Headway: Daily Book Summaries

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User Reviews for Headway: Daily Book Summaries

4.68 out of 5
90.9K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Ceenola504
Best app for staying in the present and helping you with current tasks
I have been trying so much lately to get back to my spirituality and learning and questioning things in this new world and also I have been struggling with money and bills, relationships, and bad family. I have been able to use Headway to give me important exerts from really good books that focus on exactly what I am trying to have or manifest or, continue and get what I desire in this life I went from being stuck in bed to having hope and duties and we have already manifested the Camper of our dreams as we wait for Job to move us to the place of our dreams where we can then decide if we want to make roots there or somewhere else, but we will be getting a piece of land that has a creek and is in the mountains. We will have Airbnb all over it ready to take care of any parent or grandparents that need homes or special care and also any addicts probably just a couple with a child and a DCFS case to help reform DCFS and help those parents get better, while letting them work into our little farm or giving back to the land, wherever we are helping animals by plant trees that are native to the area and getting to give back to people going through horrible things in life that I can help them with. Hopefully through all this I can attract my daughter back into my life and be and feel whole again!
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2 years ago, Lololawll
nerdy black girls unite!!
This app has changed my life tremendously. Most of my screen-time on my phone is from this app. I have told all my friends about it. I read more than 93% of Headway readers w/ a goal of 38min/day, but i find myself listening to Headway w a headphone in while I’m cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, during flights and on long walks too. I have the motivational “quote of the day” widget on the home page of my phone that is the first thing i see on my phone and really sets my intention for that day! Next, I want to start taking notes on the books i am reading ! I find myself reading a lot of the books twice to pick up anything i missed or ingrain it into my mind with spaced repetition. I also find doing anything else on my phone like watching silly vids so boring compared to learning something new on here! I find myself being an overall better person. You are making our lives a lot better in these overstimulating times :)!! My favorite topics are technology, psychology, and self-improvement. I am an extremely autodidactic person so this to me is the equivalent of somebody getting their masters, except I prefer having a wide-range of knowledge. Thanks again!!
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1 year ago, Allie💀Gator
Just One (Important) Critique!
Let me open by saying that in just a few days of downloading and using this app, I am recommitted to my own success! I have recommended it to three of my closest friends and my sister already, too - specifically people I know who value and prioritize their own skills and brands, and whom I believe can build their own businesses with just a little more direction. To make the most of this app, one definitely has to be able to make start commitments and build on that foundation (because that’s the key to realized success in any field). I am so very grateful to the folks at Headway who have made these books and knowledge so accessible to me today! One very important note that I have for you is to PLEASE INVEST in better, more real-sounding, and genuine voices for listening! I prefer to listen while I’m eating or doing other tasks, but the voice used sounds exactly like that guy from Bob’s Burgers who voices the Pick-up Artist character and it makes me cringe. I can overlook this aspect only because I am so eager for the knowledge and information being relayed but some of your consumers may not feel the same. This voice can make one feel like they’re being pandered to at worst, and at best it’s distracting from the content.
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1 year ago, Bibilarkylark
Start making headway
I've been using the Headway app for about a month now, and I'm really impressed with it. It's a great way to learn new things and improve your skills. The app is really easy to use. You can choose from a variety of topics, and each topic has a series of lessons. The lessons are short and easy to understand, and they're broken down into small steps. This makes it easy to learn new things without feeling overwhelmed. I also like that the app tracks your progress. You can see how far you've come and how much you've learned. This is really motivating, and it helps you stay on track. Overall, I'm really happy with the Headway app. It's a great way to learn new things and improve your skills. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about a variety of topics. Here are some specific things I like about the Headway app: The app is easy to use and navigate. The lessons are short and easy to understand. The app tracks your progress, which is motivating. The app offers a variety of topics to choose from. The app is affordable. If you're looking for a way to learn new things and improve your skills, I highly recommend the Headway app.
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2 years ago, Harvel876
Covers a lot in a short time
I paid for Headway some time ago but never got around to really check it out. I am a good listener, but when it comes to reading a book, I get distracted, I stop and lose my way in the book until I eventually lose the whole essence of the story. One morning while being alone with my thoughts, I decided to catch up on my literature, so I browsed their library until I found an interesting topic to read. Found out, I could actually just listened. I decided to listen, Wow! The book was so precise, exciting, informative and quick about 15mins. I was truly amazed as to how they summarized the book with all the important points, I received the whole message right away. At the end of the book they even had pointers to remember, so you can further meditate on essence of what you just read or listened. I loved it, I read three books just before I write this review, I think I am about to listen another after writing this review, it is that good. If you have an interest in reading and learning new things or you just like to listen like myself you need to have this app. You will not regret it. Thanks Headway for create this wonderful app.
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10 months ago, soom.kmr
Headway is a stepping stone
I always wanted to build a habit of reading books. However, I always procrastinated on buying books and reading them. Thanks to Instagram ads, I got to know about headway. I bought the lifetime subscription and I’m loving it. It’s totally worth it. I’ve been able to learn a lot of things that I would otherwise not learn in my life. For example, today, I just learned how to deal with procrastination through the book about procrastination in the app. Also, I am inspired in taking action through the book I listened yesterday called, stealing like an artist. There are tons of books that I always wanted to read, and now I have access to all of them through Headway. Also one more need to mention is headway helps. To find where our personality lies, and helps build our personality from there. For example, I lack confidence on going to public gathering. Headway suggested me book called how to talk to anyone. Now I have more confidence and I know the techniques of how to approach people. Thanks to headway that I didn’t have the entire book to learn that. I learned it in 20 minutes. The headway subscription is totally worth it.
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1 year ago, Tita Teresita
Quick little boosts of positive info
I’ve been enjoying these quick 10 minutes (or so) amounts of time throughout my day when I’m feeling like I can use some positive uplifting help. Everyone can use positive feedback throughout the day that can help guide you in the right direction, or help to get you through a tough situation that you know is going to be happening. Or maybe you just want to explore some healthy factual readings that are available on the Headway app. Maybe you can even pass the information onto to someone else who can benefit from some positive words of encouragement or who wants to learn about something to better their life the way we’ve been bettering our lives. Because that is what will happen if you take the time to explore this app. There’s only one way to go and that’s in a positive direction because there is so much to be learned on here. I’m relatively new to this app and have a long way to go but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where all this great information will lead me in my near future. I hope you take the time to explore things on Headway, you’ll be happy you did.
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6 months ago, fran554
I would way rather do this than scroll on Facebook or whatever else… you actually learn something every time… honestly I’m grateful for this app because it was not that expensive and if you get the year subscription it’s worth it.. image all the things we can learn.. ADHD or whatever you wanna call it..cripples me when it comes to books.. I can actually focus on this only pausing like once or twice… so thank you.. this is the stuff I’ve been looking for..it made me want to get up and organize.. which if you know how the freeze mode is.. where you get too overwhelmed… Dident happen.. got up cleaned the whole room.. then listened to another one.. and I did my journal…. After almost a month of procrastination…and exhaustion.. got the book out and wrote for like 15 mins… gotta give a try if you struggle reading whole books, or just need to get some advice on life lol… my mental health is better in one day lol kinda opens your eyes..you can even cancel before it charges you… endless scrolling… randomly opening social media apps out of habit.. no more.. such a waste of time.. glad I found this..
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2 years ago, SOFurious
*Scam Alert! Beware! *
I saw this app being sponsored, and after looking into it, decided to try the “free” trial. Well, apparently there’s no such thing. I got charged immediately without my knowing. Within 2 days of trying it out, I realized I didn’t like the format because it wasn’t what I was expecting. I went into the app, hit “unsubscribe,” and deleted the app. I thought this was all set. Until I received my credit card statement with a charge for the app on it. I was charged as soon as I downloaded the app. Not after the free trial. So apparently, hitting unsubscribe wasn’t good enough. I was apparently expected to contact apple for a refund. But didn’t realize I got charged until I got my statement in the mail, and now I’m outside of the cancellation period. The funniest part is, if I go back into the app, and hit “resubscribe,” I’m being notified that I’ll get charged. So I basically made a $64 donation to this app when I downloaded it. This is all infuriating, and super scammy. I’ve never had any issues with apps before, nor have I ever written a review, but after being on the phone with customer service for over an hour and being told there’s nothing they can do, I can’t help but want to warn everyone that this is how this app is operating. Shameful! Oh, and I was informed that if I contact my credit card to reverse charge, I could potentially lose my apple account. WOW!
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8 months ago, Seekerofthedivineomniscience
This is a great way to get knowledge from books if u dont have time to read
I think this is a great app I posted about it on my face book heres a copy of that post i believe this app could change a lot of peoples lives, so if you struggle with reading books, don't have the time to read whole books, or are trying to findout if you would like a book. This app puts key concepts, major points and summaries into a 15 minute read with the option to read or listen to an audio book. The app focuses on helping u set goals towards reading books that are about bettering yourself with topics anywhere from self help, and spirituality to Business help and productivity help as well as many more topics. i just got it, and it is probably the smartest decision I have made in a minute. im willing to bet this app will be a big contributing factor to my success, so i thought i would share this app with as many people as possible. i will say its a 12 dollar a month subscription but that money spent is well worth it if u get improve yourself at least in my eyes... so anyway the link is in the comments
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3 years ago, samchamploo
Fantastic concept with room to grow
I listen to a lot of audio/audible books in various for of strategic self and business development. The problem I have is that sometimes books drag on. What could be said in a half a book can be condensed to a chapter. I love that this app provides a way for me to listen to the main idea(summary) of the book in a condensed manner. If the summary doesn’t feel like enough, or if I just really want to hear more about it, then I know it’s worth getting the full book on Audible or possibly hard book. I rated 4 instead of 5 stars because not all the books are read by a person. Instead, it’s a robotic like voice that’s an absolute pain to digest. I find myself distracted from the books content because the delivery of the message is just botched. I read from other reviews that they are working on changing them all over so I think with time, this app will get better and better. I’m more than satisfied with the year price I paid and plan on using it often. I hope that in the meantime while they work on getting these robotic voices replaced, they provide a filter for their selection so I can exclude those from playlists.
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8 months ago, [+=oo]
A Reading App That’s Not For Readers
I wanted to like this app. I love the concept of it, getting right down to the main concept of a book without all the extra fluff. But here’s the problem, the fluff is what makes a book unique and useful. That’s the stuff that resonates with someone that causes the light bulb to turn on in their head, which in turn causes changes in their lives. I can look at someone who wants to grow their business and say “You have to put in the work” and then walk away. Is this going to help them? Most likely not. But that’s what this app is doing. Stripping down books until they are basic clichés such as “Stop eating junk food”. Well no shut Sherlock. I think the reason that so many people are liking this app is that they probably aren’t readers. So giving 15 minutes to a book makes them feel good. That’s great, but you could do the same with an audio book and get so much more out of it. This isn’t a video game. You’re not leveling up with each synopsis you listen to. The point of these books is to better your life. Are you actually making changes or are you just wearing your “Listened to 38 books this month!” badge like a mask for you to hide behind so you don’t actually have to do anything? Something to think about.
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2 years ago, AstridR88
Excellent quality summaries
Clear, concise, digestible book summaries that capture highlights of the greater book. Awesome app that is designed well and super easy to use. Like that there is new content or new recommended content daily. One suggestion I would offer is improved toggling between the rotation of books under the “Discover” heading. When you read the quote and click into the corresponding book and finish reading some or all of the book, you are not sent back to the Discover list where you left off. You have to click the list again and the books are randomly re-ordered every time, meaning I have to go through books already viewed. I’d like to be able to pick up where I left off in the Discover list and for the list to stay in the same order. Also recommend expanding the search features to pick up on key phrases in the books. Sometimes I want to look for a category of book that isn’t listed in the set category list. Also, please add more fiction books!
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2 months ago, Spicymball469
Super interested as an avid reader, not anymore
This app came across the store for me and sounded absolutely delightful. I opened it, did my little assessment, and it even suggested 2 material pieces to listen to... the issue? The pieces were not available for me to even attempt to listen to, unless I paid or tried a free trial. I assumed they (at least one) would be my free listen for the day especially since they had chosen them for me, but that wasn't the case. Moreover, the free piece of the day I attempted to listen to was not enriching as it is something I have already on my own time divulged into. Not only were the two suggestions a waste seeing as I cannot utilize them, the free daily pick was unhelpful as well. Genuinely I would've even considered those faults okay if it would have given me another option as a replacement free read, but from everything I have done in the app it seems it isn't a possibility, and instead I'm hit with discount offers each time I try to solve the issue. I'm sure this app will work for many people, but I couldn't even give it a proper first-shot due to the circumstances I've listed above. It's discouraged me so much I'll be uninstalling, as it's a little silly to wait a whole 24hrs just to even attempt a read that is relevant to you... good luck, I hope this is different in the future.
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9 months ago, AMulroon
Caution before subscribing
I loved the idea of replacing doom scrolling with micro learning. I love to read and learn new things, and I thought this would be an interesting new way to do that. I was disappointed to find that the book summaries were far too simple. They take a book and shave it right down to a few basic points per chapter. They simplify it so far, that the information you’re left with is basically common knowledge. They’ve taken out all the supporting details that make the information interesting or memorable. They essentially erase the author’s perspective. I figured out pretty quick that this app wasn’t for me and cancelled my subscription. I later realized that I was charged for an additional 2 months after canceling. When I reached out to customer support, I was told the the 2 months I was overcharged for were nonrefundable because I had subscribed through their website rather than through the app. I’m not sure how that happened considering I just downloaded the app and followed the prompts. Finally I paid an additional $15 for infographics that I was never able to access. The company had no response to that complaint. Apparently they’re quite comfortable with ripping people off. If you’re interested in overpaying for book summaries, please proceed with caution.
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2 years ago, Not happy user 12345
Nice concept and need some improvements in app to perfect
I like how this app gamifies reading and make reading more fun and enjoyable. This is a value add on top of the book summary which is what you’re really paying for. Not free and I think it’s worth it assuming there will be more books in the future. Having said that. The app still needs some work and refinement. 1) App crashes occasionally. 2) App doesn’t resume where you previously stopped. Having to start from the beginning of the chapter is quite annoying. 3) Listening stops at every chapter. The whole book is already short. I would like to listen the whole book in 15-20mins without keep hitting play again. The app doesn’t need to stop at the end of every chapter. 4) If you open or listen a few lines just for exploring, the book stays at the bottom of you Discovery tab. I’m nitpicking here but I really need a way to remove it. 5) In reading mode, the bottom of the page is cut off on 13 pro max screen. Some fine tuning on layout is needed. 6) App should allow user option to pick pay plan rather than defaulting to annual.
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11 months ago, hk94
Not for me, and not really sure who the audience is. The app starts by recommending consuming 38 “books” a month. Seems like an arbitrary goal of summaries, and makes you wonder how much detail you will retain at such a pace. But as a prolific reader, I thought that reading the salient points of a handful of books could help me narrow down what I would like to focus on and read the full length version of. Unfortunately, I never found anything of value during my trial. The majority of selections in my recommendations I’ve already read and were very dated. The ones that I wasn’t familiar with, I had no idea why they were being recommended to me as they didn’t fit my survey results. How many books do I need summarized about being productive in the morning? The library trends predominantly to self help books. Summaries must come from AI because they vary in quality from book to book. I read a couple summaries from books that I was familiar with and I didn’t feel they managed to identify the key takeaways. If you are one of the 5 people who never read Rich Dad Poor Dad or Freakenomics, maybe you will get value out of it. But if you had any interest in the topic, chances are you’ve read them in the past 20 years without the aid of a summarization.
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I was referred to this app by my mentor and it is now my daily go too I never was a fan of reading long drawn out books because for some reason my brain wouldn’t retain the information after the first chapter I’ve read. To find an app that would summarize a books key points give key tips and read it aloud was like finding GOLD for me headway has drastically changed my life I was seeking to know a lot more than what I already knew clarity on this I was unsure of I sought to better myself and to find my purpose here in life and headway not only helped me with these answers I was seeking but they’ve helped me to be the better person I knew I could be. When I’m in distress I no longer feel the need to reach anywhere for anything else but to headway because 90% of the time there’s a book I can listen to that will speak directly to what I’m going through which sets me right back on track. I would recommend this app to the world if I could because of it s life changing effects Big Thanks to the developers!
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6 months ago, MASTERP818
Blown away!!!
Wow 🤩 I will try to say this as well as I can but my grammar and vocabulary aren’t good enough to describe or explain what I mean lol kindly I’m a ghetto as they say in language but apparently in appearance I’m not. That being said this is a very freaking cool idea and the way Brainy the Brains 🧠 is asking for your input on this is just amazing the way it is laid out for you as easily as I can imagine and understand it and nobody should ever have a problem unless they have some kind of disability that prevents them from learning. Even then I hope that they find something that does. Great freaking app guys and why did I download it? I like to read fake reviews that sound to good to be true lol 😂 but this just made my brain explode 🤯 A++++++++++ 10 out of 10. I don’t even like paying for stuff like this and I need to overcome this problem on myself and invest in myself so just need some motivation or something to make it happen. Thank you 😊 and hope this helps you too or understand what I meant by this review. Bye!
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1 year ago, MSPLLP
Life’s important lessons and knowledge put simply
I have been in therapy almost my entire life from age 13…. I am 63. Though many therapists are “ good people “ with good intentions they’re not always the complete solution. I’ve only listened to two of these “ lessons” and already know I need to hear this and it’s done in such a way that I don’t lose interest. I get overwhelmed easily but this process makes points very directly and with kindness and what they’re saying is true… we grow up in a society that teaches us a value system and mostly that is their value system… we aren’t told we have choices. We aren’t encouraged to take risks. I was bullied, sexually abused, and fell into the hands of “ bad people “ and I’ve lived in fear ( deep down inside) for close to 40 years. I have had some successful experiences and have grown a bit but these little lessons are just what I needed to hear at this time in my life. I highly recommend reading these books. I’m going to continue till I’ve listened to them all!!
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2 months ago, Coltrane da cat
Cool app to learn more
I got lured into Headway through a Pinterest ad. I liked how it quizzed me in the way I learn and different topics I’d like to explore. I didn’t like how immediately there was a paywall. But with enough clicking through the app you can find a generous annual discount. I figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve read 4 books so far. The summaries can be a bit too high level for me. I walk away from each book like, “Wow I should read the actual book!” It’s nice you can highlight bits to zero in on the essential details. If I’m paying, I’d like more customization to my reading experience. Pocket does this nicely and for free. Many ebook and text-to-speech apps do this well also! I only have light/dark mode, no option for fonts, or line spacing, or even voice options (which are all available on your phone by default). They need to boost this feature by a lot. Lastly, I took another quiz in the app and had to walk away from my phone. I come back and the quiz results are gone and I can’t find it again. I wish I could locate and save my results so i can read the recommended books on my time.
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2 years ago, New Alaskan
mediocre content, bad programming
I have listened to about 20 book summaries over the past two weeks on Headway. They have a great selection of books across huge variety of genres. I have found the summaries to be OK but not inspiring. One of the things about books that makes them great is the stories they tell, but you cannot fit a story into a 15 minute summary so while the content of the summary is good it lacks the impact that the real book has. I have yet to listen to a book read by a real human, they’ve all been either a male or female computer that does an OK job. The functionality of the app itself is pretty bad. I get emails or notifications recommending certain books, but when you tap on that notification it opens the app back to the last page you were on instead of sending you to the recommended book. It takes forever to load the audio, and does not have any controls available in CarPlay. Today it told me “continue reading for zero minutes to meet your daily goal!” Overall I am using it as a way to screen books to decide what I’m interested in actually reading, rather than finding inspirational summaries like I expected.
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2 years ago, F3l0ny23
Want meaningful and lasting change to a better life?
Devoting as little as 15 minutes of your day to learning to know oneself, trying things differently, and applying tried and true concepts into your life will bring about a new and improved person that not only benefits you and everyone around you but the world as a whole. The rest of the day is as simple as implementing and refining your new ideas and knowledge. Easy right? Yes it is, as long as you’re serious about wanting real change, not quitting when things get challenging or don’t show instant results and you have a desire for tangible success. But only after striving to make your dreams become reality by putting in a little work. And the best part, Headway let’s you identify what areas you may need improvement in or what you yourself want to focus on and the giving you all the tools you need to make it happen in their clear, concise and informative material. (Perfect people, there’s something for you as well!)
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2 years ago, KristaDmore1
I opted into this app from a Facebook ad. I have gone back-and-forth with Customer Service about charging me after the trial when it very clearly says when you sign up that several reminders will be sent when your trial period is about to run out so that you can decide whether you want to keep the app or cancel the membership. I received zero and I mean zero notifications. I also did not see the app in my recently purchased so there was no way for me to go back and delete it or unsubscribe until I was billed. I very respectfully wrote back two emails letting the customer service personnel know what had transpired and they could care less. I think this is very sneaky I am very aware of how trial periods work but I also believe that you can go back and see the history of the application being used or not used and I was not given any notification I think it’s garbage and really bad customer service and a really bad way to do business. I will eat the $40 but I feel like this is just mean and not a good way to attain and keep loyal customers. Tracking them into paying for something they don’t use and yes I said tricking because zero notification was sent even though your sign up process said it would.
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2 years ago, Bigtymplaya9
Latest App you Need to Tweak any part of your life!
This has to be the best app I’ve downloaded in a long time. I’m constantly finding ways to absorb new information. I have books on top of books that I get through about 1-2 chapters a week. Although it’s progress. It doesn’t get straight to the concepts I’m looking for. Since I’ve read a ton of books already I have a general idea of what exactly I’m looking for. This app has saved me tons and tons of research and time. Repetition is the key to mastery. The second problem I have is integrating new concepts into my life. Taking notes can lead to lots of time lost. Instead I find all the books I’ve already read and add them to my library so I can study them frequently so it truly becomes part of my life. It’s like going to the gym with your lifting partner for one week then you stopping and expecting to have the same excitement, push, and motivation to make lifting a new habit. Headway is my lifting partner for my mind.
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7 months ago, NovaNano
Helpful and effective and beautiful
I was really hesitant about downloading another app that I’ll end up deleting very shortly afterwards. And even though this a rather quick review after using headway, it was very tempting to start right away. The books they recommended for me based on my interests are focused on exactly what I’m looking for and want to learn. It’s very good at working with the amount of time you choose to spend on the app, plus the way the books are summarized is pretty accurate and enjoyable. I wanted to try listening to books I’ve already read to see how well the app present the major points and I wasn’t disappointed. Thank you for developing this beautiful helpful way to keep people interested in learning, it made my day so much more exciting! The developers made it very easy for me to make time during the day to focus on what I want to do which is improving myself in the way that matters the most to me.
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2 years ago, djun13l
Misleading marketing
Funny story, I’ve clicked on their instagram ads MULTIPLE times before realizing that those ads are completely false. They have many different ones with information on various measures of personality types and there’s a little rectangle that says “Take Test” at the bottom so you assume there’s going to be a quiz. So I (re)download the app and then… There are no quizzes or even suggested lists for the categories they advertised. It’s just another app that summarizes books. But without the personalized suggestions they promised. Do those appear somewhere after I pay them money? So despite being literally duped many times, the app itself looks pretty nice. It has broad categories for types of books if you want to browse but I think there’s a cap on how much you can read/listen to if you don’t pay the subscription. If I were to use the app, I’d like to see a “mark as read” function for books that I’ve actually already read or maybe a way to request books. For me it was an easy way to see what books are popular but other than that it doesn’t really have any use for me. Especially since it’s not what I thought I was getting based on their own ads.
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4 years ago, CandyDivine
Disappointed in myself for Trying the app
The app popped up in a social media add, I had been slacking in my reading recently so I decided to get a free trial. I get how trials work and why they set them up to auto bill after the trial, I accept that. I have never been so mad at myself for not canceling a free trial on time, and I’ve done it a few times with other apps I really didn’t want to pay for. If you are planning to ‘Listen’ to the book summaries, the robotic auto- read narration is so god awful I wished myself deaf. It does a horrible job at communicating the intent. I’m not sure if the summaries were written that poorly or the auto-read technology is that bad, lack of punctuation, pause, tone and human inflection often leave you confused at what you heard that you can’t even pay attention. I even tried listening to one of the books on focus and paying better attention, it didn’t help. The cards and summaries seemed to get the main points of books across I was familiar with, but I think you would have been better off reading a free summary online. The ‘cards’ and repetition features don’t seem like they would be helpful to most people or really add much value to make the App worth even risking a free trial.
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10 months ago, Sarah Treice
Love love love the concept, narrators need some updating
I am absolutely obsessed with the idea behind this app. I couldn’t ask for something more up my alley. The UI of the app is clean and easy to use and there is so much potential here. However, the narrators of the summaries are almost certainly computer generated. The voicing is very robotic and monotonous and it makes absorbing the information very difficult. The summaries themselves are just ok. I think they can do a bit better to capture the voice of the writer and not just regurgitate general sparknotes. There is definitely a middle ground where the fluff of the book is taken out but the key concepts and examples are preserved. There is too much of a focus on quantity and there needs to be more on quality. Maybe an option where users can choose how much of a summary they’d like of the book between a short bullet point style like they have now and a longer form, more absorbable format. I have seen others with similar feedback. Hopefully this gets addressed and I would gladly return as a paying customer!
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4 months ago, lmp1944
Ok so for some reason while I’m playing a game and this ad comes up and wow looks interesting and also I DO DEFINITELY read all the others critique and their opinion. But I first download it and I immediately deleted it like 23 days late now actually was probably later but anyways, so the dad comes up and it would not get off my screen I had to push enter. And then so I went to the app because it took me there. So, as for now, it looks really good and I remember that’s why I downloaded the app in the first place. Ever some reason after I download it, and I took a look at it and it didn’t look like the ad and I didn’t like some thing about the look of it I don’t know so I’m going to give five stars and now I’m going to start with the headway app and I will leave another review in a little bit and let you know how many stars (if any) that they have lost after (if any) L
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2 years ago, q.draggon
Perfect App!
I never write reviews but this app deserves one! I was kind of skeptical at first because I was introduced to this app through an Instagram Ad. I was kind of bummed to see that it was just summaries of books and not the whole book. After reading the books suggested to me for the past couple of days I feel in love with this app! The recommendations are perfectly tailored to what I wanted to keep track on! And the summaries are super helpful and informational even thought they’re 7-9 pages long. I’ve also discovered books that i’d love to buy as well as read books that I’ve been deciding on buying but then didn’t find as useful or what I really wanted. I can’t get over how much I love this app at this point! Just with the summarizes i’ve read in 3 days (I’ve only had it for 3 days) I feel like I have taken in so much useful information that I think about all day! It’s absolutely worth the time and money!
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9 months ago, [email protected]
A Great App with a Little Room for Improvement
I really enjoy this app and the ability to digest key ideas from books in a fraction of the time. I especially love the ability to read to listen to a book I’m interested to see if I would like to purchase it. I love to read and learn, but as with most people, time is a limited commodity. I love the variety of options and do hope it keeps expanding, particularly in the science and history genres. Thanks so much! Some things I would like to see: - I would love different and more engaging narrators. Some books seem like an AI generated or robotic voice. I completely understand that there are so many books on here, so am all for them using resources at their disposal. Sometimes it just drones on or can even be distracting, though. - When reading, there are multiple grammatical errors or incomplete sentences. It gets distracting at times. - I would love to see an option to highlight or “add to notes.” I love the “remember” concept, but would love to pick out things that stick out to me specifically. - I wish there was a way to add favorites. I go through at least one book a day and rate the ones I enjoy, but I realized I can’t go back and see which ones those were. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until I was a week in, but I do take notes when I can. - This last one may not fit here, but it would be very cool if Headway partnered with any magazines like NatGeo or Time. Awesome app! Thank you!!
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9 months ago, UrBrEydGrl
Ok. So I’m only on day two but I’ve already “read” two books. I don’t like to read much because I can’t stay focused. I need all the self-help I can get so what better way to do it than have a 15 min therapy session with one of these books! There are so many it’s hard to decide which one to read. Books on self-help, success, love and sex, management, etc. The next book I’m reading showed up under multiple categories so that should touch a l out of areas! This is fantastic. I’m so excited to listen (and read along when I can) every single day. It’s easy to go back and listen to book I’ve already “ready” to refresh/remind me of what I learned the first time. Anyway.. I’m babbling with excitement and have already shared the app info with my best friend. Self-sabotage no more and self-worth, self-esteem and emotional IQ are in the rise! BTW, there are plenty of other categories to choose from. These are the topics I need now!
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2 weeks ago, pastell95
Insightful, motivational, and perfect for self-growth
In the recent year I have been extremely driven to expand my horizons in psychology and self-growth. I go to therapy, read books, journal, speak affirmations, do daily devotionals, and recently started meditating. Saw the ad for this app on TikTok and felt like it might be something good to incorporate into my every day routine. I’ve only been using it for 2 days and can say I will definitely be using it daily for new insights and as a refresher on anything that I have already learned or read into. Would definitely recommend to everyone! It’s very insightful, easy to use, and better than scrolling TikTok when I’m bored. It gives you key points and sort of a short summary of some good books with great knowledge. Also, will say that I do have the subscription but absolutely did not pay full price. The price is a bit steep but other than that it is a great app!
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2 weeks ago, Brian B 83
Falsely advertised, scam, will not honor refunds
When I clicked on the advertisement for this app, it was made to sound like it as some kind of customized program to help you accomplish your goals. It’s not. It’s nothing more than yet another e-book / audiobook app with a veneer for the search engine that makes it *seem* like it’s doing something more helpful. Once I saw this after less than 5 minutes of looking at the app, I decided it wasn’t for me because it’s not anything like what it was purported to be. I contacted support within the five minutes and asked for a refund. The documentation states that there is a no questions asked for the first 24hr period. They informed me that it “wasn’t possible” to refund me since the purchase was made through the website and not the App Store. And I am supposed to believe in 2024 that a company can’t process a refund? “Not possible?” No, it’s most certainly possible to send money back to someone through PayPal. It’s right there in the documentation. They’re just a dishonest company that’s hoping to make a quick buck through a “gotcha” guerrilla ad campaign. DO NOT RECOMMEND. My next stop will be BBB.
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2 months ago, SBJC$
Just Getting Started
Been using the app about a week but so far it’s perfect for me. The key points pulled from each book are so very helpful. Definitely not long or boring, so very simple to be still and absorb all of the important information and truly inspire you to change and start implementing those key points. The entire setup just works. I have tried so many times to read the book lists for a successful anything, I would start and before long fizzle out. I know I just started with this one but I’m far more hopeful than I ever was before. The app is quite encouraging, will send reminders to let you know it’s time to work on yourself and if you want and/or need those positive changes in your life, then it’s right here at your fingertips and so easy to navigate. I do believe that success with anything is a mindset, this app will guide you in helping to achieve that mindset.
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6 months ago, Erica HealthDiva
HeadWay - Book Summary Auditory App is AMAZING
Headway is a fantastic app for book lovers who are short on time but still want to enjoy the essence of great literature. This app provides high-quality audio summaries of popular and influential books across various genres, allowing users to dive into the key insights and themes of the world's best literature without having to read the entire book. The app's user-friendly interface makes it easy to browse and select from a wide range of book summaries. Each summary is expertly narrated, capturing the essence of the original work in a concise and engaging manner. Whether you're looking to explore classic literature, delve into popular non-fiction titles, or discover the latest bestsellers, HeadWay has you covered. One of the standout features of HeadWay is its offline listening capability, allowing users to download summaries and enjoy them on the go, even without an internet connection. The app also offers personalized recommendations based on users' preferences, making it easy to discover new titles that align with their interests. Overall, HeadWay is a must-have app for busy individuals who want to stay informed and entertained through literature but may not have the time to read full books. With its high-quality summaries and convenient features, HeadWay is a valuable tool for anyone looking to expand their literary horizons.
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5 months ago, VickyMinaj85
Gateway Drug to More Personal Development
Social media often bombards us with ads on ways to self improve and can be very tempting. I usually scroll on reminded by my failed attempts with other programs… BUT! I am so glad I felt compelled to try out Headway. I’ve been listening to the summarized versions of some books that have been on my list to read, but never make time for. The brief and easy engagement gives me the motivational charge I need, but also has inspired me to want to dive deeper into some the books. This is probably the first subscription in a while I don’t mind keeping, guilt free. Thank you! Update: I cancelled my subscription. Headway introduced me to Atomic Habits and I was so inspired I bought the whole book. It has been a game changer to my productivity and intention. I’m canceling because Headway did too much of a good job. I am actively seeking new opportunities to learn off the app. Thank you!
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8 months ago, Tsimone81
Get the Gist from Books on your List
See what I did there? Huh? Seriously, the app allows me to hear ideas from many books I have wanted to read and just don’t have the time. There are badges, tracking and all the good things to help you accomplish your goals. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because there doesn’t seem to be a way to change the narrators voice. I looked online but couldn’t find anything. The voice is connected to the text. Sometimes there is a male other times a female. I do not like the male voice. It is harsh and I would like the option to toggle to another choice. Some apps have several voices to read a text and even celebrities. This is not a cheap application and there should be some other options. When I was looking for voice changes online, I read that the book summaries of this app might not be as good as other apps. I’m not sure because I haven’t tried anything else. Otherwise, I like it.
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8 months ago, lololol :-)
Perfect for an Attention Strapped Beginner
Headway was the best app I may have downloaded from an Instagram ad. I have long wanted to read more about entrepreneurship, leadership, and other areas of what I like to call ‘life development,’ but I always found the excuse for not having the time because of the demand of my career (mixed with my superhuman procrastination skills). But after a recent pivot to full time entrepreneurship, I’ve found the time to read but just find biz + entrepreneurship books that I’d been recommended to be a bit aggressive. With Headway, I’ve been able to digest some of the more complex topics in ways that are easily actionable. I tend to grasp more knowledge from reading before hearing, but the ability to switch between both depending on my task at hand is truly incredible. I look forward to more titles being available here and learning more of Headway’s functionality.
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8 months ago, TalsWife
Great App
I am an old school need an open book, keep your cliff notes kind of girl. That being said this app is phenomenal! As times change as hard as it is to accept the hard way doesn’t have to be the only way. This app has inspired me to see from a different perspective. Being an old school girl I took pride in the struggle even though it was crippling me and imprisoned me by my own pseudo sort of “mastery by the stripes endured” philosophy. I won’t say that there is no benefit in doing the necessary but there sure is no glory in not bringing anything to fruition due to time constraints. I now am shifting my reasoning because of this app and the gems contained in them. It is no a cure all but it is sure help for those struggling as it’s benefits are immediate if the wisdom contained in it is immediately applied. Thank you for creating in a world that is run by old people who don’t embrace change.
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4 months ago, onehappycouple
Such a great idea!
The idea of this is great, the execution of it is not. I checked out the summary of a book that I am very familiar with and understand the concepts of it completely, and I just didn’t feel like the summary really got the point of the book. So that decreased the credibility of the summaries for me. The next thing is that I didn’t realize that it wasn’t real people reading the summaries and the robotic AI voices are very hard to listen to, they actually have no life in the sound of the voice, and I didn’t realize how hard it would be to engage in the learning without that real life voice. The weirdness of the quirky mispronunciations and awkward timing in the readings pushed me over the edge and I had to cancel my subscription/free trial which was easy. Just remember to go to profile, settings, click on manage subscription (don’t delete account yet) and click cancel subscription. It’s very clear and easy. I’m grateful for that, and grateful for the opportunity to try it. This was not for me, but give it a try, it might be right for you.
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1 year ago, SeaBroskie
Love the golden nuggets
I have a very busy lifestyle so sometimes I find it difficult to sit down and read a book from cover to cover. After researching, I found a podcast that offered all the hidden gems and golden nuggets from any self help book you can think of and I thought I hit the jackpot! Well, that was short lived because the podcast ended during the pandemic so I found myself back to square one. Long story short, I was mindlessly scrolling on social media one evening and then I came across this app. I decided to give it a shot, and I’m so glad I did! It does exactly what the other podcast did minus all the fluff and interviews. I’m already 2 books in and it’s been less than an hour!!! If you’re looking for a quick way to gather key points and golden nuggets from self help books without having to spend countless hours reading them, you need this app!
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11 months ago, Scottymaan
Extremely helpful and highly recommend!!
I’m going to be honest and say something to show how this helped me. I got extremely depressed and I lost so much motivation for the things that I love; my career, health, marriage… I have been needing motivation to get my mind going. I slowly started making changes to my life, started doing self healing, therapy and I started doing better. I eventually stumbled upon this app, I tried it out because the short reads are my thing and I can’t get so easily distracted by my ADHD. I easily fell in love with the app and it’s been helping me out SOOO much with my life. I’ve been needing this boost in my life where I get to read stories that motivate me way more, question how I think, make smarter choices. I’ve been more confident in the way my mind currently is and I hope this will help someone try this app out. It helped me and I hope it helps you
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2 years ago, MissEStanfill
Learning is important!
I had lost focus on learning since graduation. I actually tried very hard NOT to have to learn anything for several years. I figured out I was using more energy not to learn than I could use learning new things. They don’t have to be complex subjects, anything you think might intrigue you or benefit you, learn about it. Since changing by horrible thought process, I’m very much loving learning and growing. It’s very important to use our brains so that they don’t get lazy and always take the easiest pathways. Don’t take the easy (turns out harder) road like I did for too long! Use this app to learn some key concepts and run with it. The app saves so much time by not having to read a whole book too! I can listen to one on the way to work or while running errands in town. The time I take driving around is no longer wasted time! Thank you Headway! 😀
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1 year ago, Liuli79
I don’t want this to set others’ opinions of this app as I suspect the app has a lot of great value to it for people. But, the very first “Insight” I received after downloading it was; “Friendships that revolve around people are companies that research shows to be healthy, lasting and satisfying.” I had to read it 3 times over as the word “companies” just didn’t make sense here. It’s not a word that would be generally used for people with English as a first language and it threw me. I asked my husband and he said, “It’s probably written by someone whose first language isn’t English. I think they mean “relationships.” This doesn’t fill me with great promise for the app. I’d rather an app that could give tidbits of info and insights that simply just make sense and you don’t have to reread several times. Also, it makes me feel like the content is just churned out from overseas, or from bots translating things. Not a great start but I’ll persist for a bit. Any more though and I’ll leave this app to the side.
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4 months ago, Mmac4509
Headway, got me in the best way!
I don’t have any bad feelings towards the relationship I have with this app. When I open it, the app speaks to the person I am blooming into for next year. The fixation and the contemplation I see in the app is not mistaken for how it rules my mindfulness, specifically my spiritual and my overall mental, emotional state. Everyday is a day I have to face a scene and I need to look into a pair of rose glasses or tinted windows to initiate those thoughts into action. Really, we all have a dark shadow, so we should all hope to get somewhere fast without falling into the fears. Or the reality of stressors in our lives. The books and quick reads give us a guideline and glimpse to a straight shot to an obscurity to which we want in our future. The 12 rules of life is to first treat yourself in the most digestible manner possible, then take care of those manners, properly.
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4 days ago, Optimus Crime Rib
If you have ADHD, this is for you!
Allow me to keep this short and simple — if you were an individual who has ADHD or anyone that always picks up a book reads a few pages or a few chapters and never finishes the book. Or perhaps you’re someone that has a busy schedule, or someone that spends the majority of the time with their friends or family, to be quite honest this is the perfect app to fit with any of those problems/circumstances. Fortunately, and unfortunately for me, I personally have ADHD and coming across this app with a blessing in disguise. At first I wasn’t sure if this was going to be worth my time… funny this is, HEADWAY has saved me an incredible amount of time. * With my commute to work — I use Headway. * Lunch break — might as well learn and read a book — using HEADWAY * Either showering and/or brushing my teeth, why not — turn on the audible version of HEADWAY. Seriously, the fact you can summarize an entire book and basically and fundamentally learn all the key points of the book, while saving you TIME and MONEY, is a massive win! If you don’t like book or learning, then this isn’t for you. Those that love reading, listening to an audible book or perhaps love learning… GET THIS APP! And no, I’m not paid to say this. I’m writing this review just out of generosity of loving this app.
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4 years ago, Melrod0711
Good concept, poor execution
I saw Facebook ads for Headway in the form of these 28 Day Challenges and I was very intrigued. I’m always down for a good challenge, especially one in the self growth department. I downloaded the app and was all excited that it was going to create my OWN personalized challenge tailored to my interests. Wow! Well, when you make it to the home page, your personal plan vanishes. Gone, never to be seen or accessed again. That was very disappointing but I was still willing to give it a try. The audio recordings are awful. I’m a VO artist and I actually wondered if these summaries were recorded by humans. The cadence is off, it sounds hollow, there are no gaps between sentences. I could barely comprehend. And before I could cancel (because I wanted to see if all the recordings were that bad or just a few) I get charged $80 for 6 months. Not worth the money and I haven’t used it in months. Like I said, excellent concept, but the technical execution (the vanishing of your plan and the audio recordings) leaves much to be improved.
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7 months ago, fishhead1000
Headway is amazing!! Just amazing!! I love the ease of learning with this app. I simply listen for 15min and get the general rundown of a book. Then at the end after listening, it asks what you remember and you write it down…this helps with recognition. The app also saves your writings for later use…epic! I think one of the main reasons people don’t read enough is time. I love books! I love getting a new book and I’m super excited. I might read the first day or two and then life steps in.. and I eventually forget about the book. This app helps dramatically in that area. Not only is there tons of books..but you can get the basics of the book in a 15 min listen!! I just started and I’m literally addicted!!! It is $90 for the whole year, but totally worth it!! Every penny!! One book I’d usually between $10-20, and I get to absorb as many as I like a day. Boom!
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