HISTORY: Shows & Documentaries

4.3 (14.1K)
59.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
A&E Television Networks Mobile
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for HISTORY: Shows & Documentaries

4.28 out of 5
14.1K Ratings
4 months ago, sarylj
The Pickers
I am 98 years old and I am visually impaired! My daughter bought me an iPad and now I can watch my favorite shows! I have been watching the Pickers since day one and now I can watch them whenever I want! I have seen all the episodes at least 3 times but even when I watch the repeats, I enjoy it as much as the first time! Many items and stories remind me of experiences in my own life! I am so grateful to have this opportunity in my life, as it brings me so much happiness! My biggest problem though, when watching the old episodes, I can’t read the prompts on the screen and my daughter has to be around when the FREQUENT commercials interrupt the episode I am watching, so she can answer the prompt and proceed so I can finish watching the episode! I find this very frustrating and I don’t like to have my daughter spend so much time helping me watch the old episodes! I also enjoy the series of Alone and some of the other History stories. Thank you for providing such interesting programs!
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3 years ago, Fjddjrd
Good, but a few suggestions.
I really like that the History channel has decided to join the streaming service community. They have a great variety of pretty much all the shows you see on the History channel through a TV service provider. However, i’m a bit disappointed that you have to have a TV Service provider in order to get any access above the very few select episodes they offer for free. I wish they would follow suit to the other streaming services and offer a monthy, tri-monthy, 1/2 year, or a year’s subscription plan at some rate for those that do not have a TV service provider, but would like access to these shows. With the vast array of streaming services becoming more and more available, I believe it is only a matter of time before streaming services completely take over from TV service provider’s. My family is finding that it is much cheaper to pay for the tailored channels and streaming services we like, often at a much cheaper rate than tv service providers. For that reason, we are trying to do away with our own tv service provider. But the fact that History Live requires you to have a Tv service provider does not make that option readily available to those following this path, or simply unable to have tv service. I believe the history channel would be able to profit much more and attract a greater audience if they offered membership rates (monthly, 3-months, 6-months, 1 year) in addition to the free option already available if you have a tv service provider.
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2 years ago, iluvtofumt
Worst streaming app ever!
The History channel streaming app for Apple TV is the worst network television streaming app ever and has been for several years. All of the issues others have listed are true, and still occurring after years of complaints. Let’s take my experience tonight as an example. I thought I would try to catch up on Forged in Fire. I think I was four episodes behind. During each of those episodes, when the show reaches a commercial break the app either simply crashes, or better yet, skips over the whole section of the show and goes into the next commercial break. These issues didn’t happen occasionally, they happen at every commercial break. This isn’t the first time I encounter these issues. I only have enough patience to use the app maybe once a month. Every time I use the app these issues reoccur. Luckily for you, I have the solution. Fire everyone involved in app development, everyone from upper management to ground level developers and testers, and start from scratch. With how long the app has been so horrible it’s obvious no one cares to give their customers a quality experience. And if I’m lucky I’ll get a reply to this review with their canned response to email them for assistance. Tell me this, how is your support going to fix this for one user, why not actually produce a quality product for all of your users.
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9 months ago, Mr. Corneilious
this app is going to be history!!!
I really love the history ch and all of the shows that are on it but they really went down hill when they started to show ads. I mean I put my cable provider in Bc I already pay for it in my plan so why do I have to watch ads if I already have a cable provider that I pay for. It wouldn’t be too bad if the ads actually played, first a pop up comes up and says would you like to watch a :30 sec interactive commercial or a 3 min one. Doesn’t matter which one you click Bc they are both horrible options. The interactive commercial once it’s finished it freezes the show or it will continue the show but will rewind like 15 min so then you fast forward and on e you get to the correct spot before the commercial then it will bring you to another commercial, Or it will just freeze you out and have to close the app and restart it but once you restart it and here you go again bam another ad….. again why all the ads!!!!! If you are paying for a cable service we should be getting all these ads. Either fix it so that they actually work and doesn’t freeze up, rewind you, or just slam you with ad after ad when you have to get back to the correct location after the ad screws up the show it’s streaming. Get it together or this app is going to be history!!!
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3 years ago, Mish Jean
Hopeful of a great app, semi-decent at best.
I downloaded this app onto my Apple TV when I started to watch a History Channel original series. Though I was excited to watch this series I became a fan of on History, the headaches began as I started to watch. Frequently, and multiple times per episode, audio will desync from the video. This only way to fix this issue is to back out of the episode and then to restart it, resuming where I left off. What makes it worse, is that the app does not keep track of where you last were watching, constantly hopping between seasons OR episodes within a season. This means having to search around to find the right episode. Worse yet. At times, after the episode is restarted to fix the audio, the video will change it’s ratio to a 4:3 with a large big black box off the right 1/3 part of the screen. To fix that, again, I have to stop the episode again, deal with the issues mentioned in the previous paragraph, and hope and prey to some deity that it will work when I restart it again. Overall, I’m greatly disappointed by an app that has been released by such a large organization like the History Channel. I would come to hope to find something that works a lot better for a channel this large.
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1 year ago, Vickie Ball Rademaker
Theodore Roosevelt
I am 68 years old and have visited the history of George Washington, General E. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln through your channel and am at awe over these films. I am sorry to say that I do not remember my history lessons and found history incredibly boring while in middle school, but now I find that I can’t get enough history, all because of your films. You are masters at portraying these men and I thank you for a new found memory to share with people. My mother used to tell me that we were related to George Washington and now I realize how. His mother was Mary Ball and we are Paul D. Ball’s daughters of three. I don’t know where it comes into play but it’s what she told us and we believed her somehow. Maybe wishful for bragging rights but we never said anything to anyone because you have to prove that kind of information. Anyway, thank you a hundred times for your hard work portraying those men and the times they lived in and their contribution to our wonderful country that we are privileged to live in. God Bless America AND YOU. Sincerely, Vickie L. Rademaker
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3 years ago, wildzapper77
Death by ads
This app could be great but it really is unwatchable because of the advertisements and commercials. It’s one thing to have too many ads but it’s another for the ads to literally strangle out the shows. I have done testing and I have discovered that the history shows draw little in data compared to most Which does tend to affect video quality but the ads seem to only play in very high and clear quality. So the data is nearly double or quite often extremely high compared to the shows so they tend to freeze a lot more often. Most of the time they don’t even resume playing again so you have to restart the whole app and hope that you don’t get the same commercial that froze it last time. The Google AdSense ads are even worse because they never play straight through because they’re trying to draw so much data at once that it just freezes. I have even tried this on Wi-Fi gigabit speed‘s and it still freezes and will not continue to play. All of the ads and commercials have made this app unbearable and unwatchable. Until they resolve this issue it is not recommended that you waste your time and effort and dad are just forward to keep freezing.
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2 years ago, Cynthiatx
The commercials make watching any show very annoying!
I really wish the History channel would fix the issues where the commercials cause the sound & video to be out of sink. It’s constant & the only way to fix it is to exit the show & restart it where u left off. You have to do this about 4 or 5 times during the show in order to get the sound & video to sink back together. It’s so aggravating that I stopped watching all shows on the History channel for many months. I love the shows on the History channel, but sometimes it’s just not worth the headache & annoyance that the commercials cause. I watch a lot of different apps that also have commercial breaks, but they do not have this issue. The commercials play & the show always stays in sink with the audio. This issue is specific to the History channel app. I watch this channel on two different Apple TV’s & on my iphone. All of them have this same issue. Please fix this!!! I cannot express enough just how annoying it is to try & watch a show with a lot of dialogue (which most History channel shows have) that is constantly out of sink with the video.
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3 years ago, Brinabina1988
I love History Channel and the app is very good. However, the fact that I cannot cast the episode from my phone to a bigger screen like my Samsung TV keeps me from rating five stars. Also the fact that the Samsung TV History Channel App never loads and always gets stuck on the start up screen doesn’t help either. I have gone through various troubleshooting methods including software updates to the TV itself, uninstalling and reinstalling the app on the TV, etc. In regards to the Chrome cast, it works fine with Disney Plus, Netflix, Discovery Plus, etc. I am only having trouble with the History Channel app. Minor complaints but thought I would share to better help future performance of this app. As I mentioned, it would have been 5 stars if it weren’t for those minor complaints.
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3 years ago, andrewthekid
Good content, terrible app
I have the app on my Apple TV to watch History Channel shows. The app will freeze and you will have to either back out of the program and try to start it again or sometimes you won’t get the chance to try that because the app will close itself completely. There are a lot of commercials, they offer ‘interactive’ commercials where you only watch a single commercial but you have to interact with it to close it. Problem is that after interacting with the commercial it will still show you more commercials anyway. All that is nothing compared to the audio constantly coming out of sync with the video. The audio will glitch and jump backward 15-20 seconds, but the video keeps going. The only way to fix it is to back out of the program and go back in. It will happen over and over again in a single episode. Sometimes every 3-5 minutes. I like the content on the app. But they need to fix the bugs.
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5 years ago, see a fish
Love the Past
I can only say that when we studied things like the “Roaring 20’s,The Depression,The Boston Tea Party,The Roman Empire, right on back to when the Dinosaurs roamed the Earth” and we as children could not escape from the exciting things we were being taught, only a lot of the ways we were taught was matter of factly very boring. I really liked it when there was a film, even fact filled documentaries were great. As valuable as a books knowledge can be, they’ll never be as interesting as someone else doing the reading and telling about it. Ever since I can remember and before is how far back my true desire to be next to GOD goes. Now with that being said, Please History Channel Accept My Full Hearted Thankfulness!!!! You Make History Fun!! I Sincerely hope that you continue to be a large part of the knowledge that we seek the most. Knowledge of Ourselves!!!!
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2 years ago, Grey Myst
Nice to watch “Alone” episodes
I like this app being free so I can watch the Alone series. Of course, being free it is ad heavy. However, I find the ads shorter, and far less irritating than tv ads which are 40 minutes of a 60 minute show. Add in that tv shows now repeat several minutes of content after every commercial - content you already watched before the commercial - and you actually experience very little new content in an hour long show. I am just now using this app again after an absence of several years. Previously there were occasionally streaming issues, with the episodes stopping and freezing with it stuck trying to load. Haven’t had any issues so far this time. 🤞🏽 For reference, I’m streaming the app on a second generation ipad.
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4 years ago, Deliberate Living
Great content, annoying app
This review is for the tvOS app. No complaints about the shows on History Channel. In the tvOS app they look and sound fine. But the UX in the app is rough and riddled with bugs. 1. Constantly repeats the same show segments after an ad. I suspect this is triggered by the ad insertion system as it only seems to happen after fast forwarding through a show segment (which typically triggers a commercial). This happens a LOT! 2. So many commercials. It is almost unbearable to see the same commercial this many times. Forcing viewers to sit through the same commercial 15 times during an episode is bad business. Binge watching? I hope you’re ok watching a commercial a hundred times or more. 3. Mediocre navigating. I have to work harder than I’d expect to find what I want to watch in this app. 4. I have to log in / activate every other time I launch the tvOS app. Super annoying and time consuming. Multiple AppleTV’s have the same issue. 5. TvOS app doesn’t always remember what episodes I’ve watched so I’m constantly guessing which episode was last viewed. Add to this the issues above with fast forwarding and I’ve spent longer trying to get to the last 5 minutes of an episode than the length of the episode itself. I’m still using the app to binge some of my favorite shows but the bugs and UX issues make it a lot more difficult than it should be.
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3 years ago, Mdigginit
Love history, the app is hit or miss
I use this app on my Apple TV and it glitches on every single episode. When History Channel app first came out, I watched all the time because I could stream all my favorite shows WITHOUT COMMERCIALS. Now, commercials are integrated into everything and I’d rather pay more to not have them than be inundated with crap that I don’t want or need and doesn’t even pertain to history. The commercials are probably why it glitches so much now. I have to stop and reload the episode to fix the sound/video glitches and even force closes the app to make it run at all. Now, the app on my phone runs much better, but there’s no pop-out option for the video, so I can’t multitask on my phone. Please get rid of commercials and fix the glitches. I’d rather not watch tv than have to interact with commercials or do so much to get the episodes to play. Sincerely, Frustrated
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5 years ago, Libertylovr
Way too many commercials
Love the History channel, hate commercials taking up so much time! Vikings is my fave, can’t get enough, but you see 2 maybe 3 scenes and then boom! you’re bombarded with umpteen commercials! Give us a break! More show, less commercials. It would also be nice to see more historical period pieces like Vikings, as there are many of us who love love love ancient history. Not a big fan of the re-enactment shows though. The History app is great, but there is a lot of black screen and once again, those horrid commercials! When something is first run on TV, advertisers are getting their commercials on at that time. Why do we have to endure the same thing online? There should not be commercials on any shows that are viewed online. It’s advertiser greed. Libertylovr
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2 years ago, Lady Sandee
The very best Channel & App with so many different varieties of programming.
Hats off to the History Channel. There are so many different varieties of programming, so you never get bored. I, myself, am hooked on the Curse of Oak Island, (the search for answers to an over 200 year old mystery of buried treasure on an island in Nova Scotia), Mountain Men, (Follows several different men and women who live and make their living in the mountains),Swamp People (searching for & hunting alligators and pythons where their populations become dangerous for people). Their Documentaries are brilliantly and factually recreated periods of Historical interest. It’s one of my favorite Channels on TV, my IPAD and phone. There’s plenty of other different types of programming, too. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.
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2 months ago, aqh1970
I love watching this app
In all honesty, I would have rated this app a five star if so, many programs weren’t blocked. I find some of my favorite shows on here and watch here instead of watching even streaming services I have. But I find myself sometimes one to several seasons behind. If you do not want to stream certain programs like you do the curse of Oak Island, where you can see it the next day at least have it to where you can watch it the following week. One day, two days up to a week behind would be great and you would’ve gotten the five star. Other than my mild complaint above, everything else about this app is wonderful. Please keep up the good work and improve whenever you possibly can. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Leela Turanga
Availability is good!
Right now I’m having trouble with my Xfinity account because they can’t figure out why when I record something it won’t play back. I can just hear the audio and they’ve tried several things to fix it that haven't worked. So I appreciate the fact that the history channel puts everything on its app and you can go there and watch it. I was able to watch the show that didn’t tape properly just by going there. What frosts me is Xfinity is now having shows taken away and put on an app that you have to pay for and when the show doesn’t tape it’s not even on the app!! (D+) Thank you history channel for not being so stingy even though ads have to play.
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2 years ago, Alpine51
History shows the successful & unsuccessful hunter/gatherers
I appreciate the fact the the History producers show both ends of the spectrum in each area of survival living. Building shelters, hunting and fishing, those with a solid plan yet the ability to adapt, versus those with a plan that can’t adapt. Every level of challenge and ingenuity that contestants come up with. This is not a survival show with a preconceived outcome or plan of challenging the people, they let nature do the most unpredictable challenge that it can come up with. Thank you for a great, natural, survival show that surprises me with the ones that fail early and those that end up tapping out in a different order than expected. Great editing and mixing.
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4 years ago, 2lten
Wishing I could see this without paying because my income is to low for such things. Have no cable at all. The antenna doesn’t get you hardly anything at all. What you do get is just terrible. Can’t believe they would dumb us down this way or at all. We are being influenced by what we see n hear and if you can’t or won’t see n hear you won’t learn anything at all. Our world is based on knowledge and learning for process. How are we to better ourselves without the proper information. Love this channel and miss it dearly. Just found this app and I’m watching what there is free. Thank you for that much. It’s nice and wish it were free for all of it. Commercials are to much to long. Please be considerate about this.
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2 years ago, Ncjeirnfjzosksbfkcicn
Great content, but difficult to watch
History channel does not have any applications to download on Samsung Tv, gaming consoles, etc. It makes it difficult to watch on Tv. One option is to try and stream it to a Smart tv from my phone, and that is riddled with issues. Every time an ad plays, the content will not load again without restarting the app or disconnecting and reconnecting to the tv. The other is to screen share from my phone, and the same problem occurs. If we can get through an ad break, the episode will restart from the beginning causing us to fast forward and watch through the same ads again, hoping for the content to resume after every ad break. Please add support to download apps on tv or gaming consoles that connect to tvs.
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6 months ago, patstats
Streaming is still eratic
There are obvious breaks in the video where the commercial broadcast would pause for an advertisement or two. Why this streaming playback doesnt break at these points is disturbing to me. At least three times while watching the Curse of Oak Island the video would cut to History Channel’s own promotions but broke in the wrong place. And when the video resumed, it would jump back to a previous portion of the show. It’s gotten to the point where if I can’t watch it live (and even that’s problematic) I have to contend with having to cue up where I left off. And when I do that, it throws another commercial at me. I spend a good twenty minutes trying to understand the continuity of the show. Please fix your streaming capabilities. It’s still not right.
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4 years ago, Thunder Storm Pod Cast
Hi .
Apparently I’m suppose to create a review of this app or channel or Shows. It must be extremely difficult to fill a 24/7 channel with shows with an unknown projected budget from Advertising and Payed cable .From that aspect you have to deploy a budget sparingly and support certain project and kill them off if ratings come back unfulfilling .But how long to give each project a chance would be by each shows Budget . If they can not self sustain themselves by ratings and budget you would have to terminate the program. From this aspect I find your channel to be going work . I only enjoy one or two of your shows. project blue book being one of them. Thank you for the entertainment.
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5 years ago, CaptShaun
Way Way Way Too Many Ads
Where do I begin? This is the first app I have ever given less than 5 stars. The History App has it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good part is that I can watch the shows I love anytime I want anywhere I want. The bad news is that sometimes the app is glitchy and I have to restart my Apple TV to get it to work properly. The ugliest piece of the puzzle is the exhausting amount of ads as of late. I was completely OK with 3 (often repetitious) ads during each break, but now it has doubled to 6 (often repetitious) ads during the 5 breaks on a 40 min show. After reading recent reviews, I find most customers are feeling the same way I do. However, I do not believe History knows or cares what the viewers want. If the app continues down this path, then I fear that soon it will finally live up to its name and become HISTORY!
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6 years ago, Alabama Man 66
Country boy show
This show is watch by country boys and hunters , out door people. I think you need to make sure the contestants have the skills that allows us to learn from . The woman that left because of the hook in her had was a shame all county boys have took a hook out of their hand it’s a simple thing to do . When she lashed the knife to her arm let us know she’s miles behind the average country boy in skills . I won’t to see people that don’t just survive but thrive in the woods . They still lack the knowledge to use the fish to kill a bear . To hunt at night when the animals are walking threw their camp . I love the show it’s great Just my adopt make it better . Thanks for all you do your biggest fan . Game Man
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3 years ago, 1TrinityJITiU
I wanted to like it
This app is awful. I stream a lot and this is the only app that can never make it through an episode without buffering to no end so I have to stop and get back in, then it’s near impossible to get back to the place you were at—so you have to watch a ton of commercials AGAIN to get back to where you were. It will also freeze for no reason and then the same thing again—-commercials until you can get back to where you were. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 tries to get back in to watch the show, it’s very frustrating and I often just abandon watching whatever I was watching. What’s the point of ‘signing in’ when shows are not saved and the app does not show what I have watched? No, it is not my ISP. This is a very buggy app. Wait until it’s fixed to download. Why don’t you take a hint from other apps that do this quite well—Netflix comes to mind.
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3 years ago, TabbiWytch
I hated history in school
But many years later, I’m very interested in history, especially of our origins. I’m a huge Ancient Alien fan now and I’ve been trying to catch up on all the episodes that I’ve missed, but sadly they’re not all there. I’m not sure why the History Channel app would skip some of the episodes in a given season. It’s ok, Discovery+ has them, tho they only have up to season 8. Also, why can’t I watch things on my smart tv? There’s no symbol there to click on so I can change it. Please fix this. You’ll have one happy History customer and I’ll change my rating. Thx!
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3 months ago, Soobiewrxsti
History channel - GREAT! The app - not so much
I absolutely love the history channel content, which is one of the reasons why I pay top tier package from my local cable company. But, the app… that is a nightmare. And even worse are the commercials…. Why do I pay the cable company for the channel and then have to pay for removal in the app by paying for History Vault? Also, why are some of the shows listed in the vault and not all of them? (and by all of them, I mean ALL OF THEM including the ones that were just release the day before) The other issue is that the app keeps kicking me out. I have to constantly keep putting in my cable company credentials to prove that I have cable - only to watch commercials… the whole thing just seems like a money grab. I guess I’ll continue to waste my money because I like the content so much.
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3 years ago, Hashi G
Excellent Shows
Well some of the shows have absolutely no connection to history some of them definitely do. I’m not necessarily against shows that have no history behind them but I must say the ones that do are definitely worthwhile. I would definitely like to see more shows that involve our history and forget the ones that seemingly have little to no connection to what I’d expect of a “history” channel. I’d also like to see more shows that are NOT focused on specific interests - shows like Forged in Fire or Pawn Stars. Just my opinion but they aren’t what I’d call “history”.
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3 years ago, onespeedonly1
Commercials always hang
I understand that in order to provide a free app and the programming the commercials are necessary. I have no complaints about having to watch them. I do, however, have complaints about those commercials getting stuck in a loop in which the same commercial plays over and over again (5 times in a row. Why?). Or a block of commercials plays but the last commercial in the block plays 2 seconds and then hangs. Restart the app and the same block plays over only to hang 2 seconds into the last one again. Doesn’t matter if I watch on my phone or iPad. Same poor performance. Were it my app I would make certain the thing played the ads, the source of revenue, flawlessly. This app does not. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, Fred45510
Washington, Series
I just finished watching Washington, on my 10 inch iPad, while on vacation. It was fantastic. It is such a pleasure to be able to relax in the comfort of your bedroom, and watch such a moving story, in beautiful HD. It was like reading a good book, in bed, at the end of a busy day. I had tears in my eyes by the end. The acting was excellent, as well as the whole movie production. I particularly liked everyone of the historians, they added such realism to the scenes. And not having an overwhelming amount of commercials was really appreciated. I will spread the word about this show. Every American needs to see this, and get a refresher course on how this country got started. Thank you.
Show more
6 years ago, Quit hardrock
Great look into past and present
Was recently on vacation in up state California and was seeing many logging trucks and lumber mills. My grand father was a lumberjack and ran a small saw mill in the 30’s and 40’s. As a kid I remember seeing some of his old hand saws and chain saws in the old barn. Watching the Ax Men series has enlightened me as to how hard and dangerous lumbering was and is. My hat goes off to people that have done and are still doing that difficult job. Many thanks to the History Channel for all the great programs they show. As for the concerns some people have about commercials, I believe it’s a small inconvenience for what we are getting in high quality entertainment.
Show more
4 years ago, Hclip1976
tvOS major bug
I love the history channel and the content they provide, American Pickers is probably my favorite show. But at least 5-10 times an episode of whichever show I’m watching the audio goes out of sync with the picture. I have to menu click out of the episode, then resume the same episode and it seems to work for a couple minutes then goes out of sync again. This is on tvOS, I don’t encounter this problem on iPadOS. I’m at a point of not using the Apple TV app anymore because of this. Also, holly smokes are there a lot of commercials! And they repeat over and over, if you’re bing watching get ready to see the same 5-10 commercials 50 plus times. Sometimes they will play the same one 4-5 times in a row!
Show more
4 years ago, man.of.42.names
Not bad but could be better
The app and idea behind it is not bad. I like that I can easily catch up on shows that I haven’t seen. That being said it could be better. I use streaming services to avoid commercials. When using the app it has quite a few commercials in one block and it doesn’t have much variety. With a 45 minute show, I see the same series of commercials about 5 times. I understand that the app is free and that for some shows you don’t have to pay to be able to watch them, but the amount of commercials is slightly excessive. I also experience problems with the videos playing on my iPhone 6. Overall I am very happy with this app as I enjoy a fair amount of history channel shows.
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4 years ago, lzrnoodle
This app is an ad-filled disaster
In theory, this app is simple, watch History Channel content on Apple TV. In practice it borders on unusable. Video streams repeatedly glitch out and repeat the last few seconds, after which the audio completely loses sync. To fix it you need to stop the stream, exit the app, go back to the stream, exit the stream to the episode menu and then restart the stream. I’m exhausted just typing all that. Now imagine having to do that it every. few. minutes. If that were not bad enough, once the video starts you call look forward to 8 or 9 ads in a row, you guessed it — every. few. minutes. Often it’s the same ad, 9 times in a row. If the goal is to make me hate a product and the History Channel brand, then mission accomplished. Recently they added a NEW ad feature. Now they completely pause the program to ask me if I want an “interactive ad” instead of the 9 usual ads. If I say yes another ad runs, then makes me hit play again. After which I still see, you guessed it, ANOTHER ad. So to recap, now I have to constantly use the remote just to get through an endless stream of ads in the hopes of catching a couple minutes of a show here and there. It’s ridiculous and unwatchable.
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5 years ago, 24Blue
No Issues
I just finished watching/listening “The Food That Built America” via my Fios account, and I loved it. I’m working a long hours so I don’t mind the commercials because I wasn’t actually watching but more of listening. However, I do notice that the streaming process was great as there wasn’t any interruption at all. The reason I’m saying this because if I was watching my shows on my phone via fios top box while I’m home my shows get interrupted every 20-30 minute and it’s just spinning forever. I have to log back in again over and over. But watching History Channel today was no issues at all. I’m happy!
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4 years ago, andreasoup
Apple TV app audio doesn’t match video/captions
I can’t speak for the iPhone or iPad apps, but the Apple TV app leaves a lot to desire. Every few minutes of watching The Curse of Oak Island the audio repeats itself and lags behind the video and captioning. In order to fix it, you have to exit the video and start playing again until the same thing happens again moments later. Another frustration is if you choose to watch an interactive ad vs multiple regular ads , the screen doesn’t return to full size and plays the show on about 2/3s of the screen-also only fixable by exiting and replaying the episode. This is especially disappointing since this is a service I pay for. I would love a seamless watching experience please. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.
Show more
5 months ago, dk19900511
Lots of glitches and not functional
Across all devices this app is extremely glitchy. Shows and commercials skip and loop frequently. About 20% of the time you have the option to go to the next episode at the end of an episode. The other 80%, when a show ends, it sends you back to the Home Screen and then shows are organized from newest to oldest so you can’t just pickup where you left off. You have to search through all the seasons and episodes… I’m convinced it’s a crappy app by design so you get frustrated and go pay for their shows on other platforms. Seems like these issues have been going on for years based on other reviews. I’m not sure why else they wouldn’t be fixed by now.
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12 months ago, Latnusnino
Horrible Streaming App
The functionality of this app for streaming is horrible. Aside from having to have 5 or 6 pauses for ad breaks, the shows constantly freeze up and bounce back which causes a new ad break when you try to forward back to where you were, frequently after returning from ads the audio is off so you have to rewind a little to resync, and sometimes the show freezes all together and you have to exit the app, if it doesn’t crash on its own, then when you go back to the show it doesn’t pick up where you left off. So again, fast forward and more ads. I wish I could say that this occurs on just my iPhone but I also experience on my Roku devices so this is clearly a History channel issue across the board and not simply an apple thing.
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1 year ago, Tiddles23
We have loved following The Curse of Oak Island since it began. It’s amazing to actually see the progress the Lagina’s and their partners have made over the years using more and more sophisticated technology. Watching on the History Channel is as close as we can get to actually being there. I do, however, agree with previous reviewers and wish we could stream The History Channel without a tv provider and not have to watch after the initial airing of our favorite shows. We cut the cord years ago and only have antenna tv along with a few streaming channels.
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5 years ago, BA baller
Commercials 👎🏼
Way, way, way too many commercials. And they are way too long, and you play the same one two, sometimes 3 times in a row. I already pay for the provider. Collect money from them and make your commercials much shorter. And don’t play the same one, over and over again. I got the message the first time. Just annoying and unnecessary. Please fix this ASAP! I love the shows on here, but the commercials, come on! I’m able to fast forward through them on my cable box. I’d like that Same option when watching on my phone through this app. Other than that, Great shows, keep up the good work. Please do something about all these long overly played commercials. Thanks
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2 years ago, BradleyBadger
I really enjoyed alone and I’ve wased all the episodes. Sometimes I got tired of seeing blades of grass are the same clip over and over again in the same episode. I’m sure that is difficult for the participants to get good footage while trying to fend for themselves; there for making it hard for the editors to find good footage. I really enjoy seeing them put their shelves together actually catching food and solving problems. Sometimes there’s a lot of starvation scenes. Well I certainly feel for them it would be nice to see more scenes of them doing something.
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12 months ago, Auperk Monkey 7
Fix your app!
For the love of God, your app when I watch it on, my iPad is an absolute nightmare. It constantly stalls every time it pulls away for ads. The show will stall, it returns 10 minutes into the future of the show, sometimes it just comes back and shows a blank screen, sometimes you have to push play all over again it’s an absolute nightmare, a boy or boy you sure are revved up about serving up the same stupid ads to everybody aren’t you. If you put half as much effort into making your app functional as you did, trying to spam people with outs over and over this thing would be an absolute dream. It doesn’t matter if I pick interactive or three minutes it stalls every time. Please fix this!
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1 year ago, PDip54
Worst app ever
Where to begin with the flaws in this app? The commercials are incessant. Sometimes we can’t even open the app. It tells us we have no internet, but surprisingly, every other app on our Apple TV plays just fine. Sometimes we pause the show, because who doesn’t, and when we hit play, we are sent back to the beginning of the show and can only fast forward by tapping a million times in the 10-second increment. And how about watching the 4K TV stream as one big pixilated mess? It’s like trying to watch TV without my glasses on. And is it other apps? Is my internet slow?? Oh, no. It’s just the History Channel. It causes terrible eye strain and headaches. We love History Channel shows, but using this app is literally painful and not worth the effort.
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3 years ago, Trampystamp
too many repetitive commercials
I appreciate the free app, being able to watch some great shows without paying for a subscription. But if you’re going to make me watch commercials, why do I need to watch a commercial for windshield repair literally 6 times in a row. I don’t understand the logic in forcing viewers to watch the same commercials over and over every few minutes. Maybe just eliminate them all together. Or advertise products that are outdoor related. Or just show one commercial per break, instead of the same Jeep commercial 2 times in a row. Particularly when watching survivals shows such as Alone, it kind of takes me out of the element.
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3 years ago, SKeeZiXS is ME!
Signs of the times…
The element/s I’ve LOVED have created hope. The aspects that I admire and enjoyed included dynamics of working as a team while honoring individuaI opinions… I like to learn so I appreciated gaining information about a field (archeology—not searching for treasure…)that I’ve yearned to work in but probably don’t have sufficient patience to do well… Guest experts impressed me with the range of their knowledge and their commitment to volunteering their skills. Everyone rose to the task at hand. (I was disappointed when three archeologists—all female—were “asked” to leave after two years of work! That was a “downer” for me…) Thanks! From North Carolina (KYN)!
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7 years ago, pdb322
Fix the commercial interruptions!
I downloaded the app and tried watching a show to catch up on it however I was only able to get through half the episode. The episodes are interrupted by commercials every five minutes. At one point I there were five commercials back to back and then the screen went black without the episode resuming. I then had to close down the app and reopen it to watch my show. The video resumed without issues, unfortunately it was the commercials that started playing again and not the episode. The same thing repeated itself, several commercials and then a black screen! I repeated the process twice more with the same results and then gave up. There's no point creating an app like this if these are the results! Don't waist your time downloading it!
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2 years ago, Speckthename
Outdated and bugs galore
I have tried to keep this from being a review. I have sent the support a message twice now about a specific advertisement that will not play. It freezes on the first frame that conveniently has the drugs name on it Trulicity. I close the show or force close the app and try to resume the show but guess what happens? It tries to start that advertisement for trulicity again. It took three days before I got to watch the end of the five episodes that got stuck at the finale commercial break. Please I love the almost every show history has to offer. But the stupid trulicity freeze frame advertisement and the time and date error that locked the whole app is getting old.
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4 years ago, Heyeflier15
So annoying
I really like the show Alone. Unfortunately most of the seasons are only on the History App. The app has a TON of commercials throughout each episode. If you ever get off the app halfway through an episode often it’ll forget where you were. That means you have to scrub through and guess where you left off. And guess what, if you scrub through one of the designed commercial breaks looking for where you last were, BAM another commercial. Sometimes you can opt for the 30 second “interactive” commercial. I can get over the annoying Trump ads, but often the interactive part isn’t working and you can’t move forward to your show, even after restarting the app. Definitely the worst streaming app I’ve ever used.
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4 years ago, Username Taken 4000
Nonstop ads
Way way way too many ads. Nonstop ads. Repeat ads. Back to back repeat ads. Give us a friggin break from the ads. They’re not interesting. They don’t make me want to go there and buy stuff. Aside from the 14 billion ads I have to watch in one episode of a show, the app itself is ok. Nothing special. Does anyone want to hear more about the ads? C’mon, I figured watching ads is what everyone wants to do. By the way this app works, I would swear the purpose was to watch ads. Developers- if you’re sick of reading about ads, imagine how your customers feel after paying for access. This review is supposed to be about the app, but it’s little more than ads. I’m just reviewing things as I see them. This sort of approach to content is exactly why people are cutting the cord. Don’t think you are immune.
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