Hello Color Pencil

4.2 (66)
73.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raysoft Co.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Hello Color Pencil

4.21 out of 5
66 Ratings
12 years ago, Krow lanigiro
Very good but needs some improvements
Overall, I love this app but it would help to have a zoom tool for smaller details and for those who don't buy the full version from the in-app store, I still think we should be allowed more colors for the smaller marker other than just black. Other than that keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, 7tdo12
No updates in 2 years
I am changing my review.... this developer has not did any updates at all in 2 years. That is really disappointing cause I paid for all of the developers app and I am concerned that I will lose them in the future. Especially if the iOS version starts to be to advance for the app. I hope that the developer will keep all of the art apps working in the future. I have lost so many cause the developer just stops caring about there app.
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5 years ago, Hare Tanan
Entertaining and allows creativity
I feel this drawing and coloring program has considered many aspects of creativity. One can draw or select a drawing and color many different ways using brushes, pens, pencils or a combination. One can create their own drawing and color from there. Great.
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5 years ago, Denny Vee
Hello Color Pencil
I like this app and would like to buy some of the upgrades, but it won’t let me. Any assistance?
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3 years ago, Jojo51083
Lux draw
It is really fun cause you can make messages with your friends
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6 years ago, Hardcore Trek Tek
No support for any other third party stylii
I used to have and use this app on all of my iPads. Had to delete it off all of my iPads, now. Never liked the Apple Pencil and prefer Adonit smart, Bluetooth stylii, instead and this app only supports the Apple Pencil. So, can no longer use as it doesn’t support my stylus of choice.
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3 years ago, Lilyg🐱💝
And it 4 babies
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10 years ago, StrongBeautifulSunshine
Favorite app started crashing
I love this app. My 3 year old navigates it easily and I can import my own pictures for her to color. The fill feature even works on my imported pictures. That said, I recently have not been able to import my pictures to color on. The app crashes every time in select "open". I get the same thing on the crayon app. Please fix. Thanks for this great app. - UPDATE - the last update fixed ALL of my issues!!! THANK YOU!!!
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12 years ago, Ole Mithaugen
This app has great potential
Mandalas are the great rage but most apps provide a clumsy means to color. This app has the chops to go the distance add some some more advanced drawings, especially a variety of mandalas and you will be in business. Paint fill allows you to color instead worrying about staying in the lines which is tough to do with chubby fingers. Great start I am excited to see what additional coloring books you will add
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12 years ago, daisy.faithfuu
Love it!
This is a great little app! Love all the tools and options, it really is great for kids or even people who are just beginning to create art with the iPad. The only thing I'd suggest would maybe the ability to transfer a layer in so people who want to can start to play around with more original stuff until they get to the point where they can draw their own stuff.
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12 years ago, Gintahar
Great App!
I am a special needs teacher. I downloaded this app to help my students with fine motor skills. They regularly use the app and I have seen improvement with their coloring, that is staying within the lines. I recommend the app for special education teachers, parents, or occupational therapists who are working on fine motor skills with children. Also the students really enjoy using it.
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12 years ago, Poiuyt123456789
Great drawing app!
My boys, ages 4 and 6, loved this app right away. It took them a few minutes to figure out all the features of the app and they loved the stuff they could draw. When we get out the ipad it is the first app they go for. And it saves paper, my boys love to draw one or two things on a fresh piece of paper and then get a new sheet. With the app they just use the quick erase and have a fresh screen.
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12 years ago, appstacker
A Fantastic App!
This app is very good. It has great colors and you can buy more! I choose not to buy more, because I am already content with the colors. One thing I dislike is that you cannot zoom to do details, but that is all. I also like that it looks like real color pencils! And shading is no problem at all. Overall, I give this app a 5/5!
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10 years ago, Trtr84
Positive and negative
Positive: 1- it has different types of coloring pencils, didn't see that in any other app. 2- different colored papers( but there's no black color) Negative: 1- (this is in all coloring apps) When you press your finger tip on the screen, you don't actually see where your dots are going to be, you don't see if you're coloring inside or outside the line. My suggestion is when pressing on the screen, let the dots or lines be drawn a little far from the finger tip, you can show something like a tip of a pen on the screen to let the user know where the pain goes and what is he/ she actually drawing. 2- I CAN'T listen to music while doodling using this app. :)
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12 years ago, Brandonjh0
Great app
This really allows me to relax and enjoy stuff i like to draw! It keeps me occupied when im bored. One thing that bothers me is that you should be able to zoom in a bit to work on specific details. Older kids and teens like this too, not just the lil ones
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12 years ago, acoustic doodler
Fun app, but 2 problems (2 stars lost): First, when I was drawing a great picture it unexpectedly took me back to the home screen of my iPad. I had to start all over again! : ( Also, more COLOR, please!!!!!! Needs pink. I'm not even a big fan of pink and it needs pink. And more colors in general: aqua, white, indigo, and more shades of colors already there. Great but I was expecting a bit more.
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11 years ago, Inez L
Excellent app!
It's cool, with several kinds of pens and sharpies, about 10 different colors, a bunch of picture books! Get 32 colors with $1! But if you are a big fun of painting and you are really into this app, a better way of e-painting will be getting a pen and drawing on a tablet, which has a big screen.
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11 years ago, CA DaisyDuck
It was so fun! After many attempts from the different apps, I finally found the perfect app for my artwork! It is much easier for me to draw with the stylus pen. I would definitely recommend this awesome app to my family, friends and anyone else!
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13 years ago, Char.73
Love it
My four year old loves this app and so do I. Since the update you have to click the picture of the coloring book to access the extra pages. Enjoy!
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12 years ago, Grama G
Really good
Would have preferred if they were all combined in one app. As or the sounds that it makes while working on a design, just mute (lower the sound) on your computer/iPad.
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10 years ago, Mommy maegz
Hello color pencil review
I love this app my only request is there would be more color options, like the ones where u mark the color on the top and then can make it a lighter or darker of that color below like they do on the old pain programs on the PC..
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12 years ago, N9rawi
Really Great App
I really appreciate the work on this app. But it needs an improvements on the brushes to make a little more realistic and smoother too. I recommend this app for every person who like to draw on iPad! Thanks guys
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12 years ago, ApeNut:~}
Colored pencils
I love it, I haven't tried very many drawing apps yet but out of the 3-4 that I have tried this one is my most favorite. My only complaint or advise is finer tip "colored" pencils & more color book pictures. Thank you designers!!!
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12 years ago, Baylee's
I love it it's so much things to drAw with and most are free!
I love it so much there's so many things to do and many things to play and draw with I love the coloring pages and so many things are free u do not have to buy anything!!!
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12 years ago, Boychic
Hello color pencil
Like the app a lot but wish you had a basic set of drawing markers add to the tool list. I get that paying for stuff is the way it is nowadays but have people pay for color expansions instead of color basics.
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12 years ago, Izzi love
Like it but.....
I think that hello color pencil is great but...the sound effects are pretty annoying overall I think all people should get it
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13 years ago, Yapam
Great coloring and sketch pad. Problem is I bought the extra coloring pages and just updated the app and most of the pages I bought are gone!
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12 years ago, mikemt1974
The far east movement
4 in a row is hard to win you have to conseintread real hard sometime and See what the next move to your partner Is gonna do you don't you lose no a Fens but you lose
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12 years ago, MarleeP
Great app!
I especially love the paintbrush tool. Only negative is that I wish it didn't pick up on when my hand is resting on the pad and I wish it was easier to draw finer details.
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10 years ago, Deeza24
You can draw really cute pictures that actually look like they were made with colored pencil and use them as wallpaper for your phone.
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12 years ago, Drawing_1
Error in undo function
Great drawing app, until the most recent version release "undo"function worked. Sure hope this is fixed.
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10 years ago, Herrsonly
Great job!
Great job on making this app! It's fun, intuitive, but definitely looking forward for more updates and improvements.
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10 years ago, Nameless%%%
it's ok buuuut
ok, I think it is awesome but there is the thing that there is only think 15 different colors, which is annoying when trying to draw in depth , please read this and take into consideration, thank you in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whooo I luv ! CATS :)
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12 years ago, AGFASA
Great Art App
Nice and friendly app to deploy your plastic creativity whenever and where ever you want to. It allows great precision and detail. Highly recommended.
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12 years ago, Rietb
The best
Ok so out of all games on my 2 iPads,4 ipods,and a lot of other stuff it is mine and all my family love it is our favorite thing too play.(thanks SO...much for making this GAME!!!)
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9 years ago, Deaf will
Great for me
When I find this app was perfect for any artists who can do the digit design and I draw it and made an impression with my own family by see it
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12 years ago, Madison Eads
This is one of the best drawing apps I have ever had! But.... It's needs more colors or maby an option that lets you create your own color. Other than that this app is pretty cool:)
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12 years ago, Kara Allen 123
Hello color pencils
I like this app because you get to express yourself in many different ways
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9 years ago, Farrah Courtney
More colours
Everything is perfect except for the fact that there isn't enough colours. I mean the basics are there but an artist needs more diversity in colour. I hope you can add a couple of more.
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12 years ago, Abbi66
This is a fun apps and I appreciate the opportunity to try it out before purchasing it. However, I want to spend more time with it before upgrading.
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13 years ago, Satokad
Hello Color Pencil
I love the game, it is so fun! I have Hello Crayon and Hello Chalk as well. But a zoom button would make it even better. Other than that I  it a lot. Thank you for making this!
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13 years ago, Polphit
I like it! My son always draws something with this app. I think I have to buy another iPad due to my son and this app.
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10 years ago, RepublicofK
Usefor app to draw something
I've downloaded other apps before but this one is the best. Simple and clear!
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13 years ago, BoneyJones48
It's ok.....
It's just okay for me. I love to color to distress so I downloaded the app. It's so small and hard to color on the iPhone but the iPad is better. Bought the markers and they are okay too. It does help pass the time away when bored or waiting.
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13 years ago, Cake and Bacon
Very Easy and Fun but...
This app colors and there are in app purchases. It amuses my sister who is 4 years old. Very nice to use for older people to fingerpaint quick notes to take a phot, saves onto the album for Ipad, and set as reminder as a background image. -CONS! Unfortunetley I purchased a 20 coloring pages in app buy and I cannot contact any "Raysoft" to fix the issue! *I first bought the big pack of markers. That worked fine.
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12 years ago, Lenore7283
I use this for work
When I get a brainstorm, I can quickly sketch it here as a reminder for later.
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11 years ago, Cuz ima beast
Pretty cool app
This app is great when I'm on the road And I don't have paper or a pencil I just grab my iPod and play I recommend it to all u art lovers
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12 years ago, Fix it pleaz thankful .
Everyone listen up u should get it is awesome especially the coloring pages they give u some for free!
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10 years ago, PooBearWilliams
This app is just awesome! I like to be creative and now I don't need expensive materials to do it. I can do it right here on my iPhone!
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13 years ago, Zwwpww
Worse after buying expansions!
I really enjoyed using this app until I bought the expansion pack for markers, now the old sharpie marker that came with the free pack disappeared. Should have never bought the expansions.... I hope they update this program to fix this
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