Holland Sentinel - Holland, MI

4.2 (326)
188.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Holland Sentinel - Holland, MI

4.23 out of 5
326 Ratings
2 years ago, werndude
Love local news
Enjoy local news about Holland and the surrounding areas. Except purchased through Apple and it keeps asking me to purchase again. And telling me I reached my limit of articles read.
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3 years ago, Listening in Holland
Was the “App” upgrade really necessary?
I wonder why you upgraded the Holland Sentinel app? Was it necessary? The first thing we see when we open the app is sports. I’d rather see local and national news first, then sports. The Obituary section is a mess. It’s terrible to navigate through. The old obituary app was much more user friendly. My ask is for you to re-do the obituary section. Get rid of the celebrity deaths....who cares? Please go back to the old was we viewed the obituaries. Thank you.
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6 months ago, AMcKWolf
Cancellation Trap
Just like many things that aren’t worth it, this app forces you to call in during their business hours to cancel your subscription. Made worse by the fact that the infrastructure is there to cancel without a call since it’s illegal to require a call in a few states. They are only requiring this out of greed, even though it makes for an inherently worse experience. Do not sign up, don’t download, don’t get trapped.
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3 years ago, Drklindberg
Very useful app
Some of the previous versions had a limit on the number of articles accessed per month. That restriction seems to have disappeared. The app works well and helps me keep up to date on local happenings.
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3 years ago, misswilliamston
Great to keep up with home time news!😁
Peruse regularly as a former resident of Holland.😄
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2 years ago, no thank you 49424.
99 cents???
I can get this same news for free from other news sources. Plus I can just talk to the nosy guy on any corner and get the scoop on all of Holland. 5 articles free??? Thanks, but no thanks. Big mistake.
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3 months ago, Fziksman
Local information
I especially like the editorial section. It usually thingives me something to think about.
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6 months ago, TigerFan1968
Worthy App for Quality Journalism
App is intuitive and reliable. This is how any app should work. Content is excellent; a rare example of good local journalism. Well done.
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2 years ago, Coney0301
Good Hometown News
Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on everything local, Sentinel 😊
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2 years ago, Aporter17
Subscription doesn’t appear to work
I paid the $.99 for 6 months and the app doesn’t recognize my payment. I’ve tried restoring as well, still doesn’t work….
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2 years ago, kellydonnaann
Loving my Sentinel
Easiest way to keep up with what is new and news in our great city!
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3 years ago, ksessums
Great Local News!
Nice to keep up with what’s happening in our area. I also like the Opinion section.
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4 years ago, KC-473
Cancels music playing
When you open this app it turns off your music stream. I like to read while listening to podcasts or music. With this app you are left silent.
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10 months ago, Cheryl123Z
Slide into mediocrity
This app is much worse than the previous app and full of ads even for paid subscribers. Very disappointed with the change for the Holland Sentinel, which is a great local paper.
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10 months ago, Karl530
Holland Sentinel
Love the app! Can view the actual paper and articles are highlighted that interest me. Love it!
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2 years ago, jpbgb
Paid for subscription but no service
My credit card has been billed for the year’s subscription, but I cannot access the articles, and no one will respond to my request for help.
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2 years ago, Harleyda1
Holland sentinel - can’t access
I’ve subscribed to this app and I still can’t read the articles. I’ve logged in/out several times and still no luck. Reached out to Customer Service and got no response. Terrible app, useless
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2 years ago, Suzanne.Walters
Finally broke down and purchased subscription. Still can’t reliably access news stories! Discouraging!! Does not recognize I’ve paid for subscription. Very very frustrating!
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2 years ago, cbanyai
Moved to subscription based on-line; paid through the app for a years subscription but does not recognize the subscription. No response from customer support or refund.
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6 months ago, EasyonthePedals
Reading the Sentinel
We are summer residents in Holland. It is nice to keep in touch with Holland and Ottawa County. It’s a wonderful community.
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2 years ago, Friedfrybb
Doesn’t recognize me
I have signed out and signed back in but says I need a subscription even though I bought one. Try to restore purchase and nothing.
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2 years ago, tab1657
No access after purchase
Purchased twice and app still does not allow access.
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1 year ago, BearDown70
Failed Subscription
Purchased subscription on iTunes through app. Apple charged me but the app never recognized my subscription. Holland Sentinal customer service referred me to Apple. I have applied for a refund.
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2 years ago, hollsnd jVV
Holland sentinel app keeps telling me I’m not subscribed!!!
This app acts like I’m not a member and keeps asking me to pay a subscription fee. I am certainly already a member and I pay a monthly fee this is very frustrating
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9 years ago, CAvison
Great, but....
Love the app for all my local holland news but I wish there was a tab in the menu to get national news too. Maybe a connection to some other news source so this app can deliver al the happenings around the country or larger area... After I've read all that is going on in holland of course
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3 years ago, SensibleOne
Great Hometown paper
Just what a local paper should be.
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2 years ago, Bookshaw
Have to create an account
I deleted this app due to having to create an account to view content. No thanks.
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2 years ago, wlfRondo
I’m paid but can’t access digital articles
This application doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, dutchyjay
Paid and subscription not working.
No response from emails asking for help.
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2 years ago, Maf1400
Doesn’t Work!
I’ve subscribed twice, and still can’t read articles!
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1 year ago, adctd2mu5ic
Constant login issues
Repeated issues with login and authentication of purchases/subscriptions.
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3 years ago, Loveythisgame
Hate it!
It’s way to hard to figure out what the heck is on any page! Too much clutter and no organization of the articles.
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2 years ago, meems2
Sad little app
It’s now “invisible” on the iPhone screen. Not a real improvement.
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2 years ago, Blazek47
Won’t subscribe
Makes you subscribe, but won’t let you subscribe.
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1 year ago, Hfhbjghbmxb
Can’t renew subscription
Doesn’t office login. Paid for nothing.
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3 years ago, karekl
R n
Too much opinion, not enough fact
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2 years ago, June202011
No way to discontinue this subscription. I need to know how!
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2 weeks ago, sewslim
Great online publication
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3 years ago, Joppinhyghkcdgbzshh
To liberal
Anti-conservative newspaper for sure. They promote hate and fear just like the msm and fake news
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11 years ago, Disappointed *
Awful! & disappointing
This is a horrible app! Would give zero star rating, yet it is not an option if submitting a review. App Rarely works correctly & is out of date perpetually. Often one waits to arrive at the screen they want to see only to be booted completely out of the app to start over again - maddening! Further, as a minister & someone who travels, the desire to check on the obituaries attempting to both be kept current & be able to connect with loved ones in the event of such a sad & difficult time is impossible to be timely. Today, I looked again - obits are over 8 days old! Are you kidding me? Further, it is absolutely offensive when one clicks on obituary details that one is hit with an advertisement! Is nothing sacred! Get it together, or don't offer it! And seriously, Advertise somewhere else! Such a disappointment.
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8 years ago, Terra trike Rider
Surprisingly Ballanced
When I moved to Zeeland and subscribed to the Sentinel I expected a paper that would support the political right, given Ottawa County's political history. I've been pleasantly surprised by the true balance I see in the Sentinel's reporting, it's selection of nationally syndicated columnists, and it's editorial staff. I'm happy to give "My" Holland Sentinel a five star rating and a big "That-a-Way"!i The online version that can be bought separately or with a print subscription for free is a great way to stay current when out of town.
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9 years ago, Kijt
Had app once before and deleted it because there was no 'news' about local happenings. Decided to try again, now being told I only get 15 articles a month, unless I pay. Very disappointed. Although it does seem on point with the printed version. A little bit of news thrown in with mostly articles on local sports and rich people bragging. I live in Holland, married 22 years with no kids and a non Christian. An uphill battle to find news that keeps me informed about my "community". A sad waste and I will be deleting again. No wonder we can't bring in young people. Low wages and no embracing of technology coupled with judgmental old biddies. Yup, that's Holland and Zeeland. (At least it's better than Grand Haven)
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11 years ago, rks1268
Still Crashes Regularly
The app still crashes regularly. And when using an iPad, you still have to use am iPhone app, not an iPad version. Not sure which is worse: The annoying Holland Sentinel website that constantly wants your daily subscription for a sub-par new outlet... Or the iPhone app that often does not update and crashes regularly. Maybe time for a replacement news media outlet Update: Reduced to a one (1) star as it seems the Holland Sentinel really has no desire to update this application. It still crashes regularly and no iPad version. Often wonder why the Sentinel is still around... :-(
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8 years ago, Thejskamp
Excellent information presentation
Information is shown initially in a very readable format allowing selection of articles easy. Categories of information cover all the news that matters. And best of all you are not asked to subscribe or purchase with every article you read.
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11 years ago, Eyes Wide Closed
Not impressed
Content is often not up to date. The few times content is updated, the older version is left as a separate entry under the "breaking news" category. Also, I've seen enough full-screen advertisements for dating sites pop on the screen for a lifetime. I understand this paper is struggling. Wish they would focus on well-written content that was up to date.
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11 years ago, Beach424
New version
The app tells me I have to update my app to see anything. When I try it tells me I need IOS 6 but my device doesn't support IOS 6. So now this app is totally worthless.
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11 years ago, !works for me!
Works for me
Works great for me. Loads quickly & has not froze. Does what it says - quick local news & events.
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12 years ago, Hoosierdeb
Former resident
Ok... This is bugging me. You need to keep the obits current. True to my word.... November 18 You fixed the Obits page... Thanks! Ok.... This is an updated review.... Please keep the Obituaries updated. It is the main reason i have thus APP. It has been all messed up over the past weeks. I will rate you the 5 stars again if you fix it. Thanks THIS IS MY 1st REVIEW : (below) I gave you 5 stars I lived in Holland for 22 years. Now, living near Indianapolis, I am able to keep up on all the news from there. Thank you HS for offering this great site. And the SPREED option is cool too.
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11 years ago, Donutyim
There are obituaries that are not listed in my app for the iPhone that are listed when I search the sentinel on Internet and go to the obit section. Frustrating! Also like someone else said it is hard to get the app to load, a lot of times you have to start over!
Show more
9 years ago, Jimbo220220
Don't waste your time
Don't waste your time on this one. If you want free UNLIMITED holland news, use the WHTC app, as this little jewel only allows you to look at 15 articles per month. Unless of course you want to pay for the premium version. Use one of the other news apps, like Fox 17, as you'll get better coverage and unlimited access.
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