Honolulu Star-Advertiser

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The Honolulu Star-Advertiser
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User Reviews for Honolulu Star-Advertiser

4.41 out of 5
1K Ratings
3 years ago, Fanbouy
Newspapers have expenses!
The app is fine; the news is OK; The paywall complaints are ridiculous. Apparently, some people think that a newspaper can run for free. Hawai`i needs journalists who will go after the government, corporations, and people dedicated to ripping us off. I, for one, am willing to pay them for that. The only thing I could do without are the puff pieces and other news from other states and countries – I get that elsewhere, already. Also, I suppose I’m the only one who wishes all sports news would appear on a separate, optional page. I love athletics, but sports news is so commercialized — just take it out of the news feed, enough, already!
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3 years ago, Leowahine
Information! Maybe…
Aloha! It’s nice to have information. I’d actually like to have more specific information but, hey, you get what you can find. I often wish that some of the information could pinpoint locations better so I’d know what and where to avoid in my islands home. I often miss the Star Bulletin or HONOLULU advertiser from the old days because I could always count on the true stories about Honolulu and the Hawaiian islands from each of them and I wish that the stories I find in the Star Advertiser weren’t so political but I suppose that the world we live in now is a very different one than all those years ago. Please help us ask the right questions again. You aren’t supposed to be like fb. Sometimes, people actually CAN accept true stories. Thanks for all the years that you folks reported on really important issues and stories.
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3 years ago, keonewaa
StarAdvertiser New App Review
Like the new new app with a few exceptions. 1) when you have scrolled to the bottom of a page and press the “right” arrow, it does not always start there t page at the top so you have to scroll there. 2) I am a unable to find a way to copy an article, especially if I want to send to others as information. These capabilities are probably already available but I cannot find them. Other than that, so far, this an excellent app that I use every morning to read the print version. I’m old school so still enjoy ready as though it is the morning printed version, as I’ve done for many, many years. Keep up the good work. Aloha.
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5 months ago, Harmony808
My preferred way to read the news
Not bad! The instructions could be clearer on how to switch between showing just the text of each article, or showing the enlarged article, and what is with the split where you see half on top and half on the bottom? Not sure why that is useful, especially on the smaller iPad, and what’s worse is that it’s difficult to figure out how you got into it, and how to get out of it. Otherwise, I haven’t opened a dead tree, newspaper in quite a while thanks to this app.
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3 years ago, Late in Chi
Star Advertiser is Solid
Had been meaning to say that I liked the improvements implemented earlier this year. Especially like when I swipe to the next page that it starts at the top of the page. I also read the paper “early” because I now live in Chicago, so I appreciate the notification of the availability of a new edition. And speaking of Chicago, I’m surprised to read about several Chicago-based news. The news updates are great. So often breaking news items appear here, sooner than from other news sources.
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3 years ago, Reginald.
Here in Aloha Land
Generally a great app that continues to improve. I like the traffic part, where not only can I find out about traffic here, I can find out all over the world. Additionally, this app has improved because of a additional features. One that I found lacking is that if The Internet is not available, I cannot read their articles offline. While their partner USA Today allows people to read articles offline. Update June 11, 2021. Aka Kamehameha Day in Hawaii. To celebrate I got myself a six month subscription to HSA aka The Honolulu Star-Advertiser.
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1 week ago, Maui_Evan
Good way to keep up with News from Oahu
The Star-Advertiser makes it easy to keep up with events and get the detailed coverage and explanations that only a newspaper can provide in this app. The breaking news of presented to you on the opening screen. If you want to look at today’s paper, an electronic “print replica” is available for reading. I gladly pay my monthly subscription to have access to this source of information about what is happening at the State Legislature and on the most populous island in the State.
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4 years ago, CoolCoolBreeze
Works perfectly for me
I really appreciate the replica version of the Advertiser. It shows me all the local advertisements, which I can choose to scan at my own pace, as well as the papers fine graphics. In this age of “fake news” its important to support our local papers who do the hard work of having paid reporters looking after the corruption in government. Fact finding is difficult and expensive, opinions are cheap and easy to produce. Let’s continue to subscribe to those news outlets that protect our democracy against tyrants who would steal our election.
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1 year ago, GPS #2
Ex resident of Oahu
As someone whose family had a long term connection with life in Hawaii (starting with the birth of my mother there, then as a Navy family there as a kid, and with siblings and assorted cousins and relatives who lived and died there thereafter), I have loved being able to keep up with the island happenings with the Internet version of the newspaper. I have also been impressed with the quality of the reporting on the news from the other 49 states and on the world happenings in general. Thanks for making it available!
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4 years ago, Wxgamer123
Fix Login, Love the newspaper!
I love the star advertiser: Reading the newspaper that contains content that is not shown in the news(Like science,Q and A, View and Voices section, etc) that helps me learn new words,reading, and the app itself...both keep me updated with the latest news, including KHON2. The slight problem with the star advertiser app is that the login in seems to be broken. Whenever I try to log out from reading the print replica (Digital Saturday’s Mostly), it doesn’t let me log out and I’m still logged in when I leave the app. That is the only issue so far. Lastly, I really love reading the newspaper. Even tho I have the app(Both the Star Advertiser and KHON2) and watching the KHON2 news...the newspaper never gets old! It helps me again learn new words, enhance my reading/speaking skills, and the extra content that is interesting to read. Mahalo Star Advertiser, keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, jaredmHI
When clicking on a notification, the page mostly freezes up and fails to load the news. Too many banner ads and pop up ads. Also, we can all agree that apps want our attention and we have lots of notifications. This app should have a feature where you can toggle notification settings for relevant things you want such as weather, traffic, local news, national news, sports. I don’t care to track sports or traffic, and get national news from other outlets.
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3 years ago, My2ndCareer
App review
For the most part, it works ok. Except when trying to read the most important part of the paper: THE COMICS! Phone needs to be turned to landscape orientation in order to view a comic strip in its entirety. And the size/magnification needs to be adjusted. That’s when problems start. Rather than laughing and feeling good after reading the comics, I end up feeling frustrated and angry, and want to throw the phone on the floor and jump up and down on it!
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2 years ago, ika1ka85
Lacking Features
I don’t understand how this app has a relatively high review. This app is amazingly inferior relative to other news app. 1) No dark mode; this is available in many other news-apps and it seems there aren’t plans to update this app with a dark mode option. 2) TOO MANY ADS! Granted, funding is probably a challenge for the newspaper, but when I pay for a subscription, I’m hoping to see no ads. Yes, old times, we paid for the paper and ads were in it. But like I said, “old times.” We’re not in those times anymore so change and adapt to modern times. I rank apps high based on whether the owners create an app that satisfies people with different opinions. If someone doesn’t like dark mode, the app provides the light option. If they want the dark mode, they have that option. In this app’s case, it only satisfies people who like bright mode. So why would I give the app a high rating? Same with ads.
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3 years ago, sad snior
Too Much?!
Having a daily newspaper to read is a must for me; I do appreciate having an online print replica available especially since there is no Saturday edition. However, with your upcoming subscription increase of $ 10 more each month, I don’t know if my retirement income will be able to support the increased cost. I do try to view it as a “per day” expense to mitigate the monthly income bite.
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6 years ago, mi.mo
Ridiculously bad: how to lose subscribers
I am a new print and digital subscriber, and this is the worst newspaper app I’ve tried yet. I love getting the print paper the old fashioned way, but I want access on my electronic devices, too. DOES NOT WORK. Seriously, it makes me log in every single time and now it won’t recognize my subscription as valid — even though I double-/ triple-checked that I’d signed in properly. This is anti-marketing. It frustrates me and makes me think a subscription is not worthwhile. Don’t put a bad app out there — it makes me want to cancel the subscription altogether. This is June 26th. See whether anything changes and when.
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3 years ago, wbs10
Stop audio ads
The app is great, however, please stop the audio ads. I often use the app in settings where a sudden sound or noise is either disruptive, annoying, or embarrassing to the people around me. Remembering to turn the volume down every time I want to use the app and then remembering to turn the volume back up afterwards is impractical and inconvenient. I don’t mind the other ads that appear in the app. It’s the audio ads that are a real nuisance.
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2 years ago, Laura12264
As good as print!
We started our married life many moons ago in Ewa Beach and now only get back to Oahu a couple times a year. In the meantime, I read the Star-Advertiser on the app each morning just as I did back in the day (who else remembers the morning and evening papers, the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin?) and it always takes me back. Love the app and paper!
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3 years ago, Kailua Reader
Good mix of national and local news
I like the mix of national news articles picked up by the Star Advertiser. The SA does a good job of picking ones that are important, factual and well written so I can get a good overview of key world/national issues while I also rely on the SA to cover local news. Great job of balancing the two. It’s my one stop shop when time is limited.
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2 years ago, Skyl59
Please fix the pop up ads
The same pop up ad pops up repeatedly while reading one article and each time you. Lose it, you are taken back to the beginning of the article. I understand the ads are needed to help the paper financially but please reduce how many times they appear and fix the part that makes you start at the beginning of the article again. Other than that, it’s a decent app.
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4 years ago, Buster Bob
Works Well on the iPad Mini
I prefer reading the print replica version of the Star-Advertiser, usually on a laptop. When that isn’t feasible I use the Mini. It is easy to enlarge the replica size for comfortable viewing and to move around the page. The only negative is that I often have to zoom out to find my place. However, that’s a problem caused by the Mini’s screen size and not the app.
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3 years ago, Verde;
Major source of Hawaii news
The Star-Advertiser is the biggest newspaper in Hawaii and a reliable source. My frustrations with the app are that 1) very few stories are loaded onto the app (compared with what appears in print), and 2) that of the few stories loaded, many are hidden behind a paywall. Newspapers everywhere are facing tough times, so I understand why the paywall is there... but it means that this app is of little interest to those of us without a subscription.
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3 years ago, KaleCheevs
Reliable, balanced news source
I count on and look forward to reading the Star-Advertiser every day. It’s where I go to get inspiration for all my best ideas, especially the Local section for news and profiles on people, businesses, and non-profits doing important work in our community. Can’t live without it!
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7 months ago, TropicalTrader
Easy to use
The Star Advertiser app has gotten easier to use over time. I like to read the stories on my iPhone, and I can keep up with local news while traveling. The app makes it easy to see the front page and the rest of the print edition, if you want that view instead. Love it!
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2 years ago, cmiyashiro
User Friendly
This app is easy to use once you get it set up. You need to get familiar with the categories. I really enjoy “The Q”. It gives me overview of how others are thinking. We’re in alignment most of the time. I use it more than the regular newspaper although I have both. They seem to compliment each other.
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6 years ago, Dewdette
App is helpful in important news
This app delivers up to date news fast. The push notifications are great. In that regard, I mean they are timely and not too frequent. It is also nice to have the print replica at your finger tips. I will not get into the coverage of types of stories, ugh, but the app is very useful for getting news from The Star Advertiser.
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4 years ago, Roo514
Honolulu Star Advertiser
Like the app. Only thing I wish they would change is having to have to download the edition after you had already downloaded it earlier. Seems when you first download the app to read the paper. And when you close it to read it later, your required to download the edition once again. That can be frustrating at times.
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3 years ago, RWRex
Star Advertiser
Almost perfect. In addition to almost everything I now read all the comics. Easy to find the sports tv schedule and the opinion editorials. Really appreciate the archives when someone points out an article I should have read. I usually skim National and world news and read the W Post or NY Times for that a day earlier.
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6 years ago, Julie Ford
Needs a lot of work
The so-called new and improved app is en epic fail. It’s virtually impossible to read more than a few stories without the screen freezing up. Logging in and out does not fix the problem, nor does restarting my iPhone. I rarely have time to sit and read the traditional paper, so I primarily rely on digital methods. Both the mobile version of the website and this new app make it virtually impossible for me to get my news from the Honoluu Star-Advertiser, which I love to read daily. Please work out the bugs so that you don’t lose enthusiastic readers like me.
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4 years ago, A466426
Much improved
The app works great. The digital edition of the paper loads flawlessly each morning. The colors are very vivid and everything is clear. It’s easy to go back to any day and look at the paper. There used to be some glitches in the past. Everything seems fixed.
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3 years ago, Lain Lover
Star Review
Easy to go thru the pages and Sections. Gives you a chance to select and go directly to the articles of your preference and bypass those unwanted. However the majority of the articles are a repetition or copy of those on the majority of the TV stations in the Mainland and politicized.
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5 years ago, Psfknr
Crazy amount of pop up Ads!
Seems like this app has more pop up ads every week. You can’t view another story unless you endure a pop up ad and a sponsor ad. Can’t open another app while reading a story unless you want this app to reset and go back to the home page with the sponsor ads. Obviously focusing all their energy on making profit rather than informing the public with important news. I will only use for breaking news alerts but I never open this App to read stories anymore.
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3 years ago, Jedi7248
Timely and Relevant
You app shows a red number indicating breaking news. Now I don’t need to wait until I get home to watch the news or to read it on the following day. Given my work hours, I appreciate your app and writing team.
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3 years ago, WA to HI
Keeping Up With Island News
My wife and I are contemplating moving from Spokane, WA to the Kailua-Kona area of the Big Island. Your app informs us of everything that is happening in the islands. This information is vital for our decision making. Appreciate very much the news you provide! Mahalo!
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2 years ago, AZanami801
Great app
Star advertiser news app offers viewers options on how they want their news displayed. Easy to use and a library of historical issues makes this app a top ten to keep on your main screens for all your devices.
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4 years ago, lmloo
Like the app but the bottom line of sections of the paper is not labeled i.e. A 1. or B 5. and searching for articles is difficult. Like the old version better. This one doesn't have latest occurring events, just articles that are already in the current paper.
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3 years ago, longing for Hauula
This newspaper keeps me current !
As a long time resident of Hawaii— now living out of state due to medical reasons—this newspaper keeps me current on happenings. When I return, as I surely will, I will be up to date on what has gone on while I’ve been “ away”‼️ 🌺🌴☔️🌈
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2 years ago, ljjohibhugyug
Frustrating to say the least, having to scroll again from the beginning when returning to the list of news items after reading a story. Out of all the News sources online that I use, you are the only one that forces you to return to the top of the page.
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4 years ago, Magicsaruchan
up to date news
I enjoy getting news banner updates on my phone to keep me up to date. Longer articles in the paper provide in depth information and details.
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3 years ago, Jesse808
Easy to read articles while on the road
Convenient and easy to use. It could use a better sharing function that sends clips of the entire article.
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4 years ago, Clifforkan
Last/First Paper - win-win
I am a regular subscriber and read this app as my first news of the morning. If there is any major national news, it’s nicely summarized by the last time zone newspaper in the US. In addition, it’s a great source to catch up on Hawaii news. A win-win.
Show more
4 years ago, fristrated_808
App is extremely buggy
The app often freezes or crashes especially if I open an article from the news alert, it freezes and I am unable to scroll. Nearly 90% of the time I have to close the app and re-open, often not able to find the original article, if I used the news alert entry point. This makes for a very unpleasant user experience.
Show more
1 year ago, W805
Thank you
Thankfully we still have a wonderful working newspaper. Their stories are skillfully crafted and written. The app gives up to date news and information.
Show more
3 years ago, hialea
Finally you change the format
For the last several chances to comment on this newspaper, I’ve complained that the print replica would crash after using it for about an hour every day. I heard nothing from you so I assume this is a joke for your news paper to pretend that you care. Now that you have a new format, I hope that it’s a better system than what you had before Leroy Lui
Show more
2 years ago, SuperflyOz
Sometimes it crashes
Sometimes when I use the app I’ll be reading an article or looking at comments and all of a sudden it will come up saying “ no connection “this forcing me to re-login to the app and continue to read an article. It is actually quite irritating.
Show more
4 years ago, jkmfla
Great way to keep up with Honolulu news
This app is easy to use and sends a message when there is a new headline. The articles are well written and seem to be unbiased. There are a few ads as there should be to support the newspaper.
Show more
2 years ago, Hawaiianvacation
Local Hawaii News at my fingertips.
Honolulu Star Advertiser gives me up to date breaking news on the convenience of my phone anywhere and any time.
Show more
4 years ago, Suddenly older
Mostly excellent
Not crazy about the full page pop up ads, but the news is there.,I prefer reading online even though we get the print copy as well.
Show more
4 years ago, Roothcc
Just like the olden days
I love the print replica view. It looks like the paper my husband is reading while I am reading this. I appreciate the way I can enlarge the typeface for easier reading, and it stays within the borders of the page.
Show more
4 years ago, John Keoni
Absolute Piece of Junk App
This App is an absolute piece of junk. I don’t understand why a newspaper would embarrass themselves with a crappy app unless the newspaper simply does not care about their digital presence. This app is constantly refreshing so you might be in the middle of reading an article and the app will refresh and take you away from the article you are reading and send you to the main page so you have to start all over again.
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12 months ago, Popeye Hawaii
First Hand News
It's great!! Even if I read the newspaper in the morning, things happen during the day and I get text with the latest news.
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