Hello Crayons

3.9 (52)
83.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raysoft Co.
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.3 or later
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User Reviews for Hello Crayons

3.94 out of 5
52 Ratings
5 years ago, D Beacham
Good app but can use an improvement
It’s a great app that allows you to simulate drawing in crayon which is exactly what I want but the app could be better if there was a way to import a picture, trace what you need, and then remove the picture. Please make this happen!
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5 years ago, 7tdo12
No updates in 2 years
I am changing my review.... this developer has not did any updates at all in 2 years. That is really disappointing cause I paid for all of the developers app and I am concerned that I will lose them in the future. Especially if the iOS version starts to be to advance for the app. I hope that the developer will keep all of the art apps working in the future. I have lost so many cause the developer just stops caring about there app.
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4 years ago, alexandraquinnboland
Amazing but could use some changes
I like Crayon but they haven’t updated anything in the past 3 years.
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4 years ago, Shag2013
Pictures no longer save
I would rate this higher, but my pictures aren’t saving to my camera roll anymore. It shows that they are saved but they aren’t there. I need this to happen for classroom projects.
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2 months ago, Ja’kaylaCorrell
Great app😍
This app is so so so so good and I love it so much the crayons and sharpie and markers and erasers it need’s a update but for the most part I like it it makes a great game! Great app!😍😊🖍️
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7 years ago, fabian3223346
I like it
When you draw and think about at your sleep you have dream you want
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6 years ago, MWKP82
Color Fringie
It is relaxing and very easy to color. I love the app.
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13 years ago, Teacherteacher(:
Make it educational
I love this app, it's great for little kids but it doesn't exactly teach them how to color inside the lines. I think it should be fun for them and educational at the same time. Maybe even add in some pictures with numbers in them?
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3 years ago, akira eirian
Great app
It’s a great app fir toddler to practice coloring!
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13 years ago, Trudy's Pop
I'm an adult with artistic leanings and a big kid inside of me who just loves this app . Right now I am just fooling around with it on my iPad, sending fun messages to family and friends, but I can see myself using this for hand-drawn graphics for web and video projects. Minimally, it would be great for video titles. This app is so user friendly that it will make you giggle like a kid. Try it!
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12 years ago, MomKeri
This app is perfect for my special needs daughter. I have tried and tried with coloring apps, but none get the attention of my daughter. Because your app uses sound feedback when the user makes crayon marks she "gets it" that she is doing something. For the first time ever she has engaged in coloring of some sort. I love your app!
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10 years ago, Adewolfe
Who doesn't love crayons?
Seriously, who doesn't get just a little giddy when they open that fresh box of crayons?! Crayon box is always fresh, they don't break, don't roll off desks and they don't need sharpening. I find this to be a great app for pre-k-2. It's intuitive, has the textural look of crayon artwork and can be easily saved to your photos, printed or used in other project apps.
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12 years ago, Artysmarty1
Love it!
I absolutely love using this app on my brand new IPad 2. I am a very artsy person and was looking for an app that would provide the utmost of quality for me to express myself. This app and the other hello art apps are amazing. But I would recommend the hello colored pencils or oil paint before this one.
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9 years ago, Sweetsolidare
I am writing children's ebooks. I am vision impaired and do most of my work on my iphone with Siris help. I was lost for what to do for illustrations as I cannot afford to pay someone YET. I stumbled on Crayon and I love it. My pictures can look crisp or like a crayon! Perfect for a kids book!! I heartily recommend this app. A+++++
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13 years ago, Juju/ujuj
For all ages!
I absolutely love this app! Great for all ages! I am 12 going to be 13 and love this! my little sister who is 9 also loves this! And my 3 year old neighbor enjoys it as well!!! For a future update more coloring pages! I mean why would you read the reviews? It's FREE! and if u don't like it u can delete it!! ....
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13 years ago, Anti G
This Program is Amazing
I love this program and so do all my nieces and nephews. I even enjoy doodling on it now and then. With the last upgrade of paintbrushes and paint fills, all I had to do was upgrade to get more colors and it's become our favorite.
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13 years ago, Coloring Teen (:
No zoom :(
I'm in love with coloring but I am a high schooler :) I think it would be a lot better if you could zoom in when you're coloring so you could be more precise. Other than that, it is an amazing app for anyone who loves "coloring their world" like me <3
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13 years ago, Mmacro
Upgrade does not work
After current upgrade the program does not open on my iPad2. It starts to load and then stops at a white, blank screen and crashes... Returning to the iPad menu home screen.
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13 years ago, King coconut
this app is great(:
I love doodeling when i get bored on my iphone and sending litle pictures i made to friends&family this is perfect for all ages but if you dont like coloring and doodling i suggest you dont download this(:
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12 years ago, Gramsey the great
This is the best drawing and coloring app I found in the app store. I LOVE it so much. You could color in and draw, and pick backgrounds. You should totally get this app, it's worth it
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13 years ago, Std1
The app works very well except the email function occasionally causes the program to crash.
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13 years ago, Daisie30
This app is pretty fun. The only thing that would make it better is if you could change the size of the tip on the crayon.
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12 years ago, lovingorca
Cute and fun
Even at my age as an adult, I like to color and draw. What I like about hello crayons pencils is you really do get to color and draw. The Apple store has really great apps.
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13 years ago, Anipooh
Entertaining and great for fostering creativity
My 4 year-old twin nieces have a lot of fun creating their own pictures and emailing them to family and friends.* *This application was rated by my nieces. :-)
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12 years ago, Gipsany
This drawing app is amazing it is helpful so you can get better at drawing the point is that I love it and you should too
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13 years ago, dubematt
Nice App
My kids love this app. They enjoy coloring and drawing on both my phone and iPad. Must download if you have little ones.
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13 years ago, itsallbouterika9
Fun app!
This app is so much fun! I especially like the crayons, because they look and sound realistic! I am 18 years old, but I still love it and find that it relieves stress!
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9 years ago, Kaslp
Love Coloring
I'd like to buy more coloring books for my students and even myself, coloring is so relaxing at the end of hard day. The app won't connect to I-tunes after pressing on the store and then the entire app freezes. Can you please fix this? 5 stars after fixing! I love it!! 😊😊
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10 years ago, BigDisneyKid
Really neat and easy
It's fun, just like using crayons, has coloring books loaded, and easy to export your projects. All around fun and easy.
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13 years ago, Agent-dad-024
Won't start up anymore...
I can see a polyp asking me to rate the program in the beginning, and it crashes before I can make a selection. So here is a manual review. Fun program but crashes a lot. Guess my daughter won't be playing it anymore if this doesn't work.
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12 years ago, Weirdywithabeardy
Needs improvement
Lacks a zoom in feature along with the option to have different sizes of crayons for colouring. Not very good app without that. Refer to the "Color Effects" app in the store. Free and so much easier to Color things. That app lets you go in pixel by pixel.
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13 years ago, winter bamboo
great app for all
Very funny and exiting play with your kids. I am also enjoying the blackboard with chalk such as I was in school.
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13 years ago, leviinalaska
Good value for Money
I haven't played with it but I know the kids like it, and it entertains them. I'd recommend this app.
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13 years ago, AJRed22
Love it.
The kids and I love it. It keeps them busy for a long time.
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12 years ago, Hannotek
My daughter loves to color in here! Love the added pics for variety.
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12 years ago, S @ age 2021
Love this app!!
I really enjoy making pretty pictures on Mommy's iPhone or Daddy's iPad! This is a really fun app. :)
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13 years ago, Snoopchic
Won't open for me either :(
I even contacted the company! New update, and it still won't open! Grrr! Neither will the color pencil one :( looks fun! I'll wait for another update and see! I'll change the rating if they ever fix it :)
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13 years ago, Musikchix
Fun app!
Keeps you busy for hours. It also lets You draw on photos.
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13 years ago, MichelReid
1.33 crashes on open
Can't use this version update on iPad2. My daughter really likes this app too. Fix please!
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13 years ago, Short'nsweet
It's cute but whenever I try to open the coloring book the app crashes. Other than that, I <3 it.
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13 years ago, Aribear(:
Great app!
I love this app but it needs some minor touch ups!
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13 years ago, skimjh2
Very good for children
Very helpful for children
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13 years ago, PsychoSwirl
Extras are gone!
I previously purchased the extra coloring books and pencils and markers. After updating the app they disappeared. Now I'm left with the basic set and am out the money I spent for the extra options. Not happy at all!!
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13 years ago, Greenberet84
I use this app all the time with my students!
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12 years ago, Luvyabunches
Not that Great
honestly, I hate how it only has crayons and markers they should make one with highlighters regular pencils paint and other stuff and this is just my honest opinion
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13 years ago, T groan
Granddaughter loves it
A great app that kids will love. I enjoy making drawings with it too.
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13 years ago, Polphit
I like it!
I'm drawing anything I can't with real crayon. Very exciting!!
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13 years ago, foreign child
I like the color and design!
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13 years ago, Emmapopo
It was so good I love it u get to draw paint and color in color books
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12 years ago, markneha
Very nice
It's my daughter's favorite app. Very creative and occupying
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