Hoopa City

4.6 (100)
237.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dr. Panda Ltd
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hoopa City

4.58 out of 5
100 Ratings
7 years ago, A good app reviewer
Awesome City game!!!!👍🏼
I love this app so much, but I sometimes can’t figure out how to create the buildings. This game is awesome and fun.
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4 years ago, surb the review master
Good but huge glitch!
Overall, Hoopa City is a fun, interactive game that kids of all ages can enjoy. It’s full of creativity when it comes to designing your city. However, I stumbled upon a huge glitch in the game. The section where it tells you the combinations to build things has stopped working for me. It only lets me go to a certain point and then it stops giving me the combinations. These are ones I have already unlocked, but for some reason are not working. Obviously, I don’t remember them so it’s really annoying to have to keep looking them up whenever I want to build those things. I hope this gets fixed otherwise it’s kind of a waste for three dollars!
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4 years ago, Feeekoi
It’s awesome and fun
It’s a really great game. But I gave 2 stars to this bcuz when I open the game there is a white screen and it never goes away. I played this game when I was 10 and I really liked it and I want to play now too so please help...
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4 years ago, ?!123@#$%-+
Love it !
I love it because it’s fun and no adds and you get to play with 🏡🏦💒🏛🏢🏩🕌🏟
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7 years ago, tomio from end of world
Fun game
Boring for 3yo, 4yo needs little help.
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8 years ago, Ditty bo
How do you redeem this app? Nothing is wrong with it I accidentally got the wrong game.
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7 years ago, Ststrtrtststrtrt
This game is super fun!
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4 years ago, wolfie23114
Nice game
If you see people that don’t like your game ignore them
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4 years ago, dhskwodnmaidbxks
I don’t like Hoopa city
I can almost never use it never it dose not work and is so boring and dumb
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9 years ago, redscull
SimCity for Kids
Very cute city-building sandbox style game. You can do nothing wrong so there is nothing to worry about. Simply create your city however you imagine and watch all the little citizens interact with your buildings. Unlocking the advanced buildings adds a fun discovery aspect. Hoping the devs are open to adding more buildings. Needs a water tower. More random looks for the apartment buildings and sky scrapers. Zoo or ranch or something with non-citizen animals, probably as a larger "four square" building. Balloon shop. Anchored cruise ship that looks good in middle of water (citizens could ride dinghies back and forth to land). Big "four square" race car track. Tall clock tower with moving hands, maybe even accurate hands to device time.
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10 years ago, Remikuku
Great game
I thought I would try out this game as I work with 3 yr olds through church, and there are times when I need to fill the last few minutes. My 11 year old son saw me trying it out and was instantly hooked. The "mystery" of building some of the more interesting features had him frustrated and determined. I personally loved getting the "cheats" online (and to tease my son that I got the amusement park, farm, and airport first). A very diverting game.
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10 years ago, Keith WH
Great fun!
My ten-year old and I (47) both love it! It's so much fun to discover the keys to creating new buildings. I love watching the city dwellers move around their town -- they wear sunglasses at the beach, drive cars and bikes, they're just so darned happy! I'd love to be able to name cities as others have mentioned. And updates with additional buildings/nature elements would be fantastic. Thanks for a great, long-playing game!
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8 years ago, ktsion
Awesome App!! but...
This app is great!! My son loves it! He was hooked the first time he played it! ... But it would be great (as an in-app purchase) to allow the items to stay unlocked when constructing a new world. My son would get frustrated that he'd have to start over and would keep asking how to make 'this and that' and I'd have to google it for him because we can't remember. Lol. Overall, this is a great app to keep kids entertained!
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10 years ago, jessier.r.
Awesome game
My 5 year old loves this game and it's fun to play with him. My 2 year old plays it too. We can't wait for an update. It would be awesome to have a "delete city" button bc I'm constantly deleting the app so my son can start from scratch. It's too much to remove everything with the shovel. And more building combinations! One of the best apps out for kids.
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10 years ago, AC in Ohio
7 yo boy is happy
My son loves this app, he has a good time building his cities, his brain has to work to decide where to build homes, parks and where to put hospitals. The way you unlock more features is still a mystery to all of us. I wish they gave some basic instructions to parents so we can answer questions from the little engineers.
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9 years ago, Blue 2626
So much better then sim city!😎
If you like pandas, are sim city this is for you kids and adults can like this game trust me it's way better then sim city in every way. You don't have to wait to get things built are pay every time for stuff need to build. I love the dr panda games and hope they continue to make wonderful games.😊
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8 years ago, chicagoshope
Lovely City Builder
Lovely city builder that's (for the most part) intuitive. The art is peaceful and fun and the music and sfx fit in simply. The music was a good choice since you can listen to it over and over without it feeling repetitive. The unlocking mechanisms could be a little easier to discover and it would be super to receive a bit more progression feedback and positive reinforcement. Also, need a little more to do as once the city is completely built out there isn't anything more to do. I let it sit for two days and nothing happened. Would like to see deeper progression. Overall, great intro to city building game. Thumbs up!
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8 years ago, RoseJammies
Fun App
My 12 yo daughter and I are having a fun time playing this. It's definitely more of a puzzle game than a city-building game. It's fun to play it side-by-side because you can share what you discovered. I really wish there was a zoom so I could zoom in and watch the cute animations!
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9 years ago, Sunnytweetz
Fun and simple
I'm 55 years old and I don't usually leave feed backs but I must on this app. I truly enjoy the simplicity and beautiful graphics. Sometimes when feeling melancholy it's nice just to relax and enjoy an app that is not stressful and fun. Hoopa is not only for the young but the young at heart as well.
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10 years ago, B.G N.M
Worth it but has some problems
It's super duper fun and it's a really great game. I already am done with the game in like twenty minutes-if only it had a larger world. Idk if it's because of the app, but I have had low storage ever since I downloaded the game. Get it! But use it wisely 😑
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8 years ago, Slotkid83
It's a very interactive and fun game👍 I think even if your over eight. It's a fun game for all ages. Oh and if your wondering what the point is, your support to build a bigger and better city every time you play. I'd highly recommend it. Buy It!!!!
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9 years ago, Rosebug:)
Very nice! 😄
I bought this on sale & found it to be well worth the money. My 4-year-old won't stop playing unless he has to! Even I found it intriguing & installed it on my phone.
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8 years ago, StarmanJones7
My favorite kids game
This is a fantastic city-building game for younger kids. My 18-month-old and my 5-year-old both play it and enjoy it, and it definitely inspires creativity. It's a great precursor to sim city!
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10 years ago, Silly0480
Great game
My kids love this game. They can build things but they have to be creative with the combinations to build special things. I love how they are working together to figure it out!
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8 years ago, Hickeywb
Thumbs up
5 year old son gives it two thumbs up. He says best game he's encountered only downside is it doesn't have a landfill option yet
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9 years ago, Lisa776
Great fun
My three year old loves this game. One reviewer accurately called it the sim city for kids. There's no wrong way to do something and you can unlock different building by trying new combos. Great fun.
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9 years ago, BagelCouple
Like SimCity for little ones!
My daughter loves Hoopa City. She gets excited each time she discovers something new she can build. The opportunity to discover new combinations and upgrades is a great twist.
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9 years ago, Asharris73
Great fun for a four year old
Engaging and challenging but without roadblocks - my son really enjoyed trying to figure out how to build the locked buildings. Graphics are fun. All around a very enjoyable game.
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10 years ago, DaWeCa
Simple yet advanced
This game is easy enough for elementary kids to use, yet puzzling enough that I've been playing it for hours and am having fun.
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10 years ago, Cindilu46
Very Fun Game
This is a very sweet, fun game. Great for 3 and up. Great little characters. The only negative I had was that I wished you could create all over the world, not on just one axis. But this is well worth the money.
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8 years ago, GoogieF
Dr. Panda!!!
I all ready have 12 Dr. Panda games but this one is pretty much my favorite because you get to build buildings, houses and lots more! I haven't unlocked any thing yet but I will!!!!
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10 years ago, Meeeygfhhgbggg
The best game
Okay I just got this game today and I love it so much you can build your own city and combine buildings and flowers to make a new building since I love this game so much I gave it a five star rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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8 years ago, Mermaids365
This game has kids all around it
This game is a charm and I got it with iTunes money and this game is full of creativity I love this game and I recommend it for you
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9 years ago, Addi Wyatt
Love it
I just figured out how to make the airport this is for the people who don't put six bricks up and down and then put money on top Love it, Bye for now!
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8 years ago, Red rock girls
This app is great!
We found out his app at an Apple Store and have since downloaded it on our devices. Kids 4 and 6 love it!
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10 years ago, Novynw
Best Dr Panda app ever!
My 4-year old granddaughter just loves this app and I love the way she can create an interesting world for all the characters she knows. Very well done and worth the money!
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8 years ago, GamerEXPro:]
Amazing app for people 6-8!
I agree to buy this app! This app teaches kids how to build there own city. I deeply recommend buying this. Just a few things I don't like. 1. When I try to place something I crash. 2. You have to try and figure out the combination to get some builds. Well that's all. Please fix those. I rate 5 starts!
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10 years ago, Rlpklp
My kids absolutely love this game
The kids have played this game every day since I installed it a week ago. They love it. Ages 4 and 7
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8 years ago, Yikes54321
Fun and educational too
Saw this at the Apple Store and the kid was hooked. Hours of fun. Great to build a city and then compare it to a real city map app
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10 years ago, Mommyandmetime
I got this game for my 6 years old son hoping that he would live it, but it was so simple and not enough action for him even though, this game is for 6-8 years old kids. My son played with this for about 5 mins and told me this game was not so much fun anymore.
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10 years ago, teammcquerry
Thanks for this game
My son just loves figuring out new buildings. We play together creating cities he is so proud of
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10 years ago, Santa/Noah
Great and Fun!!
It is fun for all ages. It kinda teaches you "how-to" build a city. It is only on a single axis which is not great. It us still doable to play with.
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9 years ago, Marlee's app reviews
This app is great for children. I specifically love dr panda because of the fact that it gives children lots of education and fun. :)
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10 years ago, Flyers shoos
Hoopa City Review
I think people should be able to name their city, other than that I love it!
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10 years ago, SheDVille5
Amazing games
My daughters always get the games and this is what they talk about all day they love the games
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9 years ago, fbfbfbfbfbjb
You can build almost anything!!! Great app. Thank you so much for the fun app!!
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9 years ago, Chaser's Mom
Fun for young builders
My son loved this game - kept his interest for quite a bit
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9 years ago, Coocoo clocker
Hoopa city is really fun
Because you get to build and it does not take a while to build buildings
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10 years ago, T.B. 4
Me and my kids LOVE this game! You can unlock so many cool new things and it is exciting every time!
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10 years ago, tiandiwuyong
Very creative kids app
Good for kids, creative thinking
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