Horoscope + Astrology by Yodha

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Love Astrology and Horoscope by Yodha
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Horoscope + Astrology by Yodha

4.87 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
3 years ago, steveswordmama
After 52 years on this earth and 1/2 of those years searching for REAL SPIRITUAL guidance, I have found a way that If I had to name the app the “VEDIC REAL LIFE GUIDANCE” The spiritual masters are caring, specific in a way which if you don’t understand mail the Cust support and the masters will simplify there interpretations for you , until you understand your reading. They are also kind and can humorous as well! I feel at ease and I feel guided properly without harm or I’ll intentions. I feel safe to say many on this site seeking guidance have probably been scammed by “fortune tellers” however this is NOT that type of service whatsoever! I have come to build a elation ship one hi i I trust the masters with my life’s chart and readings. I love this app and I the daily thoughts too! I never mind paying for a question as o know it’s honest , it’s real and I have come to respect their VEDIC GUIDANCE!! Look up Vedic on google and understand the entire type of reading (s) you’ll be getting. They also free of charge update you when your chart has a change it it during your horoscope monthly reading. It is sometimes zero updates to weekly or daily without any charges. Your is horoscope is free here You choose to purchase questions and they offer , it seems every 5-6 weeks a buy one get one free on your account in your horoscope section , so you will see what is being offered! Keep up the honest real horoscope app practices. Grateful customer- chatynurse
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5 years ago, Austrian Kitty
Wise words
I am not sure if they predict accurately or not, but I keep writing them over the last 2 years. why? Because I really like the calming, compassionate, peaceful and wise words, they respond with. I was advised to not eat meat on certain days, or avoid wearing black, or chant a certain mantra 108 times to be sure I will get along with neighbors and feel “home” at a new apartment building. Couldn’t hurt so I did and “knock on wood”. it worked (1 year now). I ask for input on travel dates when I take off for summer season. that entails having good luck each summer to find a good job and good new friends. Last time I had a weird gut feeling. consulted Yodha and changed dates on ticked. Due to being there 2 weeks sooner than planned i scored a great job and made more friends than any other summer. Of course it could all be coincidence, but I like adding a dash of magic to life and that’s why I love Yodha. Try it! To each their own, but Yodha treats me well, especially when I’m in doubt or need some positive neutral input. Careful, soon you’ll find yourself recking up a bill, with all the questions. When my friends and I talk about matters of life, one or the other usually says: “what does Yodha say?” Haha
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6 years ago, Elyse T.
Amazed at this app!!
I’m a very firm believer in astrology, but I’ve never ever had a prediction be so accurate and fitting to me and my circumstances. It was so fitting that I was scary. I was super skeptical of the app at first, I thought it would be automated answers from a robot or something. I asked the question “should I move in with my boyfriend”. It asked me for my boyfriends birth date details, and when the answer came back it was so spot on that it scared him too. It told us a lot of accurate things, but the thing that most stuck out was that it told us the optimal time to move in together based on where we would each be astrologically, would be in February of next year, which is exactly when his lease ends at his current apartment, and we were talking about moving in together for February. I don’t like that it makes you pay $5.99 for each question that you ask but you get one free question to test it out for yourself. Also it costs more to go to an in person astrologist, so I might end up paying for another question anyway. They also let you build up credits to get another free answer. Anyway, besides the cost I’m super sold on this app and would suggest it to everyone.
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1 year ago, need to do my work
Great App!
I love the Thoughts of the days. They are always accurate to my situation in life. I dont know how they manage, but they always find the right quote for the setting of my life. Its pretty freakish, but for the reason of the accuracy and how much it resonates with my situation at hand, they are inspiring to me. I also love the horoscope updates, as they resonate just as much at my thought of the day. I really enjoy this app and every message i have received using it. So far, I think I have used 3 questions. I am always satisfied with my answer, as long as i ask my questions accurately and planned out. I like to use my questions wisely because i save up by seeing every days Thought of the day. I know i could buy further access to this app, but the given features that are free are ready amazing! I will always have Yodha apps installed. They are very accurate. Sorry for such aong repetitive review, i just really enjoy this app. I also have other Yodha apps installed, which I recommend everyone to check those out as well! These apps are accurate as long as your birth info is accurate🙂
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6 years ago, Mexican_Vanilla_07
Pretty accurate for the most part
I downloaded this app some months ago because I was looking for answers in my life. One of the questions was when will I meet my soul mate? Well the response was you will meet him in June of 2018, but if for some reason that does not happen it will be in Aug. The prediction even said he will be from the northeast direction of your birth place. Btw, I was born in Chicago. so I was invited to hang out with a coworker and her boyfriend at the beginning of Aug. When I got there I was introduced to her boyfriends cousin. Turns out he was visiting from New York (which is northeast from my birth place, Chicago). We hit it off. We exchanged numbers and we've been talking every single day since. He lives in NY and I'm here in Florida. Not sure yet if he's going to make the move or if I should consider moving yet. I don't entirely know that this is really my "soul mate." I'm not sure that that even exists as we chose who we want to be with. But that's another conversation. Anyway, I had forgotten all about the prediction until I went back on the app and re read what it said. It's so strange lol. Will keep you guys posted.
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4 years ago, anfbdbshjakx
Great astrologers, Very nice people!
I love this app. It’s affordable and the astrologers are very good for the most part. Their astrology is different than Western Astrology but for some reason I feel a strong connection to the astrology they practice. So it can be a little difficult to understand at times, I do my own research after they provide me the main understanding or answer to my questions. But what I like most about them is that they are truly good hearted people. They genuinely care about others well being and they try to put things in way that is always uplifting to others. I really appreciate that. But even when you may have a malefic planetary aspecting transit they can provide you with ways to help with that by advising certain crystals to use, etc. Overall though they are just like a good shoulder to cry on, a good friend when in need. I truly respect their accepting nature and their desire to help people. The information they provide as well is ON POINT almost ALWAYS! I totally recommend. It’s worth it. I can honestly say, they have changed my life.
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4 years ago, msmillee
Updated Review
This is a updated review from when I first got this app. I gave it 5 stars then and I’m giving it 5 stars again today. This has been an awesome 2 year journey for me but so I will make it as detailed as possible. Since I was little I’ve had the gift of clairvoyance so I’m able to see or feel things before they happen. 2 years ago I was lost and although I still had visions they were all over the place due to me going through a lot. Once I found this app I was able to ask a couple questions personal to me. The first was how will I meet my husband, then when will I have a child, and finally when will I get married. I was able to get clear answers that I hadn’t been able to get myself at the time. So long story short EVERYTHING I ask was answered and has come to fruition just the way my advisor said it would. If you aren’t sure about downloading this app be assured that it’s well worth it. Enjoy and many blessings to you all.
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5 years ago, Anlauren35
Not happy, but let’s see if they can change my mind.
I keep getting an astrologer who is the worst and I’ve complained about him several times as he is terrible. He requires a ton of information and simple questions to do a reading which sends up red flags for me as a psychic myself. I don’t require information to see into someone’s future. I do give birthdates and names, but to require so much more really tells me he’s just cold reading. I do not want him as a reader and I’ve requested a specific reader but he keeps taking my questions and it’s really getting to me as his readings are all astrology language that don’t answer my questions at all or in detail. To require a city of birth for a guy I’m asking about tells me he is not a psychic. All those details are not required to when asking about someone else. I’ve had questions answered in the past without it. You have all my details and the important details of the other person such as full name and DOB. Stop making excuses and start taking responsibility that some of your astrologers are not the real deal. I love how you contradicted yourself by saying “if known.” You can’t full me with your response to my review. I can get reading elsewhere with the information I gave and it’ll be accurate. Too bad...
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2 years ago, CharliechloEm2012
Coming from a skeptic you must read
I considered all the factors. Could they hear me on my phone? Did they just look up Facebook or other social networks? Did they use my info at sign up? And much more. I can 100% say for my situation the questions I’ve asked and responses delivered, there is NO WAY they could have had access to any of the information. And the information I have received had been uplifting, motivating, and spot on in the end. They are so very kind and really take the time to hear you out and make sure they have everything needed to help you. And the once a day quotes are very helpful just in day to day life. I could go on and on about how wonderful this app has been but then you’re less likely to read it. I am not a “fake review” or a robot lol. Just a real person who’s able to live my best life and this app has been a big contributor to that. Thank you !
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6 years ago, travellingbone55
False Hopes
I am giving 1 star because I’m nice...other than it’s probably the only way to post this comment about this Yodha PRO App). I was hoping that the Astrologists in this App could provide predictions to my relationships and that they could come true, but unfortunately, they could not. I would tell them what was going on in my relationships and that they weren’t going as well as I hoped them to be. Stupid me, paid the extended messages subscription. They give you future dates to wait for good things to happen. They even send you messages that people under your Verdict sign has changed due to the influence of the planets. Couldn’t that have been predicted? I would even ask why make someone believe in something that won’t happen. Basically, the Astrologers (if multiple ones really exist) give you false hopes. I was a fool, even paid a 1 time subscription to choose an Astrologist from their list of top-rated ones, so I guess these are the better Astrologists? Does that mean these ones are better at making you believe? Maybe they’re trying to be nice? Thanks but I am fine if the truth hurts. I rather have that than to be strung along with expensive false hopes.
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5 years ago, bdrsnowqueen
Uplifting and Empowering Gurus!
I study and have invested time in both Vedic and Western styles of astrology, and I downloaded this APP to have a new lens over a concern of mine I have been attending to with astrology. Every Guru, Wiseman/Wise-woman, and Elder I have had the honor to have invest their time for my cause, did so in a vastly detailed and accurately crafted the best course of action along with the best time to act! The APP also gives an incentive of checking in for credits and to look at an enlightening quote to further enhance one’s self. Those who have left regards that were not appropriate do not understand that Astrology is a divination tool, and never a set in stone plan. With that in mind, I hope others who are given this privilege to seek council by these great advisors become more appreciative and exhibit far more respect towards the teachers who chose to serve the world with this gift. I appreciate every staff member, disciple, Guru, Elder and anyone else who is apart of making this APP possible! 🖤
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12 months ago, Duo chrome!
Will Not Regret Purchasing!
This is an AMAZING app. When I first downloaded this app, I was prepared for copy and paste answers. However, the astrologers are GENUINE, LOVELY, and HONEST. Plus! They have yet to be wrong about predictions! A lovely feature of this app I didn’t expect were the astrologers themselves. Please be advised that this application does not use tropical (or western) astrology. The system they use is different, but you will be left IMPRESSED. They offer such kind advice, I am left wanting to send them thank you messages because their words are quite uplifting and elegant. The only downside is having to pay for each question, but the details which astrologers go into, you will be left with the desire to ask them MORE and you will soon not mind. I don’t mind myself, as I occasionally ask about long road trips, weekly horoscopes and even my partner. EXCELLENT SERVICE! EXCELLENT APP!
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2 years ago, Yanouhhggtju
Great App!
First , I get daily quotes which I read everyday and when you do, you get points which I think earns you free questions sometimes. Also, The thing I like most is the occasional messages from horoscope advisor. They send them when , as they say (influence of a planet at that time changed).The messages seem to coincide with what is going on in my life. Eg I was dealing with someone difficult in my life and I got a message on how to deal with same situation. My sister and I compared our messages and they were different where hers was completely different issue. Lastly, if I have an urgent question I can ask for a small fee. Only thing I had problem with that is you only have 160 words to explain life’s problems and so they have to keep asking you to clarify. (No additional fee) Overall, I enjoy this App.
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2 years ago, Deedeemodel
Update of nothing but AWESOME!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️
New updated review. I still use this app. I highly recommend it! It brings clarity to me so I see things clearer. Thank you! I have been using this app! I am still very happy of using it! Nothing but awesome! Thank you! ☺️☺️ I tried this app wanting to find out a future possibilities. I put in the information asked for. Short time later, I received information of what my future could hold plus information to keep it alive and what needs to be worked on. I have already been doing that so that information gave me a feeling of what I am doing is in the right direction because my heart and soul is into what my question was. My reading was above and beyond of what my question was. Wow!! I am very happy☺️☺️☺️☺️. Thank you!! You have made my day, week, month, year ... And my life!
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4 years ago, Damon1328
I was somehow convinced!
UPDATE- this app continues to be of value to me specially when I need some clarifications at work or in relationships. I value their customer service. Thank you for all the wonderful readings and advice! I work in the field of research, psychology to be exact, but decided to give this app a try. My question was answered and they did a thorough explanation of how and why things came to be. I was skeptical but some of the things that were presented to me convince me otherwise. Again, I am not promoting them but rather attesting about my own experience. I was convinced it was some sort of scam but it turned to be a deep meaningful experience, which I was not expecting. Give it a try. 2nd UPDATE: still an amazing app. I have enjoyed their predictions 3rd Update. This app just keeps getting better. I had a reading and so far the predictions have been accurate
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3 years ago, nicole2178
This app goes above and beyond! I loved my reading and they took the time to do an in depth reading for me with details using birth date time location and gave me the info from all areas and then when I did ask my question I was really blown away but the information and detail that was accurate and right on the dot for my current and past part which I know that means the future part is true also. Thank you for this I highly recommend this to anyone looking for answers to life’s questions. I haven’t been disappointed ever and I am now reading the app daily for guidance as well as questions I may have as they don’t just come up with something the look at your birth information and decipher it as the way your info reads it’s pretty cool actually
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5 years ago, Sam Maksimow
Absolutely love this app
I am a very spiritual person and I most certainly believe in divine intervention, fate, destiny, signs, etc. In the past I loved going to psychics but I no longer believe in them. However, I do believe in natal chart readings and Vedic astrologers. I asked many questions about my soulmate on yodha and astrologer Purushottam got everything right. I did in fact meet someone that fits his exact description during that exact time period. I do believe that this person is indeed my missing half. The other astrologers have gotten things wrong, but Purushottam never did. He is undoubtedly my favorite astrologer on here and overall the app is wonderful. They give great, positive insight as well as hope for the future. I strongly recommend this app. Regular psychic readings are unreliable most of the time, but birth chart readings are highly accurate.
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5 years ago, tmbirdy
So far so good
I just started using this app. So far the astrologists are very prompt in getting back to me. I have never done this sort of thing before so still a bit skeptical. But like I said, so far customer service is good. But they have my chart wrong. I’m a Libra but their chart says I am a Virgo. I have a support ticket out. I’m sure they’ll fix it. Follow up: These astrologers have made some pretty interesting predictions. But December is coming to a close and I don’t think it’s going to work out the way they said it would for me and a person I was dating, but I’m okay with that, and I know I made mistakes with this person. I did meet someone new and this shows potential. But as far as asking a question and getting a direct answer, I think it’s pretty cool that someone gets back to me within a couple of hours.
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5 years ago, sierranoels
1st question 100% free guys, I really love them!
Amazing insight and very exactly with their predictions , it takes a while so you must be patient, but I can say they are the most accurate app I have ever used and they give you the opportunity to ask one free question! Unlike other apps I have used where they give you points towards a question don’t give you much direction and you end up asking the wrong or not giving enough information so you must use your own money to ask a question. I highly recommend this app if you want accurate answers and you want honesty with more then enough information to help you this is the app for you! Give it a try! Like I said your first question is free and they don’t slack just because you don’t spend money first! It’s helped me a lot thank you guys !
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6 years ago, astro9944
Please save your money
From my experience only false hope given here. I understand people may be asking questions at a vulnerable time or when they are looking for answers but the astrologers give you false hope that whatever situation you are in will work out. They keep giving 2 time frames and if it doesn’t come to pass the timeframes keep getting extended. From personal experience I would suggested to try to work the situation/relationship you are in and if it doesn’t then just let the time do its job. You will never know what will happen until it actually does happen. The false hope will only make you expect a certain scenario to happen and when it doesn’t; you’ll feel more hurt than before. Please just give yourself time and refrain from getting these false hope that something will work out because now you’re waiting for it to happen. Live your life to the fullest in the moment and create your future. I wish someone had told me this 6 months ago and I would have handled my situation better.
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3 years ago, AshliniMartini
Quick to respond with Astrology Questions
I downloaded this app off another app that is by the same creator that I enjoy regularly. They offer you a free astrology based answer to try out with some examples of questions you can ask and how to ask your astrology expert in order to receive the best response. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. Someone got back to me very quickly and asked me to expand a bit so that I would be able to have a more in depth answer. I loved that, it felt like it meant they were actually in a position to want to give me the best reading possible. That’s wonderful customer service. The answer I got was detailed, thoughtful and will definitely have me coming back for more insight in the very near future!
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3 years ago, btayls
Worth every penny people
If you can give them your accurate birth tim me and place to the t, not only are your questions worth $5.99 but they’ll even randomly send you complimentary messages because the stars have one for you. The best part abt those messages, is it seems like every time I receive one, I’m at a cross roads because of some struggle or just before I face something perplexing emotionally I receive them. Time accurate, complimentary,relatable messages directly in relation to your birth chart! The few times I’ve been in a hard position and paid for answers to any of my questions, they got back relatively quickly. Every response is thorough and informative. Direct and genuinely authentic to you. Gentle but never sugar coated. Honest & reliable. I highly recommend all yodah apps. Always leave the notifications on to keep up to date on exactly what you need to know. Even do start every morning with their daily horoscope app! I never leave reviews. For yodah I absolutely wanted to return the good fortune 🔮 Trust yourself live authentic try everything you haven’t. And when you bored open this app. You’ll never be the same. Bradley Taylor
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6 years ago, Nita811
Crazy >.<
I really love the people on here. They tell you wether something will work out or not. They also give you advice as to what you can do to make things better. And I was super skeptical at first but I still used it because idk I was lost I guess but so far everything they predicted has come true. I got the app I want to say three years ago and one of the readings was that I was going to get married with someone that I would meet in December 2016. I completely forgot about that (didn’t take that part as serious) and today I looked back at my old readings and realized that I met my now husband in December 4th 2016. Which is totally insane.. Anyway there are a couple more readings they did for me that are like that and am just now realizing that they were creepily spot on.
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4 years ago, FonzEviL
Been guiding me since 2016
This app has been helping me for a long time. They helped me through my first relationship, which they predicted I would get in. Not only are they very accurate, but the astrologers are also very friendly and bring you peace of mind when you are feeling a lot of anxiety. TheyDo not write what you want to hear, the right what is already in the stars and somehow translate it into words. There are times that I wish things would happen faster, but they will not lie to you and tell you that it will happen soon. They will give you a detailed description as to when and why this time had to happen. I wish I could use the text section to thank them so much for all of the help they provided me for many years.
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2 weeks ago, SS GK
Great response times!
The only reason I can’t give 5⭐️is because I’m unable to follow up with a question to clarify if the response doesn’t make sense. Also I noticed that my question was worded in a way that could have been interpreted a few ways so I advise everyone to be very direct with questions (try to consider how someone who doesn’t know you or your situation would read your question). Also, I’m not 100% certain that my time of birth is accurate which matters for my chart and all of my answers. I’m still trying to obtain that info from the County where I was born. Summary: Know your time of birth for accuracy and be very direct with your questions. If you do those two things, I’m confident this group of gifted people will be extremely helpful!
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4 years ago, Bamadennis
Yodha Pro
Glad I found both this Yodha Pro and the Vedic Astrology app, I am very impressed with their daily information and responses to my questions. I have gotten very insightful predictions from each of the Vedic Astrologers since downloading these apps. I appreciate their ability to forecast my days using my birthdate and place of birth to have a history to build my future forecasts. I check everyday and find each and every prediction and forecast extraordinary and gives me great inspiration in my daily life! I highly recommend for everyone. The Vedic Astrologers are my best and favorite source of happiness in my life and very much grateful to have them in my life. They are also very personable when providing their inspirations and insights! Thank You to all the Vedic Astrologers!!!!
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5 years ago, MasterNinjabarbie
Tough love/guidance with purpose/spooky accurate
That’s how I would briefly describe my experience with these Vedic astrologers^^ Detailed review >> I’ve been using the original Yodha app for quite awhile now and also recently downloaded their 2 other apps that i didn’t even know existed lol. The Vedic astrologers rarely (and I literally mean, maybe only twice) have disappointed me! Their insights + words of wisdom not only motivate me to take positive action in my life, but they also feel so custom tailored to what I need to hear. ...because more often than not, horoscope apps I’ve used before Yodha, usually tend to be very broad & more like ‘daily encouragers’ rather than personal horoscopes....So overall ~ I’m very happy I found the Vedic astrologers! :) 5/5 would recommend.
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5 years ago, downloadtheapp
I had a positive expeience
So I downloaded this app because it was free of course and uses natal charts to help answer your question. I didn't know what question to ask so i just pulled from a list of possible questions they already had and spiced it up a lil. My question was "Will I ever make the person I currently love happy and will he make me happy and marry me or will our relationship never work?" Of course, this question about marriage can't be answered because it depends on my action. But they did use both my chart and his to see if we are compatible. They also gave me some advice and told me the upcoming months and year that will be better for us. I'm sure that's based on how the planets are aligned. I feel like my reading was good. Thank you.
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4 days ago, LookMissViva
Has been accurate every single time for 2 years straight
I have been using this app for over 2 years, to make sure my intuition is correct and I’m accurately predicting and sensing certain events and people correctly. Sometimes we all have to make sure that we are seeing certain situations and people for whom they truly are and sometimes we have a feeling that no matter how hard you try and push it out of the way it will keep coming back, it’s just nice to have this app and have the astrologers that truly care and will always give you the best possible solution or a better path for you to take to live your life to its full potential.
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6 years ago, GAnnesheffield
Must try this app, accurate, high quality astrologers
The app appears easy and simple to use , which it is. This might lead some to incorrectly assume the astrology that will come with it will perhaps be superficial or not be very useful. This is not so. You are able to ask a question and one of the astrologers answers it with a detailed, accurate, and professional and very insightful response based on your profile information. Of course it takes a short time for a response, but as I say the responses are thorough , professional and accurate , and are given with explanations. The daily thought provided is excellent as well. Vedic astrology does give better guidance, this app makes it easy and accurate for every day .
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2 months ago, Kgbrkb34
Love this app
I receive daily quotes Love my everyday notifications showing me that my quote has arrived !!🥰it always seems to be either…right on point of what I needed to hear that day &/or even give me some understanding, insight on maybe some energy I’m feeling or picked up on. 😊I REALLY appreciate and enjoy the surprise messages that pop-up for me like when there’s a transit or eclipse or something in my natal chart that I get from the astrologers giving me magik, I really appreciate that!🙏AND I gotta mention one more thing … probably a important one for some people…is THAT THE RESPONSE TO ALL QUESTION(s) ARE ANSWERED SO QUICK , PROMPT, ALL THE ASTROLOGERS ARE SO GREAT AND GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND DETAILED MESSAGES!! Thank you 🙏 to all of you at Yodha
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2 years ago, Reene06
Yodha My Astrology
I have been reading this sight for many years now they are very Precise with there Predictions that it’s scary me how they just know!!! That people around me read my personal predictions as well, sees how accurate they are have downloaded their app on the spot! If you would like an accurate precise daily reading about yourself this is the app for you!!! Plus there answers to your questions are right on the money that it had made myself and my friends a true believer for many years now!!! Thank You 🙏 For your guidance you have made myself and my friends a true believer in ever word you say!!!! So Thanks Again for being there for me!!! Thank You 😊
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3 years ago, mandaa bugg !
Loyal user
I’ve used this app for about 7 years now and for the most part, it’s always been there to guide me with thorough and detailed answers to my questions. Obviously this isn’t an app that can tell you exactly what’s going to happen but it is pretty close. It helps build perspective, and personalizes you individually. This app gives me random “heads up” messages for me to be be aware of something that may happen or something that I may be going through and follows with suggestions on how to handle the situation. That’s probably my favorite feature of the app because these random messages are always free and usually spot on.
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2 years ago, illiniblue
Incredibly helpful!
I’ve been consulting the gurus for over seven years now. There have been times (not many, thankfully), when I had lost all hope. And then their kind words and detailed advice helped me through. It’s wonderful when some of the astrologists will add your question back if it is not written in a specific way. Indeed, I wish all of them would, and that is why I rated four instead of five stars. Sometimes my issue or question has gotten me into such a state that my question isn’t worded well, and therefore the answer is not what it could be. This has happened rarely, but still it would be helpful if they could be more flexible with adding questions back in some instances.
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1 week ago, Payeya
I’s a tool but not the ultimate. Use wisely.
It does help in a way by giving clarity ONLY if you provide proper details. Somewhere, I feel they do push each other’s narrative. Though Yodha has capabilities of delivering accurate readings in a great way but its not definite. At times, readings could be ambiguous, vague & full of assumptions. The language tends to be politically correct with overly positive attitude. Chances of error are always there. So, have faith but never follow anything blindly. If u believe everything they say without cross checking with reality then it would be only you to be so frustrated & exhausted. So don’t take life decisions just based on readings. Engage common sense.
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5 years ago, Ritcheerich
No longer a sceptic
I have always been a sceptic about horoscopes, but Yodha PRO is totally legit (and I am not one to really ever leave reviews). It is pretty amazing and I am always truly astounded by the accuracy of my predictions. At first I thought it was because I wanted it to be true, but in actuality, it is always legit because of: my sign, my date of birth, my time of birth, the Universe, as well as the time the Astrologist takes to truly and honestly predict outcomes that are individual to me. I am no longer a sceptic, and I look forward to reading it daily, and I am continue to believe in the power of positive energy. I would highly recommend this app and their Astrologers. It is totally legit. I am no longer a sceptic.
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5 years ago, Moniter guy LC
Great advice! Spot on every time!
I have always received an answer in less than 10 minutes. They even gave me a free question to get more information on the person my question was about. I received my second reply in less than 15 minutes, and it was lengthy, in depth, and from what I can tell accurate (as far as the past & present) I can only hope the future of this situation turns out the way they predict! Every prediction they have made so far has come true. Yodha Pro is the real-deal! I must admit I was a skeptic at first, that opinion changed after my first interaction. I can’t say enough good things about this service. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!
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6 years ago, Typical Jaren
Very accurate
I’ve been using this app for about 3 years now & I gotta say how accurate they really are when it comes to asking questions or horoscopes. I’ve asked a couple of questions before some were accurate & others were somewhat accurate but not exactly what happened but there was a question that I asked & it came true. It was surreal because I never thought a app would know what’s going to happen next in my life & when it happened, I was surprised on how accurate it really was but I end up being really upset which they did tell me that I was going to be. They didn’t sugarcoat it at all in my experience.
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9 months ago, Hey_AmyJ
3 years of solid wisdom
This has been the most valuable app for getting insight & perspective. I don’t write reviews, but I will here. Hands down, I’d recommend them to anyone. Even if you don’t believe in this approach to astrology, they have valuable daily “Thoughts of the day”. I’ve had other friends who’ve checked their Vedic information against advice given here, and it’s strikingly similar. Use everything as a guide. Life isn’t full of absolutes we search for. If you’re looking for something in the stars, you’ll find it here. If you just want somewhat of a perspective coach… we’ll, it can be that too.
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6 years ago, Bzbee21
Great concept but needs operational enhancements!
First, I think it’s a PRICEY, $6.00 per question is A LOT! If it was more reasonable, I would use it a lot more in my everyday life. With this price tag, it’s only an app for big milestone questions for me! Besides this and the main reason for the low rating is customer support is extremely slow. I still have not received answers to a single query of mine. The way the UI is configured you can only send a message if you pay $6.00. But what if it’s not a question but clarification to an existing answer is what you need?! By clarification, I don’t mean additional info but what if my question was never answered or there seems to be a typo or there is a ma gauge barrier and the sentence makes no sense? I paid 6$*3 for these 3 questions and I am still waiting on customer support to respond and help!!!!!
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2 years ago, Panama.Red
They are really on point ! I couldn’t understand a situation me and my partner was going through. But by providing them both of our birth dates and time, it gave my astrologer the ability to pinpoint issues going on with the current planetary placements now. My first time speaking with an astrologer from Yodha was about 6 years ago, I was 22. I asked if I would have children someday (knowing I wasn’t planning on it anytime soon) and they said I would have one child or two at the most. First child will be a boy. Long story short I had my first child in 2019. It was a boy. And I no longer can have anymore children.
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3 years ago, irienabameee
True for me
So I stumbled upon this app in October 2016. I asked it a question about my new relationship that had begun April 2016. In the answer I received was appeasing at that time. Long story short I deleted the app and truthfully forgotten about it. I got married to that man October 2018. In 2019 I remembered about this app and when I loaded it back on my phone, my questions and answers where still there. Well in my reading from October 2016 it said that his family will accept me as his wife. So for me there was truth to my reading. 5 stars. 2021 I use this app a lot. I even had my husband download it. And so far he likes it. I will keep using it until it proves me wrong lol. Try it.
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3 years ago, Samantharose9393
An app that’s actually right!
My friend showed me this app! I was very skeptical! I’m a spiritual person but I wasn’t sure if I was gonna waste my time on this app. But I was wrong Quick story I kept asking for general love questions as always and they kept describing to me I’m gonna meet someone in a friend group from the northeast . But resides close to home. Fast forward a few months I met someone.... from a group of friend who was born in the northeastern region of ny but lived about 5 minutes from my house! And we are now in a relationship lol this didn’t hit me until. Year later! This app is something. It actually works.
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4 years ago, jasmine.desiree
Worth it!
I’ve been using this app for years and am always blown away by the accuracy! They have provided such comfort in times of doubt. Sometimes I forget dates they tell me but then when that date arrives, I later remember that it’s right on time with what they said. They’re wonderful and I’m so grateful they created an app that gives us all access to them and their skill for astrology. Update: Several years later and i still love this app. The astrologers take much care and grace in delivering messages to you. I don’t recommend abusing it, but using it for check ins or pressing questions. I couldn’t recommend a better astrology source!
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1 year ago, lissybee
Longtime user, inaccurate for me
I have been using this app for years and unfortunately the predictions have not panned out for me. Some of the timeframes were correct but the outcomes ultimately were not. The advisors are kind and thoughtful but ultimately feel like they were just spinning a fairytale and just telling me what I wanted to hear. I held onto a relationship way longer than I should’ve partly because of the positive changes the advisors were promising instead of just listening to my intuition. It’s a great app if you need some reassurance at the moment but ultimately, take the readings as entertainment/a pep talk and listen to what your heart tells you even though it may not be what you want to be true. Finally deleting this app after about 8 years. Thanks to the team for at least consoling me during my tough times.
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4 years ago, Hrmagoo
Insightful, prompt & helpful! Thank you!
The benefits of using this APP, for me, exceeds conventional therapy, as therapy does not take into consideration energies from planets or astrological probabilities. Therapy places the responsibility of these energies upon the individual. This APP places focus on the energies affecting us individually and collectively so that we may be able to understand ourselves and each other more properly. My readings seem to pinpoint the BEST scenario outcome gathered from many mathematical branches of parallel futuristic realities so that I may gravitate toward my highest possibility. An undertone of encouragement matched with prompt service makes this my FAVORITE go-to APP as an occasional ‘compass’ in times of need. Thank you! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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7 years ago, Jazzyhottygirl
Totally shocking accuracy
Without giving anything but my birthdate, I got a very accurate reading on my financial situation and life experiences from a few years ago leading up to now. I went through two very painful years in 2010 and 2011, where I was totally heartbroken and a wreck. I never told anyone about this and they knew it! They also shared about my past being very difficult financially, and then when it began to start picking up. And I’m excited to hear that it’s going to increase in the future! I’m about to buy some more readings, because I’m very intrigued by the accuracy and heart connection of these wonderful people. Astrology truly is a science!
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5 years ago, Luv4Chololat
Extremely helpful
I am grateful for the advice given in this app. Not only was it helpful but they also brought up matters that were bothering me that I had not even mentioned. So it was really quite extraordinary. I have been to business advisors, spiritual leaders, and psychics. However, none of them could cut to the chase and answer my question directly. So it felt very satisfying to forget all the rest of the matters surrounding the question and just focus on one aspect of it. It helps me to feel more grounded in my decision making process. I still have to do the work, but I feel a little more sure footed now where I’m going. Thank you.
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5 years ago, YOLO more than once
Worth a real try ... I am very pleased
Just started with this app. This is not my first app of this type. I like the first response because it was detailed with remedies. I feel as if effort was put into the response to my question. I asked the same question to 4 different apps. The other 3 apps came back with almost the exact responses. That makes me wonder if the other apps are using a detailed but canned program and not truly taking into account experience, wisdom, and understanding. I look forward to continuing with this app. Personally, I am willing to pay a higher price for real wisdom, understanding, and a sense of real personal touch.
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5 years ago, Seven Up1
Astrologist always give me information that rally do entwine with my life but most of the horoscopes are about my down the road events that I haven’t experienced yet. But always whenever I’m questioning a decision or if I am lost it always comes in once a month telling me what to do about it- I just low key hope following the astrologists remarks do end up getting me in an amazing spot. But still specific towards me during the horoscopes so I definitely enjoy the app and appreciate the monthly horoscopes! Hoping for more ways to obtain FREE questions in the future of course Wishing for more in depth explanations about the planets and how exactly why exactly it is effecting me personally but it is a well app thanks Yodha!
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