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4.8 (216.9K)
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Sketchbook, Inc
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13 or later
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User Reviews for Sketchbook®

4.78 out of 5
216.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Emmimid
Love it! But please add tools
I absolutely love this app! It’s by far the best free drawing app out there... it has so many tools and features, and preset colors are really handy. It’s also really easy to edit with, surprisingly. So it does more than just draw with a little help of copy and pasting of layers. My phone has a pretty small screen, (iPhone 5s) but with a stylus, it’s actually pretty easy to draw real art. And it has so many brushes. And the app runs super smoothly on my phone. And a bonus, no annoying ads. No in-app purchases. I absolutely love that, and is yet another reason why I love this app. I also really love the design of the app, once you get the hang of what it can do it’s so easy. And the clean minimalist appearance is really nice. My recommendation for future updates, there isn’t really a way to just blend colors. Sure there are brushes with that affect, but it would be so helpful if there was a blender that just blurred the colors together instead of smearing them; a brush that isn’t supposed to resemble any real-life brush. If you could add that it would be so helpful! Also when I save a drawing to my camera roll, the quality is reduced from what it was in the app, So normally I just screenshot my art instead. But if you could fix this issue I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for this amazing app. I definitely recommend.
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6 years ago, Kjolblk
Great sketching app!
Great app! I’ve had this app maybe for a month but I already love it. The features are a lovely mix of creative and technical that I can really appreciate. I also love that you can purchase the extra tools without having to commit to some yearly payment plan. I’ve only found one bug so far that keeps this review from being five stars. When I first started using the app, I noticed that using the hold-touch-eyedropper function, even by accident, would cause the app to effectively crash. I could still access all of my projects, but none of the tools would make any mark whatsoever until I went out of the app, closed it out, and restarted it. After I turned the long-hold-touch shortcut off, the bug didn’t pop up as often, but every once in a while, it still does act like I’ve activated the eyedropper and the app will ‘crash’ again. The bug never happens when I manually go into the color wheel and click the eye dropper button, so I think the bug is linked to the gesture shortcut that I can’t seem to turn off. The bug isn’t a super big deal, but it is a little annoying, especially if you do like to use that shortcut and keep it switched on, and it is irritating to have my work interrupted because I have to restart the app. It would be great if the developers could fix it in the next update. Otherwise, the app is great for drawing and sketching and I would definitely recommend it.
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4 years ago, 💜💜anmals💜💜
My favorite art app :>
I have used lots of art apps but this one is my ultimate favorite :>. I really like this app and I use it a lot for my art. I’m not really sure the reason I like this app so much, it might be because it has a nice loose/free feel like the way I draw. All I know is that different artists have different styles and like different art apps (if they use art apps), so look around and find an app that works for you! Just keep trying and you’ll find what works best for you :>. Just some suggestions for things to add to this app are an option to have a grid on the canvas to help you line things up (if this is already a feature and I just can’t find it then sorry, I'm being dumb). I don’t know why, but when I draw on paper with grids or lines my art looks better than on paper without a grid. I think it helps me line up my art and see where I should put parts of my art :>. Another thing that would be a great addition to this wonderful app is the “fill” option filling in lines that are on a separate layer. I like to keep my layers really separate (like, REALLY really) so it would be great if this was a feature :>. It doesn’t need to be, though, just a suggestion. Thank you to the fantastic developers and the company who made this app, I really enjoy it and hope you keep up the good work!! :D
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6 years ago, TheTRUEgge
Excellent App, a Couple Suggestions
This is a fantastic drawing app, and I am continually astounded by the things it can do. It doesn’t lag even when I have an admittedly absurd number of layers hanging about, and the line correction tool is extremely well-done. However, there are a couple of things I think this app would benefit from. As a webcomic artist, I would personally really like the ability to import new fonts- until then, I’m stuck doing my formatting in photoshop, which works, but using two different applications (On two different systems, notably) is not ideal. Additionally, I would love to be able to ‘favorite’ tools from various classes and have a personalized toolbar where they are- this would save me a lot of time scrolling through the options and remembering which brush I really liked that one time. I would also really like an easy way to copy/paste selected areas on the mobile version (I do all my work on an iPad Pro and it works fantastically), and maybe an easier way to make straight lines symmetrical to the edges of the frame- the only way I’ve found to work consistently is the rectangle tool, which isn’t always the best option. In any case, I adore this app, and I’m really happy that the full version is now completely free. I can’t wait to see the new features you implement in the future.
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3 years ago, Chomper and chainchomp
Awesome app for anyone who wants to draw!
It’s a great app for all kinds of art, it’s very user friendly and is simple enough on a surface level for those without art experience to be able to understand it, but it’s deep enough for people to master is and make some stunning artwork. It has many features that can help you make the best art you can, for example, you can lock transparency, which makes it so that only parts that have already been drawn on in that layer can be drawn on again, so you don’t draw outside the line. Best of all, it’s free! It has no adds, no subscriptions, and has no limits to how much you can draw. Highly recommend this app. Side note, there are some downsides (though I can overlook them.) When using the eye drop function, the color wheel won’t always disappear and I need to close the color wheel, open it up again, and re select the eyedropper, also, the lines get blurry when moving them. This last bug was the worst one I found. One of my drawing got corrupted or something, and I couldn’t access it anymore. When I view it through the slideshow, the bottom half of the drawing was al bugged. This needs fixing because that could ruin a drawing that someone might have spent a lot of time on. Otherwise, it is excellent.
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2 years ago, The1ThatsNotTaken
I love this game. It’s probably the best on the app store- definitely one of my top 3 favorite apps on my tablet. This game has NO ads (airplane mode or not) and I don’t think you need WiFi for it either! This game is my favorite. I love it way too much LOL. Get this game! Also, it has NO monthly subscription for special tools (all are FREE! 😱) and it has maybe ten different main tools (50 if you count the extras) and even the erasers can be used in a picture! (Edit) Dangit. I had to delete the game because of some stupid glitch. I was hopping games, then went to the sketchbook. My art was there, but half of it was glitched white. I tried saving it to gallery atleast three times and got kicked. I’m redownloading now. I’m really disappointed though. (Edit) it’s been about three hours and it still only shows the downloading screen. I was heartbroken when the glitch happened and I’m wanting to cry. I want this game back but this stupid dumb glitch took it from me. I’m looking for something to replace it but nothing can. Give me this freaking game back. (Edit) it’s been four hours now. Still not working. 🤬 (Edit) It’s been two hours now. Still won’t download. Please reply. (Edit) I’m redownloading again. Probably gonna have to wait another six hours.
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7 months ago, can't get a nickname😂
Best iPhone Drawing App Ever!
I want to start out saying that this app is one of the best things that has happened to me. I got the premium version after a year of using it because of the layer grouping and the fact that it was super cheap (only a $1.99 one time purchase!). Overall, great. The tools are diverse and all work beautifully, and also allow for almost infinite customization. (And works just as great offline as it does online.) The interface it’s self can be a bit confusing at first, but it’s easy to understand once you get the hang of it. I would say that the only draw backs are the selection tool, which requires a lot of back and forth between the transform tool, as well as the brushes being a bit pixelated, and the fact that the background is just a solid color. A small but appreciated feature, (that I saw on a different review) would be more options for the background, such as a crumpled paper, lined paper, graph paper, etc. This app also exists on the computer for anyone interested, but it cost much more. Really though, this was a well thought out and useful app, as well as the only app that I draw on (at least for my phone.) Just make sure to save you’re pictures elsewhere if you don’t want to lose them!
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4 years ago, SprinkleBeargirl aka.
It’s great!
So I keep on seeing negative reviews, but for one, there’s a line stabilizer AND a shape making tool, so you’re be able to draw cleanly. Also, even though it took me a while to get a hang of this app, but you can edit and personalize each brush(tool) and get your strokes to go from thick to thin, along with other things that other expensive softwares have. Those other things include being adding patterns, being making your own tool sets, being able to use the lasso to move parts of the art piece that you’re making, and having a lot of specific tools such as say Japanese brushes. You can find those. And pattern tools, to prevent recoloring of your art. And If you didn’t know, there used to be an Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, but the creators decided to improve the user experience and added all of those ‘pro’ features to the free version. I’ve seen art that I would’ve definitely thought was done in another software, and popular artists that use this app to this day. Even the App Store app has a tutorial that uses Autodesk professionally. The type of software doesn’t make the art, it’s the artist that makes the art. So I definitely recommend it, to all artists. Really, this can even be sort of used as a graphic software.
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6 years ago, ElegantParadox
Could use some improvements
As a hobby artist, this app is great for my doodling and sketching needs. It’s fairly intuitive and I love the variety of brushes with the option of customization for endless types of brushes. I also really appreciate the Copic brushes and colors because I’ve always loved the color selection of copies but have never been able to afford them. I do have some suggestions and bugs though. I seem to be unable to rotate my phone and get the canvas to rotate, which is rather annoying. I checked that my rotation lock was off, but it wouldn’t flip. Another issue I have is with the brush library. I tried multiple times to move my favorite brushes from different sets into “basics”, which is quickest to access, but sometimes, it randomly deletes brushes and I don’t know why. It’s really quite frustrating because I have to go into preferences and reset my brush library every time it happens. I’d like to be able to create my own custom library sections to store my favorite brushes, or simply add a “favorite” button and copy any brushes that I tag as my favorite to a section that resides at the top of the library. All in all, it’s a good app and I’ll definitely keep using it, but I could be made more intuitive and easy to use. Also, huge thanks and kudos for making this app free, I really appreciate it when good tech is available for free.
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1 year ago, pritty prinsec
Small bug I’ve been facing
So the app is really great, honestly if I could rate half stars it would be 4 1/2 and not four stars, the issue mainly comes with this one bug I’ve been in countering, I just finished one of my pieces I made on it and instead of saving the final product it saved it at a point when it was still being worked on (specifically at the point just before I begin working on making an iridescent part of the picture). And when I tried to save it from in the thing itself, it gave me what it showed in the gallery which was the incomplete version. This is been happening for like about a month for me now and I feel like you might not know about this bug. It’s not the biggest thing but it is annoying to have to take a screenshot in the sketch and then crop it down so it’s not showing everything else because you don’t want to accidentally cut off a part of it. It’s not the biggest problem but it is annoying. I was hoping you guys could do something about that. I’m not gonna lie I haven’t been using you from the very beginning, I only found out about you guys in 2021 at school because that was the art application on the iPads we had, but I do feel like this is an oddity. for whoever has to read this review, I apologize for it being so long.
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2 months ago, JFLY28
Stunned and amazed.
Maybe it would impress me with little however i was using adobe fresco haven't yet used procreate, I am also getting back into art so when i used this app i installed 8 years ago and i just start to use it seriously 2024 i was amazed by the results and level professional tools and how much you can accomplish so I then purchased the premium, because i needed more brushes and that's when it hit me the custom brushes is how you make the master pieces. I am just re-starting a journey into art digital artistry and out this one and fresco(although the animation is a cool tug) i can say this one wins on complexity and ease of use it's super intuitive. Why I slowed on the art side was programming so i have some ideas for the devs but just minor the speed this thing renders over fresco is unparalleled. Fresco automatically records stroke data which imo it slows down it lags and that's not good for workflow, so I enjoy that you can record stroke information but it's optional so plan your drawings accordingly. the animation feature is not a game changer and i don't think this needs it. I'm sure the procreate crowd is in there own little bubble of things. it would just be to bulky and bog things down. great job!
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7 years ago, SpiritHope
Very intuitive BUT...
I recently purchased and iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil to use for sketching ideas for painting and to display reference photos while painting. I purchased the top 5 sketchbook apps and have given them a try, Autodesk is my favorite so far and here's why: The interface when you are sketching is very intuitive, especially if you've ever used a Wacom tablet before. It's easy and simple to adjust your brush settings mid-sketch. I was happy with my first sketch experience before purchasing the Pro version but I will say after purchasing it, you do get quite a lot of neat tools. Overall, creating in this app is a breeze and so much fun, I love it! The BUT: The "Gallery" interface where the sketches are stored needs to be improved, the menus and navigations don't make sense and I find myself getting frustrated. My only other gripe is that you cannot use the multiple app feature while in this program. In most of the other sketchbook apps you can pull up a reference picture in Safari or your a Photos and draw while viewing it, but not in this one. If they could allow fully functioning multiple app use I wouldn't have a need or want for any of the other sketchbook apps.
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5 years ago, yeeyeejuiceye
Love it
Okay, if your more experienced at drawing digitally, then this isn’t for you. But if your like me and your new to it,I really suggest this app. It lets you import photos and you can outline your photos, you can make speed paints, and it lets you use copics for free. If you don’t know what copics are they are alcohol based markers, great for mixing and blending. Their usually used for graphic art and other very intense art (and I mean like more than a sketch.) I’ve been using it for a few days and I just broke my cheek bone. It lets you zoom in so if your like me and you just broke your cheekbone and your half blind (which is very unlikely) then you can still make art and it doesn’t look sloppy. It never really messes up and glitches like ibis paint. You don’t need a apple pen to use this, although you could use one if you like to. The only reason I’m giving this 4 stars is because it is a little glitchy when your sizing the photo to the size you want when you import it. I’d also like a little more copic colors, but other than that this is the best app for digital art starters. (AFTER NOTE) I’m not changing my mind on this app that’s it’s not great, but I’d love a few more presets for pages. Thank you for reading, I may make more notes so don’t think this is the last (Unless if I forget)!
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7 years ago, DasReichKaiser
Great App, with one Autodesk Flaw
Due to being a former CAD tech, I can tell anyone that the only features this needs, are a sizable grid, ortho type lock (straight lines), and the ability to use a basic coordinate center 0,0.. with built in scale reference object that can be turned on like the ruler, but, possibly two of them, meaning updating the ruler so a straight 90° degree angle for example can easily be made, with a basic scaling ability... and this app fills the gap for CAD techs like myself who worked on planning stage as well as the actual engineering plans (land desktop with civil), for your architect type drawings, to compliment or replace Illustrator/Photoshop.. But, yes, for architect type drawings, the lines producing a shadow if you cut and paste a layer makes the app not easily usable for production drawings unless you dont mind taking a lot longer and redrawing everything when you need to adjust/move something. Asides from these basic additions, and adjustment to how shadows/shading/blending is done automatically on line work, this app is wonderful. I need a razor sharp line, and spend a lot of eraser time if I use the tools built in to say draw a square because zoom in, you will see two/three colors of blended shading. So, now, the paint bucket does not work correctly in those areas.
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4 years ago, #warriorcatloverforever
Amazing, few things
This app is amazing and it is so nice, not much bugs or anything! Surprisingly this was the first drawing app I had, and I’m really pleased with how simple yet easy it is. But I have a few suggestions. It would be super easy if you could be on another layer, but fill in the shape on a separate layer, without filling I the background. Let me explain it more, if you could like select a shape to color in without being on that layer it would be very useful. Of course I realize that I could take the time and do it right along my line art, but that takes forever, then I have to erase some of the things that went outside the line, and then end up lining up my color again! Then I might want some tabby markings on a cat, and I have to rinse and repeat the process! Even though this is a minor detail that I bumped into, this doesn’t take away the fact that this app is awesome. I hope you see my point in the whole “ color” thing, and I thank you for reading this long thing. Once again this app is truly amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone no matter the skill! And I would like to say thanks to the developers!
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2 years ago, Sbd dndbdnbxndh
Pretty good don’t take this seriously this is just my thoughts!😁
Okay so this game is amazing there’s great quality there’s great tools but the problem is you have to be a truly good artist like you have to know what you’re doing you have to be prepared and stuff so I suggest that if you aren’t due to drawing and you’re not the best at this then don’t download this app because it’s more for like people who are more better at art this is just a saying for people who are here who think there are is horrible which everybody’s heart is exactly the same and it’s very pretty but if you’re like kind of new to art or you’re not the best at it then I suggest not downloading this app because this is more for like I don’t really know how to explain it but it’s more like people who know what they’re doing they know what tools you need to use for which and when I first unloaded this game it was because I was so confused and I wasn’t into art so a year later when I knew how to draw pretty much anything I waited and I promised myself I would wait a year until I downloaded this app again because I had other things to do so I downloaded this app again today and I am pretty good at it we just have to know what tools they are and what you need to use them for byeeee 🤘
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2 years ago, Joshua D.
Wonderfully Refreshing, Thank You
You know, I haven’t used this Sketchbook application in ages. But, I was scrolling through my apps that needed updating and I noticed that you added an in-app purchase for additional features. I just could not believe it, I was overjoyed and equally stunned. It’s so very rare to find moral and ethical developers today that non-greedily charge a fair, one-time purchase, for new features. Again, I was just stunned. So, I updated this app that I have not updated in a seriously long time just so that I can show my support to you guys being so awesome and thoughtful. And, actually, any one-time IAPs that you release from now on, I will buy every single one of them right away, that’s a promise. I just cannot tell you how much I respect this ethical decision and you as a developer/company right now. Many thanks on being one of the few amazing and moral iOS app developers left out there. Thank you for not being predictably greedy like so many of your iOS counterparts. I hope you’re all doing well, thank you again for being rad and God bless. iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS 15.5
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3 years ago, #bellaawstvjh
Amazing app, but…
I love Sketchbook! From the wide variety of colors to the amazing set of brushes, sketchbook is one of the best free drawing apps for mobile. However, I do have some concerns. For starters, I find that the app freezes unexpectedly whenever I’m drawing. Usually, when this happens, I leave the app and go back in. Unfortunately, whenever this happens I lose all of my progress. This bug is getting extremely annoying. The second problem I find is the fact that you can’t (or at least I can’t) select specific parts of my drawing and move them, stretch them or delete them. This gets really annoying when I have a piece of line work that I love, but is at the wrong angle and since I can’t select it and move it, I have to start over on the line. My final beef with this app is coloring. I find that the fill took is super annoying and freezes on me or ignore me when I touch it 😂. I wish there was a way that you could be able to freely color your drawing by hand, without it going out of the lines. Shading is quite difficult, since there’s no real tool for it, but I’ve learned to live without a shading tool. Thanks for reading! Happy drawing
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4 weeks ago, Tube-i-fore
I’ve never ever doodled so much.
5 stars. Highly recommended. I really enjoy this. I am not someone who is able to draw things realistically. I have always wanted to do this, but never put any effort into it. There's some thing about this app being on my iPhone that I just threw myself into it and would try any little scribble and throw some paint at it and I was stunned how much I enjoyed it. And how often I was satisfied with the results. I fully expected to be frustrated because it wasn’t realistic, but I really got into it! It’s always available. I don’t need to go and buy supplies I’ve got color. I’ve got pencils and paint brushes and pens, and it’s all right there and handy. I have done some drawing in a notebook with markers and pencils and pens while I was having dinner at a restaurant or just hanging out someplace in public. I felt some embarrassment doing that, as if I were sort of performing for the patrons around me, but if I’m doodling on my phone, it’s all for me, and it’s not embarrassing. It is small. Which is not optimal. But there are some interesting and engaging tools to explore and use.
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5 years ago, alpacaJin9
I have a problem, PLEASE HELP!
Dear Autodesk Sketchbook developers, I used this app a few months ago, and I had a few nice sketches and drawings that were in my gallery. I really enjoyed it and all the features were easily accessible, making drawing a great experience. The thing is, I never saved the drawings, exported them, shared, etc. They were all on my phone and vulnerable. So, I hadn’t touched the app until recently, when I realized there was a new update. But I had a problem with my Apple ID ( I have an iPhone), and I could not access the app without updating ( which was something I couldn’t do!). In the end, my only choice was to delete and reinstall using a different ID, but all my drawings were gone, sadly. I never had the chance to save them. So is there anything you can do to help me retrieve my sketches, like a backup software or something else. I honestly thought that my drawings would be linked to my account and saved, but it was not. Is this a lost cause, or is there anyway you can help me? Thank you for reading, and I really hope you can help me find a solution to my problem. Sincerely, Concerned user
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2 months ago, Illusion-Furry
Easy to get into app
This is a nice app to use when you need something simple but with a lot of options to work with. I use to use the old version on my old ipad even purchasing the pro version before years later or something they made this a free app. I used this a lot before I eventually switched to drawing on my computer but I still keep the app cause it’s useful. My only issue is the layering naming, it’s a nitpick that isn’t noticeable(on this app) but thought I’d say something as it might annoy someone. Pretty much canvas 1 has 3 layers if I delete layer 3 or rename & get a new layer I get a layer named “layer 4”, canvas 2 has 2 layers but because it’s had 7 layers in the past new layer is called “layer 8”, meanwhile canvas 3 was added a moment ago so because it’s new the layer to be add will be called “layer 2”. Luckily it’s not a problem as you can’t see the name unless you need to do something to the layer or delete it but it can get annoying if you want to clean up layers or something or do something to see the name fairly often.
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6 years ago, Bluble witch saga 2
Got a glitch here! But great app
Sketchbook is a really good app but I’ve been introduced to some glitches. While I was trying to get everything set up I always put the main layer all the way on top of coloring and stuff like that from a scanned sketch. While I was doing that I wanted to change the background layer to a color, and once I inserted the color it didn’t show up it was just an original color (white), I didn’t mind it but then I started putting color into the sketch (from a different layer below the main sketch)but then the colors weren’t showing up and when I looked at the layers they were there(I wanted to see the layers). At first I thought I did something that made it glitch so I restarted the app but the same things happened but then I did some experimenting and went to main layer and colored it, even thought I don’t do it I wanted to see what was wrong or try to fix it to see if anything was wrong, the weird is that the colors didn’t go on top of the sketch but instead the were below the main sketch I was so confused so I wanted to write these glitches. (SHORT NOTICE: I checked everything in the layers but there nothing that proved that it was my fault)
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3 weeks ago, Quinnthecat1
Awesome app except for some things
Dear the app design team of sketchbook, this app is AWESOME I would give it a 4.5 if I could. I love drawing on this app. Earlier today I was drawing one of my best drawings and then I left it for two minutes. I might have clicked something on accident but I couldn’t draw on one layer. I duplicated it and everything. I deleted it and put it back. I could only draw on things that have already been drawn on. So I clicked some buttons to see what happens. Autohide if bad. I clicked it and thought “maybe this will work.” It didn’t. I couldn’t even find a way to get out of autohide. I was mad, so I scribbled all over the screen, knowing I could undo it. But I couldn’t find how to leave autohide. I left the tab and came back. 😭😭my drawing was ruined forever. I couldn’t undo it. Please make it more clear on how to leave autohide. Please also make it to where you can undo or redo things after you leave the app and come back. Other than that this app is great but that made me really aggravated and I don’t want that to happen again to me or anyone else. Thank you for your time! :)
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2 years ago, Yung Oofer
Can’t access custom palettes AT ALL on iPad
When I primarily used this app on my iPhone, I remember a huge update that allowed for saving multiple custom palettes. Being able to save and use multiple custom palettes was an AMAZING addition. When I got a new iPad to continue my work on a bigger screen, I was disappointed to find out that I can’t access color swatches AT ALL. No matter how many times I hit the “::::” button and the rainbow grid button, instead of pulling up the custom palettes they just do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The app worked perfectly on my iPhone so it makes no sense for such an essential feature to not work on my iPad. I’ve even tried deleting and reinstalling the app but that didn’t fix the issue. If this is a common issue among iPad users, PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP! Autodesk Sketchbook has been my FAVORITE drawing app for years because of its easy-to-understand features and interface. I don’t want to be forced to switch to a competitor because of a MAJOR issue that could probably be fixed with an update. I would’ve given a 5-star rating if it wasn’t for this problem because not being able to access custom palettes is a HUGE deal breaker.
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6 years ago, jjkghjkl
Honestly I really love this app because it is just the best. I mean like you can record it too it’s like the best thing ever and I just want to thank the makers of this app so very much for making it because it is amazing I love it so much I can Make Recording‘s of it to that is just the best thing ever and I just really love the app I mean it’s not like everything I want let me just get my words together like normally speed draw things are on computers but this is so easy to use and the things are so clear and it’s really easy to use like I mean I love it and I just really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love it and I don’t know if I’ve said this yet but I love it and thank you so much for making this app anyways I think I should end this book novels saying I’m making of a review here because I mean honestly I don’t want to make you waste your time on reading my review even though there’s other reviews but this is get a five star because it is amazing the end this was written by a YouTuber named koalations
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4 years ago, Some_SpacedOut_Kid
Almost Perfect
I love love LOVE this app!!! It is far much easier to use than most other drawing apps and you get some very impressive tools for free. It’s the nearly perfect, especially for people new to drawing digital. Free and easy to use; basically perfect - but there’s just one issue... I like to utilize the Time Lapse feature quite a bit, as it’s fun to both watch my process and upload it for others to see. However, I’ve been experiencing an issue where the app doesn’t save my time lapse video, sometimes with a screen blatantly confirming the save has been uploaded to my photo library but not leaving a single trace anywhere on my iPad. This has been happening for quite a while now and is quite frustrating, to say the least. I’ve lost hours upon hours worth of recordings and I have no idea why. Is there any explanation? Are there any ways to recover the lost videos? Help is very needed, please and thank you. It’s quite depressing to spend over three hours on a piece, excitedly expecting to watch the process video only to have it disappear entirely.
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4 years ago, Dark_Kid_66
Apple Pencil Glitch
Ii really like it, but it is rather hard to operate. I enjoy using it nonetheless. Thanks. Overall great app. Very compatible with Apple Pencil, although, and this may just be my iPad, it does glitch out from time to time and stops working. From there I exit the app and swipe around, the pencil working completely fine. It could be that I’m overwhelming the app, because without the pencil the quality is amazing, but it is rather frustrating to have to exit and re-enter. I like the functions very much, although the amount of buttons and layers is confusing but the videos, I found, were hard to access. Overall, great app, 8/10 would use for free sketching and drawing, realistic tools and wonderful performance other than one minor glitch! Please respond on how to fix, I know you are busy, but sometimes it doesn’t save what I did when it glitches out because of the pencil. I would like to know how to fix or at least what I need to do to make it happen less. Thank you, Autodesk Team!
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4 years ago, The Ratings are me
Love it, but a bug :(
So I’ve been using this app for like 5 months, I just draw mindless doodles and add stuff onto pictures of my pets. I loves this app so much, but today there is a bug and I’m sad. For some reason the color making thingy isn’t working (sorry if I don’t use correct words as I am only a child and do not know what it’s called), I can’t create colors for some reason. I don’t know why, I may just accidentally have turned something off. I don’t know, I can’t use half the features in this thing! I’m actually very sad because I wanted to create a little cute animated picture, but just can’t seem to be able to create colors. I’ve tried EVERYTHING that I know! I’ve closed out the app, I’ve created a new sketch, I’ve clicked about every button! I don’t know if I’m being stupid or if there is a bug, but I think I may just be being stupid. If you are the developer reading this (you probably aren’t), then please reply if you know a way to fix this, or if I’m being stupid! -EDIT Never mind I found out, I was just being stupid.🤣🤣🤣
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5 years ago, b_mcintyre
I cannot believe how much is packed into this free app! With a full color spectrum (or copic marker colors) and the insanely large library of brushes, there is no limit to the types of 2D art one can create in this app..the marks left by each tool are so realistic/detailed, it will feel like youre working in your favorite medium IRL and not on your phone/tablet. My only complaint (and why i am giving only 4 stars) is with the interface itself. It is awkward and slow to change brushes or colors, and the “undo” button requires two steps to get to. There is a one step undo in the bottom left but it almost never works, seemingly only undoing a stroke when accidentally touched. All types of transformation (select, copy, cut, paste, transform, duplicate, etc) are found buried; worse, theyre not all even together, with some in layers and others in page layout (also where you’ll find Fill, which makes more sense with brushes no?) I do wish the UX were considered more, model off of an existing structure/format that has proven the test of time. Sure, alter it to fit the sketchbook aesthetic but no need to reinvent the wheel!
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2 years ago, cupcakestardust
Great app except for two things
Hi! This app is my go to art app and I use it all the time. There is just one problem. Whenever I draw, the app crashes randomly. Sometimes while in the middle of me drawing, sometimes while I’m deciding what color I’m choosing. It either crashes and exits the app or freezes, and whenever it does either of those things not only do I have to quit the app, I lose a little bit of progress in my drawing. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem, but if I’m not, please try to your best to fix it. There is one more thing, though it isn’t much of a problem, more of a request. I cant seem to find the drag-and-drop feature, where you drag a dot of color to a spot you’d like to fill in and it fills it in for you. Sketchbook may not have this feature, or I just may not be able to find it. If the feature is not available in this app, I’d recommend adding it, because I know many people use it and I would like to as well. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, have a great day!
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2 years ago, Bekkah_28
Best I have found!
Most of the other drawing apps have a “ premium” option, this one doesn’t, if it does I don’t know about it. A love the options to change the ink flow with pressure. There are SO MANY kind of tools and all of them help you create professional looking and feel work. Other really great features include the complimentary color rectangle at the top( love that one) and the different tools like multiple symmetry tools and the fact you can change the line. I don’t like that they save to the cloud on apple… but I generally don’t save my work ( just don’t like it enough). And the colors are very nice and I appreciate the color and texture effects that the different brushes give. I know I am long winded so I let you find the rest out for your self. Developers Note : I think the option to save to the cloud or gallery would be beneficial. Also a community tab where you can share your work and receive feedback! Thanks for your time and effort in this app I love it so much!!!
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4 years ago, Poke your belly
I love the app! Would definitely recommend.
I love this app! I know I haven't used it for long, but I haven't had any problems with it so far. I don't have much experience with drawing, especially with digital art, but I'm still really happy with the results that came out of this app. I first downloaded this app to test a stylus pen. It didn't work, but I honestly don't care. I'm still glad I downloaded this app. I first tried the app and thought, "Eh. It's not that special." Later on I tried again with a different tool and realized, "Oh hey, this is pretty cool." I began drawing sunsets with only the basic tool set. I thought the only tools were.. the basic tool set. And then I discovered the whole world of brushes and art tools the app had. I immediately thought, "This is gonna be fun." I would definitely recommend this app to beginners like me. It's perfect to practice your digital art skills, and really easy to use. And of course, it won't always turn out the way you want it to. But with this app, you can make drawing extremely fun and easy!
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4 years ago, Hpy2destroy
A Very Good App For Beginners
I am not very good at drawing anything currently. I bought a pen/stylus for my iPad about 4 days ago to dabble in drawing. I had been doodling on this app for 1-2 hours a day, for 4 days and already I’m seeing improvement on my work. I don’t know if this app is good for more advanced art, since I’m as green as they come. But since I saw improvement in only a few hours, I would strongly recommend this app for other people looking to try out drawing. I liked the selection of brushes and the easy-to-follow interface. I was able to learn where all the important buttons were very quickly. It surprisingly wasn’t too overwhelming for me when I was going through the brush/pen/eraser options. They are categorized well and have brief descriptions to make it easy to pick an appropriate brush. And the fact this is free is an incredible bonus, this app feels like a paid-for app, probably because there’s no ads that pop up while you draw. It’s seems well polished for me so far. It has earned a five stars from me.
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3 years ago, jerBearR1200R
Non artist review
I am not an artist. I sketch to capture mechanical ideas and concepts. I use drawings to visualize ideas before committing them to physical materials. This app has many features that I will probably not use, it is like to much horsepower, nice to know it’s there just in case. As I do more drawings I will gradual use more of the tools. With a dozen sketches completed I am comfortable finding the basic drawing tools and can get myself out of trouble with few surprises. I also like that when I wake up at 2:00 am with a new idea I can pick up the iPad and draw my idea without turning on the lights and waking my partner. I bought the iPad to draw and store ideas and drawings. With half a room full of three ring binders and notebooks of drawings I need to conserve space. I plan to photograph my notebook sketches for organized storage in the iPad and recycle a lot of paper. Capturing new ideas using Autodesk Sketchbook will save a bunch of space while making researching and finding previous ideas much easier. Thanks for a useful app. J. Heil
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5 years ago, Cypress26
Please add keyboard shortcuts for iPad Pro!!!
I love using Sketchbook on my new iPad Pro (late 2018 version) - There’s a decent amount of brushes available and I haven’t had a drawing yet where I’ve reached my limit in layers. Some of the tools available are incredible helpful for some graphic design elements. I do wish there were a few more effects brushes added so I could try more new things with my artwork, but I can’t really complain considering all you get in one free package. One thing I can’t stress enough, though: this app needs keyboard shortcuts support for any keyboards compatible with the iPad. I have the most recent iPad and the Apple brand soft folio keyboard to go with it, but I am unable to use familiar keyboard shortcuts like Command+C to copy or Command+V to paste. Adding these shortcuts would save me and any other artists with a keyboard loads of time, which can be important when you’re on a deadline or just trying to get into the flow of a new drawing. Other than those two minors tweaks, I love this app and everything I’ve done with it so far. I can’t wait to see what else I’m able to create with it!
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8 months ago, 097375639562
I’m not sooo sure about this app
So this app is really cool but the tools are not so great i really enjoy the app but i really like adding in other pictures onto the paper so I can trace over them or add more details but unfortunately it is not allowed that which I am kind of upset about but overall this game is really cool with all. It’s great tools, but I wouldn’t really recommend the game because it’s a really cool drawing app but it’s not that good. I am very upset about the fact that they do not have where I can draw or trace anything else because I have very shaky hands and it’s very hard to me to draw and I don’t really like drawing my own things I rather draw on top of some thing and I’m not trying to say anything hurtful or downfall about this game but it’s very good but does have a lot of downsides they’re gonna I try to do the blending and I try to do the blending when hundred percent it wouldn’t come out or when I even turned up the size up a bit but it’s the wind blend. I had to turn the blending really low in order for it till you know do it thing I love this game don’t give me wrong but some changes.
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4 years ago, Jamanimal
Fun for sketching, but...
I’ve used sketchbook on and off for years- it has my favorite sketch brushes and it’s really easy to doodle things in, the drawing itself feels really organic, I can draw like I’m drawing it on actual paper when I’m actually on a screen. That feeling is difficult for any other app I use to capture, and what keeps me coming back to sketchbook again and again. But the thing that drives me off of sketchbook and onto other apps in the first place is that coloring is a bit difficult without clipping masks on mobile. I’ve read that there are clipping masks available on the desktop version of the app, and I would really love for it to be added on the mobile version as well!! That’s pretty much all it would take for me to move to drawing on autodesk full time. The locking feature is an okay stand in, but I prefer separating my colors over multiple layers rather than keeping it all on one, because it’s easier to fix if I mess up. It’s frustrating that an app this nice is missing something a lot of other drawing apps have, especially when it makes the drawing process much smoother. Please add clipping masks to the mobile app!
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7 years ago, MelissaBeth85
I love this but one problem...
Everything works perfectly and I love how easy it is to control and the smooth drawing but there's only two things wrong, every time I double tap in the corner to undo it it draws on my drawing and I have to zoom out to make sure I don't mess it up. One more thing, once I create my picture and when I go to color it in, can you add a fill bucket? Because I have spent over 4 hours trying to color that SMALL picture without messing anything up, in corners I've gotta lower the size of the brush then when there's a big open space Instead of spending another 30 mins or so I have to turn it up and again and then back down, I mess up I have to do the redo button and then it messes it up more. So what I'm suggesting, can you please add the undo and redo button to the top with the other buttons and then add a fill bucket? It would be greatly appreciated, it's not much to ask but I can deal the undo and redo button but I can not be spending 3-5 hours trying to color in my whole painting when I can paint it in just a tap of a button. Thank you.
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2 years ago, cirlyhair_gigi
Great but forgets to save
I’ve been using this app for my digital art for over 6 years, maybe even 7. From only just that, you can tell that I’ve really enjoyed this app. It has a large variety of brushes even if you don’t have the pro version, amazing tools, and can put great quality in your work. It even has a screen recording tool if you want to do speed paints. I honestly think it’s one of the best mobile art apps out there but I have one major problem with it, and that is that it sometimes has a hard time saving progress, and unfortunately I’m not the only one who gets frustrated when they find out that hours into your work hasn’t been saved or restored. It also deletes layers for some reason as well as crashing multiple times when making something that has more layers. I could get away with this by constantly saving a drawing but it’s still stressful to say the least. Sometimes it eventually saves your progress thankfully and sometimes it doesn’t, permanently leaving stuff you’ve already done. It’s weird, but besides that, it’s a very cool app.
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4 years ago, dora_the explora
Erases My Work
I’ve had this app for over a year now, but only recently started using it again after maybe 7 months. As I’ve been drawing for a school assignment, all has been well and I was truly able to create an amazing drawing. Until the entire app froze. And in order to unfreeze it, I had to exit the app. The heartbreak I felt after 4 hours of working was surreal. When I came back to restart my drawing today however, I figured I ought to save every few minutes as I go along with my drawing in case of emergency. And so, I restarted my drawing and after 30 minutes, I decided to save the drawing. However, as it started to process, it turned to a black screen and exited the app all by its self, leaving my drawing unsaved and deleted. I’m really frustrated because the tools available with this app are so great, but I may need to find a new app to start over (for the third time) with in order to accomplish my assignment. As I think back to when I first started using the app, I remember that I previously had this issue, but I was able to resolve it by saving frequently. But as I test it now, it won’t save any amount of work I do.
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2 years ago, STRANGER034
Underrated app. Just some suggestions.
Cool app! I have been using this since 2016. I had a wonderful time working with this drawing app since my childhood. There are no ads to distract me and it’s simple to use. I have been using it from iPad to mobile. And tried it with PC. It’s very good I would use this out of all the drawing apps I ever used because it is simply just perfect. Although, I have a problem and some suggestions. The problem is the fact that I have been using this app on mobile and there is no way to undo. I tried everything to undo on mobile but I couldn’t. A couple of other drawing apps that I’ve used have the undo feature for mobile. So I suggest you add the undo feature for mobile. And not just for iPad and PC. It really bothers me because when I make a mistake on my drawing or an unwanted feature, I would have to spend the entire time trying to fix it. So please add undo for mobile. If you did I would be very pleased.
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1 year ago, Kinda mixed
Good, but could be better
I like Sketchbook a lot, it has a good variety of brushes and is smooth on certain devices, but a problem has been occurring a lot lately. Whenever I begin to open a sketch it takes a really, really long time and so I close the app and open it again only for half or all of my drawing to be corrupted and disappear. Like today I made something and tried to open it again to make sure there were no mistakes only for it to take a long time to load and so I closed the app and opened it, and once doing that, half of the layers with some of the sketch on it were gone, and I spent a long time on that drawing too. It made me angry and sad, and did it all over again. Do I think this is a good app? Yes, I wish this didn’t happen though. Another thing I think should be added is accounts, so if I draw something on one device, I can make another account and put it on that other device so I can post it or whatever. But my main problem is the disappearing problem. Anyway, I like Sketchbook a lot, but I wish it could be better.
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4 years ago, Oguibe
Best painting app but, please restore use of custom fonts in iPadOS 14
I’ve used SketchBook for mobile since the very first day the iPad was released on the market in 2010, back when most pundits dismissed the iPad as only good for entertainment but not for productivity. I proved that wrong using SketchBook for mobile, and had my first gallery exhibition of art made with SketchBook on the iPad that very same year, and still do. I’ve tried several other apps over the years including ProCreate, but always returned to this app. Once custom fonts could be installed on iPads, I also found this app very versatile for graphics work once I installed additional fonts with iFont. However, since Apple made security changes in iOS/iPadOS 14, custom fonts installed as profiles no longer show up in SketchBook for mobile because updates to the app have yet to address the problem. Please, restore access to custom fonts installed as profiles, and I’ll come back and move the stars to 5. If it worked in iPadOS 13, it should be possible in iPadOS 14 with your help. It’s important for many of us. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Lullabear17
Please read if you are thinking about this app
So I have been using this app since 2018 and everything really awesome! The tools are easy to use and customize and the effects are really cool. But I then experienced something very bad and really sad on this app. So, you can have folders and you can put different art pieces in different folders, so I had spread my art from the past 4 years on like 9 different folders. I closed the app while being in a folder cause I just finished an art piece and I close the app, after a few days I reopen the app and all my folders and art have been deleted except for the folder I was in, I had over 200 art pieces and now I have 17. I don’t know what happened with the app but now all my art has been permanently deleted and it sucked. For this reason I have stoped using this app and moved to ibis paint. In short very good app for drawing and illustrations but be very cautious about using other folders. Thank you
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4 years ago, AAG20079
Amazing app!😊
This is a amazing app best drawing app I’ve ever gotten this is great it gives you a little tour of everything when you go to draw. It has so many options of paint brushes and designs to choose from it also has an amazing layout! Lots of colors to chose from and it has a great gallery after you have pictures in your gallery you can do a slide show to show all of your amazing artwork. So far I have had zero glitches you can even write on your artwork if you want to all you have to do is tap on the T and you put in what you want it to say and there you go. If your not happy with it’s font you can the font so many choices to chose from and you can adjust it if you want. You can do sideways or you can even change the color of your word so instead of your writing on your pic be black you can chose it to be pink, white ,yellow,orange,blue & much more! it is definitely great and it does not cost any money or in app purchases💰I most definitely will have this app for a very long time! 😁😍
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5 years ago, Akmomma25
Best Art app out there!
I have been looking for a good artistic app for a very long time, one that has a great selection of brushes and tools, and one that will let you use more than one layer, because most of the art apps I’ve gotten have only let you use up to three layers, and that gets pretty annoying. This app is exactly what I have been looking for. The detail is really good for being digital, and finally being able to have more than one section of tools really excites me. It is also a lot easier to use than most other art apps I’ve gotten. One thing I don’t understand is why you have to sign up. I’ve signed up to this app before because it gave me a free trial for a couple of days, and I loved it. Now I have been using this app for over a year and it is wanting me to sign up again. I’m a little wary of this, because I don’t know if it will randomly make me sign in to access my drawings, or just to use the app. So far I’ve been good. Thank you for making this wonderful app free!!
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2 years ago, Ryan1OO1
This app is an absolutely amazing drawing app. It competes against Procreate in capabilities, but Procreate has a lot more brushes and better customization for the brushes built into the app. I glad to see the addition to premium, since it means this app will continue to receive updates. If any developers of this app are reading this, PLEASE. ADD. ANIMATION! I have been dying for animation capabilities in this app, but since it lacks it I use Procreate for animating. Procreate is annoying when it comes to animation, because you have to make groupings of layers if you want multiple layers per frame. If Sketchbook could add animation features similar to timeline styles (Where theres layers that store lines of frames) that are in Adobe Animate or in an animation app called RoughAnimator, Sketchbook would be the best app for animation. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel or take the lazy way out like Procreate. If you add a proper animation feature to this app I will definitely fall in love with this app again. IOS could really use an all in one app for drawing and animating!
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5 years ago, jxnbzr
Very powerful (+ some ideas for stuff)
I absolutely love this app. In my opinion, it's the most organized and powerful drawing app on the App Store currently. There's so many possibilities added as of now that exceed what any other app has in the best way possible, and I appreciate that. However, I do feel that it's missing a small handful of things that some other iOS apps actually do have. People might actually need these for certain sketches, but that could be prejudiced or biased, as this is what I've personally needed for some sketches. Here's the things I'd thought of: • Importing custom fonts for use in the text tool, presumably .ttf and .otf files. • Adding effects to images, text, and other pre-existing layers. (i.e., glow, stroke, blur, drop shadow, etc.) • More available locations to import photos as a layer, like iCloud Drive. • The ability to snap-align photos and text to the center of both axes, for accuracy purposes. That's what I think should be added, but they're all just my thoughts. It would be nice if you took at least some of them into consideration. I also noticed that the option to import photos from the sharing module stopped appearing. I assume that it must've been removed. If you could re-add that, that'd be nice, as I found it quite efficient and never had any problems with it. Overall though, Sketchbook is truly a wonderful app. I thank you so much for doing a great job with this, and I hope to continue seeing this app prosper.
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3 years ago, Ethos tattoo saline mi
I’d just like to say I’ve been a tattooist for 20 years. This app is something I’ve utilized from the start. I’ve tried a lot of other apps like procreate and I am still using this program because it is stripped down like a sketch book,but I can and do often use it to complete designs quickly without the mess a bunch or art supplies. This also tremendously cut down on cost. If you read this sketchbook I’d just like to say than you,I loved the recent update. I’d like to say is congratulations on getting complete control over your product,and I am looking forward to using it a long as it’s around. One last thing that I think would help you tremendously is that you should seriously ok into creating brushes that are aimed towards the tattoo industry. It’s a flourishing industry and I think you could make some awesome brushes to help us streamline what we do while making the brand more profitable. You’re welcome. Kisses and hugs, Ira Singleton
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5 years ago, My Name Was Snatched
Love it! But there’s a glitch.
I enjoy the app a lot, honestly. It’s free, simple, and helpful. But there’s a bug that really irritates me, mainly because you can only get rid of it by downloading and redownloading the app, and the process of doing so can be extremely annoying and tiring. The glitch? Basically at random points in time, even after it’s been only 2 days since redownloading again, I’ll be coloring or doing linework, and the same color will look like it’s on another layer, despite it all being on one layer. It can seem minor, but it can be super distracting when it comes to the final product of the art, and makes the whole thing look messy. I have friends I asked about this, and they say they’ve had the same problem, and the only solution I’ve discovered is redownloading over and over again, frequently. I’d really hate to let this go, since I’ve tried other art platforms like MediBang, which proved to be super laggy and a generally useless and unintuitive platform. Other than that, I enjoy the app and would recommend to anyone.
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