Reface: Face Swap AI Generator

Graphics & Design
4.8 (475.4K)
130.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reface: Face Swap AI Generator

4.82 out of 5
475.4K Ratings
6 months ago, MsMcDweluvu
I absolutely love Reface! And the customer service could not be nicer. I had a small incident where a piece of art was considered against community standards. Spoke with Customer Service. They instantly fixed the problem, and we’re very kind to help, in a nice professional manner. The exciting thing about Reface is you can share with your friends and make fun videos make people happy and make people laugh; but you also can live out some fantasies, let your inner child out. Haha laughter and connection with those you care about is the best medicine especially, for anyone that might be suffering with chronic pain. This will definitely take your mind off of it, even if just for a little. That’s the best news for anyone suffering with chronic pain, like me. Thank you REFACE for being a lifeline. Literally. KELLI In Virginia USA
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2 years ago, BlueGTwWt
Edit : I’ve left this review previously and their team reassured me that they are working on a quality update for the swapping filter but after reading the recent reviews of people who left the same reviews and received the same response about two months ago i’m starting to get a little scared that this may not be true. This app was amazing a month ago it was 100% perfect until recently it updated and i’ve noticed the changing filter isn’t as strong anymore . It used to change your face shape a bit more and show your features more strongly . I miss when the filter was stronger. I loved the old version 😭 but it’s still a pretty solid app I really hope you guys can fix it back to how it was if that’s possible. i thought i was wrong until i saw someone else say that the swapping filters have been watered down. I would really really love for this app to go back to how it was when the swapping would show more of your own features including face shape, eyebrows, eyes, lips, etc than the ones on the face you’re swapping with. I compared some of my swapped faces from july and now and back in july the features were so much stronger. I will most definitely subscribe once you guys fix this situation i love this app and i wish to have it back to how it was… Pls fix it or let me know if it can be fixed so i can resubscribe again once it is fixed.
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7 months ago, NJ76
Ruined app
Save your apologies and “compassionate” replies. Just like most things, once the popularity and growth are there, in steps strategic ways to increase revenue. In this case, forgetting what placed you on the map to begin with. You’ve removed movie content, voice feature, and other popular features…not to mention the technical glitches when scrolling through your app. Instead, dissected and redistributed some of these features (I.e. Revive), solely to increase revenue streams. For those who use the app without paying, it’s completely throttled by adds, which more or less forces one to purchase PRO. Of course you don’t stop there though, because even as a PRO member, you must purchase tokens. Unreal. And having the ability t upload your own video is certainly an appeal and can be leveraged in supporting the upgrade, but not when you require additional purchases in top of that. However, that’s an additional feature, and shouldn’t justify removing all the preexisting inventory of content, specifically well known movie bits…but hey, at least you replaced with useless, generic GIFS and crap AI. It certainly is one thing to creatively increase revenue, but not by taking away what got you here in the first place. This greed will be your downfall for sure. Whoever your analyst and strategist are, I hope this was deliberate if so, because this “take the money and run” exit strategy!
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3 years ago, Diamondmine64
Not letting me use the Pro version 😡😡
Im having an issue thats not letting me use the Pro version of this. I went to subscribe to it when it asked me and after it said “purchase was successful”, I pressed ok and it got stuck in an infinite loading screen. I restarted the app but after I opened it, it still didn’t have me in the Pro version so when i went to click on the Pro message at the top again to try to subscribe again thinking it was a glitch, the Apple message pops up saying I’m already subscribed, so when I press ok, your message pops up saying that the purchase was unsuccessful. Its very aggravating cause It shows in my subscriptions on my iPhone that my trial has already started but when I go into Reface, it still doesn’t have me in the Pro version. I really do think you guys created a great app cause the way the AI integrates any face into a video or GIF etc is insane, but it would be nice to use your free trial......if it worked! That’s why I'm taking off a couple stars. If you could fix this in the future, that’d be awesome, but I'm annoyed that my free trial is being wasted because your app is not allowing me to use it. Thanks, looking forward to a response from you guys.
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3 years ago, 21stCenturyWoman
App is Cranky
I’d purchase but when using the product I try to post to Facebook and get messages like these: something about connection and then a message that the file size is too big. The 3rd outcome is that the item posts but the video and GIF doesn’t work - it’s a still photo. So in essence it doesn’t work correctly with Facebook. I’ve saved the videos and GIFs to my videos on my iPad (I cannot email them to myself) and then I again try to post to Facebook and it doesn’t work properly. I can send the videos and GIFs to other thru Messenger. I used to be a paying customer of JibJab and never had this issue. So unless the Reface app can work, there’s no sense in paying for it. (Yes I’ve cleared my iPad cache and have cleared the safari website memory and I’ve even rebooted the power on the iPad and the app is still unusable on Facebook. Now my iPad is not brand new however I still have approximately 75% of available memory in it. I’ve sent messages to your staff over your reface app and no one there seems to be able to give me the correct direction of what to do to get this to work properly.
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4 years ago, YaBoySteveMac
Great concept, needs to be more reliable
First off...really fun idea, I’m having a lot of fun with this. My major gripe is that the app keeps having goofy problems. First, it wouldn’t let me load my own gifs. Then it worked like a dream for about a month. The last couple weeks, it seems like it can’t handle my gif library and you can’t scroll past the first few visible rows before it crashes, and you could only use the most recently saved ones. And since yesterday, it now crashes as soon as I go to the gif library altogether, which is REALLY a problem, because now you’ve kind of rendered the app useless if that’s going to happen. I’m not a tech guy, I don’t know the ins and outs, but the number one thing I need improved is the app’s ability to not overload and crash. Fix that, and you’ve got an excellent product here, which is why I’m keeping the rating friendly, but as of the current moment, the app is zero stars to me as I can’t use it for its most important purpose to me as it’s advertised that I should be able to do. Please fix ASAP! Thanks!
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1 year ago, Anonymous2177
I think reface should keep the audio in the background of re-voice just to give it a more realistic appeal. For example, it would be better to hear the the audience in the background clapping or laughing while the sound of the users voice is telling a joke. In addition, the app should include a full body tracking feature. So one day I tried to perform an action and put a female celebrity’s face on me, being that I’m a male. That didn’t work. 🤦‍♂️ I’d rather use full body tracking to influence my subject without compromising his or her physical appearance. With regards to reface, there are instances when I tried swapping faces but sometimes the end result doesn’t look good. This has prompted me to use a third party app called FaceApp to enhance the look of the face which brings me to my final suggestion: A new feature that allows us to enhance our appearance after we swap faces of someone else in both photo and video. That’s not all, this feature may also enhance ones clothing style. Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wished you not only had a great looking face, a better looking outfit that actually looks awesome on you in addition to that? Well that’s the type of feature I’m talking about. With just a tap here and there, this new feature will switch you from wearing your typical dated outfit to a new designer suit in a flash along with a better looking face and hairstyle. The name of this new feature I’m thinking of is called: “Reflection”.
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10 months ago, TenderFox11
Cannot access after purchase
I downloaded this app a few years ago and it was great up until more recently. I purchased a one year subscription and when I tried to access the app it gave a message that this was not available in my region. Why did it allow me to purchase the subscription? I was using it for a week before I received that message when I opened the application. It asks me to pay and subscribe to Restyle application. I don’t want to pay for a different application when I just paid for reface Pro and can’t access it. After I complained about being blocked from access, I was unblocked and able to access reface for 3 days until I was blocked again. Customer service claims that it’s blocked in my region then later I can access it again for 3 days. So I’m guessing they are trying to get me to purchase their new ‘Restyle’ application in order for them to unblock my Reface Pro application? Not cool. I paid for a one year subscription and their only solution is to say reface is not in my region and request a refund. Then later it is unblocked mysteriously and I can access it.
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2 months ago, BooCooCayenne
Beware purchasing pro membership: Functions changed after membership purchase
Long story short. I bought the pro membership many moons ago. At the time, it has animate face and swap face. Animate face has since been removed and falls under the revive app. When asked concerning my membership status and availability of switching to the revive app, I was given some mumbo jumbo below concerning terms and conditions. They did offer a discount to purchase the revive. However, I spent $30-$40 for the pro member and lost functions. Why would I pay more money and have it lose function again? From Reface (4/8/24) Apologies for any possible inconveniences causes by Revoice feature moved to other app. We want to clarify that, as outlined in our Terms of Service, features, functions, and preloaded content are subject to change and are not considered part of the prepaid plan. While the paid subscription provides an ad-free and watermark-free experience on generated results, additional features of the application are not guaranteed as mandatory components of the subscription. We appreciate your support and understanding.
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6 months ago, QmomT
Can no Longer Use My Subscription Because Ads Won’t Go Way
I used to love this app and have had it for a couple of years. However, this time I’ll be cancelling and not renewing because it has essentially turned into a scam where I’ve got a subscription I can’t use due to ads that I can’t get past. For the last several months, whenever I’ve tried to do a face swap or take any other action, an ad for a game launches. That wouldn’t be so bad, except there is no way to get past the ad. It never ends and you can’t close it, or “x” out of it. You can’t even watch the ad to the end and finally get back to using the app. The ad is just all there is— no more reface app. I don’t know if it’s different with the pro version (which, actually I thought I had), but I won’t be paying to find out. I’ve already paid for a subscription I’ve been unable to use for a couple of months and I won’t keep doing that again. Ads I can live with, but ads that prevent me from even using the subscription I’ve paid for have turned a fun product into nothing but a scam.
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3 years ago, OMG its Ogre1
Charged for free trial
This app requires a subscription to use, however it offers a free trial if you opt for the one year subscription. In the terms, it specifically says the trial is 3 days long, and you will not be charged for the year subscription as long as it is cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the billing cycle. So I picked this option for the free trial and tried the app for about 10 minutes. For the time it takes to render a new gif, with a face swap, the app is impressive. But I was underwhelmed with the end quality and can produce much better items with my current software, albeit with much longer rendering times or time spent editing frames. I canceled my subscription via my Apple account in settings, deleted the app, and moved on. Only to then notice an alert from my bank. I was charged immediately for the purchase of a year subscription. We’re not breaking the bank with $25, but that’s flat out false advertising and malicious. Now I’m dealing with refund request from Apple and a stop payment order from my bank. Way to much hassle for this.
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10 months ago, AminMir
Avoid like a plague
I had unsatisfactory experiences with their paid AI generated services in the past; and yet against my better judgment I tried it again! This time I submitted 6 pictures and paid for professional AI generated headshots, as advertised! After about 45 minutes the outcome was horrendous! The pictures were unreal, damaged and disassembled! I tried to contact customer service and been told by Maksym that despite the faulty pictures (I sent him both originals and the AI generated pictures) I am not eligible for a refund!!!! In my opinion regardless of the amount in question, this is a matter of principles and good, honest business! I will continue to follow up this matter to make sure no more customers fall into this trap! Update: the developer wrote a generic response and asked to continue the dialogue! Ok, fine! I want a refund for your horrible and useless service! If my feedback is important and you are sorry for providing bad services! Then here you go! Otherwise stop writing misleading responses and stop pretending you care about your victims!
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3 years ago, badboychronic
Wow I am surprised
I thought this was gonna be one of those cheap apps. I would use if for the free 3 days then cancel boy that is not happening . Been on it 3 hours it’s so fun. No watermarks no restrictions again wow. All my friends I send a clip to say how you do that I lie and say it took two weeks of tedious work but I did it because I love you. Lol I’m gonna have to tell them because they will not stop asking .I know such a app was coming did not think it would be this great and simple to use. I can see them doing like tikt and letting you edit in the future doing longer clips and everything. Absolutely love it. After I’m done showing off I’m going let everyone know about it hats off to the developers and again thanks for no watermarks and so much content. This is one app I’m happy to pay for.
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9 months ago, Mr. Mathew Mendoza
Uno reverse card mr. app developers😎
I bought the app about like one or two years ago, and I could use features to help me in making videos, but I feel like over the course of the few months after this whole AI thing, it’s like the app was the was a bucket that was kick down the hill. now it feels like you have to use premium or pro mode for everything and I don’t want to use money on the app and I bet most people don’t either, so please app developers can you please make it where at least some of the original things are free. EDIT The app developers gave me a response, and you know what I say. I have never spent a single penny on this app so I was already practically using the free version of the app and as I said, I can’t do anything because everything is for pro so app developers there you go and remember to send me another response another AI generated or premade response if it was premade is probably made like years ago like most companies that do not have a soul, do!
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3 years ago, Burning Ranger
Inappropriate filter not working properly
This app has flagged several of my videos as possible in appropriate contact when the only thing in the video is a dog now I know it will re-face dog photos but apparently videos it doesn’t it also Said that a picture of my daughter playing with the dog was inappropriate when in fact nothing about that video that was inappropriate most of it you only see her hand with a squeaky toy playing with the dog and of course my daughter was fully dressed I’m going to give this app less stars because I don’t think it should have an inappropriate filter that flags videos that have nothing inappropriate in them that makes it hard for me to enjoy the service when it stops me from enjoying it first of all it’s a paid service so adults are paying for it last time I checked an adult can do whatever they want I’m 40 years old and I certainly don’t need an app telling me that my daughter playing with a dog is inappropriate
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6 months ago, Amo840812
So bad.
I got this app earlier today. When I go in it immediately gives the option for pro yearly or I think monthly and only those two options. then after a minute it so there is a button to X out of the screen. Nothing is free in this app. At all. Every thing I picked was a 7.99 free to create 48 avatars. So against my better judgement I paid the 8 bucks. It took 45 MINUTES to generate the avatars after you upload 6 photos of yourself. I just went back in and I’ve never seen anything more useless. Not a single avatar looks like me. It’s blonde red hair color, I have dark brown hair. Green eyes. I have brown eyes. Every picture I uploaded was of me and only me, no other people or pets. ONE of the pictures I have blonde highlights in my dark brown hair. Not sure how every single avatar has blonde red hair. Nothing even similar to me, I can’t even use these avatars. I thought ok the cartoon version isn’t for me then. I went to try another, noir, and it’s asking me for another 8 bucks!! Do not waste your money in this app. It’s a scam.
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3 years ago, Old Man Dancing
Should be called the ad
The free version of this joke is so heavily infested with ads that seem to go on for 20 minutes each, that is virtually unusable. Unless you’re willing to consider paying the ridiculously high recurring monthly or annual fee, don’t waste your time with this. Edited in response to the developer’s response: I understand the need for a paid version. My point was that there really is no free version, as the so-called free version is just pretty much one continuous ad after another. And the paid version is so overpriced that it is not a consideration for me. If the free version had a less crushing amount of ads, or the paid version was a little more reasonably priced, we might have a deal. As it is, no sale. Maybe I am the exception and other people are more accepting of the number of ads and/or the cost of the paid version. As it is, I think that you are a little too greedy and the prospects of your company surviving long-term with the current business model are somewhat limited. As I said, I could be completely wrong. Time will tell.
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7 months ago, Prince of Akron
Don’t purchase pro!! Fraud
I wouldn’t purchase pro at all not even for there so called weekly discount price, I used to love this app im not saying the app doesn’t work it works great but when I paid for the. Pro everything was smooth sailing then within 24 hours later when I get back on its asking me to purchase the pro weekly again after i just did 24 hours ago and then the customer service chat just says o wait till it’s out of pending I’m like I’ve been using the pro for over 24 hours the money came out my account, then the next day I sent the receipt of purchase from apple and then they say delete app then restore to no avail then just gonna say try to get refund just shooed me over I hope 4.26 was worth it cause u lost a consistent custom ive purchased this at least 9 times this year and last year I bought it for a year and then u gonna take my money let me use it for 24 hours and then delete me like I never paid girl. Bye. Purchased at your own risk
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4 years ago, Poogle Cutie
BEST face swap app out there! Unbelievable quality and tons of fun videos!
Before this app I downloaded another similar one called “Facebrity,” which didn’t have nearly as many options and charged $5 a week for membership. This version is half the price and sooooo much better! It doesn’t look fake, as long as you have a good photo it actually looks really nice! I am so happy I found this app and I would strongly recommend it to anyone on the fence about getting a subscription... splurge!!!! I can’t imagine myself keeping an active subscription permanently because that’s just a lot of money for content I’ll probably never really use for anything, but here and there it’s a lot of fun and I’ll renew it in the future :)
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1 year ago, Mumflr Fumperdink37
Waste of space
I’ve had this app for a while, me and my friends all had it and sent each other silly stuff constantly. Recently we checked in on the app to see how it was, it’s a total dumpster fire. All the remaining videos and GIFS that are on the site are just cringe. It’s either some weird GIF of a guy doing a weird dance or it’s half naked women doing tiktok dances. Utter garbage, the app used to be just fine. I understand that maybe this app needs money or requires 3rd party content. But removing all copyrighted stuff from the app really sent this to the bottom. Unfortunately I have entirely lost interest in this app and will not be recommending it again in the future. Figure out what you’re doing wrong guys. Until that happens, you’re getting nothing but poor reviews from people. Word to the wise: if you make a decision that everyone hates, and you did it because you need more cash. Then you’re gonna lose cash because nobody is gonna come back to your app.
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1 year ago, Doc_Daddy
Problem with videos
This is the best by far at realistic face swapping ; it’s amazing. However when I choose, say, a 2 minute video it only creates about the first 10 seconds of video. Tried it on several videos. They are also EXTREMELY strict on “appropriate content. “ My wife has tried to use some PG rated photos and time after time had them rejected. No other swap face app does this. These are not photos we are trying to upload in any public location. Also I have had a problem for a couple of months where if I use the contact help button ( for example to ask them to look at a G rated photo and un-block it, I get an error. I’ve deleted and reinstalled, I’ve cleared my history nothing works. It also started freezing and requiring a restart.
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3 years ago, jfkensimjack
Need More Black Faces & Visuals Promoted
There are not many options to chose from when it comes to African Americans. Whenever I search black woman it doesn’t nearly have as much variety for us as there are for everyone else. A lot of them are just gifs made by Tenor. There are entirely too many amazing black film visuals from this century and the last to only have a select few on here. It’s frustrating having brown skin and using reface on someone with lighter skin because it doesn’t really look like me. I want to see selectionS (notice it’s plural) for us on PRO & the “Loonnggg Videos”. Why are majority of the people on PRO of lighter complexion? I believe there should be diversity in skin tone when promoting them. Besides that, I love using this app and it’s the best one in its category so far, just remember it’s 2021 and people want to see representation for EVERY race. Thanks!
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3 years ago, okwtaf
I want to like it
I really want to like this app. I’ve so far made a few videos. However, I’m having so many issues with this app. 1) when it says I need to watch an Ad to reface, I’ll happily watch the ad and when the ad is over, it makes me watch the add over and over again and it doesn’t let me reface at all. 2) when an ad is automatically shown to me before refacing, the ad will play and when it is over my screen is blank and there’s no video. There is sound though. I’ve re-downloaded the app and reset it multiple times but there’s just so many bugs it makes it near impossible to work. If I select to watch an ad to reface, that is a trade. That is a form of “payment” or “agreement” to get something in return. I suggest looking into this before this turns into a legal issue in which people are not getting what they paid/traded for. Not saying I would do anything but you never know about other people!
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4 years ago, Darad227
Love The App But It Lost A Star
As far as a fun app, to me, this is even more fun than any game. I’ve been having so much enjoyment that I became a weekly subscriber. One complaint though, that forced me to take away a star is the refacing of my own Gifs, its AI catching some as “inappropriate” despite nothing being inappropriate in any way. Actually one it found was someone doing a ballet arm movement, another, someone leaning forward and standing straight up. No nudity or risky attire of any kind, not even sound or use of copyright music material. And while I personally don’t convert anything of the adult nature, since it’s a private app people should post what they want. I tried contacting support but since it’s Friday they’re closed until Monday. To close, it’s very good but can use some improvements. I won’t be keeping it forever but for now it’s great fun.
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5 months ago, Erlese
Pro user from the beginning .
When I first got onto this app three years ago, it was fantastic. I subscribed to the pro version right away because it was well worth the money. I especially loved being able to take the songs and making pictures animate and Sing those songs. So why my bad review? Because over the last few years, everything‘s been cheapened down. The music three years ago was the actual music from the popular artists… Whitney Houston, Bee Gees… etc… Now, more and more it’s just music of unknown artists doing “ covers” for the real artists and it just sounds unauthentic and awful. Or they’ve had to change the tone of the real artists because probably of copyright issues. A pure cheap imitation. A ton of the animations ( with the new music or the added songs ) are absolutely horrible. Face are contorted, and not even in sync with the music. Whoever did the editing for the AI back in 2021?? That was the best. Now it’s absolute trash. It doesn’t look good at all. The eyes are all bugged out and weird. Mouths are all rubbery, and it doesn’t even look like their mouthing the specific words. A majority of the times I have gone through a tone of them and they are just horrible and it wasn’t like that three years ago. Seriously. What happened to you guys?
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10 months ago, Janejrank
They kinda screwed us…
I was one of the earliest users of Reface. And I’ve owned the lifetime license for a long time. I’ve always REALLY appreciated that they offer a one-time purchase rather than a subscription. It’s been my favorite thing about the app. However, I just launched it to do a voiceover (to make a photo sing) and I noticed that a bunch of the sounds they typically have — including the one I use the most (“Trollololo”) — are gone. And then I realized they moved them to their other app “Revive,” which would cost ANOTHER lifetime purchase to use. That’s not cool guys. I bought this app when it had certain things in it, and you’ve taken those things, but them in your new app, and then made them “Pro Only” features in the new app. That’s super lame, and the first time I’ve ever felt like they, as a company, did something dirty. It’s a bummer. I probably would’ve bought the new app for all its additional content, but I’m not gonna do that now, on principle, because they locked away content I already paid for. Not cool. (Also, I don’t know how this STILL isn’t a feature, but you gotta add the ability to SEARCH through the music/soundbites! In both apps. After all this time, I still have to scroll and scroll and scroll to find soundbites that I was using constantly.)
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3 years ago, SighWhatever
Well it finally sunk to the bottom
I redownloaded this app because my subs almost up and I wanted to make the most out of it before it expires. (I had deleted it months ago because you HAVE to give them access to ALL your photos and metadata which is super invasive on its own.) Well now I turns out they have updated terms and conditions. This app is very anti privacy. They “say” they value it but they don’t. 1. Why do you need to access all the photos in my library? Other apps can function with only the select few I allow them to view. Why do you need to scan my whole library? 2. You do not honor DO NOT TRACK. Which is fine for me I have a vpn, I block third party cookies, and I have other tracker blocking software. But for other people you know their exact location. Why? 3. You are keeping biometric data now from what I understand? Why? 4. Why do people have to have a private conversation with you about your anti privacy practices? Why not just put the reasons in the replies to these complaints? You clearly don’t want us to have privacy why do YOU need privacy? Really glad I deleted the app. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for a company to make money and NOT track people uniquely. It’s like companies have forgotten how to profit pre-internet and don’t understand people value their privacy.
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2 years ago, Dispicableme
Used to love the app. Not so much anymore.
Everything was fine when I could reface people without there being any political commentary or hashtags watermarked onto my content with its removal locked behind a paywall. Just because a lot of people support something, it doesn’t mean I have to be forced to support it to. That should be an option, not a requirement, to use this app. I didn’t have to spend money before, because I suffered through the ads. I’m not gonna allow myself to suffer with all of my content getting branded by something I didn’t agree to put there in the first place. Until #standwithukraine becomes *optional* instead of *mandatory*, I cannot support this app. We use these apps as a form of escapism from the real world, and now that option’s pretty much gone. Disclaimer: It’s not that I don’t stand with Ukraine, but to take away my choice in the matter is very totalitarian and un-American.
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3 years ago, Cyrusfyre
Neat and a lot of fun
The app mostly works very well. If the character moves too quickly the face slides, which is a mix of humorous and frightening, but otherwise it is a lot of fun. Interestingly, it works well with video game characters such as Noctis or BDO characters as well as real people. My only real complaint at this time is that you can’t favorite all content and there is no way to mute the app without turning the volume down on my phone. I like to listen to music and play with the visuals of the app and it won’t let me do both because I can’t mute the app. Also a pain if I forget to turn down the sound on my phone in public. Otherwise great app. Lots of fun.
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2 years ago, karmamoon85
….I love this app. I really do. It works great and it’s super fun and when it first came out a little over a year ago I tried it and as a loyal customer I paid for a full year of access. Well I’m giving a 3 instead of 5 rating because now I see that for $10 more u can purchase LIFETIME access and I must say as a avid user and major promoter of this app because I think I probably showed at least 20 people the first week I had this app, how awesome it was, I feel cheated and taken advantage of. my subscription ended last month and now I have to pay $35 when I paid $25 last year when there was no lifetime option! so why is it that there isn’t a better option for people who have been loyal consumers of your app? Please explain ? Thank you
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3 years ago, MimiW64
Not as good at mapping Asian faces
Overall this app is pretty good, but there are a few issues. My first issue is that when I apply my face(I’m Chinese) it looks similar to me but not quite like me. It appears to be changing my eye shape and getting rid of my double eyelid. I tried another app called iFace, which doesn’t do this, and looks much closer to me( I have done the exact same scenes with the same photo in both apps and the results are noticeably different). This isn’t really a problem with my Caucasian friends. I also have problems with finished videos just being a black screen, and I have had problems where I watch an ad, but it kicks me back to the main screen without letting me face swap. Other than that, cool app!
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3 years ago, Autumnnights1992
Unknown Error - Update
••Updated Review••3 minutes later Deleted and Downloaded the app again and voila it worked, and as promised I have changed my rating! So excited to start using the App! ••First Review••I want to say first, I’d would love to use this app. It seems fun and something I’d enjoy messing around with. However, I attempt (many times) to add a photo by either camera roll to taking a photo and would get “unknown error” every time. I was unable to locate a clear resolution for the issue I’m having so I’m basically unable to use the app. I’m sorry for the low rating I hope the issue is resolved and then I will happily change my rating.
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6 months ago, fudgepusding
You have to pay for some features.
When I first got this app I loved it. I had the pro subscription and was pleased. Then one day I noticed that some of the features I liked were no longer on the app. The voice over and others that I mainly used. Just gone and nothing put in their place. The avatars are cool and once you have a subscription you can make your own for more money. They are not included. Most try to make their apps better but unfortunately this one went way down. They also sized down the variety of choices for the face animation. Look for another app that will include major features and not make them unavailable after you have paid. I had the pro subscription so I paid the yearly subscription fee. If you want avatars it is extra and not included in subscription
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1 year ago, Roniniku
AI is awful
This used to be such a great app, but no more. They recently introduced the AI avatar add-ons. They are quite expensive but I tried it. It is very hit and miss. For some, the results were clearly an error. The face and body shape were completely deformed. I reported this to the developer and asked for a credit in order to try again. They denied the request despite the ridiculous results. They blamed the results on my photos, despite following the instructions to the letter. It also didn’t explain the decent results on other AI packages I put through. The fact that these are fairly expensive IAPs makes this doubly disappointing. I’ve supported this dev for about a year and recommended them to many friends. Unfortunately that now stops. It’s disappointing when a dev goes down this road and treats customers this way.
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3 years ago, DaveTheHippy
Would be 5 star if watermark was removable
This app is crazy fun. The full paid version has a couple shortcomings though. 1) water mark is not removable - why make your users jump through the additional hoops of scrubbing the watermark off outside the app? 2) censoring which videos and photos I can use smacks of big brother oversight. If I want to create a spicy face swap why have you placed yourself in the role of censorship overlord? 3) I’d like to be able to add my own audio soundtracks and not be limited to scrolling through a long list of songs that are well, I think you get the point. Looking forward to developer feedback and keep up the great work!!!
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3 months ago, Office games lover
The App is great, but...
I want to be clear that I absolutely love this app. No question. The reason for the three stars though is that I really really don’t like when companies cross the line into taking a stand on a world event or an outside situation that has nothing to do with the company or service. In this case the bandwagon of #StandWithUkraine. I support the safety and welfare of all the innocents in Ukraine 100%. But I will not even update my Reface app as long as it chooses to make political changes to its app. Because first it starts with an icon change and eventually it expands to areas it shouldn’t. All companies need to remain neutral. Otherwise problems arise.
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11 months ago, MGPeps
Great App… but miss the GIF function
It’s a great app with high end results for downloaded videos (short only) and personal stills. But the one function that was the best is not included in the program anymore : the ability to Reface GIFs. I truly loved being able to download classic old movie GIFs from other search engines and Reface to put family and friends in the place of Chaplin or other characters. It was a daily fun drop in for texts. Reface said they discontinued the function which to me was a serious blow to the fun of the app and its continued use. When my subscription renewal comes up, I may just look elsewhere. Until then, I keep my fingers crossed that the next Reface update restores the function.
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4 years ago, Schmeatball
Could use some work.
It's a nice app for the most part, but after using it for almost a month, I've noticed quite a few flaws. The limit of 640p gifs is extremely limiting, and makes the end result look not so great. Straight up limiting it to gifs in the first place is a real bummer, because it's harder to find gifs for a lot of what people would use this app for. MP4s or WeBMs would be great additions in the App, and would guarantee a resubscription from me. I'm not saying bump up the resolution supported to 4k (as nice as that would be) but like 900p or somewhere around there would definitely assist with the compatibility. Also a feature to assist the face finding, like pin pointing where the eyes are, or upgrading how it locates it would be perfect. Thank you for the product, and thank you for reading my review.
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6 months ago, Dogfight!!!
What happened? Change back.
Just like the previous review, I also initially downloaded this app around a year ago. I had a blast swapping my face with various videos superhero’s. It’s been a while since I’ve had some free time, so I was looking forward to using this app with my baby nephews face. But the app is totally different now, a complete night and day difference than what it was around a year ago. This app is unrecognizable and not user friendly at all. Just like the previous review, I agree the new search engine is completely useless and annoying, you will not be able to search for anything you want, just brings up random images. I will be deleting this app and looking for an app that does what this app used to do. Don’t waste your time, they really think people are willing to spend more than $20 to use this app, get real.
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1 year ago, 银白勒马特
For anyone who is looking for lost features and GIF searche
I contacted to their customer support and here is their reply: We're delighted to present our newest Revive application! Now, the Revoice and Animate Face features have been transformed into a standalone application, providing you with a seamless and user-friendly experience. Our focus is to prioritize your needs and offer a product that you will love and enjoy using. We regret to inform you that, in our pursuit of a more customer-oriented experience, the Revoice and Animate Face features will no longer be available in the Reface application. We understand that this change may be disappointing for some users, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our primary focus is to deliver the best possible product and experience tailored to your needs and preferences. Please note that the GIF section is no longer available in the search options. Currently, users can only search for images and videos. ————— 5 ⭐️ for what this app used to be, 2 ⭐️ for now
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4 years ago, Selenay2k
A miracle
So, I lost my 22 year old son July 2019 very unexpectedly to Viral Myocarditis and it has been SO HARD on me. I was left to only have the punctures I had. No new memories, then along came this app and it brought my David back to me. Yes, I understand he’s gone and never going to physically be with me anymore. I am not deluding myself. That being said, this app was made for his faceS nearly every one of these I do, his face is PERFECT! I mean, they even get the profile right! This app has been a Godsend to me. It has helped me in the mourning process. I want to thank the creators/developers of this app for not only making it, but making it affordable. I miss David every day, but this helps me tremendously.
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1 year ago, irenemesw
Don’t get this app
i used to love this app. it was genuinely so fun and i used to use it all the time to like make my friends laugh and stuff, but per usual they starting making EVERYTHING cost money. i used to be able to upload any pic i want to so i can like reface it myself but then they made u pay for it. i find that so ridiculous because that’s obviously the best part and i just know that people would be upset. currently, i redownloaded the app to see if they changed it or something and low and behold they make the whole section where u upload a picture, make it lip sync, and basically control all of it cost money. that is the most stupidest thing ever. no one’s going to want to use your app now because you can’t even do anything fun with it. don’t get this app because your just gonna be disappointed and ur going to waste your time.
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3 years ago, @$lick Vibez the lll Figure
Rip the old version of this app
The quote on quote privacy policy standards ruined this app all im saying is if you have the expectation of thinking every single gif is free if you purchase the subscription that claims gifs are unlimited its not true and all they gonna say is that we dont allow certain gifs on our platform that contains lewd content etc when they literally have all sorts of lewd content for use on the app itself??? So called inappropriate content Is literally a search away within the app itself and there was a extensive period in time when this app would let you do what ever you wanted and the app never was taken down by apple or anything to that sort. Listen just get rid of the restrictions it’s not what many people have paid for it’s such a bait and switch to claim I can use any gif if I pay then tell me I cant use certain gifs. App would be a 10 if y’all just added the old version of this app back I swear maybe yall should have a website were you can have more freedom to use whatever gif no matter the material just a thought.
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3 years ago, Giis5321
Great app but....
I genuinely like the app I think it’s genius! Except for a few things. I’ve noticed that the app would change your face into something that doesn’t really look like you. For a while I wondered why until I found out that it actually depends on the face shape. I have a round face and I’m from Latin America so most faces look weird when I use it however I’ve noticed that most Indian faces fit me. I was just wondering, and hoping, if there could be more range of face shapes on this app. Also I’ve noticed when I try to add a photo of a face it doesn’t frame it like if you would take a picture of yourself and it would mostly say an error has occurred. I hope this could be used in improving the app :)
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3 years ago, Chrish_219
Great potential but still needs work
As others have said, this app is amazing when it consistently works, but it currently has two MAJOR issues: 1) it almost always crashes when you scroll down your own gif library too fast (regardless of how many you have) 2) The app’s “inappropriate” filter is beyond horrible and needs so much work. I have had countless gifs blocked as “inappropriate” despite literally nothing being wrong. If the gif has someone showing any skin outside of the elbow/knee range then odds are your gif will get blocked too. Literally no other app like this has this issue yet they keep saying “this filter is to keep up with Apple guidelines”...
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2 years ago, Lawman561
Great app with worst possible use of personal data
I love the app, it is entertaining, and fun as heck to use. What I will be deleting the app over is the use of personal data i.e. biometric that is stored for a minimum of three years on their servers? There is no reason for that other than tracking and creating a database of peoples faces for tracking and possibly more nefarious governmental purposes. Any government agency can demand that information or hack it and your unique biometric data is gone. Just what you would want a government like Russia or China having… Eliminate the storage policy of biometric data and this is a 5 star app
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2 years ago, Atzia
Ok, but not for Asian eyes!
Living in China, I have many students in my class who are Chinese. I was trying to do a project where I swapped out their faces on historical photos. Even when the circle photo was face onto the camera, and I just wanted to swap out my student face that was exactly the same pose, it kept wanting to do something strange to my students eyes. It kept making them very anime like almost like the upside down smiles. Even if my students ever uniquely shaped eyes, it did not like their eyes. So for whatever reason, the developer should probably work on how this program uses Asian eyes and the way they are shaped. Why change the shape so drastically? Ended up not looking like most of the people I was trying to use.
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2 years ago, Northboyfl
Incredible, fun and impressive app
As a software developer it takes a lot to impress me. So many apps want money to even try something. Let me tell you this app blew me away and I had zero hesitation about subscribing to it. The face swap video music function is the best I have ever seen. It impressed me right from the start. I did one as a test and that was it I was sold. Not only can it do one person's face but two. I had my best friends parents singing in the video. Now if only they can get it to capture animals faces to sing. Incredible selection of music to choose from. Job well done guy's.
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1 year ago, TizzyD
Solid application, just a few inconveniences
Reface is a solid application to replace faces, supporting static images, animated GIFs, and videos. It has a wide variety of tools, and its curated content often puts a smile on my face. Room for improvement exists: images are only output as JPGs, and often the tint shifts ever so slightly based on the color space of the replacement face. One item of note: be careful of relatively monotone colors; the "appropriateness" filter will often mistake images that are perfectly acceptable because the colors of clothing are too close to skin. Nevertheless, it's a solid application in my workflow; I bought a year's license, and I look forward to its continued growth.
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1 year ago, Johnphinny
Good app but it could be great
The algorithim you guys use to determine if a picture violates your standards needs to be loosened up. I use this app enough that it gets annoying when you reject pictures that dont show nudity or anything sexual. I only use this app for the face swap feature. It used to be its own standalone app called, reflect that app was shut down, and you integrated it into this app. I was a much bigger fan of reflect because it had no adult filters. That’s the only thing keeping me from giving you a five star rating though with your fix that the rest of the app is really quite good. I use it every day for sure.
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