HiDef Radio Pro - News & Music Stations

3.9 (35)
43.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Smartest Apps LLC
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for HiDef Radio Pro - News & Music Stations

3.89 out of 5
35 Ratings
14 years ago, Handydude
Very Good quality with limited stream interuptions
I have tried several of these radio apps and so far, this one seems to work the best with good consistancy. I have noticed though, interuption in the stream or application failure when listening to programming while moving between wifi, 3G, and Edge. If some improvements could be made on this front, I don't see any reason this app couldn't get 5 stars. Sound quality is amazing. Radio Stations are available to listen to from around the world in every language. I am currently using the iPhone 3G with a Altec stereo Bluetooth headset (I love this headset). Perhaps this issue is solved with more advanced hardware such as the 3Gs or Apple's new version of the iPhone yet to be released. After trying this app, I have deleted all the others I tried so far.
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5 years ago, Centaur 101
Could be one of the best...
Love this app when it decides to work. Two things that sticks out is the music identity what artist is playing(when available) so one could locate the artist or the album cover. The other is the full cover art work (which could be improved from the photo collection or somewhere else). Many radio apps either plain or too many stuff going on. Keep it simple silly. Know... the app could be one of the bast if it worked properly. If the app doesn’t get an update it usually doesn’t work, if it does get an update, it doesn’t work for a couple tries. Plus a lot of my favorite stations either left or they are no longer listed. I wonder why.
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6 years ago, Blankaffect
6/6 blues stations unavailable, and gave up on that. “Aardvark Blues” actually connected, but had zero listeners, which was no surprise because it was only streaming silence. There were a lot of stations that I don’t think I could pronounce the name if I tried. If you speak multiple languages, you may have some luck, I didn’t try any of those. Otherwise save your money and time, don’t waste it on this app.
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2 years ago, chickaboom
I love finding new…
… interesting music to listen too! Simple and easy to navigate. What fun!
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7 years ago, Traumfanger
Not good
Most selections are unavailable. Needs "local stations" category. Pretty interface and record feature but not worth the money. Many better radio applications are available.
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7 years ago, Ponceflower
Great when it works
Finding stations is kind of hit or miss with this app but there's definitely been some improvements made with its stability. It's an app worth trying
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5 years ago, johnly
Don't Buy
Maybe 9 years ago it was ok, but no more. I'm interested in classical and jazz, but nearly all stations I tried can't be found. The "few" it did find defaulted to the same non-classical, non-jazz station.
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7 years ago, mikehembree
Great app
Love this app
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14 years ago, Fudgie13
Works great!
I love this app. I only have a few minor complaints, like when you've found a station and tried it out and changed your mind, you are sent back to the list where you found the station, but all the way back to the top of the list, not where you left off in the list. Also, I saw several repeats in the station listings. With some of them it was kind of tricky trying to figure out what kind of music they play and what country they're broadcasting from, I guess due to all the different people who work at each of the stations and how each one decides to describe themselves, like there's no consistency. Other than those complaints, I really, really like it and it was definitely worth the money.
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9 years ago, VH fan for life!!!!!!!!!
For the love of God!!!!!
I love the variety of music available thru the app. It does crash from time to time. But for the love God please either reduce the number of commercials. Do you really need to play them every 5 minutes seriously. You pay $1.99 to get rid of the ads how much to get rid of the commercials. I stopped listening to one app due to lack of variety and constantly hearing the same songs over and over. All theses commercials are killing me. In the time I wrote this listening to the app the commercials played twice. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
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13 years ago, Goodgooglymoogly
Hi def radio review
Actually I'm fairly happy with the app. Several stations I can't find anywhere else, such as Howard 101. I use it everyday. However there are some serious problems with the recorder such as randomly cutting ur recording short, even with a strong signal, and QuickTime player doesn't always start which means you can't pick which part of the recording youse like to hear. Always starts from the beginning. Can't fast forward, pause, or rewind. Because this such a problem, I'll shoot ya 3 stars, but if you can fix this issue, I would be glad to change my review to a near perfect score. What's up guys? Been waiting...
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14 years ago, Dino Benelli
Just okay
I have been using iHeart radio which works very well for me. I bought this app when I saw that I could listen in background mode. I mostly use my iPod radio apps to listen to conservative talk radio while at school and work. I have not been very satisfied with this app yet. Stations that I can easily find in iHeart I can not find at all with this app. It would be nice if you could better organize the stations instead of having such long endless lists. Many of my searches turn up no stations at all. Scolling thru long lists is to tome consuming. Also, I am at school right now with a very good wifi network and yet I cannot get any station to play. I wish I could get a refund. This app has been very frustrating to learn and use.
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13 years ago, Southen Flavor
Can't Stop The Music
Until I found this app it was either some IPod music or a lot of Pandora but since then I haven't checked either of those two out in over two weeks since getting this app. The record feature alone makes it well worth the $1.99 fee! Hope they will be upgrading music selection in the Quiet Storm/Slow Jams and Zydeco areas in the future! :) Definitely my favorite choice when listening to music by far!
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12 years ago, Rasmodeus69
Sure you won't get EVERY station they have listed, I think some of them are only available to people who live close to the source of that particular station, or are fictitious, or the people who made the station aren't aware that they don't have/aren't using the right equipment to broadcast globally. But you WILL be able to find a station with your favorite music and more!! I love listening to lounge music, old time radio theatre and even those two southern women who talk about sex 24 /7! lol
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14 years ago, Burahn
Better than I hoped
Radio stations from around the world and got it for cheap too! This quite the deal with litterally something for everyone no matter the taste in music. My only complaint is losing the signal when I go into an area with a weak signal and the occasional crash. Also might there be an addon that let's me either know what I'm hearing or be able to record? Other than that, this is money well spent and I intend to use this program for a good long while.
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14 years ago, magnifico1000
Best Radio App
I believe this to be the best radio app. It has a very nice interface and an excellent station selection. Only Wunder radio has more feeds. But that app. is 3 times as expensive and has an outright ugly interface. Plus, past 30,000 feeds, well, it's like counting megapixels on a camera. How many is enough. Keep up the good work developers and I am more then glad to pay you (and Apple of course), 2 bucks for it.
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14 years ago, Rocco M
Hd radio
Overall love it but out of the 20 stations I set up as favorites a month ago more the half of them are no longer available There's a lot more to choose from but would like to reconnect with the ones I really liked. Otherwise a perfect app with great quality sound. Rechecked and still not getting mist of links. Finally deleted them and will start adding working links. Hate it because really liked the stations I had
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14 years ago, HDRadioUser
Great Program
Pretty cool how it can tap streams from anywhere. Definitely worth the upgrade if you like using a sleep timer at night. Both the free and paid versions do just what they say they will do. Only improvements I can think of are better handling of stations that are off the air and more informative messages. Thanks fir writing this great product.
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13 years ago, dennisa.el
When you find the genre for which your interested, and open it for selection. The list of stations are not organized and very confusing. Pandora or iHeart radio are free and organized so you can view them easy. They are free to use. This App is expensive and quite a rip off. Wish I had not bought this and only hope they will update the App.
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14 years ago, pvoice
This app provides entertainment that helps me get through the day. I rarely have an interruption or disconnect and when I do it comes back up with no problems. I've used this app for 12 hours at a time and it's worked flawlessly. My only complaint is there appears to be some stations that aren't broadcasting anymore but are still listed.
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12 years ago, Water Taxi Bob
Radio Radio
This is my fave app. I"m an old school radio guy and this is even better than having only a local radio. The pleasure is being able to drop in on another city and listen to what's going on musically or with talk channels. Infrequently, you have to restart the data stream but cell phones do that more often and seems to be the nature of the technology so far. This app is the best!
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13 years ago, coolIVu
Great when it works
I love the app when it works. Great stations and outstanding sound quality but.....it crashes on my iphone 4 frequently. At least 4 times an hour. I have to go in and re-start it. My wi-fi signal is clear and strong. And the multi-tasking in pro works sometimes. Sometimes it crashes. If those items could be corrected I would easily give it 5 stars. And even as it stands now, I would still get it.
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14 years ago, Sahein
Great music selection. Works well in wi-fi but has severe dropouts in 3g. An increase in buffer size may help. Background mode should not be so clunky to enter. If listening in wi-fi and you leave the wi-fi area, the music will stop. It will not transparently switch to 3g mode. You have to exit the program and start it again for it to work in 3g. It also seems to have a program crash bug that will surface if you record beyond the limited time capacity.
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14 years ago, Co282
Great app
Great app lots of stations and the quality is incredible. The best feature about the paid version is it has the ability to run in the background while using other apps. If that's important to you then the free version will work just fine however, for $1.99 you can't go wrong.
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9 years ago, btbmka
Fantastic application
Excellent application love all the stations to choose from! One complaint I just bought the advertisement free version and the very first thing I heard was an add. I sure hope I don't hear any more adds, if I do I will be asking for a refund. But still have to say it's a great application easy to use and lots to pick from. Thank you!!
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14 years ago, cptwcn
Great App
Works consistently well! Does exactly what it says and is great to use when you travel and you want to listen to one of your favorite radio stations from home. Not every radio station is on here and that is why I gave 4 out of 5. Would like to see the database expanded to include more FM radio stations. All in all a great app and worth the money.
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14 years ago, Pipperdog
Great app (when it works). This thing crashes and freezes more than any other app I own. 9 out of ten times when you click on a station it tells you that the station isn't broadcasting at the moment, that's bull- if you sit there click it a while eventually you'll conect. And they should go through and delete stations that are no longer in operation.
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14 years ago, ParkerM88
Gotta buy
Best radio app out there! Needs retina display skins but those are coming soon Update. After using this app for a while it needs access to audio controls in multitasking so we can pause instead of having to go into the app. Also the UI for searching stations and accessing favorites needs an overhaul. It's very ugly and doesn't match the polished radio player. It's like two separate programs. Update 2: still no audio controls in Multitasking bar. I hate having to go in the app to pause the station. Again the search UI needs an overhaul. Make it like an apple app! Best radio app so far Update: well they changed the name again and now the app is called HiDef...io Pro cause that doesn't look stupid. Just put it back to HiDef Radio like it was originally called. Still no search and UI is very plain
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14 years ago, HarryB_1120
Save your money, get the free version
I used the free version for a few days. Decided to get paid version for the shut off timer. Interface is slow, stations listed multiple times to up the station count, connection is poor even when I have excellent reception. It would help if songs were identified when playing. The ability to play music in the background is a plus until apple releases next OS with multitasking. Not terrible but definitely needs LOTS of improvement.
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14 years ago, Agreview
"A very usefull app for people who want to listen to music world wide."
I like this app. It is definetly worth it's money. It is one of my favorite apps because I can listen to many music stations worldwide in different languages. I can listen to them anywhere and anytime without worying about the signal. I love this app, and I definetly recommend this app.
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13 years ago, N8bog
This app is one of the most useful apps! I use my phone for radio about 70% of the time and this app has it all. Howard stern radio for free! Clear quality and you can record it! Have nothing to complain about. Also has lots of good radio stations. Stream radio that does not repeat songs! Totally worth every penny.
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12 years ago, fascella05
Great app !!
Great app, few miner bugs like one station I had it on for about an hour and it just shut off and said fail. But there are hundreds of other stations just like it. The other thing is it dosnt tell you the artist. All the other stations I have work great, 24/7 Metallica great , 80s metal sweet , I'm also looking for 80s dance , like Steve B Cynthia Johnny O!!! If any one knows post it
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12 years ago, Hsennett
Overall a great app
After finding stations that I liked and putting them into my favs, I have found this app to be fun to use. The quality and stability is fine. All I ask is that when updates are released that they auto-migrate favorite list.
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10 years ago, Lainie515
Great app, for the most part...
I'm very glad I purchased this app as it gives me access to numerous channels of old time radio crime / mystery shows; however, it freezes up several times a day and sometimes plays a particular channel only to indicate no access to that same channel 3 minutes later.
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14 years ago, HR Ferguson
Fix couple of things real quick
Y'all need to fix some of the stations y'all have cause I was kind of pist the stations didn't work. And if we can request the station we want to have in your app, I give y'all 5 stars. But fix the following stations for me and add some on top of that: all of Baltimore and Washington DC Sport stations, 92.3 Baltimore, Hot 97.1 New York, 93.3 & 95.5 Washington DC, and 95.5 Atlanta. Please and thank you.
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14 years ago, Rotary4life
It's not the best, but my favorite.
It's a nice radio app, takes many off the radio channels found on the web and brings them all to you, I was manly happy to find a eurobeat station cause those are so hard to find. The app isnot with out it's bugs though, even with them I think it is worth it.
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14 years ago, Logaspyn
Very good, but needs better UI
Simple but boring UI. Works great, but could use some cosmetic tweaking. Stays connected better than most radio apps. I find myself always going back to this radio app after trying new ones because it just works better.
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13 years ago, Mousiez
Totally wonderful!!!!
I have always wanted to listen to foreign stations, this app really works,and it is great fun listening to far away places, and getting to hear about things like.....traffic! I recommend it to anyone who loves radio.
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14 years ago, Guy and Jackie
A mixed bag - but has a lot of potential
There are tons of stations, with a good variety of content, but the app is quite buggy. While it seems OK on the iPod, it consistently freezes on the iPad. It was hard to get it to stop playing, and the app wouldn't respond to any buttons. Another weird thing is that the icon is the wrong one for the app. Instead of the HiDef icon, the app has the same icon as the 5-0 radio series. I hope the developer fixes this, since the real icon is much nicer! For now, a recommendation for purchase, but with the caveat that it doesn't play well on iPad. I hope this will be fixed in the next update.
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12 years ago, jan1189
Good. App
But i have some radio stations that I favorited it is not working its been a long time so I deleted them I try to get some of my favorite station back non of them are working it is still the same so can you guys fix the problem
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14 years ago, Porlock
Sweet Little Internet Radio App
Hasn't crashed. Starts playing the feeds quickly. The recording feature is a real plus - though I think the REC button should be more prominent, and operate with fewer steps (and automatically title tracks with the station name, and a time/date stamp).
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14 years ago, DJ Nemisis
So cool
This is a good App. This was just what i was looking for. I do a lot of driving and I like to listen to something different every now and again. I especially love the comedy stations. Makes my day a lot easier and quicker.
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11 years ago, Lonecoyote 1
Geat app for classical music
I've several radio apps primarily for classical music and flamenco. While this app is a bit short in flamenco it has a decent classical library, certainly not as extensive as Tunein, but it's very easy to use with hardly any crashes.
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12 years ago, McSear
V.good, mostly reliable. + my own skins!
App is usually good, but occasionally has trouble with caching for smooth music streaming compared to some other app's, but appears to have good developer support. Some of the features become apparent after you poke around a bit. Good selection of stations & genres! Needs even more skins! =^)
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14 years ago, ao5050
By far the best electronic music app
Get ready guys to enjoy great sounds coming out of this app, wether you like trance, progressive, house, tribal house, drum & bass or break beats this app is it!!! Enjoy it wether you are on the at&t network or on an unlocked iphone running edge network like me its AWESOME!!!
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14 years ago, mcrowls
Great stations no cost
Despite some feeds not coming through very clearly with background mode, it takes some playing with, this app is wonderful. I can now listen to Howard Stern and movie soundtracks without having to pay per month like a schmuck.
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9 years ago, Musicdem
Good sound
The only reazon I give it 4stars is the sound best in the web, the only negative thing is that you tune to one station to day but a lot of times you can't tune in to same station tomorrow or after an hour, if they fix this will be the best radio streamer in the web for $1.99
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14 years ago, Bonkie16
This app is pretty sweet! U have billions of radio stations 2 choose from listed by genre! Great app, good 4 anyone looking for good music. 1 suggestion would be to enable people to see what song is playing so they can buy it on itunes.
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14 years ago, Wil J
Everything I Could Want
This app is my favorite for music. I spend a lot of time listening to Deep House, and especially like the record and share features.
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14 years ago, Hitchrock
Very satisfied
This radio picks up the stations I love to listen to and others I'm always finding out about. I can use it at home or car equally with no problems. Recommended!
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