Herald-Mail Media

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8 months ago
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User Reviews for Herald-Mail Media

3.6 out of 5
144 Ratings
3 years ago, Foxhill Jay
Good app, Nice newspaper
App works well. Disappointed that version 6.5.7 removed the link to the E-edition which is like reading the home delivery version of the paper, with its local ads and lots of local news not included in the app version. Now you must log into the website to see the E-edition which takes a few more steps.
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3 years ago, bnee84
Doesn’t work
I’ve been an e subscriber to the Herald for as long as it has been offered. The new “improved “ app continually sends me in a circle asking me to subscribe and when I try to log in it repeats the same window asking me to subscribe again. I’ve been on the phone and online with them four times and spent over an hour trying to get this resolved. The people that “help “ me don’t seem to be local employees of the paper and seem to have little knowledge about the app or even the current database of subscribers. On my first phone call after my first email attempt at help the the person couldn’t even find my account after keeping me on hold for over 30 minutes. Eventually he figured it out and then told me that my access would work tomorrow. It didn’t. Two more assists from their tech support and it still doesn’t.
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5 years ago, Bill on the go
Local news you can use
The focus is local news, as it should be. Other media can cover the rest.
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2 years ago, lollypopspecial
I subscribe to the herald mail but half the time I do not get the paper and I can’t even get on the internet to read it. It says I’m not a subscriber. If this is how USA Today takes care of it’s customers it’s not doing a very good job. Every time I call they say it’s taken care of but it just came on I have 1 more article to read before you shut me down. Why would I pay 99 cents for this when I can’t get what I already pay for. 😩
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3 years ago, Justin Hagerstown
Does not contain all content from the print edition
The previous app had all stories from the print edition and even let you pull up an image from the print edition and view the ads and notices. The current app (as stated in the FAQ) only contains some stories from the print edition. I'm a digital-only subscriber so I'm now getting less content for the same money.
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3 years ago, anonymous 1950
You may as well read Grit
This used to be an award-winning community newspaper that covered all areas of interest. It has been gutted and now features only the most generic pap. You could at one time read divergent opinions from nationally ranked writers, but now the Opinion page on the app features only one writer and rantings of local characters. The printed paper includes real writers, but those writers aren’t included in the digital version. So sad.
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7 months ago, Bad app?***
What happened to the print edition. The one that looks like you’re just reading a newspaper. This app is horrible. Does not contain all the content that is in the print edition !!
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3 weeks ago, Jimmy6901!
Morning Herald and Daily Mail
I have read the Herald Mail newspapers for over 60 years
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3 years ago, cross-struck
No copy of paper
When requested to sign up for the APP, it was reported that an ecopy of the paper would be included. Don’t see it.
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3 years ago, Aheanlydia
This app is not worth the money you paid the developers. I enjoyed the previous app which allowed me to read an e-edition of the Herald-Mail, this app does not have that option. I guess I will have to consider my subscription a waste of money since I no longer enjoy “reading” the Herald-Mail.
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3 months ago, xzlkio
Pages lo king up
Enewspaper pages locking up
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3 years ago, Moy601
New Format
Hate the new layout. Can’t tell what is today’s or yesterday’s news. Can’t find various pieces. Horoscopes and comics are no where to be found. First time I’ve pulled up the paper and read nothing. I liked the old newspaper view option.
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4 months ago, WritingReviewaSucksInAppStore
Shows ads to subscribers
Disgusting to see ads even after subscribing, which I did for my grandmother because she tends to click on ads and doesn’t know how to come back to the article. Herald-mail preys on such people.
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3 years ago, wowthisisunreal
Pay for access but only get limited articles
Every since the app was updated the subscription I pay for is not recognized. What a joke!
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8 months ago, Llamawoman60
Cancelling digital subscription
It’s pathetic we can’t do this on our online account.
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3 years ago, Dooberett58
E-Edition terrible
Tried to get the newspaper look through mobile app and it just doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, bulabeezelbulb
Security is a must
Apple needs to review security protocols with developer. I.e. tip-off weather location.
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3 years ago, striperseeker
New version not good
Please bring back the old version with e-edition and the comics. I’m paid subscriber and I can’t even read the comics
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11 years ago, Out1957
Good enough for me
This app is good enough for me. I have been away from the area for awhile ,and this app keeps me up to date enough. Could it be better ,sure,but it could be a lot worse too . I would like to see the obits have more archived , say up to one month,or a link that would go back even farther.
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3 years ago, E.edition???
Where is the e edition ?
Where is the E-edition of the print version. I can’t find it anywhere. This new version is horrible.
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3 years ago, Kryuhf
Humor Removed
In a time of such seriousness, why remove the comics. A light hearted way to address topics of interest and just provide a laugh. Sad
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5 years ago, Yankees00303
Might as well be Faux News
The paper has a conservative slant that it’s almost impossible to read.
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3 years ago, Gassyfart
Couldn’t be any worse
Couldn’t be any worse
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3 years ago, DONSHIROB
Do not like the new format. Had rather have the printed newspaper replica. Where are the comics?
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3 years ago, mdticket
Are you no longer update online obituaries?
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3 years ago, JudyK51
Horrible app
If I could give it zero stars, I would!
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1 year ago, Local Sports???
Where are the local sports on this app???
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1 year ago, Mamita0306
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2 years ago, Thebigschmoozer
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11 years ago, Cutting edge69
Breaking news
Great app but the the breaking news needs to be updated more often or taken down after about 12 hours instead of being left up for days at a time and not updated
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11 years ago, California66
Great app!
We moved away from Hagerstown a few years ago but still enjoy keeping up with the news there. The app is easy to navigate and allows us to maintain a connection to a town that we love.
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11 years ago, Bob050
Fast and reliable AA*
Very fast and hits the fact best news app around. The only thing that get to me it the breaking news needs to be update more frequently. I read about the same incident for three days
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12 years ago, Jodik990
What? Who would want this?
Get the your4sate app instead. This app used to provide the local news; however, it had many of the same stories day after day. Isn't there new news??? Now, there isn't even a news category. Some writers mentioned that u have to pay to be able to see that category now. Why would I want to pay for the same stale news day after day?
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11 years ago, Raingold
Great APP!!
I love this app! I can quickly find news stories and pictures. Much better than waiting to look through many paper pages.
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11 years ago, Bmp78
Shows me everything I need to see.
It's user friendly, and you don't have to pay for it like online or even subscribing to the paper.
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11 years ago, CarlyLynn92987
Good app
Nice app for local information. Mostly hometown celebrations and minor crimes. Many grammatical and spelling errors in the articles... Can be frustrating when info is incorrect! Example: I-80 is closed! When they actually mean I-81.
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11 years ago, Jameshunt05
I do not have time to get the Herald Mail newspaper and read it. This app has made it possible for me to stay up with the local news. 5 stars!!!!
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11 years ago, Ycram68
Good local news!
Love to read local news without the hassle of joining like their online site!
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11 years ago, *Gammy*
I love this app... It provides quick and easy access to the news. Wish other newspapers would adopt this format.
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10 years ago, MeganSeesStars
I made an account just to read something that I am in and when I went to go try to read it, it said I have to get a subscription on the site. No. that's stupid. This app is useless if you gotta make an account and have a subscription. Make a mobile site. Not reinstalling.
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10 years ago, 6565Mick
What Happened To This App???
I need a password now? Really?? I mean I can access all the site on the regular web just fine but if I want to use the app I can’t unless I do what? Register? Pay? Could you developers just let us know what the deal is so we can use this app? Otherwise, I’ll just delete the thing.
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11 years ago, OceanF8
Great app!
Enjoy checking the news on a daily basis. Easy to navigate; keeps me in touch with the Hagerstown area.
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11 years ago, Rednkweldr
Decent but pretty basic
Breaking news could be updated more often could use more options
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11 years ago, Maryland crabber
Nice to have a short check on the local news
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12 years ago, House2001
No More News
The current version of the app no longer offers the ability to read the news. Accessing local news was the entire point the app. It is now pointless.
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11 years ago, Foulball55
Great on the go news APP.
Great on the go news APP. Keeps in touch when out of town or quick browsing while eating lunch.
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11 years ago, MissysBmom
The site is not very comprehensive. Only about half the content as the website. No access to the classifieds. I agree with updating the "breaking" news.
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10 years ago, Times 5
Review herald mail
I have tried to offer a review but it wasn't accepted. Apparently the paper doesn't want to hear from everybody. Okay how many nicknames do you have to try?
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10 years ago, Nenhk
Used to love.. Now deleting.
I've had this app since it came out. I've loved it. I am now deleting it for these two reasons. I am not putting in a password to read the news. The new layout is much more difficult to read and navigate.
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10 years ago, Shell921
Since the update for the app I have not been able to view anything past the startup screen. I attempted to uninstall app and download again but still not able to get past the first screen :(
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