Hobnob: Invitation Maker

Graphics & Design
4.8 (77.7K)
189.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hobnob Events
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hobnob: Invitation Maker

4.8 out of 5
77.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Hiro Protagonist 😶
Convenient, thoughtfully designed and constantly updated 💯
I don't usually write reviews but I'm consistently surprised and delighted by Hobnob and I wanted to share. I've used Hobnob a bunch over the past few years and although the app had some weird quirks earlier on, it has been rock-solid lately. I can see from my app updates that it's constantly updated and each release seems to improve it's stability as well as add cool new features. (I love the new video invites!) This app is, put simply, a huge time saver. The interface is simple and straightforward but well-designed and functional. The few times I've had issues I've written into their support and their friendly, understanding support staff is helpful and and they get back to me quickly. I paid for it, and I'm glad I did. It keeps me organized and makes me look good to my guests. It's not spammy or riddled with ads like evite and it's a way better value than paperless post. I'd rather pay a few bucks for a high quality app than look like a cheap-o sending spammy, ugly looking invites for my events. Thanks Hobnob!
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7 years ago, kevnJen
An App to Celebrate
I was notified by my good friend on Wednesday that his last day to meet with friends before taking a new job would be the upcoming Friday. With just two days notice Hob Nob allowed us to not just create an invitation but allow invitees to share memorable photos of their friend and colleague. Hob Nob gave us a great avenue to track head count of who was coming which also helped us prepare for how much food we would need and adequate space for the attendees. The great selection of options for invitation design made it quick and simple for this "non tech old guy" I highly recommend this app. The thing I most appreciated was being able to post photos from the actual party for all those who attended or could attend to enjoy! Thank you for helping us send off our good friend with style. Kevin and Jennifer Keyes
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4 years ago, Hoping to be pregnant soon
Great app for planning social events
This app is great! It sends invitations, and automatically sends reminders to the guests 24 hours before the event and again 1 hour before. It really takes the follow-up on getting RSVP's to the next level too by making it simple for people to reply. In today's world, where almost everyone has a smart phone and uses texting to communicate, it's the ideal way to plan a party! I literally had guests RSVPing the same day I sent the invitation out!! The reason it gets 4 stars instead of five is because it wouldn't let me add contact information directly to the app (it had to be imported from my phone's contacts or a linked list), and it also has a handy chat feature BUT it required guests to download the app in order to correspond with me (which several guests didn't want to do). I ended up ammending the invitation with my personal contact info for those who needed to connect and did not want to install the app. Overall, a great app well worth the small fee if your guest list is large enough to outgrow the free number of invites!
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5 years ago, CRICKETRENE
Hated it
Had the worst experience. It was confusing to alooot of my guest. Nobody read the text notification correctly. I couldn’t resend the invite for folks who lost the invite text msg in their text. So I had delete and resend again. There was no link where I could ask for guest to only bring one guest with them. I had to type that specific instructions in the details which nobody new was below the actual invite. They didn’t know that they had to scroll down to see the details. When I sent updates, the updated text msg only allowed people who downloaded the app to view it. Nobody wants to HAVE to download the app. I couldn’t message specific guest through the app like I can using Evite. It was just not all worth using for me. The only thing that drew me to the app was the motion invites. This app had a very nice selection but not functional at all to me and pretty much allll of my guest. I had to do a lot more of texting people individual updates or just the invite itself because the app wasn’t helpful with that AT ALL. Made my wedding planning extremely hard! Then I tried to leave my review on the app to why I didn’t like the app and the send feedback button wouldn’t work
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6 years ago, Osita12!
Guests are Not Receiving Invite
I was really excited about using this service however my daughter and I spent time creating her birthday invite and I set her as a cohost. All seemed great until she tried to invite a guest. The app shows the invite was sent and delivered to the correct phone number as a text, but the guest never got the invite. We tried multiple times and still nothing. This is making this app completely useless as the intent of sending invites via text message is not working properly. I have even activated the free trail which will charge my card once the week is up and it still isn’t working correctly. Update- in response to the developer’s response......The persons phone was right next to me. They did not have the app installed and did NOT get the text message with the invite. The app makes it seem that the person does not need the app to be notified they have an invite. It makes it hard to use because you then are forced to make sure everyone you invite downloads the app first so they get notified. No one lied about anything.
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6 years ago, Kiwi2141
So Close
Hobnob does a lot of things well, and my favorite part is the fact that you can send invites through text message because it’s faster and more interesting than sending them via email. BUT there are some bugs that I’m hoping get addressed soon. Picture management is a challenge. After I upload photos, they display in “random order” and definitely not in the order I selected. That’s confusing to invitees. Also, it’s not obvious whether or not you can download and save photos (I assume you can but I haven’t figured it out yet). It would be super cool if you could also add video clips in the same storage area. Also, the app doesn’t update when people respond to invites so it feels very clunky at times... I have to close and re-launch the app just to get it to display the right number of RSVPs. Overall, I like Hobnob but would have to see a lot of improvement to stay loyal. On the plus side, their customer service team has been very helpful when I’ve reached out to them.
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6 years ago, mypartystartsat4:20
On the hour
Hob Nob looked to be a fun alternative to Evite and Paperless Post. They offer unique layouts and fonts as well options to add details the previous sites mentioned do not. Text notifications and option to text invites are nice. My frustration came near the end of creating my invite. Only on the hour, :15/:30 and :45 past the hour are options for start and end times. A 5 or 10 minute difference may not seem important but for my event it was. I didn’t want to start my invite over on another site (because I’m lazy) so I just went with inaccurate times and made note of it in the extra details section. The term “null” is used for any imported contact making it necessary to click on “null” to reveal the guest’s name. Total pain to do that every time I check rsvps so I had to write them down. Petty little complaint but I wish it I could use the app in landscape view.
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6 months ago, Spizer
Loved until I need to cancel an event
When cancelling an event (per the instructions on hobnob’s site) you send a message to the folks invited and then delete the event. The trick is, since the message isn’t sent in it’s entirety via text to folks (or at all to app users), and apparently no “this event has been canceled” message is sent to folks… the result is chaos. Some folks got a preview of the message other just got a link that an update had happened in a push notification, fortunately a few good friends helped me troubleshoot and so we have the workaround. Thus in order to send a message to the same invite base of 30+ people. I’m using hobnob for just one more event, rewriting my cancellation message, hoping folks, ya know, READ and understand… Then after this last event I’m switching to a different platform. The visuals are polished, but the UX is quirky in one too many ways and since I’m paying money I expect my needs to be better managed than this.
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2 years ago, Mllrockstar
Great for a Younger Generation’s Event; Horrible for Older People.
I’m using this to invite people to my wedding and it has been really great. However, one of the biggest flaws of this app is it’s inability to add guests yourself as the Host of an event. For example: My aunts and uncles are all in their 60’s so they are not very tech savvy. Almost none of them fill out the RSVP but as you might guess I need a list of everyone’s name. The simple solution would be to add people myself, since I am the host. However, Hobnob has made it impossible for the host to add “attendees” themselves. The system actively works against it. I’m not sure if this inability to add “attendees” is because they don’t get money when the host does not send out invites but it sure does defeat the purpose of a list. I now have to use my notes app as the guest list, which is much more work. This practically makes hobnob a disposable, digital “Save the Date”. I would not recommend the use of Hobnob for weddings.
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5 years ago, MRK-1844
Initial Observation Review
This is a very organized and creative app in that it has the ability, with out payment, to do the following: choose a creative template, make your own template, send up to 5 invitations per event (for 3 events), have automatic reminders sent to invitees scheduled, chat individually with invitees, create groups, chat with groups, add photos of the event, like certain photos, forward the invite to multiple platforms (Twitter, text, instant messages, copy link, etc), invitees can RSVP, keep count of adults and children together or separately, inviter can manually adjust the RSVP & number of attendance...and much more. You can earn 5 extra invites when one of your invitees registers themselves in the app. Past this, to invite more people and have more than 3 events, you have to pay for it.
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7 years ago, shortyreviews
New updates lost me as user
I’ve been using hobnob for a few months now and have really enjoyed it, and had lots of feedback that it worked really well for my monthly event invitations. However, they recently removed many of the features for pay only, and it’s made it quite difficult to coordinate my events. The changes also seem to affect the text messages/notifications so people aren’t actually seeing my invite anymore. Definitely bummed since it worked so well at first, but this will be the last event I’ll be using hobnob for. Update: Appreciate your developer response, and I understand needing to charge in order to be sustainable. Unfortunately, $46 just to be able to send updates and I still have to individually contact people to check the app to make sure they see the invite isn’t going to work for me right now. I’ll check back in a few months to see if anything has changed since I really did enjoy your product before.
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1 year ago, bittybiscuit
Best Invite App
I’m a social hosting addict, and I’ve used every electronic invite/party management tool in existence. Hobnob is heads above the rest. Reasons: 1) No account required for guests to RSVP. 2) No email required (phone # only) to sign up for an account via the app. 3) Free version has plenty of functionality; membership is truly an enhancement vs a requirement. I used the free version exclusively for over 5 years before upgrading. 4) Flawless performance, zero bugs, ever. Take it from me: stop reading articles and debating which hosting app to use. Hobnob is it. I’ve hosted everything from large parties with 150+ guests with a locked-down guest list to casual gatherings with close friends. Hobnob has such a vast array of capabilities that it can be adapted for any occasion. I love it.
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5 months ago, Credit Mistress
Hobnob Is A Great App; I LOVE Hobnob
I have parties often and prior to Hobnob I would send invites through facebook messenger and text messages. Folks would complain because all the alerts they would receive and the alerts annoyed me as well. Plus it was difficult to know who was coming. I ran across Hobnob from someone who was having a party and I tried the app; let me tell you, using Hobnob to streamline the RSVP process was a Godsend. I’m now able to send out mass messages at one time and each send is individual so now I can have a conversation with just one person through their direct messages. I can also send updates as well as get photos of the event from the attendees. I love Hobnob.
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5 years ago, E.Sparx
Great until it was okay...
I really liked this app at first. The invite was easy to set up and add guests, there is a nice variety of invite themes, and it has the ability to monitor, update/edit rsvp’s, etc. However, about 15 days before my event I couldn’t update the rsvp’s anymore. I could only remove guests or add them as a co-host. The option to make updates should be available up until the day before the event, in my opinion. Knowing that the rsvp edit/update options change I probably won’t use the app again, which is frustrating because it’s a great app otherwise. In addition, it would be nice to have a feature that allows the user to send a reminder. The app does this automatically a few days after the original invite is sent, but I would have liked to send another reminder two weeks before, but it’s not an option.
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6 years ago, Drshell5000
Could be better- but would still use
Decided to use this to organize a bday party for adults meeting in another city. The creation of the invitation was great - lots of cool options and everyone rec’d the text with initial invite. My complaint/suggestion is that I wanted to be able to continue texting everyone through the app after the initial invite was sent. However the app isn’t designed to do that - so incorrect assumption on my part. After the initial invite - the users have to use the app to see the group messages and apparently the app isn’t that great about sending notifications consistently. So to ensure everyone rec’d important messages, I ended up sending group texts from my cell phone AND from the HobKnob app. I was hoping to just use the HobKnob app. Hopefully the push to text feature is something that can be added in the future.
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12 months ago, McKracken311
Wish I Would’ve Found this Sooner
I honest wish I could’ve found this app sooner than I did! It is super helpful in sending out invitations super fast and keeps everything in one place. Let’s you see who you sent invites to, if they responded yes/no and even if they viewed your invitation but didn’t respond! You can make this super customizable and that is just the cherry on top for me. The only thing this makes it difficult for is those whose are not tech savvy, but I still feel like it’s super easy. If anything I send these out to all my friends but I make sure to send out paper invites to those who aren’t technically advanced.
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6 years ago, 21w
Lots of flaws.
There is some weird thing when I was trying to create the invitation for my daughter’s birthday party for 3 pm. The only option I had is 15:00. There was no way to change that. Also, some of the designs had date format in such a weird way: April 28,15....for us it looked like I put a wrong year but all it was April 28 (at) 15:00 hour. No designs had a year. That was very strange to me. Won’t use this app again and I wish I wouldn’t pay for it. To developer who responded with “there is no issue with app but rather it is your device setting being 24 hour format”. Thank you. I know I am using 24 hour format but I think your app should have option of editing time without attaching it to setting on my phone. I wonder why developer didn’t respond about issue with no year and having hour showing up right after month and day so it looks like it is a year not a time? The response didn’t change my mind about the app.
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2 years ago, Dependability_is_me
Confusion & Ads Sent to Premium User Invitees
It really could be a good app. It’s clean, it’s organized, has great tools for managing even some of the most complex events. There’s two major areas that impact my rating. 1) When invites are sent, they are not affiliated with my phone number or email. The invite comes into their inbox, and if it’s an unknown sender, some invitees will ignore it. About 1/2 my guests from my latest event completely ignored it because they thought it was spam. This requires a ton of follow up that the app is supposed to prevent. 2) As a premium user, I have a paid subscription that (in my mind) shouldn’t include ads for anyone, myself or my invitees. I get complaints from those I sent invites to that they are receiving Hobnob ads for them to sign up for Hobnob, and they have to watch the ad before they can see the materials - not every time, but frequent enough where they don’t want to go into the invite and keep asking me questions that are clearly answered in the invite. I can understand Hobnob trying to promote itself, but when it gets to the point of detracting from the invitees ability to actually see the invite when they want (or need) to, I have an issue. It really detracts from an otherwise useful app.
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5 years ago, App Rater Human
Did Not Understand the Terms if Usage
I want to like and use your app and am even potentially willing to pay a reasonable subscription price to do so. However, after reading the Terms of Use — Yes; some users do that — I was not sure whether Hobnob sells, rents, gives, or distributes my phone number or my contacts’ phone numbers to third parties. If so, this should be stated clearly and up front. As it is the Terms of Use seem to imply that Hobnob does not do that. I am skeptical, however, because, although I see the in app purchase, this sort of thing — selling user data — is a typical business model. By the way— I gave it only three stars in part because I couldn’t bypass the “Please Rate Hobnob” Popup unless I have it a thumbs up. There’s something wrong with the way that screen interacts with the iPhone X’ screen and keyboard.
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2 years ago, L.Walk
Absolutely loved!
Needed a way to do a digital invitation for my child’s wedding rehearsal dinner and after experimenting with several different apps, this by far was the best! Extremely easy to use and loved the fact all guest could communicate via this one invitation as a group… whether it was important information that needed to be shared about the event, random comments or questions from the guests, and even sharing memorable photos following the event! Was able to provide guest with location information of the venue and helped me keep up with attendance count to submit to my caterer. Definitely will use this app again for any group gatherings!
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6 years ago, BethStets
I love Hobnob
I’ve been using Hobnob for the last 6 months or so and have had nothing but a great experience. I have used it for parties and events personally and we use it at our church as a way to network and stay connected with events taking place through the week. It simplifies the stress that comes from planning an event with the auto reminders and easy design and communication with attendees. I also love the reminders I get for events I’ve been invited too. Being able to send a message to a group without the complications of a group text is also awesome. I highly recommend using this app!!
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6 years ago, DivaPwr
The site could use some improvements.
I like the site, but there are a few things that I think need to improve. 1. There is no way to edit the guest list. My daughter entered mostly email addresses because she didn’t have everyone’s telephone numbers at the time & when she later got the telephone numbers I was not able to update the information. 2. There is no way to make a contact list directly on hobnob. You have to get contacts from your phone or enter information manually, but I don’t see a way to create a contact list to be able to refer to for future invites like I can on evite. 3. I like that I can add my own flyer, but there is no way to add my own fonts or background appearance, so You have to choose the very limited fonts and graphics on the site.
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4 years ago, Jonesy66789
Pretty good
So far, kinda good. It has fun invite templates to use. The free version makes it a little cumbersome to send out invites. (There are only so many invites you can send out using text messages.) The reason for 4 stars, not 5? I’ve had several guests say that they RSVPd but the app did not update. I’ve had to manually update the attendance info for some. I can say, (for me) this aspect defeats the purpose of using or paying for this app. I assume this is a glitch, not a feature. That has been the only aspect that has made me regret using this app. Nonetheless, we’ll get through this event and give it a chance to redeem itself at a smaller event later on. Based on how it performs at that event, I’ll update this review.
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6 years ago, keven2002
Free version limitations for 10+ invites
Overall the app is pretty easy to use and for a basic e-vite allows you to customize a good deal. I’m rating it 3 stars due to the invitation limitations on the free version (which didn’t use to be there). You can only invite 10 people before needing to upgrade to a paid version which is no where near enough for a party or group gathering that would need an invite (I could easily put under 10 people in a group text). I only use an e-vite once a year so for me it’s not worth paying for the app and potential added costs if they change like they have before (used to be able to invite more people on the free version). I will use another e-vite app this time around (or worst case scenario put out a group text or 2).
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6 years ago, Kitasluv
Worthless unless you pay
Free only allows 10 invites. Every time I attempted to send the invitations it would say there was a problem. If I didn’t get that error it would say it was sending but nothing ever went. Why would I pay even $4/mo for limited options on a product that doesn’t work? After reading many of the reviews it seems like the most recent update removed a lot of features on the free or cheaper plans and they want you to pay $47/mo for full features. SERIOUSLY???? Who would do that unless it was a tax write-off? Developers, more options for less money equals happy customers. Happy customers share the product and get their friends using it and in turn those friends spread the word to their friends, and so on. Unhappy customers find new products and advise their peers to not use said product. Just a bit of a tip for you.
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5 years ago, LizzyLadyLiz
Great Invite App
I’ve been using this app for the past 3years and love it, but I would say I use to be able to invite as many ppl as I wanted through the app until they changed it. You now are given 10 invites free and have to purchase a yearly subscription. If you have many events it would be worth it, of course free is always better. Lol... The reason for the 4 stars instead of the 5 is because of that plus I wish that I could send out a group message to everyone I’ve invited instead of individual messages through the app. Either way, it’s great and love the new feature where you can upload your own video and use it as part of the invite.
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6 years ago, Paquette6
Disappointed with the changes to this app. Won’t use again
I loved this app when it was free and allowed unlimited invites, reminders, and sent without errors. Now that they app costs money, the app limits your invites. My usual guests for this annual event had trouble opening the invites or even receiving them. No reminders can be sent unless you pay extra. Confirmation reply’s were not working properly so I had multiple guests show up who said they sent an RSVP but it never registered a reply on the app. I contacted customer service 4 times with concerns and issues regarding my annual event (which I’ve used this app for previously), with a reply of absolutely no help or refunds due to the constant issues. This app was great for previous events when it was free, but I’ll never use it again with the awful changes and lack of customer service. Beyond discouraged
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5 years ago, David Chartier
Great app, but needs landscape on iPad
We’ve used HobNob to host a few parties at our house and it’s great. Especially since we and most of our friends have deleted Facebook, it’s the solution we needed for Events. My main complaint right now is that it doesn’t support landscape on iPad; it’s stuck in portrait. Considering that so many people use their iPad docked to a keyboard (like a classic laptop) for at least some of their day, this seems like a bizarre omission. I also wish the chat feature let us share locations other than the one we’re in. Like “hey let’s all go meet at [that place over there].”
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3 years ago, ladyjmitch
The concept is nice but there are issues...
So I decided to download this app to send baby shower invites. Everything was great until my guests were having issues RSVPing. It won’t let some people RSVP without giving them an error. They have to download the app to RSVP which is pretty annoying. I reached out for help 2 days ago and have not gotten any resolution or response. I also wish that you could just add guests yourself and RSVP for them. My grandparents aren’t too great with technology. I hope this app improves and hopefully I’ll hear something back soon about the errors.
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5 years ago, JesseShow
Impressive and easy to use
The new video flyers are pretty much as cool as it gets!!! I have tried so many apps to help get me and my friends together. Text message gets so confusing, big social media apps are just white noise to people. This app allowed me to make an amazing flyer in seconds and choose guests from my actual contact list(not the 2,000 people I know on social media) then it sent the invite to them by text message which is awesome cause who checks email anymore. Everybody can chat, and RSVP even upload photos with or without the app. I will use this for everything from now on!
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4 years ago, Oddly7
Good App
I like it! I’ve been using it for 2 years. There are 2 people in my contacts who never get the invite. But other than that, I’ve used it to host at least 10 parties. I don’t care for the predesigned flyer. I make my own and upload them. The flyers do need to be a certain size 1080px x 1920px. I like the Zoom meeting link option that was added. I would like for it to have a thank you note option that is similar to the invite. I thought it had automatic photo request option. But that didn’t occur after my last party.
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6 years ago, sassbean
Full of Bugs
I loooove the idea of this app! I was so optimistic I signed up for a subscription right away to get access to premium designs. I was excited to put my money to good use and got to work on my first invite. I started encountering bugs while editing. Location would not save, but then it would appear saved in the draft. I’d edit event details and all would seem well, then I’d come back later to see things hadn’t updated. When I thought I’d finally got everything saved, I was excited to send. But no. I repeatedly got the same error “hmmmm something’s not working. Please wait a few moments and try again.” So I’d wait, and I’d try, and wait and try. Log out. Close app. Check for updates. Restart my phone. Endless tries. Endless errors. I need to get this invite out ASAP and so now what???!!!!! Lame experience. Unhappy customer.
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6 years ago, JMMusicFan
So glad I used this app.
add everything with planning my birthday event SOOO much easier. This is about to be my go-to. Only thing I don’t like is that when I send out updates to my guests, it includes a lot of extra verbiage to encourage people to download the app, when they don’t really need to download the app in order to respond to a message sent through the app, since their phone number is connected and they get it as a text message. But I get it--folks have got to get paid. I’m not mad. Other than that, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this app!
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5 years ago, Flowerpwr298
Great App Overall but missing a few features
I really like the Hobnob app overall. It’s very easy to use and I prefer sending invites over text rather than email. The thing is, the Hobnob app doesn’t send your event description via text. People can only view it when they click the link or download the app. I would pay extra if I was able to send people texts directly. I understand they want as many people to download the app as possible - so forcing people to download the app to view the texts or longer messages could do this - but it’s annoying. I much rather people be able to do things and see things all via text. I would pay significantly more for this feature.
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7 years ago, Divasemaj
The FREE original was better
This was my go to for beautiful and unique invites that didn’t get lost in people’s emails or the mail but allowed for immediate response and the sharing of photos of the event. This was it, or so I thought.... the update of this requires a “subscription” for basic things the app did for free previously. So people like me who have been using the app for YEARS are forced to pay for what we were getting for free. I can’t tell you how many people have started using the app as a result of my using this app to invite them to my events. I’m also disappointed that they would switch over to such a drastic cost model that doesn’t consider the people who were here from the start.
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10 months ago, Kimijobrochu
The App
I’m very much enjoying the app. My only issue is with trying to create an event. People should be able to go in and mark what they are personally bringing. Instead of making a huge long list, we should be able to have people write in a specific area so everyone else can see what’s coming to the event so that we don’t have 50 salads etc. I know we can make a long list of each individual item but they can’t put in something specific that they are bringing.
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6 years ago, Breezymm93
Made party planning so easy!
I’m not typically one to write reviews, but this is worth it! I love that I can pull from my phone contacts to invite people, and get notified on my phone to see who is coming and who isn’t! People were much more willing to respond to this than snail mail invites. It is so quick for them to just click the link and RSVP right on their phone. And I don’t have to make a whole other list to keep track of it. The app keeps track of it for you! Everything about this was so easy!!
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2 years ago, Pheonix027
Great App but please fix a few things…
The app is easy to use, has great features and I like that let’s you use your own flyer as well as save a finished invite as a photo. Gave it four stars because there are two things that need improvement that I’ve found so far. 1) If you have the child count on, it doesn’t let the responder select 1 child unless you first select another number then change it to one. Maybe it needs a zero choice. 2) Someone tried to send a message with their RSVP & I never got it. They don’t have the app, so responded online.
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7 years ago, luvable2s
Disappointed now
I originally loved this app. Text invites and reminders to guests for my own events and receiving them from others until I realized that once the app is actually downloaded you no longer receive invites, reminders, or updates via text message. The text feature is what most of us love. Not only that the app doesn’t show a notification on its symbol (at least not on my phone ) so you actually have to go into the app to check for invites, updates, etc. I missed reminders, etc. I’ve removed the app. Hopefully they will integrate the text feature even for those who download the actual app because it’s the best feature.
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4 years ago, iamme0963
A Baby Shower Go-To
I was introduced to the app by one of my daughters who has been planning her older sister’s baby shower way before the coronavirus store closings. Since we are all sheltered-in-place, the app has now become our go-to for updates and also to connect to a gift-giving list with price comparisons and automatic links to stores’ websites. Although we are sad that the baby shower has been postponed for a few months until after the baby is born, this app has been a tremendous blessing to be able to still shower our baby boy with well wishes, prayers, great joy, and wonderful gifts from a distance.
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6 years ago, LiliBit1
Really helpful!
I was first introduced to HOBnob when I received an invite for a friend to their rehearsal dinner. I loved the RSVP reminders and the easy format to look up the event details. I now love using this app to create invites for my large family dinners and neighborhood get togethers. It’s great to be able to put together an invite and then not Have to worry about making individual calls to get a number of guests. I Love the auto reminder feature. Although, I do turn off after my event so that I just don’t get request for Photos. 👍🏻
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2 years ago, Nerd No.3
Great invite app
I thinks it’s expensive when I only use it once a year for my kid’s birthday party but it’s amazing when I do get to use it. I wish I had more events so I could get my money’s worth and also to fully use all the different event invites. It really is a great app and very convenient. I get a head count and RSVPs seemed to be easier for people. Plus they can text me right in the app and I can make last minute announcements like “bring a jacket because it’s cold” the morning of the party.
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1 year ago, Dominos Nov 2nd review 2019
Great app, investors where are you?!?
People get it straight it’s a great app that needs more funding for coding and better accessibility to the wish list and other items. Apps like this taking a step forward to bring the party to the invitee are the future. It was simple to sign up through the link my friends girlfriend sent. (someone I don’t follow on any social medias) Simple and easy to use, this is the app to use to invite your family members who are not too familiar with tech!!
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6 years ago, Modelprisoner
Rip Off!!!
I got this app because I wanted to have automatic reminders for the party. I upgraded and spent 40 something bucks. It's the most I have ever spent in an app. Not one of my guests got a reminder. Not the week before or the day before or anything. This app is a joke and I will never recommend it. I want my money back!!! I have just started a new business where I will be sending out invitations for events and thought this was the way to go but I guess not!! I want to know why they didn't get a reminder???!? Is it because the only way they can get a reminder is if they download the app?! Because if so that is deceiving and if would have known that I wouldn't have purchased the app!!! I want to know what the company is going to do about it!! I want a refund!!
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5 years ago, Marciee19
Love it!
Downloaded it for my grad invitations! As soon as I sent it out people messaged me separately congrats etc. if they don’t open the link it will just say delivered.. until they open the rsvp it will say viewed. They do not need the app to receive it or rsvp! I paid for the 150 because I needed to lol! But I love it super easy to use .. to the friends that couldn’t receive it I’m guessing it was just their phone/plan bc out of 105 invite only one said they didn’t receive it .. Suggestion: try to add Facebook messenger invite !
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7 years ago, Dingle777393&36
Just left a long review and it got deleted because the nickname was taken already. What?! Why delete my whole review? Give me an option to change it. Last night I tried to send an important invite for or wedding reception, attached a picture we designed and instead it sent out a completely blank photo (when I clicked on the blank pic it would show the full picture so I falsely assumed it would work. My bad there for not testing it, but I also didn't upload a black photo). It looked like spam and tacky instead of slick and fun. Then I had to upgrade to premium ($15) to resend it with the picture I uploaded. That finally worked. Really bummed about the experience, wish the program worked flawlessly and would love a refund.
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3 years ago, huhghjhj
Will use again! Read below!
So I really enjoyed using HobNob. I took a star though because I really am tired of having to pay for every service through in app purchases. Like it’s just another thing that gets you hooked and then you have to pay. On a brighter note! I love the easy to use set up! I love the beautiful templates that are free! Also, I love how you can communicate through group and individual chat in app. Some people though did have a problem knowing to click and RSVP. The reminder texts the app sends out were also very helpful though too! Will use again!
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6 years ago, The 4th Phife
Semi functional
I like the looks of this and am even willing to pay for one month for this event BUT I am getting frustrated trying to set it up properly. I keep adding the location of the event, it finds it on the map and when it goes back to the invitation there is no location. I have restarted it and tried several times to no avail. Also, is there an option to see a preview of the entire invitation? Update: The recent update to the app fixed the location issue! I am so far pretty satisfied with the app- will see how it goes post event.
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7 years ago, SammaiBaby
I heard about this app from a family member who’s said that it’s a good feature. Especially to help go green when planning events. I used this to help plan my wedding and it’s been a nightmare to use since. When I send updates to my guests and wedding party, no one is receiving the messages. This glitch is a big inconvenience and rip off, since I’m paying money for the features they provide and these same features aren’t working!!!!! It has somewhat affected the efficiency of my wedding planning. Due to the fact that now I have to message all my guests in text messages, when the app was suppose to prevent this. If I knew this one was trash, I would’ve never used it to help plan such an important and special day to me!!
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1 year ago, J_Millzz
Great just one flaw
I have been using the paid version of this app for about four years now and it works wonders for planning events. The only flaw that I wish they would address is making this change for working with an iPad. I have an iPad with a keyboard and cannot use the app properly without having to type out everything in notepad and then copy and pasting everything into the app. Please allow this app to work with iPad properly or at least screen rotation. Thank you!
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