Hebrew/English Translator

3.8 (29)
9.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
RustyBrick, Inc.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hebrew/English Translator

3.83 out of 5
29 Ratings
2 years ago, gabeycrap
If you were thinking paste doesn’t work, first paste then remember to click ENTER
Overall not so bad
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4 years ago, Amy19460
Of limited value to women
In Hebrew the gender of pronouns and verbs depends upon the gender of the person speaking. I am a woman. Your translations are all in the male voice and are therefore of limited value. They are of limited value to men as well, because men would not be able to understand women who are speaking. There is no option to switch to the feminine forms. It’s misleading. If I were to use your translations I would sound like an ignorant fool.
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4 years ago, dlsapointed
remove hebrew virtual keyboard
good app but forcing the user to use the virtual keyboard for entering hebrew words makes the app frustrating to use. the back end is google translate, which can handle vowels. I have several hebrew keyboards installed but cannot use any of them because of the virtual keyboard. Very frustrating and disappointing.
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14 years ago, Ahavah Shirah
Good potential, however....
I saw a review of this on another app's site. 1. I appreciate the layout of it. And that it is free. 2. Having it not needing an internet connection, however, would be an important upgrade. 3. Having the option/ability to include vowels is also important, and could be done like numbers on most typing apps, or in some other way. 4. Audio pronunciation would also be helpful. 5. Google Translator needs at least to be tweaked. The first word I looked up was שַׁבָּת - Shabbat - and it gave me only "Saturday", rather surprising for a Hebrew translator. I look forward to the new version. One additional comment - being able to cut, copy, and paste the Hebrew text would make it much more useful in letting the user work with other apps. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Marciazhat
Easy to use, excellent customer service
Excellent customer service on this easy to use translator. Best one around.
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9 months ago, bestbest728672
Great app
This app helped me understand Hebrew words. Really grateful for it. Thank u rusty brick
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8 years ago, PixieDoodle
Useless without paste
I need the ability to translate blocks of Hebrew into English that I've copied from another source. This is useless without a paste ability. Major fail there.
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3 years ago, Ras Emmeth
No vowel indicators
Decent app for short phrases but only has vowel indicators on very few words.
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2 years ago, pchowpchow
Nothing happens
Spent 30 minutes writing a note, tapped the Hebrew section, everything erased! WTH!!!
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14 years ago, Daniel 144297
Good and Useful.
Great App. (Also try iTranslate, which can do Hebrew, Yiddish and many other languages.) It requires a Hebrew keyboard, which is easy to activate from the settings on the main homepage. Press the following buttons: Settings,- General,- International,- Keyboards,- Add New Keyboards,- Hebrew. Once you activate it, you can use Hebrew on any app. Switch languages by pressing the 'globe' button that will appear near the space bar. הצלחה רבה! חיים יונה ז.
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12 years ago, Tziporra
Nice clean app
Very easy to use, interface is simple and fast. I don't know how great it is for translating a ton of text, especially since I couldn't figure out how to paste text into the Hebrew field for translating (this might be possible and I'm just missing it). Also, would definitely pay for this to get rid of ads.
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10 years ago, hebrew english translator
Rusty Brick ABC אבג
I don't know what happened. Not only the design changed, but the app, itself is not the same as it was. It does not work nearly as efficiently on my ipad as it did. On my samsung phone it still does the same wonderful "tricks" but the print is too tiny for regular use. However, the app. on the ipad, is nearly useless, as I can type only one word at a time, not even a phrase. As soon as I touch the screen the whole word disappears. Many translated words are so far from the entered words, it is laughable. It would be great if you could add in the translated words, a version with vowels and alternative meanings.
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15 years ago, SLR - Atlanta
Extremely useful! It will even translate entire sentences. My kids use it all the time for their Hebrew homework. Three suggestions: 1. Add vowels (seems to be a major consensus) 2. Add an option to show synonyms 3. After translating sentences, be able to go back and edit parts without having to retype the whole thing
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10 years ago, Vlawoman
Nice app
Nice app. Would like to be able to paste in text as well as to 'go back' and edit text. BUT now that i updated it i have the same problem as bablbabl where the app does not fit i. The screen especially when trying to translate Hebrew to English. BIG prob for me. I used the app often and counted on it. Now it is unusable.
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16 years ago, minpinminion
RustyBrick Does it Again!!!
Every RustyBrick app I download brings me naches (that's JOY, not some misspelled Mexican food to those unfamiliar with Yiddishkeit) - and this app is no exception. Having a dedicated Hebrew-English translator streamlines the process & you don't have to get bogged down with other languages cluttering the interface, etc. Todah Rabbah, RustyBrick!
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8 years ago, J-Fray
Awesome app
Love this App, todah raba. There is one problem I noticed recently, probably since the last update: i can no longer copy a Hebrew text and paste it into the Hebrew to English screen. I was able to do this when I first downloaded the app, but no more -- only the English to Hebrew screen allows paste.
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14 years ago, Sheilatan
Fantastic app
My husband bought me the hand held Babylon translator ---which by coincidence arrived 2 days before I found this app The Rusty Brick version is so far superior in it's ability to translate full sentences that my husband plans to return the Babylon Sheila
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14 years ago, AkivaF
Great. Free- excellent.
Nice app. Uses google trans which is pretty good. Why is everyone whining about vowels- if you have some background in the language it's not do needed. However to program it in would be a huge hassle. Not even google took that on. Great app.
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15 years ago, wereallmental
Great, but...
Just what you would want and need for translating to and from English and Hebrew. The only thing that I could thinkbof to improve this app would be the addition of vowels. Amazing for no price, amazing.
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15 years ago, Bschussler
It's good for boys
It works well but when I write something down, the Hebrew sentence is written like how a boy would write it. In hebrew, for verbs, there are two versions of the words, one for a boy and one for a girl. This is only for boy, so if you write I am hungry, it would show the boy's version. It is perfect for the guys, but not for the girls, please add that in.
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15 years ago, yetsirah
I would love for this to send an email with this app. Even if it somehow connected with your email app I would buy it for those features. Thank you! Todah rabbah
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16 years ago, Israel102
Awesome app
If you make an app where you can type in Hebrew and than send the message out as an email that would be incredibly awesome.
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12 years ago, squash4dave
Why can't someone do an app that uses the vowels that were developed for people trying to learn Hebrew. If you don't know the language, it's like trying to learn English and trying to read a word like cmmnct and figure out that the word is actually communicate. The app is easy to use, but doesn't help much, if you can't pronounce the word.
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10 years ago, 10667
Great product and company
I love the app and even more so after a glitch with the latest download. I emailed the company, and the CTO wrote back with a solution within hours.
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13 years ago, Hmmy
Good, needs nikudos
It helps with extra words to help my immersion technique with my brother like, money, a little... Nikudos is a must for us just learning as we don't know whether it's kusef, kesef, kesuf, etc. Simple, accurate, to the point translator. Nice :)
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14 years ago, Crazy Dame
Pretty cool, but....
Needs niqquid (vowels) and ability to email. I'll give 5 stars once those are added. If anyone has a background in Hebrew then they'd want to know every aspect of this beautiful script. Vowels too. Last reviewer is obviously a  head.
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16 years ago, Skylane66e
Good but...
When you type the Hebrew (for the Hebrew to English translator) is there a way to put vowels? I type in bet-resh-chaf (Baruch) then translate, and the translation is; brc... Then I try putting an alef between the letters and all I get is; barac...
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14 years ago, Aceedit
Great, but.........
No copy and paste for Hebrew to English! Useless without this feature. Looking forward to the next version.
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14 years ago, Evilep0ptart
Amazing and Useful
I agree with everyone that says it is an amazing app, but I also agree that it would be better if we could add vowels. Some words are spelled the same in Hebrew but have different meanings like prize and Persia are both paras. Google's dictionary isn't perfect, but it does do a great job. Another amazing app by RustyBrick. Thanks.
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13 years ago, clyde long
Hebrew/English Translator
This app is so simple, but oh so great. I use it daily during my Hebrew study. Easy to toggle from English to Hebrew or back to Hebrew to English. B. Long
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16 years ago, PodcastMan
We love you RustyBrick!
The Jewish community thanks you for all you have done! A real mitzvah and a mazel tov to the many lives you have impacted!
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13 years ago, Thankful Mom 3
Homework help
My children use this everyday to complete Hebrew homework. Love that it has the easy to use Hebrew keyboard.
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11 years ago, Sylviesilver
It's useful
I have a friend that only speaks Hebrew and this helps me write a note to her. Without this I would just find a different app lol. The thing I don't like is that it doesent say it like a Siri... . :(
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16 years ago, Bearsfan94
Really cool, thanks
This is a great app, it is definetly worth getting for free!!!! really useful if you want to look up what a word in hebrew means. Thank you RustyBrick!!!!!
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13 years ago, Droane62
Good App
I am using this with my Biblical Hebrew class and even though I would love to have the vowles it is still a plus. I wish they would add audio to it now
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13 years ago, Lisamarla
Won't trasnlate
This app says i don't have internet connection when I really do,so it wont translate,hopefully they take care of this app
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15 years ago, RabbiYochanon
Good but
Would be better with Hebrew script AND transliteration. This way, you know actual word and pronunciation.
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15 years ago, Shlano
Great app
This is awsome now I don't have to get really nervous when someone asks me something in hebrew
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15 years ago, deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
Pretty good
It good but a lot of times there is grammar mistakes otherwise would be great sometimes I'm not sure if I use it for school cuase if there's a word I don't know I wont know if there's a mistake:(
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11 years ago, genstu
Good, but...
Good vocabulary, but once you click 'translate,' you can't go back and change the text at all; it just gets erased. Very inefficient and annoying and needs to be fixed. Vowels would also be nice too.
Show more
10 years ago, DaCantor
Update of Hebrew translator problem
It used to work fine. Just updated and the built in Hebrew keyboard is too large to be viewed on the screen. Is this a problem for 4s only? How can I go back to the one that actually worked.
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15 years ago, Dj4mac93
I think this can beat rubyrazzis Hebrew/english dictionary keep it up!!!
Show more
15 years ago, hsmd
not helpful
the description should say that the translation from English to Hebrew is shown in hebrew letters, which is of no use unless you can read Hebrew. Much more useful would be if the words were transliterated using English letters
Show more
13 years ago, jbany
Somethings wrong
This used to be a great app. I used it almost daily. But lately I've been getting in error message stating it can't translate 'cause it needs an Internet connection. my phone is connected! Will love it again when they fix this.
Show more
10 years ago, WhereDidMyBrainGo
Great for checking Hebrew words
I like the Hebrew keyboard. But translations are from Google, not the greatest dictionary. Ignores Hebrew homographs. Only one definition is displayed.
Show more
13 years ago, OrangeGeek
Not connected?
Previously a 5-star app, but I'm suddenly getting the "no Internet connection" message like everyone else even though I have full bars & am connected via wifi.
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12 years ago, Sketchytranslations
Great little app!
This app is a lifesaver. It's easy, fast, and as accurate as any English/Hebrew translator out there. Love it!
Show more
15 years ago, TelAviv78
Great As Is
Absolutely need for nikud or transliteration! This is an excellent translator, even for colloquial and idiomatic expressions from English to Hebrew.
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12 years ago, zsshamalama
descent translator
Needs multiple translations for a word. It would make this app a lot more useful.
Show more
13 years ago, jasReview7
Hebrew keyboard won't appear.
I used to like this app very much....although vowels would be helpful...I am a beginner & my class uses them. Today the Hebrew letter keyboard won't show up, and it isn't working. Hope they fix it soon.
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