to delete my account four times for it to “work.” I’ll clarify work: I was FINALLY able to sort into a house, find out my Patronous and choose a wand. I clicked away from my profile to look at other stuff in the app and guess what? I can’t look at the patronous or wand page. If the feature is to show you both features only once, then that needs to change. I like to show the description for why I got my patronous and what each part of the wand means. Otherwise the app refuses to let me see this information. At this point, this app is only useful for the one time sorting. It looks like you’re supposed to continue using this app for the upcoming game and integration WB Games. I can only imagine what troubles it would give me if I try. Please send out another update before the game comes out. I’m positive I’m not the only one with this issue.
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3 years ago, Ravenclaw 14
Seriously awesome
This is an awesome app. It does not deserve the low rating it has now. I haven’t run into any bugs, and the fact that this app exists was a pleasant surprise for me. Years ago I made my Pottermore account, and after rereading the series again I was prompted to get back on- discovering then this app. I downloaded it and have absolutely loved it. The quizzes are fun, the Wizarding Weeklies offer a great insight into the Wizarding World, and it’s great to have Pottermore carried in my pocket. It might not have everything, but I like being able to study spells or complete competitive quizzes when I’m bored. Some of the things people have against the app are kind of off. Yeah, you can’t take the quiz again. You now know all the answers. The order is usually Ravenclaw first because, ummm, we’re Ravenclaws, but it’s based solely off of people’s real world scores. It’s not a stereotype, it’s actual people’s performances. Thanks for the app, it’s incredible.
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4 years ago, TiffanyTheUnicorn666
Awesome App but Slight Bug
Don't get me wrong, Harry Potter is my life and this app is awesome, but now everytime I open up the app it kicks me right out and I'm not sure why. This only happens when I'm logged in or after I've finished makinf a new account. I've tried deleting and reinstallthe app, but it didn't work. Then, I tried using another one of my account but that also didn't work out. I'm not sure why this is happening but it's really making me annoyed since there's a lot of things I'd rather do on the app and find easier to do on the app than the website, like the polls and quizzes. Overall, when I was able to use the app, it was a great app and I loved the cool little backgrounds and the house bingo. I'd be great if maybe you could try to see what's wrong with the app? My device is an Ipad Air 2 from 2014 and it's on IpadOS 14.0.1. I don't think it'd have anything to do with my Ipad but if it does, I hope this helps. Keep updating the app and the website because it's super good and I love all the cool little miniganes and stuff.
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4 years ago, Granger-Weasly
I love being a Hufflepuff and being known for kindness and loyalty and stuff but... I think the only house you can get is Hufflepuff. I had one of my friends try out the sorting ceremony and she is nice, but we are opposite with a lot of different things. We chose completely different answers but it still says we’re both Hufflepuff. So to test out my theory I tapped different answers for different questions multiple times and no matter what I’ve pressed it says Hufflepuff. And its bothering me because I’ve asked a few different people to try and everyone gets Hufflepuff and is considered nice and all but it really feels like it is programmed to only give Hufflepuff. I give this game 4 stars because if that was fixed than not every person would be a Hufflepuff... and maybe let the players get a say to. I know this isn’t the sorting hat, but the sorting hat deeply considers what you want. That’s why in other Harry Potter games you choose what house you want to be in. If that was fixed, I’d say this would be a 5 star game.
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3 years ago, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkk
It's a really good app, but...
Now this app is amazing, and has really good stuff to look at. From quizzes to polls and interesting facts! The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is everytime I do the sorting hat I get Gryffindor. I'm a Slytherin so I was kinda annoyed when I kept getting it. I've done it many times, and picked variations of answers. Even went as far as only picking the most sinister answers but still "Gryffindor". I've seen another review saying on how they are only getting Hufflepuff, and their situation is similar as this one. I also have had my friends try it and they kept getting Gryffindor as well. Even though my friends are: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor. The Gryffindor one is understandable but the other ones aren't. Like I said before I'm a Slytherin so I'm not a big fan of Gryffindor(s) so I was quite surprised or "angry". I just wanted to see if this "bug" can be fixed, but other then that it's a amazing app! (I'm not using the face picture thing while doing it btw)
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4 years ago, Stranger Things #1 Fan
house quiz
i love the app. it’s a great app and i use it all the time. i was super excited because school is starting back up and i won’t have my laptop with me everywhere i go now so when i realized this was an app i immediately downloaded it. it was fun after a while, and at first i was skeptical about being able to take the sorting test as much as you want because you won’t be able to do that at hogwarts but i actually really enjoyed it. now all the time i take the test for fun. after a while i realized that the sorting hat always put me in gryffindor. i didn’t really think much of it and i only really thought that it just meant i was truly a gryffindor. i started using the app less and less until i only used it every few weeks. after about 2 or 3 weeks to a month of not opening the app i decided to open it again and use it. i had changed a lot (quarantine glow up lol jk) and i realized that in that month i had gained a lot of new traits and seemed to be more like a slytherin. i remembered that i could take the sorting test again so i decided i would and a few of my answers changed while a few stayed the same. i still got gryffindor. i decided to take it again but this time choose the answers that were my last choice i would have chosen. in the end, i still got gryffindor. so my conclusion is that if you retake the test i think it just gives you the house you were sorted into every single time.
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5 years ago, R678 toca
Amazing! 😁😁 But one thing...
I really love this app! I am a Ravenclaw and also if you are reading this and LOVE Harry Potter then please go to The Wizarding World website they have so many cool articles there! Also I love the polls on this app! But also in the quiz when they tell you who scored highest of the houses how come the order is ALWAYS Ravenclaw Gryffindor Hufflepuff Slytherin or Ravenclaw Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff? I know this is probably not the case but just because Ravenclaw values intelligence does not mean that it should always be first! And is why Hufflepuff always hear last because you think Hufflepuffs are not smart? Besides from that this a excellent app! Just saying I hate all the house stereotypes, like that Gryffindors are showoffs, Slytherins are mean, Ravenclaws are selfish and Hufflepuffs are losers! These are n-o-t NOT true! Luna Lovegood isn’t selfish! Hermione Granger isn’t a showoff! Albus Potter isn’t mean! Newt Scamander Isn’t a loser! Wow! 🤩 This is the longest review I have ever written! Love, a Complete Potterhead
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5 years ago, Gemma the dogs owner
The new sorting quiz
I loved the app... until it was updated. I have an iPad 5 before the app changed I was able to take the “Reimagined sorting quiz” today I opened the app and my account was logged off... So I went to my account logged in and wanted to take the sorting quiz when I clicked on it the app gave me a message about me not being able to do the sorting quiz. It’s not that I don’t like my house... I LOVE Hufflepuff but I also love taking the quiz. Second, I know this is mainly about Harry Potter and I am a crazy potter head but I also love Fantastic Beasts so I would like to see more of Newt. Third, in my opinion I think there are to many quizzes and some that we could do without but there are some that people are dieing to see more. Forth, I want to see more Harry Potter games out there The Wizarding World only supports 2 of them Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite. I have found many other amazing games that The Wizarding World should support. That’s all please fix and add some stuff that I suggested.
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1 year ago, nemo-lover!
Profile quizzes not accurate
I lost my old Pottermore account where my profile details were spot-on to my personality. However, after recreating my account (several times) this app does not seem to be accurate. I am a Ravenclaw, but this app kept trying to put me in Hufflepuff (so far from true) or Gryffindor (could work but still felt wrong). There is no way to offer what you want, like how the sorting hat really works. I was finally able to get my correct house after deleting and recreating my account. However, I still cannot get an accurate patronus to my personality. The questions to determine your patronus feel so random. This does NOT truly represent my interests or personality. I fully believe the patronus questions need to be more direct or just let us pick our patronus. The wand quiz also feels random, but the wand I was given feels fitting. Please update the profile quizzes to allow more specific responses/personality traits to contribute to our house, patronus, and wand. Also, there is an option to be re-sorted in your house if you're not happy. Why is this not an option for the patronus or wand? Since this app does not feel to be accurate, please allow re-tests for all three quizzes, or allows users to have a choice in their results. Thank you for your consideration.
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4 years ago, Kytannaawesomestar
Love this but....
I love this so mush I like that I can retake the sorting but it won’t let me get to the patronus or wand sorting. It won’t tell me why either. Also when I said I love how I can retake it it’s interesting because I always get the same one Gryffindor I would like to be in a different house not that I don’t like Gryffindor it’s just I like slithern more and I would what to be in that house. Can someone explain how I can get to the patronus and wand tests. The reason this is my rating is because this is the closest, well not really the closest, I can get to nine and three-quarters. Edit: So I have taken the sorting quiz many many times every time I got Gryffindor even though I did everything super smart for ravenclaw and the one time everything kinda like dark for slyithern but I still got Gryffindor so I think the quiz is rigged. Edit: Well it has to be I have been taking it for 1 hour by now and I have only gotten Gryffindor I made it so I could be in ravenclaw nope Gryffindor Slythern NOPE Gryffindor. I’m getting really annoyed at this point. Please do not think I hate Gryffindor I just want to be in slythirn. I can’t spell slyithern don’t judge 🤦🏼‍♀️. Edit:Sorry about all of this I am stupid and need to know how to read below it made its final decision on the first one I’m stupid..
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2 years ago, waitihavetoenteranickname
🚩 Some Red Flags...
I love Harry Potter and love having an app for trivia, puzzles, etc.. However, this app is so messed up it makes me want to uninstall. Here is what concerns me: - The app will randomly use your camera. When I am putting codes into the key guessing thing, the green dot shows up at the top of my screen. If I swipe down to see the control center, it says Harry Potter is using video. There is no need for my camera to be on here. I recommend not allowing camera access to this app. Sus. - This app is supposed to be so simple, yet it drains my new battery like crazy. Makes me wonder what's actually going on in software land. - The interface for the puzzles is so incredibly bad and not-user-friendly. Makes me wonder if they even test the product. After unlocking a key, it directed me to a word search puzzle. When I dragged down to select a vertical word, it swiped down out of the puzzle. Also, it is so hard to highlight the actual words, it somehow fees like my finger is uncalibrated with where I touch the screen. Not a huge deal, but becomes extra frustrating when there are a limited number of errors you can make before "losing" to what are actually technical issues. Not sure how having "lives" in a word search even makes sense. Long story short... this is a terrible quality app. I still keep it since I am slave to my HP addiction. I don't recommend it though.
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4 years ago, Edward Galligan III
I love this app. I love the constant feed of information. If you’re a Potterhead, this app is a must. There are a few suggestions I have for it though. One thing I would like to see changed is the timer on the quiz. This is something that has bothered me since I first downloaded the app. Some of the questions and answers are so long that you literally don’t have time to read and answer the question before it times you out. Definitely frustrating when you’re trying to do your best. It would also be cool if it let you retake the quiz for fun, keeping your initial score as what is kept for the leaderboard. While the app gives you info on your house, you can’t get info on your patronus or wand without going to a browser. If would also be cool if the app had the full directory of past articles. On that note, a search function would be nice to look up old topics. I have also noticed the refresh issue others have mentioned. Nothing will show up for a few days, then I’ll have 4 new things in my feed out of nowhere. Thank you for moving the word searches to within the app. Thank you for feeding my need for a constant submersion into Wizarding World. #ProudHufflepuff
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4 years ago, ShadowGal2007
Read before Installing!!
Okay so this app is amazing and I love it to get information and play really fun quizzes and take polls and everything. However, to find out your wand, patronus, and even your HOUSE, you need to take the quiz on your computer. I think that this should be fixed. Also, growing on that, you can’t even see your full wand type on a mobile app; you only see your wandwood! It should show the core and length and durability too, like it does on a computer. Also, you should be able to re take your wand/patronus quizzes. You can re take your house quiz, but on my first account I got an ORANGATAN PATRONUS, and I HATE orangutans. So I re took and got a runespoor(yay!) But still. I had to make a whole new account! All of these things aside it is a great, fun, and educational app for any Potterhead. I would recommend it!! 😉😉😉
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4 years ago, tyaytgalkhgjiplkcvxbyurs
I am a Gryffindor, app says otherwise
I am a Gryffindor according to any other sorting quiz I have taken. Even my friends say I’m a Gryffindor.🦁🦁 The app tells me I’m a Ravenclaw. Raven claws are cool, but I’ve always been proud to be a Gryffindor🥳. I didn’t have a pottermore account because it was very glitchy and wouldn’t work for me, so I took other quizzes. All came out the same: Gryffindor. I think the app should give you a choice, if you already know your house. Like “already know your house? Choose here and skip quiz!” The quiz is very interactive, and fun to do. 😁However, the fact that if you want to retake the quiz, it won’t change your house no matter what is extremely frustrating. 😖😖 Please fix this!!! This app is good, but PLEASE FIX IT, if you do I will re-download it and be a satisfied customer😊😍. Good work mechanically and visually. Three stars for no glitches and visual effects. Minus two because of sorting quiz. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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3 years ago, Aspyn M.
I love this app- I had an account once before but have recently discovered that I have a different gender identity than I did when I initially downloaded this app, so I decided to make a new account. However, every time I go through the entire sign-up process there comes up an error message saying something like “Muggle Technology - something went wrong while trying to create your account” I’ve tried signing up with both my wifi and my data and it still doesn’t work (I have decent connection to both, and all my other apps are working smoothly). It’s very frustrating that I can’t even make it past the sign-up phase. About to delete the app and redownload, and will let everyone know with updates. Otherwise- please help ASAP? My boyfriend and I were going to make accounts together for our date today since I’m just now getting him into Harry Potter. I’d really like to be able to use this app :/
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1 year ago, JoBeth4418
Love it but…..
I love this app, I really do! However, every time I go to do my sorting test it always tells me that there’s a problem with “muggle technology”. This isn’t the first time either, it’s really weird to be honest. I have experienced this every single time I log on for probably the last several months. I’ve tried different things too! I have made new accounts, made sure the app was updated, deleted and then redownloaded the app, logged in and out, and a few other things. I can still take the wand test and patronus test though. Thankfully.. other than that problem right there, I love this app. I love the quizzes, the facts, and the portait characters especially!!! But I really hope this sorting hat quiz is fixed soon! I really want to be sorted again and I would also like to connect my Hogwarts legacy account.
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3 years ago, Mio H.
Perfect for any Potterhead
Okay, so, I’ve had this app for a while, and I love it so much. It helps you feel more immersed in the Wizarding Universe. It helps you realize things you hadn’t about yourself. For example, my whole life I considered myself a Hufflepuff, but I got sorted into Gryffindor! I know a lot of people are getting annoyed that you don’t get a say in your sorting and you can’t take it over and over until you get the one that you want, but that’s because that is how it is in the books, and the developers of this we’re trying to make it as realistic as they possibly could. I love the animation in this app, especially on the Patronus test. It is breathtaking. Kudos to whoever animated that. Overall, this is an amazing app, and you should definitely download it.
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5 years ago, Maxine Blade
Constantly crashing and sorting hat not working
First off the app is absolutely stunning and honestly would’ve been an extremely amazing experience if it worked at all for me. The app is constantly crashing and when it’s not crashing it’s lagging insanely. Not only that but navigating it gets frustrating after a while. The sorting hat has crashed the app for me more than anything else. It took more than an hour to download the update then after that everything seemed to work fine the first time I used it then it crashed half way through. This would be no big deal if the app would let me use it after. Each time I reopened and tried it I had to download the update (though it was faster) after that app would crash trying load the questions. After leaving the app alone for a bit I decided to try again and when I try to open the sorting hat I’m told my phone isn’t compatible. Though I had already started and opened the sorting hat multiple times!!
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3 years ago, GHoST&Biscotti
I Love This App!
Say what you want about the sorting hat, but its working great for me! I’m 11 and a BIG fan of Harry Potter, so is my family. Before I got the app, I logged into the Wizarding world website because the sorting hat isn’t compatible on the app on my iPod gen 6. It worked great and I got Slytherin! I logged in my family in different tabs then it worked great too! When I got the app I logged in with the account I made on the website, and I was blown away. I love the feed it has for you about the fun facts about your house and the polls! So, so fun. I would recommend it to any Harry Potter fan, or even someone that doesn’t know about the Harry Potter Wizarding world. #GoSlytherin! #Slytherin #ILoveHarryPotter #HarryPotterFan Thank you for this wonderful app where I can get the real Harry Potter experience!
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4 years ago, loveitloveitLOVEIT!!!!
Ima Gryffindor 🧙🏻‍♂️😎😎😎
OK so I tried all of those Harry Potter apps and none of them were that good. Then I found this. And it said OFFICIAL HARRY POTTER APP and I instantly got it. ITS AWSOME! You can listen to audio books and read news and get movie behind the scenes and polls and tests and EVERYTHING! You can figure out ur patronus and ur wand and ur house. But there’s one thing about the house test I think they should change. So I got Gryffindor the first time, and I took it again to make sure. I got Ravenclaw, but it gave me the option to stay with Gryffindor. I did, but I had my friend take it, and she got Gryffindor. And my mom. And my brother. AND my other friend. So if u take it to many times, it’ll stay with that one house that u got first. And that’s really all my compliments, because this app is awsome. BYEEE ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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2 years ago, JackFrost9879
The basics work fine, but could use a few tweaks
I like that the profile and everything works well, but I feel like it should be the main page rather than all the way at the end. Also, I’d appreciate it they added the Ilvermorny houses as well like Pottermore used to do. 3 of the 4 tabs are mostly useless could really use updating. Make searches for information, have one of the tabs be all about different characters, classes, houses, wands, and all the other Harry Potter information, and combine the 3 current tabs into one that has categories, favorites, and a search feature. Center the profile with those two flanking it, and the app would be much much better and more usable
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5 years ago, biscuitflyer
Better off just using the site.
The reason one would want the app Is to yes,have quick access to news, games, Etc. Also to admire your house, your wand and your patronus. Uh-hem. The wand. Only the wood it’s made of is displayed. Any fan knows that isn’t all there is to it. One might like to be reminded and share it’s length and core as well as the wood and said wood’s properties ( flexibility or rigidly) The app should at least be equal to the original Pottermore site. It had an animated patronus that you could watch materialize and scamper about. It was kind of fun to go look at your wand as well. The app is not nearly as interesting as the new site is. The app should be an abridged version of the site at the very least. With it being a pocket sized quick access to all your personal magic and the other goodies , at its most ideal. It’s better to just login on site rather than waste megabytes on the app that is rather underwhelming.
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1 year ago, sad Harry Potter fan
I started crying
So I just got the app and I was so happy because I did the test and when I got Hufflepuff I mean I was OK with it for a little bit but then I realize that almost everything I own the Terry Potter is Gryffindor so then I tried taking the test again and it kept giving me half a puff every single time I choose different things that I chose last time if I got the same answers and I choose new things that I would like that’s what it says to do so I start picking things I don’t like and it still gave me a Hufflepuff hot enough that was just a bug I don’t know if it was a bug or if you just really wanted me to have Hufflepuff but then I deleted it so I could redo all of it. But then when I tried to get back in and download it it wasn’t working and it made me cry because I love that app so much and now I’m regretting deleting it and I can’t ever do it my parents have tried helping me but it’s not working I’m so upset
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3 years ago, Sasha&Ollie
deserves more credit
i love this app. i see some people are saying that they re-take the quiz and keep getting the same House. this is because when you're using the same account no matter what you'll get the same House, it doesn't matter what you answer. you have to make another account to get a different House. either way, you shouldn't get to change your House. Albus Potter didn't want to be a Slytherin, but there he was in the green and grey. in Harry Potter, there was no option to say "Hey Hat! i don't want to be a ____! can you please re-sort me?" no, you got your House and sucked it up wether you liked it or not. this app deserves soo much more credit.
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1 year ago, KitKatKatie333
It’s good I suppose
I like it. But there is some things I need to talk about. Number one is that I don’t agree with the wand I got, I went to the universal ollivanders where they have them professionally trained to like tell what ur wand is and stuff, the wand i got was Yew and Dragon Heartstring wand which is perfect for me, but on the app I got Fir and Unicorn Hair wand which is very wrong, and the description is not me at all. The rest I am happy with except the patronus because I’ve taken almost every Harry Potter patronus quiz there is and they all said either stag or doe for me but all of a sudden I get a cat. Like don’t get me wrong I love cats but I feel like I would be more of a stag than a cat. Idk whatever. Good app I suppose and no that many glitches.
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5 years ago, Btnh924
Unsupported iPhone 6 on House sorting when it used too.
I like app but one of the reasons I downloaded it was to do the house sorting. It s used to be compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 but it isn’t no longer supporting them. I did the sorting, answered all the questions but just couldn’t get the results which was a bug in the software. I reported the bug and y’all said y’all would fix it so I can do the sorting on my iPhone 6. Y’all didn’t tell me that y’all were gonna make it so the sorting hat didn’t support certain iPhones anymore. And not everyone had this problem with the house sorting on the iPhone 6. The sorting only requires iOS 11 and anyone who owns an iPhone 6 or above can reach iOS 12.4.2 or higher depending on with iPhone they have. Please fix your sorting hat, don’t exclude people from it...
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3 years ago, color snake
Alr so i love this app its the best and its perfect to come home to and just chillax! And i love the tests and ive taken the test muliple times (using different emails ofc) and most of them were gryffindor and like 2 of them were hufflepuff which i dont mind bc hufflepuffs are still great and i love them and i love my patronus(deerhound) and my wand(cypress wood phoenix feather) so anyway i love the articles theyre so interesting amd the vids are so funny but one problem when i tried to sign in (which kinda logs me out when theres not internet) i put the right password but it kept saying it was wrong so plz fix otherwise a good app would recommend love it cant wait to see it improve 🦁 🦁
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5 years ago, DisneyWizard_7
Sorting Hat Doesn’t Work Right
I was really excited to get this app because I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have been a Ravenclaw for a long time and I wanted to see if I would get Ravenclaw again. I got put into Slytherin (I’m don’t have anything against Slytherins), and I decided to have my mom and brother take the quiz too. They both got Slytherin too. I was wondering what was up and I decided to take the quiz one more time, but that time I put the exact opposite answers that I would have put normally, and I got put into Slytherin. I really hope that this gets fixed. Over all, I think that this is a pretty good app. Good job on designing this app! Sincerely, Nate
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5 years ago, Chilean_Cowboy
Great Potential
I downloaded the app looking for the troves of information concerning the wizarding world, and was sadly left dissatisfied. The app as a whole is difficult to navigate, and left me wandering around it for nearly half an hour, only to give up and search for the lore on an equally confusing mobile chrome version of Pottermore. If there was just another submenu containing some of the original lore that J.K. Rowling has on the Pottermore website, this would easily become one of my favorite applications. It is already visually stunning, and runs generally smooth, it is just icing on the sadly nonexistent cake of lore and detailed oddity that embodies the most amazing part of J.K. Rowling’s Universe. There is already the bun, all toasted and ready, visually great. It just need the hot dog; the body, the lore, the actually interesting material. Give us the hot dog.
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4 years ago, DBot77
WOW but wha
This is an amazing and organized app witch will make you fully satisfied with information. Do not let any of theses trollers launch at you with hate for this app. You have everything and you do NOT need to get riled up about stupid jerks. I LOVE Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts ever sense I was born, (my mother had me when the first movie came out and she was a potter head so we watched them all the time) and I am personally love this app. My brother also uses this app and he says “I really like it.” But we both are dumbfounded about how to take the sorting hat quizzes again. (I am happy with Hufflepuff but I just want to make sure.) Thank you for responding if you do, and have a wonderful day/night!🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃💛❤️💚💙
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4 years ago, sofiwknfosjdkbojenslshtoshaur
Why won’t the Sorting Hat change its mind?
I downloaded the app, knowing already that Gryffindor is my House, and took the quiz to solidify it. But the answers are hard to choose, and sometimes it registered me trying to swipe to the next answer choice as me selecting the answer I was currently on. This was very frustrating, and it chose the wrong answers and refused to let me go back. I just continued with the answers I would’ve given anyway and it gave me Slytherin and told me the Sorting Hat wouldn’t change its mind. This is incredibly frustrating, and not just under my circumstances? What if someone else wanted to take the quiz to see what House they’re in, but didn’t want to bother making an account? The Sorting Hat should change its mind based off the answers it’s given, and that’s that.
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4 years ago, Declandjsk
Great place to play some quizzes, get sorted into your hogwarts house, or read Harry Potter information. And there is TONS of information. Stuff that isn’t even in the books, but is still written by JK Rowling. Also, to anyone saying stuff like “You can only get one house! I had a friend try this out and we both got the same house!” And “I always get the same house and I don’t think the app works because this other house is cooler and I like it more so I should be in that one.” ...no. The point of the sorting quiz is to see what house you are, so if you’re a gryffindor and you are honest with the questions, you should pretty much always be a gryffindor. It can’t read minds folks.
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5 years ago, #alwayspotterhead
What Pottermore had better
I really love this app, me and my potterhead mates have been fantasising over an app for ages!! Although this app is TOTALLY AWESOME, I’d like to point out a few things that Pottermore had better, for instance, one is a search bar, for me a search bar is crucial, because sometimes I like to look back at old articles, like the one about all the schools, and just read or sometimes I like to browse for new articles, but with the new app it’s much harder and I can never find the certain article or quiz I’m looking for, unless I type it up on google maybe, which starts to become annoying. I’d also like to point out that when I press on my patrounus or wand circular button nothing happens, so I can’t read the article about patrouneses, wand woods and wand cores again!😭 Furthermore,I can’t find the place that shows my Ilvermorny house, and I can’t find its quiz! Please Please PLEASE tell me where it is, DON’T tell me that it’s DELETED😱 P.S. I don’t get the enchanted key part!!! 𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓈 ℳ𝒶𝑔𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁𝓁𝓎 𝔏𝔲𝔫𝔞 𝔏𝔞𝔦𝔩𝔞
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12 months ago, simonblue16
slightly entertaining but misleading and frustrating
okay so i got this app in hopes that i could interact with fellow harry potter fans and just have a jolly good time but that is so far from what this app is. it has a feed that is curated BY WIZARDING WORLD EMPLOYEES even though it is a “fan club” and doesn’t have a search bar or any form of filtering what you see. for example: sometimes if it’s a character’s birthday there is a post on the feed about it and you can look at some information about the character which is all fine and good but if you want to look at characters you have to find a post like this instead of just searching their name. my biggest complaint is that IT ISNT EVEN A FAN CLUB!!!! it is made BY OFFICIAL WIZARDING WORLD EMPLOYEES and fans can’t do ANYTHING on the app to interact but participate in polls. i love the polls but i wish there was a specific section of the app just for that because i find it fascinating to see the variations of answers by house but whenever i want to do that i have to scroll to through a bunch of random stuff i don’t care about for 15+ minutes just to get to what i’m looking for. overall, this app fails at what it’s meant to do and disappoints at what it does. improvements could be made. please make them.
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5 years ago, KitRan
Beautiful But Glitchy
As far as visuals go, this takes the cake. It’s stunning. BUT not user-friendly at times and very glitchy. Just a note- the music in the background of the sorting ceremony is so loud that I could barely understand the hat. (Thank goodness I always have captions on.) The most frustrating part to me (and it appears many of the reviewers) is the sorting ceremony itself. I signed into an old Pottermore account previously sorted into Ravenclaw. I re-took the quiz, and was sorted into Slytherin- which I was totally okay with and believe I’ve moved knot as I’ve aged. Anyway, I tried “changing” to Slytherin but it glitched, didn’t save, and has me in Ravenclaw. I’ve tried this SEVERAL times, and every time it does the same thing. I know it’s just a development issue but it’s nevertheless frustrating.
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9 months ago, Asherdasher96
Quiz for the house is not consistent
Back when there was Pottermore the quiz for choosing your house seemed pretty accurate but now even with answering the questions the same I think it randomizes the house they “sort” you in. I closed out before they finished the whole sorting cutscene and when I picked up where I left off it was a different house. I have tried it multiple times and every time it changes which house they put you in. I really only got the account to be able to connect it to the new game so I don’t really feel like doing much else because my trust is completely gone. Not going to lie I miss Pottermore and wish I had converted my account in time but the past is in the past.
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5 years ago, Kaz Grace
Love it but would love to be able to change some stuff
I completely love how it is so far and im so glad I was chosen to try it as one of the first but because it is still in development I would like to request something to add, when I was younger I made a potter more account and when I took the tests I wasn’t very honest so I would like to be able to retake my tests, such as the patronus, sorting, and wand test. It’s completely fine if you do not add this developing a app is probably very difficult but its just a request and I think many others would like this to be added as well. Yours truly Kaz Grace
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5 years ago, Shade111
Sorting quiz is wrong!!!.
I’ve taken the sorting hat quiz on Pottermore before and it said I was in Slytherin. And the other sorting quizzes said I was in Slytherin. This dumb quiz on this app gives you the same house no matter what answers you choose. You mean to tell me that I’m a Ravenclaw when I don’t have their personality trait? The answers I’ve provided here where similar to that of Pottermore and I was sorting in Slytherin in Pottermore and in here I’m sorted in Ravenclaw. I’m not nothing like Ravenclaw. Because of this, I won’t consider using this app. The house means a lot to me because it describes who I am. I’m a cunning, resourceful, and very ambitious Slytherin. Ravenclaws are book worms, have creative imaginations, and think outside the box. I think logically, and I have a high level of ambition to achieve goals and I also help those around me which ravenclaws don’t help because they are selfish.
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4 years ago, RavenclawGirl1010
Ok, so I may have written a review before ( I forgot if I did) but I just want to say that this app is AWESOME!!! Also, it’s nice that even if you had an account on Pottermore and you already got sorted, you can take the new quiz again. Btw, I got Hufflepuff in the old quiz and Ravenclaw in the new one. I really like that it asked your if you want to keep your old house or go to a new one. One thing that I really really really want is a search bar. I had all these favorite articles but now I have to search through features to find them. Plz tell me if there is a way to do this and I just didn’t see it. Overall, really good app Sincerely, a complete POTTERHEAD
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5 years ago, I like trains guy
Problem with the sorting hat.
I am a Hufflepuff, and have always been a Hufflepuff and nothing has changed ever since then. On Pottermore and other sorting quizzes, needless to say that I was a Hufflepuff too so I download this new app and I'm all hyped up for it. So as you should do you should go find out your house, and I go do that. I thought that I was going to be a Hufflepuff again. I tap on the quiz thing, answer all of the questions and wait for my results from the hat, as I'm going to see my results and to my surprise, it says that I am a Gryffindor. I have no idea why it said that but I was like "Ok must be a glitch" so I retake it and answer all eight of the questions the same as I did before and it now says that I'm a Ravenclaw? I don't know it's really confusing and the app developers should probably take a look at this and fix it. Thanks.
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5 years ago, MarleyGraceV
Seems incomplete...
So, I downloaded this because I thought Pottermore as an app is so cool, but in seems like it’s not ready to be released yet. For example, I wanted to view my want details (how long it is, flexibility, and core), but when I tried tapping the wand, nothing pops up. I can’t find my Ilvermorny house either. I don’t want to do the new sorting ceremony because everyone is saying it screwed up third profile and I don’t want to screw up mine. It also doesn’t tell you what’s what. You have to figure it out on your own. Is the app completed? Or just broken? Update: I have no idea how to use this app. I’m sticking to the website. I recommend staying with Pottermore’s website. Literally tells you nothing if you have an account already. Apart from this, seems like a great concept, if it were better designed and complete.
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4 years ago, PanGalacticGargleBlaster
Inaccessible with VoiceOver
Since I am visually impaired and cannot see the contents of the screen of my iPhone, I use a program called Voiceover which reads out the contents of my screen and enables me to use my phone without looking at it. I could easily sign in to my Wizarding Passport account using this app but once I was done authenticating, I couldn’t trigger any actions in the app. The only items that I could read were a passage from Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix, a non-clickable item called “feed”, and a bunch of UI elements labeled with Unicode characters VoiceOver read as “unpronounceable”. I tried clicking on all the elements the VoiceOver could read but nothing happened when I tried clicking them. Please improve the accessibility of this app so it is usable for people who use VoiceOver and other adaptive programs on their phones.
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