Hey! on Fark.com

4.5 (152)
15.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fark, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hey! on Fark.com

4.54 out of 5
152 Ratings
6 years ago, trojanrabbit74
Great for mobile use
For some things I prefer using this mobile app to going to the actual Fark website. For browsing of posts, the app works well, with no ads to clutter things (though you really should support Fark by subscribing to TotalFark and/or BareFark) If you want to do more complicated things, like post a picture or ‘edit’ a previous post, then the iPad interface makes things difficult. There appears to be no difference in operation after ‘upgrading’ to iOS12, on the iPad or the iPhone
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6 years ago, Vurcease
Solid, has improved
I really enjoy using this app. I’ve been a Farker since before broadband was a thing, and always will be. This app nicely arranges the content and keeps your place as you bounce out to the stories and back. Unfortunately, most news sites in mobile are just awful, but that’s not FARK’s fault. So there’s only so many I can sit through. But the headlines and discussion are great. Thanks for providing this app to the Farkers our there.
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6 years ago, MOPAR BLUE
I Love Fark
I mostly use the mobile for the updates on threads I’ve commented on. Site works well.
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6 years ago, Evil Twin Skippy
A must for the mobile farker
The interface is an excellent mobile interface to the Fark website for the farker on the go. Or on the couch. I particularly like the alert system. You can tune it to both headlines and replies to your posts in the comments. I use it every day.
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5 years ago, Numbers girl
I get all my news from Fark. Com!
If it weren’t for this app I wouldn’t have any idea what’s going on in the world. It works really for me and I don’t have a problem with ads like others have mentioned. Much more convenient than the regular site.
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4 months ago, Qzjeff
Don’t use this app
App used to be useable. The amount of pop ups and annoying advertisements make this app unusable. Open up a browser window with the full ( Not mobile) site and your experience will be a factor of ten to a hundred times better. I tried to give no stars after using this app for years. This app now deserves zero stars. Can’t rate it without at least 1 star.
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6 years ago, SomeGuyWithIphone
Great App... except for one thing.
It doesn’t look like you can clear the cache, history or cookies (let’s be honest... it’s a browser.) The only way to stop the stupid ‘you’ve won a gift card’ popups is to completely re-install the app.
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11 months ago, zeroreasonforthis
Constantly keeps popping a very obtrusive full screen video with zero way to turn off the feature. Also, unlike four years ago this app has ads.
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6 years ago, DarksideHalo
Photoshop threads!
Photoshop threads are pretty-much the only reason I use this app, but it does a fantastic job at that!
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6 years ago, singdizzy
stopped working after latest update.
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7 years ago, I heart Archimedes
Fark is awesome!
Antidote to fake news, global community, the smartest people I've ever known putting in their snarky $2 worth. Priceless!
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6 months ago, Reynard2ki
Video is intrusive
Deleting because the annoying video is omnipresent.
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8 years ago, Lucifer's Bunny Slippers
Been a Fark Member,(LBS not my Fark handle), for years and it's a fun site. As for the app it works about as well as any other with minor glitches here and there, but that's par for the course for the world we live in. Nothing's perfect. Perfection is for the emotionally disordered anyhow. I've read others speak of the adds with the tiny x that doesn't work. Well you don't say! Geez that kind of bs is all over the net, not just Fark. Join! Make a handle, develop some personal satire and have some fun.
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3 months ago, BLayingBeads
Avoid the forums.
Internet chats used to be a fun place but not anymore. Mods quickly delete opinions they don’t agree with and ban you for not being a part of their echo chamber.
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6 years ago, Whatabuggerling
Fark this!
I almost put my eye out with it! Noodles64
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7 years ago, Idontwannapickaname
No support for dynamic type
You get one font size, you can’t make the font bigger, makes the app pretty useless on certain devices. The default font is pretty tiny.
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6 years ago, Wingstat
Slow and late
Snarky and funny, but the News is usually old, late and then stale. 1-3 days late in most cases. Improve timing and this would be a Top App!
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6 years ago, GramasaurusRex
The best news app
If you love Fark you’ll love the Fark app.
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6 years ago, Tr96ekCx45
Most fun I have in the bathroom!
Love me some Fark!
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6 years ago, The_Knarf
Needs an update.
Flair and tags for headlines do not work anymore. Really needs an update.
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4 years ago, EmperorFlippyNips
Scam app!!
This app appears to just be a phishing app to get personal login info.
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11 years ago, CrazyKenTheAppRater
News with a heavy leftist spin
The headline teasers are real funny. Up to date news stories grabbed from the interwebs with an emphasis on bashing anything Conservative while protecting the looney left liberal to a fault. The comment section is filled with what seems like basement dwelling uberlibs, trolls, wannabe comedians, hippie elites, race baiters, obamorons, guilty white liberals, know it all collage children and a few common sense clear thinking Consevatives. If you're coming here for news don't expect any bad press about obama, his administration, or his friends. This is the kind of site that gets it marching orders from the democrat puppetmasters and they will totally ignore the truth if it means staying in good favor with the current regime. An example would be the hundreds of comments attacking the director of a UTube video for causing the Libya terrorist attack. The useful sheep are plentiful at this site.
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7 years ago, Yet Another Jared
Works on iPad, good site
The current release works on the iPad. The previous release would freeze after switching to another app, then switching back. The current release also adds a page loading progress bar which confirms it hasn't frozen. If you're not familiar with the Fark site, it's a news aggregator with a humorous bent. The commenters tend to be well informed, civil, and funny.
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8 years ago, LordluZr
Solid - but could be a bit better
For one, this app doesn't crap out unexpectedly- a common problem in the unofficial app. Second, I like the navigation between sections in this app much better. However, I'll echo someone else's comment here: would like to have access to the comments from the article rather than going back to the main screen. That's a quality feature on the unofficial app.
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8 years ago, Rowena28
Now you can waste time in the loo, too
As if it weren't enough to be able to pass your 9-5 cubicle slave time on Fark, now you can Fark around on your train or bus commute (please don't Fark when driving), whilst walking down the street to the office, waiting in line for the overpriced unhealthy take away, & even in the loo. I foresee productivity hitting an all-time low since Fark created a mobile app.
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10 years ago, Phantom of the Datawaves
need some ad blocking!
the app is pretty easy to use but I'm deleting it due to frequent full screen ads (often with incredibly small or nonfunctioning Xs to make you think you can close the ad but causing you to "click" on it instead) when I click a link or being taken to the app store by ads trying to shove their stupid game in my face. no settings to allow me to stop either of these obnoxious behaviors... so I'll stick to my computer where I can block that garbage!
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9 years ago, LenoreNevermore13
So far, everyone is right
Yes, there are sometimes ads with nonfunctioning Xs that get in the way. Yes, it doesn't take you back to where you were after you enter an article, but returns you to the top of the page. There is no way to save in app. But you get to read the articles in a clean interface, with a notion of what level of sanity it requires prior to opening it, generally. I like it's alert feature, but would love to be able to set it for levels...hey! for general alert and maybe heyyyy! for breaking news? I do use it as one of my dependable sources for news and entertainment. The bugs are mild enough for me to still enjoy the site.
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9 years ago, Alabaster socks
Use the non official app instead
I had been using the non-official app for Fark for a long time, but then decided to try out the official app thinking it would be better. I couldn't have been more wrong... The official app doesn't keep your place after reading the articles , you must go back to the main page to get to the comments sections, you must be logged in as a member to even read anything, and it's clunky. I don't see any benefit to this app . Doom on you official Fark app!
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12 years ago, Cretony38
Farking App!
Farking waste of time, I have check it several times a day to see all the great new stories! I forward to my friends & family and have a great time commenting on with all kinds of Farkers. It's the 1st thing I check in the morning and the last I check at night. Thanks FARK I waste lots of time enjoying your site.
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10 years ago, runester
Great way to stay abreast of the headlines
... both serious and otherwise. With the push notifications enabled, I've gotten immediate news of a celebrity death or a catastrophe. But this is Fark, so the app is also a fun way to read the sarcastic comments on the frivolous news stories, as well.
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12 years ago, spazmojack
Almost better than surstromming
I had this app installed in my 1987 Ford Escort EXP, and the gas mileage was negatively impacted. I tried adding ketchup, but that was the wrong move - it attracted weasels. So then I figured I ought to take it out for a fresh shave and a massage, and that pretty much did the trick. I now enjoy this app with chocolate sauce and bourbon. It's totally the crunk and stuff.
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12 years ago, Magruda76
Notifications don't always work, browser won't reorient itself when phone is rotated, cannot see URL of link before clicking, only one browsing window at a time, cannot copy URL of target website, cannot scroll to last post in a large thread forcing you to hit next page 50 times, basically just acts as an extra inferior safari page when you are currently using up your quota. Other than that, nice app.
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10 years ago, Kdppe
Fark It
First review of an app.. Has everything you'd need.. Only thing I have a problem with is the fact I can't hear any video from the app.. This is most likely an issue with my phone settings.. And FARK has an "open in safari" feature..
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7 years ago, nucular bum
New and Improved!
My latest gripe with the app--that when it linked to news sites it made them look all Internet 1.0--seems to have been fixed. It seems to be firing on all cylinders right now. My faith in Drew has been restored. Carry on...
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10 years ago, Leatherland
Works as advertised
The Fark app works perfectly on my phone. I receive alerts for a several categories when new items are posted and have not had any problems thus far.
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7 years ago, Annie Oakleaf
We don't make news, we mock news!
With the ways of the world today, FARK is my go-to for all thing newsworthy (and not-news worthy). At times all that is needed to get a non-biased education is not read TFA and skip straight to the comments section. YMMV.
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12 years ago, Mithiwithi
Launch Safari automatically pls
Would love if the "Read Story" and "Read Comments" buttons could be set to open a new Safari tab externally rather than embedding the browser in-app. still, liking the alerts at least :)
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10 years ago, Kendar_otn
I live Fark but the app always is buggy. For instance if I'm in the entertainment section and read an article then exit it takes me back to the main site but won't load entertainment again. It's annoying. This problem I have on iPhone 4. On the new iPad mini to works much better. 1 star for iPhone 4, 5 stars for mini.
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10 years ago, The New Word Order
iDrew ain't no voodoo
This app is bigger, better, and will buy a round when out on the town. Navigation is smooth. The text editor in comments has some limitations, but no more than is typical for mobile apps.
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12 years ago, Torrid-Takedown
I've been a Farker since 2002. I love how this app keeps me up to date with the world 30 min faster than most news sites. Way to go Drew, way to take a Chance on a Storm of info. Run through Heather fields unto the Sierra Nevada mountains to celebrate you success.
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9 years ago, Nerdlor
Fark sounds like fart if you think about it
You'll laugh, you'll cry... Mostly because you've never seen the seedy underbelly of the news cycle like you will with Fark. Also, I prefer Booker's to Maker's, which puts me on Drew's hit list
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11 years ago, Jonochoa83
Great app
This app is really fun and nice to mess with. I check it often for my news. The app would get five stars but sometimes I get an alert and I can't find the headline I was alerted with. Maybe I missed it but, this app needs a search engine for archives. Great job though guys thanks!
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11 years ago, 🎊🎊🎊
Works well but frame is annoying
Nice app for my fix during the day. The real site is blocked at work so this helps. The frame, however, makes it difficult to close pop-ups. If I see that flurking Mazda ad with the close button behind the top border one more time, this app is getting dropped like a rock.
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12 years ago, The Mrs Btadley
Much Better Now
The recent update has made this app a lot better. I prefer to turn my phone on it's side to read. I also like when my phone shouts, "Hey!", and see the look of surprise on other's faces!
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9 years ago, HVAC Hauler
Great app for a favorite site
I found the interface to be simple an intuitive. If you read Fark on your computer, this is a great addition to your mobile device.
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11 years ago, KP Smith87
Change default first screen.
I wish the first screen on opening the app was the fark main page rather than settings options. Otherwise, awesome app!
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12 years ago, Pistolvixy
The point if this app is the tigger alerts, that notify you breaking news, and news you wanna hear about. possible triggers are: Video tab, geek tab, shoes, Los Angeles, so you are never out of touch with the things you care about.
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7 years ago, asdfqwertypants
Does everything I could ask it to
News Notifications and humor
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10 years ago, Simonns
Great App...
Only thing I would like to see changed is when using the back button to the homepage it should take you to where you were on the page, not back to the top of the page.
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11 years ago, Zivicus
Great content
Sometimes difficult to find the piece your looking to read if you get off topic. Refreshing to the beginning/newest article is frustrating if you're reading several screens down.
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