Heat Pad - Relaxing Surface

4.5 (1.4K)
13.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Heat Pad - Relaxing Surface

4.49 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
6 years ago, SCGreeley
Straightforward, fun, and useful
HeatPad does exactly as advertised - no more and no less. Good if you need to waste a few minutes or wind down from a panic attack. Watching the colors fade can provide a soothing visual to tire your eyes out, so you can go to sleep easier. It's also really helpful if you're having screen sensitivity issues on your device, bc the colors change wherever it senses touch (obviously). Just press/drag on slow-fade mode, watch the colors change (thus illustrating the screen sensitivity issue), then take a screenshot for reference in case of repair. All in all, a handy little app.
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6 years ago, Python 🐍
Ok so if your wondering if I gave this review the wrong amount of stars based on the title, I am going to explain. I mean smh that people think this warms your hand. Nononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono. That is not what this app does! It’s a drawing app!!!!!! It senses the heat of your hand and the screen changes color. It’s a DRAWING app! Also if your iPad is getting hotter when you put your hands on it, it’s broken. And seriously dangerous. Also I’m NOT one of those people who never give anything five stars because insert made up reason. The reason why I only gave 4 stars because do they really expect you to play this game for hours to unlock the modes? Could you at least add a paying alternative. Otherwise nice app super relaxing 👍😄🐵🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙
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4 years ago, juanitaflorita
serenity now
i cannot express how much i love this app. you can set the inertia level so your drawing fades quickly or more slowly and there are a ton of color schemes. it’s INCREDIBLY relaxing and has been a huge help in managing my bipolar disorder. they just updated for the new batch of iPhones and i’m so happy they’re back 😭 i can’t leave w/o saying you’re an idiot if you think an app is going to heat up your phone to the extent that you can use it to warm your hands. that’s ridiculous and your phone would get damaged if it got that hot. please don’t punish this app for being unable to meet your misguided expectations
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3 years ago, ARandomKidPlayingAGame
So I’ve been reading some reviews, didn’t plan on getting the game, I’m just bored. But I downloaded it so I could write this review. You…idiots. There’s no other word for it. If this app made your phone actually heat up, it would be a hazard. It Is A Drawing App. And I’m very sorry to the child who’s parent thought it would heat your hands up. Good luck with that 😐 Enjoy the free five stars and have a nice day. Ps- it senses touch not the heat of your hand 😂 if it did mine wouldn’t change cause my circulation is *terrible*
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4 years ago, gacha wolfie 127
Are y’all that stupid 😒 ...?
I can’t believe people think this is a game where the game will heat your HANDS no...it’s a drawing game where you draw stuff and you can see the heat of your hands but this game dose help kinda because if you look at thee heat of your hands you’ll know when you need to take a break off your iPad or phone because if you see the heat of your hands that means you iPad or phone is heating up and you need to let it cool down by taking a break from your phone or iPad thats why I give this game 5 stars :)
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11 months ago, Older sis loves dogs
Developers pleaseeeeeee read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I am writing this for my little sister! She says it’s Reilly good! But I read the reviews and it says that you can do it with other people but on the screen it doesn’t show a simulator player button so please tell me where it is so I can download it and play it with my little sister. And I can’t write any more cause my sis is being annoying! Bye!!!!
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12 months ago, Distanceshadow
It’s good but kind of overly bright
I show quite a lot of signs of autism, and other disabilities, and I tend to be low maintenance sometimes but sometimes I’m medium maintenance or high maintenance, school is a terrible struggle for me, especially since my school environment is quite, abusive (mostly verbally but can be physically or mentally, and more.), I’m sensitive to certain things like bright things, loud noises, certain textures and food, and other things, I really like this game but this kind of makes my sensitive eyes start hurting, but overall I really like it.
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3 years ago, Heyer fan
Very cool potentially relaxing, but not!
This is very cool and extremely relaxing. Except, it opens with an add for a game and the only possible responses are buy and ok - seriously?! Did I accidentally buy the app when I pressed ok? I don’t want the app, I just want to make the screen turn to rainbows and relax, but I’m more anxious just having opened the app! Once in, there are ads that take up 1/5th of the screen. The ads are for really weird things that are probably not appropriate for kids or even adults who do not regularly play cards against humanity. Btw, in case you were wondering, it’s the amount of time that changes the screen color, not actually heat.
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4 years ago, NorthWynd33
Same as Annie_Blythe! (FIXED)
I have an iPhone XS Max just like them. As soon as I touch the screen, a bunch of random lines flicker and glitch around the screen. Can’t be cleared no matter what. Seems to be unfixable on the user-end of the app. Please fix this issue! It was quite a calming app, I have to say, but now I can’t use it properly due to it glitching out on iPhone XS Max! Will update review once this issue is fixed. Thank you in advance. Edit: Thank you for fixing the issue!! 🖤
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3 years ago, bonnie gilbrt
Really good app
The app has tons of features, and it’s a really relaxing and calming app. But to anyone who thinks it’ll actually warm your hand…… WHAT??? If your screen is warming up your hand… then you should be worried. It’s a app where you can make little doodles on the screen and a bunch of bright colors will follow your fingertips. Anyways I definitely recommend you download this app!
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7 years ago, Sylvix2004
To everyone wondering
No, it's not supposed to ACTUALLY warm your hands up. It's a simulation, meaning it's only supposed to look like it. When you play an animal simulator, you aren't actually the animal, you're only playing as it... Anyways, it's a good app. I just don't like how you have to play FOREVER to unlock the modes without using real money. I'm still rating 5 stars though!
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4 years ago, blablabla😜😜😜😜😜
It’s Okay...
This app is pretty good but there are some things that annoy me. 1. Every day, even if I don’t go on, it says I unlocked a new mode but when I go on the app I didn’t. Can you fix this please?! It is really annoying. 2. Sometimes when you are drawing the app randomly connects you to draw with someone else, and it takes forever to disconnect. I really hope you try to fix these problems and this is a fun app. P.S. sorry this review is really long
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1 year ago, SummerLinn!👧🏼✌️
A Very Low Quality Game
This really isn’t a game at all, it is mostly just an app to help with your anxiety. It is very low quality and it is not even realistic. There is only one option to use while I have another game that has many different filters and options to choose from. Also, every time that I enter this game, it asks me if I want to try their new game “Bix!” And I don’t. If they wanted to try a new game, they would go to the App Store and buy it themselves. I only have this game for my friends to use. Please update this and add more filters.
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4 years ago, nnppee
It’s great I love how you can play with other people and unlock different modes instead of just one but please when I play with other people we can’t communicate very well because it might be sloppy or messy so please add a chat please. Also the last mode YOU MUST FIX IT TAKES 30 YEARS TO GET THE LAST MODE! And one last thing it does not warm your hand people.
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6 years ago, Farhah99
Fun thing to do while you’re bored.
If you need to think about something tough or just kill time, this seems to calm me down and keep me chill. I can’t see anyone having hours of fun with this but every so often it’s fun to open up and doodle, and meet with other fingerprints around the world.
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6 years ago, Rainbow223455564466
Overall okay.
First of all, everyone is complaining, they think it’s literally going to produce heat, like did you even read the description, who are you? A kindergartner? Anyway, it’s okay. But you can only stay connected with people for a bit, also it’s not heat sensitive. It’s touch sensitive. That’s a let down. But it is kinda relaxing i guess. I downloaded it because my therapist recommended it for me. but yeah. It’s okay.
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2 years ago, hahdkemcoenwbcifkc
Just a question
Are the people I connect with actually people or are they bots? It’s weird that we can connect I just feel like their bots that are programmed to say “no” when you ask, just a random question. Overall 5 stars :]
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2 years ago, nicknameistacky
Great game
This game is a great game let alone you can draw whatever you want but also you can press the cloud in the bottom corner and you can draw with another person and it doesn’t heat your hands or see your hand heat
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5 years ago, El Bärthø
Keeps baby mildly entertained
Simple fun coloring app. Over a few months we've unlocked almost all the new modes. I do have a concern unlocking the last mode though. It might be a bug, but it requires 16,777,125 minutes of activity to unlock the last one, which is close to 32 years. Now I might be a bit skeptical here but I don't think my baby is really gonna be entertained by then with this... 😂
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4 years ago, hrjs if fdjsjs of idufvdod
This is relaxing
I love this game because it is really fun,cool and relaxing and my fav mode is the rainbow and the glow and this game is for you if you like this stuff I also tried the flame and it is really fun so you should get it. Hope you like it have fun
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3 years ago, tropyter
OK I’m gonna start with the first problem this game is so boring and plus the music is just awful my little sister downloaded this game thinking it would warm her hands up so this game is completely useless it gets a little useful when you’re frustrated so I’d rather keep more space for more apps like slime apps are better than this App! DEFINITELY DO NOT GET THE APP! :(👎🏻👎🏻🙍🏻‍♀️
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5 months ago, Cinnamon bun 135689
Fun but not fun
It’s not that fun bc all you do is draw and watch it go and there is barely any options of drawing styles. But the fun part is that there’s music and you click the pause button and draw something and then click resume and it goes away in a cool way you know what I mean?
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1 year ago, MichelleTof
Calming But Annoying
I do like this app and use it to calm down a lot but every time in open the app it asks about this new app and if I want to try it. And I have had this app for over a year. Plus it won’t tell to how to unlock the other settings. But all in all great app.
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3 years ago, AvAvsAwesomeness
Relaxing.. but no iPhone 12 support
This is a really cool app that is fun to use but the graphics look like they haven’t been upgraded in years, quality is very low (I can see the pixels) and there are black bars at the top and bottom of screen. Game was updated last 3 months ago so idk why this hasn’t been updated
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6 months ago, Somnambulistx2
Great for children with Autism!
I use this app for my two Autistic children, and it really helps them to relax and pass the time! I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to help relax or cure boredom! I give this app five stars! ⭐️
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8 months ago, Niggtowl
This is a cool game!
This is cool but all there is to do is make stuff with the print of your finger so can you make more to do in heat pad? Also there is no way how there is not as Much ads as I already see in every game but I rate it A………..7/10 And for the rating I will rate you guys….4/5
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2 years ago, 1669477)&7633#11
It’s really cool, but i have and iPhone 12 or 13 mini 😑 idk which one? But anyways I was using it and it’s a little glitchy, like random dots on it and stuff, idk if it’s just how hot it is in my room so I won’t completely blame it on the app, but I would just like to know if you could fix something for the iPhone mini’s please
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3 years ago, Love it but wait
Ok ok
I really like this game (Especially because it does not put video ads every 15 seconds)and the finger heat touch finger really works well….but hot breath does not work….maybe it is only touch sensitive hm?
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3 years ago, Momma Got Hacked
Just downloaded the game to see if it would grab my baby’s attention. He accidentally hit the ad on top went to a sketchy dog worm website. Seconds later I couldn’t delete the app my phone was frozen, couldn’t shut it off. Stayed frozen for awhile and then it started trying to call sos instead of turning off. Finally started acting normal, but I wouldn’t get this app not unless you want your phone hacked.
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1 year ago, ihatedigsthatdrull
Ok.... So!
This is a very fun and satisfying game but, its kinda boring... All you do is tap the screen and watch colors appear so I think to make it better add a chat room with no filter so you can say what ever you want! I would add more colors for free! I hope do you take this advice and make your app better -your most supportive Customer, Savannah Lee, ban
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1 year ago, 👈🏻👉🏻✋🏻🤚🏻✊🏻
! dangerous!
It seems like a good gameBut there’s a few things I don’t like that the views are saying 1. people said that it heats up and burns your hands and that could damage your phone somehow. 2. be careful because you can burn your hands or your child be careful so I would at least be protective when you’re playing the game I have seen use that said it could burn your hands or your child’s so I would be careful y’all.
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6 years ago, xXHhMmXx
The game was fun at first, was really excited to unlock all the modes, but the app told me I had to wait 16,777,126 MINUTES for the last mode to unlock! 16,777,126= 31.9 YEARS. I have to wait 30 YEARS FOR THE LAST MODE. I’m just annoyed because I’m not paying money just to unlock the last mode. The Iphone won’t exist in 30 years. This is very annoying and outrageous, I’ll give better review when this problem is fixed. ~H
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4 years ago, shoobiedooble
Works on iPhone fine but a grid appears on iPad
I’ve had this app on my phone for a while (iPhone 6s plus) and it works just fine. I recently got an iPad Air 3 and when I downloaded it every time I use it a weird grid appears. This only happens on the iPad. Not sure why, but it makes using the app a lot less fun on the iPad. Still a good app on the phone, but this bug needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, SłëëpÿWøłfø
This is a good app! But some things...
This is an amazing app it helps me when I’m bored! But it’s not a heat pad, it’s touch sensitive. And really? Do you guys ACTUALLY think this will heat up your hands? lol This game is for relaxing and in my opinion it’s very affective.
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3 years ago, cassie 🦄🐴🐶
This is for people who gonna get this
So first of all it will not warm your hand unless your iPad is overheating and is kinda boring AND relaxing Btw if you put your finger on it for too long it will turn red because it’s heat. And there is an add in the corner that you can’t get rid of Have a relaxing time
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6 years ago, Salgalvvv
Great relaxer
Great thing for falling asleep When I want to be doing something to take my focus off of stressors while not playing a stimulating game like candy crush Just something to keep my hands busy as I doze off
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2 years ago, butter,s😻
Why I love this game!
I give this game 5 stars because it is so satisfying!!! When I come home from school, I’m usually tired. So when I come home I always play this game and it relaxes me.
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5 years ago, Just Another Default Username.
Getting bored of it and the user behavior
I used to like the app but now I’m getting bored with of it and when I unlocked all the modes on the screen it still says I unlocked new modes but I can’t get to it. And about the behavior of the user it copy’s everything I do and I’m starting to think the user is an A.I.
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4 months ago, drgugjyjgthuhrtfutbdgfh
First of all good app the music is great and refreshing I was having a hard time sleeping so I got up and I got this app and then I went to sleep
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4 years ago, Tinyangel12
My opinion.... I like the game
This games Very calming and the strip mode reminds me of when u burn wood with a torch to get a dark look. The only problem is that most of the modes are BRIGHT, and when I play at night it hurts my eyes.... could you add some not so bright modes
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7 years ago, Cgkcdvvv
Better before the update
I use to have this app about a year ago and my favorite part was making your own color schemes and naming them! But I have recently re-download it, and it is now so boring not only can't you make your own schemes but you have to play for like and hour to get them!!
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2 years ago, 🙈 momkey
Relaxing but one problem…
When me and my cousin were playing it said hi and we didn’t do anything and it said weird things to I don’t think it happened to others but it was kinda creepy for us 😥
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12 months ago, lillllllllllllllllman
Pretty solid
Obviously not a heat pad. But it’s really relaxing. It’s fun to tap around and watch the colors disappear. Not bad on adds either I only saw 1 pop up add on the top of the screen.
Show more
What and why??
So I got this app and immediately deleted it because at first it was fun but I saw a little cloud button in the corner and I though OH thats for more games they make or something but NO it’s creepy !? You can connect with someone that is playing the game and THERE finger prints are there witch is creepy . Could be fake but still.
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8 years ago, AwesomeFace1435
I love it but...
I absolutely love this game. There are just a few problems/bugs. 1.) I had to play for 75 min to unlock "Night" mode, and frankly, I'm disappointed in the mode. The REAL issue I have is, I have to play for 32 YEARS TO UNLOCK PURPLE MODE. 32 YEARS. THAT HAD BETTER BE A BUG. I MEAN, YOU EXPECT ME TO PLAY A GAME WHERE I SLIDE MY FINGER ON A SCREEN FOR 32 YEARS. NOT HAPPENING. AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED, YOU CAN JUST GET RID OF PURPLE MODE FOR ALL I CARE.
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7 years ago, Ajswim2wim
Feel so good 😊 but plz read
It feels really good but when your hands are already warm then you can not feel the difference
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4 years ago, DroveAwhile
Most relaxing game ever 😇😂
Ok I love this game it is so relaxing I just do it all day just relax feel it’s power of relax so relaxing but your stupid if you think it heats your hands heat the heat
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2 years ago, Alabama squadron
Not sure
I have enough games to figure out that this is a scam. I played it for a while now and I can’t go to the game anymore because I’m bored. I don’t know how to get it working. It’s being really weird and kind of over heating my phone. I give this a one star. **Ps this game is not that good low quality**
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2 years ago, Funnnysunnt
Thank you
It’s a good game for people Who have depression and it helped me and I’m still in me room crying but I’m not as sad as before
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3 years ago, Taratoby2000
Very cool, but some extras would be awesome!
I have loved this app since it was released years ago! I remember there once was a make our own custom modes, is there any chance if that coming back?
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