Hoosier Lottery

4.8 (43.7K)
56.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
GTECH Indiana
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hoosier Lottery

4.8 out of 5
43.7K Ratings
7 years ago, Daves228
Easy to use
I really like the option to build your own tickets for draws on ur phone and save them to your favorites. With having this you can just hand the phone over to the clerk and they scan it instead of having a paper that always gets destroyed or lost. Also having the scanner to be able to check your tickets makes it convenient and timeless. Now let’s go out there and win some money!!
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10 months ago, tee 22/7
A popup takes priority.
Unfortunately, an otherwise good app is ruined by the fact that every time I launch it, a popup advertising some new game or other lotto news has to pop up first. I can't scan a ticket until the popup finishes loading and appearing. I can't swipe to check the lotto numbers from different games either. If you are on a slow internet connection like a lot of rural Hoosiers might still be, this app will waste 1-2 minutes of your time catering to the popup before you can use it. I've used this app for years, and none of the popups have ever been useful in any way to me. They are such a bad idea and a terrible nuisance.
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4 months ago, LCBou
Scanner doesn’t work
Scanner feature is totally worthless. It literally does nothing even with a strong internet connection, great lighting and incredible clarity on the barcode in the box. Even worse, there is no feedback… no indication at what stage it is failing, if it actually has failed or just takes more time to interact with the server or even if it attempted to do anything at all. Also, while I downloaded the app primarily to try scanning a stack of older scratch off tickets my mother bought and never scratched, I also wanted to see if they were expired. Could not find anything about them on the app. Have since verified that while they are no longer being sold they can definitely still be claimed. Completely worthless app.
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4 years ago, Rasheedj1
Where has the instant stats gone oh where oh where can they be?
You released a new app several months ago but with way less functionality with regards to instant ticket up to date status just check your prior release of this app and you will this one is terrible either go back to original or add the missing functionality I’m sure all of your customers feel the say as I.
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2 weeks ago, bigdave150
Great and very reliable
There’s nothing i ever fear more than to throw away a winning lottery ticket that’s worth a substantial amount of money. And the scanning eliminates that. Also finding new games to play. I play a lot of scratch offs. Lose a lot but I’ve won on some that I’ve looked over a few times and when I go and scan my pile i find a 10-20 dollar ticket every now and then. That’s what I like most
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2 years ago, 111Deb
Apple phone won’t scan
I find it easy to use. Once again though when Apple does phone updates the Hoosier scanner stops working says unable to verify. I had this happen a year ago in same phone. Reinstalling it does not work. I find google apps have better compatibility and durability with updates. Apple is too complex.
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10 months ago, Qboy318
Wonderful & convenient
One thing I love about this app is if you purchase one of those scratch offs that are kinda confusing and hard to understand, or if you want to skip the scratching and quickly see wether or not your ticket is a winner, this app does that. I’ve experienced one or two glitches with it not being able to read a ticket, but it’s very rare. You should definitely download it if you play lotto.
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3 years ago, Rita20013
Second chance winnings
I love the app but for the past month I have not been able to scan my tickets for the second chance winning. It’s almost like it’s not a option. When I go to the second chance winning and scan my ticket for it, it scans it as a normal ticket and tells me it’s not a winner. It’s getting frustrating cause I keep building up these tickets and I haven’t been able to scan any!
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6 days ago, riverSaddy
Second chance
Love how you can check your tickets and let you know actually what you’re getting the second chance scanner through scanner tickets to tickets for $10,000 is great let you know what’s new let you know how to play with the rules are and everything it’s great way to learn how to play and replay responsible.
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1 year ago, LuckyBrightStarLight
Rule Change?
So what is the point of this app if you’re supposed to be able to save your playlist and have them for later but then all of a sudden before I get to play, you guys make a real change and then I can’t even access what numbers I had in my playlist another all gone because you guys decide to make a real change that never even applied to the game that I played because I didn’t change that game at all. Why did you do this? You guys are fraudulent and you guys are just ridiculous. It’s stupid I’m over this stop messing with all of our heads and Robin is lined.
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6 years ago, Sammidawn
Scan Ticket - Enter Second Chance
I’ve always loved the Hoosier Lottery app but I love it even more now that I can automatically enter a second chance drawings when scanning my ticket! I would forget about the second chance drawings before because it was hard to enter from my phone and I needed to use a computer for the entry. Now, all that’s been solved. Thank you!!
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1 year ago, NYMED68
Scanner is absolute fail - worthless app.
Scratch off ticket scanner does not work. Says ticket cannot be validated and to call some number if it remains an issue. Called the number and the solution given to me by three people was to take tickets to store to be scanned. Ugh no- that’s why I have this lovely app right?! Over twenty types of games, and not one would scan and this has been a problem since I deleted app five months ago for the same issue. Come on Hoosiers, find some app people who are geniuses and fix this or get rid of the app. Not a good look for Hoosiers.
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3 years ago, knwill3291
Ticket scanner
I really enjoy being able to scan my tickets to check if I won or lost on a ticket however for the last couple days when I’ve gone to check a ticket it’s said that my scanner has expired and I can’t get it to work so I can check my ticket this is the first time I e had a problem with the app other then that everything has been great!
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6 years ago, NettiAm
Better site than before
I like the updated site. It is much easier to check for winning tickets or submit that losing ticket for the second chance game if there is a second chance game available. My fingers are too big to punch in some of these numbers so I really do love the ticket being entered for me all I have to do is hit the submit button. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Kingstewie
Second chance ? GAME OFF
I’ve signed up for the My Lottery Game on Second chance so many times I’ve run out of emails. The system says I have an account. But I can’t sign in. I hit the forgot password and it says check your email. Nothing. Ever. C’mon ! This is easy math. Fix it already. !! Also the one star is for the scan capability. Nothing else.
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7 years ago, ashlynnw77
Absolutely amazing! Can't live without it!
I love this app!! It's one of my main apps that I use on the daily! I love that I can double check my tickets right from my phone. The "check my ticket" feature has saved me from throwing away several of what I thought were losers. Anyone who plays any of the Hoosier lotto games, scratch offs, fast plays, etc., this is a must have!!
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2 years ago, Ha!!!!!!!!!
The first time I used the app it worked great for scratch off scanning and second chance but every time I have used the app since then it keeps saying successfully scanned and could not retrieve information right under it. I’ve tried calling customer service and just sit on hold forever or I’m calling outside of their business hours. I’ve tried exiting out of the app and closing it and going back into it and deleting and reinstalling the app and get nowhere. Maybe fix it so it doesn’t have these issues all the time.
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7 years ago, Use 2b
Doesn’t work on new phones.
I’ve had iPhone for as long as they have made them. I upgrade my phones as new ones come out. I got the iPhone 8 and even after multiple email and calls you can not scan a ticked with it. Says the barcode scanner isn’t supported. They are aware but don’t seem to care.
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2 years ago, Rebel II
Whoo Knew
Have had trouble the last two Mondays not being able to play the game! I did everything recommended to fix the problem with no luck. I’ve been playing since it’s conception except for the last two weeks and am being told they don’t have a problem with the app. Nothing has changed on my end. Lost for an answer! I can’t register my non winning Hoosier Lottery Tickets for the 2nd Chance Drawing on the app or on my laptop. Problems all the time!🤨
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2 years ago, hanover hustler
Worthless, Scan Function Is Inoperable, No Big Surprise
This app has no use whatsoever without having the ability to scan a barcode on scratch off ticket. Looks like they can't even keep a simple app running correctly, which should be no big surprise for anyone familiar with the way that the hoosier lottery has been going down the drain for a very long time, each and everything that's associated with the hoosier lottery would be much better off if it was being ran by a group of elementary school students.
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3 years ago, doyouresllywantthis
Qty of free tickets
When it says free ticket I would like for it to tell me the quantity of how many free tickets you have won. When I turn it in I don’t think I’m getting qty of what I have won. When you go to retailer and they scan that ticket there should be a screen for a customer to see exactly what you have won so you are not cheated and believe me you get cheated.
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5 years ago, mikenannie
Dumb new version
What happened to the page that shows all current jackpots? Now you have to click through each game for this basic information, really? Let me arrange games in the order that I care about. Until this new release you could do that and see all jackpots on one page. Now it’s stupid and the app is much slower! Let me set my home page to the old layout or give me the prior version. This is NOT an upgrade.
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1 year ago, Amberlyn78
Wish the scanner worked consistently!
Sick of seeing “ticket information not available” when I try to scan my draws. Also sick of trying to check multiple tickets against the latest winning numbers & having the app repeatedly reset itself to the Home Screen…like every 3 seconds. Other than those 2 VERY ANNOYING faults, it’s a handy app to check numbers with.
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2 weeks ago, DoollittleDi
Hossier Lottrry
Great job on the lottery that you are distributing, even if I hardly ever win I enjoy playing the different tickets that you provide and the non profit organizations that you donate to these are wonderful things that you do keep up the good work! Keep coming up with new scratch offs and fast plays!
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5 years ago, Jbird47978
Very convenient
This app is very nice I normally don’t even scratch off the numbers just scratch off the bottom to see if I want it makes it easy and my kids like using it to I don’t not realize why I have to keep writing to submit a review I had to say what I said and that’s all I had so I’m gonna enlighten somebody with gibberish
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5 months ago, doughboy220235
Half the time it does not work
To many Ad pop ups. A lot of time when you scan tickets it says information not available. It the gives a 1-800 number. Also did you ever notice if you buy a quick pick you get numbers in numerical order? Why is that. Happens probably 8 out of 10 times and in a drawing maybe 1 out of 10. Seems like the machine is rigged that way. Does not seem fair. If its going to be a truly random set of numbers your quick pick should show that.
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5 years ago, 2nd chance winner
2nd chance drawing
Love that we can scan tickets to see if winners and then enter 2nd chance drawing; however, since the app updated... entering the drawing no longer works on my iphone. I sent an email to customer service about 2 weeks ago but never got a response.
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3 years ago, bryttney 🎶
Love the app but recently it’s been messing up won’t scan tickets ! Please fix!
Please fix it’s been not wanting to scan tickets lately never had problems before but recently it’s been messing up a lot hope it gets fixed bc I did love the app!
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11 months ago, Dfitzpat
Fine Art Artist of Zionsville
I love to play The Hoosier Lottery's games 'Cash Five' & 'Quick Draw!'....& I play the same numbers all the time, 'as I make the numbers come to me.' When I win a little bit of $$$s, it makes me keep playing as my goal is a simple one: I want to win $100,000 someday in The Hoosier Lottery!
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12 months ago, Brittang86
Last update bricked the scan feature Iphone 14-13
Have regularly used this app for years. The recent update was easy and performed. After which, my wife and I have not been able to scan 2/3 to mostly all of our tickets now. Just says “Ticket Information unavailable” call 1800*****” kinda makes the app useless. Hope it gets fixed.
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6 years ago, Bradman8
Saved me throwing away $250!
Love this app!! Had a pile of "losing" tickets I was going throw away unable to find a scanner to check. I found this app. In my car waiting to throw them out, I scanned one of the tickets. $250! Almost throw it away from a number I over looked. Thankful for the scanning feature on this app.
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4 years ago, virgyle
I liked the old app better
I liked the old app better. The things I looked up most are no longer here. I liked to look at my dashboard to see how many tickets I entered. Most complaints I’ve heard, you can’t see what’s left on a scratch off game. Can’t get used to the way the winners show.
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2 months ago, Boat Dr.
This app is awesome!
I love how you can check your tickets for winners and know exactly what you won. Better than having to find a scanner in a store or wait in a line for a clerk to check them. Recommend you download if your a Hoosier lotto player!
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7 years ago, cant login....EVER
So frustrating!!!!
The check your ticket works about 10% of the time for iPhone 8+. Used to use it to check tickets for sure; but it is very frustrating that it says ticket scanned successfully and then below it.... “try again later”. Please fix this!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Cool cherry
Scanner problem
Don’t update. The scanner doesn’t work anymore. Is the scanner now only works for the latest Iphone? Are you ever going to fix the scanner? It has been over 3 months since the last updated when scanner stopped working.
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3 years ago, Monorovia
Maria Daily Player
I spend at minimum of $100 a week I buy tickets ranging from $5-$50 and the most I’ve won is $10. When I read up on winners they ONLY live in rural places or where the rich live. The middle class or even the poor don’t stand a chance!! I’m starting to fill like it’s fraudulent or it’s set up to make the rich richer and nobody else stands a chance! Your workers are probably telling their friends and family where to buy tickets from!! I’m very upset
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5 years ago, Twiley888
New Updated App is not user friendly
New app is difficult to maneuver, hard to find what Im looking for. It has trouble scanning scratch off lottery tickets and at times regular lottery bar codes as well. This new app needs new fixes and needs to be more intuitive for the user. Not a fan.
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3 years ago, Italy4u
Funky 5
I enjoy the 2 dollar ticket. I honestly believe there is hope to win 15,000. I do my research on people who have hit in other states. I just wish people would win big on heads or tails. That is another favorite of mine . Your friend, MissyC
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1 month ago, Thickslice/ou812
Scan your ticket function doesn’t always work.
I love the app a lot of good information about the different games. My only problem with the app is sometimes the scanner doesn’t operate properly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Wi-Fi or cellular.
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2 years ago, Dadv22
Hoping to be a millionaire!
Been playing since the beginning…never won more than $500 and have never won a second chance drawing…but I keep playing for the love of the games!
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6 years ago, Pjchilds01
Annoying Ads
I like to use the app to scan my lottery numbers but often they’ll have a couple of screens that I have to click through wHich don’t have clearly marked close buttons
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2 years ago, 4beanz
Scanner is horrible
It seemed to work ok on my old pixel phone, but on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, the scanner is worthless. Scans consistently show either just a partial number, or sometimes a wrong number. It takes longer to try to scan a ticket 20 times than just looking up the winning number. Hopefully they fix this… Also, there is a super annoying add whenever you open the app that you have to dismiss.
Show more
2 years ago, Hunnnaj
Good app like that I can quickly check my tickets but I’m getting annoyed that it keeps asking me if I’ve heard of the meltdown multiplier second chance for the 7’s cards, something that I enter tickets into almost everyday, If I’ve entered it shouldn’t continue to ask me everyday if I’ve heard of it. So annoying 😑
Show more
2 months ago, zmc2
Great Customer Service& Fun Games!
The Hoosier Lottery Continues to grow in the right direction. I have played a few scratch off games in other states and I was far from impressed ! Once again Indiana crush the completion !!
Show more
4 years ago, roYoo!?
Not happy since the revamp
Ever since this app “changed for the better “ a few months back I can’t get the app to work. I have removed it and then downloaded it again, done all updates and it freezes up 90% of the time and the other 10% of the time the scanner won’t even show to see if I have a winning ticket and can’t enter the 2nd chance tickets anymore??
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2 years ago, JoeDastardly
Scanning issue
I love this app but recently it has stopped scanning ticket. I get a pop up saying the license is expired and to contact the app maker. I updated the app and still not scanning. Please fix this issue.
Show more
3 years ago, SusieSade
This app doesn’t work most of the time
This app doesn’t work most of the time. It will work for a short period of time when first downloaded but then stops working. Then you just get error messages when trying to scan a ticket or get winning numbers. Then you delete the app, wait a couple of days and download it again. It works for a short period of time and then the errors start again. It’s a vicious cycle.
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5 years ago, joepr1970
Horrible update
Ever since they changed the app it gives a bunch of error messages when scanning ones tickets and it takes forever to load.
Show more
6 years ago, Maggunner83
Excellent App.
The Scan feature is so easy to use and I have even found winners in tickets from a month ago that I somehow missed by checking the numbers myself. So it make a great double check method
Show more
2 years ago, Ocherese
Has a lot of information
My biggest complaint is that it often tries to scan a barcode before I can get the whole thing on the screen. It’s a little too sensitive.
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